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Special (Quotations) TUpon Xar<jc
VOL. XIII. NO. 42.
Yes, 'tis that which all
The strain ol him Bravo sings;
?___ When th?> music* rsl'SIS
CH The fault is in the strings*.
LifS's supremest lo?
ver mate li its gai'
Crowns are more than STOB.
Pleasures more than pail
Often we, forgetting
All the good we -
Bpsod our liven regretting
Things that ought tobe
Oft. instead ol doing
Little tasks lodi
Waste of strength pursuing
Oreatones faraway.
In the quest of pleasure
rivery soul that lives
(..rasps the fullest measure
With the hand that gives;
Anti no halm of healing
Conies to heart or brain,
Save from fellow .soling
For another's pain.
Not where glories linger
Hearest joya belong,
Not the lot tiest singer.
Sings the sweetest song ;
For one eagle soaring
OBST the mountain chain.
A thousand larks are pott* inc
Their music o'er the plain.
?J. li. Parke, in DotTO t Frt'e Press
Sundas st the Churches?Hurricane
Plays Havoc in this Section?Politics
Run Wild?Other Things of the
Ward in Brief
Last .Sunday morning showed indi?
cations of a beautiful day, hut while
many of our people were worshipping
at the various churches a lefreshing
shower of rain watered this section.
At the First baptist ('hurch, Kev
Dr. C. ll. Corey preached ;i very prac?
tical sermon toa large congregation.
At the Mo-ire St. Church, a strand
rally was had. Kev. W li. White
preached an excellent sermon in the
morning to an excellent sermon, af?
ter which two candidates were bap?
tized. In 1 he evening Kev Po sell
Ol the Fifth baptist Church preached
a powerful sermon, beseeching his
hearers to "lay aside every sin that
doth ao easily benet them '' Kev.
George Johnson lilied the pulpit nt
night. After the sermon, the Loni's
.Supper was administered los large
Kev. Graham, as usual fed his Hock
?.ith whob ...une food, including the
administration of the Lord's Supper
on last Sunduy
Kev. El Wells, the good old shep?
herd, who has guarded snd cured for
his Hock for tbs past twenty-live years.
lifted up the standard among his peo?
ple on last Sunday.
The other churches were largely at?
tended, anel held excellent services.
Mrs.IaOO.sa Payne, an old resilient
of this section passed away last Tues?
day morning.
The death-rate in the whole city
for last week amounted to 33?17 white
BB*] ld colored.
On last Tuesday, a great hurricane
swept over this section, taking I
up by their roots and lifting the roofs
mfl" houses and carrying them blocks
away. One ot tlie steeples from the
cupola of the Sixth Mt. Zion Church
?was blown down The trees and fence
-.if the baker School were blown down.
About ten o'clock the Ward was in
darkness. Some of the old people ol
this section said such a j-tor in had
not beer: witnessed for years.
Bryan-Sewall Club. fifo, l.held its
meeting at Bahen's Hall on last Tues?
day night, but on account of the. storm
many that wotilel have been there did
not appear. This club is about ten or
fifteen strong in Jackson Ward.
The bona fide republicans ol this
section are at aloft ns to whom to vote
for as congressman. Some say they
will support Judge Lewis, others that
they will support Captain John Lamb,
and others that they will not vote for
congressman at all ; but they all have
it straight on McKinley and Hobart
The Night School opened at the Bak?
er School on last Thursday night with
Mrs Rosa 1). (towser and Miss Mattie
Tinsley as teacners.
Some of our folks complain because
some of our churches do not allow the
young folks in the galleries. Well,
we do not criticise, but we do think
that the deacons and ushers could pre?
serve order while the young folks seal
themselves in the galleries. Deacons
bestir yourselves.
Some of the girls of the West End
tia v.- forms*, what is called a "Lover's
Association," and when a fellow is
caught by them, he will have to show
up or shut up.
On tlie hill the "big Four" has a
noble representation, and when you
come in contact with any one of them,
you w ll have struck a chatter-box
By chance we met l young lady a
few weeks with a stick projecting
frOBS her mouth, whereupon we asked
bru- what was it. Say? she, "it's an all
day sucker." We are glad that some
of our girls have, found something to
du all day now.
We are sorry to note that Miss belle
Fitzhugh anti Miss Louisa Nelson are
on the sick list. We hope their sp-edy
On Thursday night, the 24th ult ,
the Columbia Social Club gave a grand
social at Mr. Wm. White's on North
2nd St. A grand evening was spent.
Young man, you should make your
visit seldom since that young lady
ia attending school. Don't you think
It se*rns that some of our people's
prayers have been beare! and good
many of our folks who have not been
working for the last six months, have
been hard at it for the past four days
"The prayers of the righteous shal'
Wt have wondered why it was thal
marriages were so few, but we are in?
formed that the boys are waiting unti
McKinley is elected.
Maono Uno.
Churches Damaged?Houses Unroofed
No Lives Lost m Richmond.
A most violent wind storm swe*p
over this city last Tuesday night. I
began at about 7 o'clock and isoiSSSBl
in fury until it reached a hurricane
Trees were uprooted, signs blow:
down, DO lading* unroofed, wires lori
down, and the frestSSt confusion DIS
vailed .
Rain fell at times in blinding sheets
but the greatest damage done was b;
the wind
One of the spires of the 6th Motin
7Aon Baptist Church was torn awaj
nd one of the cornices of the ..bene
zer Baptist Church treated in a sima
lar fashion
The chimney of Hartshorn Memorial
(Jo1 legs was blown down upen the roof
of the chapel doing considerable dam?
The glass in the windows of the itrd
Street A. M. E. Church was broken
The Fust Baptist Church, of Man?
chester. Kev A. Binga, Jr., pastor
sustained a severe-lusa. The steeple
of the new structure was destroyed.
It will require nearly $ 1.5(H) to repair
the damage. The structure is new.
The Second Baptist Church, Kev Z.
I>. Lewis, which has just been remod
elU-d at considerable cost was unroof
The St. John's Church in which Pa?
trick Henry made hia celebrated
speech, had a portion of the steeple
blown away
The Second Baptist Church (white)
was partially demolished by the fall?
ing steeple, and the roof of the Y. M.
C. A. (white) was damaged by the fall.
The Third Presbyterian Church
( white) had its cornices torn away and
the Union Station Methodist and the
Leich Street Baptist ( burches were in?
The top of the steeple of Saint Mary's
Catholic Church (white) on Marshall
Street, near 4th streets was blown off
and the roof of main building of the
Academy of Visitation Monte Mariann
Crace street between 21st and 23rd
streets was taken off.
The covering of the steeple of the
Broad Street Methodist Church was
torn away but did not blow down the
main structure.
In Behalf of tbe late Rev Mother Stet)hen
of Franciscan Convent.
Whereas, The will of God has been
accomplished and Ile. whose chastise?
ments are meant in mercy, and who
tempers the wind to the shorn lamb,
has seen tit in the dispensation of His
Providence to remove from our midst,
our dearly beloved Sister, and
WherwaB, we are called upon to
mourn the loss of our Sister. There?
fore lye it
L.-olved 1st. That while we lion in
bumble submission to the will of Him,
who doeth all things well, we no leas
feel called upon to pay this humble tri?
bute ol worth te> our dear Sister.
Resolved 2nd. That in the death of
Kev. Mother Stephen, our club has
suffered the loas elf a faithful and lov?
ing guide, the school an eltfcient teach
er aud the convent one of ita most
sacred links.
Resolved 3rd. That wc offer to the
OonvOOt our consolation in this sad be?
reavement and trust that they may not
sorrow as those who have no hope.
Resolved 4th. That owing to the
?tppreciation of the members for
our Sister, the name of the club be
changed from St. Joseph's to Stephen's
Charity Club.
lived 5th. That a badge of mourn
ing shall be worn by each member of
the club for thirty days ; that a copy of
thew* resolutions be spread upon the
minutes ol -the club, transmitted to
the Sisters of Franciscan Convent, and
be published in the Richmond Planet.
K. B (.kiffin, M. E.Chase,
F. If. Fi.iimmn, M. B Fkasiek,
B L. Walton, M. J. Judah,
M. V Bhooks, K. J. Randoi-I'ii,
M. L. Coots.
The hurricane that visited our city
uesday night played havoc with
the roofs, winelows, doors, and awn?
ings of houses and at times very
threatening, causing many people to
run from the Hying debris. Every
street where trees are frequent were
blockaded. The wind tooK them up
by the root, and many of the side
walks were blockaded with fallen
tenets that could not stand the terrif?
ic storm. It was the greatest wind
storm we ever experienced in this sec?
tion , and no doubt, on that night many
people prayed who had never prayed
During the fury of the great gale the
wind took off the steeple and a part
of the roof of the 1st Baptist Church of
which Dr. A. Binga is pastor. The up
p^r portion of the front of tlie church
was also blown down. Tbe damage
done will probably reach $2000. lt
has a membership of more than 1200.
riie members and friends will start to
work at once to have their edifice fix?
ed in its former style
Mrs. Jennie Robinson, cf our city,
but now visiting Rocky Mount was se?
riously burnell on the right arm a few
days ago. She has our sympathy.
Miss Martha A. Holmes is visiting
our city this week. She arrived her*
from Parkersburg, Pa., last Saturday
We learn that a club has been or?
ganized and in a few months will bf
made a new lodge of Knights of Py.
this**. Lt has now enrolled about 21
members If any one wish to jenn
cal! at Cunningham's bal) at 5 o'clock
We learn that Mr. Royal A. Hughet
has been appointed janitor of the las
department of Howard University
Washington, D. C.
At tlie 2nd Baptist Church the pas
tor, Rev. D Webster Davis preacher
an instructive ser.non Sunday morn
ing on the words "The woman thei
left her water pot. At night, Rev. J
Vt Pryor preacheel to a large audienci
from the words "Xever mari spoki
like this man."
On Monday night, the Jubilee Sing
ers gave a grand concert at the abov
church, while the ladies h ld a kir
mess in thu yard. A neat sum wa
realized for the church.
Mr. Hilyard Armstead was takei
quite sick last Sunday.
Rev. Davis will preach a special eei
mon next Sunday morning. In th
afternoon, he is to be ordained at th
First Church, Richmond, at 3:30. .
large delegation will go over from thi
-et * a* -
A Chance To Make Money.
I read how one of your subscribe!
made money selling Dishwashers;
ordered one, and my lady friends wei
charmed, as they hate dish washing
My brother and I commenced sellin
them,and have made $1,700 after pa]
ing all expenses. We don't canvai
any. Our sales are all made at bomi
People come or send for them. Tr
Mound City Dish Wisher is the bei
t Dishwasher on the market. Our bus
t ness is increasing, and we are going I
I keep right on, until we make tc
thousand dollars,
D We sell from 6 to 15 machines eve*
n day, and some days more- The Dis!
washer is lovsly, every house-keep
wants one. There ia no excuse to 1
poor when so much money can 1
made selling Dish Washers. For ft
uart icu lars, address, The Mound Ci
t Dish Washer Co., St. Louis, Mo. Tin
-, will start you on the road to succet
A Reader
Why Republicans are In?
Why there is 7 rouble in the
1 hird District.
The Political fight in thia district
has been bitter, lt was caused by the
arbitrary tactics of Messrs. Edmund
Waddill, Jr. and Edgar Allan. Find?
ing that they were in the minority,
they set themselves to to scheming
for an advantage, which they could
not secure before the people. Pr?
cinct meetings were celled for Tues?
day. Sept. 22nd.
lt was understood that the precinct
chairman had been ordered not to
countersign the credentials of the del?
egates who were elected favorable to
Col. William Lamb, the state chair?
man and John Mitchell, Jr
Cen, Allan sent word to Editor John
Mitchell, asking t> ra conference with
a view to settling the matter amicably.
In his talk with Mr. Richard Car?
ter, the messenger, he said he was
willing to divide the delegation
throughout the city.
Editor Mitchell named Dr. P. H. C.
Noble, Alderman James Bahen, Mr
William Custalo, Squire H. F. Jona?
than and Mr Colin T. Payne aa.the
conference committee They met at
the Republican headquarters, but this
meeting was subsequently postponed
until 8 p.m., on the 19th prox.
Messrs Waddill and Allan appeared
on the other side. They refused to
recognize that the Mitchell people
had any following anywhere outside
of Jackson Ward, although they assur?
ed and proved to them that they bad a
compact organization throughout the
Mr. Allan proposed that his faction
be given one half of the delegation
from Jackson Ward and give up all but
.">,'.. votes of the delegation to Hanov?
er, U. j.
Editor Mitchell proposed that the
delegates be divided throughout the
city, Jackson Ward included, his side
taking half and the Allan faction tak
fng half.
Neither Mr Allan nor Mr. Waddill
would agree to this.
He then proposed that a disinterest?
ed party, one in each precinct of Jack?
son Ward be sent there on the night ol
the meetings and file the voters out ol
the doors one by one. and if a majori?
ty were for Allan, he should name all
of the delegates, and if for Mitchell
he should name all of the delegates.
Messrs. Allan and Waddill would not
agree to that.
The next proposition made was thal
Mr. Allan should guarantee that fair
play should prevail and that the cre?
dentials of the delegates elected bj
the people should be signed by thc
Allan precinct chairmen throughoui
the city. Mr. Waddill protested a
gainst considering such a proposition
An informal conversation followed, af
ter which the gentlemen present re^
tired lt was plainly evident thal
fraud was intended.
All efforts to secure a list of the
places of holding the precinct meetingi
had failed.
Squire Jonathan was promised the
> list by Mr. Wray T. Knight,but on tin
next day he declined to furnish thi
same. State Chairman. William Land
was appealed to. He wrote Mr Allan
but hts efforts were as unsuccessful a
Mr, Jonathan's had been.
Editor Mitchell called on Mr. Knigh
for a list He said he could not do s
unless so ordered by Mr. Allan. A via
it to that gentleman resulted in a fur
ther reference to Mr. Knight. It wa
row plainly apparent that the Alla
faction knew they would be whippet
before the people and intended to ua
the '?machine" in order to carry ou
their purposes.
Tuesday night in the First Precinc
a small room had bee"n rented a
Strause's near the corner of Brook
Ave., and Baker St. Voters were de
nied admission thereto until 8 o'clock
At that time Joseph Brown, the pre
einctchairman presided. He refuaei
to permit the election of a permanen
chairman, and put only the affirmativ
side of the question thu. nullifyin
the voice of the crowd ot Republics
voters who were clamoring for admit
sion. The voters finally elected
chairman and delegates to the cit
conventitin. Eight men had robbe
over two hundred of their right e
In the second precinct, Jae ?*
Ward, Richard Washington, betti
known as "Dick Allen" refused I
open the place of meeting at all, at
five hundred voters elected the del
gates in the street, yet Dick Alli
and his crowd were admitted aa del
gates by Mr. Allan.
In the third precinct, Jackson Wa
attempts had been made by E. J. Co
to secure a small room in which
hold the meeting and pack it with m
from other wards and bar out the
gal voters.
He did not succeed. At 8 o'clo
Jackson Acres, the precinct chairm
led the way into the hall, and call
the meeting te) order and named J.
Merriweather as temporary secrets!
E. J. Cook nominated him for pern
neut chairman and Editor Mitchell
nominated H. F. Jonathan for the
same position.
No attention was paid to Mr. Mitch?
ell's nomination. Jun Merri weat her
put Cook's motion and amidst a storm
of noes and not more than tine- yeas
declared it carri?>d.
Cook declared that they would ap?
point the delegates .regardless of the
three hundred voters present.
Then the re>w commenced. Editor
Mitchell dared them rodo it. ile
challenged took or Acres or Merri
weather to attempt it.
They sneaked from their positions
snd the meeting unanimously elected
H. F. Jonathan as permanent chair
man and George Seay as permanent
The delegates were then elected to
the city convention
Mr. Allan denied them admission
and issued tickets to Merriweather,
Ce>ok ami Acres crowd, who made out
the list of del gates acrosa the -
and outside of the hall where the
meeting was called
In the Fourth Precinct, ackson
Ward. John ti Mn ith announced tiaw
he would not hold his meeting um 11 9
o'clock. Ile held it nt B:4f?, tasked
the front d' or, got his er..nd in ihe
small room, and such as did secure ad?
mission had io go down an alley and
enter the buck way through a hole in
the fence. The IBO voters who came
to elect delegates pioee-ded BO IO du
They were denied cieuential-* and >r
Allan issued tickets to the bogus dele?
gate;, relearned bj -mid
In the third Precinct, Clay Ward.
Charles Johnson called the meeting ?J
52S Adam stieet and held it, known on
ly to his crowd in Loving's Dsr-ioom,
loe> E. Broad street
a chairman's ANTICS.
In the Third Precinct. Monroe
Ward. S. B e lsrkson called Ul" meet?
ing outside of the precinct al 7
:inl -treet and refuseii to sign Um
dentials of B F. Turner, who was
sleeted st the same time as B?BI
eph Forrester and Channing M (ar?
ter, whose credentials he did sign.
And this was done because Turner
was opposed to bini
These frauds determined the SOSB
p exion of the city convention stg?,
Allan issued ticket;; to such as he de?
sired present and declared the city
convention would be held at the Oid
City Hall building
He calle'd upon the poliCS force of
the city to arrest the colored voters
who had been thu* robbed and went to
the headquarters to protest
T?K DSISf .?*?''? ms ed ma.
Ch'pf of Police. B F. Howard sent
for Editor Mitchell, anel the situation
was explained.
It was not long before this gentle?
man in conjunction with Capt Angle
concurreel in Mitchells version of ihe
affair, and it was decided thal tue pt -
lie* fore could anti should be used oi -
ly to suppress the disorder, if any
should arise j
The following is a list of delegates
iected :
Clay Ward ?First: Delegate, Ed?
mund Waddill, Jr.; alternate, Et, ll.
Freeman. Second: Delegates, B C.
West, Fletcher Johnson, Lewis Lind?
say ; alternate, W. G ('arter. Third:
De'egates, James A. llucbss. James
PstUrfSOS, James H. Twine, Thomas
S. Hucless; alternates. R. il boss,
V** irt Langley. Fourth: Delegates,
JohnS. Bethel, J. U Powell; alter?
nate, Richard Cary Fifth: Delegate,
P H. Jones; alternate, 1 R Bland.
Monroe Ward? Pirti : Delegates,
Robert Jones, George baker, W. H.
Price; alternate, S. McGruder - ec
ond: Delegates, John Pleasant-, Dr.
W. H. Taylor; alternate, Alexander
Jones Third: De egates. B-verley
Turner C. M. Carter, Joseph Forrest r
alternate, t), N. Brown. Fourth: Del?
egates. E. Thompson, B. B. Arnold ;
alternate. J A. McLaughlin Fifi ii:
Delegates, Thomas H. Hopkins; alter?
nate. William banks.
Madison Ward?First : Delegates,
Willi?m Flegenheimer, Jacob Farrar;
alternate, QeaorgB Duncan. Second:
Delegates, Wray T. Knight; alter?
nate, Samuel Brtiwn, Third: Dele?
gates, W'lliam Custalo, W H. Bannis?
ter ; alternate, FM ward White Fourth:
Delegates, lalwcrd (.reen. Edgar Al?
lan ; alternate, ' illiam E Jackson.
Jefferson Ward?First: Dele^
T. M. Crump, Pleasant Jones; altern?
ate, ( 1 are nee Smith. Second: Dele?
gates, W H. Wood, Payne Ransom;
alternate, H. Benedict. Third: D. le?
gate. Isaiah Pollard; alternate. N .1
Smith. Fourth: Delegate, W. T.
Powell; alternate. S W. Sydnor
Marshall Ward? First : Del. gat>*s
W. I. Lee, W. H. Alley. O. L Jordan'
alternate, William Robertson. Second
? j Delegate, Junina rump, alternate A.
9JC Ro. keecharlie- Third: Delegates,
t)| Anderson Evans, O. M Steward, C. F.
Norman, alternates. Johnson Young,
Delaware Williams.
Jackson Ward ?First: Delegates.
William Winston, David Robertson.
H J. Moore, Captain Henj. Scott; al?
ternates. P. A. Crump, Thaddeus Rob?
inson, Second ; Delegates, Charles W.
Young, Bernard Brown. Robert A.
Jackson, James Bahen, Benj Bailey,
Moses Perry; alternates, Gemrge Readf
Meirton Deane, Reuben Winston. Third
H. F. Jonathan, John Mitchell, Jr
Benjamin Jackson, Colin T. Payne; al?
ternates, Anderson Fields, Edwarei
Black Fourth: Delegates, Wilbarr
White, Edward Raker, H. F, Huntei
Benj. P. Vandervall. George Maim
kins ; alternates, Robert Jackson, W
Of this number yhe Mitchell winj
had 23 out of 44, not including Jacksot
Warel and 42 out of 6~? including Jack
son Ward.
It was the Allan plan to admi' jus
enough tei give him a majority in or
der that he might eb*ct the delegate
to Hanover C H He called the cit
convention to order.
The delegates that he had barred ou
forcibly gained admission. Seein
that his scheme had failed he calle
upon the police force of Richmond an
hurrying from the chair without er
tort sining even a motion to adjour
he ingloriously tied to the nd join ir
room where seated on a table he mat!
out a bogus list of delegates to Hat
over C. ll.
He wonld not admit any who we
opposeel to him and as a retaliato
measure, the city convention ai
Squire H. F? Jonathan in the chu
ck succeeded in having the rule wt
an Ixith way(i anel declined to permit ai
e*l ol the Allan crowel te> come in to d
K turbthe regular convention,
ry. As their meeting ende*d first, th
ia- could nett get out and had to clii
Indignant Laborer: "Yon say
average buy too much, eh? We shall
through the window, pass through an
alley in order to reach the street
one of the men who did this isa
candidate for the position of I'nited
States judge, snd tbe son of the other
is expecting to receive the United
States District Attorneyship
Morgan Treat of West Point was a
silent spectator.
Enjoys the Sunshine of
The bringing of Mary Abernathy
and her babe to Richmond has been
the talk of the city and occasioned ]
inuch comment throughout the coun?
lt was a sad sight in the depot at
Lynchburg, when Capt. A B. Guigon
in company with Editor John Mitchell,
Jr., alighted from the train Rev. B.
W. Tyrrell, accompanied by his faith?
ful wife met them. They did not
and colored passengers not only upon
know that Mary Abernathy was in tho'
station and thought that the visit was
being made for the purpose of carry?
ing her to Farmville, Va., for trial.
The surprise was great when the an
nouncement was made that Aunt Ma?
ry is free.
When tbe order ot discharge was
served on City Sergeant Johnson and
Editor Mitchell grasped the prisoner's
hand, she broke down. Tears stooel in
her eyes,unmindful of what was taking
place gazed on the people with innt>
cent amazement
?Til get the tickets," said Editor
Mitchell, "is the trunk here?" "Yes,"
responeled the sherill, "I'll have il
cheeked, when you get the ticket "
Later be returned and handed the
editor the check. "I paid 26cts for
bringing the trunk and lOcts to tret a
man to help with the child," said Mr.
Johnson. Mr. Mitchell paid the
amount, and the city sergeant grasped
Aunt Mary's and baele her good-bye.
Was she happy? Oh. if you could
have seen her on the train.
A few people hail been adviseel of
what was taking place and surrounded
tbe editor after taking a smiling look
ut the liberated woman
I The baby looked out of the window
lin an interested manner. A few :no
j incuts later the train moved off and
I the party was enron te to Richmond.
Along the line, the people at the de?
pots got the news that Mary Aber?
nathy was on board and resorted to all
kinds of expedients to see her.
At Farmville, a large, but good na?
tured crowd had gathered.
Judge J. M. Crute, Sheriff T H.
Dickerson, Deputy Sheriff baker, Jail?
er Matthews and his son came aboard.
Many were the congratulations
showered upon the woman who for fif?
teen long memths had buen the object
of suspicion and had twice been sen?
tenced to an ignominious death for a
crime which she had never committed.
I he crowd on the outside was equally
as enthusiastic, grasping first tin
I hand of Aunt Mary and then that oj
FMitor Mitchell.
Capt. Guigon was in the back grountj
shyly viewing the proceeding with i
gratification which was manifest upor
every lineament of his regular lea
The train moved on amidst a hurra)
from the crowd.
Just before it left, Judge Crute pas
ing on tbe outside grasped Mary A ber
nathy's hand and bid her good-bye.
She held it firmly, and with tha
piercing look which bael characterize
her upon so many occasions, she sai
to him, "Judge, God's, been talking t
i i3oil?"
lel His Honor's face flushed and h
r>* J smiled faintly as he quickly passe
away and was lost in the crowe!.
Reaching Richmond Annt Mary an
the babe were brought to the Pla ni
Office where she was surrounded by
fy host of admirers.
th Later, she was carried to the rea
ur dence of Mrs. bettie Graves, where
rk steady stream of people have be?
ny making their way ever since.
Mary Barnes' case ia now engagii
... ths attention of counsel. Papers a
the two and a half dollars a day I
seel" ?New York PYsas.
being drawn up stating the facts in
?ase and will be presented to the
Old man Joe Barnes, her husband is
working in the city, and wants to
know when he must rent a house in
which to put his Old 'oman.
Pokey barnes is as happy as one can
be and when dressed up in the latest
style looks more like a city than a
country girl. No one would think
t hat she had ever worked in the field,
handled a hoe and arisen at the sound
Ot the farmers' horn.
With Mary Barnes release will end
the lait chapter in the celebrated case.
first Uaioo lit* ch, 4th Sunday.
September 27th, 1896
There will be a big Protracted Meet?
ing at the above named church on
Sunday next. Also there will be a
Grand Rally to raise meanB to re?
build tbe church which was burned
down in May last. Prominent Minis
ters will been hand. Tbe Ct.U Ex?
cursion train which leaves the old R
cation at foot of Sth Street at
.*? :o0sharp will take passengers to the
Meeting at 8"> cents for the Round
Geo W. Williams, Jk...
Special Agent.
A Barrel of Flour for the Editor
We return thanks to Mr. John Clin?
ton, Sr., for a barrel of Hour as a token
of his appreciation of our services.
We are fond of wheat bread and will
during the chilling winter months
have many pleasant recollections while
eating the steaming biscuits from the
oven as of yore. Many thanks, broth?
er (linton.
Athenians. Attention!
All members of the Athenian Social
Club are requested to meet Sunday
at 6 P. M , at their rooms on Ba?
ker Street. Election of officers and
other business tobe transacted
B. H. Peyton, Pres.,
C. M. Bowler, Sect.
Y M.O.A.
The meeting in the jail last Sunday
morning was under the direction of
the general secretary S. C. Burrell as?
sisted by oeacons Bass and Smith.
Who will join in the next meeting?
We need you.
Master Clifton Cabel delivered a
very timely address to the boys last
Sunday at 4 pm, subject, "The boy
needed " Parents continue to send
your boys to this meetings
A large number of men gathered at
the True Reformers' Hall last Sunday
evening to bear Lawyer J. Henry
Crutchfield, who delivered a very in?
structive address Still the chorus is
holding its own.
Come out to-day 6pm and hear
Prof. G R. Hovey explain the Sunday
School lesson Free, at the Y M 0 A
Meeting in the jail Sunday liam.
Master Joseph Gilpin will address
the boys Sunday 4 p m at the rooms.
Come out boys.
Now, the season opens.
Come and bear him for yourself.
Director Nelson Williams will deliver
a special address to men only Sunday
5:30 p m. True Reformers Hall. Spec?
ial music under the direction of direc?
tor C. C. Williams. Free
Do not forget that the night school
opens Monday 8 p m, October Sth.
The following studies will be taught:
reading, spelling, arithmetic, getigra
pl-y, grammar, history, and penman?
ship Special branches :?ty jie-writinf
short-hand, instrumental and voca
music. Special studies extra: Mr. W
A Mitchell, principal; assistants. Mis
Belle Fitzugh and Mr K W Brown
type-writing and short-hand, Mr
Geo S. Dabney ; vocal music, Directo
C. C.Williams; instrumental, Mr H
B. Burrell. Fifty cents per month ii
S. C. Burrell.
Gen'l Sec.
Trueheakt--Harris?Mrs. .lane Hai
ris announces the marriage of be
daughter, Maria Elizabeth to John 1
Truehart at Charlottesville, Va.. Wee"
nesday evening, September 23, 1896.
GLENN?Mrs. Kate Glenn, the wil
J j of Reibert Glenn, departed thia lil
Tuesday morning, at the residence ,
her husband, at Drewry's Bluff, V
She was a devoted wife and a eonsi
tent christian. She leaves s hushan
three little children and a host
friends to mourn their loss. Her fu
eral took place Wednesday evening*
3 o'clock from the residence; Rev,
H. Johnson otliciated.
A precious one from has gone.
A voice vee hived is stilled ;
A place is vacant in home.
re Which never can be filled.
They Endorsed Hon. John
Hitchell, Jr.
Post-Master Forced to Re?
A Lunatic Creates a Sensation.
(To the Planet by our Regular Corre?
spondent. )
Judging from the way the republi?
cans in Smithers precinct (county)
are holding high carnival, we are led
tO OCllOVQ vuaii pirti wiCo aro gro ??? rn g
hotter. Of course *e cannot ai ways
take the colored brother when he is
demonstrative for a "first class" polit?
ical barometer, nor can much re?
liance be put in some of the Ethiopo
crats, whose proverbial pickle nest is
so much in evidence as to need no
comments. Yet we feel that there
might be "somedings in dot noise"
that kept our colored politicians out of
bed until" the early hours of Tuesday
morning. We regret aincere'y that
we will have to give some of our poli
ticans the appellation of 'Ethiopo
crats" because they professing to
stand for certain principle such aa
race pride, honesty, and loyalty to the
principles of the republioan party
etc.. and just as soon a* the democrats
or the enemies of our pe>ople and our
energetic leaders, offer them a few
cents or a drink of whiskey they can
B clamoring madly for their own
seducers, hence '?Ethiopocrats."
An abortive attempt has been made
by some of the "Ethiopocrats" to
bring about rival factions, and indeed
some hsve gone au far as to hire boya
to canvass for them so aa to obtain
certain things in the possession of the
On last Monday night a rousing
meeting was held on the Nine Mile
Road under the auspices of the Har?
ding. McKinley and Hobart club, Mr.
William Murray, president ; Mr. Louis
Potter, secretary. After the usual
routine of business, such as enrolling
new members, roll calling, examina?
tion of transfers snd giving instruc?
tions were disposed, the ''boya" clear?
ed the desks for actions. slr. R T.
talley (white) made a short speech.
Mr. Jos. R. Pollard, attorney, was
called upon for an explanation as to
his position in the district convention
at Hanover Court House which seated
the Allan-Waddill delegates and sent
the Mitchell men to the reai. He stat?
ed that he was still a friend of Mr.
Mitchell and that when the credential
committee brought in their report he
motioned that they should not be
adopted by the convention.
Gossip had it that Mr. Pollard had
forsaken his race and refused abso?
lutely to support Mr Mitchell. It
was this that caused such intense ex?
citement and cries and shouts for
Mitchell could be heard all over thc
After short speeches by Messrs.
Singleton, Charles West and B M.
Monroe resolutions were brought in
condemning Allan and Waddill as well
as the Ethiopocrats, supporting Mitch?
ell and endorsing the convention held
on the court green. A fruitless effort
was made to have a copy inserted in
the Times, but for some reason they
The popocrats have been working
very quietly. Free silver doesn't ex?
actly take in this section, however
enough silveritea have come together
and some weeks ago organized the
Union Free Silver club. Mr. Cullings
worth waa made president. At tneir
meeting on Monday night, he sent in
his resignation, and among some of
his reasons for so doing, he stated
that owing to his official position he
was unable to take an active part in
polities. The resignation was accept?
ed and Mr. F. A. bowery was chosen
to succeed him.
Richmond had a genuine hurricane
last Tuesday night Oh, yes, the sin?
ners quaked for fear. The wind arose
gradually to a gale, a cyclone and last?
ly, a hurricane, lt blew so furiously
that houses shook; many indeed col
lasped. gigantic trees were torn up by
the root, roofs were lifted from houses
chimneys toppled and fell, fences were
torn down, the gates in some instances
were torn off and hurled many yards.
Destruction generally followed in its
So far as is known .here wss no one
killed. Among the many freaks, the
wind played were the uprooting of a
large tree which crashed through the
porch of Mrs. John E. Whitlock, No.
316 N. 24th street; a portion of the
roofing of the Richmond Stove Works
was torn off and thrown on the trolley
wires where it hung greatly to the
consternation of the pedestrians ; the
store of Mr. D. O'Sullivan vi as greatly
damaged, and the J. D. Dill tobacco
! factory was partially unroofed.
During the. hurricane's mad careel
? it forgot not the house of worship
I The wind got under the tin roof ing o
the Fourth Baptist Church and man*,
yards of it were torn up. One of the
lightning rod used ss a protectioi
against lightning was torn down Abou
twenty feet of fence on the west side
fronting on 28th street, was hurled in
to the street as was the north-eas
gate, fronting on P street togethe
with about ten feet of fence. Th
building itself waa not in the leas
damaged and repairs were made im
It is also reported that the tower o
the Third Presbyterian Church, coi
ner 26th and Broad streets was ver
much damaged and leant d to one aid
for considerable distance.
At 101 N. 17th street a chimne
crashed into a cart which was foun
to be loaded with vegetables.
A frame house waa being built a
north 29th street, next dexir to tl
residence of Mrs. Walter Lightfoe
of The tobacco factory of Cameron ar
n- Cameron, corner 24th and Cary stree
at I was considerably damaged Mai
T. fences were torn down. Many thou
and dollars worth of damaged w
done. A strange freak was that ve
few people suffered.
Consternation prevailed among soi
of the residents on P Street, early ]_Rt
Monday morning, whsna bearded man
attempted to gain admission. Accord?
ing to some, the man was a former
janitor at the St. John's Church, and
though he waa of the Baptist belief and
a preacher at that, heehanged his faith
when he attended the meetinga of the
sanctified worshippers. His mind
dwelt so much upon their doctrines
and the belief that he was still a sin?
ner, that his mind gave way. He laid
out in tbe open Held just back of P St.,
where he spent the night preaching,
mourning, praying and singing, with
his hymn book in one hand and a gavel
in the other. At the car sheds, corner
of 29th and P Streets, the patrol was
'phoned for, which arrived shortly af?
terwards. It was with considerable
difficulty that he was hustled in it. He
refused to give hia name
Yes, hsd he not been gambling, Jas.
Ford would not have bad several se?
vere cuts about his head, face and
neck. He managed to crawl to the
car sheds of the Richmond Rail?
way and Electric company, with his
face covered with blood, which poured
in large streams from his wounds His
clothing was clotted with gore ao_j
along the route from which SB came
drops of blood could be traced The
cause of his condition waa a dispute
over a game of cards. Ford and anoth
er equally desperate character, named
Waiton Burton, had been playing pok?
er in a house near Heckler's Lane, in
Henrico county, started a dispute as
to who waa the winner, Ford grabbed
the money, at which Burton drew his
razor and slashed him right and left
afterwhich he fled. Ford made hia
way to the car sheds as above stated ;
the ambulance waa called with Dr.
Leyne in charge, whd after putting
twenty-two stitches in him sent him
home. The county authorities sre on
the lookout for Burton.
With his customary impudence and
gruffneaa, the conductor of car No.
101, on the 17th St. Branch line of the
Richmond Railway and Electric Com?
pany, Btruck a snag, wnen he tackled
Mes*rs. Alexander Trainum and Pey?
ton, who boarded the car at 17th and
Franklin Sts,, to go to their homes:
after the car had gone a considerable
distance, the conductor approached
them and in a rude manner demanded
their fares: the colored men being very
slow in getting t heir money, the con?
ductor became enraged and in a short
time oaths followed each other in
ejuick succession. The car was run
back to the market, the conductor and
one of the men grappled while the
other jumped over the safety gate.
After considerable difficulty and in?
terference on the pert of several white
men. they were arrested, but not un?
til they had made a plucky allowing.
Likewiaeon the 18th St. branch line
of the Richmond Traction Qom pasy, a
white man, a little too boisterous, a few
evenings ago, was put off the car where
he stood cursing and abusing the con?
ductor to such an extent that one of
the lady passengers got off. He stood
there until the car made three trips,
snd at each trip it was a signal for s
fresh outburst of vile execrations He
was arrested.
the OaTOSOaBll
At the Asbury af. E. Church, ll a.
m., Rev. B. W. Brown preached an ex?
cellent germon ; Text: Job 5th chapter,
6th and 7th verses. At 3 p m., the
Sunday School Union of the Asbury,
Leigh Street and Third Street M. E.
Churches was held, which was quite
interesting indeed. The programme
rendered was a success The music
which ss usual characterizes the Meth?
odists, wss good..The welcome address
was delivered by Miss Susie Dabney.
At 8 p. m., Rev. J. E. Rawlings, of the
Presbyterian church, preached from
Isaiah 51st chapter and 6th verse.
The Fourth Baptist Church services
were good. Dr." Lyman Tefft, presi?
dent of Hartshorn College preached
an able sermon.
At 8 P. M., Rev J. R. Griffin filled
many hearts with the Bread of Life.
He preached a splendid sermon from
James 4th chapter, 7th verse. Sub?
ject: "Resist the Devil and he will flee
from you." He handled it in a mas?
terly manner.
On Monday night a concert was held,
the talking babies figured conspicuous
ly and caused much mirth*
On next Monday night our people
should keep their eyes and ears open
to the fact that Rev. Mr. Gullins de?
liveries a grand lecture on the "Pro?
fessional Liar," as every one who at?
tended can' testify that Rev. Mr. Gul?
lins entertained them handsomely
some time ago on the subject of "Su?
perstition and Conjuration." Ile will
do better Monday night. Miss Emily
Price's melodious voice will provoke
thunders of applause. Come out boys
and bring the girls.
The Sunday exercises at the Foun?
tain Baptist .Church were good. On
Monday night last, the Sunday School's
anniversary was held, it was just splen
A ce>lored sister hailing from the
Carolinas delivered a strange talk on
Tuesday night, the 22nd, ult.
death's dealings.
There were two funerals at the 4th
Baptist Church last Tuesday. The
death rate is steadi y rising while the
sick-list for the past week bas increas?
ed 2 %. The funeral of little Cards]
Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Wilson who departed this life, Sept.
22, 1895 at 6:30 P M . age 5 years was
preached at his late residence, 610
North 80th St., on the 25th inst, by
Rev Hugh li. Williams, pastor of the
Fountain Baptist Church.
Though dead, be speaks in reason's
f ear,
r And in remembrance lives ;
His calm, sweet faith and childish
Still fresh instructions gives.
He saw a hand we could not see,
Which beckoned him away ;
He heard a voice we could not hear,
Which would not let him stay.
Ho! for another grand concert. Yet
our East End residents are carrying
their talents to sections other thar
their own. The East End Social Clul
v of Honor will Rive a grand concert ai
e the Sth Baptist Church, (Sidney) Mon
day night, October 5, 1896 for the ben
y j cfit of the above named church. Thi
** | members composing this club are ver;
well known in this section. It ia un
der the management of Messrs. Johi
Bright and Harry Walker who hav
gotten up a splendid programme fo
that night and nei doubt will be excel
Ilently tendered. General admission
Adults, 10* ; Children 5 cents.
The damage done by tlie recent hu:
ricane will reach many thousand do
Some of the young graduates fro
i the Art School art* considering the at
visability of erecting a small studio in
this section-Amen.
It is very strange that Church Hill
affords so many graduates yet there
are but two or three of them teaching
in the East End. Thereat are non
The grocery conducted by Mr. J. H.
Halloway on P Street ia in a thriving
Many of our people are conatantly
preaching "Race Pride," but could
any one see how they patronize the
Sick Benefit Institution (white) juat
organized, and neglect the old reliable
institutions such as The People's Re?
lief and the Workmeu'a Aid Associa?
tions, they would receive the name of
There has been tome talk about
closing the Lithia Spring on the Chim?
borazo Park to outsiders, that the city
authorities might sell the water.
Watch next week'Biaaue. the colored
people oeing duped by white insurance
We hear that a big cake walk was
given last Tuesday night at ths Mt.
Tabor Baptist Church, Woodsville,
and prizes awarded to the best couples.
How sacriligious. Can't money be
rkised in no other way ? What next 7
Mrs. Maria Hamm bas left ths city
to visit her daughter in Boston. Mass.
Mrs. Lottie Wright Mitchell of Ger?
mantown, Pa, ia the guest of rn
mother st 3008 P St. She looks well.
Church Hill bsa a vlaitor in the per?
son of Mr. Charles Johnson recently of
this city but now Philadelphia. He is
stopping with frienda.
We are surprised at some of our
young men who waited until their girl*
had paid their own admission in the
Fourth Baptist Church on last Mun?
day night.?after which they rusbe?d in
and took seats at their sides, lt be?
speaks bad for the young ladies also.
Mrs. Sallie Howard, wife of Deacon
John W. Howsrd of 1221 North 2?th
St . who has been quite ill during the
past fortnight ia convalescing under
the treatment of Dr. R. F. Tancil.
Misses Mary W oed son and Mary
Jackson has been quite Bick, but ia
much improved.
Fountain Baptist Church.
Remember the Grand Rally, which
will convene at the Fountain Baptist
Church, tm the first and second Sun?
days in October. Some among the best
divines of the city will preach. That
you may accept our statement, we b*t%
leave to name the following:
FirstSunday :?ll :30, Rev. D. James ;
3:3t?, Rev. W. F. Graham; 8:30,
nd Sunday:?11:30 Esr.-;
3:30, Rev. J. L. Dill, pastor of Vena
Church ; 8:80, Rev. -fas. H.
Holmes: and on the third Sunday at
Rev Z. D. Lewis will pr^acn.
Hit's rsl ly is to meet a note on the
church, which cornea duo in this
month Friend- are invited.
H R. Williams, Psstor.
Mrs Davis in Town.
Mrs. Alice Strange Davia, one of the
most accomplished pianists in the
country is in Richmond, Va., where
she will remain until the 30th of the
month., after which time ahe will re?
turn to this city and open her school
of music, which is such a credit to thia
city. Mrs. Davia is the gueat Oi Prof.
and Mrs. J. E. Jones. Mrs. Jonea ia a
lady of unsurpassed musical accom?
plishments anel one of Virginia's moat
refined ladies.?Washington, D. C.,
From Hartford.
The Y. L. and Cf. A. C. will give a
nationality entertainment. Each na?
tion will represent their e*ountry to
the t^ueen of England at Shiloh Bao
tist Church, Rev. G. W. Tyler, pastor,
October 7th and Sth. This entertain?
ment is to help them to make a pay?
ment on our church the 10th of Octo?
Mr. Mitchell, we people in thia city
very highly congratulate you in the
case of those poor innocent we?
men. We are thankful that the good
Lord has been with them and brought
them out conquerers and more than
conquerers. We also hope the good
Lord will bless you for your brave
work and hope you will help many
Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes announces
the engagement of her daughter, Lau?
ra E. Holmes to Mr. Levi D. Hteder of
Hartford, Conn.
L. E. H.
A Debate.
There will be a grand debate at the
True Reformers' Hall Monday night,
October 12th ; subject, "Resolved that
God displayed greater wisdom in the
plan of Redemption than he did in
Creation." Affirmative, Rev. J. H.
Brice, pastor of Leigh Street M. E.
Church ; negative, Rev. W. H. White,
pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist
Come and hear this great subject
discussed by these divines. Good mu?
sic will be furnished by some of Rich?
mond's best talent. Admission 10e.
Judges will be selected from the audi?
ence on the night of the debate.
Weat End Night School
A night school will be opened in the
West-End not far from the 5th Bap?
tist Church on Thursday night, Oct.
1st by experienced teachers. It will be
on the order of those in the larger cit?
ies You can be taught for 6O0 per
month in advance; reading, spelling,
I arithmetic, geography, grammar, hia
I tory and penmanship.
Another course of type-writing,
short-hand, instrumental and vocal
music, fancy work and advanced stud?
ies for which it will cost you $1.00 per
month up. It is a grand opportunity
for those persons who want to learn
and cannot reach the day schools on
' i account of work and other thinga.
II We have among our people two
J I many young people, unable to com
1 ? pete with the business men of other
races. Our voters have to depend on
others to scratch our ballot. Thia
' I should not be. These young men are
i j going to BBsiat you to read and writ**
for yourself. Will you show your
appreciation by assisting them?
e I 1415 West Beverly Steet,
r IW. G. Carter and A. T. Wright,
tf and Othera, Teachers
WANTED?10 intelligent colored
men to fill responsible positions Good
r- I salary to right parties with opportuni
1-jty for promotion. Addreas in own
tn j United Mkg. Publishing Co.,
l-l Richmond, Va.

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