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tURDAY SEPT. 261896.
Headquarter^ at Wash?
ington Sanguine of
Tlic Size of the Majority in
the Next House the Only
Reaches Washington.
(Fran Our Regular Correspondent)
Washington, S pt SI. 1896.
The better the news the harder
we'll work, is the motto which gov
erna republican headquarters, ami it
is being lived up to. Ile- silver men
are on the retreat in every stilts in
which the Republican Natl mil and
Congressional commit tens have made
?i fight Tor McKinley and honest mon?
ey, but as yet the retreat is orderly
By redoubling their efforts, the repub?
lican managers believe ihey cnn make
it a complete rout on the "Ird of Nov
emlier-so complete that the free
coinage of silver by this country alone
will never agxin lie made s> National
issue; and nothing lens will satisfy
them. They are working with all the
vim and energy they could put into
tha campaign if the chances for rspab
lican victory were doubtful instead of
the victory assured as it is This
pleases ali visiting republicans as it
enable* them to go home nnd tell
their friends that thpre is no danger
from nver-conlidenee on the part of
the men w ho are managing the cam?
chairman ?ABOOCS BSTtM mivi.
Chairman Babcock, of the ' "onjrres
sional committee, is now giving spec?
ial attention to tbe Congressional dis?
tricts, and by the middle of October
h * will know about what the size of
the republican majority in the next
House will lie. Two years ago when
Mr Babcock gave out his figures, they
were hooted at by the democrat s and
many republicans were disposed* SO
atnile at them, but when the returns
came in, it was seen that they were
based upon direct information from
every Congressional district.
Mr. Babcock is proud, as he has
every right to be, of his record a*
Chairman of the Congressional eon.
mitten. He doesn't believe in the
wisdom of ma'-ing big claims based on
nothing but hope, as the popoernts are
now doing. He thinks it possible al?
ways to obtain information as how, at
least, HO",, of the districts will go. sev?
eral weeks in ad vance of the election,
and he wants the public to tska his
Hgures hs careful estimates and not ns
a mere bluff for effect.
cu ISStl nv k. of I..
The using or ?**? OsBeJsl organ of the
Knights of Labor is .? Campaign docu?
ment, by the Bryanite a.*-*)*!***!
been quietly followed by ugly?>!>srjjea
against prominent officials of the K Of
L These eharges are nvi 'e ??;.
? nsible j sod all.
dr*' been drawn on Mr. J. L
rris, Assistant Treasurer of the
Democratic National Committee, in
favor of Master Workman Sovereign
and (Jen Secretary-Treasurer Hayes,
who are in immediate charge of the
.Journal of the K. L , published at
Washington, and that similar drafts
have been drawn in favor of officials
of the K. of L at Chicago, Cincinnati
and St- Paul, and paid through
Washington Hank The stir created
by these charges is by BO means con?
fined to the members of the K.of L ,
who do not approve of the selling of
the influence of the organization SO
Bryan, out extends to all who are op?
posed to bribery BS a political agent.
and may result in a rumpus of large
dimensions in the K. of L.
About the most notable thing con?
nected with the tppearance of Mr. Mry
an in Washington, Saturday night,
and his speech upon that occasion
his gall in making the farawell ad?
dress of George Washington tha basis
Of his speech which endorsed the Chi?
cago platform. ?'Kven the heavens
weep," ??id a gentleman present when
the rain storm put a sudden st.ip to
Bryan's speech.
Washington said :?"In contemplat?
ing the causes which may disturb our
union, it oeours as a matter of serious
concern that any ground should have
been furnished for characterizing par?
ties by geographical discriminations,
Northern and Southern. Atlantic and
Western ; whence designing men may
endeavor to excite a he ief that there
is a real difference of local interests
and views " Designing Mr. Bryan is
seeking the Presidency through ar?
raigning class against class and
section against section.
Again, Washington said:?"As a
very important source of strength and
security cherish public credit." Mr.
Bryan's principle business is the advo?
cacy of a depreciated currency, which
? will injure both private and public
A free snow.
There have been some more or less
amusing stories in connection with
Mr. Bryan's coming to Washington to
make a speech. in the first place
there was no end of trouble in getting
a place for him to speak ; then there
was more trouble about the distribu?
tion of tickets for seats and about
music?the local committee seemed to
fear that some unauthorized band
might get into the baseball park, in
which the speaking took place, and
which, by-the-by, was paid for by two
saloon keepers whose places are oppo?
site the main entrance, and play some
piece of music that would give Mr.
Bryan the razzle-dazzle right befort
the crowd.
There was a crowd, just an there
would have been at any free show, and
the proprietors of the bar-rooms whi
paid for the park made a good speen
lotion, even if the crowd was not u|
to ex pee tion* in size.
A Chance To Make Money
I read how one of your subscribers
made money Bellin*1: Dishwashers ; 1
ordered one, and my lady friends wert
charmed, as they hate dish washing
My brother and I commenced sellinj
them, and have made f 1,700 after pay
ing all expenses. We don't canvasi
any. Our sales are all made at home
People come or send for j hem. Th<
Mound City Dish Wisher is the bes
Dishwasher on the market. Our busi?
ness is increasing, and we are going ti
keep right on, until we make tel
thousand dollars.
W? sell from 5 tol.r> machines ever]
day, and soma days more. The Dish
washer is lovely, every house-keepe:
wants one. There is no excuse to bi
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made selling Dish Washers. For ful
particulars, address, The Mound Cit]
Dish Washer Oo., Ht. Louis, Mo The]
will start you on the road to success
A Header
ur Correspondents Tribute?An Awful
Tragedy?Local Items
The great masses of our people of
Me day should be centereo u^.ii its
eal bnl.rs * specially tlu-Ke of Hie
are glad to know -ur a fact
rifgiuishal >i ?? mighty leader
?nly is his heart wrapped up in the
nterest of his own alate, but it ia fur
?Ovid. W's recognize the la. t
heie are many earnest leaders of ou
ace that have doi e mm h good, and
ire still doing great good
Christ said on one oca-inn when
IpSS earth, what greater h.ve has a
n-n than to lay down hi* l'fe for his
When we Jsay Virginia has ?SJS
nighty leader in _?*? inter ?fl of hi*
?ace's prosperity and ad vane
?efer to none but in the person oT thai
lohle. brave ? nd patriotic genth man,
il ni .1 >hn Mild ell Jr., who his de
ended his race and coiimrx so much
intii ths ko d hehas aeeotnpliehed.
i can now lie >een north so Ith,
md east.
The people of th- m8 ?.f this
ist land has read Ins powerful paper,
ind have already discovered the course
ie has been pursuing in life, for our
We have read different accounts of
lon N' itebel 's trips over the sosntr].
A'e notice with pride and pleasure
his distinguished gentleman's trip
ncr the htat? of Ohio a few days ago.
He was received ? ith many and great
?rations by tie prominent people of
hat state especially those places of
nterest where he visited. The large
lumber o' people that have read of
:his creal hero throughout the state
>f Ohio, have now seen him and tin y
lave heard him With him one sees
? man boosst, sincere and fearless v. ho
i? it wai has Bond in between the
rery jaws of death for his race on this
lynching question which has terrorized
: his country from end to end. until ji
ia- reached 'he foreign continent.
This gentleman to whom weiefer,
Mr. Mitchel! whose natural sense 0
right and justice has been touched
arith all loving citizens of Amer ca.
those who love justice regard le
>olor. by what ho has suffered for his
race; but still believing in the potency
>f human nature and the eternal jus?
tice of human rights.
Many of our people have heard the
magic of his voice and seen the Hash?
ing of his truth-searching eye Tue
people have shaken his honest hand
?nd wished him Cod-speed for hit.
race. let us as loving people of our
ra-e stand up in the defense of our
true leaders. Well may we, as a race
and citizens ol America, be thankful
to have such a leader to champion our
rights and justice which must be met?
ed OUt to us.
Scotland produced her Wallace and
her Bruce to d liver her from Eng?
land's tyranny and oppression, Ameri?
ca gave her Washington to free her
from a foreign foe. and we, a down
trodden and unpressed race have John
Mitchell. Jr. Dong may the silver
I Of his voice and the proving of
bis pen be heard championing the
cause of his oppressed people?long
may his strong right arm be raised to
strike the fetters from our enemies
who seek our lives.
lt was just as we predicted in the
Turner ca?e at Graham on Wednes?
day for the murder of Mr. William
Johnson, son of Rev Phelix Johnson
of Christianburg, Va. of which we
spoke of in our l.-nt week's letter.
lt will ever be known so long as God
sits upon his throne of justice that
this man. Turner was not justifiable
in killing Johnson, lt seems as the
case was argued in this way and it was
finally decided tu bold bim under the
small sum of $500 bond to appear be?
fore the grand jury. We consider this
a poor thing for taking a man's life as
this man did. and then let him go free
as if he had nevei committed a crime.
If our lives are not protected bj the
laws Of this section any more than we
have been treated for the past several
years, the only time we will ever get
justice asa down trodden race will be
when Cd himself will b> the Judge,
Christ, the prosecuting Attorney and
the Angels", the Jury
.'^Johnson sleep sweetly on and take
thy rest in the peaceful malms of the
eternal God
atkinson of Wheeling,
rn ii1 be the next Gov?
ernor of V. ?jst Virginia under the Re?
publicen administration, has been in
this section for the pasf week making
speeches 'Ie addressed over two
thousand people here on Friday noon.
West Virginia will give a larger
majority of Republican votes than
ever before.
The Prosperity Club of which Mr.
J.'.'. Simpson is presidewit snd Mr.
Samuel Kiel is secretary, is doing a
progressive work for sound money.
hev W.J. Carter, of Pocahontas.
Va., filled the pulpit at the Scott St
? hursh Sunday evening ; also at 8 p ni
preaching excellent sermons.
Kev. ll 0. Fox, the little sterling
po'ishsd divine of this city, we learn,
delivered a noble,soul-stirring sermon
at the First Baptist Church of Poca?
hontas, Sunday night to a large and
appreciative audience.
Political News?Items of Interest
Clifton Fokok, Va.. Sept. 22, 1886
The MeKinley-llobart club was ad?
dressed at its last meeting by Mr. R
F. Douglass of Botetourt A large
crowd of lad ie. and children had as?
sembled to hear this sable son of Ham
?Those ability as an orator cannot bt
questioned. The speaker went back U
ancient history and proved that all na
tiona had something as a standard o
value. The Assyrians used oxen ai
their standard while the Romans usec
sheep ; these nations were then said ti
be on the oxen and sheep basis. At t
later date, the Romans adopted I rot
and were then on an iron basis. .Mr
Douglass declared that the progressive
ness of man was what had actuatet
him to adopt something more vaiua
ble and less cumbrous as a standard o
value, and the United States has a
good a money basis as the best nation
on the globe, and we are asked to sur
render that and resort to the free am
unlimited coinage of silver, as a me
ilium to start the fires in our furnace
and the wheels of idle factories.
The speaker sat down amid showe
of applause and three cheers fo
McKinley and sound money.
Rev. Atkins tilled the pulpit of th
2nd Baptist Church Sunday mornin,
and night as usual.
On account of the absence of thei
minister there were no services at th
1st Church Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. Henry Moody wer
called to White Sulphur Springs Fri
day to attend the bedside of a sick tit
rer, who died Saturday 8 p. m
Mr Joseph Sellers has been ver
sick for the last week.
Miss Lena Mosby of Staunton, Ya
is stopping with Mrs. M. F. Duval.
Mrs. Clemia Garrett of Louisa i
visiting her sisters, Mesdames 0. G
Sellers, K. F. Scott and Kd Brown.
Miss J. N. Poindexter of Louisa i
stopping with Mrs. A. B. Thomas.
Several of our people were up t
Covington Sunday to attend the sem
annual sermon of Mount Beatitude
Mr F. B. Poindexter of Covingto
is in town on business.
Mrs. Sallie Harrison made a fly in
trip to the White Sulphur Sprinj
Mrs. Mary Whales ofBiltimore
visiting friends in the city.
WANTED, h.v.rai, rAiTHrux MBNC
women to travel for resnonsib
established house in Virgini
Salary $780, payable $15 weekly ar
expenses. Position permanent. Re
erence. Enclosed self addressed stamj
ed envelope. The National, Star Built
ing. Chicago.
Laundresses, House-maids, Wa
tresses snd Nurses for New Yoi
and other Norther cities_ Wages fro:
$3 to $5 per week. M&^Transporti
tion furnished. R. WTELHOM'H, En
Sloy men t Agency. .17 K. Broad Stree
iehmond. Va.
Ford Stith Wins?Personal Items?Jolli?
The primary elections of last week '
caused some warm political fights in .
many precincts of the city. 2nd Ward I
Precincts B and C., witnessed a hot'
contest between the Stith and Mo-by
factions. Captain Ford St th's ticket
won in each precinct and the ex-may?
or will nerer be able to split thecol
ored vote again. The continued victo- j
ries of Stith and his kindness to those J
who assisted him with the fact that '
nothing can be gained for the colored '
man, through a victory for the unpop?
ular ex-mayor has put many to think?
ing and at the jollification meeting
held after tbe victory many erne over
from the enemy's camp and express- I
ed themselves in such ianruage that |
there is li * tie hope of any white man in ]
a precinct fight to get a vote fromj
Miss Martha Craig of Versailles, Ky ,
spent a very pleasant time as the guest
of Mrs Henry Forte of Kenyon Ave.
The 2nd Ward sent six colored dele?
gates to the County Convention.
Mrs Luther Brooks, wife of Officer
firooks who has been quite ill is now
W. H. Brown, better known as
"Brownie" held down a seat in tho
18th Ward Delegation last week while
lion. S. B. Hilt gave some color to the
16 h Ward representation.
The schools opened with avery large
attendance and the probability is that
instead of there being some colored
teachers dropped more will be ap?
Mr and Mrs Hawthorne of New
York, guests ot Officer Samples re?
turned home last Friday
The 2nd A'ard Republican Protec?
tive League having elected its ticket
in both colored precincts held a jolli?
fication meeting last Thursday nigh',
after which they proceeded to the res?
idence of Mr William Kendigs, the
nominee for County Solicitor. The
t?and rendennl several choice selec?
tions. Captain Stith and Mr. Whitlow
made speehes, when Mr Rendigs, af?
ter a few remarks invited the boys to
partake of refreshments at his ex
Is W. Cordell is President.
Joseph L Jones, Secretary and Ford
stith. Captain. The officers thank the
members for their work on election
day. Wtth such hustlers as compose
this league, there is bo such word as
The Central McKinley Club, Rob rt
Harlan. Jr , President is holdi g very
large and interesting meetings at its
club room on Ellen and Longworth.
The Ruliin Club, the oldest republi?
can organization in the city is pre?
pared to take part in all the republi?
can demonstrations.
s T. Sneed, Brigadier Genera, ol
ohio, U. B H -?* v . nae ahe
Joseph L Jon"- ef Excelsior Di?
vidion as his Adjutant General. This
i* the most important position in
nifortn Rank in the State and
General Sneed we believe has used
good judgement in this selection.
Charles Scott of Lima, O , G and
Leoturer of Knight of Pythias of Ohio,
delivered a very interesting lecture
to the Knight of Pythias Lodges of
this city last Sunday in K of P. hall,
subject, "Ritualistic Work."
Prof. William H. Johnston's dancing
school opened at K. of P. Hall last
Wednesday evening- Judging from
the attendance "hard Unit," iaastran
ger to the'Jneen City pleasure seek?
ers. K. of P. hall will bs Ulled each
Wednesday by the lovers of the art of
Supremo Chancellor Ross has ap?
proved ths doings of the line officers of
the U. K. K of P . af. Springfield, 0 ,
and the newly elected officers may ex?
pect their commissions in a few days
? +9*
los Cream Now Made In A Minute.
I have an Ice Cream Freezer thal
will freese cream perfectly in ont
minute ; as it is such a wonder a crowd
will always be arcund, so anyone car
umke from five to six dollars a daj
selling cream, and from ten to twenty
dollars a day selling Freezers, as peo
pie will always buy an article whet
it is demonstrated they can makt
money by so doing. The cream ii
frozen instantly and is smooth anc
free from lumps. 1 have done so wei
myself and have friends succeeding si
well that I felt it my duty to let othen
know of this opportunity, as I feel con
fident that any person in any locality
can make money, as any person cai
sell cream and the Freezer sells itself
J. F Casey &Co.. 1143 St. Charier St
St. Louis, Mo., will mail you completi
instructions and will employ you oi
salary if you can give them you
whole time Wm Mc
- s*? ? <? -
Church News?Other Items
Last Sunday there was a grand rall;
at the aft. Calvary Baptist Church
The collection raised was eighty-eigh
dollars and fifty cents ($86 50)
Rev Ferguson preachy d two ver
inspiring sermons. At8:30p m Rev
Mr Marlow filled the pulpit at tha
church. His sermon was sublime
The services all day were fine Th
congregation deserves praise for it
faithful work.
The services were excellent at th
Rising Mount Zion Baptist Churcl
At 11:46 am Rev. J R. Griffin of th
5th Street Baptist Church preache
a very instructive sermon on faitl
At 3:30 p m Rev. William Harri
Sreached. At 8:30 p rn the pulpit wa
lied by the pastor.
Grand rally at the Rising Mour
Zion Baptist Church next. Sunda]
Come out and help them? good preacl
ing all day,
The young Misses of this sectic
spent a very pleasant evening at tl
residence of Miss Mattie Reynolds c
the 21st inst.
Mr. Leonard Smith is still sick ab
Mrs. Louisa Tabb.
f f you w ish to connect yourself wit
a reliable association, sick and deaf
benefits promptly paid, see Miss T.
F. Whiting or Mr. Isaiah Randolph
agents of the Workmen's Aid and Bei
efleial Association of Richmond, Vf
Omce, 916K 29th Street.
To the Public:?
I baye removed my la
office from Sixth Street to No. 812 ]
Broad Street between 8th and 9th S
jnder the Planet Office: where I shi
be glad to meet my many friends ai
thousands of clients, who have heret
fore favored me with their patronag
Hoping to continue in their confider
ss heretofore.
Gii-ifs H. Jackson,
SJST Correspondence strictly con
'Phone, 842. 3m?4-4-96
S LaSaW Wrltton FlR-htevn Year* Ago
\Vhi<-h Is Apropos Now - A lloui?-l.r il?
lustration nf a Dllut.a lurr.'ncy.
The following letter from Petroleum
?bj, written ia 1878, is of pecul?
iar in'.crest just now. It contains a
moral which the free and unlimited ail
vcr coinage people will do well to heed:
(Wich is in the Btate of Kentucky),
Jan. 22, 1878.
I a^n't so certin that I want the sil?
ver bill to pass ez I wuz. The fact is,
the thing don't work cr. I sposed it
wood, and I ain't clear on to it. Thero
is suttle principles in these finansh.'l
questions wich requires a good deel uv
thought, and there is underlyin prin?
ciples wich a mau hez got to understand
afore he is competent to act hisself up
ez authority.
One thing I am certin uv, Bascom
ain't no finanseer, nor never will be.
and I told him so,
"Wat is a finanseer r" asked he.
"A finanseer, sed I, assoomin the
look of Dan'l Webster, "is a mau wich
kin pay his debts with notion, a man
wich kin git suthin with nothin."
"The CsTJCnstS, then, is full of flnan
scors," he reinarkt bitterly, castin a
casual flaSCO at the slate wich was jist
fnl muff to turn over and begin on the
t'other side.
But he hezn't any uv tho science uv
it. I wuz argooin with him tho t'other
day in favor uv my noshun uv a leather
currency, though I told him silver wuz
much the same thing, and, for example,
I wood assoom that silver wuz to bo the
currency nv the fucher
"Now, don't yoo SSS, Bascom, that cf
I hod twict as much money I cood drink
twict as much whisky and pay fur it?"
"How much is twict nuthin?" was
the unfeolin anser uv tho tyrant who
holds the destinies uv the Corners in
his bunds. "That's wat your eapitle's
bin SSS? since I knowd yoo. "
"Psrson,*1 nd ho, "I don't eeo wat
earthly difT'rcnce it's goin to make
wether silver is currency or anything
else. How are yoo SrSJO.ll to git silver
ef it is made legal tender? Ef silver
wuz cz bricks, wat hev yoo got to git
any uv it with?"
"Troo, (J. W.," wuz roy answer,
"hut can't yoo see that to hev silver
wood releeve the dettor class? Even
now, afore it is legal tender, it's only
wuth i?2 cents on the dollar, and.
the country is flooded whit it, it vi'!
ge |tfL] ! V f. Th'. '
uv us t raise money on,
-?;11 DSP OlT''
"Eggsackly so," retorts Bascom, "yoo
kin pay me for tho good honist likker
nv mine wich yoo hev consoomed in
Icoiu wich is less than the dollar yoo
promised. All rite. But look here?
come in herc all uv yoo. I want yoo sil
i vcr men to know* cggsackly wat yoo are
j rushin into. ?"*
And this feend led us into the back
' room?that back room wich coutanes
! tbs subsistence uv the Comers. There,
: in long rows, wuz Bascom's stock.
j Thero, in barrels, piled one on top uv
another, wuz tho dclishus whisky uv
Loouisville, uv different ages, rongin
from that uv two weeks old to that
wich had jist left the still and wuz
scarcely cold yit. There lt lay, and oz
j jny eyes ranged affeckshunately over it
I felt ef I cood hev the drinkiu uv all
that likkor I wood be content to lay
down and die when the last drop wu*
Bascom pintod to au immense tank
wich he had erected within a few
days, with a pipe runniu iu from the
! i "I shan't raise the price uv likker in
' I consokeuce u*v bein paid for it iu a de
, ? preshiated currency!" sed he.
, j I fell on Bascom's neck iu an extacj
uv delito, while the others abound,
i "Rah for Bascom 1"
> | "G. W., " I remarkt, while teers suf
J. fcosed my eyes, "I never placed yo<
I; much below the angels, but this gener
I, ons act hez histed yoo 100 per cent ii
my estimashnn. Bless yeo, G. W., Meei
"But I'll tell yoo what I shall do
Do yoo see that tank?" sed he,
"May I ask wat that is for?" I sed.
"That tank will fill with rana wa
ter," sed he. "The moment yoo git t<
payin me in silver I shel take out o
eech ov them barrils jisteggsackly8 l-l
gallons uv likker and fill it with wa
"Merciful hevings!" we all exclaim
ed, "and ycor likker so weak now!"
"And when silver gets down to 7
cents on the dollar I shel take out 2
per cent uv whisky and fill her u
with 25 per cent uv water. And so oi
down. Ef silver goes up, I shel ad'
whisky eggsackly in proporshun. I
short, my whisky is jist a-goin to foils
currency, aud nothin shorter. Yeo fel
fc lers wich work for wagis may swet, bu
J won't."
M3ut yoo'l increase the size * of yoe
glasses?" said L
I "Not any. But yoo may drink twic
ez many times to git the same amoui
uv drunk ez before, by paying for eec
And Bascom stalked hawtily bac
and took his posishen behind his bar.
There wuz oonsternashuu in tbe Coi
ners sioh ez I hev never seen. Thei
wuz a hurried consultashun at the dei
kin's house, and I se jested that w
emancipate ourselves from the domii
yun uv this tyrant by startiu a grosei
nv our own, on the joint stock princ
pie, wich wuz agreed to, eech ma
agreein to contribbet $10 to the capit
stock, wich would be enuff to buy
barri ur too fur a beginnin.
We wuz euthoosiastic till we cum i
ballotin fur the man to keep the pla?
wen it wuz found, instead uv my bei
chosen yoonanimously, ez I eggspeot*
to be, that"ovry man hed voted fur hi
self. Ez not a sole nv them wood r
eeed, the skeom wat blocked rite the:
and flnelly hed to be abandoned, and v
went back to Bascom's and subuiltte
That tyrant hez us.
Pktbolktjm V. Nasby,
w Finanseer.
Nos a Nation of Clasac*.
After reading one of Mr. Bryan
demagogic addresses it is reassuring
tum to Mr. MoKinley's ststement th
"we are not a uation of classes, but
sturdy, free, independent aud honorao
people, despising the demagogue ai
never capitulating to dishonor. "?Hr
ton Herald.
The regular quarterly meeting of
Uutuni Aasociation of the Richmond
\dored Normal and High School will
?onvene Monday. September 28, 1896.
n the building of their alma mater at
> p. m. sharp. All members are re?
tested to be present, ind commitees
>e ready to report. Graduates are in
/ited to be present and join.
Quarterly dues, 25c ; Joining fee, $1.
J. Anorrw Bowlbr. Pres.
R. Hilton Thurston, Gen. Sec.
Colored Troops During the
War of thc Rebellion
Do You Want a Chromo?
You Can Oct it Free
Ton Can Pay for ic.
We are ready to furnish you with a
solorsd chromo of the Battle of Fort
Wagner, 23 x 38 inches. Have you ever
assn it? Not Well, here is where the
Nth Massachusetts Begimsnt won un?
tying fsme. Colonel Carney ia on th*
breast-works waving the nag of tin
anion. Look at the Confederates. They
sour shot into the colored troops. Th*
rebel flag waves from the breast-works
Cannon belch forth their deadly cor?
The colored troops do not falter
They scale the breast-works, jump int?
the Bery hall. Three of them are ac?
tually standing on the parapet firing
spon their whits foes. Anothsr reach
ss over and fires s revolver into s Con
federate's face. Another falls fatally
?founded. Two run their bayonets
through Con federate soldiers. Another
has a white .man down and is about to
bayonet him. The gun-boats in the
distance are firing shot and shell. Thir
is a stirring scene.
Ws will furnisr this picture postage
prepaid for $1.00. Jend in the amount.
Wi will sen/* it free of charge to yearly
advance pe^../ig and new subscribers
upon receipt of 20 cents to pay the post
ass snd kandi inu
This was one of the most terri flt
struggles of the late v. ar. The colored
troops saved the Yankee army from
complete route. The colored chrome
is 22 x 28 inches Look at that line of
black boys dressed in blue. They fire
like veterans. Shot, shell and grape
and cannister play about them, but
thev heed it not. The Confederates arv
entrenched. They can be seen in their
gray uniforms firing upon the brave
64th Massachusetts regiment. A gen?
eral is wounded and is led to the rear
by a colored soldier. Horses are shot
down. A colored soldier drops behind
the dead animal, uses him as a breast?
work and fire* seals and again upon
his would-be ti.-i.ivers. .More troon
are hurried to the front. The 8th Col?
ored TJ. S. Infantry is hurrying to sup?
port the broken column.
This chromo will be sent post-paid
for $1.00. Advance pitying or new sub?
scribers will be furnished with it free
upon receipt of IO cents to cover mail?
ing and handling. If chromo is not
fully up to representation, money will
he refunded
The great Indian Chieftain met nu
?aath. TJaited States troops and tin
Indian polios msy be seen. The Indian;
fllS upon their assailants and are killed
Sitting Bull falls from his iron grsj
? sss ir sn*, hst /o-io^srs -^.-mi tc
afsnfs Mg isaak. Othsr UriUs,
afcav*' 4.0SSS hassan to assist. Thir
colored shs sins ready for framing will
hs sent postage prepaid, for $1.00, or
bs ftvsn free to md vases paying sr nsw
ysarly subscriber, upon receipt sf the
subscription prise sad 20 sen ts to de?
fray the expense of malting sad hand
Ifou've neard the cry, "Remembei
fort Pillow 1" Every colored Uniot
reteran has heard the cry. We have i
ihromo of it.
General Forrest accepted the surren
der of the garrison and then murdered
the colored troops. Look how they fin
-pon the colored men, but a mothr-i
.ttacks a rebel soldier with a rock and
.rives him away. Colored men fall int.
the water. Another i.i being stabbed. Ji
whiteofHosr standing by a white Hag o
truce tin s a parting shot upon the Con
federate host mid falls in death. Thi!
?hroino is 23x28 inches, ready for fra rn
ing. Sent to any part of the Uniter
?States upon receipt of $1.00, po?tag?
It will l>e given to advance psjitVJ
yearly subscribers ur new uno- upoi
pt of 20 cents for mailing ant
.landling. Money refunded in evei i
lase where ShfQSSS is not fully up ti
We will furnish this colored shronv
of this historic battle. It ts 25x18 inch
?s. Union soldiers are lying dead oi
the beach. The U. 8. Man-o-war Oman
borland is on firs sad sinking rasfdlj
Shs floats tbe whits flag at hes pS**V
Away off mar bs sees ths Monita
firing into the Oonfsdsrets sss
Msrrlmsc. Smoke and firs is assn, fb
stars and stripes and ths stars sad bai
mest is deadly sonfllst.
Ths forts ss shore assist. Ws wi
send this chromo postage pre-paid fe
$1.00, or it will bs ssnt fros of shari
to new ysarly and advance paying ssl
seri bars upon receipt of 20 cents to pu
pay postage and handling.
John Mitchell, Jr.,
814 B. Broad St,
New method. Learn how to enlarj
your own photos, or any other pictu
in one lesson ; any one can learn. On
fifty cents. Address
Z T. Sandridob.
9 E Orange St.,
Richmond, v
We Are Your Friends
Richmond Beneficial
and Instance Ci
Authorized Capital Stock, $50(
W. F. Orabah, President,
W. B. Ctjbnimobab, Vioe-Preaiden
Jobs T. Taylor, See. A Bosissss Ma
A. T. Gbibss, Trassursr.
Dirbctoss: ? W. F. (sr ai am, W
Cunningham, E. F. Johsason, C.
WHiseams, J. >. tartar, P. A. Mi
tin, A. T. Grimes, Jahn T. Task
A. B. Hawkins. J
gjST We pay Weekly Sick Benefits^,
snd Death Claims. Further Infor?
mation will 9? gi van all par?
sons by addressing the
Business Man saar.
Building: 728 N.Second
-Do not delay the collector.
him promptly.
I V l?rrslk?tttffn| I
Sc hs dc l? ra Krraor Arait M. USS.
SSS A. M.. Dally?Richmond and Norfolk Ves?
tibule Um.Wed? Arrive at Norfolk
l'.-6 A. M.Stop^oiilj at i'elvraburg
Waverly audSuffolk. Snvnd d*?<
ticke ts out accepted for pas. aa* un
thin tralj.
S:OS A. M., Dally, '-Tbe Chicago Express" for
Lynchburg, Roanoke. Bluefleld. Po?
cahontas*. Kfoova. Columbus and
Chicago. Pullman Buffet Sleeper
Roanoke to Columbus without
Change ; also, for Radford. Bristol.
Knoxville, Chattanooga and Inter?
mediate points.
'oik. Suffolk and Intermediate
* tallon*. Arrive at Norfolk SOO P.
ll A) P. M.. Dally.Tor Roanoke. Radford. Pu
laskl aad Bristol. Connect* at
Roanoke S MIA. M. with Washing?
ton anu Chattanooga Limited Pull?
man Sleeper Roanoke to .Memphis
and New Orleans. Also, for Blue
field and Pocahontas; alao for Rocky
Mount and ali stations Winston Sa?
lem Division.
Pullman Palace Sleeper between Richmond
and Lynchburg ready for occupaney . :00 P. M.
also Pullman Sleeper Petersburg to Roanoke.
Trains arrive at Richmond from Lynchburg
and the west daily. 6:40a. m.. and 7:00 p. m.,
rom Norfolk and the east U.-06 a. m. ana Ves
buled Limited 7 :OV p. m.
District Passenger Agent.
General Passenger Agent.
General Omce Roanoke. Va.
7 00 A. M.. Dally, for Washington and points
North. Stop at Tilba and local
stations. Pullman Car.
18! :00 M., Dslly, except Sunday, for Washing?
ton and points North. Stop at
Elba. Ashland, Doswell. Milford.
Kfderlcksburg, Brooke, and
Widewater. Parlor-car; also,
connects with Congressional
Limited at Washington.
7 IB P M., Daily for Washington snd points
North. Mops at Elba. Ashland,
Doswell Milford Frcderlcksburg,
Brooke, nnd Widewater,and otb
rtatrTHW Sundays. Sleeper.
Richmond io New York.
8 10 A. M.. l???tly. Stops at Widewater.
Brooke. Frcderlcksburg; Milford.
Doswell and Ashland, and other
stations Sundays. Sleeper, Kew
York to Richmond.
3:46 P. M., Dally, except Sunday. Stops at
local stations and Elua. Pvrlor
Car from Washington.
7:10 P. M.. Dally. Stops only at Frederlcks
buric, Doswell, and Ashland.
Pullman-Cars from New York
and Washington.
1246 A. M., Dally. Stops at principal local
stations and Elba. Sleeping
Car. Connects with Congress?
ional Limited between New York
and Washington.
(Daily, except Sunday.)
4:flo P. M., U-aves Byrd-Street .station.
8:30 A. M.. Arrives Hy ni Street Station.
(Dally, except Sunday.)
7 :1K A. m.. Leaves Elba.
6:20 P. m.. leaves Elba.
A. m.. Arrives Elba.
6:04 P. m.. Arrives Elba.
0* A. TAYLOR. Traffic Manager.
E. T. D. MYERS, President. fe 12
3;36 P.
Chesapeake aud
Ohio Flail way.
8:60 A. M., Daily, wtih chair-car, tor Norfolk,
Portsmouth. Old Point, Newport
? s and Local stations.
..ly with Pullman, for local
stations. Newport news. Old Point,
Norfolk and Portsmouth. Connects
dally with Old Dominion Steam?
ships for New York.
10:20 A. M..Local tralnvxcept Sunday for W.
Clifton Forge. Connects at vior
donsvllle for Orange. Rapldan, Cul
peper. Capertou, Manassas, Alexan?
dria, and Washington, at Tulon
Station, Charlottesville for Lynch?
burg; at Basic for Hagerstown; at
Staunton for Winchester.
2:26 P. M., Dally, with Pullmans to Cincinna?
ti, Louisville alni St. l/ouls. Stops
only at important stations,
neets at Covington, for Va, Hot
Springs. Meals served on Dining
car* No. 7 Local Trains,except Sun
uay, following above train from
i.ordonsvllle to Goshen.
6:30 P. M., Accomodation, except Sunday for
11:00 p. m., Dslly, foi Cincinnati, With F. F.
Y. Pullman to Hinton, and Uor
F. F. V. Pullman to W. Clifton Forge and
donsvllle to Cincinnati an Lou?
isville. Meals served on Dinlng
itm. Connect* at Covington. Va.,
dally for Hot Spring*.
_, m.. Daily, for Lyucabunr. Lexington.
Va., and Clifton 1
at li re mo, except Sunday, for Rod?
ney ; at Lynchburg, dslly, with N.
and W. R. H., and the Southern rail?
way for Southwest and South at
Beessmer, except Sunday, (or Craig
i ny, and-t VV. Clifton Forge with
No. 1. for Cincinnati.
6nw r. M., Except Sunday. Local accomoda?
tion for Columbia.
8:20 a. M.. Dally from Cincinnati.
10:16 A. M., Daily from Norfolk
Sat r. M., Dally, from Cincinnati and Louis?
i., Dally, from Norfolk, and Old
7:46 r. a., Except Sunday, from W. Clifton
8:60 A. H., Except Sunday, from Columbia.
G:*o v. M., Dally Irom Lynchburg, Lexington,
Va., aud Clifton Forge.
AfcVt General Passenger Agent.
and Old
JANUARY 16, ls*6.
V :00 A. M., Arrives Pe ersburg, v:31 A. M., Nor?
folk ll :_& A. M. Sups only at Pet?
ersburg, Waverly ana Suffolk, Va.
.:06 A. M., Arrives Petersburg ,:6o A. M., Wet
don 11:48 A. M., Fayettville 4:3o
P. M., Charleston n;18 Savannah
l ;4o A. M., Jacksonville 7:66 A. M.,
Port Tampa 6:40 P. M. Connects
at Wilson with No. 47, Arriving st
Goldsboro a :06 P. M., Wilmington
6:46 P. M. Pullman Sleeper New
York to Tampa, via Jacksonville.
2:66 P. M., Local, Arrives Petersburg 8:42 P. M.
Makes all stops.
6:30 P. M., Arrives Petersburg 6:1? P.M., Nor?
folk 8 :U) P. M. Makes all stops.
7:30 P. M., Arrives Petersburg 8.-04 P. M., Wel?
don ,:4? P. M., Fayetteville 1:07 A.
M., Charleston 6:26 A. M.. Savannah
8:06 A M., Jacksonville 12:30 P. M.,
Port Tampa SOW P. M.
7;22 A. M., Arriving at Aiken, Augusta 8:00 A.
M., Macon ll A. M.,AUant*i9a6P.
M. Pullman Sleepers New York to
Wllnilugton, Charleston, Thonias
\ille, Jacksonville, Port Tanina,
Aiken, August* and Macon.
11:20 P. M., Arrives Petersburg l.:ol A. M.,
Burkevllle 3:41 A. M., Lynchburg
4:66 A. M., Roanoke 6:66 Bristol
ll :60 A. M. Pullman Sleeper Rich?
mond lo Lynchburg.
12:86 A. M., Arrives Petersburg 1;IQ A. M., Wel?
don 2:66 A. ?f? Henderson 4:04 A.
M., Raleigh 6:17 A. M., Elberton
2:04 P. M., Atlanta 4 :os P. M. Pull
man sleeper Washington to Atlanta.
8:40 A. M., From Jacksonville, Savannah
Charleston. Atlanta, Macon, Augus?
ta, and all points South.
6:30 A. M., Florid* special from Mt. Augustine
Jacksonville Savannah and Cbarlei
6:40 A. M., Atlanta, Athens, Raleigh, Lynch
burg and the West.
8:26 A. M., Petersburg Local,
ll :06 A. M., Norfolk, Suffolk and Petersburg.
6:40 P. M., Jacksonville,Savannah, Charleston
Wilmington, Goldsboro', and ali
points South.
7.-00 P. M., Norfolk, Suffolk, Waverly and Pet
ersburg, and Lynchburg and th*
8:23 P. M., Petersburg Local.
J. R. KENLEY, Traffic Manager
Genera. Manager.
Division Passenger Agent
S. A. L.
No. 408.?JThe Atlanta Special" leaves Rich
mond. DalK, at 12.:?6 night, for Henderson
(arrive Durham daily, except Sunday) Ralelgl
Sanford, Souther Pines, Wilmington, Wades
boro, Monroe, Charlotte. Lincoln ton. Shelby
Rutherfordton. Chester, Clinton, Greenwood
Abla-rvllle, EllxTton, Athens, atlanta, au gue
ta. Macon, Chattanooga, Nashville, Meniphu
Texas, Mexico, California, and the West (vi
Memphis), Solid Limited Train, with ru ll ma
Buffet Sleepers and Vestibuled Coaches.
No. 41.?"The S. A. L. Express" leaves Rleli
?mond, dally, at W;06 a. m., for Henderson, (Dui
ham. dully, except Sunday) Raleigh, Sanforc
Southern rliies, Wilmington, Wades bo ru, Mor
roe,Charlo) ir, Clinton, Greenwood
Abbeville, Elberton. Athens atlanta, Macoi
l'ensMcol.t. Chattanooga, Nashville, Minphl*
Montg lexus Mexico, an
the South weat (via Haw Ort?as) Solid Trail
with pullman .-.I*-ejiers ami coaches; andSleei
er Hamlet to W Millington.
arrive Richmond, ti ;80 A. M.,ft;40 r. M., dall'
Ko' tickets, baggage checks, sleeping ci
reservations, etc., apply to
H ai BOY hi IN, Sole Pass'r Agent
836 Knut Main St Richmond Va
a. ST. John, Vue iT.-si,lent ami uen'l Manage
V. B. mcokkk. General Peperill tenden..
Traffic Manager, oeneral ras'r a*
rn ? -
Southern Railway.
(Piedmont Air-Line)
1 nu. m. SOITHKRN EXPRESS, dally for
Danville. Creeusbero. Winston Salem.
Sleeper* Richmond. Va., to Danville.
Greensboro, Salisbury. Charlot
umbi* A Augusta. Connect* at Danville
with the Washington and Southwest?
ern Vestibuled Limited ( No tn? carry?
ing sleeper*; Danville to Ashville. At?
lanta. Chattanooga, Birmingham, Mem?
phis, New Orleans, and Jacksonville;
also, first class day coaches between
Washington and Atlanta. Passengers
ean use these coaches without extra
charge. Connections made at Memphis
and New Orleans for all points In TVx
aa and California. Sleeper open for
passenger* mt 9 JW r. m.
1:66 T. M.. FAST MAIL, dally for atlanta* and
all points South. Connects at Moseley
wltb Farmville and Powhatan railroad
at EeysvUle for Clarkeville, Oxford.
Henderson and Durham.and at <
boro, for Durham, Raleigh, and Wln
ston Salem. Carries sleepers New York
to -tlantaand Montgomery, and from
New York to Jacksonville. Parlor Car
Atlanta to Birmingham.
DO r. m.. local, dslly .except Sunday, for
Kcysvlllefand Intermediate points.
:00 a. M. from atlanta and Jacksonville.
;40 r. m., from ? Dan ta and Augusta.
:40 a. M.. from Keysvllle.
miuiiT trains will also carry passengers.
fork River LInetv,_ west point
Train No. 10, S JO r. m.
local azraass, Dally except Sunday. Stops
t all stations. At Lester -mor connects
ith stage for Walberton ; also, at West Point
?ith York-River steamers for Baltimore.
Train No. 16. 4 :46 r. M.
B.i timor* Limited, Dally. Close oonnec
ion at West Points r. m., dally, except Sun
Steamers leave Baltimore at 6 p. m.. and West
oint? r. m., dally, except Sunday.
Trains from West ' olnt arrive In Richmond
t V;07 a. m.. dally. 10:40 a. M., excepe Sunday
nd Monday; and at 6 r. M., dally, except Sun
Train No. 46. 4 ;45 a. M.
LOCAL MIXED, dally, except Sunday, leaves
wen ty-third street for West ? olnt and lnter
tedlate points.
Ticket-office at station, foot of Virginia St.
pen from ? a. m., to 6 r. m. and from w,oo r. m.
j 2 a. m.
. M.cui.r. w. L. Turk,
raffle Manager. oen. Pass. Agt.
j. c. hobton. Traveling Passenger agent, W20
sst Main street. Richmond. Virginia.
.?v. Richmond (Rocketts)..6 00 pm
.v. Old point Comfort._.10 So p m
,v. Baltimore.9 SO pm
.T. Baltimore (B & O R R).V 60 p m
w. philadelphia (B.UKR) .12 00 ikm.ii
Kr. New York (B AUK R) .2 20 p rn
ir ri ve Boston.ll 00 p m
irrive Washington B A O R R).ll 20 a tu
>ave Baltimore (p a ?).10 wpm
>ave Philadelphia (rs a).12 27 p ni
Arrive New York ( P * a).8 OS p m
[/eave New York B <fc O R R) .ll SO a rn
y*v? New York (p k b) .ll 00 a m
>ave Philadelphia (B A O R R).1 Wpm
>ave philadelphia ( T B B).1 ;12 p m
L<eave BvPimure (Bay Line) ?._.4 OD p m
trrlve Richmond.10 00 a m
The trip by this steamer affords a most en
oyablesail on the James river and Chesapeake
Day, passing Dutch Lap, Re rm uda Hundred,
liv Point, Newport News, U*mpton.and Old
roint.and through Hampton Roades. Tis* B*t>
rice offered ls unsurpassed In every particular.
I>arge and luxuriantly furnished saloons and
state-rooms, heated by steam, and lighted hy
ts sold to all points North, East and
West, and baggage checked to destination.
State-rt x> ms reserved upon application In per?
ron at the company's oBice ho. tttt east Main
itreet, or on U>*rd steamer. For further In?
formation apply to
General Agent.
To Norfolk, Portsmouth, old Point. Newport
News, Clan-mount, and James River landings.
?nd connecting at Old Point and Norfolk for
W>KtjlMjfton, Baltimore and the North.
Stkam-s. Pocahontas Leaves Mom. i \Vki
Electric-cars direct to wharf. Fare only *. .ai
and ?1.00 to Norfolk, Portsmouth, Old Point
and Newport News. Music by a grand Orches?
Freight received dally from above-named
places and all points In Eastern Virginia and
North Carolina.
General Offices: Planters' Bank Building.
Passenger* can leave Richmond DAILY via
Chesapeake and Ohio railway, at H :60 A. M., or
Richmond and Petersburg railroad, (Norfolk
and Western route) V ;0u A. M., connecting at
Norfolk with Old Dominion-Line steamer, sail?
ing same evening for New York.
Steamship Old Dominion leaves Richmond
every Monday at 6:00 P. M., for New York via
James River.
Tickets on sale at Richmond Transfer Com?
pany's, soli east Main Street: Chesapeake and
Ohio railway and Richmond and Petersburg
railroad depots, and at company's office, 1:213
east Malu Street. Richmond Baggage checked
| through.
for New York and all points beyond can bc
shipped by direct steamers, sailing from Rich?
mond every MONDAY AND FRIDAY, 6:00 P. M
Also by steamer leaving Richmond WK
DAY 6 P. M. for Norfolk connecting with steam?
er for New York.
Manifest closed one hour before sailing time
Freight received and forwarded and through
hills of lading issued for all northern, eastsri
and foreign points.
Passengers ean leave dally except Sunda:
to Norfolk or Old Point Comfort, oonnectin)
wltb Norfolk aud Western railroad or Ches*
peake and Ohio raliway.
Direct steamers (via James-River route)
leave every SATURDAY (Passenger and f reign
and MONDAY, (freight only.
Sailing from company's pier. No. 26, Nort)
River foot of Besch street, at ai/UO P. M.; Sal
urday 4:00 p. M.
For further Information apply to
GEO. W. ALLEN A CO., Agent*.
Ulla east Main street,
Richmond, Vi
W. L. Gnlllandeu, Vioe-President and Tram
Manager. New York,
We, the
First National Band,
of Richmond, Vs.,
Do hereby notify the public that w
are prepared to furnith music on allo
any occasion that we may be calle'
upon to serve.
All orders are received and will b
strictly attended to st the shortest nc
tice, st No. 607 Pink Alley.
Choice Groceries, Winei
Liquors & Cigars
6io E. Franklin St.,
(Near Old Market.)
Richmond, - - Virginia.
Washington, D. Cs
Howard University furnishes supt
rior facilities for higher edueatioi
Nine different departments, with sixl
professors snd instructors:
Theological, Medical, Eentsl, Pharmi
oeuticai, Law, College, Prepartor
Normal, Industrial, the latter inclui
ing printing, carpentry, bookbind ii
tinning and sewing.
Academic departments opens Se;
tem ber 28; professional, September :
to October 1st.
For particulars address Ths Psst
812 E. Brosd St, - Richmond, 1
1 In-8 mos
Hiss Hattie Rotner,
Spiritual Evangel st and
Points out the pohtibilities of the
present and reveals tfiw horoscope of
ihe future.
Can euro all manner of infirmities.
Give advice in matters of business,
olitics, love and marriage.
Locates lost, buried and btolen prop?
Consultation strictly confidential.
'OL' E. Broad St., Richmond, Va.
Hair-Cutting, Shaving and
Shmipooing. All work strictly
first-class. Call on us. Sati
tioQ Guaranteed.
31)8 N. Second Stn-tt.
Fine Equipments, Polite Attention
Lincoln Flats
N?w York
361 ct atj W. 47th Street,
aSstwssD Broadway & 8th A vs.
Per stisysi Isl.** Colors* Families.
'? ? ' ' ' v
Rent Prom $8 a Month.
BUetris Balls, Door Openers and Let
tor Boxs*.
Af ply te.
you won't miss
seeing JFRGEN'8 line of furni?
ture and Carpets.
lt ii tko biggest snd best Lb
tl?e etty and the prices are the
Ri nest.
Weean soil yon chesp Roods
or fine foods for oaah or credit.
Cons Lb snd see us.
Ws wast your TRADE.
G. 6. Jnrgen's Son,
412 ?fc 414 N. Third St.
Residence nt shuip ruimber.
Onlers promptly lilied nt short notice
Telephone urdori promptly sttonded.
Hall rented for meetings and slln.ee en
tertsinment*. Plenty of room with sU
necessary conveninces. 'Phone No 8T7
BstaMssliwd 1888.
Henry Cooke.
Funeral Director
& Embalmer.
orrios a oudb.u.iiis booms:
1647 B. BSOAD StBSB*. RsOSMSSfO, Va.
SyST" All Orders by Tslsgraph promptly
Tilled. Pions 166.
Funeral Director
608 E. Broad St.
Rksidbnck and Ware Rooms:
1808 E.Leigh St., - Richmond. Vs.
Long experience and new methods
thoroughly understood, ensure satis?
faction. Having made new and exten?
sive improvements in all of the branch
es of the undertaking business, 1 re?
spectfully thank the public for their
past patronage and ask the contin?
uance of the same. All orders prompt?
ly filled. Country orders solicited.
We, the undersigned gladly recom?
mend W. 8. SELDEN to the public
generally as a worthy and faithful un
dertaker, Revs Daniel James, Archei
Ferguson and Mr. John Heney, No
1000 Graham and Marshall St., Fulton
Owes W abb-boom : 727 N. Sboond S.
Residence: 726 If. 2nd Street.
First Olsss Hacks, and Caskets of al!
Descriptions. I hsve s spare room
fer bodies when ths family have
sot a suitable place. All
soon try ord sra are givsa
Speeial Attention
Toot special attentios is called to thi
nsw style Oak Oasksts. Call and se<
ms and toa shall ho. waited os steel*
yon mar nines cheaper titan yon eas
S*t elsewhere* The NEW HOltlS li
?>ur heat, bnt w? make cheaper hinda
anch as the CLIMAX* IDEAL and
other Hlffh Arm Full Nickel Plated
??wing machines for $15.00 and np
Call oa ene scent or write nay, Wi
Brant your trade* snd I rp ric es, termi
iand square dealing; will win, we wil
ssvslt. We challenge the world t?
Srodure a RRTTKR $50.00 Sewlnj
lachlae for $SO.OO, or n better $20
?ewing machine for $20.00, than f<k
ita buy Irora ns, or onr Agents*
m nf Bin sung iachiki covin,
.afeaa. Beaton,Mass.? Paton Sq. N.Y
*Va? . . . r.?
ostoo, aiass. ss Paton Hq. n.i
8t.Loui._fo. Da?s\a,T*x,
3ol*co,^a. Atianta, Ga m
rpo, sats sw _~
1406 E. Main St.. Richmond/V
G. W. Lewi.
Room 5.-Planet Bui ld in
? :o :
Prsctices in sll the Court* of the Sts
Titles to property examined?
Deeds and Wills prepared.
Charters of Incorporstion of all kin
written and obtained.
BjsTMoney to loan on real estate
$1,000 REWARD.
Ut vs* the natue* of dead and tiring friend*
.??lia who and when jon will marr/, also ot
jumnea* journey*, lawsuit*, abeted friend*.
i< alUi or au j thing you know, no matter what
ills. ile csu vail up /our spirit friend* aud
?iiuw them lo you. Can make thew rap ail
iround the ruom. lie aa ka nu question*, don't
s*k you to write nauue* fur him. Loo't try to
l>unip you lu any way, hut tell* you right off.
Lie ia thoroughly endorsed by leading spiritual?
ist* everywnere, received Iron! th?m a gold
medal aud spacial license to practice hi* won?
derful power*; credentials no one else can ?hov
can give thousand* of references to both whits
and colored patrons. Twenty-five years' prac?
tice?seven in brooklyn?will show yon that
he can do all that he can tell of. Can tell what
business 1* best for you and whare, how to win
mp* edy marriage with the one you love. How
to be sueceaaiul in all your doings in short
what ls best to do. Ile succeeds wueu ali ?th?
era tail. Positive satisfaction or no pay. Call
and see. You will find lt lucky to consult this
Christian geuUeman. Ile has a medicine thal
will cure drunkenness, can be given patients
not knowing lt. Thousands through him are
with all their undertakings, while those who
neglect his advice are still laboring agata* l
poverty, 'through hi* perfect knowledge of
ulstry, hecau Impart to you a secret thst
will overcome your ^seniles aud win yea
mends, Iii* alu and advice lia* often besu so?
licited; the result has always been th* securing
ol speedy and happy marriage* and all your
wisnes. in love n u al rs he never fail*. Hs
has the secret ol winning the affection* of ths
opposite sex. it is th* curse of Spiritualism
that in all large cities there are a class of mem
and women wuoclaim powers they do not pos?
sess. Ekes have ueither gift*, credential*, so?
re le re n ces. du rely the colored people ar* sot
so wanting in sense a* to throw their tim* and
money away ou such. Dr. shea refers to ths
lion. Wiiiiam Ueuuiore, Architect and builder.
47 Cleveland Ave_and Mr. r red. Lani pe, grocer.
Sal t ul ton direct, Brooklyn. Ail have known
him for the past seven years. He gives s free
test ot his power to ail. The doctor ha* practic
eu live years in New Orleans, tot. Louis, Mam
phis and louisville; understand* thoroughly
ine diseases, spells or iulluences the race la sub?
ject lo. lie is now and always had a larg* pa?
tronage from then.
Brooklyn. Aug. 16. I8vl.-Tbis is to certify that 1
io .New York from Albany. 1 s?? a
ger lu a strange city, out of work and out
ol money. I had no luck in anything 1 under?
took. V* bat to do i did not know. A friend ad
viM-d me lo go and see Ur. Shea. I did. He
told me the cause of my troubles; he took rn* isv
and treated me as a brother. Through him i
got a Kood uositiou that very week. I nad bees
to others; they took my money and dla mt no
good. 1 hies* the day 1 tirst met Dr. tibs*. I
wouid advise ali In bad luck, sick or In trouble
to go to him at once. Sincerely,
Albert Ayers. SW Atlantic Ats.
Brooklyn, Aug. 16, lfeVl.-Thls letter ls lo certify
that my husband aaa gone away and had been
absent two years, 1 mourned for him night and
day. 1 gave him up, as dead. Hearing of the
woiideriui things Ur. shea wa*doing 1 resolved
to consult him. lie told me that my husband
was alive and well, and where he was; told me
he wouid come home and when. To my Joy
all el il came true. He ls home now, came
back like one from the dead. 1 also wish to say
that this mouth 1 lost *_jy. 1 am a poor woman
aud 1 was almost insane. 1 went to Lr. Shea
and he told me 1 wouid rind my money and to
my intense joy 1 did lind lt as bs told me. I
thank dod lhere is a man so gifted In our midst
that csu help people sud tell them what to do.
sincerely, Mrs. harrell,
iai-asrd Street.
1 u ish to state thai one of my parlahonsra
wa* sick and in trouble for a long Uni*. Mrs.
Brown, 37. uay Street. Noone seemed to un?
derstand her case, she had several doctor*.but
none of them seemed to know what was tbs
matter. Noue could do her sny good, lt was
my du ty as her pastor to call aud se* her. Hear?
ing ol the wonderful work being done by Hr.
shea the last lew years, 1 thought 1 would cali
and see him myself. 1 lound lum a kind aym
pathetic gentleman, lie gave me a wonderful
MSS ol his powers; told me to send him a lock
ol patient's hair, which 1 did by her^gughler.
lie told at once what wa* the ciatterBudin a
short time cured her sound and well. Uer fam?
ily had seemingly been under a cloud. NowaH
ischauged. Allure well and prosperous, loan
truly and heartily recommend Lr. Shea, to all
those in sickness or distress of any kind. Kev.
Gilliam Johnson. 1'astor Lebanon Church,
Br. siiea can show thousands such ac ths a
has been carefully educated In thc U om oe pa I hts
and Eclectic schools of Medicine, lils suooss*
is wonderful in curing part ima liam.
.V.ilhins .^ort Ej ?s. Turnor^ -lipa
*y-11 T
..ri uisease. i naumptivu. IM?
US, Kidney Ht
1 se* sc, aud all tirang* mysterious rh sr* MS
I which other* don't understand. AU diseases,
no matter what they ba. Notinug but honora?
ble treatment. He can and wiU honestly tell
you if you eau be cured. Has ail uew.reu.edls*
and new success. Has had ample experisne*
lu public hospital and private clinics. No
inning with human life. Call st ones.
Lo not delay. Lipioma* haag In parlors, ls
a registered physician. A new remedy for rheu?
matism just discovered, not sllnament. Hope?
less cases and those that others cannot eura so?
licited to call. Eat folks thin, the childi eas mad*
parents. All letters must contain ll.uUt Jwo
stamps, age, look of hair. For consultation, ad?
vice and diagnose*. No postal cards.
Charges tor medical treatment only. Men*
tion this paper.
oi>eii Sunday*. . BROOKLYN N. Y.
Nickel Savings Bank,
801 N. 30th St., Richmond, Va.
Deposits Received from 5 cts.,
Bills of Exchange, Promisor* Notes
Drafts, Negotiable Notes and otb
er evidence of debt, negotiated
and discounted.
Db. R. F. Tancil, President ?
R. J. Babs, vice-President;
E. A. Washington, Osshier.
R. F. Tancil, R. J. Bass, E. A. Wash?
ington. Evana Payne, W. 8. Christian,
Anderson Evans, J. Henry Jones.
Money! Money !! Money !!!
if you want
To buy you a HOME or pay
off a debt on property in
the city of Ricmond
call on
803 E. Main St.
For the Benefit of the Fund.
1?Solomon Marable at Farm
ville Jail.
2?Solomon Marable in Cell
Farmville Jail.
3?Solomon Marable behind
bars in Richmond Jail.
4?Mary Abernathy and Pok
1 ey Barnesat Farmville Jail.
5?Mary Abernathy & Babe.
6?Mary Barnes in Penitenti?
7?Pokey Barnes a tree wo?
8?The Jail at Farmville.
9?The Court-house at Farm?
Prick, 25 Cents Each, Post
si 4 E. Broad St.,
1 Richmond,

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