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ri-H'K 5CL_VI__*
A Great and Crying Need of
a Distinguishing Name as
Colored Baptists
1 repeat, as I have stated before, that
until we have a name* we can never
be really and truly a representative
denomination. and ean never bave our
proper influence as a raee, for our own
proteetion ; neither ean we. as a de?
nomination. So, the queation I now
raise, is not one of separction from
the whites,?for we, are already sepa
rated in every essential sense as a
denomination, and have been sinoe
1866 when we began to organise eol?
ored ehurehes. colored Sabbath
Schools, secret and benevolent socie
ties, state conventions, general and
dlstriet assoeiations ;? and these have
multiplied and grown until to-day the
whole eountry is a complete net-work
of sueh. and so far ai 1 know, there is
not a white person in them ; neitber do
they desire to be. Uow many white
men and women are members of the
ooiored Masons. Odd Fellows and other
soeieties? And what means our great
National Baptiat Oonvention, eompos?
ed as it is. entirely ot colored Baptists?
So, I repeat, that I do not have to
raise the question of separation. for
that ib aa complete as it ean be, or as
J. desire it to be: we only need to take
a befittingname for this great body of
Baptists. But what shall it be?
I have snggested "Ooiored" because
it is the most apt and comprehenslve
we could use. and yet I do not eon
tend for it. Bat some may ask "What
is in a name?" I answer: everything
that exists, eiists in a name, whether
it be things in heaven above, earth be?
low, or hell beneath, all exist in a
name of some kind.
I repeat, we will never be properly
recognized, nor can we take onr plaee
as a denomination withont a distinot
name ; for proof of this, let me oall
your att9ntion to the StarBook, page
287, and we find four denominations of
eolored Methodists as follows: Afri
ean. Afr.ean Zion, Ooiored and Union,
and just one word added to the word
Methodist makes each of them a sep?
arate denomination, yet they are all
Methodist still; ao for us to take a
name would not make us anything but
regular Baptists.?indeed the national
eensus of 1890 bulletin, 876, ealls as
the regular Colored Baptists, and the
Home Mission and ameriean Baptiat
Publieation Soeietiea and the Mission
ory Onion. all call us "Colored Bap
Tban why not?thia convention pass
a simple resolution that heneeforth we
be known as tha "Colored Baptists"
for aa I have said, turning to the Bap?
tist Star-Book, page 287. we find four
bodies of Colored Methodists mentlon?
ed. but no Culored Baptists, no Color?
ed Methodists, Epiecopals. no Presby
terians or Epiecopahane, and wh_ ?
Simplv because they are represented
by the whites <>f each of these denom
inations?in ot^er words, the whites
are the heads and the colored are the
tsils. We are followers and only fol
lowera, and so are not a representative
denomination; therefore our eonten?
tion is for denominational individua.i
ty with a view to representativeness ;
yes, representativenesss, raeial. de?
nominational. national and interna
Habvxy Johnson.
Baltimore. Aug. 1900.
It will be a great day for the cause
ot our eommoD advancemant. when
eolored maa ahall generally hold up
the handa of eaeh other in works for
the common gcod and pu*, away forev
er the eontemptible idea that one ia
higher in proportion aa he eueeeeda in
ainking another below him.?Frederick
Our Preaidential and other elections
are timea for the edueation of the peo
Sle in their moral and politioal du.iea.
Lind li active ; opiniona and prinei?
plea elaah; truth and error meet in
atern debate before all the people. We
mean. in this grand atrife to take our
humble part.There ia an audience for ua
ana weare bound to addre-a it, and to
do onr part in flinging before the peo
pie the prineiplea of jus.ice and liber?
ty whieh ean alone exalt the nation,
and without the obaervanee and prao
tiee of whieh, nationa. like individuala
muat plunge headlong into deatrue
>ion,?-Freqeriok Douglass.
Mra. W. T. MeGwinn who was Miss
Anna L. W.lUce of Riehmond, Va.
but now of Baltimore. Md., in cnm
pany with Mr. and Mrs. Gray of Bris
tol.R I spentadelightfuldays outing
in Newp.rt last Thursday. Her broth?
er. Mr. G W. WaDace who is alao
stopping here sbowed her many pr.ints
of interest in and around Newport, R.
Jno. M. Lkwis.
The greatest meeting ever held by
Negro Christians. wi.l begin in Rieh?
mond, Va. on the 12th.
A special feature of our National
-onvrntH n will be an Atrican exhibit
department. Rev. M. H. Willi?mB will
have it in eharge, and for the benefit ot
visitors will give an illustrated leotnre
daily It is possible this will be at the
True Reformers Hall. See notieea at
Letters from Godly men ard women
all ovor this country ahow a growing
desire for more work at home and a
broad. Let all go to Riehmond with a
longmg for Christ and His righteous
ness and O! what a meeting.
Letters address. d to us 1224 St. Jobn
Htreet, Richmond, Va., with eoin mail
ers. g eaners or money pledgnd will be
reported to the National Unvention
We beg tbat every Baptist make our
National meeting a subject of prayer.
rastors and others going there need
the strong arm of God to help and
guide. I nen plan to have your pastor
or delegate give a report of the meet?
ing on their return.
Five missionaries to sail during the
next conventional year. They will
speak at our Missionary Mass-meetinir
Exposition building, on Sunday at 8 p
m. Admission to this meeting will be
v,?Xd only? They "n be h?d ?' *?**
Fifth|8treet Baptist Churoh durinc the
convention. Let ali lovers of God and
the souls of heathens interest them?
selves and help us get 20,000 people out
at that meeting.
i11 missionarias have been paid _in
full ti Sept. lst. 1900.
Dr. Graham and bis good people and
inends are preparing to give all dele
c*tes a grand reception at the conven?
_ A?ui"nberof Baptist trains will pull
to Richmond hn the llth and 12th of
Saptember. Will you be on one ? '
L. G. Jordan, 611 Sixth 8t?
Louisville, Ky.
A moat diatreasing aecident took
place F iday evening at Brown'*" tank
near (.hristianburg. whioh reaulted in
the death of one negro named. Eddie
Moore. On that evening Deteottve Geo
Fftawater had under arreat on a
freight train sixwhite men, who were
stealing a ride. Being informed that
two colored men were on the front end
of the train, he went forward. The ne?
groea jumped, and the offlaer followed
?nd placed them under arreat, one of
them being Ed Moore. Hia left haud
reated on the ehoulder of one. hia risht
?D*>> in*,Wh!Sh wa8 the cooke(- Piatol,
on the ahoulder of Moore. Mr Fitz
W*?VLr h**d ordered **? men to get baek
on tbe train, and they were in the 5
oidoiog.o when a foreman engaged
in conatruotion work near Brown'a
tank told the offleer th.t the INegToeJ
were hia men. and that he waa E
??^W,?ih h,mt?8et 8?me m.teria?
hUZaSV ******* bft0k ** 8?? what
lrh'd. *? ??y ?nd in doing ao hia foot
alipped and the piatol waa tired. The
ball entered the temple of Moore and
eame out of hia forehead. The Nearo
dropped and died almoat inatantly
n************ immediately went to
Chnatianburg and gave himeelf up, but
he waa acquitted later upon the in
queatof eight witneaaea. Mr. Fitzwat
eri.well known and hia frienda aPe
TH t0lK?ar th*} he WM concemed in
thia terrible accident. He ia much af
fected by it. He hat arreated the wore
crimjnala of all kinda but haa never bL
fore had an acoident of thia kind.
?KaofcRo, Va. Advabck.
The above ia all of the explanation.
Oomment ia unneceaury. Ont Negro
ltaa I What differenoe doea it make in
thit teetion whether ht waa murdered
intentionally or killed by aooident 7
Sam Marklbno, P. !. Aug. 12. 1900
2.V.h U. 8. Infantry. Detaehment 23th
The week has been busy and sad, a
large supply uf rations came up in the
transport. Bautus and w*a eent to San
Felipe to unload, but owing to the
rough sea wae compelled to put baek
to the lar.d licked harbor at Subic.
0(. Sunday ihe train ooneistmg of 10
pack mules ai d n eseort wagons re?
paired from aJan Felipe to 8ubio to
bring up .he eargo which eonsisted of
rations. cots for us to sleep oo, and
many other articles. It was one of the
worse trips on reeord. the roads beinu
in an awful eondition the train was in
the rice paddies as often as in the
water covered, Bo-called road. A large
quantity of rations w?s brought up on
the bull trainB Saturday and distribu
ted along the line ; they were welaome
ly received for it just came in time, a
few garrisons. including our own here
being almost compl^tety out of rations
and subsietinit ot fish and beef which
we had to kill and dress ounelves.
Onles* Friday night at.*10:30. musician
Thos. O. Wilburn.Co. K. 25th Infan ?ry
died ot aystntery and appendicitis, in
the hoapital %t Castillijis. He had been
ailing often and on ever ainee he has
been on the i_>land. He was one of the
moat unaseuming men I ever met to
have been aa smart as he waa. He was
one of the stand-bya in trumpet tele
graphy ('hal ia telegraphin* by trump?
et, ) and was eonsidrred the best reoeiv
er in the reaiment. Deeeased waa 21
years old and a native of Missouri, he
was at one time a student of Linooln
lnstitute, Jt fferson Oity, Mo ; and one
of the ableat young men in the eerviee.
Rev. Wm. M. Wjmmi, Co K, our
preacher so dier eondueted the funeral
exereiaes, he was temporarily laid to
rest at Castillijas.
Rev. VVimms has organixad a Sunday
*ebool at Castillijos, which everybody
is glad to have. he is eneouraged by all
who consider it a Uod-send to have the
elder in our imdn.
Religion haa now a strong hold on
every one, or nearly so. We realire
that if we are Koing to teaeh the prin?
eiples of civilixation and Christianity
as the situation requires we must first
learn something about it oursslves.
Tbe civil governments are rapidly
being organizrd, and the natives and
ourselvea are on most friendly terms
We often go from town to town with
three and four mc unted men.
Stavf Gobbbspondbnt.
It is reported that Insurgentu attack?
ed Cabangaan late Saturday night. Nj
Later oonflrmatioa of attack on Cab?
angaan arrived via Caatillijos when the
scouts upor leaving the latter plaoe
were told by Lieut. Bates to ride 80 to
.0 paces apart as a town had been at?
tacked up the line.
Later at 10 a. m. Corp. Hardaway ar?
rived from Castillijos with a detail of
20 men and conflr ned tne report, say?
ing that from telegraphic information
reeeived by Lieut Bates Cabangaan
was attacked by Insurgents at 4 a. m.
Sunday and tergeent Lightfoat, Co K*
and Corporal Ward, Co. F, were killed
in the engagement. The flght lasted
until nearly 5 o'eloek.
Cabangaan. the town attacked is said
by those familiar with ita surround
ings to be one of the worst plaeea on
the whrie island. It is 8 miles north
of San Felipe. tne 2nd Battalion head
quarters and 12 miles from Batolan a
swift river on either side which is im
passible in rainy weather, causes it to
be isolated. so a large garrison is kept
there, the largest on the line.
San Mabcilino.P. L, July 17. 19C0.
Full Darticulara of ihe Cabanqaan
attack arrived to-day at.tl shi ws it to
be one of the moat deliberate and oare
fully *>rranged attaoka of the wh lie
Ou July 6h, the inhabitanta, to
ahow their ajpeciation of american
aovereignty took part in the program
at the raieing of the American flag
and owing to the eontinued good feel
niK shown to the garrison for an indefl*
nite penod previoua, no one had an
inkling of miachief until they were
roused from their peaeeful alumbers
at 3:30 a. m., Sunday by a volley of
Mauaera, whieh played havoc with the
quartera; but, fortunately everytoiy
uiade their eacape to the ground and
were quiokly deployed bv thfcir re
apective leaden.
The bulleta flew thick and fast. The
enemy had aharpahooterB in the treea
and theae made things lively for all on
the ground.
Lieut. Arrowamith, the oommand?
ing offleer and Serg't Lightfoot, the
aoting lat sergeant walked aide by
aide from detaehment to detaohment
and while engaged in the abave mie
aion, tht sergeant waa ahot and fell
flghting bravely for hia eountry. Al
moat about the tame time Oorporal
Ward of F oompany fell amid hia men
bravely flghting seetion tc rise no
more. From the oourae of the bullet
it ia evikent he was ahot from a tree.
The flght was fast hnd furious, but
despiie their weil planned attack and
superior position, they couldn't stand
tha terrible hail of steel and they
withdrew, oarrying their dead and
wounded, whieh the secret service
found oat to be about 14.
Tha bravery o| Lieut. Axrowvalth
and his men was b?yond question. It
was about 4:30 when the enemy retir?
Pvt. Flemming o' eompany L was
shot through the knee and permanan,
lyinjired. The wife of Dr. Holwr A.
an Ameriean lady wt>i livit g in Caha i
gaan ut the time with \he Doetor*he,
haved ?_.i. st admirably deBpite tbe sud-'
denness ot the attack aud the frail y or
her sex.
Many men who were sleeping ou*. of
qnarters were cut off. The enemy
came under the shaek of Serg't Book?r
and ii was some timj before he could
reaeh the scene of deployment.
Private and Interpreter Maasingle
or company L was lit?rally surround
?d. He says when he orened bia door
h? couldn't see anyihing else but the
enemy. but as he hat been up againat
it so often he k-pt a cool head and
osme out all right.
One n.ao, whosF rame I couldn't
learn. went down tn see a Senori a and
suddenl; found himself oonfronted by
two armed humbrea, who informed
him that he was their priaoner. They
relieved him of his gun and belt bti.
Ister returned it to him on the prom?
iae that he would figl t the Americanr.
In answer to their query. he said when
he was conducted to their lim-s he saw
several white faceg. hut couldn't tell
whether they wern Sraniardsor Atn^r
ioans. He made his escape during the
progrest ot the flght.
H-rg't James Ii. Lighlfoot, company
K. 25th Infantiy. wan born in l ulpep
per county. Virginia, about 26 years
ago and at an early age visited Wash?
ington, I). C , ard in ? short time made
it hia home. He eristed in the army
in 1886 in oompany C. 25.h Infantry,
and did coneiderable daty in Montana
He wasdiacbarged in Miehigan in 1898
and immediately reenlisted to go to
He aeeompanied the regiment to
that plaee and was strieken with yel?
low fever, from wh sh he n. ver fully
rucovered. He wa? #-r%f-?rred to Co.
K upon the reorgamsation to steady
the young heads He was shortly
th^rea'ter made corperal and later
made sergeant, on the retirement of
Herg't Smith. His reeord in the
rhilippines, his severe wounding and
> xperienoe on January 29 h with the
laie Lieut Schenck are already famil
iar to our readera. He returned to
duty in May and shortly thereafter
sent to Cabangaan, where he met his
untimely end. His experienoes have
been trying and a brave and noble sol?
dier has gone to his teward. Let us
pray that our loss is his gain.
Corp'l Ward's case was like that or
the late Corp'l Washington of compa?
ny B. He had just reenlisted.
8erg't George8. Thompaon, with the
mounted soouts, has loeated the ene?
my in a strong position and reiuforce
ments are being sent him.
Staff Cobbbspjndkn cb.
The following co ored soldiers have
died recentl y in the Philippines:
August 26th, 25th Infantry Benjamin
Franks ; August 81st, Co, 1 48'h Infan?
try, William Smith ; August 18th, Co.
K, 48th Inruntry, James Saunders:
August 18th, Co A, 48th Infantry,
John Fuller; August 16th, Co. L, 49.h
Infantry. James H. Green; August
7th. Co. 1,25th Infantry. William A.
Mra. John Digga aave a reeeption at
her home on ut/xter St. laat night in
honor of Mra. Oarrie Hawktna of Rich.
mond. Va. The apaoijus rooma of the
pretty h >me were aet off by deoora*
tiona of green, yellow, and white, and
contraated with the handaome coa
tumeaof man? nt the latiea preaent
formed a moat pleaeing acene. Among
the moat notioeable toileta waa that ot
MiM Mazie Jackaon, who wore light
blue organdy trimmed with black laoe.
Mra Olive Browne wore a handauine
gown of tan nun'a Vdiling with trim
minga of blue liberty ailk, M-a. Onar
lea Digga wore a black akirt with gar
net ohiffon waiat, and Mra. T. J. Nel?
aon waa dreaaed io fl .wered organ Jy,
trimmed with laoe and ribbon; Miaa
Marie Webater wore light blue albat
roaa with trimminga of black ve vet
and black lace, Mra. Waverly Broad
enax waa dreaaed becomingly in white
mualin, while the fair gueat of honjr
Mra. Hawkina, waa atrikingly hand?
aome in a gown of white mull trimmed
with white aatin ribbon with belt and
atock of blue.
During the evening un entertainiog
program waa rendered aa followa:
Piano aolo, Mra. Fred Thomaa
tontralto aolo, Mrs. Oarrie Hawkina
Viohn aolo, Maater Fred Jaokaon
Miaa Mazie Jackaon, Mr. Wm. Jaokaon
?l?' . Mra. Hawkina
Viohn solo. Maater Jackaon
8ol?* Miaa Marie Webater
At ita eloee an elaborate spread eom*
pnaing aaiada, ieea, and dehcateoakea
ocoupied the attention of the company
for an hour or ao. The time paaaed
only too quickly and the gathering
diapersed with memoriea of ono of the
mtat aueeeaaful aoeial evants of the
In order to do buaineaa we muat ad
vertiae, and io order that oolored peo?
ple may read onr. advertiaementa we
muat patronize eolored papera with
oireulation and reputation of the Plaj*
-Prof. J. W Seott of Huutingtor,
W. Va.., called 011 us.
-Mr. A. Wood o: O.ange, New Jtr
rey called on ua.
-Mr. i lifton 8turtevant, of New?
port Nbwb called op ua.
-Mr. William Stewart. sger.t fnr
the Plankt avt Baltimore waa in the
oity thia week and called on ua
-Mr. Rsra Toliver. our agent at
Wiimton N 0 . called on ua. Ue left
laat; Wt-diiesday ni?jht.
-Jirs. V. E. Toney of B\ltimore
-?ae in the city thia week, and calKd on
-Mita Mary Hall of Pittsbure. Pa
ia gueat of Misa Nannie Orump, 003 W.
Leigh St.
Mr. Th; m*.s Drew of '?hester *-*a. ie
thegu-atof Mr. and Mrs. A. V Nor
The Ri'-hnmnd Athletic Olub held a
meeiing laat Monday nigLt.
Mr and Mra. Thos. R. Jefferson of
Lynehburg in oompany with her aia?
ter, Mrs Johnaon, called on us.
-Dr W. R. Granger and Mr. O. H.
Green, Df Ndwport Newa, Va. called on
-Mr. Duni 1 Jenerson of Lyneh?
burg called on us.
-Mr. J. J Booker. D Deputy G.
C, of Newport Newa. Va. called on na.
-Mrs. Octavia Ferguson and Mrs.
Maggie L. Walker have been suuimer
ingat Hamption.
-Rev. Dr. J. H. Holmes and wife
spent last week in Waahington and
-Mrs 3. A. Reid of Orange, Va..
and Mra. L. E. Brown of Roanoke, Va..
called on ua.
??Mr. Sterling C>x. formerly of
this city, but now of Orange, N.J..
called nn ua F?* resided 2o jearu ago
on 2iid St., near Canal St.
-Rev. G. B. Howard, D. D.,of
Pittsburg, Pa., called on ua
The Grand Fountain, D O of True
Reformera have been in aeaaion here
during the oaat week.
-Af*jutant Gen. Joseph L. Jonea
of th? Uniform Rank, Knighta, of Py?
thiaa waa in the oity this week. ard
called on ua. He reporta the order in
a moat proaperoue eondition.
-Mr. 8. H. Dickerson, Elba, Va.
ealled nn us, also Mr. J. B. Selder of
Morriaton, N, J.
-Mrs. Elizabeth Ambros of JPhila
delphia, is in tha city visiting her
brother James Langhorn, 1310 N. Firat
-Mrs. Sipphora Prootor of Wash?
ington, D.C. is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Reuben Nelson, of 1400 N First btreet,
She will be pleased to see her many
-?Rev. S. Timms of Brooklyn, N.
Y. is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ohris
topher Smith, 1004 W. Leigh St.
-Mrs. Ohristopher, Smith 1(04 W.
Leigh St. has arrived home. G ad to
see her many friends
We return thanks for a season tioket
to the Colored Fair and Cotton Exposi
tion at Dallas, Texas, from Sept. lst,
to 9th, 1900. Kindneaa uf Mr. J. E.
Wiley, Manager.
-Mrs. Henry T. Hanis of this
eity, who residea ia No. 606 Catberine
street. has returned from Rockoastle,
where she has been visiting her broth
ers of St. Emerinea College. v\ illiam
and Oscar Robinson, also a friend,
Miaa J. F. Good.
Bt a FaisND.
-The young man, Jamea Williama.
who waa accidently ahot io Danville on
the Bloom of Youth exeursion ia get?
ting along nicely ander the treatment
of Dr. R F. Tanoil.
-Mr. and Mra. D J. Ohavera, who
have been aummering in Caroline Co.,
have returned to the oity.
-Miaa Roaa B. Brooka apent a moat
pleaaant time with Rev. W. H, Willis
and bride at their cozy home in Berk
ley. She haa returned home.
-Miaa Maggie Lee, of Oharleston,
W. Va., haa been at Pittsburg, Pa. vie
irincher uncle and aunt. She left on
Wedneaday for home. She made many
frienda while there who wished her to
remain longer.
?Funeral director JamesO. Thomaa
waa in the oity and oalled on ua He
waa ohief manager of the exouraion
whioh wbb run from New York to Rieh?
mond and return.
?Mr. C. II. Lewia waa not eoncected
with the exeursion that ahould hava
gone to Raleigh, N. C, Aug. 28th.
??Mrs. Mattie St-ange and Mra. L.
Lee of llinton, W. Va , are in the eity
the gueat cf Mrs. G. H. Lewia, Sll1.. N.
7th St.
?--Mra. R. W. Nelaon, Jr. haa left
Atlantie Citv and ia now viaiting her
mother and frienda in New York oity
whert ahe will remain until Oot. lat
-Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lewis return?
ed from .Cinainnati Thui-aday night.
-Cr P. B R mae f t*e dentia', *aa
returned to the eity atterapeoding two
w. e* in Lynehburg, Roanoke and
Ohavriotieaville, Va.
-Sir Jamea Patteraon ia aiek at hii
rea.de1.9e on W. Leigh Si.
domebody Has Made a Report That
He Died of Heart Foilure?Ke
voDing Incident to a Con
vict Qa_ap.
Atlanta Ga , Aug 28. ?Ftate Ward?
en, J. C. Moore has fit-d with the pris?
on e nnniKiicn hUrepcrt touching the
d?ath of Luther Ward, a oonvict in the
E hert oounty mirdemeaner camp
Wtrd was found dead, uhained to a
tree, atter receiving what was reported
to have been a severe wbirpi^g at the
hands of camp luperinten tent. The
report exonerates Superintendent Mc
Bride and leaves little doubt, aefar as
evidence can es'ablish any fact, that
the real cau-e of Ljtber Ward'a death
waa heart failure. The testimony tak?
en t.y the s'ate is unanim_u>_ on the
v tint that before b'ing chained to the
tree Ward received three or four lash
es. At the tin.e the man was jjowing
by the t-ide al m ditch, ai.d he b^gan to
atagg. r. ehowirg that he was either i 1
or playing < ff. Finally .Vard eat down
on tbe side of the ditch aud deelared
tbat he could go no further. It was
bere th .t the three or fcur blows with
with a strap were admioistered by sup?
erintendent MoBridr. who de-isted at
once as he began to see that Ward was
Oo the adviee of R. H. C ark. the
man who operates the camp, M Bride
told War 1 togo to the sbade and lie
down and McBnde followed him, chain
ing him to a tree, so that, as he states,
in case Ward dt-veloped a disposition
to escape. ne would not have the op?
Leaving the man in this eondi'ion.
McBnde went away, later findin. Ward
The G^-ral Ouoimitfee of the Na
tionai Baptiot Coovention is witiding
up ita buaineaa handaomely. In their
laat meeting *t the Firat Presbyterian
churoh over $18 waa collected this we
failed tj mention laat week. Over 600
delegatea have been a-signed to their
homea through mail. They come from
Arkansas. Alabama. Colorado, Oonneo
tieut. Florida Georgia, Kansas, Ken?
tueky, Illinois, lndiana. Indian Terri?
tory, Louiaiana, Maryland, Ma.aaehu
setta, tniat-iaainpi. Mi-^ouri, North <.ar
olins, New York, Naw Jersey. Okla
homa, Territory, Ohio. Penn-ylvania,
South Oarolina, Rhode Island. Texas,
Tennessee, Virginia, Weat Virginia,
Waahington, D. O, and Wiaconain. So
it may ba aeeu that q iite a large num?
ber of the atatea and territoriea will be
repreeented. While we have homea
for all thoae who have written to ua,
still the good citisens of Riehmond
must hold themselves in reserve to give
aleeping aooommodation to a large
number who have not been thoughtful
enough to write in advance.
Frienda who have grooerieg, and oth?
er food to oentribute by way cf helping
to run the dining room al the ohuroh
will i.leaae notify Rev. W. F. Graham
at 7a8 N. 2nd St. Street, or denver the
grceeries at the Fifth Street Baptiat
Ohuroh, commenoing Monday.Septem
ber 10th.
A large gathering confrocted the
pastor last Sunday morning at Fittb
St. Baptiat Church. when he arose to
preaeh from the Bubject, M The mean
est preaoher in the world," using the
ttxt 'He sought opportunity to betray
Him."' Matt. 16:26.
Ic-morrow morning the subjeot will
be, * Gideon's Three Hundred." Oon
gn gations every Sunday morning are
very large and attentive.
At night last Sunday Rev.H. Charles
Pope preaohed a powerful sermon from
the subject. 'No Uompromise."
The General Oommittee held a most
enthusiastic meeting last Thuraday
night at Tabernaele Baptist Churoh,
Rov. Eli Tartt, pastor, Rev. S. H.
Burks, of Manchenter, held the audi?
ence SOF-U-Iiound. The reports were
quite llatteiing. Tbe amount raised
will be announced next w.ek. Tne fl?
nal meeting of the General Oommittee
will be held next Monday night at ehe
Fifth Street Baptist Ciureb, when it ia
expected that all tbe books will be
turned in with the amouuta of money
collected thereon. l_uv C. 8. Marris
willdeliver a special address and there
wiU also be an exhibition of the Pas
sioa Play with iife-like pictures. Thi
will be very interesting.
Rev. Cornelius D. Gooley will appear
against superstitution at the Sixth .Mt,
Zion Baptist Church on Monday even?
ing Sept. 17th. The Bible and the his?
tory of the colored raee in America
will bs treated.
Mias Viola Wright of Manchester,
Va., was united in the holy bonds of
matrimony to Mr. Elward Parhaaa of
Portsmouth, Va,, at the residenee of
Prof. J W. Blaekwell, on last Monday.
They left on the eveuing train for
Portsmouth their future home.
Mr. Wm. Isaae Johnaoa haa juat re?
oeived a new embalmtr'a buggy of tbe
lateat deaigo. It it fltted with rubber
tiret and ia ao arranged aa to enable a
funeral direotor to earry onobaerved
all of tht inatrutnents necta*ary for
hit work*
J. H. Sppers. ? white barber) eut Bay
wood Green (ooiored) on last Tuesdaor
night Green broke aspittoon over bigt
empHyer'* head. Both needed t__s-at?
tention of a surgeon.
James Dodson. who resid-. at
Franklin t.. in attempting to jua&p o__?
a c.r ot the Sev.n Pines line fell __
neath the wheels. His leg was so _ac ?
ly cruehtd as to rtquire ampuial ________
Precioct meetings will be heM >wr
the Repub icans. Friday night, 4m
14 h inst throughout the city. A __
didate for eungress will bd nominat
Sub.-cribe to the Plinrt.
Pay the collector when he calls.
Lab?.r agpnt.Chas H. Smith (white
of 1520 E 1-rai.k, u .lt. baa been arreet
ed upon a ciarge of making fraudulent
us- of the mhiis. It jb alleged that he
obained mouey frjm both empl >ye
and employee without making aay ef?
fort to carry out the contract. Hiftj
?-.-e will ome up bafore U. 3. Com _
Bioner next Wednesday.
?Tos^ph Rapley. alias "Topeka Joe
(whi e.; me of the most exoert b.__-?
Jars and bankrobbers in the couctr*
efcaped irom the ttichmoni jail Smt
day night, 2 ii inst. where he had bemtx
pj iceo for safe keepir.g. He was eherjar
_d wuhrobbinga Daak at Williama?
burg, Va.
ls a result Judge 8. B. Wnt haa sa__
pended the guards oo duty at the a_
at ih?t time. They are Deputy b_r
giam James E. Taylor, aod guarc
William C illins. and M. J. Roach.
City Sergeant, Smith is out of th*
The funaral of Miss Lelia A. Joht sor
who has taugh. in the pubiic leboote
of the city of Manchester for ten yeara
took plac* from First Baptist eharsh
M^nobester. on last Sunday. Rev A.
Bing?,Jr..D. D., cnnduoted the sar?
vioes, assisted by Revs. D. Wst.t?:
?av.?..J. A\ K.rby. *m. M. Moss. \K .
T- Johnson. and G. W. Goode.
The church was orowdsd with mourn
mgftiecdsto do honor to her m*ri,
ia_S^?ST_S5??_r%! Au*u,t ??
1800 at his residenee 10u0 Chafflo St
after ao illness of about a month. Hia
funeral was pr_aohed by Rev. H. Pow?
ell, .t the Fifth Baptist Church.
1-esdey, August 14th. at 4 p. m. Ee
leavea a mother, father. daughter, aad
a hoat of friends to mourn thair loia
? 8____aa
-BRAXTOtf, died Aug. 22nd 1900, at
!___? Y** Der *"e?-denoe, 111 W. Cbari
ty St., ___te Braxton, after a brier ill?
ness. For forty years she was a mem -
ber of tbe Second Baptist C_.ur.sh Sh&
leaves one daughter, two tistera acd
many friends to mourn tbeir loas. lo
terment in Evergreen Cemetery.
There is no flock, however watobed andi
But one dead lamb is there !
There is no flreside, howao'er defended*.
Hut has one vacant chair.
Her daughter,
Sabah Bb____:i_>.
-_a> a a_-,-.
of Rev. J. T. Carter, died, Wednesday
morniog, Sept. 5th at eight minutes tc
5 o'clook, in the 31at year of her age.
The Thirteenth Anniveraary of the
Mt. Cairmel Baptist Ohurch. will take
plaee next Sunday, Sept. 9th. Goou
aermona by able divioea all day. 11:8C
a m. Dr Z. D. Lewis. pastor of Seeond
Baptiat Ohurch. 3...0 p. n... I.ev E*
Payne, pastor of the F__urih Baptiat
Ohurch ; 8 p. m. Rev. E. Watts, B D
pastor of Harrison St. Baptist Church'
r_ter_burg. W<_ ask all frieuda to co_a_
out and help us all day. A rare trewJ
is in store.
Rxv. W. H. Whitk, Paator.
Y. M. C. A. NOTLS.
The V. M. C A. work will begin theiaX
Educationai claaaea, Religioua Claaae*- ,
and meetinga. Sooiala and entertain
ment courae. The work for b>ya wiL
have apeeiai care. Explanation on the
Sunday School leeaon.
The work of the Y. M. 0. A. ahould
be known by everybody. Employment
oan be aecured for many who have nc
work. We have number of oalla. All
are invited to viait our rosms.
Meetinga in the oity jail anl alms
houae laat Sunday brought about gooci
The Bible study for boya laat Sunday
waa very intereating. All the boya
took a part. Prof. Doraa, of New York
favored the boya with a apeeial aolo
whieh waa greatly enjoyed by all.
Bro. V. L. Hawkina delivered an ad?
dreaa to the men laat Sunday, aubjeet
"Wnat Shall the Ending be." Eve**>
man wbb made to think aod aak th*
aame question.
Meetinga for Sunday 8ept. 9th, 1900.
Meetinga in the eity jail and almahouae
11. a m.
Preaident Olifton Oabel will addreatv
the boya Sunday at 4 p. m,, subjac*
*'The Sabbath."
M-'-i'a meating 5:80 p. ??. at our
8i,r*ngera are welcome. Oall and sae
ua. Do not leave the sity without d****
iog ?***. Y. M. a A., 211 fi. Leigh St*

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