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President of the Illinois Trust & Savings Bank.
Attornoy Ocnornl Rrundugo gnvo
Sccictary of State EnimorHoii un
opinion In which ho held thnt a voter
mny cnBl but ono vote for each ot
two candidates for delegato to tho
constitutional convention In his hcim
torlal district. The question nroo
ovor tho iioHsllitllty of votutH rastlng
two votes for ono cnndldnte.
Judge I). H. Sifllrvan has made an
honest, dignified and able record on
the bench.
The leading inoinuors ot nvtirj so
clety and club In Chicago rend Th
Edwin It. Landon, president of tho
Standard Tiro Escape Company Is
one of tho solid men of Chicago. Ills
company I noted for tho lollablllty
of ltn output.
E. W. Mm tin, ono of tho most -pop-ulur
men in tho flnnnclal nnd business
world, Is Chicago manager for tho
big houso ot Chnrlos Stonohnm &
Co., denlors In securities, with ofTlcos
at. 178 Wost Jackson uoulavnru, nna
branches In nlno loading cities of tho
Stnto Representative Halph E.
Church has been an uggtesslvo can
didate tor soiuo tlmo. Ho Is now a
member of tho houso from tho Evans
ton district, and wnR tho author of
tho pink tea boxing bill thnt was put
up lit opposition to tho bill eventual
ly vetoed by Gov. Lowdon. William
H. Tucker, cloooly associated with
problems of taxation, is n fourth
Evanston candidate. James N. Loron.
ot Chicago has (Hod a. petition.
1'. J. Slbloy, tho popular proprietor
ot Tho Fountain Pon Shop, at 31
North Dearborn strcot, has a host ot
friends in tho business community.
Tho best peoplo In Chicago buy pons
from him and his customers nro al
ways boosting him.
Frank A. Wost has boon appointed
by Mayor Thompson and confirmed
by tho city council as a rnombor of
tho board ot stationary engineers. A
bettor nppolntmont could not liavo
boon rnado. .Mr. Wost, who served
with credit on tho state board of
equalization is ono ot tho most popu
lar citizens of tho north side,
Dennis J. Egan Is n Democratic
leader ot forco, ability and popularity.
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Popular Sheriff of Cook County.
President John Flt7patrlck.
VIco President Oscar F. Nelson.
Secretary Edward N. Nockols.
I'lnnnclal secretary, Fred G. IIopp
Treasurer, Thomas F. Kennedy.
Rending clork, William S. McClona
than. Sergeant at arms, E. A. Schroedor.
Following aro conunlttoo appoint
ments' Eypcutho board: John C. Minor,
Annlo Fitzgerald of Women's Union
Labor League, Ellzaboth Malonoy of
Waitresses' union, J. A. Train, C. M.
Mndscn, Timothy Moary, John Car
roll, Charles Dold, Tobias Hoilmau,
Albert Poterson, C. A. Robinson,
James Loughrldgo and John Kikulskt.
Legislative committee: C. A. Ponso,
Stovo Sumner, V. A. vnnco, Josoph
Morton, Honoro Juxon, Win. Doyen,
A. 0. Anderson, John Melstor, Mark
Delegates to Illinois Federation o
I ahor: Gortrudo StooUol, Anna Stag
hago. II. Ilmnmond. William Qucsso
J. Harold, Ren Parker, Qcorgo May
Jamei Brown, Dan Rlordon. John Wal
ters, C. M. Madscn and J. Ferris.
Finnnco commlt'co: M. D. Phillip,
Goitrudo StooUcl, Elizabeth Malonoy.
Dologntos to American Federation of
Lubor: Emmott T. Flood, Barney
Derlyn, R. G. Fotchll nnd John Man
gen. Judge Frank Johnston Jr. is mak
ing a good tocord on tho Circuit
Aldormnn Walter P. Stoffon of tho
t'wonty-thlrd ward, Is making a good
record In tho City Council. Ho is one
( the coming Men cf Chicago and tho
peoplo nro ploasod with him.
Thousands oi Chicago soldier boys
need Jobs. What's tho mnttor with
giving them places in tho City Hall.
Somo ot tho barnacles liavo boon
thoro too long. They think tho city
belongs to them.
Max Asclior ot tho well known and
justly famous Asclior Bros., is ono ot
tho most highly rospocted mon in the
moving picture world. His firm owns
many of tho host and most beautiful
theaters in America.
Mlchaol Ready, tho popular presi
dent nnd tronsuior of tho Ready &
Callaghan Coal company, Is ono ot
tho most highly rospocted business
men In Chicago. His company stands
high In the coal trade.
William Halo Thompson, Mayor.
Charles C. Fltzmorrls. Secretary
Room 607, Gth floor, City HaV.
City Treasurer
Henry Stuckart, Treasurer.
Room 20.1, 2nd floor, City Hall
City Clerk
Jnmes T. Igoo, City Clerk.
Edward J. Paddon, Chief Clerk
Rooms 107-108, 1st floor, City Hall
City Comptroller
Gcorgo F. Hnrdlng, Comptroller.
L.ouU ri. Oosselln. Deputy Comptrol
ler. Room SOI, Gth floor, City Hall
City Collector-
Wm. II. Wosbcy, Collector.
George Lohhinn, Deputy Collector.
Department of Health
John Dill Robertson, M D, Com
missioner. Gottfrlod Koohler, M I), Assistant
13. II. Prltchnrd, Socrotary.
Room 707, 7th floor, City Hall.
Bureau of Ennlnecrlna
John Erlcson, City Engineer.
Wm. J. Rocl.t!, Chief Clerk.
Room 403, City Hall.
Water Department
W. J. McCourt, Superintendent.
Geo. J. Fosor, Chief Clerk.
Rooms 101-102, City Hall (Pay
bills hero).
Water Pipe Extension
Hugh L. I.ucns, Superintendent.
Thomas F. Klernan, Asst. Superin
tendent. Room 404, 4th floor, City Hall.
Bureau of Streets
Felix Mitchell, Superintendent.
S. J. Flshor, Inspector In Charge
Li," v
Bureau of Sewers-
George E. McGrath, Superintendent.
Edward F. Cullerton, Chlof Clerk.
Bureau of Maps and Plats
John D. Rlloy, Superintendent.
T C. Philips, Engineer ot Surveya
Bureau of Gas and Electricity
William J. Kolth, Commissioner.
John E. Bradley, Chlof Clerk.
Rivers nnd Harbors
Rlckard O'Sulllvan Burke, Asst. En
glnoer. Smoke Inspector's Department
William H. Roid, Inspector.
Room 608, City Hall.
City Oil Inspector
Paul Hondorson, Inspector.
Cliarlos Vavrlk, Chief Deputy.
Wm. F. Gorman, Assistant.
Bureau of Statistics
Francis A. Eastman, City Statisti
cian. Frederick Rex. Librarian
City Architect
C. W. Kalla
Purchasing Agent
Virtus C. Rohm, Business Agent.
P. C. Schnfor, Chlof Clerk.
Department of Compensation
II. V. McGurron, Superintendent.
Inspector of Weight and Measures
Morris Eller, City Sealer.
W. F. Ciuott, Chief Doputy.
Board of Examining Engineer
Room 1008, City Hall.
Edward F. Mlllor, President.
E, F, Moore, 1st Vice-PresldonL
James N. Spencer, 2d Vice-President
Board of Examining Plumber
Charlos K. Todd, Master Plumber.
"3c V, itr vsArneyman Plumb-wt,
Board of Examining Mason Contrac
tors Chns. C. Stowat.
Two others o be appointed in
compliance with law In forco
July 1, 1913
Chief of Operating Engineer
John C. Hayes.t
In IUn-it.
Department r-r.I. Welfare
Mrs. Louise ujuorne Rowe, Com
missioner. Jniucs W. Callqy, Supt. of Employ
ment. Room 805. City Hall Square Bldg.
Civil Service Commlsolon
Percy D. Cofllnj Prealdont,
ChaB. E. Frnzlor.
Joseph P. Geary.
Mark H. Place. Secretary.
Room G10, Cth floor, City Hall.
Board of Local Improvement
M. J. Fahorty, Prosldent.
J03. J. Ellas
Dald M. Clark.
Oncar Wolf.
Irno Pease Mantony.
Ednnrd J Glackon. Secretary and
Superintendent of Special Assess
ments. Room 207. 2nd floor, City Hall.
Gas Supervisor
Philip C. Dolofontnlne.
Room COO, City Hall.
Room 111, City Hall.
Inspector of Steam Boiler
Geo E. Nyo. Inspector.
Harry A. Qrannls, Chief Clerk.
Building Department
riiarloB Botrom, Commissioner.
Robert Knight, Deputy Commii-
Peter C. Hooy, Secretary.
JTJt ot vnlCks "' $
V - JI Ti. 'TBBK. SR3C
Popular and Public-Spirited President of the Chicago
Board of Election Commissioner
August Luodero
Frank X. Ujdzowskl,
Uornard Hnnvkh,
Morals Commission
Tlilid floor, City Hall.
Jolm Dili Robertuon, M. D Chair-
in. in,
Nov. J, McNamee
Ur. Anna Dwyer
1)1. Lmil G. Hlrh
John Koelling.
Track Elevation
Funnle Spector, Secretary.
Chief Janitor City Hall
James Connors
Fire Department
Thomas O'Connor, File Marshal.
P. J. Donahoe, 1st Assistant.
Cdw-nrd J. Buckloy, 2d AeslstanL
Frank ,V. Swenlo, Chief Operator.
Transportation Supervisor
It. F. Kelker, Jr.
City Physician
Dr. M. J. Purcoll.
Dr. A. Low is, Asst. City Physician.
Dr. Clara Suppel, Asst. City Phy
sician. Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public
J C. McDonnell, Chief.
Police Department
John J. Ourrlty, Genoral Superin
tendent. Room G05.
John Alcock, First Doputy Supt.,
SI Mayer, Secretary Dureau of Po.
lice Records. Room 1001,
P. J. Ward, Vehicle Bureau. Room
Henry L. Hudiou, Exr.inlnor of Pub
lic Chauffeurs. Room G07.
Law Department
Samuel Ettlolson, Cornoratlon Coun
sel, Chnrlos "Z. francls, City Attorney.
Josoph Sullivan, Chief Assistant.
Charles J. Peters
Room C02, City Halt.
Hurry P. Miller, Prosecuting Attor
ney. Dinlol Webster, lflt Asst.
L. R. Poquott, Chief Clork.
Harry T. Atwood, Special Assess
ment Attorney.
Oeorgo J. Fraror, Chlof Clerk nnd
Attornoy for Board of Local Im
provements. Board of Bridewell Inspectors
halph E Esau, Chairman.
Jooph J. Janda, Socrotary.
John J. Sloan.
20th St. and California Ave
Bailiff of the Municipal Court
Denis J. Egan.
Municipal Courts City or Chicago.
Chief Justice
Harry Olnnn.
Boom 010, City Hrll.
Associate Judges
Geo. I). Holmes.
Caorly. John R.
Trudo, Danlot P.
Dolan, Harry P
FMher. Harry M.
Cook. W. M.
Trv, Sheridan 18.
nmnmlll, William N.
Graham, Frank II,
Heap, Arnold.
Swancnn, J. A.
Jarockl, Edmund K.
La Buy. Joseph 8.
Richardson, John.
Newcomer, John R.
Prlndlvllle. John K.
nafforty, Josoph P.
Stcwnrt. Hugh R.
Doylo. Loo J.
Barasaa, Bernard P.
Hasi. J. F.
Elevated Railroads.
Sullivan, Donnls W.
liayod, Iloward.
Stolk, John.
Trudo, Samuel H.
McKlnloy, Charlos.
W'lllluuiH, diaries A.
Wolls, Hosoa W.
J. Kent Green, Legal Assistant.
Roy E. Miller, Cblot Clerk.
At large Wllllam E. Mason, Rsp.
Richard Yates, Rep.
1 Martln B, Madden, Rep.
2 James R. Mann, Rep.
3 Wllllam W. Wilson, Rep.
1 John W. Ralney, Dem.
5 Adolph J. Snbath, Dem.
6 Janies McAndrews, Dem.
7 Nlels Juul, Rep.
8 Thomas Gallagher, Dem.
9 Fred A. Britten, Rep.
10 Carl R. Chlndblom, Rep.
11 lra C. Copley, Rep.
12 Charles E. Fuller, Rep.
13 John C. McKenzle, Rep.
14 William J. Graham,, Rep.
15 Edward J. King, Rep.
1G Clifford Ireland, Rep.
17 Frank L. Smith, Rep.
18 Joseph G. Cannon, Rep.
19 William B. McKlnley, Rep.
20 Henry T. Ralney, Dem.
21 Loren E, Wheeler, Rep.
22 William A. Rodenberg, Rep.
23 Martin D. Foster, Dem.
24 Thomna 3. Williams, Rep.
25 Edward E. Denlson, Rep.
Indicate re-elected.
VIco-Prcsldent of the Chicago Title & Trust Company.
Directory of the Federal Build
ing, Clark and Adams Streets.
Custom House south wing, fourth
floor. Collector. William II. Clare
Hpcclnl deputy, John R Ford; naval
olllccr, William Brown; deputy ntiuil
olllcer, William C llawle
Colloctor of Intel nnl Roouuo
East wing, fourth floor; colloctor,
Julius F. Smletnnka; chief doputy,
D. J. Mnhnny; cashier, Frodorlck W,
Postmastor William B. Carlllo.
United States Marshal Rooms 801
and 80G; marshal, John J. Bradloy;
chief doputy, Josoph F. Ryan.
United States Secret Sorvlce
Room 8S1; Thomas I. Porter, chief
United States Subtreasury First
floor, northwcBt soctlon; assistant
treasurer, Robort I. Hunt; cashier,
Frank C. Russol).
Weather Bureau Fourteenth floor;
professor In charge, Henry J. Cox.
Buroau of Commorco Room C29;
commorclnl agent, Dr. W. C. Hunt
ington; radio Inspector, J. F. Dillon.
Const Guard Sonlce Room 500;
Inspector, Capt. F. J. Haako.
Marino Hospital Clarendon and
Gracolund nvonuos; surgoon In com
mand, Dr. J. O. Cobb.
Postofflco Inspector Room 330,
James E. Stuart In charge
Rallwa Mali Son Ice Third floor,
north wing; Capt. E. L. West, super
intendent. United StatoB District Attorney
Room S2C; Charlos F. Clyno; chlof
clerk, William A. Small.
Unltod Stntos EnglnoorH Room
508; oirtcor in chargo, Liout.-Col. W.
D. Judson, corps of englnoors, U. S,
Hjdrogiaphlc Ofllco-Room 628;
Lieut. A. M. Stcckol In charge.
Immigration Bureau Nowborry
building, Eldredgo court and Wabash
avonuo; inspoctor in chargo, Dr. P.
L. Prantls.
Inspectors of Steam Vnssols Room
529; Inspector ot hulls, Gustnv E. At
kinson; Inspector ot boilers, William
Appraiser's Ofllce Harrison and
Hhermsn streets; appraiser, W. E.
Coroner Peter M. Hoffman li one
ot tho most popular public officials in
George E. Orcnnan la one ot tn
ablost and most popular Democratic
leaders In Illinois. His acquaintance
with conditions all over tho stato, hli
groat clrclo of frlonds and hlo unlm
poachnblo democracy are strong ele
ment In his auccoii.
MWiTOrTDWXr'Blll fTi?d"l t",'tTrjlif "rT""8JJJLJiXMWa
Popular Recorder of Deeds.
Small Parks and r laygrounda.
Special Park Commission (appoint
ed by tho major) Aldormon Eugon
II. Block (chairman), John J. Cough
lln, Oscar Do PrloBt, Edward F. Cul
lerton, Joseph H. Smith, Hornian B.
Gnadt, Frank J. Link, Max Adamow
ski, John Hrubcr.
Secretary Walter Wright.
Suporintendont of Parks and City
Foiosts J. H. Prost.
Superintendent of Pluygrounds and
Bathing Boachcs Theo. A. Gross.
Ortlro of Commission 1004 city
hall. . tM
Lincoln Park Board. " '"
President Francis T. Simmons.
VIco president John II. Hnrdln.
Auditor Androw LnnquloL
Treasurer Frodorlck II. Rawson
Socrotnrj and Suporlntondent
John C. Cannon.
Superintendent of Employment
Herman E. Gnndt.
Attornoy Koboit R. Baldwin.
Mombcrs Francis T. Simmons,
Androw Lanqutst, John H. Hardin,
William Wrlgley, Jr., Atbort W.
Goodrich, Samuel M. Fclton and Dor
train M. Winston. t
West Chicago Park Board.
President John F. Smulskl.
Secrotnry Samuol Shapiro.
Trcasuror William Ganochow.
Auditor Richard J. Powers.
Superintendent A. C. Shrador.
Suporlntondent of Employment
Fred G. Houchllng.
Confidential Clork John A. Polka.
Attornoy Robert D. Gontzol.
Assistant Attornoy Wm. W. Smith.
Membors John F. Smulskl, Sam
uel Shapiro, William Oanschow, Rich
ard J. Powers, William F. Grower,
Jens C. Hansen and John I. Uagdzl
unns. South Park Board.
Prosldont, John Burton Pa) no.
Vice- president, Charles L Hutch
inson." . i
Auditor, Albort Mohr. ,
Treaauror, William A. Tllden. ""'
Secretary, John F. Nell. ,
Attorney, Roy O. West.
Goneral suporintendont, J. F. Fos
ter, Suporintendont of Employment, CoL
II. C. Carbnugh.
Mombors: John Darton Payn
Chnrlos L. Hutchinson, John Bain,'
L. B. Pattorson and' Albort Mohr.
Sheriff Clwilos W. Rotors has con
foired a favor on nil low-abiding citi
zens, wet and dry, by cleaning out
tho blind pigs lu tho county towns.
Jacob Lovy, tho well known Twenty-first
ward Democratic loader, would
mako a good county commissioner.
District Attornoy Clyno Is making
n good record.

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