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FILE NO. 113.
?ne? ? UT ?DADO Kl AW J
aPn U XIV.
In IS? lived m fa natie,
?on the banks of the Rhone, th
Marquis de Clsmemii. and hia two
sous, (tt*f?vn an?l I .oui ?v. They were
objecta of ? In tne saine metvs
rra ss for hie hut?? be viewed his
neighbor, the Cenimene de la Yerbera??
Stern, cold, and arrogant. she
?aroulil have been the general detesta?
tion a?? she va? this individui?.
haul It n. I her beautify
geath - itine.
The sets! seperated only by
the rivt-r. hero narros- but BV
flowing. It ?iK no Iwrner for
Valentine ** ? ?. nul from
that RROOaent bit inuige I
s?? n-,a? ??"ics sepn
e fa?
tal evenii
ami fall nt ber feet, ali
hear?! I
of tl.
be fre?
vas in
all Ik
bai '
I her
of the
Th?? tit?? time be itine
? nifl
? >n d?'ep
ened st and
tonate that be felt that he eould
never b*? happy without her.
Bef .-d to her his '
heart bad RUT I itself Lo her |
ohaxms. ?
He WRe wealthy, a splenditi career
eras oj>en to him, and be BWOte that
Valentiii?? ah hia,
Mc DOedlded all hi? matrimonial
plans to 'm <?i?l tr Rase, de la
\ rie. who bad do sooner l>roach?d
then, match-making mamuxa
than I -,'r^l.
Durii.g the .iiteas'
condut't a
suddenlj i<> Importune
her <!.i igi
natio' ittesnpt to
influence ber her bappy
?Settlement in
? ? mili.I.
Rut it the fa
ing unii groaning as if I ? uj>oii
the eve of stari ing to death. Sht
Iliade arrangements to Is* tern
by Um - Attachments and no?
tices to quit peered in at Isa Yerls-rie.
which .itine,
and, with t?-:ir* in h?
"God y.
from the .'ionie of our ancestor? be?
fore your marriage, my darling?!"
Kncici.i' thst her pn is suf
fseient to freeze any <?uif?-sMiui on ???t
daughter'? lip?, DDI never left her
alone with Amir??.
"Oho? marrie. 1, ' she thought, "they
can netti?- the inatter to suit them?
selves. I ehall not then In- distuMied
by it."
She we? ss impatient as Andre, aud
hastened the pre |?a rat inns for the
wedding. She gave Valentine no op?
portunity f?>r reflection.
Eighteen months after her niar
riage Mme. Fauvel presented her hue?
tssnd with a son. But neither tins
eluld. nor s second son, born a year
after, could malo- Uer forget tl?.?
one of all, the poor, forsaken babe
who ha?! been thrown upon str?nget ?,,
Dinrti ?? ?? ? ii t v\h?? vulued the n.
I.i.t not the child for whom it was
She would look at her aons, sur
????uhi iri\e. nini ms herself:
"W ! ? if the abandoned one
itu-rsn wa? g1Ten no
?f hi* brother by Valentine, and,
it, h?* belts ved th?tt hi*
life ? He wasj
lb*? more incliti.<i t-> l?eh-?e. aa he
ed un?ler th?* burden of (
rW he aas'
Bosnie of
stood ln?t??,.'ti him and ?*n
f the pal
All a taken by
<? law, aud ia
snre liaput? the
of hin entire fortune t" hie ei'l-at a??n,
I a fraudulent d??? I
bon eel lawyer,
M. de Clamernn ha
...1 t?e
-aa bentfited hj th?
uto posar
the ?
11 ?? ?
et al
?. the
s eb?
if the
? 11
? "?
. the
futur |
On. ? hus?
band ha.
' ?> the
I ?
nt hllppi
nit brought her a letter,
en left ?
?* h.? re fu? I name.
Without the faintest presentiment
1 sh? carelessly broke the. seal,
aud in an instant was? aln.-.st petrified
by the word? Which met her t.
"Madama w>>uid it ba relying too
much upon th | tin* peat
to hop? for half an hour of your
.sorrow, bstwssn two and
three, will .1?. myself th?? honor <>f
culling up
THE MABQ1 is up (I.AM KUAN."
Ah! beped and believed that
I the fatal peat wa* atoned for, and
buried la . and n??w it
before h*-r. |.f:l?-s~ and t hi ?-a t enitig.
<_a if all human tv ill
ootlld prevent what was fated to be!
It waa la thia hour of aeenrlty,
when sha ?mag ?elf pardoned,
that th? Stomi burst B] rraglle'
editi??.? i?f her fa
her every hope.
The ?tieadfd day came, and with it
the n. ? to h*r sssaaaanesri it
was not Gaston whom ihe saw, but
his brother. Loots! Her esnotloa waa
too deep not to nerve his purpose,
and though ahd preserved enough
ooolm-?.?* aal t" place herself in his;
power, by n<????-pting hi? fiction of .
Gaston dying in hi* brother's arms
later In Paris, ami .g to him
the care of his son, she could not al?
together shake him off.
On the other hand, ahe dared not
corife**, to her husband, who would
never bate confidence In her again, ?
and ahe re fu ?ed the sympathy of
Madeleine The girl had divined that
she wa? in diatrese, and had pleaded ,
to learn the cause.
The plotter gave time for the poison
to work; when he communicated with
her again, it was to ask her to oall
un him at his hotel.
The poor woman, in the coila, dared
not stay away. Here another surprise
awaited her. The marquis was not!
in the rooms. He who received her!
vfjs a cherubic youth, who announced I
W-fcBTtT Tn a aw? ? rung
her heart, as Raoul Valentine "Wil
It was ber castaway -
Thi- .s so like l.astou'a that
ehe s. .
BT of her almost folg
?day that
tos bad er f>. bis faithful
heart; sh?? saw him stii gent?
"In Be! Wait
for ?
Ire, her
all were I in this new-found
in her aaaternal lose her foiiy ?he
?lid i. BOCh u? glance at the
thi* yeas wa?
abundantly provided with
From that was Inex?
tricably entangled in the toils by
Clameran and Kaoni de I>agor
the ? ? him off a*
nephew th krht visit the bank?
er's wife with Impunity.
No remorse ' ast, no appro?
h?n*ione for ?he future 1 the,
Batlailid present. To her the future
wa* to morrow? eternity was the eix
teen hour* which must nfors
another later- iew.
?ted t<> think that Osston'a
death she?
th?- present.
ber marriage. I
no family I
have eotisr?T?t?'.l herself exclusively I
to Raoul. How gladly would <?he have
? her huahttnd
and ?? ?? ? the thoughta
which. but she j
?<?k ed
at her strane, ? return from
the I1 -? sus?
pect Kornrthit . : d r-he auspoct.
--.?.bar- j
here her
aunt went. Bl sh? had
been ucee from '
Pelt for her j
- dia
.*ed over ?
:?? she '
what '?
' tha pen- '
e1 rat : f a girl who
! In her
'.er mind,
af .-t ion sh?? |
i ber
it wa* him*
self tl
il in
' fe tO
? tranaf??r
tbe bi
bla talons
r with
a rkin?
? ' ?
but * *t the
' sha
"I ?, and
of asan; nevertheless?, I will marry
him I vviii
fall upon tin?? - my
. > presemi
? Indebted t.. reu
more tana lif??'.' What would ?
..I JOS pltj .?? me'/
A fasi . : la my aative ?
V??u warmly wclcoaaed
phan, Bad . .- t.- b*-r.
r husband that I owe
the fortune vvha h CXCitCS the cupidi
ihia wieke.i t laaaernnf Are not
Ab.-l und Luci?
bspptaeaa of all wie?
have been ? ?>??* to me
is at stake, ?lo you suppose 1 woubl
I will toc?me Ihe
tunt?n." -
Iggle of s.-lf-_acri
? ? ???? Mm??. Pauvol and her
as to which should I?
tim. only the more sublim??, luyanse
?ach offered her life to the other, not
any sudden impulse, but ?ielib
? y and willingly .
Kut Ma the day.
a? sh. that holy snthui
rifie.? Which ' .'.ning
? t martyrs.
\ "ii.o?? con rage; v\. two san fleht
the vvorbi ami silence our em
hull l?e saved, aunt; ?inly truat
in rue.''
The Marquis of 1 ?. ? ? as agree?
ably anrpi . sesie*
letter from Mme. Pans?t, saying
that Bl ted t4> ?'veiything, but
must have a little time to carry out
the ?
A line fr..in Madeleine, at the bot?
tom of the letter, assured him that
i with her aunt.
Poor girl, shs did not apare herself.
Tbe next ?lay she took 1'rosp? r aside,
and f.? ... him the fatal pram
lee to itiun her in the future, and to
take upon himself th?? responsibility
of breaking their ??ngagemeut.
marijuis prudently absented
alfa awaiting the propitious mo?
At the end of three weeks he met
the banker ??t a friei.d's, and wa? in?
vited to dianer tat lay.
Twenty |M<iple were aea?e.l at the
table, and us the d?aert waa
. the banker suddenly tan
eternarne, ami said:
"I ha?? ?? piece of news for you,
monsieur. Have you any relatives of
your nun.
"Vane that I know of. Monsieur."
"I am aiirpriae*d. About a week ago
X, became acquainted with another
marti rail."*
Artbewgh --,.
piment enough ti anything.
(Temer?n was h?i taken alsick that l?t?
Rai with pale '? s blank lo<>k.
silently ?.'? ring at M. Fauvel.
But he soon recovered enough aelf
? ol to say. hut ? ietlly :
Indeed. ? itThngt
Clamerai! may e* Des
Understaud the t la."
; M Fauvel wan noi sorrj to have th.
tipper? unity of annoying a guest
who?? iati?? pretine, ana bad
pit.ue?! h
"Marquis or not." be replied, "the
Cannes'? ta? la ?jueati.m seems to be able
th?? till*?."
be rieh?"
"I ha* e ? auppoes that he is j
aery w. iltby. I have
><t for thir? ? ?.000
But this Mase ? tetrayed Dd
,. he ha?i had eulil
ciant ver his aelf-?
aion. Ring could now I
him off hi ?
?? queried, carelessly. "I
knOW v-vhc ? He must ??? the
son of my father's sister, whose hus?
band lived nt Rnvans. I ?appose, up?
on his return ' It have
taken hi- which
m.Tr ? than hlx fa' fa
being, if I
The iwnker I . memoran*
diim his seat,
rot or ( be, "I
hope ? re of inviting
reat ?>u rnnn Ing
from this that ?g to
*"l shall
? '
? fail
At last the dim ? as the
er Rttcinptetl I .1 their
"Tl ?
"\\ i
bone yet. Wnj thai muddl?
headed tn
tion. He ?aw M moran?
du m
"V. . il.
u an
? ad:
th?? r
plain ? ? hia p'.
"? ?
I not
It be
he know that
?. flinl out. If he
t take
? of it
our case la not .le??!
"11..w is
ed at bhl ally's cun
"That la a dang or OUR thing to do. '
he M
I "Ti? 1 aa sitting
dow ? .-..la folded. And,
' to running awa Ht the first aus
of alarm it * ??? iinl**<"iilt
"W hi fa for him?"
"I am."
"<>h. ' Inmsrnn'n
?udaeity ? e.i him.
"Hut . 1 going to do?" DD
inquireil. :.t | silence.
"?ou will ol . ,? in.? by remaining j
quiet. 1 will Rind
? i:g?-r, and
As th? ? at Bnoela door
"Now here, and
during in . j int iiiiiit I
at your He the
Rseet dntil \
nsneh aayou | ,.? t.. h?*r, and, a?H?v??
all, don't in.t ilgt m any folly; .
Keep your
1 ? morrow
will be at iHoron talking with
tide Dee
After leavii . ae ?le la Ver?
bene, Oaston . i.l.-rwent great p?-ril
ifticulty in etfe?-ting bis ?-s?
Bui for the ?xperlence.1 and faith?
ful Menon] he never woul.l h:ive suc
ad in ernba \ -?mg.
Having 1. f? fais mothcr's jewels with
Valentine. Ihn sole fortune, consisted
of not quite a thousand francs, and
ith this paltry sum in his pocket,
the niunlTT of two men, a ft?
from justice, and with no prospetti <>'
earning a livelihood, he took paassg?i
for Valparaiso.
Before Or ton bad i?cen <m board
the Tom Jones forty-eight hours he
?saw that chance had cast him amona'
collection <>f the most depraved
bandita and cut-? h roa ta.
The vessel, which seemed to have re?
cruited at all pointa of the compass,
possessed a crew composed of
variety of thievish knaves; each
try had contributed a specimen.
Hut (?aston'a mind was undisturbed
as to the obarsctrr of the people with
whom his lot was cast for several
The Tom Jonee set aail for Val?
paraiso, but certainly went in s
roundabout way to reach her destina
ition. |Ba^^^~
The reel fact wee thst Cap?. Wart h
proposed visiting the gulf of (iuiueu.
(iaaton soon ?aw that he waa sere
Tpg bis spprenticeMbip on a ala ver. one]
?T the d?any ???G?? which made im?
mense fortune? by carrying on th?*
sla>. trade.
Although this discovery filled Gas
Ton with indu'iiHti-m and shame he
w^? prndent enough to conceal his
i m pression -
When Gaston had been with Cnpt.
i. about three years the
Jones stopped at Kio .laniero for a
month, to lay in siippl.es. He uow de?
cided to leave, the *hip.
II.* poesesseil 12.04?? francs, as his
share of the protita, when he landed
at Brasil.
A? a proof that the slave track
repugnant to his nature, he left the
slaver the moment he possed ?? lit tie
.1 with which to enter ??om??
honest business.
But be ? longer the high
minded, pi -ton. who had
BO devotedly Inveii ami periled his lif0
for tbe little fairv of La Verberle.
Three years, after which be ha?!
pledged himself to return, had pasead;
t?ng him.
Before deciding <>u any definite pro?
ject he w ' a int ima te f
al Beencaire t.. learn what bad
? during . b-ence.
He also wrote to his fath?
why he bfl rurod the many
bleb he had sent to him by
returning sai would
he replfa
ad of a . d an
r from I. This
It told him that hi? father was
that his brother had left
. marrie?!.
and that
at for
in the
w..ri.' family, no
and di?
all!" he
< of moti
illy, after lo
lion ?
end ?
him to ?return
?? it h him.
ft#? ??. >??-.? i?f it will, th?? intention of
us of
tad la
?ly in
hi* n?'w borni ?r a bu.y,
0??-r the pas?. ?I .
hi ni ?
He r> ad t i.? ? the
???? ?
? Btnotb
"M\ r!"
In 1
I his
and held I
int.? 11..
le him. with bis
. lasped in tl??
Louis : at his '
a fond mother eou
just : from the battlefl?
\ .?u married, I.??
"Then v\o will ba
d k?rep h
We will live together like tw.
I ay iif<
and ? itj-o bal can
of your faC
n* youth, and I feri
and al the night ?
"1 think you look the j
*'\\ oui?! y ?>u ! >g ? ? y.?? ? ?? ?
"? ?.*-1.11 ?. ?. \ u ara ? ai y
And Louis ? -?. ? He h
had an old, worn-out, used-up ap
pearaii????. while Gaston, in spite of h s
iten face,
waa a robust man. in t lie full m
ty of hia prii.
"We must thai k Provi r this
happy nu ?
days ago a friend of mind returned
from the baths, anil mentione?!
d heard 1 ? .|?ns <>f ?
eran _ m th.?
nses. ITes can ?
I inst . d thai
?>ost..i bad our nanee, i
th?* next train, an?1, finally found BSJ
way I.?
Then you tlid not expocl to ?re
in?? ?.'"
"My dear broth? r. bOU OOUld I hope
for that? I thought that you were
drowned H yenrs ago."
"Drowned! Ml!?:, de lu Verlier.?
taliily tolil you of my es4'at>e. She
promised that she would go herself,
??at day, ami tell my father of
my safety."
Louis Hssnined ? dl*t.reaeeil look, as
if he hesitated to tell the sad
truth, and ?aid. In a regretful t
"Alas! ahe nev?-r toi?! ua."
Canton'? eyea flashed ttith Indlgnn
tion. He thought thai perhaps Valen?
tine h??<1 lieen glad t<? get rid of him.
After i? b>ng ??Irin??? < ??sten arose,
and walked up und down the room as
if to shake off a feeling of sadness,
then lit? Bald, cheerfully
"W?dl. it i? of n?? use to mourn over
the oasi. All the memories in th??
? *?*
world, good or bed, are not worth one
slentl? r h 'he future; and
thank Loti, we ha hf future
lvefore us past, and
enjoy It*"? ??."
QnatoR kept up an antaten noted
?? of questiona II?? v.ished tt?
know all that bad happened ?luring
bis I
"What about Clamernn?" he ab?
ruptly aske?I.
he tell the truth, or not"
"1 have sold Claineran," he finally
be chateau, t?
"You acted as you thought l?**it."
said (?aston. sadly, "bul it sec:
me that if I be la yo*ar ?
thould have kept the ?>id fa
?)ur lived there for ma ? ?
HS, and our father lies
buried there."
far* face remained
clouded he went on:
Ah. 1 see what annoy? you, mv
dear Ijou?s; you are rich, and think
thai I aa ?<. and too proud to ac
?ept anything from vu. Is it not
Is ? | ;tt this question. How
coubl he reply so as not to commit
"I am not rich." he finally aaid.
' The salary of an office whb h I hold
in Paris is all that I h* ?qx-rt
"Yol yOD * mtral to p?v in??
?ily inheritai:
that is anhand; you are not ncting as
R brother should.*1
\jonAm hung hi? head. Qua
une? the truth,
irden to you
vim must
me mad! I>i?l I not tell you I am
'hat you
? ?
lron-v titule h
i. of my fortune. I>>? you think
th.it I WOttM nave risi?' n-iitv
In an experiment >.f
' a failure,
and * >f me
if I bad -
'1 | led money ?
yield? ?f eight;
?and francs. its in
four band red
lit aa peri
Esonda trembled with pleasure
DOW the e\t?
?ver tiitu
ton had fluallv broached the nul
which had caused him so much
anxiety, ami he determined that it
i now be ex-plained before their
conversation ended.
"Who l? your agent?" ha asked,
Ut deposit?
ed tl :t my l'aria tsanker'e."
?Ins I stoker a fr?en?! ?>f yours?"
r heutd of him until
my I Pan ?nmemied him
to in? aa an fa .'.able man; be
and stm
Of the financier? in
.une ie Fauvel, and he Bea? DD
e Prove?
Although ?? ? r hearing al
? raoei Raythlng, Rad desaiailned to be>
? ??.....? I
w this Utnker?" sake?.!
? by reputation."
his ,\c?p:
when yo
turn er a IT ai r s
before establishing yourself here t<>
? :ul the
thi? un? announcement
of a st? j? which w?vuld prove lus utter
was at In answers
g look be
irg t?. Pai
?iiii.ly I am. Wh?, should I ii??t
"There la no ? ? ? "
" I hat. bough 1 hin.
never been there. Hut I am called
there by intere?!. ??? eacri
be hi The truth ??*. I
undei le. ?i?? is ?irherie
it u?! I wish to see her."
sileni and t bought ?11
?? then aai?I.
I will tell you. Louis, whj
er, ? left ?.ur family j?
in her charge, and 1 w . t, recover
"I"., von intuid, after a tape?
- t?. ?'ami the SI
jew . U
**i SS or r ? t her no. I only I
t he ? ling her
I must see her because Ix-eatis.
G really laeedt"
"Hut how will yon flnd her?"
MOh! that is eeey enough. Am
can tell me th?* name of her hua
band, then I will go to see her. 1'er
the shortest , tinti ont
would I?*? t?i writ?- to Reaucaire. I will
. to- mor?
Louis trembled like a man who had
just made ? narrow eseepe from
tenth H?? wen knew thai he would
bave to fly the country if Canton
lesi Bed the truth It was necessary
to prevent it ever reaching him this
??id?? of 11?.?? grave,
A few day:. aft?r frustini was sud?
denly taken ill.
He hntl a sort of vertigo, and was
so di//? that ha was forctrd to lie
"I know - the matter,"
said "I have often been ill in this
' R V . ouple of hours' sleep
ill <ure me. I will go to baa, and
you <\m send aomc ons to awaken DM
when dinner Is rea<!y. Lud*; I shall
be all right by thai time."
At fix -ame time he ordered Mtn.i
el, his old Spanish servant, who had
lived with him for ten years, to pre?
pare him stime lemonade.
The next da* a appeared to
be much better. He ate hia breakfast.
am) win a ??out to take ? walk when
the pains of the previous day and
denly returned. In ? more violent
Without consulting his brother
Louis sent to i?l?iron for Dr. C?
whose wonderful cures et Eaux
Tiennes had won him a wide reputa"
The doctor decir.red that there was
no danger, anil merely pcuacrthed a
dose ot valerian, sud s blister with
some ?Trains ot morphine sprinkled
Bttt In the middle of the night all
the symptom.? suddenly change*! for
the wortr. The pain in the h?
? I by a fearful ????? ?
ami the *ick man thus suffer??.I
torture in trying to get hi*? breath:
dav break found him still tossing rest
trom j How to pillow.
When Dr. C? - came early in the
morning he appeared very much sur
prieed at this change for the worse.
He Inquired if ?hey bad not ailmin
i*tere?l an .wertlose of niorphi
Manuel said ;hnt he had put the
blister oa his master, ami the doc?
tor's direction? had b*-en sccurately
The doet4?r attor having examine 1
????. ami found hi?* breath
heavy and Irregular, prescribed a
heaw dose of sulphate of qttlatns;
he then retiretl. anying he would re?
turn th?? next
As ???? a.* the d.n tor ha<1 cone Gas
ton sent f.?r a friend I lawyer,
to come to him as *>>'.?? ais possible.
"For HeavenO *ake. vvba' <!??
' with a Inquired Louis.
1 iranl hi- adrice, brother, 11
ans?? es;
extremely ill. Only tim?
id fools are superstitious about mak?
ing their wills, if I defer it ai.v loug
er I may be suddenly taken without
having arrnuged my affairs. I
rather have the lawyer a* ul
then my mind would he Ul
? did not think he was .,
to die; but. ? y
??f life, determined to be prepared
the s ? imperili
bis life, ami l?evri f.? ?? with
l any fear now.
In* will while ill ?t
be him his part
!f his for?
tune ahouM bi
.ations now fill???!
Hr ?r.a- m a I d.brioua ex?
cdternrnt often felt by persoiu? sud?
denly raised from p. afflu?
Whether i.aston lired or d? ?
wa? Ui?* lawful ;x?ss. an in?
oli.?? .?f twenty-fiv?? thousand fra
?without counting the eventual pi
th? iron works.
?- a time in his lif?' had he h
for wealth. His
Vat VMS he? were Biirj?-_???e?d. What
more coubl he want?
Ala?! he want.si the I en?
riches; they had
too late.
This f<?rtunr. fallen from t h?? skies?,
ehnuld !
and angi
Tina uni? - ?lappine*? se
? eiit by amai fate as a
put;. Or hi* past sin? U I
coul?! ?*.? asora tarribls than
tin- haw
t it l?e
>vn vile ;
Althougli his told hltn
?bin cry he
blar: ? eritlr.dy fo i-ea*
ent torture. Ye?*, he b?-Id re
| spotisible for the horrible BttttaUoO in
Wh. t if.
letters tn Kaoul for
* :.rev*?*<l a -of
his mind, uti.l revealed glimpee? of
mg evil.
? ? t Ir torneai from
hi? search for his tir**t L?v??. as ht
proved by culling for h?-r in the in
1-?? ? he was suffer?
ing th?? worst pal
lie gr. ?? ' tbe
moat ear a ful nursing aptosna
chang??.!. but showed no improvement.
Each utt?i?k vas mor. 'han
the preceding.
At midnight ?
turn.??! vv-ith ren? ? nee. and a
fatal tcnnitintioii aseuaed Inevitable,
pala left him in ire,
h?? was growiag w?
moment. His mind wander?*?!, and his
feet ?* ? On 1 be four?
?lines*, after lying
in a stupor for several hours, be re?
vived auhVieuth to aaahe Louis prom?
ise to enrry on the iron works, em
bmeird him for the last tim
sunk buck on his pillow in a ?lying
A? the bell tolled f?ir ???.?? he ?,
Iv breathed hit last, murmuring, soft
'In three years, TalllllllBB. wait for
Loarda was in reality Manjuis
of (lamer?n, and l***?i?les was a mil?
?? Inter, having ma*!?* ar
?"ungu_aeata with the suglnsor in
rye af the iron work?, to attend to
? thing ?luring his alwem e, he
t..ok his s,-?t in the train for Paris.
11?? had seal the following telegram
to Raoul the night previ??
"I w ni ace j <>? I
( ??\!?? ? ?: Will
During the month of Louis' ah?
..ivel was in a state of
romperaiive sappia.
la mother and wife?
this nure, innocent woman, in ?pit? of
her first und only fault
tranquillity. She felt as one timler
the hs-hsaaes af eachautaaeut, while
reveling in th?? sunshine of filial love,
which almost bore ICter of a
lover"- . for Kaoni? de?
was ardent aid constant, his manner
so tender and winning that m.
Would hers t? ken him for Mme. Fau
vel's suitor.
As she was stili at her romitry seat,
ami M. Pan* d wen?
morning at nine o'clock, and did not
return till *i\. she had Ihe who
her time to <:< Kaotil. When
she had spent tin* morning with him
at his house in Vesin?et she would
often tiring him home to dine and
pause the evening With I
All his past faults were f?>rgiven, or
rather the whole blame of them was
laid upon (lamer?n, for, now that he
was absent, had not Raoul once more
become her noble, generous, affection?
ate son, the pride and consolation o.
her life?
Raoul enjoyed the life he was lead?
ing, anil took such an intere?t in th?
jmrt he wua playing?, that bis act

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