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rite lliclmiomi Planet.
SATURDAY, - - May .il, 1890.
Ballot-Box Stuning-Schemes Which
Were Frustrated-How it Failed.
No daily paper published a line
relative to the great fraud iu Jack?
ton Ward. Tli?' fijjrht l*cgnii by a
against Jami's Bahen. theRe
publiean leader who hus virtually
[trolled politica in tha Wara.
A revolt against hm management
wau in progress. The Democrats,
r loth to embrace an opportuni
to secure party advantage
mimed to spring a full Demo?
n-Let on the morning of the
election, the 22d. Only four of the
names of the men regularly nomina?
ted were omitted from the Indepen?
dent Republican ticket. They were
James Hahen, Mordicai Page, thoth
White) Henry Layne and E.. J. Cook.
The irv was that most of the
ilnr ticket must necessarily be
sleeted as the names of the candi?
dates appeared on both tickets.
Subsequent developments brought
out the fact that a deeper .-is well as
more far-reaching scheme was on
foot, the full import of which v. rv
few of the Independent Republic-ins
were aware, lt was to poll enough
Independent Republican votea t<>
give the Democrat*, aa excuse to
anuouii. .? to the eountry that a split
was in progress among the Repuhli
cans themselves ami they, taking
advantage of it by disgusted Kopuh
licans remaining* away from the polls
had carried the Ward* "They did not
?xet all they expected remarked an
Independent Republican with
A Hll.MI ll ANT S.MII.K.
Theidea was to stuff the ballot
boxes in the 1st. 2nd, mid Jib pre?
cincts. The scheme miscarried. The
nipt was, made in the Sd precinct
to deny the Regular Republican
ticket representation at tlie count,
as was Mona in the 1st precinct, but
nil of the judges/>f election would
not engage in the scheme. In "tIk*
-.inct. the judges and those
who were opposed to tlie Regular
Republican iick.*t waited long and
late. The returns from the other
.traireaprecincts had come in. lt waa
found that, the Independent Republi
ad not polled more than
.it l.so votes in tlie entire ward?
majority, tn fact ii would I
taken more votes than men who had
?roted in the Precinct, including both
black and white. So after Viewing
the inanimate corpse of Oemo.ra.v
in that Ward they
Before LS o'clock that day, it was
evident that to heat any man on the
regular ticket would be to asset a
Democrat in his stand and thin waa
openly admitted by Um leaders on
the ot lier side. Saitl one of t he can?
didates on the Independent Republi?
can tick'
"A prominent Democrat said that
they would give us Tom Jeter. 1
told that 1 would not agree to have
John Mitchell beaten. Tlie Colored
people of the Ward would never for?
give us. After that about 4 1'. M.
did not handle another tick.
The editor had some true friends
among theopposition. The attempt
to smuggle a hatch of tickets in the
room at ihe Sd l'recinct, Jackson
Ward, caused the wildest excitement
Never has Henry Layne's vocal
organs been put to a severer strain.
He went through the streets like one
''crying in the Wilderness" Heit
was who discovered it- He chained
thievery, attempt to stuff the ballot
box, and when the attempt was
made to deny his side recognition,
lie was simply furious- Never in tia
history of the Ward h;us such a con?
dition of affairs obtained- lt wai
a insi;?'ACt:
to Christian civilization and ;i sail
reflection upon the fair name of thc
May it never be that such method'
wil' he resorted to in order to carri
itu- a Ward which is over
whelmingly Republican- United, wt
have almost nothing to fear- Divid
ed, we become the prey of men wh<
work our eternal injury -
?*?**? ?? ?
Mr. J. E. Bruce of Wnshingtoi
has written a pamphlet entitle.
"The Blot on the Escutcheon. - 1
is dedicated to Senator W. H. Chan
dler, and embraces a full st at emeu
of the relative condition of the Afro
Auierican in this country. Th
argument is convincing, langung
persuasive and statement of eterna
principles and the law, masterly
The price is 15 cents.
Rev. Rrooks Honored.
The State I University of Louisvillt
Ky., and the Roger Williams I'nivei
sity of .Nashville, Tenn., have bot
conferred the title of Doctor of Divii
itv upon Rev. Walter H. Brooks, pa
tor of the HM li Street Ba pt ks
Chureh of Washington. Truly,
worthy man has been honored. Th
.ippr.-ciate* the compliment.
S. S. Inion.
The S. S.l'nion will convene wit
the MOOIW St. Sunday School, Jin
1st, nt 8 o'clock P. ll. tiospels an
Carols of Joy. Allure invited.
By order of
R. J. Rahs, Pres,
W. II. Ruooks. Cor. Sect.
Thousand* I*resent?Confederate Flag*"
Everywhere Displayed.
Thursday, 2'Mh inst, was a mem
onihle day for Richmond. V
has such a pageant assembled within
its contine*, t'onfederntes from
York t.? Texas were in the parade
and it took hours for them to pass a
given point.
We venturi'the assertion that no
when'in the South has a gnu
parade taken pla. e.
All of this was done in honor of
the Con ederate Chieftain, (Ie.
lloltert K I>*e anti the cause for
which he fought.
Kerna rings \*.ei>* e\e;ywhere dis?
played and the long lines of Conf
ate veterans who embm op
portunfty and attended the reunion,
to join again in the "reive) yell " told
in no uncertain tones that they still
clung to theories which were presum?
ed to be buried for all eternity.
These emblems of the "Lost
Cause. " many of which had been
perforated hy 1 nion bullets were
carried with an enthusiasm that
astounded many. Cheer after cheer
rang ont upon tm air us they waved,
aud fair women waved handkerchiefs
and screamed to do honor.
Sivretnry of War Tracy, had for?
bidden any United States Marine
Rand from participating in the cere?
monies and his reasons ? ? ?-??? evi?
The Richmond "Dispatch" of
Thursday placed (Jeneral Les even
above Washington and ('rant.
After the unveiling, the artillery
fired salute after salute.
The unfinished < itv Hall building
. overed with one mammoth
Confederate Hajj; which extended the
whole length of the building.
Tia* South may revere the memory
of its chieftains, lt takes the wrong
steps in so doing, and proceed
go too far in every similar cele?
lt serves to retard its progress in
the country and forges heavier
chains with which to be bound All is
o ver
Tlie Dedication of the Sixth Mt. /ion
Raptist Church?A Costly Edithe.
The dedicatory ex* i unmeni
ed last Sun.lay. 1 .*-*-t h inst. at t he 8th
Mt. Zion Raptist Church. In the
morning Rev. Wm. Troy preached
an inion, in the afternoon
Dr. W. *V. Landrum, ami at
. -.,.]. tip- i' ii I'liillitis of ReiiVBT
hav. ceiling.
walls are stuccoed and blocked.
Tia- galleries present a handsome ap?
pearance. There arethnt* handsome
chandeliers. The windows contain
stained glass. The cost rum is cov
er.-.l with handsome Brussels carpet.
Tie pulpit furniture is most costly,
the chairs teeing covered with garnet
plush, lu th,'windows at the rear
of tile pulpit are pictures ol Christ
and the Virgin Marv, almost life size.
The globes on the chandelier are
handsomely ornamented. The ven?
tilation is perfect, In the cupola is a
deep toned bell. The iron supports
of the galleries ure handsomely
bronzed. The total cost of the edi?
the is f$22,000) twenty two thou?
sand dollars. The seating capacity
is estimated at (1,400) fourteen hun?
Sunday, 35th, preliminary exercis?
es were conducted by Rev. J. C. Brax
ton. Brayer by Rev. 1). N. Vassar,
A. bf. Rev. Willis Robinson, of Fred
ericksburg. Ya., who was expected to
preach, failed to put. in appearance,
and Rev. Jacob Turner otticiated.
Text, 9 Chronicles Il-l a: "Now
mine eyes shall lie opened and mine
ears attend unto the prayer that is
made in this pla.
He showed that the prayers which
had been offered opened the way for
the success of the work. He com?
mented on the st rugbies of the
church. He advised all to continue
to trust in Cod and they would come
out triumphant. Rev. .Lisper stated
that he was unwell, lt was be who
introduced Rev. Turner and also
made an appeal for funds.
The steps leading into the church
were wooden. Rev. John Jasper, the
pastor, decided tO make the church a
present of stone ones. He did so at
a cost of ($211) two hundred ann
eleven dollars. He has given in
14 months(.$816) three hundred and
sixteen dolla*
Normal School Alumni.
1 _
The Annual meeting of tho Alumni
I Society of the Richmond Norma]
_ j School will be held at the Y. If. C. A
" J building (cor. 8rd and Leigh sts.]
Monday afternoon June 2nd, at ">::U
'.'o'clock. At this meeting otticers foi
the ensuing year will be elected
Ali the graduates of the Norma
School (including the February dasi
of 1800) are earnestly rei-nested tc
be present.
OaraOBOl Stkimikns, Jr., Cres.
Rosa Ruooks, Coi*. Sect.
i- 0 ie of the most .useful articles tha
H we know of ife that famous hons- hob
.*' remedy for the baby. Dr Hull's Bab;
8/rup. It cofttsl only 25 c n s a .bottle
,o i No one can adequately describe th
millerin.* imposed by dyspepsia. I
darkens life's pathway and makes exit
lenee almost unbearable; bot Laxado
will not only alleviate the tortures c
li dyspepsia, but will cure the discus
ie Price only 25 cents.
*? Smoke Havana Fruit. Cigar. ?">'??
If you have over indulged in eat in
or drinking take a dose of Simmon
Liver Regulator
Personals and Briefs.
-Rudolph \V. Ros*', I'.si-. of
Lynchburg, Vu., called on us.
-Mr. M. C. Dennis of Amelia call
ed on us this wi*ek.
-Rev. P. S. Lewis of Salisbury,
N. C. (.-ulled on us.
-Mr. R. II. Brown of Atlantic
.City. N. J., is in the city.
-Dr. W. T. Merchant and wit
turned this week from a visit to'
Huniptou. They Ml yesterday for
Lynchburg, Va. While here, they
i.-st of Dr. S. H.
??.- i.a... ii i.
- ? ? ..x..... ta. liarnailP 1U*0 LKBCjea
ed the Medical Hoard of West Virgin
and has lieen admitted I
tie in that state.
-Rev. Dr. J. LS. Jones, who. has,
l>een so ill. is greatly improved
was on tbe street this week.
-Miss Josephine Mosby is spend?
ing a few days in Washington, 1). C.
-Rev. W. D. Cook, the able ex
pastor of St. Johns A. M. K. church
Norfolk, has liven transferred to
the Philadelphia Conference. He
certainly did grand work in Virginia
and his removal to Wilmington.
Delaware is a serious loss to the
The T. M. C. al. at Newport News.
Va., is progressing. We wish it
success and a long cont in nu nee.
'.las, H. Fields, President ; S. E.
Hunt, Vice President : A. L. Patrick,
BM Sect; J. C. I'o\ . (or. Sec't.
-St John's Day will be observed
in Ruston by Rising Sun Lodge, No.
ff, F. A. A., OU June L'4, 1890, by a
parade and recept ion at Paine Me
I murial Hall.
-Mrs. Sarah J. Harton has left
the city abd will spend the summer1
at Mart na's Vineyard. From there'
' nhs will go to Bristol, R. I.
' -Messrs. IL T. N. Smith, of Al
derson, Wi*st Va., and W. H. Harris
of Ronceverte, called on us.
-Mr. C. W. A. Tinsley of Haiti
'more was in the citv this week.
The marriage of Mr. Frank W.
j Harris to Miss Lavinia J. Root h.
both of Richmond, took pince OBJ
last Thursday May ^Ibnl. at the
, former's residence. Many prominent
io at.ten .
Tl 1 in the
'following onler: Mr. ami Mrs. Ren
? iumin Harris, parents of the groom,
the bride leaning on the arm of Mr.
C. B. Yancy presenting an attrac?
tive pict ure. Next came the groom
accompanied by his brother, Mr.
GeOVgS R Harris. The groom was
?sen at his best. Miss Mollie boothe,
sifter of the bride, was bridesmaid.
The bride was attired in a cream
colored cashmere, flowered front and
pointed lace.
After the ceremony the happy cou?
ple received the congratulations of
their many friends. Later on, tin?
gliest were ushered into a spacious
dining-room, in which was a well la?
dened table. Justice was done to the
Prof. A. L. Cooper performed the
wedding match nilli numil dexterity
and throughout the evening he en?
tertained the guest with rich and
rare music.
At a late hour the guest,after wish?
ing the happy couple much success
overt he sea of life,left for their homes.
The presents were many and cost?
ly. The boys of Hotel Lafayette
presented them a very handsome
chamber set, thus showing their
appreciation of the happy pair.
F. Y
SLAY ?Arthur Lee, tho only son
of Hardy and Mattie Bear, died
May 181*, '.loin Powhatan Co., Va.,
at the resilience of his grandmother.
Age 7 mont hs.
A f*w short mon" h- we lover! h'm we!)
Since he has been fuM of pain,
Now he D gone where uo'hing al*-e
Cutt ever hurt again.
DERRI*'OTT? Died at Ina resi
dence, 1110 St John Street, May 23,
.it tell minutes past 7 a. m., Janie*,
ll. lvrricott, in the .'I*, rd jaar of his
age. He leaves a father, mother, 3
sisters and a brother to mourn their
His funeral was preached at :. o'
i clock, from the 6th Mt Zion Raptist
I j Church, Friday, 2'M inst.
* . He has lett us? g me from this world ol
I woe?
To rest with the Fa*her above.
A man as true as wai ever b'.dow
. I Has left for the "mansions of love.*'
Tuen whv shou'd we sigh and sorrow
When he (rom sickness and pain is tt
Why should we mourn,
Now his soul is tree from sin and bv
God received.
There will be a Grand Lecture g
en at the Fifth Street Church OU tia
8l*d of June for the benefit of the I
(). of (J. S. and 1). of S. The leetun
will ls* delivered by Rev. J.Andersoi
Taylor of this city and Rev. Spillei
of Portsmouth, Va. Admission free
Lecture commences at M o'clock.
A BaltluiO e B *'c er's experlence.
I have suffered for \eais, and have triei
many remedies without ehtaining relief
I was advised to give -Salvation OH i
B trial and it has entirely cured ino. ED
**i i BALTZ
1 La Fayette Market Baltimore, Md
No Colored Men Displaced fer White
Ones?Justice and Fair Flay?Re.
publicans to be Appointed to
Office?A Kefu ta tiou of a
Report which has been
? Circulated. ?
W aSBlNOTON, D C.. May 27,
Kditor Richmond Pi.ankt;
Dear Sir:
E.acloaed please And copy of letter
to Mr. Smith of I which I
should l?e much gratified if you
would kindly publish in your next
issue for the information cf your
Very truly von rs
"lt !?
The fol! sn
V. x- -. l>. C., .dav IT 1890.
Mr. J. H. Sm
Ruston Mn
l>e,ir Sir
Your favor of the 2'lrd instant,
asking the following questions has
h?*en received.
"(1). Is it true, as stated in a
colored newspaper, that OB taking
charge of the Recorder's ( Uric you
remo*.ed Mr. Henry Johnson from
the position of Deputy Rii-order and
appointed in his stead a white man?
[2). Have you removed colored
employees and filled their places
with whii j
(.'{). Have you removed colored
clerks from the front office and
placed them in the r<*nr room, out of,
sight of the publi.
I shall answer your questions in |
fbi'order in which you have pro?
pounded them.
(1). Under the Democratic Admin
istration the Deputy Recorder had
been dispensed with for reasons
probably best known to n.y prods
oeesor, Jilr. Trott4>r, who conducted
feint affairs of tbe office without one:
but 1 cannot see how, with the
Recorder absent from the city for n
considerable period of time, business
could proceed in ? proper and ligal
manner with no jierson duly author?
ized to act for him. I appointed as
my Deputy, Cid. Schayer, who had
held the position eighteen years?the
six years under Hon. Fn*derick
Douglass. Mr. Johnson whom 1
found in the office sinned to i
BO particular duty to ]>erforin, but
regarded as Mr. Trotter's confi?
dential man. I ni*eded no such per?
son and. with my Deputy j -ap?
pointed, a lows to know what
1 offered him
{2). No one bas thean remo
the Office remains just as it was
turned over to me by Mr. Trotter,
with tin* exception that I have ap?
pointed five additional clerk'?two
white and three colored. Ti
times when there is not suthYient
work to keen the entire force employ?
ed, and 'furloughs must be taken.
Since I have Irmui in o ttl ce, I have
furloughed four persons?two white
and two colored, and two of those,
one whits and one colored are again
in the Office, so that only two remain
out. While 1 lmve thus far dismiss?
ed no one, it is not my purpose to
continue in office, permanently, the
entire force of my Democratic prede?
cessor, w hit her colored or white.
(.'{). The persons whom I found
employed in the front office are still
there, no change having been made
under my administration.
Very respectfully:
H. K." Hm ck.
The Right of Christian* to Driuk Al*
cohidie Liquors.
Mr. Editor:
lt is not the object of
these articles in the discussion with
"Temperate," to point out the hor?
rors of drink, for they can be seen
only by taking note of some of those
who lill the graves upon tbe hillside ,
tbe wretched condition of some of
those who are now living, the pris?
ons, asylums, and hospitals. The
horrors of drink are stamped upon
the walls of f^inie. No hand can
rise them, no tonie can build up the
t oi teriiig frame, no cosmetics can re?
move his deadly lines from t he fuco.
of the toper. They are there, and
there lamentable. The- ram* dy ls
what we want, and to that.end I
write, lt is admitted by a large
ii u in lier of persons that drinking is a
curse, and should lie dispensed with.
This much is admitted and yet they
refuse to give it up. The drunkards
are wishing to give it up, but they
can not. The so called moderat*
drinkers are unwilling to stop,
though they are on the same ship,
sailing to the same port.
"Temperate" asserts in his article
of last week, that I was apparently
seeking a basis. 1 would like to have
bini know that the basis needs no
seeking. I tis here, ready to build upon
but we cannot build out of such ma?
terial as be furnishes?temperate
drinks. It is Iteyond my comprehen?
sion why a man of his intelligenct
would class it thing reasonable, Wog
teal, and say 'not even with a micro
scope can the meaning lie detected.'
I would like to ask Temperate?As e
beverage, has alcohol a proper use',
He says: "1 will venture to say thai
the improper use of this beverage li ai
become a glaring shame to the mor
ids, andu ruinous obstacle to thi
general welfare of our people."
Since he admits hali of the truth
the other half will come very soon
we trust. 1 said nothing about tin
"abolition of the production." I
would be impossible to abolish tin
production so long as the use of it ai
a beverage continues. Go to th
root and cut off the supply. Not it
Btfll but at the mouth. If this is
done there will be no need of st->p
ping the production. Consumption
brings production and not produc?
tion consumption.
??Cse it for what it was intended."
Will my opponent* please state for
what it was intended? I will await
his answer. "Further, ' he aa
"Train the young necessarily, that
when necessity demands it,
and how to use it." Does he mean
to say "train the young to drink
moderately?" If so, all those who
drink will lie drunkards an they
li manhood or womanhood.
Then we will have a nation of drunk?
ards. And is this what Temperate
is advocating as his "proper us
Be is xvry much like the man who
-st way he knew to
y was fo >xly
i do as he \
could. i.v doing it would
?soon be gone, and when ali was gone
there would be none to drink. Some
seem to have taken his advice, and
from the consequence*"- thereof, what
do we find, a diminution or an in?
crease? Visit the bar-rooms, gain
hiing dens, brothels, club-rooms, the
social circles, and lastly and saddest.
tlie Church! Each will echo the an?
swer :
"There should be a legislative re?
striction put upon the distribution
or sale of it," says Temperate. Ho
is a very bad citizen who needs the
law to make him do right. No good
to himself, no good to his country
Why, be cannot be trusted.
So it is with e*,ery Christian who
needs a h*gislative law to stop him
from drinking alcoholic liquors, for
if his Christianity does not change
him no legislative law can.
Richmond Theological Seminary An.
nlversary Exerci
The Anniversary exercises of the
Richmond Theological Seminary
took place Tuesday, ii7th inst, at the
First 'Haptist church. On the ros?
trum wen*: Revs. R. Wells. .las. IL
Holmes, J. E. Jones, I) D., D. N. I
sar.jDr. Coojier, Dr. \Y. W. Land ru iii.
Dr. Hatcher and Prof. Hovey. Music
was furnished by the choir. Prof.
-ar presided. Pia vcr l?\ Rev.
R. Wells.
"The Preacher Cods Interpreter
to Man," by William K. Brown, was
line. His delivery was good, voil*
well suited to the subject selected.
"The Bens-st. of the Knowledge of
the Creek Language to the (iospel
Mini- ones IL Bason. Tlie
handled and ili'lll
liat che speaker had thor?
oughly mastered it. The delivery
- good.
Mrs. R. K. Jones sang a solo. It
I lent ly rendered.
"The Advantage of the Seminary
to the Theological Student," by
Emanuel V. Castaway. He declared
that it WaBl dangerous to endeavor
to make preachers of men who were
not called of Cod. Sound advice
was given. For a nation to have all
of the elements of man-hood, give
to them the gospel.
"Parental Responsibility,n by
William W. Harris. This oration
contained sound advice and was well
"Man a Progressive Hoing," by
John H. Turner, was fine. Be is an
impressive speaker. The subject
matter was excellent.
A most admirable but able address
to the graduates was delivered bv
Rev. W. W, Landrum, I). D
The music was rendereu by the
First Baptist church choir.
The floral tributes were numerous
and cairned many a smile to light
upon the countenance of the grad?
uates. Miss Nannie Osborne presid?
ed at the organ.
Class of 1890. Diplomas were
conferred on the follow ing graduates
by Prof, D. N. Vassar, with the de?
gree of Bachelor of Divinity :
William IL Drown, Reba, Va.; Janies
H. Eason, Sumte rs ville, Ala.; Eman?
uel V. Onana way Helton. S. C.;
William W. Harris. Cuckoo, Va.;
John H. Turner, Richmond, Va.
Addresses were delivered by Rev.
Dr. W. E. Hatcher, Mr. FJlyson, of
the Dispatch; Revs. H. Wells, Dr.
Cooper, J. H. Holmes. Dr. Moore?
house offered books as prizes.
Awarded J. W. Patterson, faithful?
ness in work, S. S. Crockett, excel?
lence in deda ma. tion; J. H. Eason,
extempore in composition; W. T.
Johnson, improvement in spelling;
C. G, Robinson, best sermon. $5
prize for highest standing in examin?
ation to W. T. Johnson.
Mr. George W. Bolling at Werthei
mer's Shoe Store, 42*2 E. Broad Street,
requests the public and his friends to
call and see the latest novelties in foot
wear, before purchasing elsewhere.
Smoke El Matador Cigar; 5c;
Please state that I am agent for
the Richmond Photograph Gallery,
otherwise called Davis' Photograph
(lallerv. All orders will to attended
to if left nt HOS N. 4th St. or Dr.
S. H. Dismond's Office 112.W. I^oigh
St. Satisfaction guaranteed.
A. W. (1. Farrar.
XfXT a\. :*>-" rr ya i> 3
The public to know that
Havana Fruit A Kl Matador
CIGARS! are the heat
a 20 E Broad, st. Richmond V
t maku a straight line witb your whole family and dont stu
until, you have reached
422 E. BROAD ST.Bet. 4th and 5th.
Three hundred and fifty cases of Shoes at fifty cents oa tu? djil
Twenty thousand dollars worth of shoes slaughtered at this forced sa
y j U| t OlOU EASY TKiiMS> 91 GASH A 1 PEE WEEK.
Richmond - Virginia
A No. 7 Cooking Stove and Fixtures
? Compete ?12.00.
All kinds of Cooking Stoves Ranges, Self-Heaters and Small Heat
era, Open Franklin and Step Stoves, Clothes Wringers, Flutiug
Machines. Sad Ito aud many other articles
Tin-Kooli og, Plumbing Gas-Fitting A Job work attended to promptly
in city and couutiy. lyDon't forget the number 1602 Sr. 1609 East
COR. 4th and BROAD STS. COR. 4th and BROAD STS
tV'Men's Light Weight Suits?more than 2000 of 'eui?Cassimeres
Woi steads, Cheviots and Wales. We've got 'em all. Every color iu
Voge?and all the styles.
SUITS?Black Cheviot suits neatly made f 10. Black Cheviot suits
loug cut sack coat, $12 Black Cheviot suits, loug cot sack
coat with binding $14.
Never have we eipt-rienc *d such a demand for these goods, cut sud
finished in the extreme fashion, our stock is full with all sizes?We
beat all records on low prioe goods this season in hand?
some and nobby styles
Men's good working suits, $5. Men's neat aud prettv businesss snits $7
$8 aud $10. Men's DRESS SUITS in fancy t*nd Fancy and Plain
material in Prince Alberts. Sacks A Cutaways at $15, $18 A $20.
PANTS? Single pants. We lead the town. Styles admired by every?
day?Scripes, Plaids. Broken llaids and plain at prices that suit
the purse of all $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00 up to $10.00 a pair.
HATS & FURNISHING?Never has our assortment beeu greater tbau
the present season in Hats. Hat to fit every head. The English
derby in Tans, Brows and black at $1.50 worth $3.50 Tbe
latest in soft Hats (The Evening Sun) $1.00. 1 50, 2 00, 2.50
Uulaundiied Shirts reinforced bosom pure linen 40 cents.
?? ?** pleated ?? " * 50 cents the greater
value ever offered.
500 dozen lialbrigan Uuderwear in plain, fancy and stripes 50 cents
Furniture Mattresses Carnets, Cu
tains & Mirrors.
The latest styles. Sold for Cash or on E.isy Terms at prices to suit
.Vouth-west Corner 4th & Broad St.
?ptrMr. Collins T Valentine, a wei Uichmond, Va. Feb. G, 1890.
known young man of this city is Drum
mer tor tbe PLYMOUTH KOCK b?-*All persons desiring graves dug
a!e*S^-i.\e.t?;.^n"r.Cnd^ I- th* Meehan^ Buryiug Ground,
generallv at lowest, prices.-**** tmmV^Aee apply to
him at 012 or 702 East broad aireet ^ g^^ gupt
or PiaAMBT Office 1*201 St. James

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