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(Bt Kav. Waltib H. Bbocks, D. D.)
Thia too ia done to eruah me,
But naught oan keep ua baek ;
'My plaee.' foraooth.a aeetion
'Twixt' Bmoker, front and baek,
While others ride in coachea
Full large and fllleo with light.
Ard tbia our Bouthern ChriBtiana
Inaiat ia Juat and right.
There Yellow man from China,
And Red man from the plain,
?re aeated with the White mar,
But I could not remain.
However clean my perBon.
My linen and my life,
Taeyanar): "Your k-yar abead, Jim,
Go tbar and take. jotr wife."
We're airgled out from othera,
A maik for ahafta of acorn,
Here huddled, like taooed eattle,
From e-r)y night tiil morn ;
The golden rule'e rejected,
.Who earea for aueh a tbirg ?
Do they ahoee pri-judice o'errace
Inflict thia bitcer eting ?
Thia inBult almoat killi me?
God, help me bear the wrong,
Well. mintV tbe Btory of the weak
Wbo falla before tbe atrong;
Who fall ?to riBein triumph.
when God hia eword ahall gird.
And tbe prouueatevil doer
cbell trtnble at Hia word.
Giard Cbaneellor Mitchell at Newport
Newa?A Fine Time There.
Nbwpokt Nawb, Va , Sept. 10th.
Grard Chaneellor John Mitchell, Jr.,
altbough indispoaed, arrived here Bat
urday evening acccmpacied by Col.
Jeaae Scrugga.
They inMituted Lily of the Valley
Lodge at the Auditorium building.
Ihia lodge was the reault of the effoni
of Deputy Grand Chaneellor J J
Booker and haa been organiaed ainoe
the aeBBion of the Grand Lodge at
Lynchburg, July 17th.
The Grand Chaneellor waa loud in
hia i raiuea of Sir Booker.
Dr. Wm. K. Atkinaof Hampton. the
Grand Medi ?al Director wa. preaeot
aa were manv other vitutine knighta
from liamiton and Newport Newa.
The follnw ng Blled the chaire:
Giand Viee Chaneellor C. H. Green;
Grand M.eter of Exehtquer J. E
Byrd ; (irand Ma.ter At Arrr.a, jHaae
Scruggt: Grard Keeterof R-corda and
Beal. H. H. Mar.hall; Grand Prelate
Gaai ar Kowlett; 'Jrand Vnu'er of
Work W. T Bel!; Grand Innertiuard,
J. P. Whiting; Grand Outer (Juard.
John W. Jsmea.
Tbe initiation of 23 eandidatea w.a
the feature of the eveiting.
A buuntenotie repaat waa aerved ar d
all were loud in thfir r>rai?ea of t) e
eje^llt-r t matii er in whieh e\ erj vbii g
had been arranged.
Granu Chanoeller Johr Mitchell Jr..
waa the gueat of Mr end Mrt-. Frtd. ( .
Carter. by wb m he w.a apiendic'.ly
entertained. He returned to Kicl
mor d ;t att-rday mornitg, beirg too
ui well to remain lorjfer.
Mi-H rai ala Robii aon of Hamptot
ia viaiting Mra. Carter.
One cf the moat erjoyable outinga of
the whole pienic it-afon will be the
ontirg of the City and Weat End Gun
Club at Winddhle Park, Monday.Sept.
17th. 1900 ; from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
They have numeroua pr:/. a whieh
have been aontnbuted b> city m?-r
ehanta and whieh will be given aa
pnztatothe beet ahota at boih live
and clay pigeona.
They will alto bave musie, Binging
and aatinging. Refreehn ents wil te
furnished by Mt. Olivet Pulpit Club.
who will bring down a large following.
Arrangementa have been made for
extra cara to aceotnmcdate the erowd.
Round trip ticketa, includirg admia
aion are only L'Oe.ts
G W. Krm;g, Prea.
M. R. ^abbbtt, Sec'y.
Mrs. Annette Howard of German
town, Pa. has returned home after a
very pleaeant atay with Mra. M. E
Hateher and Alrs. Margaret Bailey
The Samaritans and Daughtere of
Samaritans ara rtqueated to attend a
general ma*s nueiii g on next Wed
neaday night. 19th, at Samaritans hall
The Deputies and Samaritans of
Richmond are eerdially invited to at
W. H. Hatohbb,
Fkancis Qoodb,
It waa the Roae of Sharon Club and
not the Union Bloom of Youth whieh
ran the excursion to Danville, and on
whieh a young man waa ahot.
Xudierous Effeet of "Jim Crow" Car
Lykcubueq, Va., September 2nd.?
When the east bound paaaengor irain
of the Norfolk and Weatern railroad
reached Abingdon thia morning, the
aheriff of that plaee boarded the train
with eight priaoners, aix of them whita
and two colored. He took them into
the car reaerved for white people and
when the conductor on collecting
tfeketa diaoovered what had been done,
he inaiated on the two Negro priaoners
being taken into the car for blaeks.
Aa the aheriff eould not do thia with?
out deaerting hia white priaonera, he
had to leave the train some miiea thia
aide of Abingdon, and return to the
place whenee he started.
? ' ?.?
Read The Pabbt,
k Great Bapti. t
Gatheripg Here
Baker waa murdered while defend
ing the United Statee xnail, and yet
you deny to me the platform upon
vhieh abould be heard the denouneing
of murderera 1 atn delieate somewhat
and it ia hard for ana but it ia my dufcy
and I will Le h-ard.''
She told ut Mr. Baker telling hia b?y
Linco n to put water on the ttre. He
><aid, "I eannot beeauae 1 am ahot."
"That little boy ia not like ane of your
children. He ia abot in the atomaoh
and eannot retain hia food. His arm
ia Bhattered. He never looka up. I
aaked hiaa why he did not look up?
He aaid that he eould not look up
beoauae when he did look up he aaw
bia father aa he waa murdered.
I bave txpended $1,300 for that fam
ily. It ia not the white people of thia
eity who are againat you, it ia tne pol
Biabop Arnett said that there abould
ba more '*Jim Crow" eara.
I am in the publie atreete, no one
ean toueh me there but the poiloe au
thoritiea and they have not arrived'
here yet and I have aaid nearly all 1
d?<-ire to aay
I apnke in Cinoinaati and was invited
in every eolored ehureh. I waa re
ceived with open arma."
She was aevere on thoae who had de
olined to permit her to speak in tht
'What intereat haa any politic.
man in the Negro, but what he eat
get out of him? All that yoc have tt
do ia to ube the politieian for what you
can get out ot him.
Let the Negro do hia own busineaa
The country haa been glad to get you
aa a United States Soldier. What
would have become of the Rcugh-Rid
ers were it not for you?
Honor the United StateB flag, bu<
make it honor you. The Negro is in
this country to atay. and I am going
to help bim to atay.
You let a man put a hand upon that
Baker fami'y in MaBaachuaatta and
th* v will aufl>r for it. Stand upfor
your tigbta. I have never been driven
into the atreete before. It they ean?
not hear me under the roof, they are
poing to hear me apeak over it.
Thia ia your buiineaa againat lyneh
ing; stand and litten to your eauae.
G jd is with you.
The whole eountry ia against lyneh
irg. She told of the lyoehing in the
town of Tyler, Texaa. Hhe told of
Hiliiard. that he waa atripped naked
and pulled up ard down on an iron
poat. beated to white heat.
"God made the Negro." ahe exclaim
ed "I havt- met aome cowarda among
thnm and 1 have met deflant onea
among them. 1 bope now you will go
baek to iour eonvention and be good
Mias Jewett ia for the Negroea and
will atand by therr. This ia all I de
aire to s>ay."
Many graaped her handa in ecataey
.nd the ielegatea gathered in groupa
ai d diecuaet-d the faiiure of tbe con
ventuiti managera to hear what abe
had to aay.
Th? followirg attended the Conrer.
Mr H. Anderson. Norfolk, \V ?
f,apt. K W. Uould. Norfolk, Va. ; M.
H. Harriaon, N< rfolk. Va ; Kev. U.
Mareua. afaCMNt, (ia ; R?v. Robert M.
Jottae, ftiehatoad Va.: I. 1* I'mwn.
Rofl?n Htate, Waartington ; T. 8. Sand
-fln, Gut.don. Ark | Mr. H. F. Gamble
^harlnaton. W Va.; Rev. W. H.
Hoimea, Waryland ; Rev. G W. Jor.ee.
Kinkari. Oa ; Rt-v. U W. Calaway Kt.
Depotit, Ala. ;R. W. Dandridgn, Rioh?
mond. Va. ; Stept eu Brown, Martin.
Fla ; Rev A. J. Brown. Gaineaville,
Fla.; Mr. R. <\ Evana, Riohmond, Va.;
Rev 8. J Jonea, Cr.lurnbia, Va.: Rev.
L. C? Pieree, Oordpfc, G*.; D. 0, Hun
tPr anti aud, "'eadow Cr*ek, W. Va.;
L. (1. Jont>a Lime 0*k, F.a. ;Miaa M. J
Colt-8. Bruntswiek. (ia ; Mr*. J, B. Gar
nett. Brunawick Ga.; Mn. M. B. Oarn
tbera. St. Louia. Mo.; Miaa Julia ilit
ch*ll, Gi ifii , Gi.; Rev. Oharlea Mcr
ria, wife and onild, Weet N'tntm
Mafa ; Rev E P Fox and wiie, Salem,
Va.; Mra R. H. Boiling, Norrolk, Va. ;
Rev Garland and wife. Williamaoort!
Pa. ;R v. (t G. Taylor, Perry, Oa.;
R*v. D. K. (rigler, Baltimore, Ml.;
Miaa Kate E Anderaon, Waehingtnn,
D. C. ; .1. R. Scott, Selnaa, Ala.; P. \V
Simmona. Frogmora, 8. O.; Rev. G. D
Smith, I.orin, Ohio; Prof D. V. Bo
hat.ni n, Hecderaon. Tenn ; D. J. Tur
ner, New London ; R. D. Wynn, New
York; James H. Gordon, German
town, Pa. ;H C Williama. Jaokaon
ville, Fla. ; J. H. May. 8t. Oaroline.
Ky ; D. E Williama. Riohmond, Va.;
??? O. Gouins, Rook Port, Ind.; C. B.
Young, Amenous, Ga.; Miaa M. H.
Rurrongha, Waabington, D.O.; Miea C
Fannie Blount, Wilmington, N. O.;
Rev. N. W. Wallace. Gteenwood. Miaa.'
Rev. W. M Gray, Savannah, Ga. ; Rev.
J. K. A. Wilson. Eaat Lake. Ala.; Rev.
Peter Everett, Piqua, Ohio; Rev. Mel
ton N Sparka, Baltimore, Md ; Mra.
M. E. Reid, Baltimore. Md.; Mra. Sa
rah F. Smith, Baltimore, Md. ; Mra.
LulaA Dcewny, Baltimore, Md.; Mra
Addie Depew, Atlanta, ba ; Mr G. W.
Fisher, Williamaport, Pa.; Mr. 8amu?l
L. Nollen, Naahville, Tenn.; Deaeon F.
W. Jackaon. New York; Kev. G. W.
Harriaon, Auguata, Ga.; Mrs. Sophia
Seott, Waahington, Ga.; Miaa Willie
M. Palmer. Auguata. Ga ; Rev. R. T.
Winn, Baltimore. Md.; Mr. J. T
Drew, Helena, Afk. ; N. B. WilliamBoo,
Ma/ietta, Ga.; Rev. I. T. 8impaon,
Opelika. Ala.; Rev. a Beanford, Wav
croaa. G?.; Wm. R. Meadowa, Kon
tu3ky;MiasO J. Linkey, Naahville,
Tenn.; Mra. M S. A. Wheeler, Koa
ciuke, Miaa.; Mattie K. Boyd, Naah?
ville, Tenn.; O. J. Mallory, Birmmg
bam, Ala.; Aliee Alexander, Louia
ville, Ky.; R B. Fauntlerov. Big Rour,
Tenn. ; Miaa Luoy Davia, tlderwythe,
Greg Oo.t Texaa; Wm. Spraetin
Brunawick, Ga.; John Brodatraw, New
York City; Rev. G. B. Thompaon.
Leitchfleld, Ky.; Mra R. J. Ratciiffe,
Naahville, Tenn.; Rev. S. E. Smith,
Owenaboro, Ky. ; Rev. Robert Mitch
ell, Frankfort, Ky. ; Mra. J. O. Walker,
Ghioago, 111., B. E. Clemmona. Mem
phiB, Tenn.; Mra. V. N. Broughton ;
Naahville, Tenn.; Rev. O. F. Smith
Grant Pariah La.; R. A. Jonea, Akron'
Ohio ; S. J. Brigga. Baltimore. Md. - R
T. Shell, Eulaula, Ala.; N. T. Biu
tron, Coeoa, Fla.: Rev. J. B. Brice
Tarnon Springe, Fla.; W. H. Philippa,
Phifadelphia, Pa.; Rav. Jeaaie Brax
ton, City; Rev. J. Story.Shelby, Tenn.
T. W. Pariah, Olarkeatille, Tenn.; Rev
C. P. M. Bigbee. Newport, Ky. ? Rev.
8. E^Pierey, New Orleana, La.; Rev.
T. W. Longwood, Hot Sprlnga, Ark. ?
O. Brewer. Saaford, Fla,; Bay. L. O.
Suaon.^Opelouaat, -^^RgJ^JNJ.
Nieholae, Keokuk, Iowa; Rev. J. H.
Johnaon, Alapaha, Ga.; Rev. 0. B.
Brown, Monaona, Ark.; Rev. J. B.
Bolden, Pine Biuff, Ark.; Rev. 8. W.
Smith, Priaeeton. N. J ; Rev. E. H
Bolden. Maeon, Mo ; W. B Punie. Pel
ie.n. La ; Rev. M. J. Madd< x Savan
nah. Ga ; Mra. E W. Armatead. M >ut
gomery, Ala ; Rev Thomaa Bellinger,
Greenaville. Ala ; Rev A. W. DeYam
part, Talladega, Ala. ; Lirzie Oreten
den. Louiaville. Ky. ? Rev. Jeremiah
P. Gregory, Haddon&Tea, N. J.; A. B.
Flood, Dellu, La ; Mr. Jamea H. Fauc
tleroy. Kiehaaood, Va ; G T. Britt,
Louiaville, Ky.; W. Parmon, City
(Washiboton Pobt.)
Juat before Queen Vietoria left for
the North, she invited her Negro god
daughter and former ward to eome and
see her. The eolored lady in Iqueation
beara the name of Mra. Randle Many
years ago the then King of Dahomey
gave a little alave girl, the daughter
of a ehieftain. but oaptured in a alave
raid, to the late Oapt. Forbaa. oom
manding a Britiah orui.ar. Captaio
Forbea took the ebild to Eogland and
preaented her to the Queen. The lat
ter beeame godmother to the girl. and
had her welledueated at har expsnae,
dowering her when ahe aubaequeatly
married a Negro merohant at Lag' ? "f
At tbe Union Baptiat Church laat |
Sunday R?v Gay preaehed an inter
eating anrmon to a large audienoein
the morniog Rev I. V. Champ. stu
dant ot the Kiehmond Union Univer
?ity. nreached hia farewell aermon in
the evoning. and will leave for the
siMi'h about rJaturday, September 15th,
The voung people'a aoeiety of B Y.
P U waa whII attended. Topio. Luke
17:7 10; ?ubj-ot, 'Our aimple duty."
Tha meetiog was led by Mr. John Lee
and Miaa Annie Robb. The greateat
intertat of this aervioe waa tbe read
ing by Mra E. A Thonapaon of Rich?
mond, Va.. proaident of the Woman'a
Grooery. aubj-ct, "In union thera ia
atrengtb "
Mr. G Fr?d Freeman of 54 Sanford
At., who feil from hia wbeel on Labor
Day and reeeived quite a ahaken up
U improving.
Mra Frederiek Youag and Mra. John
H Colden of New Haveo. Oonn., waa
the gueata of Mr. and Mra. W. H. Q.
Rogers of 146 CapKn St., tbe paat wsek.
MrB. BeB? Holladay and soo, Mra.
Emma L. Matiaon and aoo. Miib Lu
eille Gary. all of Portamouth, Va , are
viaiting their relativaa at No. 28 Sao
ford St . Mra. Aliee Orton.
R-v. Walter Gay will_|preaeh next
^unday evening from tbe Subject.
"Honor of memory." All are wel
Tbe raoorta that w< re read by Mr
REV. A. JOHNSON, Board of Missions.
tne name of Randle, Mra. Randle haa
several children, tbe eldeat of whom ia
a godehild of Prineess Beatrice, aad
she was aeeompanieJ by tbem when
ahe viaited the Queen the other day,
and waa eaeorted by Biehop Jam*- b
JobnBon, of Lagoa, recently .eonaeerat
ed aad a ooal black Negro.
The Queen gave har hand to kisa to
the Biehop, and after aoeording the
ume honora to Mra Randle and to the
chilaren, kisaed them eaoh herself in
the moat kindly manner. making all
aorta of inquiriea about their wtdfare
'and life. and beatowing preaents upon
eaeh member of the family.
Queen Yictoria haa a very warrn epot
in her heart for the Negro race, and
thia ia by no meana the only inatanoe
that I could mention of diatinguiBhed
conaideration being manifeated by her
majeaty for tbe oolored folk Thu*
there is not one but aeveral eoal-black
nngroee who have been knighted by the
venerable Britiab aovereign, and whose
wivea have the right of being addreaa
ed aa "my lady." one of the beat known
of tbem being Sir bamuel Lewia, a fuK
blooded negro, who aa a member of the
legialativa counail ot Sir-rra Leone, h-d
been inveated by the crown with the
dignityofa "knightof the moat dia
tinguiahed order. St. Michael and St
George an hom r uaually reaerved for
colonial governors, diplomttie envoya.
G. Grant Williama, the delegate from
Bartford to tbe Afro-Ameriean Buai
neaa Conventioa whieh waa held in
Baaton Auguat 23rd and 24th, 1800
? ere very Intereating. Mr. Williama
reporta about 400 delegatea preaant.
Doo't forget that W. G. Wilaon.
agent for the Riohnaond Planbt haa
removed from 43 Waoater St.. to No.
30 East St., whare he bopea to see hia
many friends and patronagea.
Remamber that he aelia the gr?ateat
ifro Aaaeriean journal in the United
Statsa of Ameriea. Read for your
aelvea. Every cjlored man and wo
man ahould have thia journal in theit
W. G. Wilson.
The horae ahow ia over now and our
city will aooD be looking dreary Av
all of the riohbuga will be leavicg for
New York and other citiea. the b >ata
?nd traina are erowded. Itia great
pl->aaure to aoe the New York boat
iesve here, aa there are crowda both
women and m?n from the hotela who
leave evary night for all parta aouth
and we*t Tue beach wiJi cloae Sat
Mr Foater, who haa been viaiting
his oauain, Joe Foater. left hera tn
Bopa Lodge, No. 43, K. of P., haa
af Mississippi, Ex-Missionary to Africa.
generals and admirals.
Nor is it only m Eogland that people
of eolor ara treated with this oonsider
ation. In France the only general who
haa eovered himselt with military glo
ry aince the daya of tbe Franco Gar
man war, and who is now in auprema
military command of Franee'a vast
possessiona in the farOrient, ia Gan
Dodds, a malatto. a faet whieh did
not prevent him from being inveated
with the Grand Crosa of the Legion of
Honor, and with being oonaidered by
the anti-military party aa the moat
dangerous of all soldier candidatea for
the Preaidency of the republic. At
Madria I have aeen tbe entire guard
turn out at the royal palaoe in honor
of tbe blaek envoy of the Haitian re?
publie, while at Lia^on I have been
preeent when the late King aolemnly,
and in the preaenoe of hia whole oourt,
inveated three fuil-blooded Negroea,
two from tha weat coast of Afriea and
one from the east eoaat, with ?he dig
nity of knighthood of the Order af
Chriat. Moreover, one of the prioeipal
paraonages of tbe Portuguese port in
those days waa an aged eolored lady,
who had been witb the Queen ever
ainee her marriage, and who waa chief
of her majeaty'B attendanta and maids
besidee being her moat truated eoun
selor and influential adviaer. the
Queec in turn havingher huaband, the
late King Louis, entirely under her
thumb and blindly subtniaaire to her
removei their Caatle hall from Thame
St.up to the colored Odd Fellowa
hall. Calepsarl St
Miaa Mildred Thompaon, who haa
b*en a long auff^rer and bore it all
with patienee, died last Saturday. The
funeral took plaee from the Mt. Olivet
Baptiat Chureh of whieh ahe waa a
member, Rev. E. Richardson officiat
ing. She leavea a mother, thre ^ aiatera
and a hoat ol friends to mourn their
losa. Her mother.
The two Miaa Collina left laat week
for Baltimore. Md. Mra. Virginia Col
liaa, their mother, aeoompanied them
aa far aa New York. They will attend
They will attend school thia winter.
The death of an old and well-known
cabman, Steven Tiddball, better known
aa "Steve" oecurred here last Satur?
Notwtthatanding the iatense heat on
last Sunday the churohes were well at
At Riaing Mt. Zlon Baptist Chureh
the expreasion meetiag at 11:80 a. m.
waa inapiring. At 4 p. m. Rev. F. W.
Williama adminiatered the Lord's sup
per to a large audlenee whieh aeemed
fllled with the Boly dpirit.
The burial of the little infant child
of Mr. and Mra. Lewia Daniel took
plaaa Tueaday, Sept. 11,1900 at 8 p.m.
Rey. Erani Payne waa down aiaiting
tiek taambtra laat weak. He aleo
preaehed anordinatioo sermon to the i
feaeona at tbe Kiaing Mt. Zion BeptUt
Clhureh, Wedneaday nigot, Sept 5th,
Mra. Aliee Holtnea returned nome on
laat Wednesdsy after a pleasant .Uy
in Atlantie City.
Misaea Virginia Boeeieux and Mary
E. Sewell are eonvaleBeing.
Bro. Charlet Harria ia quite aiek at
his reaidenee. Graham St. H? ia un?
der the treatment of Dr. R F. Tanuil.
Tbe Bervioes at the Mt. C tlvary in '
Union L*? v. 1 Baptiat Churchea were at"
terded largely on laat bunday.
Rev. A. Ferguaon broke aread at hia
obureh in Midlothian, fheaterfleld Co.
Va. laat Suoday at 8: 80 p. m.'
VIRGINIA:?In tha Law and Kquity
Oourt of the City of Riehmond, tbe
10th day of September, 1900.
Jeaeie Morton,.Plainti tl
Eugenia Morton.Defendant
The (?bj?etof thia auit ia to obtain a
divoree a vineula matrimonu by th ?
nlaintiff fr m ?he defendant. And a'
fldavit having been made and flled that
the defendant ia a eon-reaidsnt of tbe
State of Virginia. *he ia requtred t >
appear here witbin flfteen daya after
due publieation heraof and do what i
neeeaaary to proteet her interest here
A eopy
Teate : P. P. * imbtob. Clerk.
Geo. W. Tbcmaa p. q.
To Eugenia Mortoa:
You are h*?reby notify that on th
let day of November, 1900 at th
oourthouae of Henrico Country. Va
between the houra of 10 a. m and 5 p.
m., of that day I ahall proeeed to tak?
the depoBitiona of Thomaa Ellia and
othera to be read aa evidence in nay
behalf in a certain Snit ia Equity
pending in the Law and hquiiy Court
of the citv of Richmond. whereio I
plaintifT. and you are defendant; if
from any oauae the taking thereof bf
not commenoed or if eommenred b?
oot eonoludad on that day the taking
thereof will be eontinued from day to
day or from time to time between the
aame houra at aame plaee until com
Jbbbx Mobtoh.
Geo. W. ThomaB, p. q. By Oounael.
-Mr. Wallaca P. Epps haa been
visiting in Cumbarlaud and Buoking
ham countiea.
??Miaa Lena V. Iiham haa return?
ed to the eity from Cumberland Coun?
?Miaa Marietta I. Chilea returned
to the city laat week from PhoebtiB
Sbe made an extra trip their agaio
oo Sunday laat and ia in the eity again.
-Rev. Dr W. H. Brooks and |wif.
of Waahington, D C are in the eity,
the gueet of Rev. J. H. Holmes. D. D.
Bad Interpretnt loaa in 1(1. Llfe of tbe
Orlental Salnlatliiu "May Vonr
Mtailutv SftfrliroH l.eaa."
This orientul salutation is capable ol'
tnoro than one interpretation. Tw<
?inister falaUlnaenta thrcatened a mat
whoae aurnanie. bequeathed to him by
his father with other and less enduring
leg-acie'a, was lo>*t in the sobriquet ol
"l>runken Jinu." His shadow certain
ly grew afcurter, for hi* kneeabent, hif
shoulders aiouched und his head poked
as hia aoirit to look the world in
the facagradually melted away. Again
and agaRti, more often for the sake ol
hia fannrly than for hia own, a friendly
ttand waa vtretched to raisa him up
"It breaka n?y heart to see them deai
children atarvingc," a compasaionatt
neighbox ana* a atrong temperance niii
said aa aa argumeot for spending tim<
aad rnoatj ia the desperate effort to
save "Drunken JIrn"fro*n hinaself. The
object ef bfs aaj-e waj not wbolly ia
appreciative; bnt he bad lo?t faith ir
himself, hia wife had loat hope and hii
children had lost io-?e for him. Hus
band and wifa lurtexied increduiousJy
to the asauraucit that they might lay
hold on the power ot God. Jim drd sigr
the pledge onee. he aalds and for a
good long while he kept lt and got 01
well with a coster's barrow. But hc
had to ilcliver something at a brewery
The atmosphera was full of drlnk, and
a giaae of ale waa presaed upon him
Farewell from that moment of terapo
tari cuiuvuieut to tha rtubululioo. ol
Gencral Educatioual Agent, Dallas, Tcxas.
They are attending the National Bap?
tist Cmvention. Both are looking
well. Rev. Dr. Brooks has been Spend
ing hia summer at Atlantio City, N. J.
-Mr. Waiter W. Wallaoe. Manag
ing editor of the Colobbo Ambbican
Xaoazinb, the leading high elaaa jour
nal of the oolored race, will be in our
city thia week in ita intereat. Brauch
offioe 100 E. Leigh St.
Mra. Harriett Priee and Mhs Chria
tine Holmes of Waahington, D. C,
were in tbe city last week.
Rev. Dr. Waldron, our eateemed ex
general aeoretary of the Y M. C. A.,
now loeated at Jackaonville. Fla., wii.
be in Richmond aoon and will preach
at the Ebenezer Baptiat Church Sun
day, September 23rd, at 7:30 p. m
The public is eordially invited to hear
We return thanka to the T. C. 9. C.
for an inrltation to their annual out
ing to Buokroe Beach iast Tutsday;
Mr. R. J. Kyles, president.
Rev. J. Milton Waldron, A. M., paa?
tor of *;he Bethel Kiptiat Church, J.ck
aonville, Fla.. will preach at the Eb?n
ezer Baptiat Church, Sunday. Sept. 23,
at 7:30 p. m., under the auspices of ttie
Aid Club No. 5, aubjeot, "The suprerae
Duty of the Chriatian." Text, "To
Grow in the Craoe and the Knowiedge
of the Lord and Savior .Jesue* Ghrist."
Come and hear the noted divine.
WANTED?An experien.ed houee
girl. Apply t j
205 East Grace St.
Wanted a Wlf*.
Mlss Antique?You ought to get mev
ried, Mr. Oldchapp.
Mr. Oldchapp (earaeaUy)?j a_,v.
wished many timea lately that I had a
Misa Antique (delighted)?Have vou,
really ?
Mr. Oldchapp?Yes. If I had a wife
ahe'd probably have a sewing machine,
and the sevring machine would. have an
oil can, and I could take it and oil mj
offlce chair. It squeaks horribly.?N
Y. Weekly.
Ons of tha Laxarln.
**I aee that the price of bathtubs hn?
been ralaed," remarked Wcary Wrag
plea, looking* up from the scrap ox
bewapapar he had been reading-.
Duaty Rhoedea yawned.
"Oh, well, ha returned, "thosa wha
want luxuriea abould have to pay for
them, Ifa when thay put up the priog
Of atter that tha publie natwallv _reah
?*tittA"-^e?__ra Foet. m ,
rnralag ovar a new !eaf! Jim'sshadow
on his own wretehed doorway aoon
grew thinner as well aa ahorter, foj
he gradually sank into a nameleaa
prave. But he left behind him a shadow
that aaaaaad as though it would nerei
grow les*. It fell on his children, whos*
pasty faces and spiritlesa manner were
tha evide-aoe of paart etarration, and it
blighted their proaptcta la lifa. That
ona g'ass of ala had diaaatroua re
sults. Before offering intoxicating
c'.rink to strangera, careless, gocd-na
tured person* would do well to con
aider St. Paul's adnaonition: "That ao
man put a stumbliag block or an ocea
aion to fall in his brother'a way."?The
Indularence ln Aleabolla Drlnlu of
Any Kind latlu Men for
Avniy Dutj.
It is not only in the tropica that tha
uae of intoxicating liquora ? **mild
beer" no less than fiery whisky?ia
condrucivo to diseasa by ao weakealng
tha ayatem as to make ita natural d?
fease against the assault of diseasa
lesa effeetUc. Any physician under
standa thia fact. One of the first
question* asked by the examiner for
a lifa lnaurance company ls whether
the applicaut for a policy drinks In
toxicanta. If he doea tha risk ia re
gardad aa cou&iderably more hazard
oua, and aomc companiea take whiaky
drlukors in preierenee to usoxs of
Ona trouble about the eilort to up
root tbe army canteen, and tha great
eat trouble, ia the fact that aurxav cffl
aase aheiealvea) are lnvetarata d-rlnk
eraw At Wert Polnt they are taaght
the atrieteat aenae af peraoBal homor;
to 11* ls an unpardcmable offeasa,
while t*> cheat or to betray er to do
anjthlne; "undcrhandea** ls ineoncelv
ahl*; but to drlnk la one of tbe nat?
ural attributea of a featlamaal We
mustadmir* tha hlgh aotlona of bonor
and latef-rity that are thara-fnatrntid
?would that we had mora*aV thexa ba
the workadaj woTid?but at tbe eame
tlma on* aannot hat ragrat the fafl
nre te realixe tbe TaaarafaJd *vC* flowv
ingfroBs taa ua* ed tU-aea aad tbe fblV
ure b* tae-aleate aaj liaan-ie that wQ
taaeh ahe erabryw arsxy affiee* that
he eaa be a hatta-r a-aaasr ky UtfUa tt
aleaa, Thara waa faaaaatfy a aaatlan
that a aaaa ew-ala aad aa a awe4 n<
ffm aaaa wltheat
aaaaj ei a eVua haa a, bad
Ui.aift a Wondrrful R?vtlator og
a Peraoa's C.ar.ct?r-4..r?t
of Setf-Ma.tor?.
Language ia a wonderful revelator.
Tt showa peraonal and racial eondi?
tiona and qualitiea. Young paopla
ought to ba engaged in linguiatlo
studiea. But I purpose givlng a faw
practical and sp:ritual auggestiona
rather than a technical treatise.
Our words?the produot of our
hearta and minds, tbe utterancea of
our tonguea. Have you atudied tha
Bibla with thia theme bafore you?
Xotice the multiplicity of expressions
as to thinking and speaking. No won
der, for these portray the man.
Worda exbibit the ht:trt. "Out of
the abundance of the heart tha mouth
speaketb." If one's worda pertainlng
to tha true and good ara aoon ex
hausted, this is an indeW that of aucb
elements his heart supply ia acant.
I would that our young people*
might ba conscioua of tha fact that
they ara known by their language.
All tbeaa ahould uuderstand that pura
worda carry with them atrength and
reveal him aa a lovely charaeter wha.
constantly usea Buch worda.
It seema to me that the subllmest
exprcssion of a pura heart and of*
romplete self-masttry ia fouad in dia
cretion in apeech. Bacon aaid: "Dia
cretion in speeeh ia more than elo
quence." Solomon aaid: "Tha worda
of a man'i mouth are as deep waters,
and the well-spring of wiadom aa a
flowing brook." Also: "The heart of
the wlae t?acheth his mouth, and add
eth learning to h{?, ]ips." Jatj.es aaid:
"If anj ni&n offencl not ln wohd, IhV
aame is a perfeet man and able also
to bridle the whole body.'* Behold tha
process and the meaaura of perfee
tion! ?Watch word,
Wl?? and Wimt to R?ad. (
If you are taay, W*tea James.
If your faith is beiow par, readT
If you are impatient, alt down
quit-tly and have a talk with Job.
If you ara a little -t rong-headed, ga
gad see Moses.
If you are getting wenk-kneed, taka
? look at Elijah.
If tbere is no song in your heart,.
i:st??o to David.
If you feel chllly. get tha beloved
diaciple to put his arm around you.
K you are k>sing viglit of the fu?
ture. cliaib up to ftevelation and get
i fMBBaaa of th. promUid lacd.?
Kaiu'a Ilorn.
i ?.-.-i 1.1...
She?Ita too bad poor Jack Good
fellow failed; he has so many friends,
t <><>.
B? (reflectively)?He had!?Brook
lvn Life.
AJB Aurri-minl.
He ki*sed her suddcnly.
-Will. 1 like th:it!" ahe rried.
"So <lo I," he answered oalmly; and
BjM let it go at that? Koxbury Ga
Excursion Advertised to
St union for Septetn
b-tr 15th Ahandoned.
Tlie Excursion to Staunton
by the "Working Sous of
Hope,' whieh had been ad
vertised to lcave Richmond
Saturdry Night, Septeinbei
15th, will not be rnn on ac
count of a law recently passed
in Staunton prohibiting excur
sions entering the city on
J. H. Coleman Manager.
A. B. Hawkins, Sec'y.
Irish Wit and
American Fact.
"What has America done
so much for Ireland?" asked
Dennis of his side partuer. *M
"Why," said Larry, "they
have made one side of their
paper money, green."
What has ?%*____
done for the people of Rich?
mond and vicinity?
They have collected one of
the most attractiv* and beau
tiful stocks of FURNITURE
to be found south of New
York City, and at prices to
suit the moderate, or lavish
splendor. For anything in
Fnrniture, Upholstery, Lace
Cnrtains, Bric-a-Brac, etc, go
711 & 713 Enst Broad St.
United Aid& Insurance
....KNOWN AS<__
United Aid
Insurance Co.
Main Officr
506 E. Broad St

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