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The Apple Tr..-.
In Bay garden an apple tree
To'ard beaven reared lta head,
In praise of God. aa all could aee,
Its arm-llke boughs lt apread.
A ailent seraion preached that tree,
As plaln aa i ird.
And as it aeemed addressed to me,
I drank ln every word.
The God of nature I proclaim:
Tho tree went on to aay?
The Bota Creator ls Hia nauir.
Tba univerae owns Hla sway:
He made the worlds aa now they
Obedlent to Hla wlll,
He holds them In HIs mlghty band,
His law they all fulflll.
In aaa Hia law'a exempllf;
Aa all who will may kn
Each year I've lived I've alao dled.
So far aa outward nl
Each winter flnds me stlff and atark.
my bark
th?>re no longer spread.
But snrlng-time comes and by His
I from th" daad ar:
trult ls latont In pach flov.
Whloh br.-aks forth from niy oyea;
Tho birds sinp in | :.a again.
'Tis ros ra!
ing men
Of reaurrection'a daa
-O. KD.
A UIIITI. M W ^\< KMK IS 111^
I'lmt of a NVfrro-? 811 -
und I'rii-iul.
Mr. W. J. Walhar, a ?:
who waa ataployad by tba Bl
trir Liajbi aad P
Co.. and ? .-ss It waa to
llghts in tba < ity in
rood ordar, in compaay altbi
Baaaaaal Sh
daily rouinl. ranii' to
tho liKht on Haniilton To:
Mr BaBtaaai aaa w<>nt to
lamp for
f trlniniinn it. Aa he
hold of tba Baapaaaioa wlra,
hla body wns Jorkod from tba groiin.l
and whilo he waa hanciiiK b*
.. ebart"
who was ln his ba8*aTi r;?u and
Bbaraaaa with th. thaa fona
I roniploto olr.uit and ca
0 paaa through his body
which on a almoat in
Mr Shornian was badly burned
about tho hands and it was aome
tini?. bofora ba oould uae hla nius
rythlng was dono 1
efaaVaa OOd frionds to rosuscita
Walkor. but all ln vain. Th.
whili- ln agony, looboi
Ba Tho fato of his whito fri.-nJ
rosent to try and aave
Tno colorod man ia doing fairly
arall and will recover. but the white
man bas end.-d his raroor in life,
and has gone to appcar before his
reat crowd of both colored and
assembled on tho BOBBB and
showed that they 8orrowed
for the young whit.' man who had
! auch a heroic .!
While the unfortunate occurrence
cannot he remodied now, we might
aay a word, for the benefit of others:
Don't get too carelesa with your job
Tl ?? man who had every
thing wlth him to prevent Juat sucb
happenlng. but. being careless. and
on to the job. allowed himaolf to
v.nture without them. What is the
use of companiea furnlsbing their
employees wlth the neceaaary preven
BB, and they not use them?
Don't get too old with your job. Had
he done aa dtnected by the company,
tho white i.ian would, no doubt, be
llving. and he would not have been
ahocked. almoat to death.
The Neejroea of thia city ought ta
a nionument over thia young
white man; if allowed to do bo. Let
us show to the white people, that we
appreciate heroic deeda performed
by them for any member of our race.
Mr. Johnaon'a Trlp.
Mr. J. W. Johnaoo, the "Navy
HIU flnancier" wil! leave thi8 week
for a trlp through the South-land.
He wlll be abaent about aixtv daya,
vialting Raleigh. N. C, Charleaton,
S. C . Atlanta. Ga.. Tuakegee, Ala..
Jackaonville, Pla. and other aouth?
ern eitiea.
Mr. Johnaon haa made remarka
ble progreaa in thla city by hia large
deallnga in real eatate. Ha la one
of the wealthieat colored men in the
atate aad la moat favorably known
amoag the flnaaclal lnatltutlons of
thla eity. We conllally reommend
him te the fa/orable conaideratlon
cf theee .??"?ientii.1 people wltb
whean he may come ln eontact dur?
ing hra travela.
Attempts to Wreck Pennsylvania
Flyer May Bring Arreeta.
Atlantic Clty, Nov. 21.?Two at?
tempts to wreck a Pennsylvanla rail?
road traln and what may have been
an attrtnpt to murder tha man who
saya he frustrated the flrat effort ara
tbo sallent featurc* 4 the mont
baffliriK niysterl^a that haa over coma
to tho attention of tha police of thia
Aa the arene of tho, would be crlme
la out of tho ;>o',lce
here are not ksBBad to make an invea
tigation. but they are, novertii- *
paying great attention to the caao and
Captain nf IVtecttve-, Maxwell aays
that t: opataata promtso a aen
BBfaOaUal cllmax. Captain Maxwell
freoiy admlta that he haa aome atartl
Ing ???- ba hla poaaeaalon which
to dlvulge Baaa would defeat tha
of hi* examtnatlon. which will prob
ably result In an arr
In the tangle of pecuilar drcum
stancos only one thing la r-ortnin and
that la that the traln for Philadelphla
waa saved from a dlsastroua and un
questlonably fatal wreck by the mer
eat char.
The remalnder of th*? caae htncea on
tbo truthfu'nosa of Ll.-v.! (;..c?rich. a
yeara old. who Is atay
Ing wlth Dr" W H Walllng. at
Parlflc av- wMlrich tells ln d<
tall a narratlve of a remarkable ox
porienr** wl\? n ha waa bound to a plle
of railroad ties and left on the tracks
to ba klllfd Ha aays he BBOBBaal hv
cuttlng tho ropca with hla pooket
knlfe. Oartala dl.-rrcpancles ln hla
statomrnts have led the police to be
skeptlral ot tl.oir .ntlre truth and they
me.in to quentiou him more cloeely.
???n at I>r. WalUng's roal
den<e tho young man ? ! both
whi'h were chafed at thon-h
' p a long rad aah on tho
?f hla neck waa Juat auch a mark
a?! w. ttld hava baaa made by a rope.
On h were marka of
?Irirh haa not yet boon oatechls
luit wlll bo olosoly
queationed after they have aerured
othor evtdeare they ran and lt
wlll then be seen how cloeely hla ver
alon flts the known fa<-??
? I?t waa mad? at ex
actly the BBBa - ~lr1ch
says he had his hattle. The poaltlon
was ?o chosr?n that had th* tiaa not
been raaaavaa ;!d have plung
ed the loromotlvo Into the Btream ai:d
thoro araald have been a fearful Wfacfc.
It was Charlos A.lanis, a bay flshor
man. and Wllliam Harkeft. an em
ployo of the railroad. who avertod the
Adams was on his way to vtalt hla
aloop wh.on he saw what looked Uata :i
man lylng across tho tracka. On ln
vestlpatton he saw that flve tles had
been lald ahere. one across both ralla
and the other four acroes the outalde
rall. Aa he waa wondcring who could
have attaaaptad aaeh a crlme ho heard
tho whlstle of tho traln and ealling
for help to a man who waa approach
Ing he set to work to clear the tracka.
The other, who was Harkett. as
alsted in the work. The two had not
removed tho obstructlona a mlnuto
beforo the traln daaiird by.
While the young man'a account by
bo meana explains tho rase aatlafac
torily. lt ls n?verthelosa the only plaua
Ible explanation thus far advanood
whlcb accounta for everythlng.
Pathetic End of Childlah Prank On
Returnang From tcheol.
Carlisle. Pa . Nov. 22?Beautlful Ag
nea Rest. the 17 year-old daughter of
Samuel Best. a farmer. waa ahot and
kllled by her 14-year-old brother. Sam
uel, who in a boytsh prank took alm
at her head with as old shotgun be
had found hiddon away ln a cup
Tha boy found the ria after they
had returned from dlatrlct school. and
lmmedlately conrelved the Idea of
making a target of Agnes. who atood
la the dnorway. Tha girl waa kllled.
Prusaian Refugeaa Arrtva.
Philadelphla. Nov. 21.?Among the
(71 paaaengera who anived hero on
tho British ataamahlp Marioa from
I.lvorpool aad Queenetown were a
aumber of tha aallora of the Raaalan
hattleahip Potemklae. whoaa trew araa
la mutlny la the Rlack See laat aum
mer. The aaen were aiat by frleoda aad
takaa to Nbw Tork. Abont 100 Jawa
from varions pavrta of Ruasla were al-o
paaaeagaarB ea the BCerioa Soaaa of
theaa war* BBa^aajBl fraea alttea wbare
Bfltraawa agalaat aha Jeaaa aad beea
Alabama Penny Savings liank Iluilri
ing l>.Ktr..y.??l.
Tho fir<- n< w thnee story brick
bulldlng of the Alabama Penny Sav
?lirmlngham. Ala.. one
of tba loadmg oolorod boablng
Soufh. was
by fln? shortly after midnlRht. Mon?
day morning. About a half-block
Of hulldings. entailing a loss estima
al $150,000 waa wiped out. Tho
amount of insurance is not sta:
R.v. \\ tl. BBraaks, I). I). Ilrr.'.
r. W. h Brooka, D. n. of v,
(' . u
Cbareb, Sun
.. 1905 at 8 oVlock P.
Tba i ott Gaaaj l Baaa atl
( the
i abaarl ?
tba N'.itionai Baptrat Cooveatloo and
will heroafter roeoajaiai aa au
aJ-'or tho praa
maintain its autonomy in tho
"f 8 : .. aUoaa. Tho coni
lmonds tho nnion of 7he
| ;rginia
an.i the
on. It is a far
?ff ? of tba
sunimation of this hofa and r
lation. Hero ls the b
B of tho Na?
tional ivaaUaa th** follow
tween tba Nattoaal lt
tlon an.i
elgn Missionar\ Conventlon of tba
I'nitod Btataa. <>f bi
of th- f t[,,.
Of Aniorioa. and f.-r
? protnotloa of mtaaiona at
tha Nattoaal I
ur wa
Ic Identlty in
Board ?
and ' '
are to !?.? earolh
il Baptist
? ntion for this
? aar
- aad oxpaadftar
larly roportad to tl
i of tba Natloaal Bai
vviinr W0 .io not Latarfara
>.-t aa ? \i>r?->s
? h. day will aooa eoaaa
wh.-n thoro will ba only .
organization ln oa. h
working in harmony with th.
tional Baptist OoavBBtloa.
(d> And as to tho torritory now
oeeaptad i>> tba racaatly or^anized
Conventlon and the
Lott < nwntion. as a Diatrlct
or any other orKani/ation tbal
aaattar of difficuity
' t.y th. in. And we re
specifully rsuggest and rBoomraaad
tbat all i ? harebaa cordlally
and gonerously rer.dvo mprosenta
ir National and District or
ganizations who come wlth a vlew of
advancing denominational growtb,
both at home and abroad.
te) If at any time during the pres
ent conventional year repreaenta
of either the Foreign Mission
Board of the National Baptist Con
vention or the Lott Carey District
Conventlon ahall be in need of Im
?aallBla funds for the maintenance
of their respoctivo financlal obliga
tions, mutual heipfulness ahall ob
tain, and ao far as posslble the wish
es of both organizationa ahall be
(f) Upon the adoption of this pre
amble and agreement between the
National Baptist Conventlon and the
Lott Carey Conventlon herein effect
ed a consolidation between the two
bodies Is formed and we pray that
the great head of the church may
bleae them both. in thla happy con
John H. Frank,
Chairman Foreign Mia8ion Board
P. F. Morrls.
J. A. Wbitted.
W. T. Johoaon,
A. W. Pegufta.
C. 8. Brown.
Repreaenting the Lott Carey Foreign
Miaaion Diatrict Conventlon of the
United Statea of Amarlca.
1883 A 1005 St. John St. Rent |18
a aneath. Price 81500.
8S5 A IS5H Hlckory St. Rent $21
a naooth. Price $1800.
6 N. 11th St.
Imposing Ceremonies Here.
Large Cn>wd at Funeral.
? illam Troy. I>. D. dled Fri
day nlKht li>:,.-, al J. ln
7th yoar of hla age Ha was
ar. He' ttrick
en with paralysis for BM tiiue and
this with Bright's d
aadl othai
ed taV
ls across tha river from
Philadelphla, Pa. He llvad a
daughter, nie Waii
Iphla and
the M
he was a maanbor i
r the reman. Ifr John
u Harria, tha Funeral Dtrector had
charge of the ren ilns and pra
m for burial.
On i <>f the Itae Funeral
\ i> Prlaa l \ ohari
taaaa. M daaaatar)
and her daughter.
phla. The
funeral party reached thia city last
consiateil nf the Brldow, .V
Miss Zeuobla Ollver. uiaina
Church. a
rhaj w,
/.. D
BORN IN vikcim \
Wiliiam Troy was horn In
h 10th,
BS| He
marricd Miss I
lf II He profaaa
l and
Jolaeal tha Baptlal church. in
i in Ctnclnnatl, 0? ahara
. ihe /lon Ba]
of tha
church at
Baalalag then- i.
which tin.? t to Wladaor
ada. He : in Eur.
and ihe I'nited Sia:- B. H
Btlta islands of Jaiuau a, Hayti
Ha Rlehmoad ln 1 stl?> and
for all
?-\i to taa paople. la ls?*,7 ;
.1 to tho pastorate of
:t of this
city. In 1 *74, he r<->..
I taa ladti
1 and Church known as the
Moora st. ladaatria] and Mlssion
School. in IStO, ha was ra<
to the pastorate of The Bwcoad Bap
churc-h. iie aaaaaqueatly a
gain f the
.ureh and organ
he BaMaraa Daataat Chaan
ahlch \i>-\. A. S. Thomaa ls now
tor. He later r.
iBta and flnally localed at Cani
den. N. J.. the iila?-*> of his d
Ha is survived by his chlldren as
follow8: Fannie E (Mrs. Oi.
Dr. Wllliam Troy of Franklin.
Joshua W., N'annie (Mrs. Walkor).
and one other son Iocated at New
port News. Va.
A Plea for Colored Orphans.
The season of Thanksgivlng ia
nearlng, and that tho orphans of the
Friend8 Asylum for Colored may.
like others, Join in the good eheer;
we apply to the generov publlc for
donations of what ever kind can be
given to us?of money, clo:hing,
food, fucl, etc.
Any donations will be thankfully
Grand Chancellor Oeawell Here.
Grand Chancellor C. D. Creswell
of Goorgia waa ln the clty for a
short while last Sunday. He waa
ahown the property of the Order and
he vlalted the Mechanlca' Savlnga
Bank and the resldonce of Grand
Chancellor Mitchell. He waa ac
companied alao by Grand Maater of
Excheqner H. F. Jonathan and Sir
S. S. Baker. He waa met by Grand
Keeper of Reeords and Seala Thom?
aa M. Crump.
Dinner was arranged for the par?
ty at the reeldence of Paat Chancel?
lor Wllliam Cuata'o. 72* N. 9th 8t.
Sir Creawell waa aehodalad to heeve
however earlior aad accordingly hla
fare was eatec by thaaa who aecoro
panled him. A moat aajoyable time
waa apent at Sir Cuataloa reeldence.
\ ?..i..r.?i Woman Eaaaaa Her idf.-.
last Baaday morning fiamos
tyod a shanty on Church Hill
nn'1 ' of a colored
woman and tho sorious. if no(
lnjury of a colored man. and bnrno.l
ep tba house watch-doc. whlch ls
to have blaze
u oil lamp which had
l-ft to biirn through the night.
The flre was dtaoovored shortly af
tnorning. The
shanty. oonslBtlag of two rooma, was
locatod in tba rear of No. 118 N
Twoaty-aalnth B md was
I'ri'-o. who is abO
ohi. an.i Louis Arohor. The
n baralag during the
night, and no
It is aUppOBOd th;.T tbB h'llli
ploded, or. mora liko'
ad ovar b) tba dog. btbo was a fa
iwltag about tha
of pray. Tho
turn.Tl in.
litti.. hut was practkall:
atroyi Biaa aad womaa
aalaap, aad ai . .1 bj ti..
The inan was barnod to
tba boat] i. rrlbly
charr r making a
I) injwr.
baraod, an.i h doubtfaL.
roaj was klllod by tba I
Ar. hor wa.: takop tO tb
lir. Miii Wcda Bara.
\ nui.t bOfl
al >1" f Mr. Bl
Hamtltoa i>. ? Phll
I. Thoi
la now |ag Ib Rlchmoad.
OWlttg plants
and clu Tba
Cbarh Phll
Tba bride was attlraaj la a bloa
lioad.loth trimm.d wltb lOOl
B nativ.- of Pbll
pbta and a gi ... d nurso
from ola ilom.- aad Hos-ii
tal, Now York. Tho oouplo will ro
dda *i'h Mr.
No. 741 N. Srd Bt, City,
Tba ga< .. of
Pblladalphla, motbar of tba b
rat of
1 ide. of Pblladalphla,
1: i oaway of Pbiladalpbla; Mr
d Mr. P/altar
Dr. Slill ls a B
and nophow of William
nf I'hilad.lphia, of undorground
railroad1 fame.
!rs. Callie D. Brown has been
in.lispo.se l this week.
\V. F. Graham has been
conflned to hor room but is now
nmch taaproi
?Mrs. Claude Brown haa been
s.riously Indisposed. but is now
niuoh improved.
?Mr. Royall Davis is in th.
Ha \%i',l r.'turn to Hot Springs, Va.
?Mr. J. F. Smith, who has been
111 for several montha is out again
attonding to husineaa.
?Cadet Wlllie Thomaa, of Pyth
iati f'adet Co. No. 1. is indisposed at
hla bome No. 813 N. St. James St.
?Rev. W. H. BrookR, D. D. will
preach at Efc nozor Baptist Church
Sunday Nov. 26th, at^ 11 A. M.
?The St. Luke Emporium wlll
open for buslnesa on the 27th fhst.
at 112 E. Broad St. The Bank haa
been placed in the dry-gooda de?
partment and the offlee railing from
the former bank headquartera re
aet at the new quarters. The old
vault will be used principally for the
safety of the booka of the organiza
tion and for auch branch banking
hiiaineaa aa may come from that aec
tion of the city
Preerdent O. W. Hayea of Virglnla
Thaological Semrnary and College
waa in the cfty thla week. He came
on arcount of tha death of hia aunt'a
huaband. Mr. D. W. Branch. who de
parted thla life Thuraday. Nov. 16th.
at hla reeidenca, 624 N. 8th St.
Mr. Hayea reporta his school in a
moat proaperoua condition.
Sl.-iO.oo Endowment Palcl.
FCewpoii Nawa, t
Thia la to cortlty that I have re?
ceived from John Mltchell. Jr.,
Grand Chancellor of the Grand
Lovige of Vlrginla, Knlghta of Pyth
laa. N. A.. 8. A.. E., A.. A. and A.
($160.00) One Hundred and Fifty
Dollara ia payment of the death
Clalm ..f Williatr. '
of Bharoa wport
signed: ?c. n Ward
Wltneaaea: ?
of Sharon L
J. .1
Si.in.ix> ?aaaBwaaaaa i\ud.
This is to certlfy that l I
i from John Y , ;rand
Chancellor of tha Crand Lod;
Vlrginia. Kniglitx of I'ythlns. N
S. A.. E. A and 00) One
Hundred and Fiftv Dollai
Wit n< ? -
W. G D
W. s. Hobaoo, K of R. and S.
J. .1. Booker, l>
Sl.lO.OO BaBaBanBBBBB I?ai?l.
Narfola r. ICth,
This is to .
I from John Mltchall. Jr.,
Grand Chancellor of the Grand
V. and A.
claitu ?if
? iber of !
Sl.-.o oi> linlouin. nt PBML
Norfolk, Va., Moa. ICth,
This is to ccrtify that I have re
I from John Mltchell. Jr..
! Chaoet llor of tha Grand
? of Vlrginla, Knlghta >>f .
A. and A.
($150.00) One liundred and Fifty
clalm of the Uate Sir Wa, B. Dui
Wit ii.
.1 <' \v
F ? I'u:
W. H M if y.
flBaXOS FudoMiiieiit Pald.
20. 1905.
This is t,, eartlfj ti!;lf i have re
1 from John Mitchell. Jr..
Grand Chancellor of the Grand
of Vlrginla, Knights of i
($150.00) One Humir.d and Fifty
Dollara ln payaiaat of the death
clalm of Sir Andorson Johnson. who
waa a niember of Virginia Lod|
kii-hrnoml. Va.
nia Johnson,
Witnessea: ?
A. Hayes.
Eva G. Davls.
SIOO.OO Endowment Paid.
Richmond. \ 17. 1905.
Thia is to certffy that I have re?
ceived from John Mitchell, Jr.,
C.rand Worthy Counsellor of the
Grand Court of Virginla. I. O. Calan
the ($100.00) Ono Hundred Dollara
in payment of the doath-claim of
'irammar, who waa a
aaaaabar of Rosetta's Court. No. 173
of Richmond, Va.
Signed:? Dennls X Grammar,
Witneaa: ?
Eva O. Davia.
The Court of Calanthe gave a
grand banquet and anniversary at
Martinsville. Va. Frlday nlght, Nov.
17th at the Hlgh St. Hall. A moat
entertalnlng programme had been
arranged. Commlttee; Mraa Bertha
A Hamlin and Misa Vina Halraton.
Uahera; Mary A. Cahill. Sallle Jones.
Eucy Hlckman. On Reception: R
lizabeth Plood. Wrnnle Dandridge.
Allce Bowe. Mlatreaa of Ceretno
Bies. Mra. V. M Early. Organiat,
I Mlaa Tlna A. Plood.
Property For Sale.
The Teoples Real Estate and In
Bl Co is certainly forging to
the front. The following is a list of
Of their pro ! with
and any of which can be ob
talaad oa raaaoaahla terma.
.$ 3500.
? 10 N . 3500.
LB St. 3500.
. 1250.
. 2000.
.'. W. Duval Bf. 1500.
9 W. Duval St.
tl St. 1100.
tddoa Hin.
addoa lllll.
11? .i.
$1$ Janraa
. 625.
806 Grahain |
l ll all llonorecl?The Bo
i s - r.-d.
12 th,
with St.
irch, n.
oa from tha
said I- Bor.
I with pathoa and
ing tho aud
l\ La.
Hall was 1 a dlplotBB from
d tho
lalty. Tho
od memb For
? of Prlaca Eda
?id J, B
Wlll. Sheph.
Shiloh, Orl
larrod Johnson and
Hin, Thaddaaa
: aad Landofl Hl< aa; Baaatlfai
Plain. Thomaa Kend and Samuel
to say a
word in reference to R.
work ople for ;: 1
I. B. 1 Hall has
f.urch think tht he ls as worthy
of hOBOr . .; the I'ni
'?^1 Bl I Harris said. 'Bro.
Hall is worthy of the conndence of
I .
hureh was the flrst to
call Bro. Hall when he was a mers
lad. He w ru-d us sevon years and
? 1 for a larger fleld. Wa
would lik us a
gain. Barrodl Jatu i ' He has
"?t portion of hi^
as a teacber and ar in our
communlty and we would not like
to be without him. Tbati !
it-1 reported that he had known K.-v.
Hall from a boy baving lived at one
la his famlly and that there
waa none such as a worker for the
of th.- paaala Thomas Rend
said j Hall was a flghter for
the rlght of no meaa quality. hav
ing b. 1 on many occaaions.
S A. Moses made a touching
'i and presented tho diploma.
Mrs. Fannie Smith presented Rev.
Hall wlth a boquet just aa he was
?ud. Bro. Hall said in
part "I shall try to bloom ln my
work just as thewe Cowers and go
on from least to moro and Btrive to
make the world botter. I had no 1
dea that the Baptists of Virginia
were noticing my work among the
people at all. Wlll try to wear the
honor with dignity. "I am prossing
on tho upward way," waa aung by
the audience and a collectlon of
$21.11 waa taken.
Rev. Moaea preached alao at ? o'
clock from tho teat. Matt. 27-63.
"Sayina* alr. wo remembor that that
decelver aald while he was yet allvo."
Bro. Moaea haadled the aubjact well.
The eholr sang aeveral aelectlona and
cvdlection of $5.24 waa taken. To?
tal collectlon for tha day waa $26.35.
The Church gave Rev. S. A. Moaea
for State Mlaalona. $17 38
F. L. HALL. D. D. Paator.
A. H. KRYTON. Clark.

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