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e?*. vVhose Sp^'.^ty Waa Clocks
Captured Because Buzzer Haus
at Wrong Tima.
'Speaking of cari?os things, on? of
le BtrailCOnl ?.?? ~ I ever had,
id I !..iva had a | v," said
is old poikfM.ui. to a New Orlaauai
Inn?.- -i'??ino? : .it m ?, "?vai brought
nit B?HM ? by Uta aires? of
4 notorious do ? ti ??. The fellow
^ad a [Mrfecl mai:ia for stealing
(Block a, ani when hi? piare was
Bjaarched we found about th?.? Btrang-wat
ttollectlou of ?B ? \ ? r laid
?four i?.\Ts on.
?***?? Nlloar mad?? a complete con?
tssi.m iiuil Stated that he had never
aten anything but Clocka, and had no
?esire to pilfer any o -I?*.
aVii'ii-'.??-?? ?M tho veiy tin--a and cost-;
(lesi kind, ji'.vidry. ?lia mon.Is of all ?
Boris and si .?-.. he had passed by fre
E unit y in or i.?r to lay his pi If? irfUBSj
auds un a two ?:??1 1??? ?lock. Hut 1
Bvas alunit to till yon how I mad?? tho'
fcapturo. for thi- is th? most iniere-?t
BBjaj part of th?? BtOI*y from my way of
looKin; at it. I aid had a ???G.? dull I
tolaTDl of if. a\\i\ w.o.: ufttinR id??? jiy
ailonu: toward foUT o'< 1<-?U in Hi?? niorn
Inir 1 had hiil nty-olf in a shadow v
(pia???, and to h?> initili aliout it. w a ?
?BS ' jo I hit. ? man rouM have!
*pB.x ? d asa ariti aioa if M had mad??'
bo mori? th.-'ii oriliiiary unise in walk- :
Inp th. pavement
"Suddenly I arasi roused by the
fbU77.1nii and clangmi; of an e'..rm
Slock, and jumpintr up^lhrew my jiisv
tol right into th?' fan? of tho follow
?rTno had the noisy tim<?t>>.?o. About
Ihe samo timi? a hoad was shovod out
Sf a window two doors awny. and tho
try of Thief:' rane out on tin? air. I
had ?-amxht tlio tM.f. The man who
??Tied 'thief own.?.I thi ?l(?k. and had
?et H to ??*,<> off' at four o'eloek in tho
morninr. as h.> wanted to r.iti h I train.
l?e can ich t tho train ami 1 caught the
\?)3??\ aVttfl found a collection of clocks
^-r -* ?-*?*.' >?r ?^ - o ?^ ?
"lium<?rous enof?ffn to start a clock
Btoro. It was one of the stran ? ?
teatri), s 1 i-ver -'.I.? an.l the follow I
ran down wound up hi s car????!? l?y duini;
ti in?* in t lie stato penit?'utiary for a
term of years."
?New York Delivery Horse Had Blind
Staggers and Chiffon Hats Are
Rui?>e<,1 by Scare.
New York had a unii?tie equine -on?
iati on the other day. ? roan horse
bitch???! to a illtUT water wagon was
attaik.'l hy Mill* stagers in front of
1070 Third avenue, wh??r?* there is a
millin?'iy shoo on tho ground iloor.
Bftuiu?'! l-jiiiit-nhaum, of 74.? Kast Sixth I
Street, the ilri\.r, unhitched the horse
Und called Policeman Dt-vine, of -he
BACKED T1TV >?\ Y A. Wl.N.
East Sixty-?*i)?ent?. *\-*?et sutioa, to
help him ln.'sJ\!e It.
The aniuia. asJt/.ed ?.he cop all over
the street, anfi finally backed through
ts plate glass window in the millinery
Ihop. The crash of the splintered glass
eeemed to madden the horse, and it
backed still farther into the shop, lash?
ing out with its heels. A young
?woman trimming hats In the rear of
the store fled through a back window.
Hats of chiffon, lace, feathers and va?
rious other trimmings were kicked
about and deposited In melancholy
wrecks all over the floor.
The policeman and the driver finally
got the horse out of the millinory shop
and aa he ?ras driven aw. ay in an S. P.
C. aa ?1 young
inquired who ana to Battle for the dam?
aged hats.
ROBBED OF $20,000
Wife of Standard Oil Magnate Had
Valuables in Chatelaine.
Nrwin.it. R. I., Sept. 13.?T.Vord was
N. i.t k that a robbery
by which Mrs ?. M. Flaglor, of that
City, toll a ? Ita!.daino bag containins
money and j??wt>ls aggregating several
thousand dollars in value, at Newport,
was beiti? investigated by detectives.
Th?? date of the robbery was not given.
Ills. Flag 1er has not been here
since tlie middle of August it is thought
It must have occurred at that time.
Mrs. Flaglor was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Julian T. Davies while here.
The poli.e say that they had no re?
port of the robbery of Mrs. Flagler.
The messages from Now York say that
the chatelaine bag contained $6000 in
cash, a draft for $10,000 and jewels
valued at $|ooo.
All Bigna indicate that Mrs. Flagler
was robbe?! by the Raffles who has
preyed upon Newport society leaders
all summer, and it is whispered that
the thief is a rich young woman who
is a confirmed kleptomaniac. For the
sake of her family, the police say,
every ono of the victims has shielded
her upon the return of the stolen gems.
Mrs. Flayjer attended a lawn fete,
and while there her gold chain chate?
laine was stolen from her belt.
I The hag contained five $1000 bills,
eight $100 hills, about $200 in smaller
bills, a draft on New York for $10,000,
and a long neck chain set with 30 sap?
phires and diamonds, valued at $4000.
| Mrs. Flagler had worn the neck chain
, on leaving her rooms, but it caught on
I the carriage door and broke. Then she
! placed it in the chatelaine.
Mrs. Flagler wore the ?chatelaine sus
! pended from her belt by a hook which
could have been easily slipped out.
She ate luncheon at a table on the
lawn, and afterward mingled with a
crowd of equally fashionably dressed
mon and women at the booths where
chancos were sold in lotteries for the
raffio of vations goods, l?eing a large
patron of < harity, for whi< h tho lawn
f??t<? was Bytvea, Mrs. Flagler bought
many chames, paying for tliom each
She had pur? based a score or Bjpors
of tii k?ts, when she reached for her
satani to nay for still more purchases.
To her horror, she discovered that her
bag was gone.
It is possible that it may have boon
pulled off in jostling with the crowd,
but if it was it was not found. Who?
ever ?d? ke?l it up k??])! U.
Killing Frosts Run May to 118 3-4 and
Cccember to 116 3-4.
Chi. | ??(. II. - Killing fixists
past an?! prospe? ti\?\ ransed sensa?
tionally leillisli tra.ling in wheat and
cm. At ?>ne time all deiivori??s ol"
I wheat wet.? rip four .??nts. an advance
? of ????-ht .?'ills in is hours. May who.-'t
sohl at 1 is?"?, (it 1 IS7S a bushel, a new
high record mark for the season, l).^
reniher Bait an< ???<! |0 ll<.:'t. At the ?dos??
? wlteat pi i? is w ? r<? up over tlir?>e cent-.
? Con was up almost two cents. I OatiS
, made a n?q gain of ?'????., and provision?
t?i ?:.">(. *?. -.
Intense ?>xeit< ment prevailed in the
wlnat pit at ili?? ?limning, with appai
ently ?very trader an av?owcd buyer.
The ilentnnd was so urgent and offer
lngs so limited tliat price:-, for all de
- ???? bid up fully two ?ent?
?t the start.
The who.it market closed strong
with May :t $1 IT7, and $1.1 S and !>?>
??(unhi r at $1.11%, Corn also closed
strong, with lVeenilier at G.3'?<?. and
May at ii
Learned Horse Examined By Experts.
l'.erlln. S?p(. 11. Tho 1er rn?d liorse
Hans has Just stoo?! a sueossl'ul e\
aniinatiiMi h?M"?in? a s<?. ntiMe ?-ominis
sion. including physiologists, psyehoi??
p;'i'.abogues, naturalists, animal
tiaituis and <ith??rs. Their ???????p si ts
forth that the evi.letn-es lie gave Of
comprehending handwriting, his musi?
cal and <<dor dis? riniination and niat'.i
cinatiial work were performed under
cin-titnstau? ? s e\eluding the posslbll
ity ol a trick. The methods Oi tbs
horse's ewrier. Herr V??n Osten, ar
proaooBced ?<> be tboaia of ? pedagogue
rither thin ?d IB animal trainer. T.i?
ar? to them tO h?? wh?illy ex
ietSpttonal and t?> deserve thorough
Dtlflc stiulv.
Killed in Football Game.
Harriaburs*, Pak Sept. 12.?a six?? tal
eh tu ?he i' ?triol : J s that Main?
; oM, was tackled by
.'..> 1 in a puna of fool -
ball on Satordaj 11 Lykeaa?, where he
r?-si?! : -.?'v' ?. dved such serious in
I he remain in?-?
pia* ira ,.;'? d ????? a bim that he died
One of Many.
Frog Rolles I How is yer son
iOha* i!, t
Bungtown M rato. Il?
two do* ?orinan on tho
St?'0! thatreel makei i?\a more
I t ? curro??????:
the 1 ?'.'.????.- N. Y.
AT ad Truth.
Bio? Bl ? hard-working
laboring men d ? el t: ? '.,...f
of what 1 . . \e.
Quietens Well. I notice that our
multi-m: 1 B*1 usually
half what the** 1 ? :? ? own
Where the Danger Lies.
Young Hatch G* D'I yon worry about
this leap year I.:^ int ss. Tlu pretty girl??
don't ha? e to propose, and the homely
ones are afraid to.
Old Batch?Yes! But thore are the
widows!?Browning's Magazine.
ThoiiRh w!c*. his Influence may extend,
It m.; : id take?
?I". .?: tin.
???????? OF ?II? U.NVMIU,
1(1 ?inni?.
OK tu ?
1.?cut? d at Richmond, in tho Stau? of
Virginia, at the <-lo.s.? nf imsin.s,, i.:h
day of Sept., 1!M>{, made to
Corporation Commission.
KKSOtK? I s.
Loans and Discounts. ?? I,?849.?5fi
Ov.?r?itafts . 58 .OS
Stocks, Immk?s and mortgages 1,117.7?!
Other real aatSate . 88,411.?90
Furniture auk Fixtures ?, 160.62
Exchanges for clearing-house. &*30.?88
Due from National ranks . . I6?S80 16
Sptcie, nickels and cents. . . 4.012 ">7
Paper Currency. 1,888 00
All other items of Resources, viz: 1,313 01
Total, 666, 441.0a
LlAitn irn:s.
Capital stock paid in.? H.ToT.m;
Surplus fund. M60 Otl
Dividends unpaid . 53.51
Individual deposits subject
to cheek
Time certificates of deposit .
Certified check?*..
Cashier's checks outstanding
Total, ??.'??>, 44 l.f.5
I, Thomas H. Wvatt, cashier, do
soleninly swear that the above is a true
statement of the financial condition of
the Mechanics Savings Triank, located at
Richmond, in the State of Virginia, at
the close of business on the 0th day of
Sept. 1904, to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
Thomas H. Wvatt, Cashier.
H. F Jonathan,
W. F. Graham,
J. O. Farlky,
Sworn to and subscribed before fast
this 13th day of Sept. 1904.
J. Thomas Hewin. Notary Public.
My Commission expires 11th of April
the aj
located at Richmond, in the State of
Virginia, at the close of business, Sepf.
6th, 1904, made to the State Corporation
I>?-ans and Discounts.? 6,790.00
Furniture and Fixtures. 1600.00
Kxchanges for clearing house. . 45.00
Due from National Banks . 1,598 4?'?
Specie, nickels and cents. 2.I'M .1?
Paper Currency. a\046.00
Capital stock paid in. 9 0,000 00
Surplus Fund. 1,200.00
Individuai doj.>osits subject to
check. 5,700 00
Time certificates of deposit. . . 1,897.
,~ ' Total.914,737.S3
I, E. A. Washingt< n, Cashier, dc
solemnly swear that the above is a tine
statement Oft the financial condition of
the Nickel Savii_gs Bank, located
at Richmond, in the State of Virginia,
at the close of business on the (?th day
of Sept. 1904, to the iH'St of my know?
ledge and belief.
E. A. Washington, Cashier.
R. F. Tancii.,
R. J. Bass,
J. Henry Jo\t?.
Sworn to and .subscribed before me
this 14th day of Sept.. 1904
Qajo. W. Lewis. Notary Public.
? ? Commission expias Feb. 5th,
Flic!,.-. Hall Bible Train in?.' Sel.I.
Connected witli the Tuskego?? Institute,
Tuski gee Institute, Ala., otfers exec ?
tional opjHirtunities to young men wish
ing to prepare for the Christian minif
The chief aim of the Bible Training
School is to give young colored men
and women a comprehensive knowledge
of tlie entir?? English Bible and to im?
plant in their hearts a noble ambition
to dedicate th?-ir lives to the elevation
anil Christianization of their people.
The students are re?iuirid to d?> mis
sionary work in the various churches
and Sunday Schools near th?? Institution
in this way they have been very help?
ful to the neighboring communities.
The teaming of tin? Bible School is
wholly undenominational, the intcn
tion being not, to oppose or antagonize
any theok gical work now being done,
but rather to assist all d?nominations.
Phelps Hall, the building in which
the school 'is taught, was given by a
generous New York friend. It is
traine structure three stoiies high, con?
taining a chattel, library, reading room,
and the ??Hice of the Dean, with three
recitation rooms; besides forty rooms
for dormitory purposes.
Rev. Edgar J. Peuney is the Dean.
He is assisted by Rev. E. P. Johnson
and Rev. J. H. Cadson. Rt. Rev. Ceo.
W. Clinton, of Charlotte, N. C, and
Dr. H. T. Jobuson, of Philadelphia. Pa.
deliver a regular course of lectures dar?
ing the term. Rev. Moses Jackson, of
the Presbyterian Church, Chicago, de?
livered a special t-ourse of lectures dur?
ing the past term.
The teaching is free. The cost of
board, including furnished room, light,
fuel, washing, etc., is 98.50 per month.
Students will be given au opportuni?
ty to work out from $1.50 to $3.00 of
this amont, thus leaving only from
$5.50 to $7.00 to be paid in cash.
In some cases arrangements may be
made so that students may work out
the whole amount. Lack of means
need debar none.
For further information address
Booker T. Washington, Prin.
Tuskegee Institute, Tuseegoe Institute,
"Whyness of the Wherefore.
"I .-up,. ? ' : ? t. t y haire..
paan, "yo? IA* i '? ? marriage
a C... .. \:l."
? ? ? j DO still so
i I T.
age a thoi
| iiiiglc L.?
ness. Cincinnati Enquirer.
How He Had Earned I*
01 d li? .?. : ? I ?u re . to be
an*dtsacha . ro boird yon apoken
of often as tl.e "sage of Dreary lairs'."
Old IIunLs (mi:.h grau ?led)?That's
?what my neighbors out there call m\
la it?
Old new ? in?Yes; they say youTe
rich, stingy at.il never tahe a vacation.
?Chicago Tribuna.
I asss?
In order to promote' circulaticr/ard
to create additional interest, wef have
decided to make the
To any person sending ns a yearly subscription of $1.50 and tlie name of a friend or relative as a sul scriber
00 the basis stated, we will send them, postage prepaid, a handsome gold-plated breast pin, ?\ itli their photograph colcrecl
and placed thciein. ? handsome ehromo, size 22x2.8 inches of the Eattle cf Shilch, lie Battle of Fcrt "Wagner, Fort
Pillow Massacre, Fall of Petersburg, Battle of El Cane^ Battle c Manila, Land Battle of Quasimas, showing
eliarge of 9th and 10th Cavalr}?, charge of the 24th and 25t Infantr* in rescue of the Rough Riders at San Tuan
We will furnish pictures of the following: Abraham Lincean, Fiederiek Douglass, Prof. Booker T. Washington
President Theodore Roosevelt, Gen. U.S. Grant, Family Recoid for colored people, containing space for photograi b.8 of
parents and ten children, Autograph copy of the Declaration < f Independence, with portraits of all the signers thereof
President McKinley and his Cabinet, Explosion of the U. S. Battleship Maine, Admiral Dewey's Great Naval Eattle cfi
C ?avite, Spanish and American Peace Commissioners.
Anyone sending two yearly subscribers will be entitled to two of any one of these offers.
We will send the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, semi-weekly edition, one of the leading Republican papen in the
United States to any one sending two yearly subscribers. We will send this great Republican journal to any subscriber
who will pay the advance rate of $2.00. This will give the Planet for one year and the St. Louis GLOBS-DEMOCRAT for
one year.
To any one sending 25 yearly subscribers \vc will send a Sewing.Machine. To any oncjstr.ding Scv<.i:t*)-f?\e,;Sub
scril)ers we will give a free trip to the World's Fair at St. Louis.
These Offers are made in good faith aud will be carried out to the letter. The Cosmopolitan will le sent ene[*year
and the P1.ANF.T0ne ycai for >2.oo for both
Good, Live, Active Agents Wanted
JOHN MITCHELL, JR., Proprietor,
311 North Fourth St., Richmond, Va.
?^***-^?W? " ? -^^r-ta^.n?**.^,^?.,_
? Ojuiortunit?, for Young Men.";
The denuuids in ail parts of this coun?
try, and in several foreign countries
for \v??ll trained men of our race in tho
?lireotion of scientific and practical ag?
riculture are ?jo great that this institu?
tion is willing to offer exceptional ad?
vantages t?. young men who wish to
come here and take either a regular or
post graduate course in agriculture. We
cannot begin to supply tho demands
that come to us for trained men in the
direction of agriculture. The positions
lor which these trained mon are wanted
are those in most every case which pay
high salaries. We wish to get hold of
Baisi who have received, as far as possi?
ble, a good education before coming
here, and are ready to enter upon a
thorough course of agricultural train?
ing. . For further information ad?lress,
Booker T. Washington,
Tuskegee Institute, Ala.
H-3-4t .
so:, H.SH St..
Fine Tailoring,
Mr. John Scheer, export jeweler,
and optician, has mov?d from Elast
Main street to his handsome new store,
0 North Ninth, opposite News Le-odiar,
where he will be glad to meet his aaany
friends arsi patrsns. Everything in
jewelry, ito. Expeat repairing.
IRni?bts of labias,
_?. ?., S. ?., ?., ?., ?. AND ?._
This organization is one of the most powerfnl in the country and iu
progress has been phenomenal. The Grand Lodge of Virginia has jur?
isdiction over all of the cities and counties in this state. .Thirty males
are required to organize a new lodge. The benefits paid constitute one
of its strongest features, but the principles are greater than anythjtag
else. Founded on Friendship, based ou Charity and established on iS
nevolence, the respectable, upright people of the state will find it an'order
worthy of their heartiest support.
It pays an endow nient and burial benefit of $200.00 for all ages. It
i^ye ?4 00 ?per week sick dues. The badge, costing 75 cents each is the
only absolutely'necessary regalia. For information concerning the organization of lodges,
apply at the main office.
The Courts of Calanthe
Is the Female Department of the Order. It requires a membership" of
thirt}* persons to organize a court. Its members are pledged to e3?4iibit
Fidelity, exercise Harmony and prove Love one for the other. It pays
an endowment and burial benefit of $150.00. It pays $3.00 per week sick
aues. The only expensefor regalia is the cost of the badge, 50 cents arid
a roseite, -Ostine 2 ? cents for funeral occasions.
THE BANDS OF CALANTHE or Children's Department also constituas
! a feature and persons canno; do better Linn to ?ntei the little ones in this mystic circle.
i The expense is nominal and tlie ben .fits all ha c aid be expected. It pays from $1.00
to $1.50 *ick4u-^and^cath benefits ot fr-? 1 ^o.oo to $40.00. If you have no Pythian
j Lod&e or Cc?B?t {??-??B**?*^^.^^ o? *aui re one.
Fer tall lall il mUm \imn?wiw% th* dnlden'e Department, address,
Mrs. Anna Taylor, W. M.,
1 _ 120 W. Hill St, Richmond, Va. ?j
??t ???&G???????^??+?????, my*m$3'r*m cf JOHN MITCHELL. JR.,
i 311 N. 4**-h ?ibis Richmond, Va,

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