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Hon. A. W.. Harris Ar?
rested in Petersburg.
PBTBR3B?RO. TA.. Not. 17?
Hon. A. W. Harria, a well known
colored lawyer. Republican politi?
cian, and farmer in Dlnwlddie coun?
ty. . at prevent employed In the
lnt" ? revenue office in Richmond,
la ? ,a.jr arrest tere on three war
ran two cf which cha ?-e ilm with
stealing two balerf c. r .on from
Arrlnarton and Green cotton broker?
of thla city, the tblid charging the
theft of 142.18. the price received
for part of the alleged stolen proper?
ty from J. C. Robinson.
Mr. Harria w? arrested Saturday
afternoon on the two warranta,
charging the theft of the forty-two
dollar bale and the taking of the
money for It. He was balled in the
sum of 1200 for hi? appearance In
the mayor's court Wednesday morn?
ing.Mr. Alex. G. Tatum being his
bondsman. The third warrant,
charging the theft of a second bale,
valued at $52, on November 23ni.
IM served s? Harris this morning
while he was on his way to take an
electric car for Richmond, and was
the result of a confession by Robert
Tralnor, a colored porter employed
by Mr. J. C. Robinson, a cotton
broker whose office adjoins that of
sierra. Arrington and Green.
Tralnor waa ?out on to the grand
jury by the mayor last Friday morn?
ing on the charg? rf stealing the
fifty-two dollar bale from Arrington
and Green. He at first atoutly de?
nied hie guilt, but weakened, and
rday made a confession to
' of Police Ragland, implicating
Mr. Harria, for whom a third war?
rant was then issued.
Tralnor is accused of taking, on
? ? - oth, a bu non shi, ,
Arrington and I J. R,
Richardson, and marked "J. H. R.,"
from the sidewalk In front of thcir
store and hiding it in the cellar of
I Robinson store, where it was
fu ihe "J. H. R." mark cut
.. and "A W. H " substituted, the
money for the cotton, $4 2.18, hav?
ing in the meantime been collected
at Mr. Robinson'? office by William
?? >red. who Is employed in
\\ . Harris' office, in this city.
Dailey ?.nies all knowledge of
any crookedness In the matter, but
is said to have made statements
that Involved Harris.
Trai nor waa arrested after the
disappearance of a second bale from
the front of Arrington and Green'e
? re on Nov. 23d. which was also
found in Mr. Robinson's cellar with
the initials "A. W. H." substituted
for the owner's mark. An attempt
to collect for this bale at Mr. Robin?
son's office failed. Trainor's con?
fession accuses Harris of instigating
the trick and receiving all the pro?
After the second arrest ttiie morn?
ing, Mr. Harris was bailed in the
sum of $500 for his appearance in
the Mayor's Court Wednesday morn
ing. Dr C. R. Alexander, a well
known colored physician, was his
Great Interest has been aroused by
the arrest of Mr. Harris, who is a
leader among the colored people,
and hsa heretofore had a good repu?
tation. He denies the charge, and has
engaged Messrs. Hamilton and Mann
as counsel.
Seriously AJHicted.
Mrs. Sarah Smith, wife of Rev. A.
B. Smith of 907 N. Third St. Is In
a most pitiable condition. She
seems to be demented and she has
been removed to the Richmond Hos?
pital for treatment. She was Jnst
preparing for her wedding annivers?
ary, when she was stricken. Her
frfsnds are hoping that her malady
Is only temporary and that she may
be rstsiod completely to health a
Woalda't Writ.? "??." Before Ne?
gro's Name.
Montgomery. Ala. Nov. 21.
A local paper printed a story to the
that in a store of the city a
white lady clerk wad discharged for
refusine to write the proflr "lira."
the came of a colored womar*
who had bought some goods and or?
dered them aent out to her home.
Doiens of people bare been trying
to discover the name of the mer?
chant who did such a. thing. There
is a wave of indignation that has
spread all over the city, and it prom
isea to go quite hard with tho pro?
prietor who made the break.
The story went on to relate that
the negro woman went into the
the atore and made a purchase.
She asked that it bo sent out. When
it came back fron*, the wrapper the
clerk asked the name and ad
It was Riven with instruction
writ.? If "Mrs.?? This the girl re
I ' to do. saying that ehe was not
in the habit of calling colored wo?
men "Mrs." The customer, the sto
ry govs. made complaint to the pro?
prietor, who, it is charged, call
lady clerk to him and discharged
her In th? I the insistent
customer, for th? failure to write
the title.
Newspaper men on the cap?tol run
found everybody talking about it.
They were holding little impromptu
ngs here and there and saying
things right out loud. One instated
that the paper be requested to pub?
lish the name of the merchant, and
It was unanimously determined that
the man who had thus offended was
to be punished by a general with?
drawal of trade and respect, and the
girl was to be provided with not on
new and better position, but a
<\>i.u-nte: <"nristni*s McClures.
Joseph W. Folk, Frontispiece,
photographic portrait. Folk. Wil?
liam Allen White. Illustrated with
portraits ami photographs. The
("loud and the Mountain, a poem,
I Florence Wilkinson,. Th.? Courtship
of the Boss, Anne ?'Hagan, illustra?
ted by Arthur L. Keller. Ixtve of
Life. Jack L<>ndon. illustrated by E.
L. Blumen.-?chien. reproductions in
?oi.ir. Ken.inisi euces of a Long
Life. Carl Schurz; Part II?School
days, illustrated with portraits and
photographs. The Deepwater De?
bate. May Mr Henry, illustrated by
'r'i>-*.I?Tick Dorr Railroad
?>s. Ray Stannard Baker, illus?
trated with portraits. Never give
all the Hvart. a poem, W. B. Yeats.
Thunder and Calamity. Adeline
Knapp, illustrated by F. Richardson.
A Parable for Husbands, Jean Web
A by Charlotte Hard?
ing, reproductions in tint.
A Lullaby, a poem. Mable Mahin.
The Ashes of Old Wishes, Herminie
Teinpk'ton, illustrated by Edmund
J. Sullivan. Editortal: Charlen E
vans Hughes, with portrait. The
Final Test of Christianity. Rev. Chas
D. Williams, with portrait of the
: author.
Died Suddenly.
Mrs. Mary Anderson, Bister of
Mrs. Mildred Johnson died suddenly
at 1000% St. Peter St. early Sunday
morning. Nov. l?*th before day after
a brief illness. She had been At
work at her service place all day
Saturday and had secured a preacrlp
on from the physician. She had ta?
ken two doses and later was attack?
ed by one of her usual spells and
died in a short time. The affair
was accordingly most distressing.
Her funeral took place Tuesday
afternoon from the Sixth Mt. Zron
Baptist Church.
?Mr. J. W. Johnson, the Nary
Hill Financier, passed through Ra?
leigh. N. C. He spent a day and
nigh* and was highly pleased with
the progress of the colored business
[mea of that city.
^ ?w lyodg?? in Portsmouth.
Portsmouth. \a., Nov. 23. ;
Grand Chancellor John Mitchell.
Jr. arrived here last evening a<
panied bf Cot. F. R. JsSerson, I
John Q, Smith. Pas' Chancellor Jas.
rrester and Past Chancellor B.
S. Bakvr. They came for the pur
I>o?e of Instituting a now lodge of
Knights of l'yt hias here. They ?.en
met by Major Archer l>r?-v.. wli
a carriage In waiting and the ;
was convey??.? to Ins fin?? ;
whero the Madam?? did all la
power to make the stay pleasant.
zing suppVr was m
anJ joy reigned supreme
It was after ? o'clock before the
hull wa<! ? * ami it was
wh<n the tnttiu'ion aras began. The
work was done In 2 hours and 5 min
ind Chan
I ? . resent and
Ultam M. 1.
Those who assUt.il were Sirs Joshua
?aaj Robinson,
c. Hrown. Canaries L. Wynn. Edwin
M Hoof h. arU Hard
KTOve, Ttiomas ??: .tltop,
Douglass. Edward
Stratton, H. i hu Dumi,
?> 0 t'oies, i. U. t'oies and Lee
The new body will be known aa
Puritan Ix)dc< ?G.
The officers aro Chancellor Com?
mander: Me (;. rok?s; Master of
Work. George Johnson; Vice Chan?
cellor. Wm. EC, Darby; Prelate, An
nanias Johnson; Keeper of Records
aud Seal. Frank G. Elliott; Master
Of PtB?CO. Frank W. Walker; Mas?
ter at Arms. Wiley Knight; Inner
' Dani? I Dunham: <
Guard. Jesse Thomas: Master of Ki
? r. Miles Grjtfin. Tru^
.lin Winti, Edward Garner, Lu
cius Johnson.
Aftsf th? initiation a most ?
lent rapasi v.;in sorvod. CsflJt, Wins
low was pre.s*af. The clam cho\s.lir
was especially fine and srsrybod]
I This L< organized through
?Torts of Special Deputy (?rand
Chancellor Frank Proctor and the
Grand Chancellor was outspoken in
commendation of him. He h*d sur
I him with the success of his
vfforts and he had m.oie good the
promise Kiven at Roanoke
The visitors including Dr. Wm. E.
Atkins. Grand Medical Director then
repaired to th*? residence of Major
j Archer Drew, where they decidid lo
sj.i'mi ; tie niKht. He had prepared
? for three, but he had seven on his
hands. Pa? lor chairs were called
into requisition and the party bunk?
ed there all night.
It i- ;s to state that Major
Archer Drew had a full supply of
eatables and dessert for each man
had on his countenance "the smile
that wont come off." They were
royslly ?ntirtatned. It was G:i>3
Thursday morning when Dr E. R.
Jefferson, Dr. Wm. E. Atkins. Sir
James S. Forrester, who assisted
the Madame in preparing breakfast
Capt. John G. Smith. Sir S. S. Baker
and the Grand Chancellor started
for Norfolk to take the 6:45 C. and
O. steamer.
When Sir Baker awoke, he found
himself trying to put on his feet two
right foot shoes and it is claimed
tbjxt Capt. Smith had hidden the left
foot one. Sir Baker claims however
that he bad to dress Capt. Smith and
there ou are.
Heavy Loss st the Negro Reformatory
The Negro Reformatory in Han
over county suffered a severe loss
by fire Wednesday. Nov. 22d. The
value of the buildings farm imple?
ments, live-stock 'and farm products
that went, np in ?moke Is estimated
at $10.000. The insurance was
something over $3.506 and the net
loss was accordingly over $6.000.
On? of the the boys in Jumpreg down
drove a nail through hi? foot. Ho
ass auffsred much as a result of it.
Alone with Conscience.
I se.t alone with mj conscience.
In a place where time had ceased;
And we talked of my former living
In the land where the years in?
creased :
And I felt I tihouid have to answer
The question put to me.
And to face the answer ?ad question
Throughout an eternity.
The ghosts of forgotten actions
Came floating before my sight.
And things that I though-., ware dead
Wer?? ah*.? with a a*rr!b? might;
Ani the vision of all my pafMsaW
Was an awful thing tu fais.
Alone with my conscience sitting
In that solemnly sileni place.
And I thought of a far-sway warning.
Of a sorrow that was to be min*.
Ib s laud that then was the future,
H-jt now was the present time;
And I thought of my former think
of a judgement day la ?
But sitting alone with my conscience.
fi>r in*?.
And I wondered if there was a fu
t ti re
To this land beyond thi? grave;
?io on?? gave me an *nsw.
And ??> one came to sj,?e.
Then t felt that the futur? was pres?
And lb< woul ? never go
Por it wa^ but the thought of my
past 11 f e
<?rowu Into eternity.
Then I v. ok.? from my | ream
on paused away.
And I KJ fur-away warning
And I pray that I may ? for.
In this land before fbs ?
That ? ? .i\ ne' Mire.
And no osv ve.
Ami se I . lu-.l a lesson
Which I ought to have lea
' >re.
And which, though I lesrned in
.? to forget no more.
?a the -to the years in
And I try '?>
In "?*ie laud where time will ?
And 1 know of the future Judgment.
How dreadful soe'er it b<?.
That to sit alone with my conscience
Will be Judgment enough fo* me.
m \ i?u. nowi.iM; mm.
Careas Work In Norfolk.
? H. Bowling. D. D., pastor
Of the First 1 lurch of Nor?
folk, Va. was in the city last week.
He report! his work in a
prosperous condition. His peo
pie are jusi completing the finest
church-building owned hy any color
nation In the Unit.
>d tow da and
with : of hrick.
The granite is pink vith In.!
..? trimmings. All of the
inside wood-work is of qaai
oak. The east a%ea completed will
approximate If?.???. The aeattec
capacity will be nearly 1,400. It
as a frontage of 7Oft, 6 in
It.r?. Dr. Bowling has raised $13.
? luring the last thirteen months.
This Is a most remarkable shuwing.
Whereas it has Almighty
God to remove from our midst our
worthy Brother W. B. Brooks, we
do most humbly submit to his will.
Our loss is hi s eternal gain.
il\ed. first, that we have lost
a good and faithful member and we
?hall e\er ret: haf faithfulness
and loyalty to the Brotherhood.
Resolved, second, that we sympa?
thise with his bereaved family and
pray that God will ever guide them
and throw around them every ne?
cessity of life.
Resolve*!, third, that a copy of
these resolutions be placed on our
books and a copy forwarded to his
Done by order of Newport News
Lodge. No. 7 4 K. of P. at Newport
News, Va. this 14th day of Nov.,
A. B. GAINES. ?. of R. and S.
?The Very Reverend Thomas B.
Donovan, Superior of St. Joseph's
Society called on us last week. He
was from Baltimore and was here
looking over the field. Ke reported
the work among the colored people
as progressing. He expects to re?
turn about Christmas.
?Prof. D. D. Bruce, M D. of
Philadelphia. Pa. was In the city last
Judge Emory Speer is
Supreme|in Georgia.
MACON. G ? . Nov. 2 5.?The ex
1 sensation in the Jamison
case came tonight when Judge E
algiied an or' ring Chief of
Wimberly and Superintendent ;
Wtnibtsh of the l'ibb county chain
puas, i<> appear before him In th??
: on Jan
asd show caute why they should not
be attached and punished for con?
tempt of court.
rman ap?
plied to JudKe Speer tonight for an
attach?at for contempt, and after
ton the order was
d and served on the three of
In addition t<? U :upt pro?
li rod
a writ of tiabens corpus front .'
? >n, of the superior cour
tumulili? c ,luy Boralag, at
Bupsrltendenl Wl
will nhow rniifo why Jamison should
? released from tin? Kang. Thie
with the procedure
through (' "1* s-? ?
.? of the 1
? utt.
Without waiting for Judge ?
.csh th?? writ of habeas corpus
released Henry Jamison from
. .bt? county chalngang.
i'ouner Usa? morning re-arreeted t1ie
cause of the famoua fight on Ma
con's recorder"? court, and early
this morning he was acni
to the rhaingang and clothed in
the stripes which Judge Speer de?
clared infamous punishment.
Th? manda: United States
supreme court directing Judge I
to quash t!.e writ and dismiss Jami
petition was recti ved in Ma
con I? ?.iy and >esterd:r
Attorney Minter Winiberly went be
eer and asked that an
order be pas:-? \e time Judge
Bpasr *as hearing bankruptcy pro?
ceeding?, and lined to take
vii) the matter at that time.
I night, shortly ftftOf midnight
Chief Jamison's
.-.ant Hill, and ?
him under arreet. The negro re
I, it Is said, ?od api'
ry epithets to the
/s finest, but he was
1 beblad :>,r? bar? of a head
Karly this morning, the chain
authorities WT*re notified to r.?
Jamison, that he miglit eom
:itence la upon
him over . igo by Judge Not?
tingham. and !. red to tlic
gang at 6:30 o'clock.
A'torney Alexander Akerman who
with Secretary of State Elihu Root,
was counsel In the Jamison case in
;h?? I'nited States supreme court, at
? LMti s'eps for the release of
his client frora the chalngung.
When he heard of Chief Conner's
action, he was highly Incensed and
declared that Jamison would not
long remain on the gang. It was
currently rumored that Chief Con?
nor would be jailed for contempt of
Judge Speer's court, but throughout
he acted under tfte advice of City
Attorney Winiberly.
Just whether or not Chief Con?
ner's action was in contempt is a
question on which attorneys differ.
Some say that Jamison was a free
man until the habeas corpus which
discharged him was quashed and his
petition dismissed by Judge Speer,
and that to arrest him before that
time waa in contempt.
Ottiera, however, claim that when'
City Attorney Wimberly filed the
mandate of the United States su?
preme court in Judge Speer'? court,
the case waa settled and It was up
to the city authorities to carry out
the sentence imposed upon Jamison ?
over a year ago by Judge Netting-!
It le known that Attorney Akor
man Intended fighting for Jamison'?
release by the state court route and
that hie wonld ask J*d$? Falt?n, of
the ?uperlor eonrt. for a writ of ha?
beas corpti? before Judge' * Speer
passed an order a? directed by th?
?ares supreme court.
The action of Chief Conner wa? a
, surprise to Jamison and his at'or
ind few thought he would ar
i'he negro and tak?? chancee of
t to Jail by Jedge Speer.
I k.rman wants to
out of the gang thr
I the federal courts, if possible, and
take up the light in the state
. Ik.
KM?.H 1^ <.| |?\ ill! \s
The Fir-t < ourt at Clifton I orge.
ti sellor John
Mit. hell. Jr. arrived here yesterday
noon at i":4u to organize ShaT
on Court. No. I?, lie was met here
Sauna Brown. District
:iMi vVOrdl) CO DOI < :'.??G of
CoMimton. Mrs Metti.? New.
and V . M Harris of the
: with Mr Hanks.
Dr. E. T. Connor, and Mrs. Anna
I he party was COI
the i. of Mr. and Mrs. Banks
and then later they repaired to
Scott.'? Hotel ?here they were made
:<? ? upper was eerved In
fine Ktyie there.
Mrs ?. G Scott and her husband
did all in their pow? r to make the
atay there pleasant. Miss Camilla
BaeU and Mrc. Camilla Q. Sellers
and aflea ?. I. were
the presiding geniuses. The initia?
tion t.H)K place at BeoUt Halt Blr
* Seal assisted.
The following are the officers of
he in'* Court which will be known
as Sharon Court. No )f
Worth] fior, Mrs. Lizzie
Qoodwta; Worthy laspectrlz,
tt: Worthy Inspector
Anna Banks; Senior Direct
Junior Directress,
Mrs. listi Mrs
Susie Taylor. : of Deposits,
Mrs. Jan? r of
Deed?, Mrs. Annie Thomas; U.
of Accounts, atlas Beatrice Taylor;
Hera Becort,
Mrs. Mrs
Fannie Jones; As
Adelli lolph. T: Dr. ?
S. M. Turner.
This cour, ? : through
Borte of Mrs. Beasse Browa of
Covington and l?r. ?. T. Connor of
Clifton Forge.
Oread Worthy Counsellor was
outspoken iti Ins commendation of
? t Mr. Robert
also. Sir Mitchell left at 12 o'
lock last night for Richmond.
Bhe Has Crossed the River.
The many friends of Mrs. Mary A.
Anderson ???? much shocked at her
death which OCCerred Sunday morn
? t 4 ?. M Nov. 19th at the ree
? of her sister. Mr??. Mildred
Her illness was brief and I
unexpected. Her funeral
took place Tuesday evening from the
Jasper Memorial Church of which
she had been a member for nineteen
years. The services were conducted
by the pastor Dr. R. V. Peyton as?
sisted by Rev. Chas. Phillips.
The beautiful solo. "Some day we
will understand," was rendered by
Mrs. Atice Kemp Burrell.
The profusion of flowers wae a
fit testimony of the sympathy of
her many friends. Her casket wae
borne by Messrs. Darius Harris, Sam
ael I^eftwtch. Henry Baugh. Robert
Kinney, Thomas Archer and A. W.
Parham. Honorary; R. T. Hill. Rev
S. C. Burrell, Rev. S. P. Robinson,
Clifton Cabell.
Fsr from this world of toll and
? " atrlfe.
She Is present with the Lord,
The labor of her work is done.
End m a large reward.
Her sister.
'<?-. ?-???:o:
?Mrs. Carrie B. Brown, wife of
Mr Clauds Brown wee removed
from her residence. No. fie N. 3rd
[St to the Memorial Hospital last
' Tuesday afternoon. She waa ac
' companlcd to the hospital by Miss
! Alary Kose, Mrs. Otelia Harria and
Nellie Sear?.
marriage of Mis* Clara L.
Dr. James E. Jackson? will
ited Thursda> ?
- G M. at the home of the bride,
IV. ?.oiph st Reception 8:30
to lo:30.
Friends invited. No cards.
lb. Tru? Reformer Kalt.
The time gi. ,'rur Reform?
ers by Mrs. Molile Browne E
d last Thursday. Rev. W. I,
r has not returned to the city
and i' i that further do
?ay v? ii! I? It was r
ed on t that the officials had
settle up, but there was
no way of verifying th? rumor. At
? Jackson stated that
he had a plan that he thought would
adjust the latter. it was evident
that this plan would suit the True
Reformers, but very doubtful that it
would auit Mrs. Smith as It would
he a rase of what ehe consider? a
ttnty for an uncertainty.
It will be at least a month before
the matter will be definitely decided
The suit has not been as yet entered.
? :o:
he Metropolitan Steam Laun
dry i.s the only one that did not raise
school children had
bolide] Issi Thursday and Friday.
- epent
ksglvln; -shurg, Va.
ind game
remember Mr. H. F. Jonathan. Ho
will tors? jroa promptly.
r that pain in the stomache,
call on Mr S W. Robinson. You
for there, and of
(he right kind.
Harper is sewing on
the uniform of the boys at th?
gro Reformatory in Hanover Co
Mr E. F. Johnson, president of
the Richmond Beneficial Insurance
: the Knights of Pyth
i is now a full fledged member
of the Order.
The First Battalion under com
matui of Major? ?\ i.i. A. Robinson was
inspe? ? night by As
sietant Inspector General Benjamin
S-tptt Th.? Fl?t Brigade Rand was
out and discoursed lively airs.
?The Knights of Pythias will
soon have a fully equipped Band
under the leadership of Lead
er E. P. Lee. New instruments and
latest style uniforms will be ordered
for the men.
?Mr. John M. Higglns needs no
words of commendation at our hands
ret goods commend him. Read
advertisement. They all know that
?a i p be well treated at his pal
ace of business.
?The place to get furniture will
bo found in another column and
Charles Q. J?rgens* Son will
be the one to wait on you. All of
the latest designs ready for delivery.
Easy payments Is a feature.
?Rev. W. H. Brooks, D. D.. pas?
tor of the Nineteenth St. Bapt.
Church of Washington. D. C. called
cm us last week. He preached an
able sermon at the Ebenerer Bapt.
I Church last Sunday morning and
electrified the .people at the Shar
on Bapt. Church last Sunday night.

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