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Published every Saturttay-at 814
li. Broad St., by the Pl__nst Pub
lushing Company. ___
Joan -UTCRl-L-L, Jm., - - - tones
Uot Copy, oat fear,.-._-.?* *>
Oue Copy, six womb??.... -.
Ou* Ooo/, three mouthe,._.~-> SJ
-merle Copy.?.-.- ??
tmr on* Inca, ono lusertion,.--t>
For one mob, recb ?ub?eQU-_u"lu seri iou,
Par two lue lies, tbree un nibs,. ?
eef two l-.ches six mouthe,.? W
Fer two luobea. ulue uiOi^hA.. .- ti
fertwo lnt-hea. twelve i__uit-?,_.-_- ka
Marriage aud tfu_er_l notftes,
Btaudllfs and transient notice* per Hue
SATURDAY, - - MAlien 8,1890.
The Democratic Legislature ol
a?>i? ........ *.?>? on???a???l__4 ie? onovafl
auto o???fcvi _????? ???-?"?-????????? ?? ?w?>?3-_??
ing upon the statute books ol ,Vir
guia more injurious legislation
than has ever been chronicled iu
the space ol fifteen j c.*rs.
Thens-., nu*'''wj . ^.im
have actually -_-d? n ?f huh ug
themselves. They proceeded to
declare their inability to settle the
State Debt, by deciatiug their de
terininatiou to accept no proposi?
tion from the bonduoldcrs out. the
one the state bad clieieu, namely,
the RiDDLKB_.KiiEii Debi Settle
ment. They then granted charter
to the A mei lean Tobacco Company
aud thou like a lot ol soho A- boy &
hastened to repeal it.
JSot having enough oflices lo go
around among the ?? boys" they de
cided to pass the Meat Inspection
Law, tor the " protection ol the
home market" but which was in
reality one ol' the biggest pieces oi
political jobbery ever lorced upon
any people. The result has been
to loree up tbe pi ice ol beet, ana
now the people have to sutler from
tbe folly ol these legislators. Kel
ative to this law, tbe Richmond
Daily Times, Democratic says:
?'The effort to repeal the law rt quir?
ing tue iuspecuou ut meat sianghu red
one hundred miles aud over f.ow the
place where it us olio red lor tale, wa*,
considered jeslerday ni the be na te, hu1
iu lurlher cousideiatiou wilt ho uounu
ued to day. lu oiigiaal title ought to
have beeu "a hill to eouipei ihe niau*)
counuineis of heel aud other meats to
pay tribute toa lew callie raisers auu
butchers," as that would have certainly
more.iruthiuliy txpr?HU ihe i_fe*-| ol
Hie measure than any other.
? ? e * a a *
The Virginia Democracy must range
tb jwHelve* lu that couta** ou the aids
ot 'heit brei >. ughout the couti
ny in favor oj Keforui, and
? tua* ibo
tem which a ! yet
for them to do so wits au eb a iawas
thif, passed by an overwhelmingly Dem
ocrauo Legislature, ou their statute
books, will make them liable to tue
charge ol groat inconsistency lor lhere
ia no Protective statute upou the books
of the Uuiled Stales so Slurs tts this.
Under the provisions of the law not
only are consumers of meat in every
locality of the State placed directly at
the mercy of their butchers aud cattle
raiser?, but in those localities where
beef cattle are not produced, aud where
the citizens aro compelled io have their
meat shipped to tiu-in, they must, if
that meat has to come from pom ts one
hundred miles distant be taxed, one
cent on every pound they buy. But
worse than this, as shown by bennoi
Stubbs yesterday, if the citizens of au\
locality are dependent upon o; dering
meat from any particular depot, such
as Richmond, .Not folk, or any oilier city
if tbi y wish to purchase meat aiaugbt
ered one hundred miles aud over from
those depots they must really pay two
cents a pound for the privilege, siuce
they must pay one inspection fee of one
cent at the locality where the meat was
Hist received, aud another inspection
fee of a cent at the point at whicu they
make the dual purchase.''
The Lynchburg Advance, parti
santy Democratic does not hesitate
to charge up all the shortcomings
to their account. It gives a resume
of their bad legislation when it
?Tbe present legislature has certain^
adopted some of tbe most impolitic and
unfortunate laws ever known in the
state. It is absolutely astounding what
gross blunders an intelligent body ot
men have fallen into in a brief space ot
an unclosed session.
One of these obnoxious laws i? that
heavily taxing all joint stock companies
corporations coming into tbe state to do
business and develop resources. ls
stead of inviting capital and enterprises
to tbe state Un y seem to have been de?
termined to tax aud drive it all out.
Another most obnoxious law is that
Just passed last week creating what are
called excise boards in cities and couu
ties which are to regulate all liquor li?
cense hereafter. Tilts bill is no* pend
lng before the Governor, and while we
have no time to discuss it, it is to be
boped Governor Mt Kinney will prompt
ly veto it.
But a still more objectionable law, it
possible, than either of those mentioned
is tbe beef inspection law, under which
meat inspectors are to be appointed in
all of^our cities and markets, and a tax
of one cent a pound is to be collected on
all fresh meats imported more than IOU
miles from the market where offered for
The p'irpose of this law professes tc
be to prevent tbe sale of unsound meat*
in our markets, and if that were really
its one effect it might possibly be ol
some tolerance. But such ur.questioua
bly, is not tbe case but rather ihe con*
trary. Its injurious and grossly unjust
"effect upon the Virginia cattle raisers
aud meat buyers is clearly manifest.1*
The Richmond State says con?
cerning the Meat Inspection Law:
"It ls about as unfair a law as wai
ever inflicted upon a people.*'
This is Democratic testimony,
Were the legislature made np en?
tirely of Afro-Americaus no mote
caustic arraignment of it could ht
cited. Will tbe people of Virginia
tolerate itv Will the better ele
meut of the Democracy allow
themselves to be misrepresented iu
tbe legislative halls of this state.
We shall see.
THE VOICE Ofr Kfci>0>
The Petersburg (Va.,) Indt x Ap
p ai although ol Democratic per?
suasion exercises a liberality or
sentiment in dealing with the
gro question that is refreshing. lu
reply to the Pittsburg Pott relative
to the separation of the taxes ol
the white and colored, it says:
"It will arve to show, perhaps, thu
tbe Negroes lu Virgluia, in spite of
adverse chcuuistances and conditions
nave beeu able to accumulate, in tbe
brief pei tod of tweutj-tive years, au
amount of real aud personal property
greatly to their cred t. But that is
about all the instructiveness there win
be lu the information sought to be
obtained. Everybody Knows of course
hat. the actual amount ot taxi._ paid
by tbe JSegioes constitute the bula of
he unskilled ia bet iii*-, population, tdej
hy tue ir labor contribute to the prouuc
tion aud accumulation of the propel
ty which yields tho ui*J r pori iou vi the
stacie** re ve o'**
'? .1 a h? i
ueideiahiy target s
?_ uucauuu;.! luuds luau re represent?
ed by the mouey vaiue of the taxes paid
hy them. Tueie is, however, a consid?
eration that ought to outweigh all pott}
calculations as to the relative amount
of taxes paid into the state treasury b,)
the _*eg*oes or by the whites. Nothing
so endangers public oider, iLe comer
stone ol a stave s welfare and piospern-,
aa a large body of ignorant citzeiis. lt
is to the interest ot tue state to educate
all its citizens; nay, it shoUid force them
nilo the schools il ihey were not williup
o euler them ot their own accord, ii
is worse ihau folly to talk, or eveu to
thiuk, of Curtailing fuuus, umiud at the
nest, to a degree which wouid make it
abtolu'ely impossible to furnish tbe
persons whom it eOugnt to punish?that
is the oui> woid mat ti s tho case?with
even tbe rudest elements of au educa?
What has politics to do wiib the edu
catio i of the people? Why should the
Negro child be doomed to ignorance be
cause its father chooses io vote tbe Re?
publican '1 icketV supposing a reverscu
oider ot things, the hutk ol the Negroes
bec*.ming Democrats, an?l a Repuuucan
legisiatuie aud^execuiive to bc in powet
?wheie wouid the justice then be lu
the latter druying to die At giocs tqu?
educational oppot tunnies wnh the
*hi.e>t The stale ot Virginia in Us
litutiou recognizes the civil and
legal ? quality ol all l s ciuzeus, black
or white lieu or poor. To talk about
au unequal uistribution of educational
funds, tue iu? q laiuy being based upon
the relative amount ot taxes paid iu by
on*: class of citizens or by another, is
unwise, to say tue least. To do such a
thing vtould be a crime."
The above is sound logic. Tbe
editor of that journal has arrayed
himself in tbe ranks of tbe progres?
sive Democracy of this country.
Were his sentiments the expres?
sions of tbe Democrats of this state,
no longer would tbe question be
asked why the JSegro durr' vnt*
the Democratic ticket i
cn use a division in tbe black belt
and briug forth an era of good feel?
ing between the races of tho South
never dreamed of by tbe most pro
uouueed Abolition enthusiast.
The Richmond Dispatch, the
Moss back, Democratic, Negro ha
ting organ s out -Herods Herod "
iu its malignity towards the Negro.
It will be remembered that eight
colored men were incarcerated iu
the Barnwell Co. jail of South Car?
olina. Two ol theui were charged
with the murder of a white mau,
two others with being accessories
and four others were simply retain?
ed as witnesses.
On the morning of Dec. 28, 1889
a band of lawless white meu took
them out aud riddled their bodies
with bullets, including the innocent
aud the guilty. It was presumed
that common humanity would have
caused, regardless of race or color
party or creed, section or national
ity, all to rally in the raising ol
means for the aid of the defenceless
wives and helpless children who
were ruthlessly robbed of theil
means of support. But it is not to
be so. Tbe journal to which we
referred in its issue of the 2d inst,
The Philadelphia Press second* the
appeal of President-stealing Cuan
DXtt-k for contributions of money foi
the eight colored men who weie lynch?
ed by a South Carolina mob at Barn?
well last December."
It says turther:
*'A Negro suff ring for food, or fuel, oi
house room is a >rare" thing in the
South "
We disagree, for it was claimed
on every side the increased death
rate among ns is due to impropei
food and clothing as well as expo
sure, brought about by transpai
ent ceilings and largely porous
"We venture to say that there are a
thousand families, white and black, ic
Philadelphia that are in much grea'ei
need of charity than ;my of the families
fo. whom William E Chandler i?
asking contributions. There are aim
ten times as many crimes committee
daily or annually in Phi.adeiphia ?_
a nong the same number of persons
in any Southern state."
That ?? begs the question t Be
cause others are 'suffering is nc
reason why the necessities of ther.c
poor victims families should uot bc
respouded to. As to the numb*]
ol crimes committed in Philadcl
ph ia, we ,throw out the suggestioE
that there are tar more conviction*
aud more arrests than any souther.
proportionately of tbw
sire. Moreover, the crimes and
punishments are not couflued to
one rac? or color. They make no
It is not how many crimes that
are committed that reflects upon
the community, but how many are
punished. From an apologist for
murder this journal steps forth as
au opponent of humauity.
J Kt.-yt; uso n's expression may
be slightly changed when we say
how we tremble tor some persons
when we remember that God is
just. Hells gates will open wide
we thiuk .when tbe editor of tbe
? s
Dispatch draws bis last breath aud
if ushered into the other world.
\\ ell, another after-dinner
Gpccci; hus bt'C-i sent tc thc _g-tft
try. This time Mr- Thomas _S__l
son PiO* addresses tbe Sou tu
ern S*?c e'v ia the ?-nv ol' .New
ogro as a eli
tho quc.-uo. ie. ile declares
that tue Nurdi do* a uot understand.
We wish it did. It President
Harris-N's reported remarks up?
on the murder ol Deputy Marshal
Saunders may bo taken as au
mdicator, it is beginning to under?
stand. He says:
* We must make it .primarily distiuct
ly understoou by them that the present
queutiou of white or biack supremacy
aaa no couiircuon whatever with ihe
question of loyalty to the Ul ion, or
?viih tue question of slavery, >ud con
oequ. miy we must convince them that
..nc .Negio possesses eveiy right which
vhe Co-tstuutiou guarantees aud which
ais lacuuies enable bim to enjoy. If,
iu the exercise of any right wnat-ever
ne is tn auy way impeded, it ls only so
tar aa the welfare -nay aa the existence
of the native necessitates."
That's cool, to say the least. So
the.nullification of the provisions
ol' tbe Constitution of tbe United
States has no connection whatever
wini tbe tjuestiou of loyalty to the
Uuiou, aud presistent treating ol
the .Negro in some sections just as
though the Idih Admeudment had
uot been engr tiled iu tbe Consti?
tution had uotbiug to uo with tue
question ol shivery. The claim is
A j absurd that commeut is uuih
So the exigence ol' the nation
depends upon such outrages as
tuo&fc perpetrated at Hamburg,
Copi.tb, Lc flore Co., Miss. Meri?
dian, Jessup, Ga. Barnwell Co..
S. C. and Washington Co., Texas,
ft depends upon the tl iviug
jericau voters of color
ballot-boxes, the int_i.cerai-u-< 01
innocent Republic:* n colored men
tu pills aud penitentiaries* tbe
shooting down ol such men sui
Americus Neely, before the Pres
incut's siguature commissioning for
au office had reached him. It de
{.teuds upon such acts as those
which drove out tbe judge and tbe
ouuty officials of Arkansas. It
depends upou the shooting down
by a midnight assassin of such a
man as Col. Jno. M. Clayton ol
the same state as well as the brutal
murder of Deputy Marshal Saun?
ders in Florida. It depends up?
on such frauds as denied to Hon.
John Mercer Laughton his
certificate ol' election as Congress
man irom the 4th Congressional
District of Virginia, .diLLER from
South Carolina, Threet from Ala
bama, Hill from Mississippi and a
host of other liepublicun white
men who had been couuted out by
frauds so unblushingly that eveu
heaven might wonder. He says,
? When Lee surrendered at Appomat
tox the South laid down ber arms and
gave ber parole.*'
Yes and took them up and com
menced shooting down .Negroes
before the last Yankee's coat-tail
had been lost sight of in the dis?
tance. They thought they had
settled the war hut they left an?
other more terrible than that ot
open and armed con fl cfc. Fifty
thousand Negroes untimely sent
into the unknown world is a suffi
cient evidence of that fact.
He says ?
"During tbat period the Negro, who
had .been given, in tbe utmost good
faith at infinite cost, all th?t advantages
of education which bis faculties have
enabled him to receive."
So three months schooling in a
year is all the advantage of educa?
tion which the Negro's faculties
allow him to receive. Rev. J. E.
Jones, D. D. Rev. A. Binga, D.
D. Dr. S. H. Dismond, Phar. D
Dr. K. E Jones, Dr. H. F. Tan
oil, Druggist J. H. Lewis, Pres
dent of laving Bank w. w.
Browns, Cashier of Saving Bank
li. T. Hill, all of whom are Negroes
and reside in this direct neigh
borbooct seem to give the lie to
bis assertions. And be it remem
bored that these are only a few ol
the many colored men in various
processions. He adds:
* Wherever he | VegroJ laid his band
he has left its stains."
Tue gentleman certainly does
not undesstaud the quality of the
coloring ma i tn ti.* -Segre. It
allows bli .* hand on the
whitest f*t>ri nut! leave them
white. The ? ugest soaps and
tbe most pow . alkalis have ab
solutely t ia changing the
color of the bile every sign
goes to p |sj mdeed
** God's \ .,?,...
But - r e*acht*s the acme
of inoonsisU when after dec I ur
ing that bas v^lated its
sworn oM:^ 0 8Qpport the
Constitute ito entirety. Be
?Vi1 kn?r " y who are Mncere
will aa-that ., ? t. m , ,-,--?
declare tba* ?? .? of tn? ^mo f,
the trueatloya. Union."
That ?*?? the action of
Bobin Ht ,neu he justified
-?abb**- lera by say ing he
gave som. oo^r to the poor,
wuiie rhs free-booter
*** ??' hand he ls like
a madman wito t mid, be is equal
ly perilous to h.. __d to others; he
drags down; life and otners In
one equal, anise estraciion."
Facts do nc ar out his asser
tions. In the i*ouiih Congression
al District of t.tis state the "Black
Belt" it waar ci seo ve red that there
was less cnn",, and more taxes
paid by the ccored people of that
District than it the Ninth Congres
sional District with its overwhelm
ing white population. The charge
ot Negro supremacy is a hideous
nightmare which has no existence
lu tact.
The Federal Government cannot
interfere with tife internal arrange
rueu ts of a state, so far as local
elections are concerned. It can
deal direct with National elections
The Negro demands tbe right to
vote as he pleases at least once in
two years. H -Uims that this is
reasonable and air.
The lawlessness in tbe South can
be accounted for owing to tbe fail
ure ot tbe Federal authorities sid
ed by Congres* ? enforce the laws
of tbe land. I h-draa the strong
arm of the ment from any
section and it bvvoomes the hot bed
of crime and ni<urrectiou. Mr.
Page spokv o i .e Negro Ques
tiou. We tb .un for making
; assert ic: cari talon
2 L
At a curive.. recently In
Washington, D. > Mitchell of
Va., read a p .*>out._era Out?
rages.'* and held hearers spell?
bound for one bou fiiisiss
When lt come* t? anning the soutli
ern outrages tn tl j real color, John
Mitchell ia the man to do it. He ls ?
bold, fearless editor, aud stands, ia
ouropinton, & nong the foremost,
mouhlers of public thought. He it
a terse and brilliant writer. If li
took John **ooe boar" to handle th*
" southern outi'sgea,'* the subject wai
thoroughly ano e .ertaimngly discussed.
He ls the editor of one of the newsiest
brightest and test papers?the Kich
mond, Virginia, Planst?published bj
Afro Americans John you are engage t
In a noble worV, ?'hew to the line, lei
die chips fall wi re they may.'* Herc'i
our -a-*T for Mjccet-a.?Leavenworth
(Kan. )Advocatc
We fully appreciate the conipli
ment, and with pleasuie accepi
the hand so graciously but heart
ly tendered.
Editor Mitch.-ll of the I'la ni- t quote
fully from a- editorial in the Spit I
of the Vail* y. uid commends the same
but attribu onr abie contempt
rary. the Vat le j Virginian.?Harrison
burg, Va , Sptrk of Ike V Hey.
Pardoo os. We acknowledge
the blunder and hasten to tende
our hearty .4 ingratiations to tnt
Spirit of the Valley.
Colored men, the Democrat
would deny you higher education
al facilities. They would keep yoi
hewers of w >od and drawers o
water, if they could. But its tot
late. We have gotten loose ant
outstripped them and if they watel
our heels, they'll decide that the:
can't beat the 2:40 record we art
The rising generation may no
be all it shoul be but it will do.
The toue o^'the Afro-Americai
Press all over ihe country is en?
couraging. It speaks out.
A society of Negroes will soot
be organized io Richmond to raist
money to havo M r. Cabrll sen
over the United Slates to see somt
thing aud espec illy to view fbi
educational instit) tions of the com
try. Up where he lives "behm*
the sun," tbe poor fellow has heei
unable to catch u with advancet
ideas. At the r?n he is now go
ing he will soon i < aa expense t
the state.
Wi hs ve received the iuitia
number of " The Southland," an
exeilent monthly magazine founded
by Kev. J. C. Price, aud edited by
Mr. 8. G. Atkins.
This publication deserves tbe
hearty support of all, regardless of
color for that rt will be the means
of bringing about a bet-er state of
feeling between tbe races cannot
be doubted. As a typograpbica
specimeu this magazine is a beau?
ty, while the character of its con
tiibutions aud general literary
make-up justify ns in stying that
it has sprung into front rank among
the magazine endeavors of this
country We hope it has come to
to stay.
Wk have received the Baptist
Pioneer, a neat five column semi?
monthly journal published at Hunt
ingtou. W. Va. Kev. I. V. Bey
ANT, editor. We wish it success*
Wk i calved The Cham.
ville, Ky., Mr, I
? Af orr ip, editor. It has
_. oest wishes.
We received tbe Chattanooga,
Tenn. Observer, an 8 column jour
nal. It is a credit to journalism
and deserves success. Mr. Edwin
F. Horn j:, editor.
The legislature has sat down
upon Mr. P. C. Ca bell from
Amherst, but not quite hard
enough. We wonder why the peo
pie sent him here, or whether be
was sent at all?simply counted
" Do away with the school-hous?
es aud establish lunatic asylums*'
would be the advice ot Mr. Cad?
ell. By tbe way, if he were
insane, they would place him in
the Western Lunatic Asylum where
Dr. Conrad was declared to have
beeu unduly intimate with white
female lunatics.
Amherst County c ?nld derive
much revenue if it would commuui
cate with Barnum. Its represeu
tative would bring much revenue
to that section, it he were in the
side show of that great circus.
We'd pay a dollar ourselves to see
him on exhibition. Tbe idea of a
I ii^liiiiifc education, and set
tiug a premium on ignorance and
- I II.Bt ??<
? ? Ma
I .ra
sj . es ???' luau U.c_? ?_aO?I fr?t
oeuii _i**s? ara?mi ?? panto. ?itc o-scn*
ian ? *re? ?
- 1 -fat
-?;** :o actual ra?r Ula?a, caonty, at
nwn. esuth-t a4-i ??
O-asalle ?_t-?t <*_??-. H_.ki.rut S a
Capt. Josiah Crump, one of the col?
ored alderman of the city of Richmond,
died last Saturday, and the council at
tended his funeral in a body. He is the
first colon*d man whose funeral tbe
Richmond council as a body ever attend
ed. We knew him well and he was a
worthy man.? Sjnri' o/'.he V Hey
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Mattreasas, Pillnwa, and Bedding of Ever} Description Constantly ob Ban ^
Factory, No*. 16, 18, and 20 V. Fifteenth atreet.
fiOrS ECON O tl A SJ) K L> BU V
Grace St- Clothing House.
Fine Dress Hats, Suits . Hats, Cap*
Boots aud Shoes, Calicoes Cot
ton and Notions Going
Cheap. I am selling
my eutire stock
at reduced prices.
a* a BASS,
17 E Grace St. Richmond, Va
GOOD PLACES for colored giri*.
applying aud sending stamp for lufor
malton to
159 Fourth Avenne,
J MU ll Jg P
Instructions given In llano Fe tk
Organ. Voice. Practice In aijrht. binging
aud (horus, also Instruments for prac
lice at reasonable rates.
6-0 St. James Street*
261 and 263 West 47th Street
Between Broadway and 8th Ave.
For respectable colored families only
Rent from 19.
Apply to Wm. R. Mason, agent.,
269 West 34th street or to
Janitor on premise*
914 rC Broad St., Richmond, Va
Fine *r I a e a , Mqasri
Clarur? and Tobacco.
**???_. A ccom modai ion First Cia aa Price
as reasonable as any in the city
820 E Broad Street
QTPracti^es in the courts of the
city of Ric-mond aud in t
and Federal courts.
ty Especial attention given to
the examination of titles and t l>
preparation ot legal papers.
may r>? m.. ta oi.
? at -rax> f*
uow-l a cot
<e*er**m*p<vt A irert inuit, I*
Having had all mv attention de
voted to the UNDERTAKING
BLSINESS during and since the
war, I feel myself competent to 01
..ny order in that line of business
that may be entrusted to my care.
I .veep always on han ' aa
aw .ment of
burnished to order. Bodies pre,
nerveti. First class HEARSE and
HACKS furnished at shortest no
ice. Calls DAT A NIGHT
promptly attended.
1549 E. Broad St. Residence. 1649
oad street.
Wholesale aid Re'all dealer in FISH
OVsTSRS A Gunn li? N. lUb Street or lat
Mai-K^t Richmond. Va. Order* Received
and solicited. Shad and other alnd* of -lah
shipped by exrres.s CO Otto an/ part of
the Slate or adiolnlna; Stats*.
4 ir.hf Action Guaranteed. Olva
1328 East Franklin street
The Union Brick Co. of Henrioo
Co. ycrd, 31st St. between T. and
U. Ste. is prepared to furnish Bia*
sons and Builders with tbe best
simon, paving and eyebrick at
prices as cheap as furnished by
au> yard in ihe city. Orders filled
and blicks delivered any where ia
the city. Orders may t>e lett with
the following places: Miles A Gil?
pin, 118 W. Broad St., W. S.
Christian 26 and A T. Sts. Joshua
Fry, Woodville Va. Chas. P.
Johnston, 816 N. 7th St. S. W.
Robinson 23rd N. 18th St. An?
derson Evans 702 30.h St. Rich?
mond Wood A Coal Co. 21st
and Franklin St- Wm* Custaio,
70_ E. Broad St. Industrial Day,
-06 W. Bi oad St. also at tbe
1'lanet OfficH. Phone No. 182.
Ennis Dickbbbon Jr.
General Manager,

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