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Wakds You Hungry
used Paine's
3 y
elery Compound
unique tonic and appetizer. Pleasant to
te, quick in its action, and without any
rious effect, it glves that rugged health
*h makes everything taste good. It cures
Psla and kindred disorders. Physiclans
ribe it. $l.OO. Six for $5.00. Druggists.
ELLS, RICHARDSON & Co., Burlington, V.’
Color anything any color.
MOND DYES {oor P e e
AN you tell me. darling,” he
» 88 they sat together in the weak
pf the sott, *‘the exact mathemati
ralion of a kiss?”
20“‘3 a second and a half, I be
she answered, demurely.
banks,” he replied. “I will make
hute of it.”?
fo-Night and To-Morrow Night,
d each day and night during the week
n get at all druggists’ Kemp’s Bal
or the Throat and Lungs,. acknowl-
L to .be the most successful remedy
ol.d‘ for the cure of Coughs, Croup,
gchitis, Whooping Cough, Asthma,
.onsummion_ Get a bottle to-day and
it always in the house, s 0 you can
J< your cold at once. Price 50¢ and $l.
ple bottles free,
e—— A s —
Bl Radical Cure for Eplleptic Fits.
e Editor—Please inform your readers
I have a positive remedy t%r the above
pd disease which I warrant tocure the
cases. So strong is my faith in its vir
that I will send free a sample bottle and
ble treatise to any sufferer who will give
is P. O. and Express address. Beap'{.
G. ROOT, M. C., 183 Pearl St.. New York.
% e P “—————
owdered rosin, according to H.
er, 18 liable to spontaneons com
ion, owing to oxidation by the air,
it should be kept in tightly closed
. e —
hing Cures Dropsy, Gravel, Bright’s, Heart,
mtes, Urinary, Liver Diseases, Nervousness,
ke Cann’s Kidney Care. Office, 831 Arcii
mila. $1 a bottle, 6 for $5. At Druggists.
sthe worst cases Cure guaranteed. ‘l'ry it.
hve vour cold tea; 1t is excellent for
ning grained woed,
i Frazer Axle Grease.
he Frazer Axle Grease received medals
he Centennial, North Carolina State
, Paris Exposition, American Insti
), New York, and others.
ever put a hot iron directly upon
—it takes the life cut of it.
—e P s
ko OprIUM in Piso’s Cure for Consump
. Cures where other remedies fail. 25c.
During. the past year mnearly 150
ers have exploded, killing outright
maiming for Jife more than 600
« AILFIts d rree by Dr. Kline's Great
g l'te‘:t‘orexr. No Fits afcer first day’s use. Mar
hus cures. Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free to
B cases, SendtoDr.Kline, 931 Arch St. Phila.,Pa,
h bove all things avoid laziness.
ficted with soreeyes use Dr. Isaac Thomp
'sEye-water. Druggists sell at 25¢. per bottle
e se— A ———
FET the top of a dish of mashed po
oes with milk and set it in the oven
brown. Let it stay until there is a
hwn crust over it.
5 a—p——
R fure cure guarapteed‘ by
.}“],3 Mayer, 831 Arch St., Phil’a,
' " Ease at once, no operation or de
from business, attested by thou
ds of cures after others fail, advice
e, send for circular.
ruit stains may be removed. by
bezing. R
feeling, so subtle and yet so over
nes;tutlgeg’ ee:nrg_‘v overcome by Hood’s Sarsa
-Illa, which tones and strengthens the system
1 gives a good appetite. Be sure to get Hood’s
ngm,m& 100 Doses One Dollar” is true only
this peculiar medicine. '
manufacture of rope from
,:;etos is likely to become au industry
" considerable importance, the
th of the article being estimated
en}‘)zout ope-fourth tbat of ordinary
" ope of the same diameter. Rope
m&rnligmial of 1} inches in diam
¢ is stated to have a breaking
ol fn of one ton, and twenty feet
ooy calculated to represent weight
ok g unds. Some of the purposes,
13 P ated, to which this Kind of
epum eclally adapted are theatres,
pe 1s SPE " i means of escape from |
o brigades and *+ s
and public buildings, its ad
wellings ing that it will not break
ntage _bt‘;‘gurden if the flame bears
hd dr:P ]lt is made like ordinary rope
bon It. lan or Canadian
hd is spun from Ital
bestos thread. |
erman iron rolling
A _fly-whed é?oakf in pleces through
ill recently 4. one of the fragments,
cesmve spee fi] weight, having been
parly a tonman 450 feet away. The
rown “,’ored-ametef of seven metres,
heel bad a dl kilogrammes, and was
pighed 25,000 ghatt of a 100 horse
h the efi;‘:}é At the time of the
hbwer . aking 100
cident the wheel was MATE
yolutions a minute.
—— > learn that the
|lt is gratifying t‘g'ort.;a‘rmlh Ireland,
ectrical rallway ab Pl Sanl
. scientific and finan
ps proved both 8 5600 oguetion of a
al success. The intr
‘ sit at some of our
milar mode of tran
tering pl would Do doubt receiye
nple pfit‘ nagd to farmore than cover
e original cost' &"‘ sEpenses
mu‘ m ¥ SR 1 RAE
pound and it
24 a salutary
m and I
€ a new
t improves
petite and
tes diges-
Jd.T. CoPE
rimus, S.C.
| Spring medicine meansmore now-a-days than it
did ten years ago. The winterof 1883-89 hasleft
the nerves all fagged out. The nerves must be
streigthened, the blood .purified, liver and
bowels regulated. Paine’s Celery Compound—
the Spring medicine of to-day—does all this,
as nothing else can. Prescribed by Physicians,
Recommended by Druggists, Endorsed by Ministers,
Guaranteed by the Manufacturers to be
= o a
| Spring Medicine.
“In the spring of 1887 I was all run down. 1’
would get up in the morning with so tired a
feeling, and was 80 weak that I could hardly get
around. Iboughta bottle of Paine’s Celery Com
pound, and before I had taken it & week 1 felt
very much better. I can cheefully rg'gmmend
1t to all who need a building up and strengthen
' ing medicine.” Mrs. B. A. Dow, Burlington, Vt.
| LACTATED FOOD 3ov7ishes babies perfctiy.
The analyses of snake poisons made
last summer by Drs. Weir Mitchell and
Reichert have been fully confirmed by
other investigators, Allof the venoms
examined are essentially alike; in every
case they are made up of three proteid
bodies. The first reduces the blood
pressure, induces swelling (cedema) and
finally brings about putrefactive effects.
The second is a virulent substance,
one-twentieth of a grain of which will
killa pigeon in two hours, It gives
rise in a few minutes after injection to
enormous infiltration of blood into the
neighboring tissue. The poisonous
properties of the third substance are
doubtful. The object of the analysis
is to eliminate the venomous principle,
8o that experiments may be made as to
what drug can be used to the best
advantage in neutralizing It.
On the State railways in Sweden
there is geperally a doctor for every
thirty-two miles of line, and in this
way forty-four doctors are employed
by the Government. The private rail
ways have a similar system. The
medical men examine all applicants for
employment and reject those physically
disqualified, and especially by defects
of sight or hearing. They also give
their services to and attend to all in
jured by accidents on the line, to
regular employes and their families in
sickness, to occasional employes while
engaged in service, and to laborers in
the shops who have paid the same
contributions as those engaged lln
working the line, and also to their
families. No exception is made in the
case of those who suffer from Injury or
disease caused by their own fauit.
[ G —
able to use my poem, sir?
Editor—Yes, sir.
“0, I am delighted to know it.
When d:d it appear?”’
““It didn’t appear—ilt disappeared. I
used it to light a cigar.”’
South Dukotl’:flnoom.
South Dakota is now engaging public atten
tion through her recent achievement of state
hood, as well as by the phenomenal growth
and the rapid development of her wonderful
agricultural resources, and the advantages
offered to home-seekers and persons desiring
safe and profitable investments. A new
pamphlet containing recent letters citingthe
actual experlences of reliable residents, and
other valuable information relating to Dakota,
will be mailed free upon request by E. P. Wir-
SON, No. 22 Fifth avenue, Chicago, 111.
The warming of flour and the conse
quent abstraction of the moisture adds
greatly to its durability.
It is used and endorsed by Phy
. sicians because it is the best,
It is Palatable as Milk.
It is three times as efficacions as
plain Cod Liver Oil.
It is far superior to all other so
called Emulsions.
It is a perfect Emulsion, does not
separate or change.
It is wonderful as a flesh producer.
It is the best remedy for Consump
tion, Scrofula, Bronchitis, Wast
ing Diseases, Chronic Cough and
Sold by all Druggisis,
SCOTT & BOWNE, Cuezmists, N. Ve
Ely’s Cream Balm P o
Price 50 Cents. : 'CATARR\“
ATARR Hg“ 9 4

Apply Balm fnto each nostril. BN AY WY
ELY BROS. 56 Warren st., N. Y, JiB P ™ 500
who have used Piso’s
Cure for Consumption
say itis BEST OF ALL.
Bold everywhere. 265¢c.
In 13831 contracted Blood Poison
of bad type, and was treated with
mercury, potash and sarsaparilla
mixtures,growing worse all the time.
1 took 7 small bottles S. S, S. which
cared me entirely, and no sign of
the dreadful disease has returned.
d. C. NANCE,
Jan. 10, 89, Hobbyville, Ind.
Ry little niece had white swelling
to such an extent that she was con
fined to the bed for a long time.
More than 20 pieces of bono came
out of her Jeg, and the doctors said
amputation was the only remedy to
save her life, I refused the operaticn
and put her on 5.8.8. and she is now
up and acfive and in 28 good heaith as
any child. Miss ANXIE GrxerlNe,
;eb. 11, 'B9. Columbus, Ga.
Book on Blood Diseases sent free.
Swirr Srrcrric Co,
, Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ga,
fine little fellow,”’ said the patronizing
old gentleman who had been elected
representative for four successive times
from his Congressional district. His
remark was addressed to a kKind faced
lady who held in her arms a little fel
low who biinked gravely at all that
was going on. .
¢Yes,” replied the lady, *‘His father
and I set a good deal of store by him.’’
**Well, he’s a bright looking little
fellow. Maybe Le’ll be a Congressman
some day.”’
‘“Maybe he will,”” said the mother.
“But,”” she added earnestly, ‘l’m
going to do my best to raise him right.
No MATTER.—Foreman, explaining
the accident to the owner of the baild
ing—Barney was workin’ on the roof,
sir, and he slipped and fell the whole
four stories, bringing the cornice down
with him, sir, and breaking both his
legs and balf his ribs,
Owner—Oh, well, never mind. I
intended that cornice to come down,
“] seE that Patti has been robbed of
her watch and diamonds again,’’ said
the detective. ‘Do you know what
they are worth?’’
““Yes,” replied the business manager
glancing at the day book, ‘‘forty cents
a line, top of column, next to reading
matter, daily and weekly one time.”’
“‘Brother Charlie, what does it say on that big
board, under the birdies ?”’
*lt says ‘Be sure to get Hood’s Sarsaparilla.’ ”
**Why, that’s what Mamma told us.”
“Yes, and she said *Do not take anything else,
no matter what they offer you. Look for the big
letter Zon the bottle, with Hood’s Sarsaparilla
on it.” And that’s what I’'m going to do.”
This little dialogue dwells upon a point we wish
to strongly impress upon your mind. If you have
Leen led to decide, from the advertising or from
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
Sold by all druggists, sl;six for $5. Prepared only
by C. LHOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass,
100 Doses One Dollar
That dainty lady tripping by,
How light her step, how bright her eye,
How fresh her cheek with healthful glow,
Like roses that in Maytime blow'
And yet few weeks have passed away
Since she was fading, day by day.
The doctor's gkill could naught avail;
Weaker she grew, and thin and pale.
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription is the world-famed, invigorating tonic and
nervine, carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician, and
adapted to woman’s delicate organization. It is purely vegetable and perfectly
harmless in any condition of the system. It is the only medicine for the dis
tressing weaknesses and derangements peculiar to women, sold by druggists,
under a positive guarantee, from the manufacturers, that it will give satisfaction
in every case, or money Wwill be refunded. This gnarantece has been printed on
the bottle-wrappers, and faithfully carried out for many years.
Copyright, 1838, by WORLD’S DISPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Proprietors.’
Dr. Pierce’s Pellets, or Anti-bilious Granules, are
Laxative or Cathartic, according to size of dose.
He KNEW.—At a side track and
water tank between two towns, the
hour being about 9 o’clock at night, ..
man boarded the vrain and took a seat
d:rectly ahead of me. When the train
started the conductor came for his fare
and, a 8 he had no ticket the official
“Why didn’t you get a ticket at
‘**Hadn’t time.”’
“Why didn’t you get on there?’?
‘*Hadn’t time.”’
‘“‘How far are you going?”’
‘*As far as this fifty cents will take
**You ain’t loose in the head, are
*““Not if the court knows herself !
The people of Blangville rode me on a
rail and gave me ten minutes in which
to leave the town. I got out in five.
That shows a level head, doesn’t it? I
want fifty cents’ worth of more dis
tance as fast as I can get it.”
MRs. FRONTPEW—I think it shock
ing—the interest our minister is taking
in base ball. Why, I saw him out
playing base ball yesterday afternoon
with a Jot of boys from the college.
Mr. F.—Ohb, 1 don’t know that there
18 anything wrong about base ball,
‘I don’t say that it is really immor
al, but by and by he’ll get a curve
pitch, as they call it, and either leave
the pulpit or want $lO,OOO a year.”’
that you have heard in regard to cures effected
by Hood’s Sarsaparilla, that you will try this
medicine, you should not allow yourself to be in.
duced to buy some other preparation, which may
be claimed to be **as good as lood’s.” Remems
ber that the sole reason for recommending Somes«
thing else when Hood’s Sarsaparilla is called for
is that more profit will be made on the substitute,
Therefore we say: Insist on having Hood’s Sar
saparilla. Do not be induced to buy any other.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla is the ideal Spring Medicine,
Sold by all druggists. $1; six for $5. Prepared onl)
by C. 1. HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass,
100 Doses One Dollar
At last, while in a hopeless frame,
One day she said, ** There is a name
I've often seen—a remedy—
Perhaps ’twill help: I can but try.”
And so, according to direction,
She took Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription,
And every baleful symptom fled,
And she was raised as from the dead.
5 The Best
. Waterproof
? Coat
ND ted - f 4 1k a -
The FISH ERAND SLICKER {s warranted waterpreof, and will ke n
’ the hardest storm. The new POMMEL SLICKER is & perfect mfl’.”c:.t’.,.‘
the entire saddle. Beware of imitatiops, Nome genuine witheut the *‘Pigh
" {Brand” trade-mark. Illustrated Catalogue free. A.J, Tower, lo,toa, Mass,
ACHE, TOOTHACHE, or any other EX
TERNAL PAIN, a few applicatioas act
.lke magic, causing the FPAIN to IN
the Small of the Back, etc , more extended,
longer continued and repeated applica
tions are necessary to effect a <i,uro.
All INTERNAL PAINS, (In the Bowels or
Stomach), CRAMPS, SprpasmS, SOUR
instantly and QUICKLY CURED by taking
internally as directed. Sold by Druggists.
Price 50c¢.
Wilhh Universal LOE Dealn and simuitaneous bew
Works, also Engines, Wood Planers. Manufactured by
Fire-Proof. Water-Proof, Wind-Proof
For Steep or Flat Roofs, Factories, Mills, Lunber
Bheds, kKarm Buildings, &c. Send for Catalogue,
Sawples. etc,
Empire Paint and Roofing Co.. 1128 and
1130 Race St.. Philadelphia,
FREE Covernment LANDS.
MILLIONS of ACRES of each in Mlnnesot.zs North
SEAD FOR bubiicttions b e S 8 e
SEND FOR best Agricfi]tuml Ggazkinsgclndn’?‘im
ber Lands now open to Settlers Sapt f; reo.iAc‘Xdren
CHAS. B. LAMBORN, 534 foisisrions®
Boyo of 5e eaet Mind fi&‘ifi?fi”fi'}{.‘?fi
mve been cured, So strong is my faith in its c.:{
[ will send t.hg'o bott.l:g ‘tnm.mtggem&:urer'lgh & valuable
Bt g s dlseae TK 1, 161 Poart bM. Y
14 623
s gmlou Success. E-
Insane Persons Restorsd
for cllNllnlAl'Nnv: ‘}k"“;" Mm"‘
< erve 't e i e
II:':AI.{::I.I ir ulcn“n:o::ucud.' M'w
Arst day's use. Treatise and $2 trial botile free te
Fit patients, they paying "(f"“ charges on bex wl:
to ¢ 9! R
e wesifiiuisimpmetit Al
e B T prescribe and furly ene
- S dm‘ser Big as the ouunly
G ures ia specific forthe certain curg
fEeY ITO 5 DAYS, ulf this dixeu.se.L iy
[y useElEe Amsterdam, N. i~
-c—\ Mrdonly by the We have sold Big .. .o
ng Chemiegl 00, ™M2ny years, and i. ual
: an Ziven the best of salis-
Cincinnat] Exa f&cu(m. 3
Y o’ O Chicago, i
Trade CLSRed> rark ¥ 81.00. Scld by Druggi .
329 N. 15th Bt., below Callowhill, Phila., Pa.
20 years’ experience in all Special dlseases. ' Per
maneritly restores those we&ened by early indis
cretions, &c. «Call or write. Advice free and strlctla
confidential. Hours, 10 A.M.till3P.M.,and 7tol
evenings. A%~ Send 2 ct. Stamp for Book.
Best in the World. Made only by the Frazer Lubrica
tor Co.at Chicago, N. Y. & St. Louis, Soldeverywheres
k- el
ASTHiy.. & -RED
A &g ‘ure usies ;o stowive
mediate reliq/ in WOorst Cabes, i ~ires com fart.
ableslesp ; effects cures wherea | otherafail 4
tvéal conwinoces the mor: skeplion!. Price
1 Brufiyz(- or !)'\Fmailqam Le
D :1.u1....}.d-w.f%
The leading specialist in Youthful Imprudence.
Young men contemplatinz marriage send for
vtaluable Medical Book. Senton receipt
of 2¢. stamp. Cousultation hours 8 A, M. till 2
P. M., from 6P. M. unti] 9P. M. Closed Sundays.
Matrimonial Paper,
' 'z‘-.:“.u..' l':g.nly lllllgt‘u.
sumber con mearly ad oy
M‘p‘n‘d.‘foht‘:a.: mauimony, &mfl‘:
AT AN D D, n
itté‘:" Rook, Richly Dflm’m
with every ordar,
ATENTS, 16 years’ oxx;er!enee_. Send sketoly
or model for report as to patcnumm{. Circular
8 free. W.A. REDMOND, Lock Box 249, Wash.,D G
Late Principal Examiner,
U. 8. Pension Bureau,Att’y
at Law, Wuhlg,tcn,
D. C., suecessfully prosecutes claims—o d‘lnal.
Increase, rerating, widows’, children’s and depen
dent relatives’. i".xp-:r:(-nce: 3 yvears inlast war, 15
Years in Pension Burcau. sand aftorraey ainca then.
e e e e e et et et il
£y P'“ Great English Gout and
alr s | s. Rheumatic Remedy,
. . Owvul Box, 34; round 14 Pilla.
Are the BEST,
LDOYX oeu'n;
Fre: Masonar:, Siere, Grips and
ecr@!s Morg v'sfateby mai onreceipt §i.
e & P+ ples Pub. Co.. -t. Panl. Minn
u"sr " ‘VE %cvktm’ AT ONCE. Sample Sash-
I iree by mail for 2c. stam
&-mmn?e l.]’-:i“vn Is';dfi- Ogl)‘ sood,:dne .iogr lnwn%
Beats weights. unparale’ :
Write quick. Brohard & Coe., Chrh!un‘ W‘.-fl:
ts wanted, *1 an bour. 50 new arucle+. cat’icue
A 5’5 samples free. C. E, Marshall, Lockport. N.Y.
hp 1098 & day. Sampe. worth SL% raes
$5 Llngnot u.m’lu' xhahgm's feeat. a’riu gy 7
Brewster Safety Rein Holder Co.. Hallv. Mioch.
The most cer.
tain and safe
in the world
that Instantly
stops the most
pains. It is
truly the great
OF PAIN, and
has done more
good than any
known remedvy

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