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?L.. XXI NO. 20.
< ?: TB
4Jim Crow" Street=Car
Law Set to Catch Negroes.
hanks to the Advice of the Citizens Mass-Meeting-Colored
Folks Are Staying off the Cars.
The only arrest on the first day of the enforcement of
ie new streetcar law was that of John B. Meyers, white, a'
irpenter and builder, of 500 Lewis street, who was tried and.
Convicted in police court this morning on the charge of refus-'
to change his scat in an Oakwood ear when so requested
>y the conductor.
There was no disorder in this act of law violation. Mr.
rMeyers was in a car where there was but one Negro passen
The testimony was that Mr. Meyers took the third seat
ivc" the rear. The conductor, following the company's con?
duction of the law, as set forth in the rules provided the?
len, asked him to go to the front.
Judge Crutchfield declared the law ironclad and the case
If Mr. Meyers a clear violation. He fined him $5.00, but re
litted the fine as he believed the violation was merely a case
misunderstanding the law.
"The conductor has absolute power to make you
hange," said the judge. "I had an idea that I was the czar
this town, but you'll see me moving when the conductor
fays move.''
? *
Captain Eckles,(white) conductor of the Cannon Ball train
>n the N. ce W. road, one of the most widely known
jnen in this end of the State, was the second victim of the
Lew "Jim Crow" street-car law and was under arrest in the
>olice court to-day for its violation.
Capt. Eckles is recovering from a severe injury in a
rreck received a short time ago and is feeble and weak in both
and dropped into the first seat he reached and declined
to move. He declared that he knew nothing of the new law.
Counsel for the street-car eompan}' asked for his discharge
gand he was dismissed without argument.
Another disagreement arose on a street car last night,
hich resulted in the arrest of George Stringer,a white pas
mger, who was bailed at the First Station, and the threaten
;d arrest of F. Williams, a conductor.
The conductor claims he asked the passenger to move
forward, and on that simple request hung all the trouble,
rhich started in the city and wound up in the county near
vhirty-second and Q Streets. The two men bore marks of
:rife upon their countenances. Mr. Stringer was arrested,
id he declared that he would swear out a warrant against
ir. Williams in the county.
bred Folks Walking?White Folks
. i?-k i nir?A nui si na: Happenings.
Knie Very l'npopiilar.
le "Jim Crow" street car regul??
is in eff .H?t in this city and has
since April 20th, 1904. White
Miners are ushered p ? to the front
|^e car and the colored passengers are
? in the rear.
result, between eighty and ninety
it of the colored people who have
?e street-car's are now walking
street-car company is trying to
?e moving of the white passen?
t>m time to time on account of
ince of the colored ones, the J
? of the street-cars is reserved I
wed passengers whether they
lot. As a result it is a common !
street cars with the front
ind the rear part empty.
then one or two colored per;?
seen in the "Jim Grow''
The Clay street line has
ivy falling off in travel,
has been rammed, jammed
kin the mornings with color?
ing to work. Now at any
in be obtained.
|*ed people who pocket their
L respect for their feelings
{anding upon the platforms
lise ri mi nation there, and
they only move inside when they re?
ceive positive orders from the conduct
tors. Some eolored people leave the cars
when ordered to take particular seats.
It is a noticeable fact that white peo?
ple are objecting to the innovation and
some of them walk rather than submit
to it. Up to this writing only white
people have violated the regulations and
have been arrested.
In none of these cases have the fines
been collected. Trouble on a car be?
tween a white passenger f>nd the white
conductor which resulted in the latter's
punishment with blows, although ' an
arrest was made, has been "hushed,"
and no report of the affair given.
Many white females have refused
positively to obey the rules and the
matter has been overlooked.
Those colored people who ride obey
the regulations, but the o.he?-s prefer
to walk. Od Sunday, the absence of the
colored people from the cars attracted
universal attention.
Some colored people are saving (50 cts.
per week and some as much as Jl.60 per
week as a result of che new rules.
A colored man was seen coming up
Main street having "pulled" the grade
from 8th to 5th St. He had his hat in
one hand and a handkerchief in the oth?
er, while a fine pair of new boots in
which his pant's legs were tucked told
that he was * propared for the weath?
the cook ??.???:?te?>.
A white gentleman HM t Editor Much
ell and inform -d liim thai he had trou?
ble with his cook on his account. His
eyes twinkled and h?? laughed as he told
the editor that he wi>uld have a fuss
with both hi in and his cook "Why I
told her to bring my dinner to ?ne on
the car." She said, "Yes, sir, I'll bring
it, but I'll walk, sir, and bring it "
"No, you wont," said he "your time
belongs to me. You bring it on the
"She said nothing more, but looked
worried. She brought the diuner, and
when she w >s going back, she saw you
and some friends ahead of her. She got
off the car at Sixth street and walked
the remainder of the way.''
The white gentleman laughed heartily
and went on his way.
Several white colored folks have been
forced to ride with the white folks, the
conductors having orderea them to ride
there. Mr. Peter Chandler is one of
these and Mr. Henry Austin is another
and there are numerous other instances.
It is suggested that all of our white
colored folks wear tags duly certified to
by officers of the street-car company in
order to prevent the further consumma?
tion of such an outrage.
In these cases, the conductors evi
dehtly did not believe them when they
told them thit they belonged in the rear
sears according to the rules of the com
from Mt. Vernon, X. Y.
Mr. Vernon, N. Y., April 23rd, 1904.?
Editor John Mitchell, Jr.,
My l)?ar dir:
In view of the recent action [of the
Virginia Passenger and Power Company
now operating a system of cars in Rich
?nomi, some people here have been to
me and stated thar they would, at any
time <? tiled upon, aid any movement
that the Plaxet deemed worthy to?
wards conveying the people whom the
said \irgiuia Passenger and Power Co.,
have so unjustly-discriminated against.
The people about her* that came from
Richmond are more than surprised to
hear of such actions as the Virginia
Passenger and Power Company has
taken in yours and other cities of
I am yours truly,
T. H. Bridges,
Walking Kveryuhere.
Texas and Virginia, have been added
to the list of "Jim Crow" street carism.
Well boys, swallow the pill manfully.
Don't begin crying, but walk. Negroes
every where are walking.
Of all the towns beneath the stars,
Oli Richmond beats for Jim Crow
They thread her streets and all around
Her suburbs Jim Crow cars abound.
And some are fast and some are
But in the rear all serve Jim
The smokers on the rear platform
Can joke and smoke when cold or
In wide spread door conductor stands,
Ihat joke and smoke of vilest brands
Throughout the rear may freely
And fill the space kept for .Tim
In summer time they'll smoke Jim
In winter time when bleak winds
Jack Frost will stalk through open
And killing draughts will always
Upon those who shall hold the
Of feats in rear kept for Jim
But the summer cars, when they
shall go
To the lakes where pleasant breezes
Refreshing air of day or night
Will strike alike the black and white!
And Jim Crow then will have his
And lair ?s well as any whites!
But will he though! But will he
though !
Who hold the two rear seats I By Joe!
Those seats belong to him who smokes
And loves to crack his ribald jokes.
And swift wind ^ from the rear
will blow
These sweet things to our dear Jim
It is the principle involved,
Ah all will see when all is solved,
Which now enigmatic may seem
To those who do not wake, but
'Tis rights of man! make here
no balk?
Man's rights we claim! For
these we wain.
?O. M. Steward.
On the liiirlit Track.
Our contemporaries coming from
Richmond, Va., advise us of the "Jim
Crow" program with respect to the
street cars of that city which goes into
effect on July 1st. They are united in
tl:e rndvict to the colored people of Hich
nioiul in the attitude in which they
should sustain towards this legalized ef?
fort to efface our manhood and self res?
pect. They advise the colored citizens
to do what they were to do before the
advent of e'ectric cars?that's walk.
And where the distance is very great
they advise the enterprising men ot the
race who are proprietors of teams and
other vehicles to inaugurate a 'bus"
system for the convenience of Afro
American people.The advice is genuinely
good and orthodox, and the colored
people of Richmond will do well to heed
the same. In so doing, they will not
only maintain their self-respect but
what is equally as helpful they will add
to their acquisition faculties and in?
crease their own financial resources in
turning into race channels a great deal
of money which now goes towards
building up the hand and the arm up?
lifted to crudi us out. It is a peaceful
but a very effective weapon.
?Higher Education of the Negro
Youth." Reformers' Hall, Monday
Night. May ?Hi.
You and your friends are cordially in?
vited to witness an oration, subject:
"The Higher Education of Negro
Youth." by Prof G. W. Hayes, presi?
dent Virginia Seminary and College.
Lynch burg, Va , at True Reformers'
Hall, Monday eve, May 9th, 1904, 8:00
o'clock. For benefit of Mt. Carmel Bap?
tist Church.
Prof Hayes is a national character.
He ranks among the leaders of his peo
pie. He is a scholar of the highest type,
and enjovs the distinction of being the
greatest orator of the State. The lovers
of education will hear him.
Master ot Ceremonies, Lawyer J. R.
Pollard, Welcome Address Oapt. B. A.
Graves, "Response on Beahlf of Prof.
Hayes, Prof. Chas. Mitchell, President
Richmond Business College, Solo; intro?
duction of Speaker. Hon. Jno. Mitchell,
Jr., President Mechanics Savings Bank.
Oration, Subject "The Higher Educa?
tion of the Negro Youth;" Prof. G. W.
General Admission, 10 cents.
%it Reserved Seats, 15 cents.
Wanted?10 Cappers, 10 Rollers and
50 Stemmers for Hannibal, Canada.
Apply to
Rison & Reynolds,
119 Market St., Banville, Va
tir. MH?hee's Statement-Te Test Kare
The women of our race, our mothers
wives, sisters and daughters are pre?
paring co go to the meetiuar of the Na?
tional Association of Colored Women's
Clubs at St. Louis, and that they may
escape the indignities of the "Jim
Crow" cars, are casting about for
means whereby they may engage spe
rial Pullman cars at an extra charge
and expense; and even in this many
will be inconvenienced and not a f* w
will not be fortunate enough to thus se?
cure the comforts afforded by the Pull?
man Company, and above all, escape
from the "Jim Crow" cars.
All honor to these brave women for
their foresight, undauntedness, and
courage too; hut what a shame that
they are compelled to resort to these
means in order to have decent accomo
dations on a public carrier. The women
of no other race will be thus compelled
to do. And double deep the shame that
their being denied the accomodations.
facilities and privileges furnished end
supplied by the Pullman Company to all
others who apply, is chargeable to the
neglect of the men of our race. To pro?
vide against just this condition, for
eight mouths we have spent some ef?
fort to collect funds to test the right of
the Pullman Company to refuse such
AU recall the case of Rev. H. T. John?
son, ( Editor Christian Recorder) vs.
the Pullman Company for refusing him
the accomodations, facilities and privil?
eges that the Company supplies to the
public. The case was tried to the court
and a jury; and the jury returned a
verdict for the highest amount the
Plaintiff could recover.
The Hon. Kirkpatric who tried the
case set aside the verdict and gave judg?
ment for the company, notwithstanding
the verdict, on the ground that the
company had the right to deny persons
the accomodations of their ears solely
became of their color, tnrt there was
BO law? neither statutory nor common.
that forbade them denying such right.
Step;-, were at once taken to carry the
case to the Supreme Court of the I nited
We had taken the grounds that unless
the ruling was reversed the company
would enforce a rule, at least through?
out the border and southern States re?
fusing its accouiodations to persons of
The first money for the case was
raised at a service held at St. Pe^er
Claver's church (a Catholic Church of
St. Paul, Minn.) With this printed
matter was gotten out setting forth in
full the case and the purpose to which
the money was to be expended. Broad?
cast the matter was distributed and race
papers were urge?! to publish the appeal
for funds; ministers petitioned to ask
contributions of their churches; indivi
duals importuned and associations und
societies visited and contributions solic?
ited of them, and all were requested to
send in the names of persons who might
contribute. The receipts have not cover?
ed the expenses involved and had it not
been for the National Afro-American
Council taking the money out of its
reserve fund the appeal would have had
to be abandon? d. And even now there
is serious want for funds to prosecute
the appeal to final determination.
What now will the race do? The
company is enforcing such a rale.
Bishops of our churches, and our women
are forced into the "Jim Crow" car
there to be subjected to all tli6 indigui
ties common to the coarser classes of
both races. Will we now contribute the
necessary money ? Surely the conditions
make the duty urgent and imperative.
Longer delay but brings more hindran?
ces and to make success more difficult
to obtain. For myself. I still have the
faith that a response will be had and so
appeal again that thoso who will, to
send what sum they can. A dollar is
asked of every one. but credit will be
given for any amount. A much less sum
would be sufficient if all would contri?
bute, but we must provide against a
large number failing.
Perhaps I should state, though I think
too I should not, some friends of mine
and of the race, Catholic Priests h .ve
extended me an invitation to come into
their parishes and lecture concerning
the race to their parishiouers and re?
ceive contributions to the fund. My
mind is, funds should come wholly from
the ra -e, but the cause is that of right
between man and man, and all men
have to do with such a cause. This em?
phasizes in my mind the thought that
the pastors of our churches should do as
We are glad to furnish all informa?
tion wanted and quite pleased to receive
the names and addresses of persons who
are likely to help so good a cause.
Frederick L. McGiiee,
Vice-Director, L. B. N. A.A.C.
Union Block, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Mr. McCarthy Wins?Alderman llahen
The muncipal campaign has attracted
much attention. The Democratic pri?
mary was held Tuesday, April 26th and
Mayor Richard M. Taylor was defeated
bv Mr. Garit?n McCarthy by a maioritv
of 189. J J
Only 5,167 vetes were cast out of a
voting population of 23,000. Mr. Mc
Carthy received 9,653 votes ??. : Mr I
Taylor 2,514. It is evident tlm* th? j
change in the election le ? '
about the defeat of th*
-Mr. Mack Harris of this citf 10
now in Philadelphia.
-Mr. J N. V ander vali, Proprietuer
of the Essex Steam Carpet CleauHinj?:
Co, E Orange, ?. J , was in the '?rp
this week.
-Mr. Reuben Carter of Bestand
Charles City Co., Va., visited our >ffic?
this week
-Col. W. Henry Stokes wh vrm
operated upon Wednesday, 23d. ?????
much improved.
-We return thanks for an ::r:??a*?
tion to the homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. ?+
Yancey, 829 W. 52nd St., New Tork
Sunday, May let, I p. m.
-For fresh fish, oysters, etc ^m. ;
on Messrs. M. Lawson & Co. See adver?
-Rev. Dr. A. Binga, Jr., pastor oC
the First Baptist Church of Manches?
ter, Va., will celebrate his ltd anniver?
sary Sunday, May 1, ISM.
Let All Walk.
Richmond, Va., is to have Jim
Crow" street car system. The Virginia.
Passenger and Power Company of that
city has announced its intention tc
separate the races on the street cars :*?
signing white people to the front vnc
Negroes to the back seats. Th > ?
duetors have been clothed with ;???'
authority so that they can compel NV
groes to take such seats as they < ? f?
to assigu them or oU< submit to a rrea*.
Ben i? a studied effort and m deli "rate
plot to foni.-ut inter-racial strife.
Be It Mid 10 the credit of the ?
press of R'chm >n 1 thaf they at?? ; ?.. .
moue in advising their nice to w ,
* # * *
The Nt'.-r. M of Richmond will lo fri?
right thing if tti.-y tollow th.- ad
give? and aN?> establish 'bus line? 1
three of thes?? panari ??'???>??. Every Ne?
gro in Ri? hmoiid ?boald stay 00 uh?
street cars.
Odd F?lions Attention!
The annual T!ianksi;iving Sermon Lj
the various lodges, Fa m Grand Master'?
Council and Household* ?>f Ruth >f th?
ii G. (). of O. F., will be del 1 venni a
Moon Street Baptist Church, Sunday
May N:h at 1:00 o Vlock P. M. Lodgi?
aud Past Grand Masters* Council wi .
asseu:id?? at Price's Hall. Leigh Stre<*.
promptly at 1 o'clock P. M., tcosar.
thence, escorted by Richmond Patri?
archy, No. 1, will proceed to the church.
Households of Ruth will assemblo a
tne church.
O. W. Yorv;, Chairman.
Ost'AK N. Bkown, Secr*?ta?-y.
Y. M. B. A. NOTES.
The Y. M. 0. A. Conference in r -u* t
Friday evening. E wh man presea*
showed by his report that he had not
been playing.
The work in the jai!, alms JOTti ?
upon the coruers of the streets is loin g
much good.
Mr. C. F. Foster addressed the boy*
bust Sunday. Subject; "Small Thing*?. **
The small foxes spoil the vines.
Rev. J. Andrew Bowler address?*! a
large number of men last Sunday at f.tut
True Reformers' Hall. Every man im
town should have heard him, Subject 7
"Curves." An address from the shoul?
der. Hopkins Quartette ?*:,..der<?d ex?
cellent music. The men hope to have
them help again soon.
You are invited to the explanation 00
the Sunday School Lessons to-day 5:t>0
p. m., at the rooms. Everybody want?
to hear Prof. B. F. Me Williams who
is deeply interested in this class.
Do not forget to be on time Boadoy
for the committee work.
Boys' meeting Sunday 4 p. m., at tbm
rooms. Mr. J. H. Rhorer is always jla??*
to make the boys welcome.
Now fora Big Men's Meeting Sunday
8:30 p. m.. at the True Reformers Hall.
Prof. J. R L. Diggs of the Virginia
Union Uiiiversifytwill address the men.
Subject; "The Black Man's Claim ? *
No man should tail to hear this tiruei.y
address. Trente' Quartette will sing'
special music. Bring another man.
By special request we will have a
special meeting for women only Sun laj
June 12th 3:30 p. in., at the True Refor?
mers' Hall. Rev. W. H. White, pastor
of the Mt. Carmel Bi-ptist Church will
deliver a special address. Tell all the
Let no home forget to have Wftt -a
prayer for the Y. M. C. A.
8150.00 Endowment Paid.
Richmond, Va., April 27th, IttH
This is to certify that I have receive*!
from John Mitchell, Jr., Grand Chan
cellorof the Grand Lolge of Virginia
Kuights of Pythias, ($150 00) One Huc
dred and Fifty Dollars in payment
the death claim of Sir Lewis L. Biuks
who was a member of Blooming Lily
Lodge, No. 15, K. of P., ?. ?.. S A
?., ?., ?. & ?. Richmond, Va.
Isaac Banks.
M. S. B.
81 "??.?0 Endowment Paid.
Richmond, Va., April 27th, 1
This is to certify that I have receive ?
from John Mitchell, Jr , Grand Chan,
cellor of the Grand Lodge of Virginia..
Knights of Pythias, ($1?0.00) One Hon?
ored aud Fifty Dollars in pay men r
the death-jlaim of Sir Austin Hill, *rh..
was a member of Samson Lodge, No
??. K. of ? ?. ?., S. ?., E , ?., ?. ???
Richm jud. Va.,
Grac ?'??^.

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