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Special &uotation? Tllpon large
VOL. XIII. NO. 40.
Republican Nominees.
foi* ri. l-si i
Ol emil).
Hon Garret A. Hobart,
L. L. Lewis.
Subject tn Republican District Con?
He lt Was Who Evolved
Produced tbe Artists aud Poets of G reece.
The place that the Negri) hun tilled
in the world's civilization is a subject
that ii* very entertainingly discussed
in the Arena hy l'rof. Willis Boughton,
of O'.-.io State University. And an im?
PUBtaat part he fillet! nccording tel
rof Houghton. All history, he says, is
full of traces of tlie black race, lt is
now usually recognized as the oldest
nat <>f which we have any knowledge*.
The wanderings of t"iese people since
prahiatorii <* not boan
..irk man roam
?ed al will overall the fairer portion!
of the old wt>rld. Eel rei pc as well as
Asia anel Africa acknowledged his sway
Nt) white man hutt aa yet appeared to
dispute his authority in the vine-clad
v ul leys of France or Germany or upon
the classic hills of (..reece or Rome.
The black man preceded all others
and carried Paleolithic culture to ita
very height. Hut the history of all
lands has l>een only a record of suc?
ceeding races Old races han* often
been supplanted by those of inferior
culture but of superior energy. More
often, however, by fusion of different
racial types and by the mingling of
various tribes and people, have heen
evolved new races superior to any of
the original types.
The blacks were a fundamental eb*
ment in the origin not only of the
primitive races of southern Kurope,
but of the civilized races of antiquity
as well. History may be said to begin
in ancient Egypt, and recede into the
past just as far aa records and inscrip?
tions lend us light; still in the Nib
valley we tinda eivilizat ion that has
drawn from all s-nefceeding ages ex?
pressions of wonder anel admiration
This first example of a civilization was
an isolated tine ; it had evolved right
there in that wondrously happy re?
Surely the ancient Egyptians wore a
remarkable people ; but who were they V
The ruling tribes are called Hamites?
the "sunburnt" family according to
Dr. Winchell ; of Negritic origin, says
Canon Rawlinson. But back of these
ruling Hamites were a "lighted-heart
ed" people? "gay," "goexl-natured "
"pleasant," "sportive," "witty,"
*'droll," "amoroua"?such are the de?
scriptive terms used in telling th*
atory of those primitive tribes who
Dr Taylor says, lived peaceably ir
those regions for J,OOO years before
the advent eif Asiatic invaders. Sug
gestive as they may seem, such terni.
are truly descriptive of the inhabi
tauts whom we would expect to find ii:
the Nile valley in ancient times. Thej
were probably as purely Negritic ai
are the great mass of our own Afro
If the colored F"gyptian, beginning
at the zero point of culture, could in
dependent evolve a civilization, hav
ing had no model, what can we no
hope for the American. Negro, who ha
for a model the highest civilization
that the world baa ever seen and whe
has already proved himself such ai
apt scholar? Let no ?ne, then, vis:
Egypt and view her pyramids, obe
lisks, her temples, her tombs, he
sphinx, and still claim that the black
have no place in history. They furn
ish almost the isolated examples of :
civilization eleveloped without a mod
ei, even though other racial factor
may have entered into that civiliza
When the Hamites and the!
kindred were at the hight of thei
power, their influence* extended to ta
greater limits than ia ordinarily au*:
- P?_aa_a. They pressed toward the cor
mmjaw^lt Europe; they entered an
took possession of the land.
The Hellenes were the Aryans Hrs
to be brought into contact with thei"
sunburnt Hamites, who. let it lie rc
membered, though classed as white*
were probably as strongly Negritic i
are the Afro-Americans. Thme He
lenea were savages or barbarian
But Aryan strength anel energy wei
thus brought into contact with Han
itic Baltara. Then occurred th)
great struggle of centuries for soci
equality between the blond Ai yan ar
the lVlasgian, the dark child of tl
aoil. ('reece thus had her race soci
quotion te) settle, anel it waa settle
*"*l>y fusion. Ha?l it not been for th;
mixture of dark blood in the dree
composition, that race of peiets, ar
ists and philosophers woulel neve
have existed.
"The Iberians," aays Dr. Winche]
"entered by the Pillars of Hercule
They came from ne>rthern Africa at
time when the Hamitic Berbers wei
gaining poaaesBion. Thfy overran th
Spanish peninsula, founded citiei
built a navy, carried on commerce, ex?
tended their empire over Italy, n-* Si
'Hues*, when Borne was founded, long
before the sack of Troy, and from
Italy passed into Sicily.
The Pclasgic empire was at its me?
ridian aa early ar 2500 B. C. This
people came from the islands of the
.l-'gean, and more remotely from Asia
Minor. They were originally a branch
of the sunburnt Hamitic stock, that
laid the basis of civilization in Canaan
and ' esopotania, destined later to be
Semitized. Home itself was lVlasgian
from the 14th century to 428 B 0. Bat
in Italy and Greece the Hamitic stock
was displacetl and absorbed by Aryan,
a? in Asia it had been by Semitic
Rome, even, had her race social
problem. There was also a struggle
Irctween the white and dark races.
The oppressed Plebeians tinnily scced
eel te> the Sacred Mount until their
wrongs were in a measure redresseel.
Intermarriage*, or fusion, ut laat set?
tled the question. Such, tot), is the
story that Spanish ethnology tells.
"Clearly there does not exist in Ku?
rope a nation of tolerably pure ethnic
character, nor do national boundaries
mark the limits of such ethnic strain,
as remain discoverable. The figment
of a German nationality or a French,
in any ethnic sense, is as baseless as
that of an Austrian, a British, or an
Those drop* of black blood were just
as necessary to produce the ethnic
character of the Spaniard OT Roman
as were the white anel generations
probably passed away before it was
noticeable1 as to which el" ment pre?
dominated. Still it would bc consid?
ered the height of discourtesy sneer?
ingly te) inejtiire, "what makes the
Greek, the Italian or the Spaniard
dark in color?'' It is fitting thatf we
recognize, however, he)w .treat a fac?
tor the Negrci has been in the history
making of the world.
Republican Bally.
The republicans of Henrico County,
Va., Tuekalme District met September
7th and formed a McKinley club. It is
composed of about ;>3 members and
all are earnest republican workers
Th*>y will have a rally for the Grantl
Old Party We md ay. September 21st, 12
M at Ham's hall. Cary Street road.
All are invited to be present and at
the same time beeemie' members The
oflicerfl are as follows:
Randolph Burrell, prescient; John
Burton, vice-president; Alex Burrell,
Church Anniversary.
The noith anniversary e>f tbe Mt.
Carmel Baptist Church will l?e cele?
brated to-morrow (Sunday) Atll.JK
Kev. J. H. Holmes, pastor of First
Baptist ("hurch, will preach. At. 3:3t
Rev. W. F Graham will preach At*
'clock, pastor will preach . It is alar
a grantl rajly day with U8 ; and we hop*
our fri?" ds will come anel help na.
On M. iiutty Right, Rev K Watta ol
Petersburg and Rf i.iL-liard WelU
will speak on the occasiein, anel there
will alse) be a lawn festival on thc
church lawn.
Oloaing Exercise
Abbi* kv Park, N. J., Sept. 9. *96
The secemd annual closing exercise*
of the Students Literary Asuociatioi
al Asbury Park toeik place Weeinea
elay evening, September 2, '96 at i
o'clock sharp. Tbe exercises were1
held ut the Sne*w house, on Adams St
vV P.
The exercises consisted ofdifferenl
addresses; vis: The president of the
association, Mr. R Dawson Brister
Mr. S G Johnson anti Mr. S. Glascoe
all of whom are of Howard University
Washington, 1). 0 , and Mr. Lee Wat
kins eif the V. N. ?it C. I., Petersburg
Vu., and Mr. W. A White. Mr. Ha
wood e?f Wayland Seminary. Washing
ton, D C. Mr. U P. Keeseve, of Way
land Seminary was master of ceremo
Amting those present were Missei
M. B. Horruss, Fannie Borruss. Nettie
Watts, Kittie' Brown, -Dixon ane
Thia association was founded Jul;
2, '95 by Mr.G. Harris, of Howard Uni
versity, Washington, D. C ; Mr
Church Hill, of Boston Law School
Mass., and by those named abeive.
Tbe eibject of thia assaooiation ia ti
keep alive the literary spark that ha
Ween inst illed in the minda of the atu
dents of different schools who asaem
ble here for their summer pleasure.
This association bas done much fo
those who have attended its meeting
but after all tbe participants of thi
association owe* many thanks to Mi
John Sharkley. who is the proprietei
of the Snow Hill House, as he gav
them the use of his parlor free e
charge and alao delivered many ir
tereating addresses, which inspire
them to higher literary attainments.
Mr. K Dawson Bkistkr, Pres. ;
Miss Virginia Di-on. Sec.
- <l>-.
Lawyer Byrd Honored*
Knoxville, Tbnn., Sept. 10, '96
Hon. J E. Byrd, president of tb
United Aid and Insurance Compan
of Virginia, paid our city a pleasar
visit this week anel was the guest c
Mr. James Mason. A full string ban
of music paid the gentleman a vei
pleasant compliment on the evenir
of bis arrival. Thursday evening, tl
law fraternity and business men tene
ereel the distinguished gentleman i
enjoyable informal stag party.
Mr. Byrd has left the city for Nasl
ville, Chattanooga anti other parts <
the state, where his ce>mpany is ope
ating and veher:' he has be*en billed
lecture. He reports the company in
prosperous condition.
They Tell Lancaster County Republic:
Leaders That They Want Appoint?
Special Telegram to The Times.
Lancaster, September Ttl
A meeting of the Republican conn
committee wau* held here to-day
hear the report eif a special committ
appointed several weeks ago to ase*
tain the legal method of filling .
vacancy on the legislative ticket
the Northern district caused by t
death of Captain W. D. Reitzel,
Landisville, who died since th?* p
mary election.
Quite a breast* was stirred up in t
committee by several colored mi
whe> came to demand their rights fre
the party. Harry Howard, repreaei
ing the Mark Hanna Club, of Golu
bia, said that if tlie Republican pat
wants the coltired men to atay in li
they must recognize them by appoii
ments to office. Heretofe.re they ha
reeeiveel nothing, but are always e
peet d to work for the party.
It waa finally agreed to leave 1
whole matter go over to soma futi
time. The committee decided
?ea the candidate*** at the Legis
liv.- primary f 100 each.
A Brilliant Marriage.
It wea a Brick in the Dnrk.
Notwithstanding the fearful storm,
gust of wind and terrific lightning,
on Thursday 3rd,about 3:80 p m., the
hour appennted for the marriage of
Miss Carter and Mr. Crittenden, the
couple arrived at the Fifth Church,
where a large crowd aaa in attendance
to witness the solemn services. Miss
B. E Symms, Organist played a beau?
tiful wedding march. Mr. J.Jasper
entered first and presented the lis
cense ta the officiating minister, then
came the bride 'caning on the arm of
her intended, followed by two brides?
maids anti ushers. Miss P. L. Brock
and Mr James Jaaper, Miss E. Moss
and Mr Samuel Roane. The ceremony
waa very impressively performed by
Rev. H. Powell, who also offered h
fervent prayer, asking the bless?
ing and grace of Ced to rest upon the
rou]de and all present; he then pro?
nounced them man and wife; after
which the bride received the kisses of
many friends and the congratulations
of all. As they left the church they
were hazed with a ahower of rice anei
entered their carriages through rn gen?
tle rain, ft>r the C. <% O. elepot on their
bridal trip Their reception tool.
place on the 6th, at the residence of
the. bride's parent on Ash'and Stre*e*t,
surrounded by a heist of admiring rela?
tives and friends.
The bride is i|ie daughter af J.r. and
Mrs. Jamea Carter ano o. e of oar po?
pular Sunday-School teachers. Sweet
and lovable ir <*..aracter.
The groom is also one of our popular
Sunday-School teachers, a member of
the choy; and one of our most worthy
yaun. mt**).
The l**in?*?*iy-Scht>ol presented them
with -i purse as a mark of the high es?
teem in which they are held by them.
It was the first marriage in the new
building. Most perfect order charac?
terized the e*ntirepre)ceeding.
Our best wishes for their future suc?
cess and prosper) ty.
There was great disappointment at
the failure of Prof Jacques to fill his
engagement on Thursday night to
lecture on tbe art of drawing, painting
etc., at the 5th church, tiver aaO
people were out. We hope the I'mf.
will tie more careful next time and
practice what he preaches.
On Sunday the 6th, our churches
were fairly tilled with earnest seekers
after food for the soul In tho morn?
ing at River View, the Fire Side School
held a meeting of great interest. 3:30
Rev. W. H. Harris conducted a most
excellent service and preached an able
sermon. At 8:30 all of this congrega?
tion visited the Fifth Church, where
Rev. George E. Johnson was to preach
and to hear their quarterly report.
At the 5th Church 11:90. Rev. J.H.
A. Cyrus preached a thorough and elo?
quent sermon on prayer. He is cer?
tainly an advanced, able and logical
divine. At 3:30 Rev. J. C. Deane fill?
ed tbe pulpit and preached a sermon of
great interest anti powei. He has a
smooth, pleasant way of reasoning
with his hearers All seemed to great?
ly enjoy the service. At 8:30 the
pastor had read what he termed his
first quarters report (3 months.) It
proved that great work had been ac
coruplished ; nearly $600 00 (six hun?
dred dollars) had been raised and 3d
addeel to the church, confidence being
restored, most excellent order and tht
people coming together to support the
church and advance the cause ol
Christ. Revs. F, Daniel and George E.
Johnson spoke, paying a high compli?
ment to both pastor and people at the
great good accomplisheei in bo shorts
time. A Iso expressions of congratula?
tion from Deacon G. W. Moore, Trus*
tee W. H. Carter and Rev. R. Ross
The people greatly missed Rev. Pow
ell at trie morning and afternoon ser?
vices. He waa way in the et>nfines ol
"Magno" (Jackson Ward.
The rumor of a mad dog in thia sec?
tion last week created great excitement
Jt happened about 10:30 p. m. when
people were making for their home:
from aooiety meetings, festivals etc
It turned out to be a take.
We were greatly amused a few
nights ago to see a would be* murder
er and coward with a pistol in hi
hand, firing off with his mouth, ant
urged on by his would be friends. *
Hon. Charles Sumner coined th
wortl "rediculascity." Those wh
read ol that memorable debate be
tween him and Brooks, and the cowan
ly action of the later may have an ide
of m hat Mr Sumner meant.
Those few short paragraphs at th
close of our chips in issue before lae
seemed to have struck quite a numbe
of girls and old people as well, wh
hatl broken matches or caused them t
be broken. Hold on girls and maid
too, don't show you hand so soon, i
was the girl who speaks not that w
are after. A fellow just as well be in
hornet's nest as to chargn the gir
with breaking a match, because the
mian to marry and when thc fello
start, he has got to stick or die.
was a brick in the dark
A te*rrlble etorm patted over this se
tion last Saturday night. Many pe
pie ge>t well soakeel and some I sa
needed water well applied, Othe
I wise no damage.
Mrs. Dr. Helen Moten Jackson
.Lynchburg, Va., was visiting her co
sin, Mrs. Rev. H. Powell, last wee
Alsei Misa Fannie A. Moten, of Was!
ington D C., is here spending sor
time with Mrs. Powell 1613 Tayh-r S
and would be pleased to have h
Richmond friends to call on her
Miss Sarah N. Moten, who bas al
been on a visit here for the past mern
or more left last Monday evening. 1
her home in Washington, D.C. \
found her a sweet, pleasant, in tere
ting and lovable young lady. She w
lie greatly missed by her many neve
made friends.
The devil has been pinned down I
a while, but now is becoming resile
and ia arming his saints for war, a
they are getting on the war paint, a
mean to rule or ruin.
Home* people* can never see ot!
people's sins, until they disagre
they will parade the town preaching
up the sins of others, but for all that
let us draw the curtain of charity over
them and ask God to save such con?
firmed hypejcrites.
Meeting at tlie jail last Sunday was
under the direction of Chairman V* L.
A note from a boy in jail: "Mr Bur?
rell, I want to see you very bad. I am
in prison Come and see me. If I had
emly taken yenir advice, I would not
have been h?re."
Let this note be a warning to other
be*ys, who are making their way rapid?
ly to distructie.n. Boys bear your par?
ents la?fe)re it is too late.
Bre>ther Albert T. Wright delivered
an able address te) the men last Sun?
day ; Bubjeet: ' Weigheel in'the balance
and how shall I be found." Our broth
er is a young man. whom all young
men should have heard A special
selle) was rendered by Director C. C.
W'lliams, assisted by the che?rus.
To-day S.**C P. M.. Sunday-School
lesson explained by Rev. B. 0. .Tenn?
11 A. M. Sunday, Meeting at the jail.
Master Jesse Smith will address the
boys Sunday, 4 P. M , at the remms.
Mothers help us to save the boys.
Brothers V.L Hawkins and I. II.
Wyatt will conduct the men's meeting
Sunday, 5:80 P. M , True Reforme>r.i'
Hall Subject: "Whe> is thy Neigh
be)r?" Music by the chorus.
Night School opens October Mk S
p. m.
Bible Class, Tuesday, October, 6th 8
p. m.
Rev. Henry Jamison Passed From Labor
To Reward.
Last Thursday,September loth about
.*) o'clock p. m. the little village e>f
I.uchntian, in the south Beale.H part e>f
the state, was draped in mourning.
I |,e cause* Bf the ulooio was the eleath
of Rcvcrenel Henry Jamison, tine t)f
its eilde st ami mt)St respect eel citizens
In his death the* Ceunmunity. State,
Mapti-t-brotl.erhoed, anti Humanity
( their true and trietl
Rev. Jamison was a mao of viondfr
ful ability, an able preacher, a true
pastor, a loving husband and father
and worthy citizen. Ilia influence fur
good has been felt in the churches,
associations and conventions for moro
than a half century. He prof
faith in Christ when a child, and b -
gan to exhort in prayer-meetings at
twelve years of age, from that time he
haa preached the word of Oed with
power until his death.
He haa organized 'and built -
churches, and assisleel in building sev?
eral others. Promine>nt among them,
are the First Baptist of Buchanan,
which he pastored eleven years; Na?
tural Bridge, twenty-five years; Mt.
Lidia in Rockbridge County ; Balcony
Kails and New River, Pulaski Va. The
last three, he was pastoring at ^the
time of his death.
The Valley Baptilt Association con
veneel in its last session athis church
in Pulaski. The earnest manner in
which he e'ared for the brethren at
that gathering.will ever be remember?
ed by them. He returned home from
the association much worn down
and was BOOB apon his bed ed afllic
All medical assistance with that of a
loving family and tender hearteei
friends were given to restore him back
to health, but he continued to grow
worse until Thursday, the 10th inst.,
in the presence of his wife, daughter,
two sons, grand daughter and fri<*nels.
"Ha yielded ap his spirit to the Qod
who gave it, with an assured hope in
Jesus Christ, the Resurrection of tbe
just "
Prior te)his death he said, "I have
built seven churches for the Lord, and
now I rejoice te> know, that, I have
worn out in tbe cause of Christ and
have not rusted out, lam ready and
waiting on the Lord."
The funeral took place from the
First Baptist Church (white) of Buc?
hanan on Saturday. 12th instant, Kev
F. C. Patterson officiated assisteei by
Revs. R. R Jones, W W. Brown, P.
L. Barksdale and others.
The services were sad and impres?
sive. He leaves a wife, one daughter,
two sons, eighteen grand-children and
a host of friends to mourn their loss.
Dear brother thou hast left us,
Tt) live about the skies ;
In Heaven with our Savior,
None knew thee but to love thee
The joy of many heart
But now thou art in glory,
Where friends will never part.
We hope some day to meet thee*
With Hie glorious Heavenly prize
When the Lord Himself shall bid
Our immortal spirit rise.
Thomas II Worra.
Mrs. Sutton Gone.
Died at her residence, K15 N Kth St
Sunday morning,13th inst at ll o'clock
Mrs. Jane Sutton, the wife of Mr. S.
W. 8utton and mother of Prof. S. J
Sutton now principal of the gradeej
schools of San Antonio, Texas.
She had been complaining for sever
al months, but it was not thought tha
her ailment would end in death.
She was a faithful wife devotee
mother and tireless friend. She leavei
a husband, daughter, and son tomouri
their loss. Her funeral took placi
Tuesday afternoe.n at 3 o'clock fron
,y the Second baptist Church. Rev. '/
.*T 1>. Lewis preached a most impressiv
sermon. Prof. Sutton w:is unable t
reach the city in time and had to aban
don the trip.
"Gone to a land of pure delight,
Where saints immortal reign ;
Infinite day excludes* the night,
And pleasures banish pain "
To Be Heard at Farmville.
The case of Mary Abernathy will I
called in Judge Crute'*s court at Farr
ville, Va., Tuesday, Septemla*r 21
and counsel for the prisoner will a
pear there*.
It will then be* decided as to whet
er the proaee-ution will continue t
case or will enter a nolle proeetjui.
? '".??' ?
WANTED?A mulatto boy to lea
trade Age, 16 to IK years
ge>od home to the right perse
Theo R Breiwn, -MOS 40th St..
Philadelphia, Pa.
WHAT?????$ T
? WH/ 5I0VER
Provide-no-. R. 1 . Sept 12. ',-6.
The National Grand Lodge of Sa?
maritans of the Coiled Slates and
Indies Island met in its 4Kth an?
nual session in the state of Rhoda
Islaiiel The Deputy Grand Sire "ir.
Samuel J. Brown, of New Haven,
Coan , presided in tlie place* of the Sire
Charles H. Marshall, of the District of
?bia. deceased. Iii*, il ced lt
bat ha fi lie* . ith credit
nae If as ne cornea of that famous
Vale College.
The first day waa spent in appoint
--?mmittees The welcome ael
dress w ai*, delivered by Mr. Robert L.
Nickena, of Preividence, and thc re
?ponae was made hy Kev Washington,
of Washington. D C. Both addreeaeB
wan well delivered and showed care?
ful study on the part ed the* speakers.
There were fourteen states repre?
sented The second day was spent in
hearing the national officers reports
The National Secretary's report show?
ed that the order was gro.ving and the
greater than ihey had
been for yeais. The thi rel day was
spent in hearing the reports of ilifi'er
ent committees
Tae committee on Hood ??f the* Or?
der, of which representative Q. Will?
iam Moon of Virginia was one, recom?
mended that a history of the order be
written anti the proceeds go to the wid?
ows and orphans. Th | met the' ap
proval of all. The remainder of the
time was spent in sight seeing All
th;* plaaaa ?f intereaj in and around
Prov iel euee was visited
Prof.J ll Blackwell,Rav Mkyo.o.
North Cartilina, anel <' William Moon
were* the 1(008. of .1 ose-pli 11 Yo'iroe,
Ksq.. who, by-the-way, is one of our
Baas' lawyers. It is needless to say
that these gentlemem had an enjoya?
ble' time as all who kntiw the lawyer
can testify to it. Prof. J. H. Blackwell
was invited to address tho young la?
dies high Behool of the city. Time
will not permit me te) write concern?
ing the banquet which was given in
honor of tiie Grand Ledge nor the iii?
elefatigable efforts of the committee
on public comfort, but I would do
those concerned injustice and myself
also, if I did not.
The hall, which is owned and con?
trolled by the cob)red people of tlie
city was packed on Thursday night,
and on the stage was Brown's Brass
Band that discoursed some choice and
sweet music. This entertainment
was opened by an addreas from
Grand Chief Wesley, of Rhode Island,
and responded to by National Sire
Brown. Tbe address of the evening
was delivered by Representative <l
Willaim Moon, of Virginia.
To say that the house was capti?
vated by the speaker would be only
a faint expression. Ile waa introduc?
ed by that inimitable speaker, Robert
L. Nickens, who acted as master ol
ceremonies for the occasion.
Tbe grand march was led by Repre?
sentative 8. R. Willama, of New .ler
sey, accompanied by Mrs. Estelle
Dancey of the same place. Never be
fore was grace displayed to better ad
vantage than by that couple. The'
were fedlowed by Mr. Q. Wilban
Moe>n and Mrs Major, of Rhode
Island. All remained until the smal
hours of night and then went hoon
with happy hearts
The hospitality of Rhode Island can
not lie excelled, ne>r e*qualed unles
Knights of Honor
Deputy Supreme Dictator, Shirly C
Williams instituted on July 7, 189<
Dumas Ltdge, No 78, Knights of Hor
or t)f the World, with the following ol
fleers: Mack C. Jones, P. D., T. 1
Winston, Dictator; William M. Nasl
Vice Dictator; Dabney Ellett, Assn
tant Dictator; William C. Johnsoi
Reporter; J. F. Trent, F. Reportei
Charles F. Weaver, Treaaurer; Lal
don Coleman, Chaplain ; W. L. Thom]
son, Guide, Guide; Moses Perry. Sei
tinel. Harrison Reed, Guardian 8. '
Williams. R D. Young, John Braxto
Trustees The above lodge was tl
first instituted of color in Virginia.
Although the Knights of Honor no
stands at the head of all fraternal be
eficiary orders as tbe oldest nat ion
order, and is now one of the cbeape
and best; and the aaftest for yotn
married men to invest their means
while they can get in this celebrat
order at one-half the regular fee.
Dumas Lodge, No. 78 Knights of He
or of the World meets at Rev. Gi
ham's Hall, 2nd St., 1st and Srd Tue
S. C. Wilt-iams. D. S. D
Third Stree*t Baptist Church s
uthe Leird's dav ap follows:
fl:30. Sunday School; ll-.So, proa
ing; 3 :30. covenant and common
K-'iO, preaching. Readers, you
kindly invited.
W. E. Nabh, paato
?New Ytjrk Preaa.
-Mr. Isaiah 8 Fields of Hampton
called on ua.
-Mr. C. W. Jordan, of Suffolk
Va., called on us.
-Mr. H. B. Seayof Newport News,
Va., called on us.
-Mr Allen Bowles has left the
city for Philadelphia, Pa.
-Mr. F. Fe -son, who has been
l'K*Ble?< si J.a
-Mr. William Barnwell of Biddle
University,.waa in the city thia week
and called on ua.
-Mr. John M. Buckner, of Alex?
andria, and Mr. Thomas Quander, of
aVaeotlBat, Va , calb'd on us.
-Mrs. Rosa Lee Jordan, after a
pleasant stay in Richmond left last
Tuesday for New York.
-Mr. A. F. bomana of Covington,
Va., who is attending the District
Ledge of Odd Fellows, called on us.
-Mr. Ib'orge Williams, Jr., bow
of Lynchburg, Va., called on ua. He
wore a shiny beaver and looked happy.
-Mrs. Everlina Epps and her two
daughters, Misses Martha and Cora
Belle 1 pps arrived in the city last
Monda, rom New York City.
-A- . S. ti Free* of Pocahontas,
Va, waa he city this week attend?
ing the Jj ti rie.t Grand Lodge, G. U. 0.
of (Hid Fellows.
-We return thanks to Mra. Bettie
Thomas Lewis and Ladies for the in?
vitation received to attend the Hay
Ride* Wednesuay, Sept. 16th, 1896.
-Captain P. J. Webb of Pittsburg
Va., who spent a few daya in our city
visiting relatives and friends, haa re?
turned home much pleased with her
?-Messrs. .lames Jackson, Berry
L. Hicks, both of New York city are in
the city on a visit. Mr. Hicks is Cor.
respondent for Norfolk Recorder also
-Mrs. John L. Mines of 721 Brooke
Ave., is in Pittsburg, Pa., on a four
weeks visit to her brother's and friend**
in that city. She left Thursday, Sept.
10th via C <k 0 Railroad at ll P. M.
-Mrs. W. H. Booker returned tc
the city last week accompanied by hei
daughter Miss Florence Barning, whe
haa been attending school for three
years in New York. Miss Florence if
much improved.
-Messrs W. L. Brown and W. T
Jackson passed through the city Sat
urday, September 12th from New Yorl
enroute to the V. N. and C. Institute
Petersburg, Va.
-Mrs Edwards haa returned te
the city looking well after spendin
four weeks visiting relatives ane
friends in Reicky Mount, Tarbeiro ane
Winston, North Carolina.
?-Miss Varah Holmes who visitee
New York, Miss Annie M. Jackson
Lancaster, Pa , Misses Florence L. am
Lucy A. Jones, New Vork, Mi sse
Flore-nce and Lena Isham, New Jer
sey have returned to the city.
-Mr. R.B Fortune was inBtruct
ed by the County School Board of Cai
oline County, Va,, to inform all pei
sons hereafter applying for schools i
said county must take the examine
tion in that county.
-Messrs. 8, E. Birdsong of Ivoe
Jeff Ford and W.H. King of Smitt
field, Va., all representatives to th
District Grand Lodge, Grand Unite
Order of Odd Fellows which haa bee
in session in this city during this wee
visited our office.
-Rev. Daniel Tucker of Enc
Baptist Church, Washington, D. C
tendered hia reaignation on the 71
inst., to take place laat of October 18!
He is now conducting a series of rev
val meetings at the African Bapti
Church at Bayview, Northampton Ce
-Mr. W. S. Selden, Funeral I
rector of this caty met with a very s>
rious lost. He accommodated frier
September ll. 1896, with one of 1
yening colts about 4 years old to ge
short distance in the country. 1
sulky and harness were returned
nim the next day, with tho inform
tion that the colt had taken sick a
died on the road home It is quit
sad loss to him.
WANTED? A Stenographer, tp
writer and book keeper. A coloi
young man preferred Apply at oi
to Biddle* Univeraity, Charlotte, N
Changeable Weather.
are Changeable weather bringa to tx
"77," Dr.Humphreys'Speciflc for G
r. and Grip. For sale by druggists
Politic** Assuming Large
Pro portions-A Grand
Republican Rally,
Sickness and Death?The Art
School Progressrg.
About tire Streets.
Personals and Loc*.! News of Importance
(To tnr Planet by our Regular Corre
Campaign literature is K?ing dis?
tributed quite freely by the local poli
ticana. The events of the past week
have been quite exciting. The demo?
crats are laying low _ and keeping
"mum" since McKinleyism ia bo much
in evidence. The political pot 1b e>n
the boil and the contents are season?
ed in high style, populistic mind, dem?
ocratic gas and republican common?
sense all are seeking the favor of the
A grand republican rally waa held at
the Pilgrim Travelers' Hall, on north
3) at street laat night, the 18th instant,
under the auspices of the Smithers
and Hardin's McKinley and Hobart
clubs. Several prominent republi?
cans were billed to speak, among
whom were Hon. Otis H. Buas.dl and
Hon, J. W. Southward. The speakers
ably discussed the money question
and the general issues of the cam?
A rousing republican meeting waa
held at the Old Market Hall on last
Tuesday night, composed chiefly of
colored voters of Jefferson Ward,
while across the street at Thon's Hall,
a democratic meeting waa in progress.
Mr. N. J. Smith assumed tbe chair?
manship of the republioan meeting,
while Hon. J E. Brown of New York
made a brilliant speech on the issues
the CAUt;.Aif;n While he rat* speak?
ing, the democratic mcb, whose eject?
ing had eloaed talked noisily in the
hall; cat cries, he)wls and yella for Bry?
an were mueh in evidence, and so
much so the speaker was almoat un*
ible to proceed. When he did finally
secure order, he said, "Yea, it ia such
thieves-as you who will vote feir Bry?
an." At thia repartee pandemonium
reigned. There were howls from the
Bryanitea, where cheers and counter
cheers were heard from the republi?
can a.
After much difficulty order waa at
laat restored. Precinct meetings will
be held throughout the city next Tues
day night. All the republican voters
are cordially invited to attend the dif?
ferent meetings in their respective
Well, well, well, who would have
thought that the Eclipse would be
eclipsed by another team in their own
diamond and at their own home ; but
such was the case laat Wednesday.
The game was loose and shaky from
start to finish, although only five in?
nings were played. The Eclipse were
simply "not in it." Their stick work
waa very poor indeed. It was by no
means an errorless game. Both sides
made some very grave errors, but the
Eclipse more so. The Hygeias went
to bat determined to do or die at 4 :15
p m, and scored one in the first, three
in the third, one in the fourth and
three in the fifth, while the Eclipae
scored one in the second, and two in
the fourth. The pitching on both
sides was excellent. The brilliant
feature which partially redeemed the
poor work done by the Eclipse was a
two baae hit by Harrison.
A.B. R. H. O. A. E.
Matthews, s. s.4 2 3 10 0
Lyles.c. f.4 2 2 10 1
Tarleton. 3b.4 0 18 11
Brown, r. f.4 2 2 2 0 1
Copper, lb.8 0 110 0
Maven, p.3 1110 1
Rogers, 2b.-3 12 2 11
Martin, 1. f.3 12 10 0
Sutton, c.3 0 0 3 0 2
Totals.31 9 14 15 2 7
Woody, lb. 3 0 13 0:
Pager, 2b. 3 0 18 1:
Moses, e.?.. 3 0 2 3 0 1
Price, J. p. 8 112 0 1
Price, H. 1. f. 2 1110
Lee, b s. 2 12 12
Harriaon, 8b. 2 0 10 1
Robinson, c f. 2 0 1 10
Jackson, r f. 2 0 0 10
Totals. 22 3 10 15 4
12 8 4 5
Hygeias.103 1 8?8
Eclipse.0 10 2 0?8
When asked to what the Eclipae at
tributed their defeat, their reply wi
the lack of the regular members of th
It is surprising to note that many e
our people, who are constantly con
plaining of the street facilitiea do ne
come together and call a meeting t
aet forth their grievances and petitic
to tbe city authorities to do somethir
towards repairing the streets. We ai
well aware of the fact that the stree
where colored residents reside nee
paving as much as those where tl
white people are. From Clay stre
to Venable on 30th St. there's not
vestige of paving, while the wat
stands in the ruts and gullies after
hard rain until it ia dried by the su;
likewise on 39th street from Marshi
to Venable, then taking the inters?
ting streets, Clay, Leigh, M, N, O a:
Venable, there ia nothing, not ev
coal dust, to protect the feet; 3C
street is in a deplorable condition a
the authorities should take some ste
towards providing a preiper sidewi
for the people. Of course bo long
the residents keep their grievances
"pB I themselves bo long will the city autl
* * ities be content to let them remain
they are.
Miaa M. E. Reynolds has been bo
lind I what indisposed, while Deacon Ja
dels I wilder had a severe attack of stow
25?. I trouble, laat Thursday, which nece
tated his losing some time from busi?
The funeral of Mrs. Hattie Webster,
who departed this life, June 2ad, '96,
will be preached at the Cedar Street
Baptist Church, tomorrow, (Sunday)
Sept. 20th, at4:30P. M., Rev. J. H.
Binford to officiate.
Sickness is on the increase, while
death is reaping a large harvest.
The Art School at No. 2804 P street,
is doing excellently. It must be borne
in mind that Prof. Jacques, while pass
ing through this section lecturing es?
tablished a school, which haa prosper?
ed wonderfully under the efficient and
accomplished young teacher. Mies Ella
8. Walker. The acholara are doing
well in free hand draging. Messrs.
Maurice R. Barrett and David Fatter
son have attained much proficiency in
that reapect. while it ia almost impos?
sible to decide who are the best paint
era. Two weeks of painting in water?
colors, etc by the pupils has been
good indeed. A grand exhibition will
be held at the 5th Street Bapt. Church
next Tuesday night. All are invited
to see the pictorial exhibitions. Ad?
mission, 10 cents.
Marriages are on the go once more, a
couple was wedded last Wednesday
Mra. Ka;-* Dickerson is in the city.
A settlement Las been made between
the Traction Corny, nv, ,*ho8e cars
crushed to death little Mbert Ross,
an account of which was published in
the Planet a few weeks ago, ard the
boy's mother.
The Schoeds in this section have open
ed up,the attendance is very good.
Business is slowly opening up.
Our people should pattonize race en?
Miss Lissie Davis left for Hunting?
ton, W. Va., to visit friends, last
The United Ojdatr of the Star of Beth
lehem is doing wonderful since it has
been chartered, April IS, 1896. Many
subordinate lodges have been organized
in different parts of the state, lt is a
benevolent institution and all ladies
and gentlemen are asked to join. A
club has been organized to secure a
larger membership and all persons
wiahing to join, the price being only
11.50 should avail themselves of such a
splendid opDortunity. The club meets
every Tueselay Night, at No. 1217 N.
32nd street. Very good inducements
are being offered to all who takes out
a certificate of membership.
Mks. Eliza Dudley, Pres.;
Mb. E. Fitzqebald,, Chief of Staff.
Our city has been stirred vip some?
what over the sudden coming of a fe?
male preacher. She has preached sev?
eral times at tbe Methodist Church.
We learn that some the churches will
not admit her, they being strictly
against female preachers, bo she has
taken upon herself to just give them
"Jeems Henry." What makes its sur?
prising to ua is that she is called by
some an ordained female minister of
the gospel. Large congregations greet
her at all the meetings.
Miss Rosa Coles left for her home in
Charlottesville on laat Tuesday even?
ing after spending a pleasant stay of
two weeks in our city with Mr. and
Mra. Richard T. Cogbill.
Mrs. Elizabeth Harris anel her son,
Willie returned to the city on last Sat?
urday from Washingte>n, where they
were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Rich?
ard Drew.
Miss A. B. Lewis, of Scottsville, who
has been visiting our city for the past
week, and Miss Bertha E. Hughes left
the city Tuesday evening to attend
the Virginia Normal and Collegiate
Institute at Ettricks, Va.
Miss Lillie R. Hickman is visiting
relatives in Charlottesville.
The Manchester Public Schools will
commence Monday 21st.
Rev. A. Binga has left the city for
Philadelphia, Atlantic City and many
other citiesin the north. We wish him
a pleasant trip.
-lr. A. D. F. Moon returned to the
city laat Saturday from Saratoga, N.
Mrs. Rebecca Coy, of Troy, New
York is in our city, the guest of Miss
Matilda Burke.
Rev. Richard R. Graham filled the
pulpit at the First Church on last Sun?
day morning, and Rev. H. L. Dicker?
son, of Richmond, in the afternoon.
Rev. Lee Frayser is still "holding
the fort" at the Third Baptist O-turch,
in Swan boro.
Miss Frances Walden, a member ol
the Second Baptist Church choir, who
haa been quite unwell is out again and
at her post of duty.
Rev. D. Webster Davis, pastor ol
the 2nd Church preached a fine sermon
last Sunday morning and Rev. Stark*
a good one at night.
Rev. R. Beecher Taylor will preacl
next Sunday morning at the Second
Church. Don't fail to hear him. The
members are going earnestly to wort
on the new fence, pastor's study ane
Rev. D. Webster Davis will preacl
at the First Baptist Church Sunda;
Look out for the grand Kirmess a
the 2nd baptist Church, commencinj
September 28th, and continuing thre<
The funeral of Mr. Lazarus Coles
who departed thia life Thursday lOtl
instant, at his residence in Swansbor
was preached by Rev. Richard R. Cm
ham, who by request of the family ol
ficiated. Ile was sick only a shoi
time, suffering with the brain fevei
Tbe deceaaed was a member of the li
Church for 18 years. He leaves
wife, 6 children and a host of friend
to mourn their lo?*8. James H. fun
ningham, funeral director.
Miss Alice Bennett returned to th
city last Wednesday from 1'hilade
The 22nd Stree. Baptist Church
in a prosperous condition and in shoi
they will put on a new garb
Mr. Q. William Moon, local distrie
deputy has returned from the city <
Providence, R. I., much pleased wit
his trip
Mrs. Margaret Ferrel has returned t
the city after an extended ntirtl
ern trip She went to visit her siste
Laura Jones.
Mr. E. Garland Cogbill continues
Mr. C. W. Jordan, Vioe-Grand Chi
of the Samaritan Order was in tl
city this week.
Go to hear Rev. George E. Johnsi
lecture at the 2nd Church Mond
ins night. Admission, 10c ; child ."Vc.
-Ik I --a* m ne.
*a| Richmond. Va., Sept. 7,1896
-?| Deputy Grand Priest, k. L. Porter
I*10"" I company with James H. Stewards
a**|E. King, A. O. K. of Jerusalem
I Washington, D. C.. called on Ste
lEzel Lexlge, No. 1, A. O. K. of Jeru
I lem, Brother Absalom Randolph, *j.
me-1 thy Commander, Rev. Archer Fer
[nealson. Worthy Priest; W. S. Se ld
tachlPast Deputy; W. K. Brown, Wot
saji-| Secreter j.
Sunda-, at the Churches?He Makes aa
Attack Upon the Wrong One About
Our Sajines?Gueasing the Old
Maid?Other Siftings from
the Ward.
irse to
Last Sunday waa disagreeably warm.
Nothwithstanding the heavy rain in
the* afternoou, the day waa none the
less unpleasant. The churches were
well attended.
Rev. Briggs filled the pulpit at the
First Baptist Church on last Sunday
norning. After the sermon, Rev.
Holmes baptized one candidate.
At the Moore St. Baptist Church, the
pastor, Rev. R. O Johnson preached
a soul-stirring sermon to a large con?
In the afternoon, Rev. Wells preach?
ed the funeral of Mra. Charlotte Fox
at the Ebenezer Baptist Church. At
8:30 Rev. W. H. White preached an
excellent sermon taking as text, "Thu
day ahalt thou be with me in Para?
dise." Hia subject war "Home of the
bo ul after death." He declared that
there are three heavens, and that God
dwells in the third heaven. He eon
fined himself closely to his subject,
and plainly demonstrated hia views on
the same. After the sermon one can?
didate was baptized.
The other churches were excellently
attended, and as usual good services
Jehosephat! how that little fellow
did kick in front of tbe Planet Of?
fice on last Friday evening. We were
reminded of the old saying about "a
"ram being tied to a gatepost." But
why did he jump at one of the appren?
tices who had nothing to do with theae
sayings? We are sure there were
plenty men around who could have
kept flies off him and his "'popper"
Old boy, don't let your temper get
the better of your judgment next time.
Oh, how anxious you were to blast
some one you coule! beat, but how vast
ly mistaken. Why, ha, ha, ha! we were
standing in eight enjoying the situa?
tion and you didn't even look at ua.
Bow surprised we were to find out
that you were the old maid who made
the attack on poor "Magno" in .the
RecordeT of September 5th. Weill
well! well!! thi uga will happen that
way sometimes. Rut it is so bad to
jump at the wrong person.
Whoever heard of an apprentice ia rn
presa room with little or no education
being a contribute-" to a
bearing such a reputation as the
bt. Ridiculously absurd.
Keep cool my boy, you are worse
vouraelf than any one cr be t_
Thh.-y-I've years sho'ild havl
you batter. Now, whether our aaa
lions ref erreel to you or not waa a ques?
On last Sunday night, quite a num?
ber of young ladies and gentlemen
whiled away their time in gueasing who
that old maid referred to by ua waa.
Well, we muat say Borne ot you were
We will admit that we are somewhat
meddlesome, especially to evil-doers.
Don't you know that some of our
girls .are letting *,(these Leap Year
chances slip? Remember girls, your
time will soon be over.
The* Public Schoeds of this city open?
ed last Tuesday with a large atten?
dance. Four new teachera were add?
Parents see to it that your children
give close study to books and not boya
suing term, and all will be well.
Medicine is an awful thing to take,
especially when it is somewhat galliah.
We learned that quite a number
went to the Fifth St. Church on laat
Monday night to hear that lecture,
but doors were closed against them.
We would like to inform that Spin?
ster Cyclist that we know when to
enter into a deep discussion of the
subject, and will probably do it in
We always endeavor to avoid per?
sonalities ; so, if you are dosed it
would be better to swallow the pill
and shut you mouth.
Some ol our girls seem very fond of
strolling the streets at night by them?
selves. We hare seen some of them,
haven't you ?
We feel extremely sorrowful to men?
tion the demise of Mrs. John H. Ma?
brey, a former resident of this section,
who departed thia life, Tuesday, Sep?
tember 15th on Ross St.
His go-rounds haa been cut off since
his girl has returned from Washing?
A littlb political knowledge is a
dangerous thing, so learn the issue
well, or let stumping alone.
We hear them crying 16 to 1 is the
issue, but if they don't goto work it
will be somebody's 16 to their 0.
They say it seemed to have been a
hard dose for the old maid, but after
many attempts, she swallowed it.
We were gl-vd to see "Sunny" in our
city during this week, but were sorry
of the occasion which brought him
Mauno Uno.
Editor Planet:
Please allow me space to state in
your widely circulated Journal that
the doors of the Columbia Negro Art
School and Studio will open ita doora
to the public in Washington, D. G., on
the First Monday in October 1896 to
a chance to learn these
* I give our people a chance to learn the
l~|nne arts and get fine pictures cheap.
We are expecting to meet a fine auc
6 cess with our art school, as our people
1' are taking hold with willing hands.
We are just about lo close eleven large
?** classes in Richmond. We have the
rt following new schools in operation:
Petersburg.?Misses Ardelia Mat
Jt thews. Carrie B. Coleman and Mamie
?J French,
-b Fredericksburg?W. O. Spaulding,
and Miss Mamie A. Hazell.
;? Charlottesville,?Misses H. Josie
-" Prioleau. A. L. Jackson and Rev. N.
r' Mackey.
West Point,?Miss Almeta I. Saxon.
-o Farmville,-!'. S. G. Green and Miss
Alberta B. Lee.
e'| Alexandria?B. F. Lineberger, Miss
lie I es Kmma L. Thompson, Annie E, Hur
Idle and Florence B. Jones.
on| Washington. D. C.?Misses Rachel
a> 1 V.Hudson, Eliza J. Lucky, Lula M.
I Roten, Fletcher M. Reddicks, Jessie E.
I Davis and Eliza 8 Walker.
The studio will not open until the
in 11st of November 1896.
ind I The branch Art School in Richmond
of j will be und-r the instruction of Mrs.
iW\ Mattie C. Yancey at the Y. M. CA.
lgA.l Hall, corner 3rd and Leigh Sts.
or-1 Yours,
KU_1 W.O. O. JACQUBS.Pres,
len, I
thy I l)e> not delay the collector when ha
| calls pay bim.

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