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Tha Diffarance.
A thousand men as one are alaln? 'Ua
No human brother must by the* be
Tla woUl Tla 111' lt la aa we are taught.
Thia act is glnrious war; that. murder
A thiMiaand men each aid*? they meet,
they claah.
They klll?for prlvate vengeanc* all ua
Thou ABaBt lf thou slay In nng?r rash'.
One act la glorlous war; one. raurder
?Kdlth M Thoma* tn Colller'a Weekiy.
At Shottery.
[Prom II.i I?-tr,r Hutne]
Well. when we croased the flelda to 8hot
Ood b'.< aa Anna Hathaway for livtng
For. oh. th* graas, the treea. the eky. the
Castles. cathedrala. palacve ta m?
dlm l)*-alde that w?.. 'ery!
It waa a deax. aw?*t cottage?best of all.
a home
Wher* Anne. oweet Anne. llved peacef jlly.
Ba) doubt.
nh a garden!?wallflowera 1 ahould
If Anne were there?not now, that aha la
And ao I aat down on the sweet, cool
r srate an : I >her? paao
Wlthln and aea her thitiKs wltn eagor
The root ra, the hlr.gt-s and the
An<l aa 1 ant ntone and very atlll
I thought ol'out thoae good thtnga that
And aaa ?, when Uft alone
that the Ume can weU and
awlft l*KuUe.
And < .are aa he
Wu' ?
>'hottery and talked
To iv . i.iway out ln h?r gar
drn I
Or, aa ln henvler mood. with thoughtful
Jked acroa* theae fl*lds and back
With untold falry wondera ln hl* braln.
<ir ..f his frtend H?n JoaaBBfl did t thlnk.
Or a* and poet
! fur prufltabl* thought?
Wu u of tt . -o that I f^t thlnklng than?
ta lt <>f Ann?- ilathaway herw
Or of the little children that oaraa. too.
To walk acroaa th* field to grandrmm
he rlow^ra of the brlghtost hue?
Did I thlnk thua and poadar wtth a algh?
I B*v. ..> thought?not II
Nor did my thought* Juat valnly, tdly
roarn -
alit of you. my deaxaat love. acd
Klraberly McKlhone ln Chlcago
My Marit.
Dear frler.ds. l am gr&teful and thank
all the klnd eaylnga you've linked
with my nai:
They pas* my deaervlnga; but. frmnkly
and etoauiy,
1*11 Ba? Ibexo's on* virtu* I f*el I can
I bOl'
Of VBrsea .-d or *e*aya I burned.
But proudly I'll atal* ln th* fac* of th*
Th* booka that I borrowed I always r*
bava baon many?I aadly admlt
Deaervln* *>f censur* to any atnount.
Yot aoroe folk may flnd when thia aewne
I hava quittad
An ltem or two for a "cootra" account;
Bome U.vald* *cui touchad with tender
May aay that tha loao of auch m*n
id b* mourned
Aad plead ln defVuae of ao atartllng a no
**Th? booka that ha borrowed he always
?Weatmln*t*r Oasette.
A Mile With Me.
Oh. who will walk a ralia with me
Along Ufe'a marry way?
A comrada bllthe and full of gl?-e.
Who d<irea to laush out loud au<l free
And let hia frollc fancy play.
Llke a happy child through the fiowers
That nil the field and frlnge the way
Where be walka a iall* with me.
And who will walk a mll* with me
Alor.g llfe'a weary way?
A trlend whoae h*art haa eyea to aee
The stara ahlne out oar the darkentng lea
And th* qutet reat at the end of th*
A frlend who knowa and dares to say
The bravo, swaet worda that cheer the
B .' v
Where he walka a mll* with me
With auch a comrade. auch a frlend.
I faln would walk tlll journeya end
Through summer nunahlne. wlnter raln
And then? Farewell! We ahall meet
?Henry Van Dyk* ln Dommlon Preaby
Th* Egotiat.
X alng of the chap egotlatlc.
Whose joy 'tla to lead men aalde
And prate of his deeda euloglstu
Wlth far more than pardonable prtda.
Since he'a a type of no apecifled reglon.
Where It flts beat the footgear apply?
The fellow whoae surnam* ta L>eglon,
Who uaes no pronoun aave "I."
X fancy ln aome future eon,
When aclentlsts eagerly ?oan
His fosell remalna. they'11 agree on
The fact that a wonderful man
He waa Tet they'll slgh with dlstraction
And their theoriea put on the ahelt
When his humerua ahowa the back actlon
Catised by throwlna; bouqueta at hlmself.
OoncJuslons they'll reach qulte abaurd tn
Their efforta to l&bel him rlght.
They'll aay that his back bore a burden
Or elae he waa atudloua qulte.
And Intelloct'a apark, they'll aay, amol
Whlle his form bent ln Iabor*a atern
Not knowlna* he grew ao hump ahouldered
Through pattlng hlmself on the hack.
?Roy Farrell Green* ln New York Tr*b
It ta aU Tery well. Bobby Burna. to de
That you wlah that th* power wad st*
Th* g'ftle to aee our eurioua selves
In the ISght that ither folk aee us.
But <r<*thlnka were ?sl alght ao wlahad for
We would aome of ua dle of th* atock.
Whlle optlctana and alch In a week would
b* rich.
Aad armoked glaaaes would b* out of
?N*w York Herald.
Who llvea to nature rarely can b* poor.
Who llvoa to fancy never can be r
Brltt Aanooncfi Hta IMane.
Jlmmy Britt haa expreeaed his lnten
tkm of retiring from the r'.<.m| He baa
expreased it openly. but says be wlahee
to have his liwtng -with a few more
lightweighta before hia few remalnliig
moutha of ptierUlam are np.
**I will flght the beat man that can
be found within a mouth," be aaid.
"That mlght be Hanlon. tt mlght be
Kld Sulllvan, lt mladit be Whlle Lewla.
I am ready and willlng to flght any
one the pubJlc wanta me to flght. and
t Inteod to let Nelaon get away
from m?.
*T reallae that tbe I>ane and myeeJf
will aaafl the blggeat houae of any two
-a that could l>e matched any
where ln tbe world today.
?u't tldnk for a mlnute that I am
overlooklng that. Bat tbe tlme le Lu-t
"I will flnd some ayxxl man ln San
Franctaco. and later I will flght ln Loe
anajaiea. probably At>e At:
"Then I may make a trip eaet, get
ttug a utunbw of flghta in a ahort apace
of tlme, and then retiring from tlw
"I want to re?1r?? an unbeaten cham
pion. and I dont bBBBW af any one who
will prrrent Ae from doing thia."
BBa. ?ewBe-'a RreeOtae ttable.
Df - iBMBBaatl la get
tlng toafKher quitw a fliie lot of royally
bred brood maree, and ba la breedlng
them . reatest alrve. II is man
Mlnnle McllvaJn, 2:2SV 1-y Ulnder
Wllke, 2.24**. recviitly fonled a finc
colt by The Boodenmn. sirv at tlie eec
aatlonal trotter. t*race Baad (%* 2:OW4,
and will be bred to the great old elre.
Aicantara. ?'otudderation, by Tbe Oon
qnerer. 2:12^ haa foaled a bay colt by
Aahbow. 2:2***. ?nd wiil be bred to
Jay Blrd. Vela, by M^Ku..
dam by Wllkcs Boy. haa beer. bred to
CYwaeeu*. 2:02^; Lady Red Leaf. by
Red WUkee. Jr.. haa been bred to Al
cantara, and Marttana. by AUerton.
2:0044. to Paymaau-r
Thia ia a splendld eolleetleu of marea,
and the claee of rtallloua they are be
lng bred to will give I>r. aleade a
great Kot ot younjatera. Dr. Meade
haa etartaxl rlght ln the eetabllahm*?nt
of hia trottlng atud, and he will arathf i
tbe next few yvara have one of the
abnacaat collectlone of trottvra ln < ihlo
Tka Janlor Onlfera.
It la generally belleved that the blg
geat apnrt of the many young aolfera
throughout the country haa been made.
It would be next to lmpoaa'ble for
them to kaep up their ahowlng of laat
year through another eeaaon. Thia be
llef la beeed ou expeiience ln the weat,
where tb^y had their Innlnga a year
earller than ln the eaet. There the
young player*. or Junlora, bo nearly
disrupted eeveral organtsatlona that
narrow leglslation waa Introdnced.
whlch for tbe tlme belng shut them off
from many Unka. Of courae a littie re
fiectlon ahowed the folly of thia more,
whlle nothlng could keep down the
real etare. The laat took tbe lnvaalon
more phlloeophlcally and ao haa ilttle
to undergo. The beat of the young
atera are ?ure to make a attil fnrtber
advance durtng the next few montha.
bnt they are not llkely to dotnlnate tbe
eeaaon, aa they did laat year.
Bfabla Ne-w Coll ?-*!**
Manager Jake Btahl haa ad*ded an?
other reenrlt to the Waahlngton teanu
by algnlng Outflelder Rothgeib, cap
taln of the I'nlveralty of lillnols. Roth?
geib la a coilege matc of Manager
Btahl and baa a arreat reputatlon ln the
weat aa a coilege ball player. IIe la a
young glant, belng more man six feet
tail and welghlng 200 poonda. He la
well proportloned and auggeeta Blll
Lange. the once famona center flelder
of the old Chicago team.
Xertkwaatarn Wlaroniln Clrvatt.
i Tbe Northweetern Wlsconsln fair
1 trottlng drcolt. whlch glvea slx weeka
j of ractng, eommencmg at Eau ?'lalre
j Aug. 28s offer* a total of $22,701 !n
pursea, and all ahlpmenta are ea?y over
alx trnnk Itnee. Tho towns following
Ean Clalre are Cbippewa Falle, An
gnata. Neillavtlle. Black Rlver FaJla
and Lacroaae.
laral Aeadrair'i 5?w n*aa.
ir Admlral Jamea H. Handa, who
haa been detalled aa auperintcndent of
the Naval academy at Annapolls,
comaa of a dlatingulahed naval faml?
ly. hia father, who died ln 1884. bav
Ing alao been a rear admlral ln Uncle
Bam'a navy. In tbe hlstory of the
Cnlted Staree navy there have beea
5ut two BBBtaawea 7>f 7>oth fatherTnTT
aehaafl aaa frade of rear admiral
ln tha ?>r.liuary lim- <>f proniotiou. Tbe
athar waa tha caw oi" (he t*wa Tbomaa
rrUajes, father sad s<>n. the hitter
now oa the NBBrSd list.
EntoritiK tho BBTrBBSO ln L*C1?. Admiral
8anda was gradunted in 1,*?3 and took
an actlw part in the closhig yeers <>f
the civil war. His BkBBt BOtBahle experl
ence was ln the naval brigade which
8i B*Bai Flsher. I>uring the as
aault "Flgbtlng Bob" Evans. a claaa
atate of Rands, fell badly wounded.
The latter stopped, bouud up Evans'
?round and preaaed on. For bla gal
lantry on thia and other occaslons he
Waa recomrnended /or advnncoinent.
After the war he waa attached to the
flagship Uartford. Whlle aervlng on
thia eblp off Illogo, Japan. the adml
ral'a barge waa capalced. San.la, with
a boat'a crew. pu*h*l lnt> the raglng
surf and succeeded ln reeculng a sallor.
Admiral Bel!, howeTer. waa drowned.
Commodore Boldaborough ln hia report
of the affalr commended Enalgn Sanda
for bla gallant eonduet
Puriiig :.lab war he com
manded the coumierce d^atroyer Co
lumbla and later waa a member of the
rtatirlng board at Waahingtou.
I>nat on tar ?*>?.
Lew Flelda. the comedlan. was read
lng a wewterti ivewapeper ln hia offlce
the other day. Suddenly he burst Into
a roar of laughtcr. Turnlng to bla part
ner, Fred llnmlln, he exclalmed:
"What Aa ] ou thlnk of this for news
paper wrltliig? IIow*s this for a mixed
motaphorT* And he road sloud from
tbe ncoount of a ahlpwreck:
??Wa watre "M1I**1 to the ahrouda
forty tnlle* off l\>rtland harbur. wbcn
BUdd*?nly a glnnt ware bn>kt? over oa.
and flvo poor anilora blt tbe du?t.f "
"Hai liaatBa Hamlin. "Sotne
body ougbt to lutre swept that ocean
witb a toleecopa**- | rk limea
Honored by t'hlaav.
John Barrett, I'nlted Statea mlnlater
to Golombla, o: 1 inese grov
ernment haa conferred the Order of the
Double I?ragon. has trawled extcn
aively tn Clilua and la an autborlty on
mattera portalulng to the far east. Ile
was honor?il bj t.'hlna ln reeognltlon
of his oervlcea with the Chlueae ex
hlbtt at tlie s*t_ Ixmle expoattlon.
Mlnlater Barrett reeontly aent out a
warulng ta Amerleana not to aeek work
of tbelr own accord on the iathmus of
Panama. He said:
"No Amerlcan white laborers should
eome ta th?- lathmua of Panama aook
Ing employmcnt unlesa prevloualy en
gaged by the commlaalon. At flrst, be
for* the orgaulaaUon here waa fully
johb Baaaarr.
eotnpleted and the clvil servlee meth
oda were applled, work could usually
bo found for ablebodled white laborers
who mlght arrtre from the Unlted
Btatoa or from any other part of the
world. Now, however, the sltuatlon La
changed. When laborers come of their
own accord the ehancae are ttg*'net
tbefr empkxyment."
A natlve of Vermont, Mr. Barrett
haa llved for many years ou the Paelflc
coaat. He waa for a time city editor of
the Tacoma Ledger and later asaoolate
editor of tha Portland (Ore.i Telcgram.
In UB94 he waa appointed mlnlater
to 81am, but reelgned on the outbreak
of the Spanlah war and went to the
Phlllpplnea aa a war correapondenL
He declined the poet of mlnlater to Ja?
pan ln 1902. but the follcwlng year ac
eepted that of mlnister to Argentlna.
Laat year he was transfarred to Ooiom
A Clalaa For Clamaaey-.
Employer?What! You have the
nerve to ask me to lutercede for you
with a riew to securing a lighter sen
tenee when you confeaaed having de
liberately atolen my own mocey and
then lent tt to me at a high rate of ln
Diacharged Employee?Yta; but don't
you remeraber once when one of your
notea was due on this money I hsd
?toleu from you and loaned to you I re
fro ie<l from puahlng you for aettie
mentV? Baltimore Amerlcan.
CkaagrabU Phyatognonay.
"lt la a atrange phy.steal fact that the
two aldea of a persoa'a face are never
exactly aUke," rexnsrked Mra. Nndger.
"Yea, I have noticed ihi.t. I aaw you
scowling at me and amlrking at that
aiUy LUutiu.nntSmith at tue aame time
j laat evenlng."?Clncinnatl Commerclal
?Thy Should We Increase Their
Power Over Us by a Too Con
stant Dwelling Upon Them?
Carlyle waa undmibtedly rurht when
he made the st:,
we make too much of faults. Faults?
The greatest of fa'. M say. U
to ha^ an Carlyle
declared that If we <ieny our sius?and
6ins are faulte?if we Fay utf have none.
the truth is not in us. Tflermaater con
ceded tbe preeence of grave fanlte in
His followers. yel they were powerless
to prevent Him from lovina them.
After al! did not Carlyle BBt I
the Master's thouaiht expressed in Patil's
admonitio: tbe things that
disturb our peace. that -
we hunger for? The thlaga that dls
cour?se us and cause us t<>
ashamed of our record. the depr.
"thln it of our Baladfl
and out of our llvea but whlch by long
very } ? ? seemc impoeaible l
I hrtat know, aad H ?ani to
understand that to bc r- m the
dominion of any fanlt we must never
me. or
of so fixed a chara< mnot
put it froaa aa ai . held
away ovei . raan mind
Is atrangely teni o the
thinKs that have in.
seem to leave their
or to be v. holly ara
II mav ba that II ? splte
for an?i ? !-?: ter and
nobler thli th.- fallara to
rea< h them is ao <i tatwa
?iinh anx
Tallin. ? r hy
iing their
hold upot.
h from that
? r Hnn faitti. and if it
B that
: ara
y th??
B againM which we have
"Make too ma
1 dis
courage u : that
I human r.
through ai ocioa
tbat Invite. If thog
brinp -. wiiv
i we increase tbelr power over aa
Why |
our falth. not o '..ut ln
tho Fath. ?
lift us out or the <!? whlch ara
have fa'.ien aml Btart ua aaoa oa the
faith ln the flr.al onl mr efforts,
aaya the Hurlinaton H..
recognize the fact thlt we are not alOBa
la tha atruggle; othx dlagltjnat
as Im; | their
faults. and if we ran have faith for them
why aol for < If we can ex
cuse them aml thlnk lt not
that t: 1,1 win eventuall)
"mak. | ,,i!r own failings
that a
to tr> |o Rath. i
Uag I ahladM w?
re He can
reach out and
6elf-canonlzati.-i. cannot make the
ara are no diaeJaaaa artthaat dis
ortune ls l.ardest on the man
who sets his |
Too many thir that tho eharch is
only a nickel-in ? .e-slot elevator.
They only ar. satisfled with this
world who are ix >ensible to auy other
There are m who
Will not pay for tbeaa with p
It is better to fail at being an oak
than to be sa;. Bad with belng a
The devll ha.- a fellow-feeling for
any man who thtahfl he can fool the
Satan is quite -Mlllng you ahoa
rlch: h;s onl> fear ls lest you should
be right.
Men do not r. )eot the Btble becauae
It contradlcts II -a-lf; but berause It
contradlcts th
When you get m thinkini? that love
ls a lottery yoa are likely to prove
lt 1-y drawing a blank.
You can tell a whole lot about a
man's rellgion v hen you know what
the chlldren thii.k about him.?Ram's
Influence of Belief.
What w i has more to do with
llfe's good or 111 <han blrth. statlon or
1 eulture. It lath that will influence us
! In any given ? BCO, and decide
: for us what we w ill do or not do. Our
aaocla | lead us afetray lf we
have clear-c-ut a- I well-defined eonvie
tlona that they are wrong. When we
come to t he par: Ing of the waya lt is con
viction. or tha lach of it. that will lead
aa this way or Lhat The aignboard
may tell us tha: the city liee ln a cer
taln dlrection; but if we know that the
algnboard is wr.-ng we will take tbe
other road. Belief givea biaa to life.
It createa tendeinies; lt molds clrcum
Btancea; it utl. iltiona; lt eon
trola ImpulM-s ai d sits aa umpire over
all temptations uud perplexitiaa.?Unlt
ed Proabyterian.
A Littie Tip.
Bfy > eaaa to me
| Too
He seeinf I ba BBBRII ed tl
Ia w
Ho a\la Was Manied.
"When . aaa the othof nlgh
'my appearance BtfBak Ba) wife dumb
"Tell me how you lookad, old fel
'low, I want to try it on my wlfe."
j Houuton Poat
fiow the Examination May T>eter
nain- Miuh About the Quality
of Obtb One L? Growing.
By the kernel of it is poa
sible to tefl much about th*. |
ka a niatter of
ing cut*. which wt mder
the direction of Prof. UophlBB, of the
of lllinois. The flrst one
aaanra a kerat. I of low proteincom. The
proportio: atarch in this ker
nel to the other portions is seen to be
very large. a* is alao the horny atarch
LOW Plti '?; l \
while th?> proportlon of
all fonai all. Thft
can be determtaed. by t.ikmg a
sharp knife aud cuttinR open a
a of corn and making eompari
The kernols having a large amount
of protein will look lik<? the second
I I ahown ber*. Tha
crown atarch will ba tbaad to be com
paratively amall. tha horny
glutcn will be found ln large supply.
Whlle a coneiderable portion of the
HlOB PftOTaCll
horny uaiter ia atarch. yat thia some
horny niatter is so rtch in protelo that
it may be Boeeptad aa a rule that tho
greaxter tho proportlon of horny niatter
the greater the proportiuu of proteia
ln the corn kernel. Tl of tha
gerru alao indlcatea the comparatlve
amount of protein.
Any man that expecta to do much ia
the breedlng of corn or e\en in the
groaing of corn Bnatt make a atudy
of the plant and Us aee.l. He muat
Bdaoata hlmself to ba ab.e b. tell the
value of different klnds of OOTB. This
making a mechaulcal analysis tbe real
aort of an educatlon ls not the work
of a day or a week. but lt requires
much atudy, much thought and much
comparison of different varietiea of
corn and of different ears of the aame
A few leaves ln the hat may prevent
Clean out the fence corners in hay and
wheat field.
A splendld team: Young Courage and
Old CauUon.
Water allowed to remain ln the aoll
keepe itcold.
Calloused handa are much to he pre
ferred to calloused hearts.?Farm Jour
Put in a few hours the next rainy day
flxlng up the framea for tomatoes. Thia
will keep them clean and they will do
Few farmera yet are atudying the
QueeUons relating to tiilage and the
garden. study of thia subject meana
money in the pocket of the farmer.
Something wrong when the boya don't
whlstle arouDd the old farm. Notlced
any such failure at your house? If you
have, iant it time you began to do a lit?
tle whistling your*elf??Farm Journal.
A Hlnt for Potato Folk.
A slmpie yet useful labor-eaving
device for potato raisers consista of a
with a bag, made of cheese cloth,
tied on the end. The cloth bag holds
paris green and is knocked out of the
bag by hititng the etick holding the
auspended bag with another stick. By
this method the labor of carrylng
water is aaved, as ;be paris green can
be sprlnkled when the dew or other
njoiature ls on the potato vines. None
of the paris green is wasted aa ln
eprlnkling or spraying becauae tbe
polson can be applied only wben po?
tato buga are on the vlnea. London
purple may also be used the aame way,
an.! is just a-s good as paris green to
kill potato bugs.?Farmers' Volea.
Picking a Eure Thing.
| A London atteatlat aaya poor teetl
indicate unusual l.rain powers."
Tll bet a hundred dollars that sclen
tirt has false onea."?Chicago Record
The Spout.
"Dtamon-ls have gone up agaln."
**Don't aethar n:<- i p .r all min>
up long ago/?Cleveland l^eader.
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?J. Long Distance Bell 'Phone, No. 83. .ju
it?=?Manehcster Orders Promptly Attended Alao. *??
******* + *** + ******* 4* ***?!?
The J, V. Hawkin's hairgrower &
tkaiik m vitk reuistered.i
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BawklB's Hair Orowar and Reotorer, a
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or BagBtaaB V
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?IflJI rtrat SUaata - Blrhaaioi, Ta
'PRO.M:. lajoi.
-rreapondence - .-?nttal.'^Ba'B
'Pbone, 577.
Richmond, Va
Funcral Dircctor, Embalmer and Liveryman.
All orders promptly fllled at shortnotlce by telegraph or telephona.
Halla raatad for meetlnga and nlce entertalnmenta. Plenty of room
wi;h all aaoaaoary couvenlencea. I^arge pianlc or band wagona for
hire at rensonable rates and nothing but flret-claas carria.ee, bugglea,
etc. Keeps constantly on hand flne funeral suppllea.
212 East Leigh Street.
Realdence Next Door.
OPEN ALL DAY Sl NIGHT.?Man on Duty All Night
llo\\ \K1> I M\ I Rg| 1 \ m l?l< AI.
1)1 1'XKIMIM.
liu linliiig Maaaaali IHuitnl nnd Pliar
niuK-utic Oattafjaa.? Incor-tora
bai ix?7.
Thirty-eighth session will begiu
Oct. 2nd., 1905, and contlnue elght
montha. Studenta matrlculated for,
day instructlon only.
Four-yeara* Graded Course ln Med
Three-years* Graded Course in
Dental Surgery.
Three-years' Graded Course ln
Instructlon ls glven by Didactlc
Lectures, Qulzzes. Clinlcs and Prac- j
tical Laboratory Demonstrationn.
Well aqalppad laboratorles ln all de
partments. Unexcelled hospltal fa
s All Students must reglster
before Oct. 14., 1905. For further
information or catalogue, apply to,
F. J. SHADD. A. M.. M. D.,
901 R. St. N. W. Washlngton. D. C.
05. 12t
??'>:? X. 2ndSt., Kichmond. Va.
l'-i l' ?! -ra; !? '1' ??'.? '<if.'f.-. Hu-i. -ln
?<d fromOU nogativeM .>r Plm
The Greatest Clairvoyant &
Fortune Teller the Worid
Has Kver Known.
Unitea Separated. Brings haok tha
one yoa Love, Helpa Quiokly all is
Remove* Evil Influencea, Oores Mye
terious Diseaaee. Gives Luck and 8ao
oesa. Send Lock of Hair. Date of Birtb
and 12 oenta. Ask three qoeetiona and
reoeive Horoeoope and Luoky Birth
stonebymaU. GONZALKS. ?W Ber
gen St., Brooklyn, New York.
So call and see our large va
riety of
Baby Carrtages,
Toilet Tables
AutomaUc Refrigerators.
YOU can have the advan
e ol our great Btock and
great values. We are of
fering .;o CHBAJP YAl.:
but gixxisof such RKAI. YAL
i | as will insure you
fidence in us. Do not fail
tt least
We are aolc ageuta for the Macey Seo
tional BookKaata.
Hi<ky-wkkmi EK l
FII.IM. tiBlXr.lv
711-713-715-717 E. Broad St.

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