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ohould Have This Jos*
na! tn His Home.
The Richi lond Planet
Mr Advertisers Desiring
Colored People's Trade.
SATURDAY, - MAY 20,1894
Personals 6* Briefs.
-Mr*. Catherine Lightner ol Powha?
tan is visiting in the city.
Prof. Booker T. W fishington ol the
Tuskegee School called on us.
mcM E. Scott, book-keeper
vt Co., h?M? be??n v.
. , uui is now convalescing.
-Hev J. (). Johnson, pastor of
oogdon St. Baptist Ctiim-h, Providence
H. I., called on ns.
?Mrs. T. ff. Mitchell, who has been
quite sick is improving under the treat?
ment of Dr. S. H. Disruoed.
m-We return thanl-s tor the invita?
tion received to attend the Commence
ment Exercises of Biddle CalY*Bf__t"f
June 1st to Ctb, 1894.
- Ber. W. H. Crawley of South Bos?
ton, Va., is here on a visit to his sii-tcr.
Mrs. Nannie E. Carter who is very ill.
-Mr. H. B. S*ay and mother
passed through the citr enroute to their
home,Newport News. Va.
-M. T. Bailev, who has been at?
tending the V. N. & C. I. of Petersburg,
Va., passed through city enroute to his
home in Harmony, Va.
-Miss Charlotte Colman has return?
ed to the city from a short visit to Nel?
son County. She will leave for the
North soon.
-Miss Mary J. Jenkins of Scottsville
Va., is in the city the guest of Mrs. Den?
nis, at 1814 W. Moors.
-Mr. William Walton of Powhatan
county spent a few dava in this city the
guest of Mrs. James Twine, 222 "West
Leigh St.
? Mrs. U.S. Crawley has returned
to the city from New York and will be
glad to meet her friends at No. 816 Har?
rison Pt,
-Mr. William J oh nu has been quite
indisposed for the past week, but under
Un' skillful treat merit of Dr. Augustus
Ixe, he has steadilv improved in a few
days will be out again.
-Rev. W. E. Nash, pastor of Moore
St. Baptist Church, tendered his resign a
tion as pastor of said Church to take ef?
fect'.)th of .July. The resignation waa
accepted by the Church.
-Mr. Edward Hilton of Newark, N.
J. was in the city ti(is week, and called
on us. He is one of our bona tide sub?
scribers and expressed his appreciat ion
by depositing with us the sum of two
Brothers have you heard of Dr. Pol
lions' New Discovery for Piles, lt cures
blind, bleeding and itching piles put up
in 35, 60 and To cents boxes by the New
port News Tea Co., Box 77, Newport
News, Va.
Brothers and sisters how about Dr.
rolliona' corn cure, a cure guaranteed.
Scud 10 cents in stamps to Newport
News Tea Co., Box 77. 2t.
Mrs. Amelia Bell and her two daugh?
ters, of No. SM Raspberry St., Philadel?
phia, Pa., arrived in the city Tuesday,
May 22ud, to spend two weeks with her
friends. She will be the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Crump ol 003 W. Leigh
-Mrs. Es, B. Stevens is giving a very
instructive and interesting course ot lec?
tures on the science and methods of
teaching to the special class in pedagog?
ics in Virginia Seminary, Lynchburg,
Va. The interest in class work is much
increased on account of it and schools
may well expect to profit by employing
any of these teachers instructed by one
so competent.
Plymouth Hock to McKinley.
The famous document entitled "Amer?
ican Tariff.- from Plymouth Rock to
McKinley" (90 pages), published by the
American Protective Tariff League, has
just been revised and reissued, lt
should be in the hands of every person
who wisbea complete and reliable infor?
mation upon the Tariff. Sent to any
address for 10 cents. Address Wilbur F.
Wakeman, (ten* ral Secretary, No. Lia
Weet 23rd Street, New York.
Emory, Va., May 22,1804.
Editor of the Richmond Planet :?
Please inquire through the columns
of jour valuable paper for the where
abouts of my mother Elizabeth Smalls.
n.\> were brought io Richmond, .Vat. from
oharkaton, S. C. 1 v*h.- sold to Col.
Ernest of Emory, Washington Co., Va.
where I now reside.
I will be very thankful for any infor.
ation concerning her.
Danml, Jones.
Emory, Va.
School Closing Exercises.
The annual demonstration of the Rio
Vista school of wbich Mr. D. S. Carring?
ton ia teacher took place last Friday.
Only a small number of parents, were
noticeable in the gathering, which con?
sisted of a very select body of young
ladies and gentlemen.
The programme composed of music,
declamations, recitations, etc., showed
tbat the pupils are progressing rapidly,
and were highly spoken of by the visi?
tors present.
During the exercises two beautiful
crazy bed quilts, one bnng of the finest
silk obtainable were presented to the
teacher as a token ol respect. He re?
sponded in a speech to the school ac?
knowledging the appreciation of this
magnificent gift. Also he thanked them
tor the copious hospitality given him
during his stay with them.
After ice-cream and other delicacies
were served, the scholars and friends
wended their way to their respective
Bro. Jackson in Trouble- Got Enough
of Norfolk.
Norfolk, Va!, May 22.?(Special)?
Hon. John B. Massey will return to
Richmond to-morrow. He had another
good good meeting at the Academy ol
Music to-night. It issaid to night that
(liles Jackson has disappeared from th*
city, aud left a letter stating that if hf
had known the true condition of affair**
in Norfolk he would not have come here?
to interfere for $500.
The Hayes* Ticket
Gets 94
Our Plurality
over the
329: Over the
T ll F
Aldermen Bahen & flitch
ell Support lt.
Bogus Tickets Every-where.
The Political fight in Ja kson Ward
has' bera warm and the fight bas been
squarely upon the issues of two years
Aldermen John Mitchell, Jr., and
James Bahen were not candidates for
re-election. They hold over until Ih'.h,,
but they stood by their friends and sup?
ported the only regulsr Republican
Ward Convention ticket.
James H. Hayes, Esq., Messrs Lewis
Stewart, Moses Chamber I ay ne and John
W. Madison were the leader* of the bolt?
ers. They held a mass meeting of about
thirty ot the malcontents and nominat?
ed the following ticket.
For the Board of Aldermen :?John G.
For the Common Council :?M. B. Hoc
leas, James Kvans, Frank Glasgow. A.
P. Quarles, F. E. Burke, (white.)
For .Instices of tbe Peace :?Royal
Racks, W. H. Robinson, Henry C. Hun?
They were paralyzed by the withdraw?
al of some of ths leading men composing
the ticket. The following letters will ex-'
plain themselves:
Mr Smith's Letter.
Richmond, Va., Mey 22, '04.
Mk. John Mitchell, Jr.,
Dear Sir :?As one respect
fnl friend to another, please don't hold
me responsible for what was done at Mr.
Cooke's Hali last night in the meeting.
Tbev have put my name on tbe ticket
for Roan! of Alderman and I will inform
you that I will not accept.
Yours truly,
John (J Smith.
Mr. Uncles-' Letter.
Richmond, Va., May 22, '94.
To the Voters of Jackson Waio> :
Thanking you for tbe
honor conferred upon me by nominating
me for the Common Council from the
First Precinct, but finding that I bave
been led into error by some of roy false
hearted friends that would hereafter do
me untold injury, I do hereby respectful?
ly decline the nomination.
Tours respectfully,
M. B. Huclks*.
Mr. Deane's Letter.
Richmond, Va., May 22, '04.
This is to certify tbat tbe use of my
name on the bogus ticket made up by a
few men was without my knowledge or
consent and I hereby denounce such ac?
tion and demand the withdrawal of the
same therefrom.
Morton Deane.
Mr. Be atc rs' Letter.
Rhhmonp, Va., May 23, '94.
To the Voters of Jackson Ward :
This is to certify that
I do not care to be placed in the atti?
tude of a bolter snd I desire to an?
nounce to my friends that I havs decid?
ed to withdraw my name from tbe ticket
placed in the field last Monday night in
opposition to the regular Republican
ticket. Thanking those devoted friends
who rallied so faithfully in behalf of _oy
I am very trulv yours,
H. C. Hunter.
Here is the regular Republican ticket:
For Board of Aldermen :?Henry J.
For Common Council:?Wm. B. Smith.
Morton Deane, Benjamin Jackson, J. R.
Griffin, M. T. Page.
For Justices of the Peace:?Thomas S.
Hucless, Collins T. Valentine, R. Alexan?
der Christian.
In the meantime Mr. John G. Smith,
who had been regularly nominated on
the true Republican ticket withdrew
tnerefrom and strong efforts were made
to get him to allow his name to go on
tbe bogus ticket. He refused to allow
it to be done.
The legular Republican Convention
was called to order again Monday night
and the name of Mr. J. R. Griffin unani?
mously substituted for that of Mr.
Messrs. A. P. Quarles, R. Banks Ran?
dolph, John W. Madison made desperate
efforts to induce others to take their
places and finally had to resort to the
remarkable procedure of keeping on the
ticket men who had withdrawn.
They substituted Isaac W. Carter for
Board of Aldermen. Royal White for
Common Council, W. H. Robinson for
Justice of the Peace.
Mr. James T. White bad the remarka?
ble good sense not to allow his name to
be used on tbe ticket and that of Mr.
W. H. Robinson was substituted.
The Mitcheilitee had grand parades.
Monday night a grand rally was bad on
Brooke Ave. and Leigh. Practical
and humorous speeches were made by
Alderman Jobn Mitchell, Jr., Mr. Alex?
ander Gaines, Dr.-C. B. Jackson.
The First Battalion Band furnished
music, Mr. Moses lohnson, leader.
It waa after 12 o'ctock when the
meeting adjourned. There was much
The procession Tuesday night moved
in spite of the inclement weather steadi?
ly along the line of march as indicated.
The rain fell, but the enthusiasm was
not diminished. As the line of march
turned into 13th St., with Mr. Charles
Young as Chief Marshal, hundreds of
people hurried forward to witness the
At Mr. John G. Smith's a halt was
made and Alderman John Mitchell, Jr.,
delivered an address to tbe large audi?
ence who stood throughout the stormy
The band struck 1_p a lively air and
the procession proceeded to 17th and
Venable. Here Alderman Mitchsll again
spoke, being followed by Alderman
James Bahen. Much enthusiasm wai
The grandest occasion took place
Wednesday night. Ths line formed al
8rd and Jackson Sts. Tbe Mitchell bim
ribbons floated from the coats lappets o
the men and the women and chit Jrei
wore these streamers to the infinite sat
isfaction of themselves and the sight
seer.-*. The Battalion Band headed th
procession and the march wad made ti
17th St., whore the 4th Precinct Clul
awaited tbe arrival of the uptown boy
with transparencies and torchet
Mounted upon his horse with a sati
) sash about him rode Mr. Alexande
Gaines, while Mr. Charles Young with
fine beaver beaded
carried it through ai
The return trip was rn *M|?a
sight. Alderman Bae_fli^i^H . nc
companied the proceeS-^jBx j
bad to remain with hia Vwfi d Al?
derman Mitchell headed th *io
Mr. R. H. (Hover, with a OJ, I x
soldierly head marched ir
carriage, while Messrs. Ja
Nat New with beavers
torches at the sids of the b
It was a pictnreequ
flaming torches and attract _??
Barencies reinforced by loud tfl I |
litcbell, Bahen and
they proceeded up Broads ?o
Ave., while tbe band play** ?__B
airs and the white
Red light was burned!
dies fired alon**, ihe rout*
were made at the <
Jackson Sts., and
Tbe Hayes crowd hex
and low men foll*
The sigh mum_e>.
Mitchell wt. ?\*-a.
the band. Mr. Mitchell sa
tbe time being, tbe Batt
struck up and drowned the
other crowd. Not e person
meet ing to follow after it snd o
band and two carriages were seen *
down tbe street.
It was 1 o'clock before the ?
adjourned. Around the polls Mit'
men were everywhere to be seea ?
their long blue streamers.
The vote for the Mitchell ticket
as follows :
Mitchell Hi yes
Ticket. Ticket. Ti. V
1st Precinct 272 34
2nd '* 20H
3rd " 214 7
4th ? 181 44
875 94 Ml
Tbe Mitchell ticket had a pluralit
329 over the Democratic ticket and
over the Hayes Independent Republican
A heavier vote was polled this '
than two years ago, when the fl^i^iH
clans martialed their strength one
against the other. The following wee
the vote in '92 :
Mitchell Hayes Dem. '?
Ticktet. Ticket. Ticket.
lst Precinct 190 1? 180
2nd '* Kill 27 47
3rd " 868 29 183
4th " 2(>7 VJ 221
895 111 587
The Mitchell Ticket had a plurality of
888 over the Democratic Ticket and 714
over the Hayes Ticket.
In memory of Mr. Coleman E. Haw?
kins who departed this lite May 18.
Whereas, It bas pleased our wise
Heavenly father in his just^ yet inscruta?
ble providence to re.nove by d<
from our midst brother ColeniM
Hawkins, ono of the oldest .members of
this school, and one wb< peet
faithfully served in tbe cat?
rina *-?_%_? Ksacher, and wh
of his leosasc was a memoir ot oar mole
class therefore be it
Resolved 1. That we humbly bow to
the will of our heavenly Father knowing
that ae doth all things well and that
our loss is his eternal gain.
2. That in the death of brother Haw?
kins the community has lost a worthy
citizen, his wife a kind and loving hus?
band, his mother an aft cMonate son,
the school a good scholar.
3. Therefore be it resolved, that we
hereby tender our sincere sympathy to
bis bereaved wife, mother and friends
who so willingly administered to his ev?
ery want during his brief illness. Be it.
Resolved that while we mourn our
loss, we feel so keenlv, yet we humbly
submit to tbe will of him who teaches
uh by his providence, that this was the
Lord's doings and it is marvelous ia
our eyes.
Resolved that a copy oi these resolu?
tions be spread upon the minutes of this
school, one sent to the family and one
to the Richmond Planet for publica?
Committee.?Prof. W. F. Grasty, Mies
M. L. Allen. Mr. R. J. Mead, Mr. M. 1.
West and Miss M. Ii. Robinson.
Done by order of High St. Sunday
J. M. Clark, Suot.
Mr. W. F. McCoy, Sec'y.
Wide Water on the Potomac River,77
miles, reached by the R. F. A P. R. E.,is
a delightful spot for excursion parties.
Fishing, boating and bathing are the
special attractions. Trains chartered
at low rates upon application to
C. A. Taylor, Traffic Manager
R. F. & P. R. R.
The Y. P. S. C. E. of the First Bapti st
Church held their regular weekly prayer
meeting, Tuesday at 6:30 p. m.
Miss A. L. Osborne led the meeting.
Topic.?What love does for the world.
After prayer-meeting, the following of?
ficers were elected for the ensuing six
months: President, Miss Fannie E.
Robinson; vice-President, Mrs. L. A.
Hope; Recording Secretary, Miss Rosa
B. Brooks: Assists'it P#.r-t-r.v
Wright: Tr?e-?erer. mit U. *"?.
I ter; Organist, Mi Kemp; iBsis
taut Organist, Proi. Bennett.
Chairmen : Prayer Meeting ' Con.- c.
tee : Mrs. L. G. Lewis, Lookout Com?
mittee : Miss Julia A. Braxton; Mission?
ary Committee: Mr. Nelson Williams,
Jr., Social Committee : Miss K. G. Rob?
inson; Temperance Committee : John H.
Fauntleroy; Musical Committee : W. IL
The Topic for Tuesday, May 29, will
l?e God's call. What is our response
Eph. 4:1?6, 17?32.
The Junior Endeavor Society of the
First Baptist Church cordially invite
you to attend their meetings every
Tuesday at 5 p. m. Topic for Tues?
day, May 29th: "How will the true
Junior Endeavor act in school ? Prov.
First Baptist Sunday school, Sunday,
Mav 20, '94, attendance, 417, collection
f 4 54.
Address by Prof. D. B. Williams.
Opening of e New Colored Catholic
Chnreh?Installation of Its First
Last Sunday, May 20, was a red let?
ter day tor the colored catholics ot Nor?
folk, Va., when their first pastor, Rev.
Wiersma was installed with appropriate
solemnity. The large, handsome build?
ing on Queen St., near Brewer, was fin?
ished just one year ago. The first floor
is the school containing lour large class
rooms while the upper story forms a
very attractive chapel, seating about
803. The beautiful stone altar is tbe
gift of the Rev. J. Dougherty, the pastor
of 8t. Mary's. With such a tine buildings
?? the colored catholics of Norfolk had rea
fl son to be proud. But what is the nae of
^ having a church without a priest ? So
h far the pastor of St. Joseph's Richmond
s had conducted a monthly service with
?. which the people could hardly be expect
n ed to be satisfied. Ix>ng and earnestly
f did they pray to get a priest to stay
a with them. After many disappoint
Beets their wishee were fulfilled at last,
and there were no happier people in Nor?
folk last Sunday than tbe members of
tbe new St. Joseph's Chuieh.
The solemn High mass at 10 o'clock
was celebrated by tbe new pastor, the
Rev. F. Leinagb, chaplain of the Hospi?
tal acting as deacon and Rev. L. J. Wel?
bers as eubdeacoti. Rev. J. R. Slattery
preached the sermon. He explained tbe
meaning and purpose of churches. At
all times, he said in part, special places
were set apart for the worship of tbe Al?
mighty, thus we read that Jacob dedi?
cated a special place for prayer, and it
wes there be saw that ladder reaching
from earth to beaven and angels ascend?
ing and descending. Ascending to carry
men's prayers to the throne of God. D*>
Bcendip_T to bring graces from God to
*j_an. Later on, the people at Godjt
E annand worshipped in the tabernacle
id when peace reigned everywhere Sol?
omon built a magnificent temple. The
first christians conducted their worship
mostly in private bouses. Whenever and
wherever sufficient liberty was given,
eh arches sprung pp every where.
Bat eau we not pray as weil at home ?
why have churches ? To pray in secret
le very good and necessary. But we are
ot mere individuals ; we are members
f society and consequently in a body
id as a society we are bound to public
testify to our belief in God and offer
m oar homage and petitions.
la conclusion he declared the church
rrnanently open and exhorted his
arers to love their church and above
iive up to their faith and thus spread
?out them the good order of Christ,
oe happy day was fitly concluded by
benediction of the lil. Sacrament at 8 P.
The appearance of Hon. Fred. Doug
less !n town will long be remembered
by some. It afforded many the long
wished for opportunity of seeing this
great leader.
The folks say that the oration of Hon.
J. H. Smyth delivered at the Hartshorn
Memorial College Commencement was
.-superb. Quite scholarly too.
The Ciceronian Literary and Musical
(' rele seems to be growing quite popu?
lar. They meet weekly and render nice
programmes at each meeting. Tbe or?
ganization is steadily growing in mern?
ot rah ip.
The boys unite in saying that "Turk"
ir* dead in it. It was quite a surprise to
' u atd they feel a little chagrined
1 *bey didn't know before, but they
ive him.
Things are getting quite busy ia color
*wl military circles. The boys in blue
have several outings this sum
Wp* The Battalion expects to do
tbe Fourth and each Com
( rna an excursion some
a certain vnnn?j
i.i\*(_ ut/ town, attempted
recently ou account of a fair
young Miss ut the u est Hud, but he de
? boys seems to be awful fond of
bane-ball recently, and as a natural se?
quence bruised aud sprained fingers are
It is not well known, but it is a fact
th&t Mr. John L. Alexander is account?
ed to be the finest amateur violinist in
the city. We expect great things from
you Johnny.
Since the Hartshorn has closed, we
don't see so many young men er joying
afternoon walks in the West end.
? >rgie, the boys and girls are all
wondering what 's the matter with that
lip. Don't you have enough tiouble ?
A certain young man in this city
groans under the rat her incongruous cog?
nomen of "Sappho" But he is a daisy
rnal Sons of Rest, Division A,
y's Army, etc., are names adopted
by a certain set of young men about
wbo are out of work. They recently
out- red a member for working two days
in * week.
.1 ickson Ward seems to be alive with
polities. All hands, great and small,
rs and minors, wise aud the other
neem to be taking an active inter?
est. There are :
Politicians on the corners.
Politicians on the street
Jackson Ward politicians
Everywhere you'll meet.
Y. M. C. A.
>cher M. E. (Jerst has charge of the
lass which wes organized
i.aH our
men where do von spend your
? ,*r_ __'>,r..''ii is ' Ileu-ember our
to you,
me to our prayer meeting every
day 8 p. m.
bible Class fo.* men every Tuesday 9
Explanation on the Sunday School
Lesion to-day 5:30 p. m.
Boys' Meeting Sunday, 4 p. m.
Rev. Beane pastor of the Leigh St.
Methodist Church will deliver a special
address to the men Sunday, 5:30 p. m.
ni (ctr rooms. All men are invited.
0 ir General Secretary thanks tba fa?
culty of the Temperance, Industrial and
Collegiate Institute, Claremont, Va.,
for their kind invitation to the Com
meicoment Exercises.
The Teacher's Association of Henrico
ty, held their monthly meeting at
thu County Court House, Saturday,
Ma." 19th, at 12:30 p. m.
Mr. W. A. Johnson, President; Mr. H.
G. Lewis, Secretary, Mr. John
i>. Frazier read a very excellent
paper, Subject : "The Teacher's Mis
' followed by Miss Mary M. Scott,
? read a very instructive essay on
iooI Discipline."
*\ T). W. Davis was introduced
and', ; ery pleasing remarks,
perintendeut, Mr. John K.
?o add tossed the body.
Several importaut resolutions were of
and referred to the following com?
mittee :
\* P. Epps, W. L. Vandervall, Mrs.
V. M. Holmes, R. IL Thurston and W.
A. .lohnson.
I' -of. D., W. Davis presented to Super?
intendent Fussell a purse, as a token ol
regitrd and esteem from the colored
rn of Henrico.
The Su peri a ten dent responded In a
few words of thanks.
if ave you borrowed this paper'
1 WI y not subscribe ?
Both we ll Perk near Doswell, ou R. F.
A l\ R. R. beautiful Picnic Grounds
now ready for Sunday School and other
excursions. Only 24 miles from Rich?
mond and owned entirely by colored
people. .
Trains chartered at low rates upon
application to
C. A. Taylor, TraflBc Manager.
R. F. & P. R. R.
White?Taylor?The marriage of
Miss Jennie E. Taylor to Mr. TL W.
White took place at the bride's residence
215 N. Madison St.. at 2:30 o'clock p.
m.. Tuesday, May 22. 1M94.
Ths couple left via Old Dominion line
for Richfield Springs, N. Y.
DEANE?Fell asleep ia Jesus Tuesday
afternoon, May 15 th, 1894 Beverly
Deane. He eas 48 years of age aud
leaves a wife, oae daughter, aad a host
of relatives and friends to mourn their
loss. His funeral took place Thursday,
May 17th, at 3 o'clock from tbe Fifth
St. Baptist Church, Rev. W. F. Graham
officiating. He was also a member of
Mt. Nebo Lodge, No. 7. of the G. A. U.
O. 8. A D. of I. A. D. Price, faneral di?
rector officiated.
Dearest husband, thou has left os,
We thy loss most deeply lee! ;,
Bat 'tis God who has bereft us,
He can all our sorrows heal.
His wife Georgiana Deans.
Entered into Res'.
Mrs. Eliza H. Chick, wife of J. E. Chick
of Klug William Co., Va., departed this
life May 13 th in her 27th year. She was
a member of Mangobick Baptist Church.
She leaves a husband, three cbildreu and
many relatives to moura their loss.
Let me go where saints are going
To tbe mansion of tbe blest;
Let me go where my redeemer
Has prepared hts people's rest.
I would gain the realms of bright?
Where they dwell forever more,
I would join the friends that wait
Over on the other shore.
By heb Husband.
Death of Sister Ellen Slaughter Nee
Tbe funeral of Mrs. Ellen Slaughter
who departed this life after an illness of
six weeks on Wednesday, May 10th,
took place Friday evening. May 18th,
from tbe First Baptist Church, there
was quite a large gathering, she be?
ing a member of tbe St. Luke, alao tbe
Sons and Daughters of Noah. Rev. J.
H. Holmes conducted the services. She
leaves a husband, (deacon Peter
Slaughter, First Church,) one sister and
a host of friends to mourn their loss.
Funeral Director Wm. Isaac Johnson
"Uaj nt*** lieut, m peace."
Gone to Rest.
Whereas it bas pleased tbe Almighty
God to remove Irom our midst Brother
JAMES E. TAYLOR who departed this
life Mav 19th 1894 at 2:30 A. M. and
Whkkeas, he being one of the most
faithful workers we had in our midst,
and being of a kind disposition, fidelity
to every true and prompt performance
of duty has endeared him to each and
every one of us; Therefore be it
Resolved that we tbe members of the
First Baptist Church Cushion Club, 1,
express our heartfelt sympathy for the
bereaved family of our deceased orother,
commending them to that God wbo has
never failed nor forsaken those who put
their trust in Him. Therefore be it
Resolved that a copy of these resolu?
tions be sent to the bereaved family,
also be it
Resolved that a copy be spread upon
the minutes of the Club and published in
the Richmond Planet. Therefore be it
Resolved this being done by the F. B.
C. C. C., No. 1, as a token of respect to?
wards brother James E. Taylor for his
faithfulness and punctuality.
Let as eli; press onward and upward,
And do what is just and right;
At last we shall meet in heaven,
And dwell in those mansions so
Signed by the Committee,
Miss Mary Wilder,
" Lizzie Simms,
Henry G. Carter,
Charles Robinson,
Walter Wilder.
PoRTSMbcTH, Va., May 26, '94.?Rev.
E. H. Boldin, pastor of North St. A. M.
E. Church, preached a noble sermon
Sanday, 20,1894, at ll a. m.
Sunday, the 20th, was known as pa?
per day at "Zion Tabernacle, it ia hoped
that the amount of paper money re?
ceived on that day was large, as it ia for
the building of a new church. The foun?
dation is being dug and the work seems
to be orogressing. It is hoped
that it may be a successful piece
of work.
Mr. Peter Coles living on Jefferson
Street has been very sick but is now
able to be doing his work.
Dr. Nickins and Prof. King gave their
last entertainment, (as said), here Tues?
day evening, the 22nd inst. These en?
tertainments have been worthy of ap?
preciation, as the churches where be?
ing given were always crowded with a
pleased people at the beginning and
better pleased ones at the close.
Mrs. S. W. Jones has been very sick
and is yet complaining much; residence,
Crawford St.
Mr. Hannibal H. Coles, and ingenious
"blacksmith" in the W. S. Navy yard
was taken home very sick Saturday,
19th inst.' He has improved some but
not enough to resume his dutiea.
T. H. Coles.
St. Philip's P. E. Church, Cor. of
Leigh and St. James Sts., Rev. J.
W. Johssoo, Rector.
Tomorrow, the First Sunday after
Trinity, there will be divine services at
our church at ll A. M., and 8 P. M. At
the morning service a class will be
presented to the Bishop for confirma?
tion. Sunday School at 9:30 A. M. A
cordial welcome to all.
Another White Maa Arrested.
Roanoke, Va., Maj 23.?A special
to the Times from Fineaetle, Va.,
says that Dave Kelly, white, who
is accused of criminally assaulting
and afterwards attempting to poi?
son Miss Pierson near Iron Gate
some time ago, and for whose ar?
rest Governor (VFerrall has offered
a reward of $250, was lodged la the
jail at Pincas tie tonight. Kelly was
at rested In Amherst county by a
Mr. Beard.
Moore St. Industrial Institution.
The closing exercises of this Institu?
tion will take place at tbe First Baptist
'hurch (colored) on Broad St.. at 7 P.
if., May 29th. Tbe exercises will be ia
ereeting. There v* ill be several address
?s oa "Industrial Education." Tbe pub?
ic is ia vi ted to be present.
By order of the Board,
John Olives, Supt.
Prepare for emergencies
by keeping their lives in?
Then, Insure at once!
Do it nowl Do not walt I
Insure In The Security
Industrial Life Insurance
Co., which does not dis?
criminate oa account of
color. Live Company.
All claims paid promptly
Agents wanted to can?
vass the city. Office 511
E. Clay St.
$500 IN
The Grande
Have You Ever Tried to Obta
Now is Your Chance. 1
No Blant
We h&ve placed tickets fe
We have decided to issue tick |
ets, each one of which is good i
ior two months subscription to
the Planet. The price ol these
tickets will be only 25 cents.
When brought or sent to the
Planet Office, 814 East Broad
Street, they will be regarded as
money and the Planet will be
sent to any address for two
months; two tickets will-secure
you the Planet for four months;
three tickets will secure you the
Planet for six months; tour tick?
ets "will secure you thel'lntutfor
eight mouths; five tickets will se?
cure you the Planet for ten
months and six tickets will se?
cure you the Planet for twelve
You must buy these tickets of
the ticket sellers?the persons
who are working for the prizes.
To every person who brings
six tickets"to the Planet Office,
814 East Broad Street, we will
send the Planet for One Year
which is $1.50 and give them a
copy of Christ Before Pilate,
that magnificent oil chromo 17
x24 inches which sells at retail
for $1.00.'
We shall offer the following
prizes to the persons who shall
sell the highest number of tick?
1st Prize?Fine Gold Watch
and chain or Sewing Machine.
2nd Prize?Handsome Silver
3d Prize -Gold Bracelets or E
qui valen t.
4th Prize?Cooking Stove.
Heater or Equivalent.
5th Prize?Marbleized Clock.
Gth Prize?Gold Ring,
7th Prize?Handsome Rocking
8th Prize?Barrel of Sugar.
9th Prize?Barrel of Flour.
10th Prize?Ton of Coal.
Now is your chance! In order
to stimulate the workers we
have decided to supplement the
above offer by another.
We shall give a prize to every
person who shall sell twenty or
more of these tickets, the prizes
to range in value in accordance
with the number of tickets sold.
All persons who sell 20 tickets
and over w ill receive a prize.
All persons who sell 40 tickets
and over will receive a prize.
John Mit
'Phone 935.
814 E. Broad St.
422 EAST Bl
Between 4th s
Stein Shoe
Ladies Button Shoes, Patent Tit
Ladies and Misses Spring He
Heal Boots, tl.25; La
$l.ti0; Men's Sljc
Boys School
We tell /cm good wearing SHOE
in sums to snit, on real estate
Property for sale and rent.
Charges Moderate.
Prompt Attention.
Call and give us a trial and
you will send jour friends to
loos Bank Street
MTNext to Custom Honee.
**am*************************m i
st Offer Yet.
in a PLANET Pi ize? If Not,
1 You Work, You'd Find
k Number.
>r the workers to handle.
All persons who sell 80 tickete
| and over will receive a prize.
All persons who sell 150 tick?
ets and over will receive a prize.
All persons who sell 250 tick?
ets Bad over will receive a prize.
All persons who sell 350 ticT*
ets and over wrill receive a prize.
All persons who sell 500 tick?
ets and over will receive a prizf.
For list of prizes given for each
group of tickets sold, see Prize
In this grand distribution will
l>c given <i\\ay Ookl Wa*Ul_<c?,
Silver Watches, Gold Medals,
Silver Medals, Jewelry, Clocks,
Crockery, Clothing, Parlor and
Chamber Suites,'Fine Shoes, Sew?
ing Machines, Groceries, Baby
Carriages. Bicycles, Guitars, Or?
gans?in fact every thing that the
heart could wish.
Persons who win any one of
the first ten prizes will be enti?
tled to one of those in the list of
the number of tickets sold.
For example, if the person
who secures the first prize selle
500 tickets, in addition to the
first prize he will be allowed one
of the prizes offered for the per?
son selling 500 tickets. This rule
will apply in the case of 350
tickets, 250 tickets and so on.
-*^*The tickets will be ready
for distribution on and after
March 1, 1894.
Persons who are known to be
reliable or can give good refer?
ence will be. allowed to handle
these tickets.
Each ticket-seller will make
reports once in two weeks. The
name of each person who gets
the tickets will be published in
thc Planet together with the
number of tickets sold.
When the contest ends the pri?
zes will be awarded to the suc?
cessful competitors.
Send for list of prizes.
Send for outfit at once.
If your application is accept?
ed, tickets will be issued you
on and after March 1,1894.
All who work will receive a
prize. There are no blank num?
Address all communications to
chell, Jr., !
Publisher of the PLANET,
Richmond, Virginia.
md 6th Streets.
Successor to
tis, Confess, $1.
Shoes, $1.00.
S at the loweet Prlcee.
: C0? 492 B. Broad 8t.. near 6th SI

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