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>-:-^.bs^ v
n. Palaa on taai WaaaaaaT.
The alr is growing chilly now,
The niarhtB extremely cool,
And in the morn a blnt of ice
Is on the wayslde pool.
-coats and gloves
In eoaafort quite luxurions,
And noses red and ears to match
comnmnor than curlous.
How blltbely doth the good house
m plle the soreens topether.
? ?ason of content has conie?
There're BO flles on the weather.
?J. H. QR
i T. Taylor Nu< < nrnlis After a
Short IIIihsv.
i aaeablleaa, Now.
I i
ln T. Taylor. cv
known colorad dtiaoaa <<f ttiis rfty,
dted at his boaaa, II Walaat i
at 1 1 rniup after a
short illi:?'ss. Mr. Taylor a
year* born in ?
nrond. Va , Jnm- L'v 1SS1. Ha caaaa
to thi oaoat 14 raara of
age. and haa resid.
Dartaa the paa* I
slnr?. th<- local poat I ?i*s bullt.
he had 1>.? n janitor <d* that
<d aiso aanrad aaaetaatty in oth
apatloaa praoadlaa hta arork
at th? poat oaaea 41 tha lattar
place he waa known as an l:?
pleasant charai. r wfco dld his duty
in a coaadaatloaa aaaaaor. He waa
aetlaa graaal i I
Chatn Lodj
Odd F?ll..*.s a;-..; f the
leadlng hosts darlag the n
vention of OBtOCad Odd Pellowa in
thia clty h?> wu alao a higbly r<
-m mamber of tha Thlrd
hurrh. and had aa a
ard of (i
i ? Mr Taylor ls Oai I
by \v. j. Kaoahtoa, a aaphaa
Ctorelaad, O., and Jamea Hlggtaa,
. - and Walter Rolllna,
Rolliaa of th:
will t
with ? tha Thlrd B
Charch al Tha bartal wiu be
in the Springfteld eemetary.
Mr Taylor w-w hushand of Lucy,
the iat?. daagbtor af tha lata
h Holmea <>f l
fn.ui tha Amerbun lten.
Inaaranre Conipany.
B? for ilself.
I join
ed tha Amerteaa; last %*???.>k 338
re from Itteh
nioml. The General OtBcara of tho
awaka bo tha in
of th?. pooaila. Our braaeb
Man?Kfi>. W, A. MUlner. D:\nville;
\V. I) Btaptoa, Norfolk; Homer
hfltehall, Lyachbara; P. J, fttte
W'ashington. D <".. B. F. \\ .
adrta; J. E Habbard, Nawport
st.-wart. Patarabara:
rata, Porl aaaoath; J. P, Tato .
Snffolk; V
li Baalth, Cllftoa Faraa aad CoTraa
Joha H WaVita, Boath noston;
Roberts, Frederlcksburg; J.
-rison. Staunton; E. Alexander,
CharlottesYille; Mrs. at. I.
Hedford Citv; John T. Gay. Hamp
E. Rarber. Pulaski
lsra.1 Williains, BrtatOl; W. H.
Johnson. Rlo Vlata; M. E. Yander
vall, Rlo Ytsta; C. B. Richardson.
rly; Miss M. K. Earle, Tunstall;
Benjamin Stokes. Blackatoaa; Prof.
S. P. Miteheli, Martinsville; P. B.
Hairston. Fannville. \V H Hilman,
WlUlaOBObara; and S. Alexander,
Manchester. These are OOOB]
faithful. praise-worthy ofticers and
are pushing the work to the front.
Watch for these notes from tlme to
Yonrs truly,
The American Ben. Ins. Co.
Two Families Afflietcd.
Mr. and Mra. E. R. Carter, No
700 N. 5th St. has been affiicted in
that one of their chlldren, Carollne.
haa been 111 wlth the diphtheria. Mr.
and Mrs. Abram L. Morton. 117 E.
Leigh are simllarly affiicted in that
their daughter, Fanny ls auffering
with the same malady.
The Board of Health has placed
large cards on the front, wlth the
dieoase printed ln red letters there
on and warnlng persona not to go
in the house as tbe diseaae la con
Mr. Morton waa out of Moore
School one week, but ia now teach
lng agaln.
?Mr. N. Wlnaton 1b ready to
furniah you wlth anything ln hla
line. Hla adrertlsement in another
column ezplalna the extent of hla
large bualneoa and emphaaizee the
fact that ha wt'.l do all that ha aaya
he wlll. Call aad oee him.
1500 Men of British and American
Navy Ealiven Couey Island.
N>w York. Xov. 14.?Prlnce Loula
of Pattenberg passed yesterday ln a
fashion that would have taatod the
stamina of a polllioal candldate en
gaged in a carapaign of the whirlwind
order and atood the strain Wtth a for
titude worthy of a British admtral. He
began the round of entrrta.nmeuts
with a rereption at the Oharo*
Commerce, wht-re he waa greetod by
a represontative gatherlng of raptalns
of commerce and fluance. After a brief
brcathing spell be was whirh?d down
to ('on*')' Island. where he and tho
offtVers of his fleet, with Admlral
Evana and other representativea of
the Amerlraa navy attendod a groat
hanquet given by the bluojackota of
the Atuerican warshlps to the>; Uri
tanntr couaina.
iYoaa the hanquet a spocir.l traln
bore the prince and hla sulto bark t<>
N??w York in tini?- lo apBoar at tnG
- ?how, BrheiO hiR rntranre waa
the signal for a tumultuouH welrome
from a gjraal aaaeniblaaje. representa
IIbo of the faahion and wealth. not only
of the BlOtropollo. btit of all the prlnci
pal citles of th?> union.
"Btood ia thlcker than water."
n the fronUa] the
menu carda. thia fatnoua aaying of tho
Am?*rl<an naval offlcer. Tamall. neyer
found more lmpreuslra expresslon
than lt did at the dinnor on the Bowery
n^y Ittland which tho onllstod
men Of tha Atlantic fleet gave to the
enliated men ??f hla Bntannlc BbBJo
comniandivl by Itear Admlral
Prfeaeo Loala ot nattenborg. it was
the keyaote of tha eheertag with which
? - iiritish and Ameri>-an sallors
made tho groat pavlllon rlng to the
erho It waa tha toaat to which tBOf
drank BcrOM the long tahles which
stretched down leo Kreat hall beneath
the orerhanglng Brltlah and American
flaga It wa?! the theme of the speeches
that arooinnanlod the clgara and the
of th1? mammoth ft>aa?. anlqao ln
the hlstorj c>f all navleg, and which
wlll long furnish the thOBM of yarns
on many a Btitlsh and American borth
Three choota were glven to Rear
Admlral Prlace Loala and then t
Admlral Kvans. LOBTlng the dlnner
for a fow moments. the admirala went
Into the balcoi - I upon the
hapreaolBB aceae. Brery aaflor waa on
hla feW. twlrlinp hia OBp aloft. and led
hy a quartermnster at the end Of I
hall the mlrhty company cheered as
OOl) Brltlah and American sallors OBB
cheer?clean out. all together and far
Mig. untll the BOBBOa echoed
OOBS l n Coney's
T.y 10 oVlook the 15 roimds of heor
whlrh eaoh sailor rocolTOd had been
M?d of. and the men started out
to (lo Qoaty Island. Many of the
amn^emont pla ad uu in honor
of the rlattora. At mldnlgnt the ghoot
Ing ^alleriea. tho bOOff gardena and the
other Bttractloaa were doing a rold
summer baotBOOB and the lOOO sallors
were havtne the time of thelr llrea.
The aaiO alongaide Steeple
chaso pler at K oVlook this mornlng
and took the hanquetora to ?hoir re
ouectlve *hip<*.
The front of th*? menu carda bor? a
ptetara of the Aaaarlcaa and British
sallora elaaplas handa. over the flags
of thelr two rountries. The gueats
were aeated. flrst a Itritiaher and then
an aaaarlcaa. ln front of oach plate
wm an Amerioan flag stick pin aaaa
Ing on ita l?a< k the inacrlptlon: "licpe
we wlll meet again."
Said to Be In Poaaeaaion of Recelvar
of Enterpriae Bank.
Pittaburg. Pa.. Not. 15?If the lateat
report eoncerning the Enterpriae Bauk
ia true, Recelver Cunningham is in
poaaesslon of a dupllrate aet of books
kept by persona ln the bank between
Auguat 2h last. when foderal examina
tlon waa made. and the day the bank
closed Ita doora. Thia lnformation
comes fn>m one of the directors of the
Enterpriae bank. who appeared to be
aurpriaed that no mention had been
previoualy made of thia lncident in the
examlnation of the bank'a accounta.
Tbe flnding of the booka waa aome
days subaequent to the aulcide of
Caahier Clark. and a peruaal of them
haa been of lnraluable aaalBtance lo
traeing to thelr aource many of the
fraudulent flnanclal tranaactlona that
brought about the wreck of the bank.
It la said Examlner Mozey carried
with him to Waahington a complate
eopy of theae accounta. aad upon them
the federal goTornment will beee ita
orimlaal autta
Anothcr Court in D.uiville.
DbbtUIb, Va., No\ uth. 1SSS.
lad Worthy Coaaaallot John
Mitcheii. Jr., arrtn
int for tho purpose of organlzing a
Court of Caaaathe. He oraa aa
the Btatiaa l>> Sir W A Millnor.
Distri.t Deputy Qraad Chaao
?? orsa W. Rlson and Bl
toa. Ba a aa aooo plaead la < i
a Holbrooh and Caaalashaaa'a
Bae OarrlaaTOI and carrled bo th<
? of Mr. and Mrs. L. \Y. Hol
br<rok. BrhOTO a fine Bappor av
him. He tnet Miss Amanda Ilair
ston 1
hell araa soon ready for
after resting at the Holl
al tho Pythl Dr. it.
A. lt- rid Dr. A. I,. Winslow
oxanataod tho eaadldab new
body ortll - ? as Oolden i
Ooaii The offtcers
Worthy Conna ? u-n.'s Wil
llamaoa; W iBBpectrti
\V. Inapector, Mrs. Ploi
D. W1 ? nlor 1 mt . Mrs
'unior Diroi
Adallae Con
Mrs Hatl
cinda hfothaj Tl Wil
I :
This Court . Blaod thiMugh
tho i ? Mrs. 8. J
She waa high
?mpllnrented for her a*orti l
laraa aaaibor of Ooarl aaoaibora
R froohaieol
Muili Work Doae.
? tatractoi
? ?titiy. The)
led the Plfth St ir.h.
iniiit a roar of honoeo for Mr. afllea
D. St Joba Bt and four
i and on
II. Luke Bmporlum aud 11
Lako Peai tl 111
B. Broad odelled the boaao
Of Mrs Fanny Crl
St Bad tlie one
Walker oa U
doabh anl on DaVaJ st.. bo
Thlrd aad Foorth Bta . tho
Of which with other work dOBO
bj them in t!
wlll .
\ Raae in tho Price of Waaaaaas
Tho Bteam I
bo adhraace prlcoa and tho elaim la
bolag made tl d los
las aaoaoy. Thia wlll ba pleoatag
laformatlon bo tho many baadroda
isher-woinen, who de
poad for B livelihootl upon this kind
of einpko nient. The rates for laun
dertas oollaro will bo 2V%, an ad
raace of Ifcct. Caffa will be r.cts.
BB adoaaeo of lot. Plaited Bhirts
will ba 12cts. an advaiut- . .f
Shirts with < uffs will bo ISctS., an
BdOBBOO of ?*?< ' Alloo shirt-v
will bo lOcta, an advance of BetB.
BtOBS \i\ "sorrHiitN i:\ii.
[aejnare af IMobI Saaaala ?* to Sel
linu Daaaa, aaaaaaa, vtc.
TO Studenta and Teachers of Schools
and ColUi."
Low rate Excursion Tickets
sohi by "Soathora Rallway" to atu
and teachers preaenting cer
tificates to all points South of the
Pofomar River, account Chriatmas
and New Year 1905-1906. In
qulrv of Agents.
Persons dealrlng to secure Buggea
ttaa i rogram for Wiliiam Lloyd Gar
rison Centennial Exeroises, Deeem
ber 10th, 1905, can secure aame
without charge, except for poatage.
by addressing Mr. Hugh M. Browne.
Cheney. Pa. Thia program haa
prepared by Hon. Archibald H.
Grimke of Boaton. with the help and
co- operatlon of Mr. Garrlaon's aona
Meaara. Wiliiam Lloyd, Jr. and Pran
ols J. tlarriaon.
?He moved alowly untll be
oaught aight of Coatalo'a algn and
he went ln. The blttera acted at
once and the paln left him. You
wlll alway-B flnd the boat klnd of
nourlahment there. Not h ing to
"burn" you out. Call and aee him.
One Killed and Two 8erlou*ly Injured '
Near Oxford, Pa.
Oxford. Pa.. Not. 14.?On.? man waa
killed and two others wer? aerloualy
injured ln a head-on coliaion betweeo j
pasaengcr traina on the Raltlmore
Central dlvision of the Fi ladelpkla,,
Paltlmore & vVasblngtOO railroad at
Nottlngharn near here. Tha rlctlma
are Wealey Heattle, of Oxf >rd. engi
n*>er of tho north bound paasenger
traln. who waa ao badly burt that he
dled in a few minutes; Elwood Llnd
aay. of Perryrilla, Md.. engin-.T of the
l nund traln, who auatained a dla
located abonlder and fractures of both
anklea and internal Injurie.. and Kd
ward Floyd. of Wool QlOBa. Pa.. flrw
man of the somh-bonnd traln who alao
?u?talned a dlslocated ahoulder aad
waa hurt lnternally.
The raina that collided wr?re the
throngh traln from Pbllado phla to
Paltimore and tho Baltimore-Oxford
expreaa. The latter traln '..ad ordara
to take a aldlng at No .k.tcham to
atttrW the south-bqund traia to paaa.
Tne aouth end of the aldlag waa
hlnrkad hy two frelght cers, nn<l Enfl
naer Reattio decided to run hla traia
to th*> north end and back nto tha
aidlne;. He met tha are.!:. traia
* he reachod tho upp< r anl of
the sldine;. I.inrt?aj and Flogr 1 sa?#'I
thf?ir liv??s ry jumplng. but Bi
waa caught between bia loo>m
aad th<? tender. The paaae;)K?>ra oa
both traina wort abaken up but not
Railroad Men Tall Prea.dent It Wlll
Reduce Thair Waock.
Washinatoa . arneat
ma.la ti <lda?nl
agaiaat the propoaed railroad frelght
atloa Th? paataot waa flied
by i-f. ? . . tb? fira great
oraaniaxtioua OOBjBOftai wlth
raUroadlai Bnflaaara. Firem-m,
ictora Bwltehaaoa anj Trai;
Th? Baambera of tho dflegatloa whlch
"ii tho preald??nt r?<pr? a^nt^d
Bl ornanlzatlona. They point
ed out to h:rn that railroad rate Wa\n
v nieant t!.*? lowering
of r?!. . thejr eoataa ad win be
follo^ k of the earnlng
r <>f railroada and < naequently
by r-> i\i< tion aveatOOlly Ol tho wagea
Of railroad ?mployea.
In i : Knuaevelt as
delagatloa that it w?
hla i -r th* BarpOoa of
who allroad rate ;<>glalatlon
to <1<. anythlng that nilght injura tha
rollri r. inclden
Ully. tha eni; th- railroada.
He *>ai<! that it was hl* j- .rpoae that
all < illroads, ??; pera and
emp!< ild hav* ? falr
traataaaat He was of the oplnion that
the prtrpooad legialatlon would not
:<?n neo^saarily in rail?
road ratea. and auggtstexl that tha
memhera of the delegation. therefore.
were proceedlng oa a wrong undee
standing of the altuation.
Mrs. Poering Meeta Death ln Explo
aion of Water-back.
Pethlehem, Pa., Nov. 15. ? Whlle
Mrs. H. A Foerlng. wife of Head
Master Foerlng, of the B*thl?hem Pre
paratory Sehooi. waa in the kitohen of
har home. the water-back of the a*-iTa
exploded and a large piece of fly.ng
iron atruck her on tha heal. eruaking
h?r akull and inataatly killlng her.
BeaBie Miller. a aervant girt. waa
tosaed the length of the room and ln
Jured by roming in eontact wtth tha
furniture. The room waa badly wreck
ed and set on Hre. but the flames
wer?- extinguished by painters who
were em-' >>eo on tbe premlaea. Mr*.
Foerlng was a daughter of Dr. W. H
llartoaB, Ol Allentown. preeldeot of
the Htate Medical Aaaoclalion.
Meriwether to Face Trial For Fatal
- Fiat Plght
Annapolla, Md., Nov. 13.?Mldahin
man Mlnor Meriwether, Jr.. aaa been
placed under arreat to awalt hla trlal
by court martial for engaging ln a
natic eombat with Mldahiproan Jamea
R. Branch. Jr., who dled of hla in
juiios. The arreat of young Meri
wether fo'lowed Bhortly after the re
cepflon of the order from tha naTy
departreent He ia confined ta> bia
room in the midahipmen'a quarters.
under what ia known ln the aervlc*) aa
a "mllltary arreat." Mlaor Meri?
wether. Sr. arrlred at Annapolla and
kad a talk wlth bla aon.
It la said that erideaoe wlli be ad
duced before the court that wlll pVaca
Meriwether'a caae la a better llght
than haa been Indlcated.
Aaalatant Peatmaatar Arreated.
Red Bank. N. J., Nov. IS.?Frod Cal
llngtea, the aaalatant poatmaator bere
for 12 yeara. waa arreated on a ckarge
of rlfliag tbe malla Tha detalla of the
aharga have aot been made publia.
PR1 BfDEXT smAXaLWOOD i\ < \\.
\ t.n-rtt sp.^iii Ttaera.
Toronto. Canada. 11-13, 1905.
al to the PLANBT,
lon. John MJtchelL Jr..
. and Praoldoal of th< M
tcs BaVfaga Baak al Rlchmocad, Va.
:.t John J. Bmailwood,
founder of the Taaiparaaco, ladoa
trlal and Colaaalata Institute at
Ctaremoot, Ya . r B A., speak Sua
12th. in afaaaaj Hall bo
human souls and in the
fushionablo Queen S Methodlst
Church to ir.iui aadltora and before
tha Haaawa bTaaa bbobUi t tho
craeltloa of tfe ? ;.
wouid have feit proad of thla
mad?" ? ?:!? r leaa
Dr. Baaollwood pafd tho bui
aad the profi
of Rlcbaaoad aaeh a tribata
of unaelflsh reapect that fiv.- thoao
and ? |? in M i
plaadad blaa f?>r quit.
Mr Baaalra i altarad,
roaraod and BBodaat. Ha is a
and charmlng
B n d ?
Ot? hi ,f bis
? in all of their callln:
Dr >d is aa ladepondenl
tor, therafora f<>r a
oaraaoaaaat as i,.
orhaa Dr.
Smallwood wlll be look?>d up.
OM of the gi
>ra of this
? ral lou
ood all Lorltea and a;
to Canadian education . cul
? I tha
of Toraal
aa thej ban Booa him
bafora. His trlbal
under tha arlsttag coadltkma was
toachlog. I>r. Smallwo
and pbyalclan, 17. M. Syranl.
ll i;><?\ vi > \\|? BRII l S
The tl Bank
wlll r. . . |ve (1. poaita : from
1 ii g, Va < allod <m US 1 :
V. B, this is tl. for fisb,
Mr, n p. Joaa
tbaa is oa a lookoat for l
fl bis eu ]{<? will s?n
you elther retall or arholeaale. Ha
guaraateee aatiafactloa aad 1
of th?. Largeat ablppara ln tl
: ient.
You bare a preocripttoa there
..a your a !.n
k>a Phai in. ?< j ib-ii
:iu?i i;i\< yoa para
Foo Bpoka about fine furniture
I am
aad Hundby v..i:i ba n ad]
yoa No ooa who azaaalaaa thati
tments of every d?s< ription
will have eaaaa to g<> ra t.?
a parehaaa <"aii and aoe
I!:.- ^now here last Tresday was
a aar] tpla soon got
: to it.
-The : ? vsions of tl'..
Kro Husinexs : ? voted a
0B. The exevllent paper of At
torney J. Thomas Nowsome t-.
BIBCh favorable comment.
all money in New York this
brought aa high as 2 5 per cent
? Sad time8 there, but the funeral
arrangements were perfect and Mr.
\ 1) Prtaa, tha arromniodatlng fun?
eral dlrector was so obltging that all
folt relieved. He has the flnest
kind of caskets at tbe most reason
able pricea.
Mr. Jacob F. Wright returned
to the city last Monday night after
a week's hunt ln Buckinghtm coun
ty. He brought 2 0 rabbits and one
wild turkey.
?Mr. Ernest H. Moseley of Nor?
folk. Va. was notlfled Nov. 7th. 1905
that he had been appomted substl
tnte Rallway Postal Clerk with his
aaaignment to the Norfolk Post Of
flce He atood at the head of the
li8t in the examination. Mr. Mose?
ley ls the aon of Mr. J. C. Moseley.
who ta now located at Tbe Lexlngton
Hotel rn this city.
?Mr. George O. Brown. the col
ored photographer la doing oome
flne work and he la belng well sup
ported- He haa enlargened hla
place of buainess and the colored
people are sbowlng their appnecia
tlon of at leaat one colored photo
grapb gallery in this city. Olve him
your patronage.
Emplre On Brlnk of Ancther Genaral
8trlke?Upriaing at Vladlvostok.
Ft Poterabai Buoata is
cn the hrli trlhe.
The oOBBctl of worluii' n
BCCOrdanCB with U >th of the
? Ing day houra, b>
lutionar> ry.
AU employera ar> to op
pose the deinand and the situation ia
A sMtr of war hn
Ylad: say that
the c ? entlrely
i that the aprlslnaj i
aader control.
Immedlately a: l
an<) Roaata. who had
: w dlors
- in an a: ? iJaaailBg
and ptlhaga, an<l ln I Bg set Are
to the > n Hora hotel.
to aeveral hlo.
in tha Borthorn i?: ty and tO
the > a and other
bulldluRB ln tl rtor. Tho
?'.'. nlght. Seventy bulld
Ings ?cre
BUmm rder, an?l flred
. iing many pergong.
400 Villages Burned.
Tlflle. N.iv. 1| tbat iB
the governnient of Krrvan 7"0 Armen
lana ftaaa a BBBabOC of rillagoa at
: the Tartar viiiage of Gorg. kiil
InR 40 of the vlllagers. and plundorad
an?l baraod all proparty.
Philadelphia Jew Lost 25 Relativas In
Mjiaacre at Odesaa.
; hla. Nov. 14. Max Bu
tOWBl \ft in thia
:*:n from
i that his entire tamily haa been
i The
two unmarried slstera. i
slster in law with four
chlldren, her aaother and his aunt
and her slx chlldr ns ln
all. 1 Chrla
Lost Thelr Lives In Saving Life of
Little Girl.
New Yc KlagBUM Blau
relt. BBJOd >'. and Abraham Idamoud.
aged a. dca, L I.. loot
thelr life of a llttlo
girl who was in da g run
down by B ra n at a grado
for the paaaaco <>f tha traln, but a
band of III roo crawled
beneath it Tho t of these waa
a little girl, who hal just reached the
raila as the engino was hearing down
upon her. She did BOt hOOd the warn
Ing shouts of the gateman or the crlos
of her playmateu, but walked delib
erately into the danger. To sare hsr.
the Blauvelt and DUUBOnd boyi ruahed
forwn ,-i her across the
track and to BBfety, but thero waa not
time for them to CTOOa or retrOBJt, and
they feil beaoath the wheels. Diamond
lost both lejjs and an arm and Blaurelt
sust&ined a fTBCtaro of the akull. They
were taken to a hogpltal. where both
died a few houra later.
On Returning From School Found
Parenta Dead on Kitchen Floor.
Scranton. Pa.. Nov. 14.?Seven-year
old Klhie Jonea, on returnin* from
school to her home in South Soranton
found her fathor and mother lylng
dead on the kitchen floor. The mother
had been shot in each eye and the
father in tbe left temple. A 38-ealibre
revolver was clutched ln the father's
rlght hand.
The ahooting waa doubtleesly dona
by the father, Frank Jonea. He waa
a storeke^per, aged 29 yeara. Four
yearg ago he and hla srife were sepa
rated. but they became reconclled soon
afterwarda and had been llvlng to
gether. though not happlly, aocordlng
to the nelghbors, ever aince. Nothlns
la known as to wrhat prompted the
deed. but lt la suppoaed lt waa the
outrome of one of thelr numerous
petty quarrela.
Burned Hia Brother te Death.
Cklcago. Nor. |fy Darid Giliwater.
lt yeara of age. who waa taken Into
cuatody following the death of hia
younger brother. who waa burned to
death confesaed that he had burned
hla brother to apite hla mother.
Darid said he aet flre to hia brother'a
WANTKS?A thoroughly compe
tent aaltraas and chambermald.
Must coroe wall recommended Oood
wagea to the rlght peraon. Apply
at 210 W Grace St. at offlce after 8
P. M.
Ibbb Profoacd Battaaal taaaaari Taa
OaOajacal Sominnry.
To all '.<? and
tlonal ;d jn
ChlCBI n unanimous
ly and hoartll
thai - haad for tlie
? do
lalte and d<
ward tha fountllni
to bl
I and controlled ly by
on, reallslng thi
aach of our Bouthern at
alread] ? Bapl ry insti:
? lOB Of our
rofonnd i
for al
aad Broald
Buppoii and j on tho
of all of our brethren. Tl
ut it
aoa for them to \\>
and trala b u mlalatry.
Fn-i BOB \\\\\>
" bo, ia i
well equlpped to
brethrea in th.- i
? g of mll - ill stinni
ilalstorlal oducatloo among aa
other Inatltutlou
In kaeplaaj with th and
coarlctkra of tho Coo the
Bduemttoaal Board of the Nattoaal
itlon have perl
their or>;;.
tho will ot
ii Board, ao Bxtjcul
M ... of
-.f Ns
? >sh\ ille.
Wo. rlayues, <>r ?
\Ve ,
Wm. Ha\ nes of Nashrllle,
ter aad b bo
* ithin
wllUng to ma
Inary ln
[l ahould i"
thai the institution i.
dthful and pleasanl
tmunlty deairlng tho
achool In ild make
Inducementa i
n of the Bemlnai
Qllbeii of New York, Abner of
Odom oi ia of Kan
.?r of Al
>r of
Bontb Carolina, Crosslj of Lo . \Vil
oob of Oklahoma . and Crooby of
?lled tO ?
i n A t
tlOB Of the :nary.
All brethren Intereoted ln the
tton alll please m< ommittee
ln Atl..*,ta at the <1 d, or
inunicate their \
to the Chalrman of tho Board. The
of nieeting in Atlaata will be
1 later on. W<
tho brot herhood to pray for our suc
ta this aadertahing.
Fraternally youro,
Chair. Natlonal Bapt. Bd. Board.
Kditor Dickerson Ifc-nh-d n \.n
J. K. Dlekoraoaa, Jr.. the negro ed
itor of th. ;?er, Norfolk Newa
and Adveitise: . laanod here and in
shurg was demied a new trial
u>-day. He appeared in the Cor
poratlon Court to move for a new
trial against a verdict of flvo montha
in jail and $100 fine for criminal
libel. He waa convicted of alander
Ing Josephine Davls. the leader of
ehoir in St. John's Methodlst
Church, colored. He has wrltten
viclous artlclea of the woraan. her
huBband, who is superintendent of
the Sunday School: the paator of the
church. and all of the witnessea who
terttihed in the courts in favor of
the woman. The aupposttion is that
he has lofit mtental balance. though
th e artlclea of his paper are wrltten
correctly. and rn excellent atyle. H?
haa not offered any explanatlon or
retractlon. and he eeems wllling to
go to jail and stay there in the effort
"to elevate the race."
?Richmond, Va. Tlmee-Dlapatch.
WANTKD?A good eook. Oood
wagea paid. Apply at No. 114 N.
Srd St.. Richmond, Va.

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