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vcxl.xxiii NO 1.
Honorable A. W Harris Acquitted.
Testimony of Witnesses in the Case.
Mayor's court (Major Jon?.?
presiding) was engaged Friday, D
1st from ton o'clock A. M. until 2: "o
P. M. in the trial of \ \V Harris
(colored), charged with the 1;
of two bales of cotton from Arring
ton & Green?one of the value of
14 2.1 S and the other of the value of
J. C. Robinson, the purchase ?
of one of the alleged stol<
nu was ?
ed. and I miony was
!y. Mr. It. H. Mann, tin?
after the Interests <>f the E
Mr. ??'1-nard Mann appeared lo
? examined was
? stifled
that he was agent In this city for th*
:.t Association of
ila. ami that for several years
had been ??mployed by A.
W. Harris and that his duties
were to clean up Harris' office and
?-?nd to his banking and other
>:>al business. The witness in?
trod;: toh of Han
to sustain his assertions, among
h was a hill a ?re lot of
?nado for
Harris by Mr. J. C. Robinson, but
then went into detail in tell;
his collecting $42.IS from J. C
' ? Off the
Of cotton, with which Harris
wss : with having sto!
told Mr. Pur
at Harris had sent him
to colled for the cotton; that Mr
Purdy paid him in currency und
that he carried the money to Harris'
re it to him then and
that Harris said it was cxr?
. Harris then gave him
one doll
Harris always gave him fifty cents
or one dollar r he did any?
thing for him. Witness said
he saw Robert Trainor in the neigh?
borhood of Harris' office last Thurs?
day night a week ago. Trainor
came up and said to Harris:
I apeak to you for half a minute?"
Harris said "yes. you ik to
Witness did
not hear the conversation.
On cross-examination. Dalle?
he did not know that Harris had not
raised cotton in two or three years,
that on Friday morning about 7 o'
clock ae VOAl to Mr. Robinson's
store to toll Trainer that Harris
could not send his peanuts In on
that day. Trainer replied to Dalley,
"go away; I am not satisfied." Wit?
ness said that Trainer subsequently
came to his house and told him not
to come to the store any more.
Witness said the next day ho went
to see if there was anything wrong
about the cotton. Witness declared
that Trainer's wife did not tell him
if he did not let Trainer alone he
would get in *he penitentiary. Wit
nees said the .bill of sale for the cot?
ton was in Harris' name; said he
had never told George Dabney that
Trainer and himself had gotten into
s and that he (witness) had
to get out the best way he could.
Witness said he knew nothing about
the cotton and that he was an inno?
cent party to the whole affair.
Robert Trainer (colored) was the
next witness examined.
ll. testified that he saw A. W.
Harris on last Monday night a week
ago about 7 o'clock at Mr. Alexan?
der Wilson's store. Harris told him
that he (Harris) had something for
(Trainer? to do for him.
Trainer asked what it was, and wit-1
nes? stated that Harris **Md him
that there were lots of bales of cot?
ton and peanuts on the street in
front of Arrington & Green's store
and also in front of Mr. J. C. Robin?
son's store, and that he wanted him
te get one of the bales of cotton ard
put it In Mr. Robinson's cellar.
Trainer said that he put the cotton ,
on the first floor and that nlhgt
he saw Harris and told him that he
and that Bar?
id him to sell it.
Wit ,1 as far as he know
'. not know that there was
anytl, ?? Trainer said ho'
ilowinK Tuesday.
bla $29. The!
bale of cotton. Train?
k In
i? in ?aw Han
? night. Wlti
. " \ w. ?." ;
. if.
' ?<> inai ion. Trainer,
said ho rollini of cotton
info Mr. Robinson's store b. I
6 and 7 o'clock Monday night. Tin?
cottoa in- tton
; and the store of
Mr. J. V
' m minutes to roll
S.lill ?)
rieht ora* to Mr. ?.. ?? to'
Ml Harris that ho had t!
pro- ?
? peaaata and
? would ? ? 1
:tli hint. Th ? Monday !
night alio.it 7 s had
l?saotioa \sith Har;
ria beforo.
In an wer to a question by the'
er said ?
to Harris' hou;-> had
? Harris
for thoni. Harris save him a
night. Witness said
re bin ? drink when
?MC til?n, if ho (Trainer)
I him for lt.
Trainer said that he got the so
itir.il bale of cotton aftor a lot of cot
ton had boon unloaded by Mr. Col?
lier. After Mr. Collier left he put
otton in Mr. Robinson's cellar.
it the mark "J. EL R." off and
put on it "A. W. H." Witnoss Bald
<nt to Harris' office and told
him he had tho bale of cotton. Wlt
neea did not know that the bale had
found until tho next morning,
when be found a lan'ern and truck
where he had not left It. Trainor
admitted having gone to Dalley'e
house on Friday morning and hav?
ing told him not to come to the
?tore as things were so "confused."
The reason he had told the Mayor
ul taken the cotton for a Joke
was because he wantod to get out of
it. Trainor said that when Harris
gave him the $29 he said that he
wowld Rive him (Trainer) more this
timo but that the next time he (Har?
ris) wouhi take more. He had seen
Harris in Mr. Robinson's Ptore, but
did not remember when it was. He
did not know whether Harris had
old any cotton there.
In reply to a question by Com?
monwealth's Attorney Mann, Train?
er slated that he did not tell that
there was a conspiracy botween Har?
ris and himself until after Harris'
Mr. Purdy, who clerks for Mr. Ro
binson, stated that he sold the bale
of cotton and paid the money, about
$42.18, to Win. Dailey. The money
waa paid In currency and Dalley
had asked for it In that way. Mr.
Purdy Bald ho made the bill of sale
of A. W. Harria. The
cotton, said the witness, was on
their receiving book in the name of
A. W. Harris. Friday morning
cane, to his store and asked
him \l there was anything wrong a
bout tho cotton.
Mr. Charles Collier testified to the
delivery of several bales of cotton
on Monday night In front of Arring
ton & Green's store and J. C. Robin?
son's store, and of the finding of the
alleged stolen cotton in Mr. Robin?
son's cellar and swearing out of a
warrant for Trainer.
The first witness for the defense
waa A. W. Harris, the accused. He
testified that on Friday about 1 o'
clock, while he was in his office in
Richmond, some one called him up
on ti. from Petersburg
)!?? answered th?? 'phone, and ?
Ragland, chief Of in .ce. asked
(Harris) had authorized any
1 OOtton for him. Harris
said he told Captata Ragland thai
l?.?? had not sdd any cotton for two
or th? .in Hacinad
: that SS told
tad that h?> would be
afternoon. Harris ita
oret on tin* 4 o'
ear and wont to the s!
? aptain Itapland paid to
ana sold ?
of cotton in your nani?.? for
Rarrli said he told the Chief tliat
h<> hai 0 money, and had
Dalle? was brought
same story he
has told lure toda>. He said to
Hail? ? ? know 1 have not
frown SI Harris said he
had no knowledge of Trainer. H<?
had DM! Ii i i ti la Mr Alex. Wilson's
stori, bttt had : D a drink
with him. Wo would throw down
a nlehel for Trainer's drink but did
rink with him. Harris said ho
did not know where Trainer's home
had aerei on and ? hale
Mon in his 111
11? -old his cotton in i
Re had not been in Mr. J. t\ Robin
store for throe years until a
bout the first weoft of October, when
? nt in tl at about some
pennata li?? had been seeing Dail
mornlng for the past two
Tot the past eight or
A Modern Shopping Temple.
The Cohen Company has now com
I the Improvement! in their
mammoth establishment and can
now lay Just claim to bel?g the hap?
py possessors of one of the largest!
Unhmenttl Off the kind in all the
South-iand. The cost of improve?
ment has been $102,000 and the val
m' of the stock offerings approxi?
mate $400,000.
This firm knows what I* Is talk?
ing about when it annonnces that it
can quote prices that will save you
y. It is the close buyers par
The Cohens are closely iden
titled with Richmond's progress and
? ars of persistent effort hav?
built up a business that any one
migli; You need Christmas
Call and see them. Their
salesmen and sales-ladies under?
stand the business thoroughly and
will treat you right. Read the quo
tat ions made to PLANET readers In
another column. Out of town or?
ders promptly filled. Mention the
PLANST and they will know exact?
ly t<i what you refer in the matter of
?Mr. C. W. Wilson, the tailor
and haberdasher, has opened a u
nique establishment In Manchester.
Va. He may be found at 1420 Hull
Go to the Ki< hmond Business League
Actions speak louder than words.
If we want to do business, let us at?
tend our busin?es League and en
?oiirage business people. The Rich
: Business League meets the
2nd and 4th Thursday evenings in
each month at the League Hall, 3rd
St. between Marshall and Clay.
Next Thurrdny night at 8:30 the
:ig will be called to order and
an interesting discussion will be had
on the subject "Does it pay to lie in
business?" All men and women en
! in business are invited to be
at; all who are doing any sort
of honest work for a living are re?
quested to be present; all profession?
al men and women are requested to
? be present. Remember the time?
Thursday, Dec. 14th, 1905.
W. F. Graham, Pr?s.
John T. Taylor. Ree. Sec.
W. F. Denny, Cor. Sec.
An F.ffnrt Rein?; Mude to Take it
from the Colored Pupils.
Councilman Woodburn on
Monday night offered s resolution
which was adopted providing for
the removal of t'? children
from tho I^-igh St. School. First and
Leigh Sts. and tho placing of this
building at The disposal of the Rich?
mond High and Normal School pu?
pils and accordingly tho practi?
cal abandonment of Ike attractive
building of th? Hi^h and
Normal School. What ie to be dm??
with ino building Vacated by the
colored pupi' mont sayeth
li the resolution:
Whereas the Leigh Bt school is
not now destrabl] the
maintenance at that point of a
?1 for white children. but Is
suitable for tl." High, and Normal
iorcni pu
? ?
mon Co?
the Hoard of Aldermen concurring,
That the Coin mi.:
ins and Schools
aro 1
with the S.) Q inquire
into the pro)?
providing another and build
ing f? order to
make of the
Hi irli and Normal B< liool to the
building now used for
branch oi sit of
itlon with such ?
in the premi
Item Go to 'he P? rontlary.
Court of Appeal!
to Mrs. Mary l .hite)
convicted of l .? her lit?
tle son to 'auso
death. Bhe ima sentenced by
the i ' it of Manchi
and must serve the time. Slo
ded by Mr. H. M. Smith, Jr.
! Wells.
? duuage nt the PendCentlarv.
Superi; ?. M. Rolling of
Virginia Penitentiary h.?:
signed tl
of clerk of the Circuit ?
of Bedford county. Tl m Is
for an unoxpired term of six ]
As the position ? filled St
nneo and ho could not hold two of
I ed his resignation.
rd of Direi tors was in ses?
sion at the time and the same was
?stant Superintendent E. F.
Morgan was named to succeed him.
The Dee appointee will hold office
for t?. ii'irini; recan?
it has been difficult for a person to
hold tho office of Superintendent of
iho Virginia Penitentiary for more
than one term, and It may be that
Mr. Rolling anticipated his finish.
Mr. Morgan will havo a chance to
arrange his t 'h a viow to
succeeding blmaetf. He is highly
en of and seems to understand
all of the details of his onerous du?
? :o:
Colored Man Kills Two White Men
For Sia) ing His Dog.
HOPE, ARK.. Nov. 2S?This
morning, seven miles east of here,
in Nevada county, Squire Smith, a
oolo-ed man. wont to the field where
John and Count Cleghorn, white,
working and Bhot them both.
killing Count at once. John died
in a few hours from his wounds.
\ few days age the ? Cleghorna
killed the negro's dog ami he eaid
at the time that if he could find out
who did it he would kill them. The
liorns were well-to-do farmers.
Roth were married and leave fami
. osse left here at noon to arrest
the colored man.
?Rev. Thomas H. White of Clif?
ton Forge was in the city and called
on us.
?Mrs. Julia Fllppln, the mother
of Mrs. Miles C Debbrees Is now In
ty at 110 W. Leigh St She
will not roti;rn to New York until
after tho holidays.
?Messrs. Sydnor and Hundley
aro now rondy for your trade and
If you wish to feel happy and en?
joy Christmas, go there and look at
the magnificent display of house?
hold goods. They have searched
the north and west for bargains to
please you and it Is with a pleasing
satisfaction that they Invite you
to call and see them. You can buy
no better goods anywhere In this
country and their past record will
satisfy you that they quote low
prices. Cash or credit, It Is, call
and see them.
Judge Speer Orders Shackles Off.
The Celebrated Case in Georgia.
"?, (?a. f> Now that
as a?:ain Interfered in
the Jamison case, no little specula?
tion i : in as to what
? do with Chief Conner, of the
i? r Win. ?
Wimbush. nty ohaln
Wken they are aiTI
fi>r>? him en January L next, to an?
te the contempt proceeding?
them by
? i I
li was on the advice of Attorney
Wtmherly that Chief ?
him back
to the chain
arganti that even though the man
? f the United states supreme
court had not been n. Judg
of the todera) eoart h? :
. has I
? ? t i G. ? :
ITO has ly In I
1 the
fact that he was SI
' he ]ud|
of th? re are
who hellere he will hold that -
Conner and the other are in
apt of court.
Although he li free of tl
of the Bibb e
?fined in the Bibb eounty
jail lubject to tho orders of ?
irnhnl White. In hie or-|
Jamison over to
Marshal White. Jndjp - su
thorizev. that ofBclsl to r
>n under ? bond of 1100, but
so fai u has not ?
The Indications ai ?
this bond, and be sat
at liberty tomorrow pending ? I
ing of his case at Valdosta vin De
I 1.
that he has exhausted every remedy j
in t!.< ourts to secure his 11
from the Bibb county chatn
ry Jamison, the negro prie
!?> famous by his flsht on {
the Record :rt, appliod for and
red from Jud- r another
writ of habeas corpus and tomorrow I
morning ho will quit the stripes and'
shackles of the Bibb gang for the
custody of tho United States Mar?
An order was served on Superir.
at Wimbish this afternoon re?
quiring him to immediately turn
Jam? to the United States
authorities, and he will be brought
In from the convict camp In the
country tomorrow morning. The
petition was presented to Judge
Sperr by Attorneys Akerman & Aker
man and they alleged that when
Jamison had filed his bill of exce[>
tions to Judge Felton's rulings send?
ing the negro back to the gang with?
out bond, he had exhausted every
dj in the state courts and was
now boing Illegally deprived of his
Just whether or not Jamison will
be discharged from custody by
Speer will bo determined at
?arlng which is ordered to take
place in Valdosta on Dec. 11.
The petition alleged that Jamison
was rearrestod at midnight by the
Macon police, without authority or
warrant, before the mandato of the
United States court had been made
the Judgment of Judge Speer's
court and for that reason he should
not have been arrested.
In tho order returning Jamison
from the gang, Judge Speer save
that the negro is without remedy in
the state court, Is denied the ancient
and constitutional right of ball, and
Is actually undergoing an Illegal sen
ten ce.
Judge Speer, to prevent the Ma
Bibb county officials
from again lati with Jamison
that in case any official, state
mty arrosta or seizes Jamison,
'ikon into
mar- '
?bal and arraigned before the f<
irney Wimberly will ap
.as is
: will fight it out for tho
city. He said ton Ms ?-,
?? would
in Petet-vlmrg.
No. 1. ?
Mitchell commas
? u. on Thank
1 by
.lohn Mit. lu 11. Jr.
drum ?
ilbttion drill
? aud
G. If.
the ?
but ntun
for ti .t ing tho
us ?lid
with Sir
? Worker at Winston.
Winston. ? . 4th. 100"..
Mr. Kditor.
Wii: you phase allow me a small
rd in your noble
It comes to our town as a
I am at work very
trying to got ? nlco list of
o will take it each
I who
want If I can get
it one week they al?
ways want It tho next week. It Is
?pie ought to read,.
It brings to them something good
will build up the race. It
ought to be In every family.
It would make home happy and
remove manv of the blights of life
which are now experienced among
us. You will hear from me again
I am yours in the work.
530 Sycamore St.
Notice to the l'ubile!
The following gentlemen are no
longer members of the Theban Ben?
eficial Club, and their names have
from our books for de?
linquency. ; Messrs. Wm. O. Chris?
tian, William Ross, John Woolfolk.
Charlee Williams. James Williams,
Carroll Thomas, Walter 8m?th, Geo.
and William Brooks.
Done by order of the Theban Ben?
eficial Club.
L. R. EDMONDS, Pr?s.
W. W. WILSON. Sec.
Mrs. Ella C. Clalborne, the Pres?
ident of the Auxiliary of the Old i
Folks Home. Ill W. Jackson St., ?
wishes to thank Mrs. Ella Ondleyj
Waller and friends for supplying the,
store room last week with many
good things.
Yours truly,
Tho marriage of Miss Clara L.
Kersey to Dr. James E. Jackson will
be celebrated Thursday. Dec. 14th.
8 P. M. st the home of the bride,
[100 W. Leigh St. Reception 8:30
|to 10:30.
Friends Invited. No cards.
"sli'?< ISED ?? VFItDKT.
Coen* Declares ?..ris White, and Five
llumlrc.l \re l'ut Inder Ban.
G The
?ti last ?? ' ? I '? ?:?
or of the .six Gillcland
t In compel
board of education to ad
mit tie is Whit? school of A
hlp, baa
of the Gllleland
G whom t
llvtng in the mount
the suit, it is
aro ut
In effe? t the) to bo
but th< .bore
? fon?
ami t!. ruunity, which bo
i!g of the salt folt no
ntly an?
? ? by
San meet
ilutkmn were pass?
ed d< :' tho
court luca
l ve be
'.? run '
bams away from their
>. .it l'Oro i ?ii Mission Mas?
?? ?
All . ally inv | 'tend
the r.th
Church s. 10th, i*J05 at
3 o'clock. l>r I.
?rd of tho
ial Baptist O ... togeth?
er with Miss D
laboring In Africa
;ag. All Sunday S?
? rs and fr
betp the worthy <
f twenty is sparing no
pains ting a sui
l>r. W. F. Graham Improve*. From
Throat I roubles.
Dr Graham's many friends will
be glad to know that after two s .
glcal operations, his throat troubles
are rapidly healing and he will soon
'rong as ever. He preached
Church Newport News, assisting Dr.
H. H. Harri? in a rally I l? ? hun
dotlars was the a
mount raised, notwithstanding the
day was a dark and rainy one. On
Monday eight be addressed a largo
gathering of the Sons and Daugh?
ters of Peace on business matters;
on Tuesday night he was In \S'tl
liamsburg and ed and tee
?'nion ilaptlst Church
to a large crowd, Rev. Blnford. pas?
tor. He reports Rev. Blnford doing
. :id work. Mr. W ? Human
:ng grandly with the work
of the I ? Beneficiai Insurance
Company. Dr ? will spend
to-morrow with Big Bethel Baptist
Church, Dinwiddle Co. He has
Invited to Augusta, Oa. to
preach the 20th Anniversary of Rev.
Iir. C, T. Walker, but under the ad?
vice of his Physician he D afraid to
go on bo long a trip until he has
fully recovered from his throat
Mr. Vessel Patterson Injured.
-<5on was painful?
ly Injured at his blacksmith shop,
while shoeing a horse Friday, Nov.
24th, 19f5. The animal became
frightened and ran back, stepping on
-son with one
of hi t that had Just been
shod. Ho has been confined to hie
room at iti W. Leigh St. ever since
although he te much Improved and
is now out of danger.
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