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SVTURDW. SEPT. 15, 1900.
It Harci
i... -*\.
I- rj i".\ .?? ???-? i.?-itvr af WrrriVci
. .-?*??). |(| . 11.- IVklllH <.|>??TI>
iiii'iii >ln> l*r<i\ ?? I Imi-I f n 1)11>
Ioiii.mk- IliiKini'roiiu.
1--']" ttCT.]
THERE is conaJdeimbla talk ia the
newapapera abonl "indernnity'
for the outrages whieh haTC
I committed in China againal for
mporarlly reeident in that
At the departmeat of atate the of
ftciala expreae the belief that then
will bt neitlur indemnitv. reparution
nor retribution for anything wbieh
cea done. Of courso theae of
licinis iU> not talk for publieation, be
cause that would be contrary to the
rules and precedents of the depart
ment, but in private conv?.-rsat ion with
personal Crienda they say that "in
drn;ni:y" is practically out of the
Li Uung Chang spoke for the im
perial government when he said that
the treasury of China is so depleted
that no cash indernnity can be paid.
and that the people of China will not
permit any further concessions of ter
ritory to the countries interested. The
word "indernnity" covers a great deal
of ground in iuternational law. It
zneans a complaisant, friendly, frater
nal effort on the part of the country
in whieh the outrages have been com
mitted to bring the criminals to jus
tiee and retribution; an effort to in
?demnify the sufferers for their wrongs.
or to indemnify their hoirs if human
lives have been sacrificed; or repara
1ion in the form of abject apology, ii
the naliotial boror has been speeitie
ally involved.
The utterances of LI Hung Chanp
indieate that the Chinese government
does. not intend to do any of thest
thingp, and the eminent oriental
statesman speciousiy pleads the utter
inability of the government of lVking
to do anything more than publiely e.v
pr.ss regret for the consequenees of
the alleged insurrection. Present in
dieations are that there wnl be no
recognition of the faet that the na
tional honor of any eountry has been
What other nations may do under
these eireumstanees ean only be eon
jectured. It is well known that nll of
the powers of the world cannot de
ir.aiul an eye for an eye and a tooth
tootla, baoanaa the laaaaioa and
ution of the Chinese ompin
WOQld ba impossible. The r?Olia for
this icmelusion have heretofore been
arlth some deirret- of eiaboration.
repnblie is very unfort imatelv
cireunistaneed in the matter. It ha?
alwaja foaghl off the payaaent of ia-1
A MA88A.CRS IX siiAXTi .\\;.
' and the admiaadon of na
tionni reaponaibiliy for outrages eom
d in \iolatiou of treaty stipula
i ia ? ne apecifta caac in
poir.t whieh the Chineae gorernmen<
may well dte, and waich it will un
donbtedly oite. <>n December :;o. 1880,
am m. Bvarta, our aacratary of
atate, wrote oAcially to the Chineaa
minit-ter in Waahington as followa:
*'I know of no princlple of natlonal obll
gatlon, and there Is certalnly aan* artelna
from treaty stipulation. which readera it
lncumbent upon the government ol tl.?
I'nlted States t.> maka Indernnity to the
Chineae residents of Denver who, ia com
mon with the dtlaana of the Cnitcd States,
euffered loaaaa by the operations of the
mob. Whatevar remedlea may be offered
to the cittzens of Colorado. or to the cit
lxens of the United States from other states
In the union resld. nt in Colorado. for losses
resultlng from Chat oceurrence are acjually
open to the CMlnaaa residents of Denvet
?who may have suff.red from the lawleaa
Iiess of the mob."
Twenty yeara age China was a small
factor in katernatioaal affairs, and
%nery nation snubh.d her in diploiuat
ic oorreapoadence. The Chinese minia
ter replied to Seeretary Evarts, sa\
ing: "China must aabaait to your de
cision as to her citisena who have
outraged by a mob in Denrer;
but I venture the expraaafoa of opin
ion that if the eaaea were reversed the
? i Btatea arould ba diapoaed to
l?e!ii??-rently demand indemnfty.*'
Tbe reverse aid< Itaatioa ht
eonae; and theae atandi tae precedei
? tfahed bj ; ?' ? ? i itiy. Qthau
<f China ha\< > n an(j nave
(ieprh.M. ,. . ,, . .,?,] the
< tinaaa fOT?mni< aeadily raply
v deinaiid for . eaaaity or ret
rihution: "Your ow n gOTernaaeat haa
established the preeedeat that pre
vent8 you from niaking any demand
tipon China. We have the identical
letter of your Seeretary Evarts on thia
question, and you are estopped from
yeqiiiring of China what you declined
to aamlt when our cltlzens were out
raged and killed ln your country.**
That will undoubtedly be the unan
awerable position to be taken.
"Whatsoever a man soweth, that
ahall he also reap," is aa true to-day
?s when it waa first written; and It Ia
;is true of nations aa it ia of individ
uala. When our government declined
to mete ont justice to China, and to
her outraged citizens, nobody could
rorCAMB the mnssacre of missionaries,
their wives. ehildren and the native
converts. Nevertheless, the sense of
justice and equity whieh is born in all
tnen must have lived in the mind and
heart of the great statesrroan who set
aside justice and pleaded as Cain
pleaded: "Am I my brother'a
But Secretary Evarts was not the
first statesman to set up this plea of
non-responshiiity. So great a man as
Daniel Webster, when he was secre?
tary of state, wrot. a letter to the
Spanish minister on November 13,
l^JT, saying: "Private individuals!
subjects of her Catholic majesty, com
ing to KBjMa voluntarily in the United
States. have certainly no cause of.
complaint if they are protectad by tho
same law and the same administra
tion of law ns native born citizens of
this country."
Secretary Blatae, Tn nK letter to fhe
Spanish niinist-r. in referenee to the
Now Orlean* riot of 1891, Baid: "The
United States did not by treaty (with
Itak ), become the insurer of the lives
and property of Italian subjects resid
ing within our territory. . . . For
eign resident* are not a favored clasa,"
Th?t ia the dootrine of Amerioan
diplomacy, and it reada well from our
srtandpoint. ttut when we are burning
with indignation because of the out
rages inflicted upon our own people in
Cbina it doea not aound ao well. The
letter of Secretary Evarta to the Chi
nese minister, in 1880, applies directly
to the present situation, and clearly
demonrtrates the difference between
the seltisjluirss of diplomacy and tbe
justice of international procedurr.
Selfi&hness and self-seeking in nations
ultimately prove to be as unfortunate
and unwise as selfishnessiand self-seek
ing in individuals. Itis particularly un?
fortunate that 60-callcd Christian na
tiona, living under the higher law. the
law of love, should so place themselvee.
Public men in th* legislative and
executive branches of our government
regard it as a niattcr of dcep regret
that the federal government has> no
power to puuisJi violators of interna?
tional law and of treaty stipulations.
Statc law, in all such cases* is in tlie
?;iy of federal law and proeedurc.
llere are a few examples of riots in our
own country. in whieh the federal gov?
ernment ara. unable to puuish the
The rlot in New Orleans in 1S.M. oeen
Btaaa. by th. arrest and executlon of some
Amerlcan tilibusters in C'uba, when cit
laact. ot New Orleuns Inflicted injury upoo
th. pcrsons und property of Spanish sub
The rlot ln IXnv.r, lxso. wh.-n twoChlna
men were beaten to death and a numbcr
aeHouaty maltreated.
Th. riot at Rock Bprtaaja. Wyo.. ?apteaa
bar, UB.J wiuntoiCataaaaaa trara alllad and
Th. riot at New Orleans. in UK, wa? 11
pvlaoaara wara takaa rroia Jail and puti
to death by a anob.
There are other incident.s, but Uiese j
will MiHiee. lu each uisianoe It wasi
found imposs'ibie, on aceount of loeal
svn timent. to suecess-fully prosccute
the perpetrators of these outrage.s in
t he loeal courts, and, in most laataneee,
it was Impoafltbl. even to ins-tiiute a
prosecution. ln eaeh e?aC theforeign
country interested insisted and
rnended tbal tha United Stateagovern
tneut should aetert its. authority anc
bring the offenders to joatiee, and
?eemed Ineapahle of oaderetanding
why the United States- government
ahonld be POWerlea. to aet in Uieprem
Speaking of thia conditioa in the aeav
ind orging that oongreea ahonld
enaet legisla l ion to ennble the federal]
governmenl to aet in raeh rrt.c., Bena
tor Davis of Minnesota^ one of our
grea|eat eoi.-titutional and interna?
tional law\ era,aaid: "Thisgovernment
has been adopting statc-legislatiou and
state proeednre from th. beginning.
Ihc rnlea of praetio. and proc<
are Bettled bv state laws hv iS din*er-j
ent codes, by ?o diflerent rnlea of righl'
and propertj in aa aaanj dinVrenl
Thl. ia un epitomixed Btatement of
the com!itiou of the United Statea,in
eonatitntionai aml international la\\.|
in the emergenej whieh confronts us
wiien we eonsider the advisability or
Deeeaaitj of demanding indemnityorl
retribntion for the outrages whieh
have been committed in China.
Manifestly our condition, po
and preeedeata are not favorahle,
and il is not to be wondered that
our state department ofiiciais are will
ing to privately admit that we cannot
expect any consideration from China.
other or better than we have CXtended
to that country and to other countriet,
under i>imilar conditions.
When the millenium comes, if not
sooner, statesmen will see that it iaas
wis* to serve the nations aa it is wiae
to serve individual* under the nioral
law, whieh is higher and better than
national or international law, or
diplomacy. BAilTH D. PRT. I
Makn Some Dlflrrrnor.
Boutton?I didn't meet Jack Gcrd
heart at the restaurant to-day.
Upton?No; Jack is a married man
now, and it'a three days sincepay dav
?N. Y. Weekly. *' I
A 1**mrvtul Kxl.t.ner.
"Ever quarrel with your wifer*
"Have you any trouble with your
"Children worry you'?"
"<ireat Caesar. man. how's that?"
"Ain't married, and live by mvself."
Ita Coit.
"Is the anti-fat treatment expen
"It eost me nbout $135."
"That was ridiculously exorbitant."
"It wasn't the medicines or the
treatment itself that cost so much,
but the tailors charged me almost as
much for cutting down my the suits
of clothes as I would have to pay for
new suits."?Chicago Tribune.
Why the Cook I.eft.
You asked m? why I left there.
It really m?d" me grieve;
But master and mlssus quarreled so much
That at last I had to lesve.
Their langwidge it was so dreadful.
And awfully they looked.
You ask me what they quarreled about?
'Twas the way the raeals was cooked.
POPl'HR I'liii wi
"Struek by ihe beanty of the place."
lieago Tribnno.
l?r Impllcatlon.
"Most of the crqwd,"6aidthe matron
with the square jaw, who was presld
ing at the pienic, "seema to have gone
boat ing down the creek. Is there any
one here that evcr lived on a farm and
has a good voice for calling hogs?"
"Yes'm," answered one of the men
stnnding by.
"Well. I wish yon'd jnst go down to
the bank and holler out that dinner'
ready."?Chieago Tribune.
That'a It.
"I haven't seen Mr. Coslin since I
refused him." said Miss Frocks, "and
I fenr he has carried out his threat
to do something rash."
"lle has." addad Miss Kittish.
"Oh, tell me. what bas he done?"
"Caught the measles."?Chicago
Daily News.
Hlgh Ltvtnf.
Cora?They *>urely didn't have corn
artarch evary day at that summer rc
eort ?
Merritt?Yes?. rxoept Sunday. Then
thay put it ln the> refrigerator for an
hour or so and ealled it ice cream.?
Town Topica.
He Knrn Hrr.
"llome already, Percy dear? Come,
give me a kiss."
"1 <t me see your hands first."
"Why. you snspieious boy?"
"I want to see whether you have a
dressmaker's bill in one of them."?N.
Y. World.
Mlaara No One.
"Mr. IVmx very frequently boasts
that he never forgets a friend."
"Yes." answered the aeriiuonious
person, "I have observed that. When
ever he starts on a borrowing lom he
invariably ealls at every station."_
Waahlngtoa Star.
Mr. Popleigh?They are having an
other iovers' quarn-1 down in t ba pa.r
afra. Poph Igb- How doyon kaoa ?
Mr. Popleigh?The light is on full
haadl? Pink.
KafiiiiiiiK m. < nlamlt>.
"Why have you never married?"
"1 have alwayi been afraid that I
a ? .ul get for a w ife .me of those woin
< Who ]ike tO travel- with liew spa |.?r
I adlea tied on rhnlr aatnhc le_"?Chi
Dail\ \e\vs.
'l'v*o \ lew s.
"She aaoTea iike a awaa on the *ra?
"Do you think so? Now. my idea
baj nlwaya been that she ino\es like ii
dnek going after a graaahopper."- t hi
eagO Timaa-Ht rale.
Strldly I p to Diiie.
"Yea," reaaarked afra. Madaprop,
"our new honse has gol all the nu.d
ern eoneillationa, even to eelectie
lights, rbenmatle tvban and a porenv
pine bathtub."?Chieago Daily .News.
IliirdU Itln mablo.
Jaek liyiiv Bo <>id bfiilyruia is loosfe
ing for u divoree from his young
wife? On wiiat groondaf
Tom Topnotch Oa the gronnda of
eoononay, -Judge.
A II. i ...
Bdith- The man 1 marry nraat be
a hero of the gridiron.
F.thel?lle will be; if there is any
(??x.king dOflM lu-*ll have to Uo it.?
A Dcn-r* Vv..rj.e.
"Wrll. .lohnii.v, how n.vyou? Do you
fcad dollara ac eraryoaia else
'Tm worse ofT thaa that. I even find
haif dollara aearee.**?llariem Life.
I . .v.m; the Hrlde.
? Dear ane, Edgar, I wish we had
eotnething funny to read to-night."
"We.l. my <lear, there's> your grad
nating eaaay.*?IndianapolisJournal.
I.noklng HlKher.
Lady (interviewing parlor maid)?
I'm afraid you're too good looking.
You see. I have grown-up sons, and
young men are so thoughtless and
given to flirting.
Swell Parlor Maid (loftily)?You
need not worry yourself about that
madam; I have higher aspirationa
than your sonsv I am engaged to a
professional cricketer, and one of tha
best!-Tit Bits.
Th Reign of Lawlessness
Number of Persons Lynched from January 5th,
1897, to January 5th, 1898, . .
Date. Namea. Charce.
1898. "
-F. J. Baker, eolored Postmaster, no eharge
Jan. 7. Linooln MoGelaey, eolored, Murder.
JLake City, 8. O
Maude P. O., O. T
- Devoe,
Pearken, Ark.
|| Marahall Chadwiok, " auBpeeted of murder, Oolfax Wash
M_- ? ~, Z-oolored, auapacted of stealing a $2 hog, Cleveland Co, Ark.
March 6, Will JoneB, eolored. oriminal aaaault. Oomorant, Miaa.
MftTOH 0, "*" ? ? ' i i _?__ ______ l_I"ai 2
Marehd, L. J. JohnBon, white. murder, Roek Springa. w/dmiSS'
-Bemret " ?? * "-??.
AmiteCity, La.
Anderson, 8. 0.
Saliabury Md.
Gharlotte, N.'O.
Clarkaville, Md.
Weimar, Texaa
Great Bend, Kanaaa,
Wetumpka, Ala.
April 2, Wm. Bell, eolored no erime
May 25 Elbert Harrla, H luapeoted of houae burning
26 Garfield King " ehooting a white offioer
28 Joe Kiaer and Qilmore Johnaon, oolored, aaaault
Jutie 2, 8am and Curtia Yonng, eolored, Bhooting offioer,
10 George Waahsngton. oolored Bhooting Conatable
" 18 John Becker, white, murder
M 17 8ol. Jaekeon, eolored "
Lewia Speir, oolored murder
Jeaee Thompaon, oolored murder ??
Oamp Reeae, eolored murder ??
June 22 Oharlie Waahington, oolored rape and robber>, DaytooAla.
t oo m* S***6*' oolored, attempted aaaault (burned at stake) Devline.La
June 22-Howlett, white murder Hillaville Va
June 14, Mra. Jake Cebroae, eolored, nothing, Plano Texaa '
tU?8i2i2, r"T" ?mfk"' 8Tyr" oldA Color?dV, nothing, BateBville, 8.0.
July 11, John Henry Jam.B, Oolored, Oriminal Aaaault. Wood'a Oriaa-'ng Va
Ta!T J?'-i-Z~7Z ?\-:- ? Oolored. Aaaault Ooaling, Ala
July 14, JamcsRedd aolored Murder Montioello. Ark
" ? Aeex Johneon *' " ?> ?,
July 20, W. T. Patteraon whita murder WeBtville, Miaa
July 22, Joa. WilliamB, eolored, Impudent to white man, Seotland Neok N O,
August7 Dan Ogg, eolored In whitefamiliei room, Paleatinea. 'Tex
Auguat 8 John Meaeowa, eolored Oriminal Aaaault,
Auguat9 Will Handers, eolored murder, 01arendon, Ark.
9 Dennia Rieard, '* " *
" 9 Manae Oaatle, " ? ??
" 9 RillaWeaver, * ??
" 8 BuflieJaooba. ?* ??
" 11 Mulloek Walker, Oolored, Band-bagging.
J 8, Alex Walker, Oolored, Tro?:bleflome, Pleaaant Hill Ala
19 Jamea Nealey, Colored, Wanted Drink Soda Water, Hampton Ga!
Oarmel.Ga. )
Oomith, Miaa.
Aug. 20,
Aug. 21,
Sept. 8
Tom Miller,
Beny Jonea,
Albert Anderaon,
George Burden,
Lee l'iekett.
Colored, murder an4 aaaault. Friendahiy Ga.
Oolored. attempt aaaault,
Oolored Nothing
Quitman Ga.
North Texaa.
-? Liberty Mo,
Stealiug Sulligent Ala.
Buapeeted Oriminal Aaaault, Grifflin Ga.
) Oriminal Assault, Patrick Oo Va
Oepi. 1-J _~~ ? .-._v.., .. wmmmm viiiuiuu as X'SfcTlCI
Sept. 26. John Williama, eolored. murder and aaaault, Mountain City Tenn
Oot. 6, Wright Smith. Oolored Attempted Aaaault, Annapolia Md
Rev. Jesae Shelton, Oolored. Nothing, jsaequena, Oouney Miaa
28, Fiah Burke, Colored Defended TbemseWea Harpereviile Miaa
" J. E. Gatewood, M " ?? " u '
" Benry Anderaon, " ?? *? " ??
?? John Gatewood, " ? ? ? ??
*' Hugh Anderaon, " *? " ?? m
" Sim Haralaon, ?? ?? H ? ,,
" Ben Haralaon " ?? " ?. ..
"-?? ?? ?. ti ?
Aieh Baur, " Attempted Murder, " ??
John Andenon, Colored innoeent Lafayette. Ala.
-eolored, Defended *Themaelve8 Phoenix, 8. O.,
- eolored No Crime Wilmington, N. 0.
Ed. Mernweather " Murder Montioello, Ga.
December - - eolored, injured a whita man, Merldian Miaa
Deeember 6th. Jake Glover, eolored, innoeent, Montioello Ga
-Oolored Murder
Dee. 24, Jefl Bolton,
Jan., 6, Marsnall MoGregor,
Feb 9 Alfred Hoynton and wife
Feb 12 Cupid Redding
Feb 12
Oot. 23,
Nov. 9,
Nov. 1C,
Nov. 22.
Edgefleld Co 8 C
Barn Barning New Harmony Grove Ga
Colored Barn burning Bank, Ala.
Oolored Nothing Fort Oainea Ga
Oolored Muiu >r Leesb^rg Ga
eolored, Criminal Asaajlt, Hope, Ark,
aolored, Araon, Palmetto, Ga..
1' Morria Chriatopher,
16, WilliamCotton, Jr.,
" Uarriaon Hudson,
? Ed. Brown, " ?? .?
'' Henry Bingham, " ?4 ??
" John Bingaby, ?? " ?.
" Jno. Jameaon, (wounded)" " ??
N George Tatum, M ? ?? ??
22 General DuekeU, eolored, Troublcsome, Little Rook Oo Ark
" Edwin Goodwiu, " '? ??
" Adam King, ?? " ??
" Joseph Jotiea, ?* " ?
" Benjamin Jonea " " ??
M Moeea Jonea, ** " ??
M Joa King, ? ?> ?
M John Johneon, '* ??
" Namea unknown*. " **
18 Kinor Wilaon. oolored, Fired on white men, Silver Oitv Miaa
" C. O. Reed,
Colored Murder
Brookville Miaa
Wavneaboro Ga
Henderson Tenn
Glinton Ark
Newnan, Ga.
Palmetto, Ga.
Willia Boyd,
April 6, Foreat Sameraon,
" " Mose Anderaon, ?'
April 11, Rev Gilbert Ellihoa, "
April 18, A. H. Larue white
April 18, Will White, white
April 23, Sam Hoae, Colored
u 23, Rev. Lige Strioklaud "
? 24, Albert Sewell M
April 8, Foreat Johneon, eolored
' Moaes Anderaon, "
April 26, Charles Williama aliaa Jonea, Colored Murder, Galena Kan
April 27, Mitchell Daniel M talked too muoh. Leeaburg Ga.
April 80, Willia Seea, ' Baro-burning, Oaeeola, Ark. '
!Jay^ BHJWhblee, " TreapaBB, Leoanon, Tenn.
May 24, J. Humphnea, white, ahelter'g a murderer, Aley, Henderaon Oo Ter
Hia 8ona, " ? ?? " *. * T,
Colored Talked;too Mnoh, Leeaburg, Ga.
,, ,. . a Murder, Beaufort, N. C.
Defended a oolored man, Oardiff, Ala.
Murder and Aaaault
Talked too muoh
Murder, Brookville, Miss
April 27,
June 14,
June 27,
June 5,
June 14,
June 12,
Mitchell Daniel
Lewia Patriok,
Ed. Eilis
Jim Dili,
Adam Samuela
Will Hill,
Lewia Patriok,
Brother to a murderer, MeCulley'g Mill,
Suapeeted of Murder, Moorehead City, N. 0. Ala
Drowoed a Man, Dunnellon, Fla.
July 9. AbnerCalhoun, " Innooent Oaambell Co G?
July 15, Si Hmith white Murder. U oSneiTifle g!'.
t , ???? P?t Bowera, , bad charaeter, Lexington, Oo.,S.C.
July 22, Frank Defatta, Italian.jwound sd a white man, Tallulah La
Mra William Cunnard white
" Frank Embree Oolored
" Charles Defatta **
' Jo Defatta " "
" 8y Defferroch ? ?
" JohnCereno ** "
24, Cliok Davia, eolored, murder
22,- - *? ??
22 - - ?? "
22,Loui> 8?mmia '* ?
Frank Embree ** aaaault,
Jasper Oo
Higbee Mo
Wilmoth, Ark.
July 25, Henry Novela, oolored
* * Oharlea Maek,
i < _____ _______
* ' Randall Hamilton
* , John namilron
Aug'8 Adolphu* Browa, e otaufi^a
Edgar Barr,
attempted aaaault,
Obnroh-burn ing,
Steinmeta, Mo.
Hattieaburg, Miaa.
Saffold, Ga.
Leeaburg, Ga.
! FuquaPrairie, Tex
, a l^TZ^T,- J?at hta** o?white wo-nen, Jaapet
ug.ll, Bi Wilaon, ?* Attempted Aaaault. Pert Gib*oa
W Chambera, '? Oriminal Aaaault. Bell Boek
W MoOlure, " Attemptad Aaaault
16, Charie.-i.art, ?? ??
20, Peter Lon and
ran j, Tann.l
a?- ia 16je?oWSoa, whito, Shootingaman, Weto*rpka,Ala
?g ,l6,? Chu*r.*? flart' , oolod crianinal aaaault Brantiey, Ala
Aug % %?m Keith, eolorod. ente ed lady'e room drank, Near GreenvTe 8 C
Aug. 30, Rev. T. J. Floyd, colorea, wanted to i?-??rk, Oatterevihe, 111.
" Wm. Prentiaa. " ??
" Hughea Bradley, . ? '?
" Heory Branum, " " ? ? ??
** Jitn Hayea. " ? ? ? ??
" John Blaek, " ? ? ? ?
" 8im Cremmings, " ? ? ' ?>
Aug. 28,h--white. apoke againat lynching, Georgetoarn. Ga.
iep!* ? a' fi B.Battle, eol., apoke againat ijnehing, Near .rhompeon, Ga,
8ept. 27, 8enorSanohea, Ouban, nothing Havana Caba
Ootober 11 Judge Barit La Plgee white. Aaaanlting. Near N?wOrI*an.
18, Joe Leftiore Coloretf. Araon and Aaaault, burned. 8t* Ann Miaa
18. Robert 8tnith, Col. InnoeeDt, Partly Roaated noC daad M
20, George Wella, Colored, Murder. Wier City Kan
Total_ ? ZTT
?????????? 0*#T
Ches&peake and
Ohio Railway.
Sehedule in Effeet Aug 11, 1900, From
7:00ara. except Snnday loc?l for Newport
News and old Potnt *^
0:10 a. m., daily "f-ast Traln" for Newp-rt
News. Old Potnt, Norfolk and Ports
niouth Parlor car. Thia traia stopj
on'y at Wllliamsbnrg. v
3:tf? p. ra . daily local for Newport Newn
OH Polnt and Norfolk. * nllman ta
Old Point.
7:"!0 a. ra., except Siind*-. loeal traln t?Cllf
ton Forge.
12:01 nrK>n, except ondar. ' HonnUln spe
clal" with rarlor Cars for v'a.Hot ?nrgg
and White salnhur. a so Dtnins Car
wi'Ht of Gord .novlile, ni'a's a ia
carte. Connects 'or Orange, CalverteG
Maaasaas and Waahlngton.,
IbM f m . Daily llmlted. to Clrclnnatl,
LonlRTllle, and t. L->uls. Pulhnan
aleeplng cars. oonnect* for Vlrglnla Hot
6:30 p. m., ?i?>r(l'.?n8vMle Aooommodatton, ex?
cept anday
10:ir, p. m . Datly, F F. V.. to Clnatnnati and
Lionigrllle. rnllman aleeplng car. Con
neets for Vlmlnla Hot prlnga.
!0:.10 a. m. DalU for Lynchb'g,LexlnKton,and
Cllfton Forge. Parlor car.Connects, except
anday. with Backingham and Albe
rene branehea and for New Caatle daily
0:00 p m. "xcept Satarday and uni?>. to
ttarren. Uiadstoa* *cco-nmodatlon.
On eacurday, wul leave at S P. u.
&30 a. m..and 3::n p. m . daily, Clnctun t:
ana I.juavu.e
6:1C p. aa., J?xc?pt Snnday frern llintoa and
monntain resoits.
f>:50 a.-a., and Jfct"! p n . daily, from Clnctn
natt ana Lonl-vllle,
11 :*5 a m.. daily6:60 p. m ,-xoep: 1 nra.-.^1
l":i;> p. m., oaiiy irom Norfolk aud O i
8 lft r. *., Kxoept Snnday, tiw-n Cllfton
8 40 a- ?., Kxoept anday trosn Warrea
and Albereae ana on Moaday only frorn
6 20 r. ?., Daily from Lynchbnrg, and
Cllfton Forge, and except 8wn
day from New Caatle, and Rotraey.
For detailed lnfwrm ?ti->n.coa-i??etton-, e c ,
apply at Ktcbm iad Transfer ofhce. No O0S
ea?tatata *wtaa%;Oaaaapaaka ?ti ohio faa
Mn|erOfflet> Ko. ?fl( ??? Maln st eet; Sta
tloa Tieket Ottiees.or aidreaa
\aa'i. Gtmura) PaBaanarer Ae^nt
Sontbero Railwa?
Traiaa Leaves Riohmond, Va.
11.00 r M. NO 11 HUUTHERN KXPn
i., Atlanta augnsta JacksoYlllt, and
polnta Sonth Siecper for Danvllle.
tireeatboro. Sallsbnry. and Charlotte.
Slee*-ir open at Rlohinond 0:80 a. m
Siops ur paaaengcrs at local statlona.
Connecta at Danvllle and Charlotte.
with New York and Fljrlda Expreaa
(No 87) carrylng througk aleepers be
tween New York and Tampa. with oon>
neotlons for all Florlda polnts, also
connecta at Danvllle, Charlotte with
the Waahlngton anc Soathweatern Llm
lted (No 871 carrylng througliile*pars
bet'nNew York and Nasbyille New
York aud Memphls and New York and
New Orleana. also. Pullman Toarist
sieept r Monc ays, Wcdaesdays and Frt
days, Waahlngton to sa> **rancisco
wlthont otaange, with connectlons for
all poinU ln Texas, Mexloa and Call
11:01 r m No. 7, soild traln daily ?or Cbai
lotte, N. C. Connecta at Moseley with
Sarmvllle and Powhatan rallroad at
eysrllle for Clarkarllle. Oxford, Hen
daraon and Dnrhans and at Ureensborc
for Dnrham, Ralelgh, and Wlnnton
Salem , at Uanytlle with no. 8ft Unlted
States Faat Mall. solld traln, daily for
wew Orleana ana polnts Soath, whlob
carrlaa sleepers New York to New Or
li-tnatna New York to Jaccsunvillr
fd Mlaml for Naasau a Htbtni, Cuba
rnrongb maln ?l?eper nausDnry. to
Memtthls viaof Ashe\ Ule and Chatta
6:00 r. M., no 17, LOCaL, daily except Sundaj
for KeysylUe and lntermediate polati
6:00 A. m.
6:2* r.M., from Atlanta Angnsta, Atheriile
and all polnts Soath.
8:40 p. a.,from Keysvllle and local statlona.
Hos. 81 and fti. between Manchestar and Ne
apolis. Va
YORK RlVER LlNE, wkst Upoini
The Favorite Roata North.
Traln No. 16,4:30 P M.
i.timork Limitko, Daily, exoept Sanday
for West rolnt, and intermedlat* statlona
maklng close connectloi Moudays Wednes
days and V tdaya with steamer forUaitl
No. 10, i:80r. m.
LOCa *,Mon Wednea & Frldaya, for
Wntri, and lntermediate statioau. con
ik-v-w with atage at Lester Manor to Walker
??.-. and Tappahannock: also at West Polnt
w. #h atean ers for Baltlmore. Stopa at all sta
Traln No. 74,6:00 a. m.
Local mizkp, leaves daily, exoept Sandaj
from Vlrglnla 8treet Statlon for West Polnt
and lntermediate statlona. eonnectlag with
stage at Leator manor for Walkerton and Tap?
0:15 a. m. Daily, from West Polnt, with Con
nectlon from Ualtluiore except Mondays.
10:4a a.m. Suudays andMoudays
6:40 p m. Daily, except siunday from Wsat
eolnt and lntermedlata statlona.
Bteamers leavo West Polnt daily except
Sundays5:50 P. M. arrlving Ualtlmore ?.00a.
m., aeturnlng leave llalflinore 5:iKJ p. m.%
daily except Sundays arriviua UlcUnioud
W-.15 a m. _.
bteamers eali at Qloucestor Potnt and
Alraonds Whart, Tuesdays. Tliursdays *and
Batardaya; Yorktowiraml Clay AUi, Mon
dajs. Weduesdays aud frldays.
Trayelllng Passenger Agenl,
020 K. Maln St Klchmond. Va.
i. m.culp, w. a.Tnrk,
irafflc aanager. een. raaa. Agt
rhlrd Vice-prestdent ajd tienerai Managa
Waahlngton, D. C.
To Norfolk, Portsmonth, Old Polnt, Newpor
News, Claremonnt, and James Klver landingi
and conneoting at Old Polnt and Norfolk fo
Waahlngton, Baltlmore and the North.
Electrlo-cars dlrect to wharf. Fare only ll.a
and $1.00 to Norfolk, Portsmonth, Old Pola
and Newport N*ws. Mnsio by a graad Oroaat
Frelgbt recelred daily from abora-naata*
plaoea and all pointa ln Kaatera Vlrglnla aa
North Carollna.
OasM rai * saa: Plaatara' Bank Balldlaa
d?ilt uwa roa kbw tobk. bxc.ft sbbba*
. I'a^enxera e.n leare Richmond aally eaaam
'unday -la Ch*?.pe?ke and Ohi^raVwaTe
road. (Norfolkand West?rn rontesoOA.il
ocloca^^wTJr"/ "me e"Dln? ^
Tlcketa on sale at Richmond Tranafer o_
Ohlo raliway and Richmond acd Ppt*r?K-!Z
rallroad denot*. and at con,p?ny-8 ?flE?^?5l
. .. rBKI?HT.
"htpped by Bteamere. aailtnir from Riekm^J.
l?AY?t 6:wpm ThU steamer barrteY sf?2J
ag. paasengersonly. ^rnea Kmi
Manifc-st closed one hour before sallin- h..
CSftS r*STlT*d *nd 'orw.rd>flT."d th*rI?5S
~*2*St&gr",or ?" ~'^?^3S
aaa9aKa?_7S lW. d*uJ ?*??p? 80a day
PolnT rn,<?f?a.'dajr * p M.) to Norfol k o" Ol.
raSway! *1Iroad or ^heaapeake and Ohie
tofk^Monrt.?R,05^oa.d b^ ???*m-r rla Nor
urd.^p'i aQd *edn??*?r* ?;WPM.i;"
Salling. from company's pl?r No ? nn,i.
Rlrer foot of Beach Streit FrelKht reia?25
??<?W.Vded ?*?ye*oepl SandaV. rwl?
For further lnlonutlon apply _?
J0HN;f MAYER.Agenla,
1119 eaat Maln streel
_ . Richmond, Va
W. L. ? nill.adea, Praaiaaat N.w York
RD Dr n ftioaMOHD, '
r Ot L PK?nviucK?BrB?
Sehedule in Effeot July 1, ]900.
8*8 A. M.. Pally, ,or Wa.hl.gion ...
?olatt North. atopg ?1 'ai'f?"ai
#?.??'!"? "'i-ift
.?*,A M ;-"A.w^rl.tOW^^
8.A) A. BU, ?? ,y on|?, for Wa.hl-.rt.ai
* ?'? |/;>int? North. *tops at aa.
b '-len AUen. iaUaal ??
Qa&Ba!* w"???ter &
9:01 A. M. .,?- aX^pt aHd
.,;h^'?J 'olnt/xorth
u-Sr .L IbV Gle* *'ien, A?h
13 00 M.. ^''fr ?<"P? Sundar, fa)t
^aahinRton and poln ta tforikT
l?nd. Ooswel , afilford VrZt
tonKre8sional Uatlted aa
7 4o P. M.. aily for Wamunitton anc
-gH*' D?M-*r.Miifoid rta*!
erlcksbura. Brooke, Wldawater
tlon. .-^undaya. laeper Rloh
mon.i to n?w TaasTaaSS
Wa.hi.gton to ?hlladelpaiiT
Arwvb Byhd-Stbbbt 8tatiok.
8 4BA. M.. nally stop. at Widewat?r
Brooke. Prederlcksbarg, ifll
?TKd' V?"*"' A-hl.nd\ and
Hlba atop. at other atatloaa
?:05 P. M.. ballr, exeeot Snoday. St^paal
Fredertck.bu'g, MUford, Doa
weii, A.hl^ud, Ulen Allen and
*1 aa. uffei Par.or ear.
6: W P M., Datly. stop. only at rre4'k.bura
I)j"well, Aahland and XIda.
rnllman car. from Kew York
? ^ ? ? ^d w??hingtou
8 40.P. M., OmUj atop. .t Wld.w.tat.
nrooke, Prederlekabarg, aa-4
mlt. ttnlnca, Wood.iana, Mu
.ord. Peno a, Rnther Ulan, Doa
well, TaylonrtUe, Aablaad
?len Allen. and Klba.
(Daily except Sunday
? i2 & ?? V6*? Elb? for Qa?nttco.
? 00 P.M., Leavea Byrd at. for Fretferlck
2 S f ?."> L??*ve" Elba for A.hlana.
R:1ult- ??' . rrlve?i;lbafrom A.bJ.nd.
8 BBJ a. M . Arrivea Byrd atraat suuou f BBJBB
6:06 P. M.. ArrUrt. Klba from A.biand
S. A. L. Through Traina.
Via S. A. L. Junetion and R. F, & P,
(0. &O )
6:2). M, Dally, for Wa.blngton and
point* north. 8iops at Kredar
lcksburg and Qaantloo Pull
man -iieioerg to Ka. YorB.
6:00 P. M? l>*lly. for Washln.ton and
P?>lnt3 So'th St>ps at
lTederlcEsburg and Qaantloo.
l*utlmaa Sieener. ti Ne?r York.
(C. aa 0.)
1:30 P.M. Dally. St.^ps only Frederloka
ourg and Donwell. diaener
trom Naw York.
10S0 P. hf Dally bt>psonly Frederlokabnra.
S eepera frorr Xew York. Dia
w t T^al^T-yLOR.TraffloManager
K.T D. Myera.l'realdent.
S. A. L.
The Favoritd Route South.
Sehedule in Effeet June 3rd, 1900.
Leave8?.Cheaapeake and Ohio Broad
Streei. Station.
7-80 A^ M. Datly, excert Sunday, for Petera
bmg, Herdefgon. Dnrha* . R.lelgh, At
lanu.anaatt v^iat** South and Soatb*
3-86 P M '-Floiida Mall ?nd Eipress." dally
for Peter.burg. llendersun, Haielgh. C7B.
raw, Camden, (Jolnmbla. Bavannah
Jackd uv'leTampa, Femaadtna, an. all
Flonda poluw*
10-to P- M. '-FLORIOA LIMITED," dally for
Paiersburg, Hrtidertoa. Kalelgb, Wli
mlngtoa, Charloi e, Chesrer, Athe?a.
AtiaaU, M ntgomery, Moblle, Mew Or>
le-na, po.nta South and Southweat
Ch.raw, C.mdea, Columbia, dart. ...
Jaoksn.Ttlle Tampa, Femandina aa.
all Flonda polata.
TralasarrlTe from South at Cheaap*aka BBBB
Onln r **e st. station fr-ift a M aad
6-40 P M, daily, aUo, a P M dally exeaa.
Soaaay, *^
For tlckeu.checkln. baggaga .leaping! car
reaerTaUon. eto , apply to the Haa board AJr
Ltne raliway offioe, 816 Eaat M??n Bt: atlak
mond Tranafer Comtaay, ?a Eaat Maln 81u
Jedaraoa Hotei and ?^ oepot tloket agtai!
a J&. JU(JYK.1N, '-W.eral Agr.
18?| Saat Main 8%

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