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Yon might go far afield h-efore yon ^
tjunti two more qaesrly associated
kniK Bdastljf th;iu the Jew of ,
Whiteohat-el and t ilofSinga- c
pore who were f-ittiiv together orel a t
bottle of brandy la a li h room (
behind a tin in nhl De j
Beers road. Kimberley, late oue night in .
tho earl]
nnoommoa tiling hore ia this vortex of ??
tosr. villainy into which U
magical glitter of tho diamond, m<
fut.il lt;
glint of -cold, h
men of all colors and oroods from tho
remotest ends of the SB-taV ! ,
"something was evidently exercising !
the mini of thu Jew vr-y sca_S*U
fur his vromiuont Byes kept Brandering
restli ttlj about th-.i little rootu,
fleshy, pendent nadir lip trembling ev- j
itv uow and theu witr neut ot i
his lu-avy jaw ; his fat, lavishly jewel* ri ;
fiug* rs kent alternately drumming
the dirty table and wt-ndering aimlessly j
through bia black and rather greasy
The Chinaman sat with his long
nailed fingers ii* *a the lap of \
his ample blouse ssid looked at him
placidly out ol bi* bright, inward slant?
ing little ey> ad said SI
thing foi tiree, ll
pondering a i t problem in j
his <
A staggy, long haired, disreputable i
bin- ? in ,
his ? be i
doing Um same a a j
paws, and every now anti then hlin
op at his luath igh
dering win tiler ou bad fouud any
"Itsh no good* I ? half whh
tho Jow. at length ur
aud bringing his finger:- down from
hair to tho table for something
twentieth ti . lents will all
be played out now thal
new law llh DSBSBCd. Tv.j goaivahi will
be harder te get I d look at
tho rich!: ?
_S SS I asl I. just lor t
few lit..
going to bo worth tb? candle any ia
if we don't lind gi t
ting them ont thai ; n't tum
bio to. It 'n I ft a UM 1
man who oonld hit ot
fake just now. tL.ut i'
can't }. industry
ruined, and t: Lah to li.'
Tho Chi'iamau looked ;;: bim tu
while he wa
a broad, sroodsn stui! i crinkled
his eyes nj into two iittlt -h's. hs nod
ded his beni after tb.
his owu ld) ls, sad sui 1 .usly
aud with '.io air Of 0 kuu\v.i
what he
"All Hi-:
a>aohee scratch bead
boy plenty .-i ttl fti
:: bab nu p>t go WOXkeS y<
1. Defeat."
"ll you
fake, OB that
the tees ari: I
bit, 1 ni Hu?
on it, and 1 l oil,
, 1 will,
Loo, and we ther
before now, aad I itt-d you
fair anti se il il it
likely lay, i:'.- B ?no, I'll
make it fifty??chese'i fifty d >wn 1
me into it, and the usual tunis al for?
ward. Tl*.;.*, n't it: 1
can t speak no fairer thau tb_.t, eau 1.
Loo, old p:?!
The Jew spoke eagerly, almost oaross
ingly, to tko yellow heathen whom bs
would have ?\ink
in Main ?ttetit. There ho was \\ gnatos
Lowenfeldt, liosassd diamond Lr.
stock and share dealer, and all tbe rest
of it, a mau with a reputation ts lose,
as repututious wont thou iu Kimberley,
and with a future before bin, bnt here
in Loo Chui'a back -sitting room he was
just what the heathen wa*!, neither bet?
ter nor worse, an 1. ii. D., a "fence,"
os they would have called him in his
native Whitechapel, and like him a
potential felon, and so there was no
need for any overstrained ethiuette be?
tween them.
Added to this, he knew that his
"boys" muet by this time be getting a
very nice little collection of gems to?
gether for him, and he felt a very nat?
ural anxiety about them now that this
detestable nbw law had about doubled
both the legal power of search and the
penalties for being found ont
Loo Chai's almond eyes wandered
slowly from tbe dog to the Jew, and his
Bead began to wag again, bnt this time
the other way, and after a little pause
he said slowly and meditatively:
"Fifty pound tlen per cent not good
enough dlis time, Missa Lonefelt, not
by big heap. I bab got thought here"?
and he tapped his shaven skull gently
with one of his long nails?"which
make velly big chop?tlen, twelve,
maybe twenty thousand pound aile
same time, and no chance catohee. Him
worth pay for, eh, Missa Lonefelt?"
"Ten thousand at a go?maybe twen?
ty, " exclaimed the Jew, leaning forward
with twitohing lips and eyes all aglit?
ter. "What's your prioe, Loo? Give it a
name, and if I oan meet you I will,
s'welp mel Yon know I've always been
(air and honorable with yon."
"Me sell yoe one pieoee doggie Ava
bundled pounds."
As Loo Chai imparted this apparent?
ly irrelevant piece of information hs
slowly waved oue hand toward the mon?
grel on the sheepskin and smiled bland?
ly as he added, "And vely good chop,
too, I fink."
" What I Five hundred pounds for a
blooming tike, and a precious ngly one
at that I What's the good of polling my
lea ilks that when we're mnsoaed to bs
*& W;^J^1V
PYRrCMT.1838 8Y CEQ CWmTft.
nlklug Strict bu tbe
ll with your dog?"
Mr. lif-w?nfeldt a- qasstiOB
Sith an -ur of i IndignatJ
if whish ths pla-dd heathen took aot ( f
aimply pi.
be cur up on to his lap aud said iu a
ono .rf calm and almost dignified re
"Me no police leg by talkee biznesa,
Mi ssa Lonefelt Dil doggie no velly
laudsome, maybe, but be worth heap
-nouoy ailee same. Him what you call
' IDE doggie. Now you
venfeldt did v.
sud that, too, wini eyes which began to
roll somewhat wildly to and fro i
moments had passed, for Loo
Ohai's deft lingers had by this time laid
jy 6kin of thr dog open
SM of the nock to the root of
lil Then putting one hand into
lag and taking hold of the tail
with the Othes be gingerly drew out
tho hind quarters of one of those dain
logs which his coon?
il mostly affect in the form of
The of tbe head and ehoul
a perfectly fitting
Hud most Mask,
which it I 'me weeks
cf pa a like
period ol' not wit training to
?iou. But tho h.
part was a mir.. ???tativn in
.! excels all
.;g the bat
win T?. .1 ow uer of
' ?bing
after the I ( tan uni.
terrier?was t ptiblo
when sloped, taj f tho
skin was lund with m.
1 for small or
largo stin-s, sooordiagiy us t:
sqaall r? body
BMBt bated tliom ail
? Jew, With a calm and
?iii hit, who sm
far had not -rtttrslass awMBtl.
looked first ut tbs half naked dog ami
a blandly smiling
? ly :
"\ -
ki k! itutly l
its origins ? tn ~t d
oaxdooa, kicked it on tu I
and Mid quietly:
"WU, Mi.-sr, Lonefolt. you no fink
dat vclly lirst chop L D. li. ti:
This ian ' the some?
what animated ooon nation which fol
Deat and busi
| .yment to
him thara sad then of -fiSM la nob
ths drawing of a bill for tfiSM
Btaariaid lank
?for a little do, Hy whee oousid
in conjunction with a comm
; of 10 pei . tha possible future
J value of Its skin, and tho paying of it
. maile ail tbs heart that Mr. Lowenfeldt
; lal days aud
I Bights with a pain which stimulated
hil normally hen wits toa really dau
\ garons .-.late of activity.
Tho Jew haling thus paid bis money,
j it was for the heathen to do the rest,
i and as a first .consequence vt what be
j did a Pando Kaihr whom he long had
j under his eye for the working oat of
this particular scheme presented himself
at the gate of the new compound of the
De Beers mine for hire early on the fol?
lowing morning but one
He had a very disreputable looking
mongrel under his arm, and this with
only partly intelligible eloquence be
strenuously declined to be parted from.
The officials objected, but tbe Kaffir
stuck to his point and his dog and even?
tually carried both through, for the oom
pound system was new and unpopular
then and native labor was very scarce;
so at last, as he was turning away to
offer his services elsewhere, bo was call?
ed back and allowed to take his enr in,
for he was a tine, athletic, likely look?
ing boy, and after all if the dog gave
any tronble a fatal illness would not
U a very dJ Hon lo thing to arrange for.
The Pondo proved to he an excellent
workman, and so little was seen or
fceard of tbe dog that its existence was
forgotten long before the nsoal two
months' engagement was np. "Byrne
by, "as the Kaffir called himself in ac?
cordance with tbe common oostom of
taking more or less grotesque English
names, found plenty of old acquaint?
ances in tbe compound, as both Loo
Chai and Mr. Lowenfeldt had foreseen
that he wonld, and by virtue of sundry
invisible transactions between bim and
them his dog improved rapidly in rai?
ne, although its presence became even
more unobtrusive than ever.
About ten days before yonng Byms
by's time was np one of his most inti?
mate friends left the compound aftei
passing blamelessly throngh tbe then
usual formalities nuder the hands ol
the searching officials, and that night
contrived tc convey throngh Loo Chai
and one Ah Fop, bis servjfjui. tb? wal
a_se ovws to tte, lTowenielSl that ihe j
ondo's dog would BOOM out wi tn such
lining to its SBOOad skin a^ t _
iced broker felt justified ia estimating
((rom ?10.000 to ?18,-400 in value.
Tbe Kaffir received ave sovereigns in
Dtorn for bis nowa and with them and
is own earnings be proceeded.
ie manner of bis kind, to blind himself
) the lights of beaven und divers bar
xjius fur three days aud nights, after
?Inch be went back with a light pouch
od a heavy head to do another two
louths' spell in tho mine. This time
e was the bearer of a message to bis
'oudo chum to the effect that if on his
om ing out he would take the dog to a
ertaiu place other than tbe bouse of
joo Chat be would get ?800 for it iu
dace of the ?100 that his master bad
iromisvd bim. To this tho Pondo, bo?
ng easy of morals aud longing greatly
or the possession of wives nud cattle in
lia own land, incontinently cou mu ted.
Tho reason for this leading astray of
he untutored savage may be quickly
leen in the fact that 10 p-ur cont on,
tay, ?10.000 would be ?1,000, and this,
frith the amount of tbe bill, would
uako ?1,250, which, when Mr. how
?nf i hit came to think quietly over the
natter, seemed to be a most outrageous
[-rico to pay toa yellow skinned heathen
tot a double skinned dog, and,
ifter due deliberation, he decided not to
pray it, if he could find any means of
wading payment,
Tbe shortest and easiest way to do
thia was to procure the arrest and cou
diction of Lou Chai as an L D. B. before
the Pondo got out, and to this eud he
succeeded iu bribing Ah Foo with cash
down aud the promise of more to plant
four "traps," which he took from bis
fo, in a convenient place in his
mantel But, as th-.rn li more
of a sort ai_. ''ions than
among thi Foo gave the plot
'ir. showed th
who had been sus
ieudly action of the sort,
and, with his consent, took them away
with him tot greater safety and his own
tbs po
D information received,"
J.**) Cbai,
<t, und lounn
ing, it UBWhlla 1
'with a bland I iat would
'yr ia a I
A goori deal of languat;
aW of
a huh ni printer's ink
would convey any adSAfS ssion,
but lt nt Yid?
dish in which Mr. Augu- -ifcldt
relieved bis feelings when ha hoard of
the 1 . tit Of theil
The m-xt morning a somewhat un?
wonted scene was utside tho
maia gass of the I | Mund.
BOOM SO or -IO Kaili rs. Whoas time was
bo had gone through the linal
Jitios pree. din.: dismissal. WSCS
ag out 1 nighing : 'ig aud
ring aud jiugliiig their bari
id money like so many children, aud
among then*, as innocently fi stive as
uuy, was >i ung Byiuoby, tho Pondo.
18 uot carrying 'his time.
He knew that tl is had almost,
d it-, i ri issn oo,
und he wli at it would bo
ni M prudi ut to ht it .sneak quietly out
| the lag! of thi- osowd tuan to re?
call it to tho gatekooj^'jr's memory by
taking it in his arms.
The annual had become quite attach?
ed to him, and he made sure that bo
would be able to pick it up without any
difficulty when ho had. got a safe dis
tauce from the. gate. This ho could have
.~ily if tho dog had only
been left to Itself Bnt it wasn't.
No sooner had it passed the Rubicon
ahaoat unnoticed and shown itself in
id ttiun a psOBaaaS cry, something
like high tenor . " rose shrilly
into tho still air from nowhere in pur
tieidar. The hoathOB dog pricked up its
ara at the familiar but long un?
heard sound, aud the. next instant be
?10,000 and ? l:\O0U worth of
.d diamonds was scampering
id as fast as lour wiry leys oould
liynmby Mt out a high pitched howl
Of iago and horror and started off with
gnat leaping strides in pursuit of the
much longed for wives and rattle and
guns that wire literally running away
wuJi tho dog. The rest joined in tho
hu*- and cry, some for good reasons of
ther* own aud BOOM for the mero fuu of
tho thing, but unfortunately, just as
they wero beginning to gain on the fly?
ing treasure, a squat! of mounted police,
coming back from their night's duty on
the Free "State border, turned a comer
out of the Du Toita Pau road at a trot
aud barred their way.
The .dog dodged iu among tba horses'
legs am' got clear away to tba eager
arms of Ab Foo, who was waiting for
it in a half ruined tiu shanty about 100
yards farther down tbe road. The po?
lice, always suspicious of anythicg like
a Karhr cmnete, ordered Byuieby and
his companions to stop, bnt the Pondo
and one or two of the others who knew
the worth of the quarry made a desper?
ate effort to get through and continue
the chase, with the result that they
Were speedily ron down, collared and
inarched off to the tronk, where, being
able to give no satisfactory reasons for
their anxiety to catch the dog, they
were summarily fined 5 shillings each
and kicked out
Almost at the same moment that they
regained their liberty an occurrence,
whioh The Diamond Fields Advertiser
described the next morning as "a shock?
ing tragedy," took place jost outside
the bar of the Central hotel. Mr. Augus?
tus Lowenfeldt had been taking a few
whiskies and sodas with some friends
and was jost bidding them good by to
go and see abont some important busi?
ness when he happened to look across
the street and saw a well dressed China?
man walking np the opposite side, witk
a hairless Chinese terrier at bis heels.
His friends saw his hands go np to hil
collar. His fat cheeks and low forehead
suddenly became a deep bluish purple,
and bis eyes, bloodshot and staring,
started half ont of their sockets. Fum?
bling feebly with his fast tightening
cellar, he half gasped, half gurgled:
"Dog?ten thou?done, by -??I"
And then he reeled back and pitched
sideways into the road, and before they
oonld get him back into the bar he was
"Never knew poor Gussie to have
'em before," one of his friends sympa?
thizingly remarked to another when
they had seen tbe remains safely on tc
tho ambulance. "D'yon think there
coally. w_s a dog there* J_UeJb4 if_I did
be thing ?":,rv nlse a
?oaud 'ave another.
l's given ia turu."
ll Suffering Saint
By Harriet Prescott Spofford
K touching story of the faithful
love of a noble woman
This delightful piece of fiction,
with seven other short stories,
will soon be printed in these col?
umns. Tho names of the authors
will coR-riiice our readers ?Jaat
they have a treat ia store. Herc
are the names:
Under the title of "Klack
moc-ds" ti hean pub?i
i/.ainty -rolusns e( mpritiag pertinent
"Xtraato from ines, add:
nod tiiks to students of Bookar i\
Washington. Principal of keg-^e
Normal and Industrial last tilt**-. Ttis
iQStittl ; uited In wiiat ii called
we Black Belt of Alabama, whian ex?
plains tilt- title.
The t*leetioni have b- en made, and
arraTni. ls Earle Mat?
hews, author of ".\uct Lindy
She has brought to her task not only
srary ?k*.ll but a paine
lakhig care and fi.l-.-hty
boee ex] '.arac
teristio ol th-s ni inland his work.
There ii an int I in uyT. Th<-.m
riune, editor of tne New Vcr,
So ur.hr en
States havi rod need tWQ men
eii.ee the -Keb*-li ion who have ac
a national reputation?Henry W. Gra?
dy and Hooker T. VVashingto*
contrasts the divergent ideas r
?ented by thet-e two men, both of B BOM
were in the fullest sense educators, and
pays a tribute to the ability and
it Mr. Wsshingtoc. [Pub.
M-tune A Beott, 4 Cedar Street,
New Y<_rk. Price i no dollar ]
X M. U. A. liotei.
The meetings in the room are con?
tinuing tu gro.v in interest with both
the boys and men.
Mr. Kobert Holmes, son of lirv. J.
li tinline*, gave the men a very prac
tienl and iiir.irucli\i- I Linday
5:80 p.m. We are oom admit
ed us as i
0 majority ol the men present.
tar] Charles Hogan of Y. M.. C. A.,
Norfo.k, Va., wura present and in a few
wed ehosiii remarks gave a fair repre?
sentation of tho work in N rtotk.
lhe annual outing of thi
partment took place Thunda] ac
ham Farm. j Taylor of lhe
True Reformers, T*reeidi-nt li T. liri
of the Y. ll. G. A., Bas. T. H. Wflne
and Sec. T. H. wyatt seeompanifed the
boys. After spending quite a i<!easani
ind enjoyable day the. entire party left
7:30 p. m. tor the city The meetings
Of the boys un Sui days are very large?
ly attended. Pres. Chiton C&beil de?
serve a much credit for the -successful
mander in which he in leading this de?
The Y. Al. C. A. camp among tht
Virginia troops is meeting with mud*
success. The entire outfit sucn ai
tent, dominoes, checkers, papers, pent
and inks have all been ..Uichaaed an.
very likely Mr. Charles 1) gan of thu
Norfolk Association and Mr. Nei.ii
Williams of Richmond Association w il
be put in charge.
W e are thankful to say the work ii
on a continual increase. Our meet?
ings are well attended aud great re
tulls sre being accomplished. Thi
meetings in the jail in charge of Broth
er il ernes are very mueh appreciate,
by the prisoners and many have ex
pressed their desire to lead a b-attei
Tbe men will be addressed next Sun
day by Mr. Georgs West, of Hewart
University, Washington, D. C. Mr
West is an all round speaker. Corni
and hear him. All men are welcome.
Tooble funeral.
Ooochland Co., Va.. JuIf 14, '9$.
Dear Editor:?Please allow me spaci
in your valuable paper to insert thi
sad occurrence which occurred hen
yesterday, 13th. We had a double fun
eral and burying from our church
Yesterday Mrs. Mahuida Fleming, thi
wife of Wm. B. Fleming, and Mri?. Ed
monia Kenney, tne wife of Waite:
Kenney, were both interred at the Em
msns Baptist Church.
Mrs. Fleming was a devoted chris
tian. She had been down with con?
sumption for about two years.
Mrs. Kenney had only been ill i
short while and her death twss quit<
P. J. S.
This is to certify that I, Patsie K
Anderson have resigned ss member o
ths Bosrd of Directors in the Woman'
Corner-Stone Beneficial Association
I am in no way responsible for iti msn
Patbm Kj-iukx Amsbbsom.
j. ali
[hempson & Benson
- reasonable.
_fj_p-pe<ial attention jrlven to ul_a
??-y tciifhi unUl il o'clock.
Them All.
Th k
Pays SICK Benefits Week?
ly and DEATH Claims in
Twenty Four (24) Hours af?
ter Satisfactory Proof of the
Chartered, Feb. 25, 1893.
home office: 311 N 8th St
Botan o jbs.
President. - A. Washington.
vice-President, - W. M. Tru
. \. Payne
- Et, Lonil Brown,
H. F. Jonathan,
Fish, Oysters & Produce
1 20 K. 17th St., Rici mi ni, Va
Orders aili relive prompt attention.
Phone 167.
?MPJlNY, Richmond. Va
Chartered Ocr. 14, 1S07.
Qai .1. s-.ooo
1A49 K>-- B'
J. A. Ci 1
-ni -I . Jeter,
'Claim* paid promptly.
"*f\ AS
Weekly ^th
Payments. Benefits. Ben?.flts,
5 % I BO t 15 00
10 a as
15 4O0
20 4 7S
5 -J* 65 00
?o mn
40 R 00 iou < 0
tV) 10 00 125 OO
Agr-rts wanted in all cities trie'
Acthobibko Capital Stock
Officbbs and i-?caKi> ofDibbctous
E. J. Simms President, W. K. Smithej
Vice-President; Jbs&ib Williams,
Treas.; f-nRie. Smith, Secreta?
ry und Manager.
J. O. Lewis, .1. O. Vaughan, J. I
Moore, Jacob Williams. Jesse Wil?
liams, Endless Williams, E. J.
Simms, W. R. Smithea,
John Nelson, t bnstopher Smith.
j0__r**We pay Weekly Sick Benefits
and legal Birth and Death Claim*
For further information, address Busi
ness Manager, 552 Brook Ave.
Office hours from 0 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Schedule in Effect
JUNK 12. lSttS.
I:0CA. M.. Dally?Richmond and Norfolk Vei
tibule limited. Stop ony at leten
burg, Waverly a:..l Suffolk Secon
class tickets not accepted for pa
tag* on thia trala.
? -06 A, M., Dally, "The Chicago Express" fo
Lynchburg. Roanoke, Columbui
and Chicago. Pullman Sleeper Roa
oke to CalambQH: also for Radior<
Bristol. Knoxville. Chattanoog
and Intermediate points.
7 Mr. M. Dally for Norfolk, Suffolk and li
tennedlate stations.
11/40 P. M., Daily, for Lynchburg and Roanok.
Connects at Roanoke with Waal
lngton and Chattanooga Limiter
Sleepers Roanoke io Memphis an
Kew Orleans. Pullman Sleeper ta
i Richmond ond and Lyric]
burg, and heaths ready for nccui
paney at 9:oO P. M. Also I ullma
Sleeper Pitersburg to Roanate
Trala arrive at Richmond from Lynt-hbUT
and the West dally, ,s.i6 a. m..,:iul at"/.6- p i
from Norfolk nnd the Kant ll :C6 am and Ve?t
huies Limited 6 uU> p m Ortlw; c.3>* Mein gt.
Dist Passenjirr Agant,
General Passenger Agent.
Oeneral Offices: Koanak?-,Ya.
Aarobbob's Federal Street Marre!
rnVrnfT" Anything for anybody. 1024 an
1026 North 1st St., corner Federal St.
?-00 A. >i 'H. ?:S1 a. '
?.0? A. V
*. .1.. Jacksoi ? ?
1,40 P. M..
v r.
7-aoP N
*ud immedi
necta -arith A. andD. tor stat
ville ' :07 a. n:., Charil
- .Ml a. m.. Jackson
ville J ow P. m.,Fort Tampa v?6p.
PO '
M.. Ac:
a. n -nan
Jacksonville. Poit Tampa, Alien,
h,WP M..
f Hakea
Da between Peiersburg
11:40 P. M.. Dillly. Arrives rg 1I:?0
ok?7:l"> B:lnto!
man I -chtnond to Lynch
Trains Arri'
1,00 A -aver.
8 .IB A. M.,
Atheiif*. -ind K.*le:. rson,
1 >burv and the Weat.
8:S7 A. M.,
8:00 A '??? Ath
rn .nd H-jud^
11:05 A. M.. ' Ik ar^d Fe
6:40 T. M.. i>?:ly. Jacksonville, Savannan,
igton. v, ol da boro
6:55 P. M.. ?? Suffclk, Waverly
S-.56 P. M.. l rsburg, Lynchburg and
J.R. KENLEY. Trt.'.c Mauagei*
Geueral Mauager.
C. B
Di-vtaioD Paaaenfrr' As-rent
-.tiDUU IN E KKK ti
4:10 ?>
8*0 _ M.
1 ??
WAtCl pull
o.a r.
1-1:00 M.. Dall:
. u i r. -
.'. .-il *?\ a-ta
Wp. m., D;
mu >? lm-water.
8;40A. M. p? at YMai-wale.-,
ur* : Vlllord.
1-.46F. U.,T>
7:10 >
*;m 1* M.. Da
FRK1 - iION.
8:S0 A. M n.
(L- munday.)
6:42 A. in
r*. KIA ,
ti:4u i
O' A. - Tr adie Manager
E. T D. MYKKh. President
0i? &* Chesapeake ?-iiic
tQtUt Ohio nally..
Eh Fia il VJ-. .! USE 2*. lb98.
?:u0 A. M., Laii.- ;:, lor prim-j
? 'I Newe U'<
at Norfolk with Hmm Jfor
i >_n.iay.
S;46 P. .v.. Dally \
rt news. Ol
NorfolK and Portsmouth, i
at Old Point with Wa
steamers, daily witi li_ltiu.or
iO:*lA. M., Mountain Express except Sunda,
lor BoBoevarta 0--u neeta a
Gordonsvllle lo- Orange, Cuipej
er. Calverton, Manar:sas. Alexan
dna, ana Washington, at llulo
Station, Charlottesville for Ly ucl
burg:al Basic for Hagerstowii.
J .lb P. M.. Daily, with Pullmans to Cinclnm
ti. Louisville and St. Liouls. stop
only at important stations. Cor
neets at Covington for Va. Ho
Meals served on Dining cai
No. 7 Locai trams except Sui
day, following above train froi
t-ordonsvllle to Goshen.
6-SO P. M., Accomodation, except Sunday fe
10-JO p. m., Dally, for Cincinnati, with Pal
man to Hinton W. Va., and Goi
donsvllie to Cincinnati and Lei
Isvllle. neals served on Dinini
Cars. Connects at Staunton lea
oept Sunday)for Winchester, Va
and at Covington, Va., daily fe
Virginia Hot Springs.
10:10 a. m.. Dally, for Lynchburg, and CH
ton Forge. Connects except Sui
day with Buckingham, AI be re n <
lexington and Craig Valle
Branches, and at Clifton Korj
with No. 1. for Cinclanatl.
6:SP r. M., Except Sunday, for Lynchburg
with Chair Car and leaves Lynd
burg 7 A. M. Except feuuday ft
Lexington, Va.
8 to A. m.. Dally from Cincinnati.
10-.li __. m., Dall from Norfolk aad Ol
? JO r. M., Daiiy, from Cincinnati aad Lout
? .W r. M., Dally, from Norfolk, aad Ol
SUS r. M., Except Sunday, from Ronce
8:40 A. m.. Except Sunday from Lex lng tc
and Lynchburg.
tar. M., Dally from Lynchburg, and CH
ton Forge, and except Bundi
New Cattle, Lexington, Alberei
and Rotney.
AtVt. General Passenger Agen
Soatnern Railway
in i May 1.
Tiain Leavts B Va
x: 10 a y .Hy lor
bo: Jiartotte. Colombia
an * f n. ai,
-i aud^l* t
?t Danville. Salisbury and
Clur . tu? wiUi the Washing! a and
:-7i carry
-.ano. va aid .Nun
vi ? ,urk
to to Tampa,
and CrM-cia?e day coach between Wash
-.-uuer-tlooB are
made tor all points lu Texas aud (all
. ?leeper open for occupancy et
solid train daily for Chasr
lotte. N.e. Connects at Moseley with
-tile and Powhatan railroad et
h>y*ville lor Clarksvllle. Oxford. Hea?
der ?-.>u and Durham and at Greensboro
for Durham. Haleigh, and vyit-.-ton
>m. at Danville with wo. 86 rutted
8U -ale. dally for
lae ns and p 'u, which
carries ts'e-'iwn. *N?--?- Yor_ to Kew Or?
leans a:: a New York to Jacksonville
Thi iatt
T ?t -ieeae
ev u to San
1:00 r. a., BO 17, LOCAL, dally except Sunday
for Kevsville and intermediate polets
>. M.
b.ibr.u.. from 'tlan'-a Augusta. Asheville
and Nashville.
8:40 r. M.. from Rhysville.
nos. 6! and Si. between Manchester aud a*
aooiis. Va.
York River Link, wsa^p-oura
The Faveriv*- Route Norths""
Tru . .SO i" IL
aradaya, and Saturn.
Tra m.
rs and
Train No. te, 6:00 a. m.;
tra; >nd.
? >y from tVesc.
at -i.oo p. na.,
tars, and Bai?
rn. Tuesdays. Thursdays and
Virginia Bk.
'rom sa 9 _wr __,
? cast xai- ttn
ULT, w. a.Ta-k,
Traffic Manager. sen. raaa. Agt,
ral Manager
..< nt.
VA> E. natl) St, Richmond. Va.
? t, N> wuo-rv
k fer
. Waa
'. Fare only f l_a
ind tl.W Foixt
Music by a graud Orchee
iit received dally from above named
pisces ats In Sj
North Laio:lue.
orth Laio:lue.
Oaaaral Ortloes: Planters Bank Betiding.
a.m.. for
iches; .Mia:
a. si..0;4C f. a., dally.
Tor Ile ir:., ba|
H M FOY KIN, Soie Fasa'r Agent
836 East Main St Richmond Vs
b.st. j'- .-ut and een'l uanagfr
v. a. mi-uKsx. Gene iel Seperiu ter dent.
???ID*B?B*ia' ??l)?t!?li>M>i.(\
-M> son dat.
geru car. leave Klchniond daily except
lay aud Suuday via Chesapeake and Ohio
railway, at a:60 A. M., or Richiuondand Peters?
burg railroad. (Norfolk and Western route)
VaK) A. M.. connecting at Norfolk with Old
Dominion-Line steamer, sailing same evening
for New York.
Steamship Richmond leaves Richmond
every Monday at 6:00 P. M., for New York via
James River.
Tickets on sale at Richmond Transfer Com?
pany's. 908 east Main Street * Chesapeake and
Ohio railway and Richmond and Petersburg
railroad depots, and at company's office, ills
east Main Street, Richmond. Baggage checked
through. _?_!
for New Y'ork and ail points beyond "can be
shipped by direct steamers, sailing from Rich?
mond every MONDAY". 6:00 P M also by steam?
er leaving Richmond Wednesday and Friday,
6 P. M. for Norfolk connecting with steamer for
New Y'ork.
__ Manifest closed one hour before sailing tl rae
,. Freight received and forwarded and throngh
' bills of lading issued for all northern, eastern
and foreign ports.
Passengers ean leave daily except Sunday
at ? p M iSatulday 4 P M.) to Norfolk or Old
Point Comfort, connecting with Norfolk and
Western railroad or Chesapeake and Ohio
Direct steamers (via James-Ri ver route/
leave every SATURDAY' (Passenger and frelgh
and _ I> M Steamer via Norfolk every Moa
day and Wednesday at 8 P M
Sail inga from company's pier. No. BS, North
River foot of Reach street. Freight received
and forwarded dally except Sunday.
For further Information apply to
1113 east Main street,
Richmond, Va
W. L. Gulllaudea, Vloe-Prtmdent and Traau
Manager, New York.
The Sixth Mt. Zion Sunday School
will give their Picnic at Mt. Pleasant
Joly 25, IS98.

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