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féry observing farmer kn(f:smfl‘xat
ttle can be pastured in a field after
reses'h and will subsist for a time
; r:h orses would have starved; and
aim‘]eep will do well after the cattle
7 of (s rinciDle applies to the rais-
X t ous farm crops, Wheat
y thrive glortously on the plant food
b 1;! flhe soil by a corn erop; oats on
v ‘elt by the wheat and corn; pota
3on what was not taken by the
je@ preceding crops, But the re
€ments of plant nutntion are no.
only reasons nor the strongest ones
P can be urged in favor of a strict
tim of crop rotation. The chief ob
40D o planting the same crop year
‘- year in the same groucd is that
. n&t‘flfl and diseases affecting that
tll)] i:tack it each succeeding year
- creased force, Frequently the
T® 80011, and the whole vicinity be-
Mme over-stocked with the Insects and
® Bpores of diseases injurious to that
ticular erop. Shifting the locality
such crop from one field to another
par by can afford, at best, but partial
otection in this respect, and it were
T preferable to select for each crop
bject to insect attacks and diseases a
Da'ion at the greatest possible dis
nce from any field where that crop
AS grown the year before. If some
ch crop could be left out of the farm
tation for one or more years alto
ther, one might be able to starve out
© insects and diseases affect:ng it for
me years; and if by concerted action
ch a measure could be extended ‘o a
hole neighborhood, or county, old
shioned big and clean crops might for
time be grown again.
CURING PORK.—The meat is not fit
T salting until free from animal heat,
R 4 yet it should not be frozen in the
Ast, as this condition prevents the
It penetrating it. Cover the bottom
the barrel with salt to the depth of
iree inches, then pack the strips of
prk in circles, the rind facing the
arrel, but with a deposition of salt in
prvening and & stratum of salt upon
ach layer of pork. When the mid-
Ings are salted prepare a brine suf
lent to well cover the pork, using al}
he salt that the water will dissolve.
ring to the boil, skim, and when cold
our over the salted pork. A well ad
ghsted cover is a necessary part of a
ork barrel,
Trimm the hams and rubthem over
pith salt, to extract the bLlood. In
wo days apply the following pickle:
pne and a half pounds of salt and a
ound of brown sugar to each gallon of
yater, and an ounce of saltpeter to 100
ounds of meat; bring to a boil, skim,
nd pour over when cold. Hams
honld remain 1 the pickle from four
0 Six weeks. In packing don’t let
em press against each other; they are
ikely to taint at the bone before becom
ng thoroughly salted. Those skilled
n the curing of hams remove them
rom one barre! to another twice a
week until the curing is partially
pompleted, to prevent tainting at the
A mulch or cevering should cousist
bf manure, as it will be a saviug of
abor, and the plants will get the benelit
of the matter dissolved bv the rains.
he covering is not intended to keep
the plants wairm, as that is Impoessible,
but to prevent the ground from warm
ing too early or too suddenly. It is
just as important to mulch in those sec
tions where the climate is mild as it is
to do so where the winters are severe,
owing to the aiternate freezing and
thawing of ths ground. Ir theground
is frozen it can be partially kept in tbat
condition by the muleb, which prevents
the plants from being thrown up out of
the soil, and also from beginning
growth too early in the season, In
his gection the winter Is seldom very
col previcus to January, and the neces
sity for a mulch 18 greater in a mila
winter than at any other tima, owing to
the liability of the plants Lo begin to
grow too early.
VORK on the strawberry bed should
commence before the plants begin to
grow. The sooner the manure ix
spread over the plants the quicker will
be its effect after spring sets in. There
are several reasons for giving a good
coatmg of manure, one being to supply
plant food and the other to protect the
vines. If this s done early no damage
will be caused to the plants, but if 1t is
delayed until the plants begin to grow
it is often the case that where the
manure is very concentrated, such as
the droppings from poultry, the plants
will be Kkilled.
Do not crowd too many sheep to
gether. An open shed, facing south,
and well-littered at night with clean
~ straw or leaves, will make an excellent
shelter for them. |
Chreonic Cougns and Colds,
And all diseases of the Throat and Lnngs,
can be cured by the use of Scoit’s Emulsion,
as it contains the healing virtues ot Cod
Liver Qil and Hypophosphitesin their full
est form. Is a beautiful creamy Emaulsion,
palatable as milk, easily digested, and can
be taken by the most delicate. Please read:
“I consider Scott’s Emulsion the remedy
par-exeellence in Tuberculous and Strum
ous Affeetions, to say nothing of ordinary ‘
col 's and throat troubles.””—W, R. S, CoN- |
NELL, M.D. Manchester, O.
—————— A e ———
It is often a good thing to refuse
young persons a favor, and thus prevent
them acquiring the habit of asking.
eAI —
If younave catarrh, you are in danger, as the
disease is Hable te become chronic and affect your
general health, or develope into consumption.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla cures catarrh by purifying
and enricking the blood, and building up the sys
tem. Give & a trial,
———— I —————
One good man cannot elevate a
whole shop; put one bad ome can de
. moralize it,
e ———
‘ Catarrh Cured.
i e onns Sier yoaT3 26 rh and “vainly
. trying every known remedy, 8t last found a
. prescrivtion which completely cured and saved
Kimfromdesth. Any sufferer from this dread.
. ful disease sending 5 gelf-addressed stamped
i en to Prof. .A_ Lawrence, 83 Warren
: N. ¥., will receive the recipe freeof chargs.
. ‘ T Seme——
' vening gloves ghould meet the
sl of whatever Jength. In some
they reach quite to the shev'ders.
Now is the tim2 when your personal condition
gnould command careful attention. 1f you have
Lot «‘wintered well,” if you are tired out from
overwork, if your bloo ' has become impure from
close confinement in badly ventilated offices or
shops, you shou!d take Hood’s Sarsaparilla at
once. It will purify and vitalize your blood,’
create a good appetite, and give your whole sys
tem tone and strength. i
Spring Medicine
“‘Early last spring I was very much rua down,
had nervous headache, felt miserable and all
that. I was very much benefited by Hood's
Sarsaparilla and recommend 1t to my friends,”
Mgs. J. M. TAYLOR, 1119 Euclid Avenue, Cleve
land, Ohio.
N. B. Be sure to get Hood’s Sarsaparilla,
BSR4 IR AR S E T ID f Si 2 i A S i R W RO AR BRI 5
e ———
pastor—Of what State is your husband
a native, Mrs, Veneer?
Mrs. Veneer of Chicago—Connecti
cut, I believe, sir.
“Do you know in what part of the
State he was born?”’
] don’t think he was ever born, sir,
I 80 often hear him speak of himself to
others as a self made man.”’
"t TSN Original, best, only genuine and
6 ! reliable pill for sale. Never Fail.
ALSS? «\ Ask for Chichester's English
= \¢»¥/) Diamond Brand, io red me-
S 9 ‘\ tallic boxes, sealed with blue rib
= @__‘ bon, At Druggists. Aceent
f no other. All pills in pa-te
board boxes, pink wrappers, sre a dangers
b - ous counterfeit. Seud 4¢. (stamps) for
1 particulars and *Rellef . Ladlens,” in
letter, by return mail. 10,000 testd
moniuls from LADIES who have used them. Name Paper,
Chiichester Chemical Co., Madison Sq.,Phila.,Pa.
We offer GOOD PAY to WOMEN for spe
cial work up to JULY next. Besiaes good pay
for work 3500 will be given as an
performed, EXTRA present to
the ugem doing the best work; $4OO to the
second, and so on. Men, boys and girls can
make hundreds of dollars between now snd
July 184%9. - This is a SPECIAL chance, and
holds good only until July. Address
= i Nt
§“.I DR L“BB -i(éfi!‘
329 N. 15th St., below Callowhill, Phila., Pa.
20 years' experience in all Sfl)e(‘ial diseases, Per
manently restores those weakened by early indis
cretions, &e. ,Call or write. Advice free and strictly
contidentiul. !{ours, 10 AM. till 3 P.M.,and 7 to 10
evenings. .- Send 2 et Stamp for Book.
é’, s Tgtfuplomn‘?n«!:ufi E E
& Insana Persons Restored.
RSSAtd forr all BrAIN & NeRvE DISEASES. Only sure
9% cure for N-rve Affections, Fits, Epilepsy, ete.
il INPALLIZLE if taken us directed. No sz qfter
DR first day's use. Treatise and $2 trial bottle free to
PSB ¥it patieuts, they payiog express charges on box when
b recelved. Send names, P. O. and express address of
afiicted to DR. KLINE. 931 Arch St. Fhllud:l bia, Pa,
Best in the World. Made only by the Frazer Lubrica
torCo.at Chicago, N. Y. & St. Louis. Sold evervwhere.
T e S
— [OS 10 AUAL!
milfiir. fi‘g, i AGENTS WANTED}
,‘.fl“‘ YL 1000 Brewster’s Safety Relm
| P 11010ers GIVEN AWAY to intro.
'l;\. My X fi i| duce them, Every horse owner buys
LN Py o R e
! ) eet. Se rta
il 8 ae and packing for Riokel: Plated
1V 1 i| Sample that sells for 65 cents. Address
¢ | Brewster Mifg. Co., Holly, Mich,
who have used Piso’s
\ Cure for Consumption
ray itis BEST OF ALL.
Sold everywhere. 25c.
G-o siti su :E-d' |:gfiu‘
B il of cames of this worst kind and of lon -{umm
pave been cured. So strong is my faith in its offlca:{vt
[ will ‘e“dth‘l:'g' bottie: free, eggnmcra‘ivnhg:p:a;x:gg
i 18ease t( . ve
B idrees. T. A. BLOCOM. M. 0., 181 Peari St., N. Y
Dml ‘]c N- & J. B- HUBENSACK,
The leading Specialis's in Youthfui Imp u'ence.
Young men contem lainr marriage send for
va'uable Med.cal Book. Sentonreceipl
of 2¢. stauip. Co sujtation hours 8 A, M. tul 2
P. M., fom6 P. M. unnl 9 P. M. Closed >und: ys
MT Catarrh ¢ure. Send 5,
FREE tor post.ge. . 8, I.ox £B, k. Auroros N. ).
9 618
s _§ P"“ great English Gout and
a‘r s i s. Rheumatic Remedy,
Oval Box, 34; round 14 Pills.
Wm Live at heme and myxe more money working for us them
i at anything else in the world. Either sex Costly outfit
FREE. Tu-—{_l:l_._.&«r-.. 'nsup_ bcozmi-h.
FARM FOR SALE 3 on s tarm?
's YOUH tobuy a farm ?
90 address CURITS & WRIGHT, 233 Broadway, N, X,
y = UD Y. Book- in«, Buet ¥
fi.u ME Pehmanhiy Arithmetic, Short-hand, ete.
thoroughly tauzt: Ly MAIL. Circulara frn»g.
Bryant's Colleve. [ 537 Man St, Buffalo, N.
i CIVEN AWAY. P'k'ze
R : .SEEDS MixedF]nwerSPedn{:cm
kinds, Gumpg, and 10c. Certificals for
| Seeds. Kow choiee, all for fistam'x;wot cents.)
| Every flower |over delighted. Tell all your
Send at on €. This Du e Wil Nl appear a a.
LMS BUS, COI LEGE, Philadeiphia. P
P:dl:‘o“ws .:amuolé.‘u&w te for circulax.
A PENTS.—I 6 yeary experience. Send ske'ch
o 1 for report a tentability. Circuwiar
i el s e pmiemiabig Sirsyer
SLaws U "".
blm'l&ch. & Cincinnatl, Q.
—————G T GGG ———————m
BONS iiiir widows or parents.
ENS s their widows or parvnts.
W on, M e, Latest law w“n&
o .
oW ELL ‘&
" Hood’s Sarsaparilla is prepared from Sarsaparlls
la, Dandelion, Mandrake, Dock, Juniper Berries,
and other we!ll known vegetable remedies, by
such a peculiar combination, proportion and pro
cess, as to secure the fuil medicinal value of each.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists. $1;sl1x for $5. Prepared only
by C. LHOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass,
100 Doses One Dollar
Switt’s Specific has cured me of a malig
nant breaking out on my m which caused
intolerable pain. It was ed Ecgem~ b{
the doctors—four of whom treated me wit
no relief. I candidly confess that I owe my
present good health to 8. 8. 8., which in my
estimation is invaluable as a blood remedy.
Miss JurLia DEWrTT,
2221 N. 10th St., St. Louis, Mo,
Our bahg when two months nld, was at
tacked wth Scrofula, which for a long time
fleltrodyed her eyvesicht entirely and cansed
ns to despair of her life. The doctors failed
to relicve her, an! we gave Swift's Specific,
which soon cur«! her entirely, and she is
now hale and hearty. _ E. V. DELK,
Will’s Point, Texas.
Scrofula dev-!oped on my daughter—swell.
Ing and lnmps on her neck. We gave her
SBwift’s S;}m-l ~ and the result was wonder
ful and the ire prompt,
S. A. DEARMOND, Cleveland, Tenn.
P Sen! ior book giving history of Elood
Diseases atid advice to suff-rors, mailed free,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga.
Cream Balm
Cleanses the
Nasal Passages,
Allays Pain and
Heals the Sores,
Restores the
Senses of Taste
and Smell.
“‘ : : e 4 S '
Try the Cure. HAY=FEVER
A parricle is applied into each nostril and is agree
abie, Price ¥ centsat Druggists;by mail. registered,
tocts. ELY BROTHER-., 55 Warren ~t., New York.
Rare Chance for Settlers.
The Railroad System of Texas ha.vhfi developed so
a 8 to bring within easy access of good interior and
seaboard markets the lands granted to the
It has been determined to offer to settlers the
- , d
Renowned Agricult’l Lands
Located nlonfi the line of the Fort Worth & Denver
City R. R., beginning with Wilbarger
County, comprising
200,000 ACRES
In farms of 160 acres and upward. These lands were
located by the Company among the earliest, with
especial care as to soil, timber and water. They are
adapted to the gr«»wtfn of cotton, corn, oats, wheat
barley, rye, vegetables, crchards and gardens and
the various domestic grarses.
Situated in the elevated and healthy region known
as the Southern Panhandle of Texas, they possess a
genial climate, favorable to man and beast, where
outdoor work can be carried on the year round, and
are in marked contrast with regions of early and late
frosts or of destructive ** blizzards.”
Population is fastesuuring in, and local government
is already established, with schools, churches, &c.
TERMS 0F SALE: One-fifth cash, balance in four equal
yearly payments, with interest on deferred Sayments.
For further information as to these and landsin
sadjacent counties, apply to
J.'S. NAPIER, Vernon, Texas,
(who is prepared to show to purchasers); or to
C. C. GIBBS, Land Ag't, Houston, Tex.
“By a thorough knowledge of the naturallaws
vhich govern the n‘perat.ions of digestion and nutrie
tion, and by a careful application of the fine propers
ties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Epps has provided
our brealfast tables with a delicately flavoured beve
erag- which may save us many h»aviy doctors’ bills,
It i b{_the.md icicus use of such articles of diet that
a constitution may be gradually bui:t up until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun
@reds of subtlemaladies are floating around us ready
%o attack wherever there 18 a we:k point. We ma
pe mauty a fatal thaft by keeping our elves wefi
grhfled with Fm blood and a properly nourished
Stads simpiy witn roiiiae I, Sold
ade simply w water or m’ 8o
snly in half i,»mmd tins, by (Exil!goceu llhelledfilnl:
AMES EPPS & (0., Homceapathic Chemists,
London, England. ik
IF Y?Ufl:\;fil{ A m______.,‘w
3 [SHITH & WESSON 7=y ks
REVOLVER & .g 3\
gu.rchnse one of the cele- m;‘v
rated SMITH & WESSON ‘e &)
arms, The finest small arms )‘ 3
ever manufactured and the ( ‘ 1 S
first choice of all experts. N |
Manufactured in calibres 32, 38and 44-100. Sin- & |
le or double action, Safety Hammerless and \=
g‘u‘got models. Constructed entirely of best quale
fty wronght steel, carefully inspected for work
mansh‘p and stock, t hey are unrivaled for finish,
durubllltf aund accuracy. Donotbedeceivedbg
cheap mallenble cast-iron imitations whic
a e often sold for the genuine article and are not
onlv unreliable, but dangerous. The SMITH &
WESSON Revolvers are all stamped upon the bar
rels with firn’s name, address and dates of patents
and are guarvaatecd perfect in every detail. In
gist upon haviayg the genuine article, and if lour
dealer cannot sup’ly you ap order sent to address
below will receive prompt and careful attention.
Descriptive catalogue and prices furnished npon ap
sati T ! MO O
vication. SMITH & WESSON,
€~ NMention this papex ~pringfield, Mass,
3T:n W afon scales,
Iron Levers. S Bearings, Brass
Tare Beam and Beam Bor far
™ Everv size Scale. For free pr.ve (ist
! mention this paper and address
‘ ;\Qs;es. ing solid
* acts that mlz man
o “I ers | contemplating Build
i R TPa. St e B
etti is contracts; esigns of plal
homgg, with plans and estim?t.ed cgot. Shortm
tels on the kitchen, chimueys, cistern, foundation,
brickwork, mortar, cellar, gesting. ventilation, the
roof and man{ items of interest to builders. Mailed
free on: receipt of 10 cents in postal stamps. Address
CO., 5370 East Twentieth St., New York City
g dorse Big «+ as iy
SRS Cures ia specific forthe certmin cu:
oy 1 To‘g.ld’-fi_fg-" of thisl! gisvz\sv.l
(&py csuse Stristure. Amsterdam, N. °
Mrdonly by the We have sold %ig‘ S
N Chemical many years, and i.a
S k_z-" G fl&en the best of saiis
- neinns ) fon,
- Ohio. D. R.DYCHE & CO..
Chicago, 1!
Trade rx981.00. Sold by Druggis -
N v Kerby's Vast-Pecket Encyclopedia contains over 500 necfu! and
Instructive artieles. wemen alike should kmow |
10C, i T eST
INNATE MODESTY.—A bright eyed
little miss of five years rode down on a
Madison street car in Chicago one
evening recently gitting on ber father’s
knee. She was so full of querles that
they kept ranning out of her in a per
fect stream. Some of her questions
were posers, and the faiher showed
signs of weakness several times, He
struggled along gallantly, however,and
the passengers got interested in the
contest, The toddler finished him up,
however, just as the car was lumbering
over the viaduct west of the bridge.
“If I gotin one of those cars where
would I be tomorrow?’’ she demanded,
as her eyes caught the cars in the
Union depot.
**You’d go to sleep and wake up in
St. Paul in the morning,”” answered
the father,
**Who’d wake me up?”’
*‘The porter, the man in the car.”
For a moment missy was silent.
Then she cast a look of scorn upon
papa, and in a tone of inimitable con
tempt, she said:
*‘And do you suppose I’d let a man
dress me?’?
A DARK FUTURE,—Johnny is a lad
whose future g.ves his parents much
apprehension. During the Christmas
holidays he tossed a grain of pop-corn
cn to a twig of :istletoe that was lying
on the mantelplece, Later on he said
to his sister:
**Sis, I wonder if some of these deco
rations ain’t in pain.”
““Now, Johnny, don’t be silly.”’
“I ain’t. Look here; this mistletoe’s
got a corn on it.”
something for a six months’ tour
abroad. Well, madam, in the adjoin
ing building I have a trunk which I’m
sure you will like. Can’t get it in the
storeroom; double door is too narrow.
I thought of remodeling it and using it
for a seashore cottage, but if it will
suit you I will let you have it cheap.
Dame—l’m not the one who is going
abroad; It’s my busband.
“Oh! George, show the lady one of
those vest pocket hand satchels.’’
DENTIST, to fair customer in chair—
Are you not Miss Rittenhouse, of Phil
Mies Rittenhouse, coldly—Y es.
*I think I had the pleasure to meet
you in Saratoga last summer,”’
“Indeed; you will see, sir, that you
get hold of the right tooth.”
He got hoid of the right tooth but it
came harder than any tooth Miss Rit
tenhouse ever had pulled,
—_———— .
QUITE LIKELY.—*‘Yes, my dear
children,” sawd the visitor at Sunday
school, lowering his voice to hushed
and solemn tones, *‘this brave mission
ary, this saintly man of God I have
been telling you about, was captured
by thie cannibals and killed. And now,
litt'e ones, can any of you tell me
where he was after thav??”’
Chorus—Yes, ma’am.
“Well, this dear little boy may tell
Dear little boy—ln the soup.
Physieian, proudly—Yes, I’ve called at
Mrs. Upperten’s mansion three times a
day for the last tlree weeks, She sent
for me.
Friend—Three times a day?
Y. P., with a proud look and gesture
—Yes, three times a day.
*“For the past three weeks?”’
‘“Yes; she is a very sick woman.”’
““When did she take sick?”’
“Three weeks ago.”’
**Yes, I thought so.”
A Quick RETORT.—A father was
remonstrating with a son who was sow
ing his wild oats.
“Father,” said the young man in
self-defence, ‘*‘you should remember
that I am in the very hey day of youtn,
*‘And is that any reason why you
should make an ass of yourself ?”’ in
quired the father.
———— e —
A Sensible Man
Would use Kemp’s Balsam for the Throat
and Lungs. It is curing more cases of
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup
and all Throat and Lung Troubles,
than any other medicine. The proprietor
has authorized any druggist to give you a
Sample Bottle Free to convince you of the
merit of this great remedy. Large Bottles
50c and §l,
To prevent a bruise becoming black
and blue, rub first in sweet oil, then in
spirits of turpentine,
e e el e
A Radical Cure for Epilleptic Fits.
To the Editor—Please inform ‘your readers
that I have a positive remedy for the above
named disease which I warrant tocure the
worst cases. So =t ronfg is my faith in its vir
tues that I will send free a sample bottle and
valuable treati-e : o any s"gfire?; whw give
me b ROOUT A O" 1 Pearl St.. New York,
To take out iron mold stains, wet
with milk and cover with salt. The
latter aiso rubs egg stains from spoons.
Ruptuare cure guarantieed by
Dr. J. B. Mayer, 831 Arch St., I’hil’a,
Pa. Ease at once, no operation or de
lay from business, attested by thou
sands of cures after others fail, advice
free, send for circular.
To remove coffee stains, put thick
g'ycerine on the wrong side of the
article and wasn out in lukewarm
Notn ; g
Disvgted, Uticaey, Lhls Dinewsis, Norvoamaeat
&c.,lke Cann’s Kidney Cuare. Office, 831 Arch
St., Phia. $1 a bottle, 6 for $5. At Druggista.
Curesihe worst cases Cuare zaaranteed, ‘l'ry it
e D e
If your sewing machine runs hard
and your oiler is empty, try as a sab
stitute equal parts of clear lard and
kerosene oil.
3 Al k
80l T S o 2 s A
velous cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial boitle free to
Fit cases. SendtoDr.Kline,93l Arch St. Phila.,Pa,
ie e QY R A o
Robert Garrett, the erratic million
aire is Improving in health.
Don’t work your horses to death with
poor axle grease; the Frazer is the only re
linble make, TUse it once, and you will
have no other.
el —e.
One of the singular things in life is
why homely women always select hand
some husbands.
Spring Disoraers
Shattered nerves, tired
brain, impure blood,
debilitated system, ali
are the natural out
come in the Spring. A
medicine must be used,
and nothing equals
Paine’s Celery Com
pound. We let others
praise us—you cannot
help believing a disin
terested party.
Bri gam' jer-General W. L. Greenleaf, Burling
ton. Vt., writes: *I have used Palne’s Celxgxgy
Compound on several occaslons, and always
with benefit. Last spring, being verz much run
down and debinitated, I commenced taking it.
Two bottles made me feel llke a new man. AS
a general tonic and spring medicine I.do not
know of its equal.”
Qolor Anytling any Coler (T |G FASY TQ DYE WITH DIAMOKD BY "3 15 cens vain.
01d moneybags mopes in his office all day, What makes the old fellow so surly and grim,
As snappish and cross as a bear; And behave 8o confoundedly mean ?
The clerks know enough to keep out of his There’s certainly something the matter with
way, him—
Lest the merchant should grumble and Is it stomach, or liver, or spleen?
swear. We've guessed it— his liver is sluggish and
Even Tabby, the cat, is in fear of a cufT, bad,
Or a kick, if she ventures too near; His blood is disordered and foul.
They all know the master is apt to be rough, It’s enough to make any one hopelessly mad
And his freaks unexpected and queer, And greet his best friend with a growl.
To correct a sluggish or disordered liver, and to cleanse and purify the
blood and thereby sweeten the temper, Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery
has no equal. It improves digestion, builds up the flesh, invigorat-s the
system, dispells melancholy, and makes life worth living.
'T 's G“ARANTEED to benefit or cure, if taken in time and given a
A. B A AR A AN A A S fair tria], in fi]l diseases fOl' Which it is recomr
mended, or the money paid for it will be refunded.
Copyright, 1888, by WORLD'S DISPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Proprietors,
no matter of how long standing, is per=
manently cured by DR. SAGE’'S CATARRH REMEDY. 050 cents, by druggists.
T. W. PALMS, President.
1700 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Our late for tuition is $5O, and a life schola ship is issued, which allowe the holder the priv
flege of completing the course and graduating without any stipulation in regard to the time.
We charge for the course and not for time as isthe custom at other schools. Thus the ad
vantage of a life scholarship must be apparent to everybody. It i 8 to the interest of the
school that charges by the “term” to keep the student as many “terms’” as possible—the
more ‘‘terms” the more tuition fees.
COURSE OF STUDY, BEST EVERYTHING. Write for elega: 1 «..« ular.
It any dealer says he has the W. L. DOUGLAS SHOES without
name and price, stamped on bottom, put him down as a fraud. If not
sold by your dealer, write W Le DOUGLAS, BEOCKTON, MASS,
.. . .9 J' v v
WW&- sfesTofelole oo lolwlotele
he man who has invested tfrom t.hr:x: A We offer the m«n who wants service
to five dollars in a Rubber Coat, and (not |qlc&': gurnent that will keep
at his first half hour's experience In him dry in the hardest starm. It is
a storm finds to his sorrow that it is called TOWEK'S FISH BRAND
bardly a better protection than a mos- & SLICKER,"” & nume faiuiliar 10 every
qQuito netting, not o:‘ll feels chagrined Cow-boy all over Ihe land. With them
at anch.lo L‘dly en in, but also muq‘gerfcu Wind and Waterproof
feels if does not look exactly like Coat is “ Tower's Fish Brand suzu_"
Ask for the * FISH BRAND ” SLICKER and take no other, l?cu storekeeper
@oes not have the FISH BRAXD, send for deseriptive catalogue, A.J. Tower, 20 Simmons St., Boston, Mass,
«] have used two bottles of your Paine’s
Ceiery Compound, and it has fh‘en entire sat-"
isfactlor as an appetizer and blood purifier.”
T, L. BERNER, Watertown, Dakota.
is prescribed by physicians, recommended by
drugeists, endorsed by ministers, praised by
users, and guaranteed by tho manufa“turers,
as a spring medicine whichit 1 do &ll thatis
claimed for it. Use i . .ls o ..y, and See how
quickly it tones you up. {4
Purifies the Blood. 1,
Full accounts of wonderful cures made ¥y
; Paine’s Celery Co;lslpoun-i o fier other medicines
'and the best physiclans L. failed, sent free,
There’s nothing like it.
$l.OO. Six for $5.00. Druggists.
WELLS, RICHARDSOX & Co., Duriington, Vt.
3 SHOE cevris
» Best i ~ Examine his
a 5 00t In the T HAND-SEWED SHOE,
$2.00 and $1.75 BOY® SCHOOL SHOES,
"All made in Congress, Button and Lace.
$3 SHOE SiEs.
et E e IR . { aEmant A et Tteéleansy

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