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Yellow Fevtr Among the
the boxd issn-;.
National Banks for the I
A 8:ory Without Foundation
(From Our Regular (Vrrt-spondertt )
WasainwioM, Joly.18,1---9H.
On lo f'orto Rico I and t>n ?o Spain!
are no* the twin ?**? stell wo* ds of Pr si
dent McKinley and hts administration.
Commodore Watson'* fleet will pr bi
bly be on the way IO Spain before this
is printed, and the i xpedition against
Porto Bjao wnl be started at the earli?
est 'pr>#sible m Meet. Havana is to
be lett alon*1 for the time being, as tb**
delay is daily weakening the effective?
ness of Bianco's troops.
tren. Shafter's great rietorv in the
capture of Santiago and 25.000 Spanish
troop**, w th their arms and ammuni?
tion, would have caused much more
rejoicing had it not been accompanied
by the news that the yellow fever had
broken cut in our army at Santiago.
Everthing thst money and science anc
medical skill can do to stamp out the
disease is being done, and the reports
indicate that the fever is so far of a
mild type, but there will be much un?
easiness until the full extent of the in?
fection becomes known.
TO RETURN them to spain.
The War Department is perfecting
?arrangements to send the Spaniard8,
-who surrendered at Santiago, back to
Spain, under parole, in accordance
with the terms of surrender, and they
??rill be hurried off '.aa soon as possible.
Sending them to Spain is the best nos
s^bla thing to do with them, lt will be
cheaoer than feeding them |and keep?
ing them as prisoners, either in Cuba
carin the U. S , and even if it wasn't, ll
?would still be the best way to get rid
ol them.
Secretary Alger is very proud of a
setter he has received from a gentle?
man who held command in the Union
?army during the civil war and who has
m world wide reputation as an authori?
ty on military matters. The tenor of
the letter may be judged from this ex?
tract: "You have shown the world
what American naff departments un?
der a head of great executive ability
<-*?n create in an emergency, It is diffi?
cult to create an army, equip it and
rn* ve it, and il requires a peculiar kind
ol ability."
a large scnscKirrioN.
The total amount of subscriptions to
the war bonds was fl 385.1X30,000, and
would doubtless have been twice as
large had not the certainty they would
not get any prevented many large fi?
nancial concerns fi oro oil-ring to take
big blocks of the bonds The meaning
of this offer of our own citizens to lean
uhe government one billion, three hun
ilred and sixty-live million dollars, at
three per cent interest, will be mare
fully appreciated in Europe than
Hmong ourselves,?we required no
aach proof of the patriotism of our peo
?ple. President McKinley is much
pleased to know that the entire issue
oi the bonds will go to individuals, not
MM of whom will get more than $5,000,
and that almost half of the $200 0C0.00C
will go out in lots of $500 or less* It
is a popular loan sure enough.
As an additional proof that Ameri?
cas always keen near the bead of the
procession, whether they are engaged
ia lighting with deadly weapons or in
the struggle for the ul mighty dollar, it
may be mentioned that application*
tor authority to established National
banks in the following places have
been filsd at the Treasury Department
Honolulu, Havana, San Juan, Porte
Rico and Manila.
A Washington delegation of the Rei
Cross Society made a thorough person
aa investigation of the arrangement foi
tne comfort of the sick and wounded ir
the hospital at Fortress Monroe anc
report all patients comfortaoly provid
ea for in the way of accommodations
To meet a need, the Red Cross has ia
sraed an appeal for contributions o
delicacies for the patients.
Gen. Miles added much to his popu
lesity by giving Gen. Shafter eatir
axed it for the victorious campaigi
against Santiago, in his official dis
pateheg to Secretary Alger, and proven
that he ninant exactly what he sail
when he went to Cuba, that he was go
ing to make observations, and not t
oepereede Gen Shafter.
It might be supposed from the teno
o* the European cable news, that ne
gestations for peace between the TJ. c
?an-a Spain were under way. Such i
net the case. There baa been no negc
tiations, in fact, no word from Spai
o*> the subjecr. This government ha
had an ample sufficiency of negotiatin
with Spain, and is not likely to count*
naaoe any in connection with peace.
There will be no need for any. Whe
-*?ain thinks she has been thrash?
AB-Bciently, she can obtain our tern
of peace by asking for them. As the
^cill not bs deviated from, there wi
be po occasion for any negotiation!
ties terms must be either accepted <
rejected at once, The statement th)
President McKinley had told the tern
of peace to a European diplomat, i
casdsr that he might make them knot
to Spain, was a bare-faced lie, with rn
even a probable foundation. It is rn
customary for the victorious count]
to offer terms of peace before they ai
*ked fox, and any i?*,atement tha
resident McKinlay has done co. or
lathe intend* doing so, may be put
uwn as manufactured
( Special Correspondent.)
'ibst Batt M.i jv Inp antrt, V S. v
Camp Cou? in, Va. July IA.
Co. C under eornnaand of Capt. B. A.
traves reached ctrnp Friday evening
ast, were met at the station and e?
orted to camp by Co, B under com?
mand of Lieut. Wych*\
The men are gettir.g used to camp
ife. T*hey arise at 5 o'clocV. roll call
it 6 :30 breakfast at 0, surgeons call at
3 :80. guard mount at 9. drill from 9:30
? 1 1, dinner at 12. drill again in the
ifternoon, dr**?ss parade at 5, supper at
J, taps are founded at 9:30 when all
lights are required to be extinguished
in 'amp.
The weather has been extremely hot
but the men have exp-rienced few se?
rious inconve:* and there are
ve-y few cases ir. the hospital aud only
rious trouble bas occurred.
Tie nun as a rule are .veil bjhav. d.
On Saturday one man attempted to
pass a sentinel, and reesived a bayonet
thrust through the thigh. He is ct n
8ned to his tent under arrest, but i*
doing as -a ell as can b* expected. Cap
tain Bunking, being the ranking cap?
tain is in command of the camp.
Sunday 'van a gxla day in carno and
?vu* only marred by a severe lightning
[q storm. Among the visitors
to cam:1 we noticed (a;>*. W. B. Cowan,
Capt Fostert Joseph L. F orr ester,
Mr*?. Hettie Otaves, Misses Bertha
Scott, 8usie frump Mundin.
and a host of friends of the I
The men seem to b3 perfectly con?
tented at d svend their leisure mo?
ments in playing cards, base bal! and
writing letters home.
Company C ie building their own
kitchen and meei hall, and in a few
days will be doing their own cocking.
The roads are miperably dusty and it
is next to impossible to keep clean.
The men tte required to bathe twic* a
Starting to-day. the quartermaster's
department is issuing supplies of
clothing, Bhoea and underclothes,
which some of the men are sorely in
need of.
A few Planbts were brought down
to camp Sunday and were warmly wel?
comed. The editorials were freely
commented upon and the Planet will
always be a welcome visitor.
Considerable excitement was caused
in camp by one of the pickets on an
outpost a few nights ago. He was at?
tacked by a gang of tramps and was
quite badly hurt. The alarm was
sounded and the entire camp called
out. Two shots were lired, but it was
impossible lo catch the gang, who es?
caped into the woods.
[Baltimore, Md., Morning Herald.]
It did not need the demonstration
which took place at the brifif but des?
perate battle of La Qiasina to prove
the valor of th* colored troops. Even
as far back as 85 years ago, during the
Civil War, it was satisfactorily shown
that colored men, under proper disci?
pline, made efficient soldiers, and the
memorable rep -rt of General Butler
th*t. "the colored troop* fought nobly"
wat> not an empty compliment.
According to authentic accounts of
the La Quag in a engagement, it wbb tbe
gallant interposition of the Teuth
C ni ted States Cavalry, colored, which
prohably saved the Rough Riders from
annihilation, and which enabled them
to drive the Spaniards from their
strong ambushed position.
The testimony of the commanding
officers and of all observers was to the
effect that the Tentn Cavalry made a
brilliant dash and stood to its colors
manfully.manifesting conspicuous evi
dence of personal courage ar.d splendid
Whatever may be the racial preju?
dices against the colored segment ol
our population, they are not strong
enough in any quarter to obscure Um
public appreciation of the fact that the
colored citizen makes an admirable
soldier in many respects In physical
development he meets every militarj
requirement, his powers of endurance
arc in no wise inferior, and he has the
adventurous spirit which Rta him foi
life on the tented field.
Of the 70,000,000 people of our great
BepnbUe over 7,000,000 are colored
and il is gratifying to know that thi;
formidable element ii pro vi ag its valiu
in periods of public peril.
The American people ara fair-mind
ed, and they delight to give honoi
where honor is due. They applauc
the valor of the Tenth Cavalry ai
heartily as the heroic dash of thi
Rough Riders,
In this free and enlightened country
the paths of glory are open to all alike'
Notice ! Notice !!
The Anniversary Sermon of the I. O
of St. Luke, State of Maryland, will bi
preached by Rev. W. F. Graham, at 5tl
Street Baptist Church on Sunday after
noon, July 17th, 1898. All member
are hereby notified to meet in the Leo
tore room of said church st 9 o'olool
p. m., July 17th, 1898.
By order of Past Officers' Council,
R. D. Bowses, W. C.,
Bbli-b Cbbustian, Act. Sec'j
Personals aad Briefs?Rev-Hill's Effort
hAOKKBSACK, N. J., July 12,1898.
The churches were poorly attende
last Sunday with the ^exception of th
A M. E. Church. The Bishop wi
with them and they were out to met
him. The Bishop's sermons were lint
At night a large number were at tl
church to hear Rev. J. L. Marible. tl
pastor preach. Text, Psalm 27:37.
July 9th, Rev. Hill of Newark, N. J
preached an able sermon to the M
Olive congregation. The ladies of M
Olive Church have secured pulpit set
and are laboring hard now to seoul
new pews. They will be ready in thi
ty day.
Mrs Carrie Braxton and Miss Moll
Wilson are out again.
Mr. W. Hire is on the sick list. Mi
L. Minor has gone to New York City
spend a few weeks.
Rev. J. L. Marible will take his v
cation soon. He will visit Richmont
Mrs- A. Morton's little child is sr
with the whooping cough.
Miss Rosa Mings left last Thuradi
for Warrenton, N. C.
Dt J Don't borrow your neighbor's Plan
ry I call on D. H. Hassell and buy for yoi
The \v; mo in the camp of tho Cuban y- lixto Garcia, at Acorraderos r**-frworn General Garcia,
General Sha! ber and 1*^ mr Ad-xdral Sampson is likely lo proes hiskario beeeaas of the fact that it marked tho practical
beginning of seilnila hassiHlaessgaVtasI tho Spaniard** by the ooaihincd army and navy ol tbs United States in cKtnjnno
tion with the t'ubaii assay of liberation. The conference took place iu u hut, and on pu aid about the three famous
loaders wexo five brawny negro sentries, naked to the waist.
Splendid Behavior of the 24th Regiment
ot United Infantry.
[From the Springfield Republican.!
"It is surprising, perpaps shameful,
that there has been so little recogni?
tion of the tmc- that the Twenty-fourth
Regiment of United States Infantry,
which s > distinguished itself at San
Juan hill last Friday, was composed of
The correspondents of the New York
papers at the front seem to have utter?
ly ignored the fact. They miss no
opportunity to glorify Roosevelt's
Rough Riders or the Seventy-first New
York Volunteer* for their work on
that day, yet never a word about this
regiment of colored regulars.
Col. T. W. Higginson, who learned
to appreciate the value of Negroes
some thirty-tl ve years ago, will not be
surprised at the story of Twenty-fourth
Infantry at San Juan. Three compa?
nies of the regiment lost every oue of
ita elli *ere before the fight ing was over.
Four of the regimental Captains were
knocked over by Spanish bullet within
a minute of each other, and the Lieu?
tenant Colonel was severely wounded.
Company F, in a --hort time had only
its Captain left, and no other commis?
sioned otli oat.
Tt is said that the Twenty-fourth
really bore the brunt of the San Juan
fight, the Spaniards directing their
main attack upon them on the theory
that Negroes would not stand the pun?
ishment. Vet companies remained
steady without a single omcer. Asa
final display of their remarkable dis?
cipline and nerve, this regiment of Ne?
groes under the hottest fire of the
day, "changed front forward on its
tenth company," which is called a
manoeuver not altogether easy ona
peaceful parade ground home.
The value of a Negro as a soldier can
hardly bl doubted after that day's
work While we are distributing cards
of merit to Generals and Commodores,
lee us not forget the colored soldiers of
the Twenty-fourth Infantry."
JxTaasviLLK, Va., Mar. 28
Rev L. E. Miller.
Richmond, Va.,
Center Baptist Church;
To whom it may concern :
This is to certify that Rev. L. E.
Miller is authorized to beg publicly for
the building of the said church. Done
by order of the above named church,
Kary Hill, Clerk.
RaoaNosre, Va., April 4, *9B,
This certifies that we, the Richmond
Ministers Conference most heartily en?
dorse Rev. L. E. Miller as a most
worthy minister, who is doing a good
work at Jetersville. Va.,"and any help
given him to assist his work will be in
our opinion most worthily bestowed.
By order of the Richmond Baptist
Ministers Conference,
Jas. IL Holmes, Pres.;
Z. D. Lbwib, Sec'y.
Rev. Miller is a graduate of Lincoln
University, Chester, Pa., and Howard
University, Washington, D. C.
Macedonia Association.
The Macedonia Association will meet
at Rev. R. Tribbey's church. Spring
Creek Baptist Church, Chesterfield
Co., Va., August 24, 1898. at ll o'clock
A. M.. by the way of Danville Railroad,
and by the way of the Street Car tc
the upper end of Manchester with thc
delegates from both places.
Rev. A. Ferguson, Chairman ;
Rev. R. Tbirbbt, Secretary.
Personal Items?Church Rally?Rev.
Smith i Sermon?A Testimonial.
Cal. William H. Williams of Coif ora
Rank, K. P., of Borlentown, N. J.
visited our city last week.
Several ladies from Pennington cami
to our city a few days ago and were ad
mired by the porter at the America:
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Holmes and fam
ily and her sister, Miss Florence Ra
ner, accompanied by W. N. Cromwel
visited their mother, Mrs. S. Raner, a
Arneytown, N. J., last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. William Still of Bot
dentown visited their brother, Mr. Ar?
thur Still of Stevens avenue, this city
last week.
Bethel S. M. E Mission, corner Day?
ton and Howell streets. Kev. J. fi
Robinson, pastor, held their first quar?
ter '.y meeting for this conference year
last Sunday. lt was well attended.
Afternoon services were conducted by
Dr. J. EL White. Rev. H. EL Pinkney
and Rav. B. A. Murry. It was financial
Shiloh Baptist Church held their
rally last Sunday. Rev. S. W. Smith
?t Princeton preached a wide-awake
sermon. He brought his choir with
him and they rendered some fine sing?
ing. They are endeavoring to raise
enough money to make the first pay?
ment on their lot.
There was a grand complimentary
testimonial to Mr. George W Sebas?
tian, the popular leader of the efficient
orchestra at St. Paul A. M. E. Zion
Church last Wednesday evening, July
13>h. There were instrumental and
vocal assistance. The solos and duetts
were very well rendered.
Two Oolored Men Lynched
I.ittlb Hock, July 14?A double
lynching, in which Jim Redd and Alex
Johnson (both colored "> were the vic?
tims, occurred at Monticello, Ark., to?
day. A mob of men broke down the
doors of the jail, and entered the cell
room, po'ired a volley of shots into the
cages where the men were ouufined.
Johnson is dead and Redd iii fa.**ly
wounded. They were convicted of
killing W. S. Skipper, a rick planter
and merchant of Baxter, and fran
tenoed to he hanged. An appeal to
the Snpreme Court had granted them
a new trial.
Likes the Chance.
[Washington, D. C., Colored American)
The Richmond Planet comes this
week in a new and improved form.
The sll column quarto is a much more
convenient sics for a newspaper than
the old time blanket sheet. Congrat?
ulations, Brother Mitchell.
TheReornits Ready?Rev- Puller's Ser?
mon?A Lawn Pete?TheMt. Olivet
Huntington, Vf. Va.,July 18, '98.
John Bundrant, recruiting officer
here for the colored volunteers, receiv?
ed a letter from Captain Hood on the
14th inst, stating that he must present
his men before the Governor Monday
morning. The boys numbered 24. They
left Sunday.
Rev. Dr. Puller was also with us
Sunday. He preached an excellent
sermon Sunday morning, and by re?
quest preached to the volunteers at
night. Text, lat Sam. 4:9; theme,
"Negro soldiery."
Miss Carrie Scott, age 24, died Thurs
day night at ll o'clock. It was quite a
shock to all as she was only sick a few
days. The remains were taken to
Ironton for interment.
Mat Colley arrived in the city Satur?
Friday night was the time appointed
by the good sisters to have a lawn fete
for the benefit of Mrs. S. M James,
who has been ill for some time with a
serious malady, to procure treatment
predicted would cure her. Being a
stormy night it was inconvenient tc
attend, It was continued Saturday
Will Taylor loft for Cincinnati aftei
a week of pleasure with his parents or
14th St.
Rev. A. J. Smith, D. D.. made i
pleasant atop on his way to Columbus
Thursday, spending the day.
The Mt. Olivet Association will con?
vene here next month at the First Ba]
fist Church. The sisters and brothen
will spare no time and labor to maki
it a success. Tbe following delegate
were chosen to represent this churcl
in that body: W. R. Johnson, T. R
Jenkins and J. W. Scott.
The Teachers Institute which ha
been in session at Marshall College
since Tuesday olosen Friday, loth, a
Rev. N. Barnett, of Gallipolis, spen
last Wednesday with his wife and fara
ily. We are always glad to see Bro
Barnett and anxious to hear him. be
ing tbe founder and father of Firs
Baptist Church.
Don't forget to purchase a copy c
the Planet on Saturdays from agent.
A. C Davis.
The Gallant Tenth.
(From the N. Y. Mail and Express )
"All honor to the black troopers of
the gallant Tenth ! No more striking
example af bravery and coolness has
been shown since the destruction
of the Maine than by the colored
veterans of the Tenth Cavalry
during the attack upon Caney on
Saturday. By the side of the intrepid
Rough Riders they followed their lead?
er up the terrible hill from whose crest
tne desperate Spaniards poured down
a deadly fire of shell and musketry.
They never faltered. The rents in
their ranks were filled as soon as made.
Firing as they marched, their aim was
splendid, their coolness was superb and
their courage aroused the admiration
of their comrades, their advance was
greeted with wild cheer from the white
regiments, and with an answering
shout they pressed onward over the
trenches they had taken close in pur?
suit of the retreating enemy. The war
has not shown greater heroism. The
men whose own freedom was baptized
with blood have proved themselves ca?
pable of giving up their lives that oth?
ers maybe free Today is a glorious
Fourth for all races of people in this
great land.
Prof G. F. Gening, D. D.
This gentleman has been appointed
as lb1* siu'ceaaor of Professor QeorgS
Kioe Hovcy in the Richmond Theolo?
gical Seminary. He has had two years
experience in teaching in the south.
For nine years he has been the pastor
of a prominent church in the North.
He resigns this position to take up
again his work in the South. He is in
perfect health, a man of ripe scholar?
ship, and is distinguished bo*h as a
pastor and an author. The Seminary
is to be congratulated on this acces?
sion to its faculty.
Plymouth, Mass., July IT. 1898.
Mr. Editor: ?
Pardon my homely praise of
your paper, the Planet of last week.
The one piece on Mr. McKinley's God
pays the price of the year's subscrip?
tion for me.
I only wish that more of them could
get into the hands of the white people,
north and eouth.
Yours for truth and right,
VJ. H. Gra\.
Wanted to sell
The only First-class, illus
trated magazine published bj
Afro-Americans in the
United States:
can School
the most popular book, by
colored author, ever put 01
the market.
Reliable Persons are given a sals
ry from $25 00 to 175.00 per month
pay every Saturday night. These pei
sons are wanted to travel as genen
agents and look after our large nun
ber of local agents. Write to-day.
The M. V. LYNK Pul
?f lishing House, Jackson, Tex
I nessee. *
Special Offer to headers ef this Faper.
A complete aftgSKS^^ iT__rl ^Cl** ?__^
history of the ^^}T if^NL X?^ Life aboard a
negro soldiers. m^^Jr^*^ ^^V ^' ^* Warship.
Tells you what the brave colored boys in blue-soldiers and sailors?have done
and are doing for their country. Every patriotic colored man. woman, aud child
of America needs them. ? ought to have them?can't ufford to be without them.
You can have them now on easy t*-rms. hulf price, by taking advantage of our
great special offer, fft.OO for $2.50, Limited number of copies offered.
The American Publishing Co., Hartford. Conn.
Dear Sirs:?
Inclosed find f 2.50 for which send me ons
copy of "The Black Phalanx" f3.0O Cition, one copy of "Joining tbe Navy"
fl. .r>0 edition, both books to be fully illustrated and hound in elegant binding,
and one magnificent Water-color Painting of P. B. Wai phip* printed in eighteen
colors and ready for framing. Express charges to be prepaid.
Name. ._.
The Planet can be found at tht-f^.'
owing places every Saturday :
Atlantic City N J
W 0 Robertson ia N Michigan Ave
Ansonia, ? ow .
W. W. Johnson, .10 Crescent St.
Bbidusport, Oom
CH. Harelay, 3<> Columbia St
Bedford Citv, Va.
Jos C Br
Berkley. V.v
Nario Kiddick j
Boston, Mass.
William L. Reed 155 Cambridge St.
Baltimore, Md.
P. D. Blackwell. 203 Richmond,St.
A Eugene Butler 1515 Penn Ave
Bluefield, West Va.
W R. Patterson.
Centreville. Ala.
H. D. Davidson.
Clifton Forge, Va.
W 8 Thomas.
Danville, Va.
J. M. Clarke, 118 Union St.
Miss E. V. Vandross.
Farmville, Va.
P B Hairston.
Fayetteville, N. C.
Robert H. Williams
Winston, N C,
Samuel Toliver
Waihiwoton. D C,
E E Hoopsr, 82s 7th 8treet. N W
Flushing L I
Mrs V W Taylor 158 Lincoln St
Gbebnwich. Conn.
Norwood Shields.
Haukensaok. El. J..
1) H. Hassell.
Hayerhill. Mash
Mrs L A Bailey, 24 Dudley St
Hampton, Va.
John T. Lattimore,
Long Branch
Jos H Brown
Lynchburg. Va.
Robt. L. Cox. 708 Cor. Wise and Park
Ave. I
John Bobston, 1220?15th St.
Ifnunnit, Mi
T Murray, 8301?11th St.
Norfolk, Va..
W. H. Seldon, 110 Water St.
John De Bona, 3Sd Church St.
John A. W hid bee, 275 Queen St.
Charlie Scruggs
20 Oedar St
NnwroRT news Va
Robert Rodgers
Newport, R. 1.
Jefferson Marrow, ll Caleb Earle St.
Philadelphia, Pa.,
Walter F. Jones, 2125 E West?
moreland, St.
New York, H.T.,
Andrew P. Sanders, 552 E. 150th
W H. Allen, 142 Columbus Avenue"
W A.Kenny, 1789 Third
Geo H. Washington, 4~?3 7th "
Wm Johnson, 242 w 47th St
bwark, Nsw Jbrsey,
J. B. Timbrook,85 South Canal st
W. B. Hall, 1021 South St.
M. U ly sees Poo! e. l.'tth A Locaifc St.
E P Mackens, 1116 Pine St
James E Warwick. 254 9 11th St.
Andrew Kinkaid, 121S Pine St.
E J Koher, 1040 Pine St.
Chas Hill. S W cor 17th and Arch St
Point Pleasant, \V. Va.
A. W. Puller.
New Roouellb, N. Y.,
Portsmouth Va.
Malchi Holland 815 Green St
W If Jones 705 Wylie Ave
Salem, Va.
8. R Anderson.
Olmetto, La.,
Rev. G. V. Spencer.
Rooper, N. C.
Lenox Gaylord.
Richmond, Va.,
W. H. white, 501 W. Leigh St,
d L Burellr
Office moa Ware-Rooma
727 North Second street
Residence: 725 N. 2nd St.
First-class Hacks and Caskets of al
descriptions. I have a spare room fo:
bodies when the family have nota suit
able place. All country orders an
given Special Attention. Your speeia
attention is called to the new style Oal
Caskets. Call and see me and yoi
shall be waited on kindly.
New 'Phone 1198.
Poplar Springs Park
Are now Open to the Public for en
gagements. Being situated only tei
miles east of Richmond on the U. AC
Railway, makes these grounds th
most convenient for all purposes o
Clubs, Sunday Schools and Societies.
Unexcelled Pure Spring Water i
Beautiful Shady Park filled wit
Large streams of never ceasing wate:
4 Swings under shady trees.
Large roomy pavillion 20x60 feet.
Train service unquestionably fine.
For further information apply to
A. 3. SINGLETON, Mansger,
jell-3mo. 1325 E. Franklin St.. Cit]
rs, VIA B
During the Su-nn;
Southern Railway will -ell tie
EUehmond, Va , tu Atlantic
N*. J. and
f.,and return at rate of fi - the
trip The?e tick- t will apply
v*a W. York River Line and
Baltimore, to df> u.-^ed only ? .
trail ? teav og Baltimore vic
ii. and B. ,S: R. R.
rickets will b idaya o*
we^k for train Jearing Richmond 4:30
p m. connecting at West Point with
steamer for Baltir:iorr?, good ?*n]y on
special trains leaving Baltimore Satur?
day of each week, via fenn. R R. at
li KW noon and 1:4<) P. M. and vis B. A
O R. R. at io-.50 A. M. and 12:55 P. If.
commencing Friday June 24th and
continuintr m*? and including Septem?
ber OL' Th*se | -pill be
d from Bal ti mon
steamer leaving there 6:00 P. M. Tues?
day after day of sale.
1 hil very lou rate via the q;:iek and
popular York River Line r.ffers a most
delightful trip from this section to the
eastern seashore resort?.
For further information apply to
T. P. A., Southern R. h..
920 E. Main Street
'The hand that rocks the cradle is
the hand that rules the world."
Beneficial Department of 'Woman's
Union, Home Office: St. Lukes' Hall,
Corner St. James and Baker Sts , char?
tered under the laws of Virginia, [fl
After ten weeks and before six
months, one-fourth of the amount will
be i aid After six months and before
nine months, one-half. After nine
months and before twelve months,
three-fourth-?. After twelve months,
the whole amount will be paid. This
Association ii organized for the pur
- of providing a fund for sickness,
accident and death. We take all per?
sons male and female, from child two
?fears old to an adult sixty. Run er*
vely by women.
Officers:?R?*ga K. Jones, President;
Maggie L. Walker, Vice Pr.
Fannie Coles Thompson. Treasurer;
Patsie Keiley Anderson, Secretary and
Manager of Benelloial Department.
Board of Directors :?Julia H. Hayes,
Anna Taylor, Annie E Orowdei, Victo?
ria Moon, Delia Lewie, Lints B Dam
malls, IL L. WalK Thompsou,
Patsie K. Anders.>n, Rosa K Williams
Lillian Payne, Rosa K. Jone*.
Agents Wanted.
Dr. Humphreys'
Spec illus j upon thc disease,
without nailing .Lsorder in other parts
cf the system. They Cure the Sick.
ao. cr re*. raictEa.
I Pa bbb a, Congestions, Inflammations, .'ii
'i~ Worm*. Worm Fever. Worm Colic.. .'ii
3?Ten Mus, Coll-*-, Cry in*. WaJtofulnesa .'ii
4?Diarrhea. Of CMl.lren or Adults..ii
7? Couch*. Col.ld, Bronchitis ..., . - .25
K-"Neuralgia, Toothache, rot-each*- .'it
ft -Headache Sick. Headache, Vertigo . .'ii
10? Dyspepsl a. Indicestlon,Weak Stomach.ii
J 1 ? Kupprrsre.l or I" a I ii fill IVrlode.25
li?Whites. Too Profuse Periods....Hi
13--Croup. Laryngitis. Hoarseness.95
14?Salt Hhenm. Erysipelas, Eruptions . .'ti
15?Rheumatism. Kheumatl.* Pair.*.25
1'"*?Malaria. Chill*, I io .'ii
19 -Catarrh. Influenza, Cold In the Head .SS
!_0~\\ hoopln.-Cough. .. .45
?2V Kidney ll inw. .25
?iM-Xervous Debility .LOO
3C-1 rinnry Weakness. Wetting Bed... .'ii
?7-<irlp. Hay Fever. .'ii
Dr. Hutnv>hrey i' Manual of all Diseases at your
Druga!t<'ii or Malle.1 1 r
Sold t,> druggists, or sent on receipt of price.
Humphreys' -led. Co.. Cor. William * John Sl__
To Visit the Military OamD at Poolar
The C. A O. will sell Round Trip
Tickets on Sundays at 25c, and run
trains, tearing G. A O Broad Street
Station , Richmond at 9 A. M., 8 P. M.
4:80 P. M., and 6:10 P. M. Returning
leaves Poplar Springs, 3:52 P. M., 5:22
P. M., and 8:07.
On week days, the round trip rate
will be 40c on regular trains.
washington, D. 0.
Hot University furnishes super?
ior f . .es for higher education.
Nine ditierent departments, with sev?
enty-two professors ar.d instructors:
Theological, Medical, Dental, Pharma?
ceutical, Law, College, Preparatory,
Normal, Industrial, the latter includ?
ing printing, carpentry, bookbinding,
tinning, and sewing.
Academic departments open Sep?
tember 21; professional, September
2Sth to October Sd.
For particulars, address
Thb President ob 8eobbtabt.
_ 6t
testify that tho only i
world that '.") tho
genuine nly hy
i (?x Man
your drug?
gist for it. Beware of imitations.

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