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^ JUL 231906 ?j
- BaB?nsvanapBaaa
BBaBwang ?>?^"*?? rr
A Trip Westward?The Tomb of the
Lees?Scenes at Lexington.
left Richmond Sunday July
1th for f JBflhajTl 10:20 A. M. via
C. and O. B. R. The coach was
crowded with excurslonlata who were
Odin; ha (?oochlaad, Powhatan and
ngliani ???unties tu^spend the
The country preachers were
aboard too and for the first ti>
fully realized the larg?? numb?
local exhortera who "roost low" in
th?' ?it> churches of which niai.
???rs but who are all powerful
in ih?? c?Minty bicalitles where they
toll of the greatness and the good?
ness of the Lamb of God. who ?.
away the ???? of the world.
?.in alone wa? obtaln
allc but aa the stations were passed
thinning out" process :
and ar? soon had nearly the entire
? ar to ourselves. " One of the p|
is much dtsn?.i!?ted with
r order thai was apraadlnt
in his eeajaty. "Th?> people have
llttl?? ??????> BOB for th??
church." he said mournfully. "Thai
it all and pay it in the socie?
ties." Evidently his congregation
was healthy and did not get as heavy
n in death benefits as was ex
. Nu.g l,Mic*ilnir>?, Va., w?? w.-re
BMt I ; A. Pattoreon and Mr
W. J. Wells. A carriage had been
provided and we were soon at the
Of Prof. V. S. G. Patterson
where later an excellent repast was
?praad. We repaired with Dr. J. A.
to th?? residence of Mrs. Sarah
? 11 where the well known Vir?
ginia hospltalltv was extended.
WN ni.t Mr William A. Merchant
and w.? nit-t Dr. Fawcett snd talke*i
A. X. Luahlngton by 'phone
W? met Mrs. D. H. Hendersoi.
for the PLANET Mrs. .1 W
? on furnished musical sel?
Prof. G. S. G. Patterson
with remarkable pathos and power
niim??rous sel??? lions W ?
ilari y treated at the Mortali reel
Mrs. Minni?? Allen with
ilng sweetness entertained us.
at? asfl Lvnchburg Monday at 6
A. M. for Lexington, Va. Rea? hing
South Glasgow, we changed to the
branch line. The iadbs nu-t us and
we were soon moat pleasantly loca?
ted at the establishment of Mr. and
Mrs. G. E. Woodford.
Here we learned to the surprise of
Dr. J. A. Lewis that Lexington has
been "dry" (or some time. He was
at last in the city, which was the
l"to,)ia of his hopes and where he
could observe the effect of the enun?
ciation of t.-tnperance ideas.
It was demonstrated conclusively
that whiskey as a beverage was un?
necessary. As a medicine though
under some other name It tasted just
as sw????;
The arrival of Mr. A. C. Mabrey
from Staunton in a state of exhaus?
tion necessitated a prescription which
toned up the system and stimulated
the nervous forces into action. It
was only necessary to secure enough
of the medicine for both.
"We were much pleased with a
drive over Lexington. The Wash?
ington and Lee University la a aource
of interest and information A ring
?of the electric bell at the chapel
brought Mr. J. C. Carter the colored
custodian who is kept busy showing
visitare through the structure.
At we entered we saw the milk
white marble recumbent statue of
Gen. Robert E. Lee, the late chief?
tain of the late Confederacy. Tae
iron grating formed a contrast and
gave the appearance of the entrance
to a eemctary. On the rostrum was
a fine Stieff piano owned by Gen. Lee
and which has his name worked
? it In Ivory. The tone was
rich and musical. Mr. T*art?-r op. ti?
ed the Kates to the enclosure where
reated the atatue.
efftirt was made." he said to
ble. Tin? only ills? oh.rati<m In It
may Ik? seen at the toe of th?? 1
Valentia? s masterpiece as this han?
diwork of th?> sculptor's art moat
certainly Is, looked M now and aa
lif?? li^e as it did the day that It
waa unveil???! to the anxious ga
th?? nitiltit
Mr way snd we
It wse sombre and
I looklag. The! dark
Onnaannjl made of brick. White
mat til?' slabs i<ild that It WBfl
tomb of distinguished daad, (fta
vaults ?if tlios?? wlio had {?".in?? SB b?
for?? OB one was the BBBM Ol Ho
b.Mt ?
died in LS70. This was all. '
in th?> cante? th.? taatadiste
family ?>f fJafl la ? ??.?-?? <>n the
antsld r the ?distant r?'latlves
of his family." said Mr Carter. On
the. tio.H laaabag aanlaal tn? wall
.. stak?. "We always keep
extra ones on hand." said Mr. Cart?!
as we turned aw.
Crossing the passageway a ?
t?-r.'d t*..? ..p????? at (Jan. Rottati ?
aid to be just a??? h<? left It :i?i
ano. The moth-eaten table
?osar was abara, (ha pana?, (ka re?
porta from one .if the prof?
hat had been sent to hin?, one
of which was ??????????>?1. To? jani?
tor had been crdarnd not to change
the position, of any of the chairs o?"
other furnitur??. It was sombre look
ing and y?'t it inipress.-l the slght
\\'?? visited the art gallery and the
museum. Oosnrnd aamnnl
where? had control. Contractor H.
R. Jones pointed with pride to the
evidences of his handiwork. He waa
1MBll>|ad by the management to
make all wood-work repairs, and
when he could not do it. men from
other sections were sent for. The
management, however, seemed to be
batter pleaeed with the work of this
t??nt tactor \\\? passed througa the
grounds of the Virginia Military In
stitute. Colored men were busily
engaged at work. Cannon were on
.impua and the appearance of
the structure was imposing. Mrs.
K. R. Jones bews for over for?
th.> liest families in this city and was
well posted.
We then visited the settlements
of the colored people. Mr. R. R.
Jones has a most cosy and attrac?
tive residence built by himself. We
met his attractive daughter. Color?
ed people everywhere gave evidences
of progress. The BBtorad people of
Lexington and of Rockbrldge county
pay taxes on $139,061 worth of pro
?u'rty real and personal. The aa
sessed value of the real estate ow-??"*
'.y them is $113.230 and of the ?.? r
sonal property $25.831, making the
total amount previously quoted.
The First Baptist Church here is
a large structure of brick and is out
of debt. Rev P. S. Lewis. D. D..
the former pastor did a fire work
leaving the congregation free
of debt. Both he and Rev. W. T.
Johnson, D. D. who had charge here
are well spoken of by members of
the congregation. A student of the
Virginia Union University is doing
supply service.
The supper tendered at the Hall
waa a magnificent affai*. The visi?
tors present were Mrs. Julia A.
Watts and Mra. O. A. Patterson of
Lyndiburg. Va.. Miss M. L. Chiles
and Dr. J. A. Lewis, M. D. of Rlch
m?>nd and Mr. A. C. Mabrey of Staun
? and the
It might be well to etate here that |
.???? p????1? s\inpathlze when an ail-{
in?*- traveller leavea his medicine un-'
aajBjy seat, when he had j
Irfrar not to lo?*?
BBfortaaata when he;
?s a city like Lvnchburg ?>n ?
Suuday. meets with "Bill
;ind .irs" of r? ?? ' Ol I
isting conditions. Dr. Fawcett fall?
ai iid the neceas;?? . re-li*-?
with Dr. I ?Bahia ft tra tha ratarlaary
?araaoa giving a cynical look ??? ?
he is approaehad u|K>n the ?ut
\ l'Ai ihn G I PRJ.DIC \Mi:xT.
It is worse still wben nn atoi
aBflCsling ? | ?'t a n? ?
yr ajaaattt) of tsv
?*J ? ? n\ i : ? -^ i.? ;? misunderstanding '?
eecarea oalj oaa d.?s?? aad bbob
tweaty aaUea up tha reed burn
at L?-xiugton. owing to atrtaaaai
bini? -by"' f.?i ?\???\ .i
Sunday thai*?, so far as the immi?
ti.tied is COI
??'?? raaaladed th? Doctor, h?i^
that he could writ
others, wh\ ??4 for himself." He]
:b?? hint and two ni? ?ly
pad bott!. ?i?ine in whit?? pa-j
p?'r ? "nis ? fforts, ? alt)
humorously Inform??! th? dr
that he had "s;:v?-?l | buinan life -."j
it was not loavfl before Barrerai of tha]
LeOxlBJjtoa brethren war? si? i< t??.?
[aad Brochet I C Mahray s??? mod to
: overcome liy the fatigli??'
of his long Journey from Staunton j
to Han-lsonburg. a disfame of about
If mll?"s. In -??s Dr. !
arota bo preaerlptloaa, but adminis
tared tae Modlcfao di
Bfn nd Mrs. Patterson left]
for I.\ ji< hburg at 1?:2? Tuesday
morning, sometime after our ?I??- !
partdre, fee are k ti al 4: i<> a at
for Staunton. We had our bag?
gage Iraaaferred. Mhaj Chile?
to Mi. kta while ara
repaired to Dr. M. w. ran?11'? ree
id?-ii( ??, where we met the Ma.:
She was to leave that day for
ington. Va. Dr. Paunell had
? ailed to Wash i Bfjl I m and would
join her at the Virginia Hot Springs
in a fea days. It was 6:53
we I.-ft Staunten ?mi route to Coving
ton. Va. Mr ? C. Mabi??. aad htr,
.lack Allen were there to bid us a
? was after we had gone some
distance up the road that Dr. J. Al?
exander Lewis decided to arrange
the contents of his b.e mine
his medicine chest and prepare fori
work at Lowmowr. An exclamation '
of surprise came from him. Collars.?'
light suit and other contents gavel
.<??? of being rough dry. The'
druggists preparation had brok.n I
and the pieces of the thin bottle told j
the who!- Hie?a was noi
wailing, no gnashing of teeth, butt
there was no smile or sign ol
BBBB. the countenance of the well-}
known Richmond physician. How'
could he prescribe for his patients
and fill the prescription when he was?
out of the reach of a drug-store such
as could be found in the "dry" town'
of Lexington? ,
There was no help for it and not
until he reached Covington, where
he greeted the genial Mr. C. B.
Brown did the old time laugh re?
turn and happiness reign supreme.
At Clifton Forge, Va. we were met
at the train by Mr. E. F. Scott, the
well known property owner and bus?
iness man: Mr. Banks, his madame.
Mrs. Annie E. Banks, and Rev.
Thomas ?. White. Mrs. Bank?
stopped at Ieowmoor. Va. to prepare
to receive us that afternoon when
we came up from Covington. Va.
Mia? M. L. Chiles was the guest
of Mrs ?. It. New sum. \? a
and h?T husband own a
: Bai
aa Usatasi
Fill KV
w ?? in < QBapany with l>? |
>:nfortab! ? .1 at
? >1 Mr. and Ml
M Brown. ? one ?linnet w.is a?
?. ti ? ? ! >' \\ \V n, the
entarprtatag color??! pa alt Ina H??
I popolar and Is
business. He
re on tbe corner where hie of
W H I'
know ? pa Mint: to build ?
? lew church of bri?K. He is sue-1
? Well ; toa ami
fonerai satisfaction. On th?? adrice
of Mr. Bl drive
to Lan moor. V;i . a dl
It wa when we,
in compnnv with Mi M L Chiles,
Emma It BtoWI V ?.
? .in??. D !.. m ||
and Mr C. H BfOWB :i^ d?
BOWB the wagOS road .nro.tt*? ?
Ob ska high
mountains while within tin
ragna rat
long which he rive: M
? both directions
: Into tbe
bushes as we ?t?? tings
to h?' S..I1 With th.
sparkling. heaUft-??t?? Now
and then bla. * l.-b??r
ry picker? were passed ?>? the
Bnl driver Brown was look?
ing sick anrl Dr. Lnwti found it n?>
\ to take ri i m t
th?? roadsid?? when ? CO
pious draaghta of water and pre
BCribed for him from his ever pi
chest whleli h?> had fill? 'drug
.ngton, T*.ie:.
mishap and In about an hour and a
half the party r ? moor,
many aspa
Mr M. 15 Kos. ?.
Banca property hen and resides in a
(l.'nco which is locat?
a corner lot. Colored people are
purchasing property. Away off In
th?? ?listali.?? va,:, the Lowmoor fur?
naces and co. s. At night,
th?? lurid flames from time to time
light up t? for over a radius
than five miles. Colored
laborers are well paid and there Is
a ((instant demand for more. Aa a
rule, the onanisti?? shifts, and on?
ly a small percent remain for a life?
time at one place. Like the ripples
in th?? stream, the waves of the o
tknp inox?? onward and all of
tlo-ni are never still.
It waa 9:10 Tuesday night w^ien
we began th?? reter? trip. One of
the residents there piloted us out of
the dark recesses of Lowmoor. One
of our vehicles was out of the :
but soon found the road again. Our
giiid?? got down and then on to Cov
ington we went. The light roadway
could be seen In the darkness. On
our right waa the yawning river.
A balky horse, a run. ,m. a
colusi?n witti another vehicle would
have precipitated the entire patty in
the yawning chasm where flowed the
G below.
"We were going at a rapid pace,
down grade and up. Now and th.-n
Driver Brown would apply the brake
to keep the rapidly moving vehicle
from injuring the running h?,
Then there would be a bright light.
Richmond Hospital Items.
Miss Mattie E. Cab.iniss has re?
turned from an extended trip in
ol the Northern cities, while
ther?? ..i many of the large
Hospitals. She is feeling much Im?
proved in health.
The oldest daughter of I>r. J. M.
( Vaughn of Manchester has boon
quite sick. Dr. M It .l?>n??s was
I In consultation last Monday.
The Hospital operating staff has
k?pt fatta busy during the
apring and summer months.
\v. nnra favored with a call from
i>r Q w. ?.??.? recently. Dr. r. t.
Ellis of Howard, Medical ?
:iit?ndlnc clinics at Richmond
Miss Saillie W ? otl Is nursing In
Emporla. Miss E. Lillian Ynn.
! and Miss Hazel E. Ridili? k
in the BU
Anni?? Ondadaa Of Falrfleld
Road who had an ? p?>rform?
ed la getting along nicely.
Miss Mary Daniels, who had an
operation performed at a hospital in
Ba HI more; Is her?? being tr? .it. .1 lor
stlt. h ahcess.
' ?rtha Campbell and Mrs
Mary E. Jackson both of Fullon.
were operated ui*>n last week .
Ml<- Rosa Reld. Uttle F
Crlflfln. Mr A McKermv and Mr
? '???or: are Improving in
I? ?t the Ib'spital for treat?
? u?s Williams, who was
stabln?I ?>n Julv 4th and br?>ught to
tal for treataaeat was die
charged Tharaday, in go?.?l condition
l'I R805 \l.s l\M BR?I i -
htr ?? sat htachllB of Petersburg
'. on us.
?Mr?. Rosa ? .Iones U visiting
? d?>.
?R. \ w ? Oraaaaa, D. D . lias
ronm for a
I J Miller, who '
? 111 Is 'Ing.
'??bu H Johnson and her
son. I 'ing the
OB, Mass
trthar ? who
Is now living in King William
Rohert a. Jackaoa, ?ria
king nt
?lied <?n u- H-? i- working at
tha Q. P. Putnam Spin's esta:
? and is prosp.'iing.
Bara ? ?? ?? ai d Mia? Jul
' trllagtoa, Va.. in eoa??
???? Mi--; !.. Dracllla Marks
?Miss Marion Ar. I. ?uiet
ly atar Had to Mr Aadrea ? Dabaey
on la ugton. D.
C. Moth ar?? and
their many ft, much
- in li!'??.
BM 1U1I!
Tbe Oxfordl ' -burg vs ??
of Rlchmoad, Tuesday
laly 2ttb. I??! Qaaia oalled
at 4 tits,
l.adi.s to the grand stami
Wisteria Court Orgitni/cd.
Grand Worthy Counsellor John
Mitchell, Jr. organized Wi
Court. N. ":i<lav IbBO l?th,
at the Court Chamber, 111 N.
Third St. with the following om
Worthy Counsellor, Mrs. Adeline
Turm-r: Worthy Inspectrix, Mrs Kl
l.n Plaha?y; Worthy ????t??t. Mrs
Matti.? Raid; Bealor ? . Mrs.
ward; Junior Directress,
Molila White; Orat.,r. Mrs An
I Rrown: Register of l>
Hail ,: Washington: Register
of ? Mrs. Frances Co.
-r of I' Mrs. Rlscilia
Annie Robin?
son; Conductress. Miss Christina Mil
\ssistant Condii? tress. Miss Liz
?fto Hanner: Herald, Miss Martha
Turner. Protector, Miss Maria Snead
Trustees: Mrs. Sarah Johnson. Mrs.
Maggie Shackleford, Mrs. Martha
Harris. ?
This Court was organized through
rforts of Special Deputy Grand
Worthy Counsellor Mildred John?
son and the Grand Worthy Counsel
lor highly commended her for h?r
Fifth Str??f ItnpiiM Church.
11 A. M. the pastor will pr
Subject: God'a Beet Gifts
3 P. M. Communion.
8:30 P. M. Preaching by the pas?
All are invited to these services.
Knights of Pythias Jubilant.
Uniform Rank in
Th?? Firth Stt??et Baptist Church
? of a brilliant gather
Monday night, July ICtk. the
install?t i?.i.
Knights of Rythias. The
officers of If l.i'iges and II < .mrts
Installed by Orand Chancellor
John Mit? hell. Jr.
ion- ??.!:' filled In
Baab. auditorium as wall as in
the galleries. The back ground al
t lu? rostrum naa .1 with a
.ud .1
Btatea flag, and in the
eentrs naa a Bare? su.-? portri
lh>r siilinumi?
Pj tktaa ? >>i"
The gallery facing tin? rostrum
was also I with a lai
altad dag. Th?? Scriptures
' i.\ Rev. \ i: Bdwm
li I'i.i\?-r was onVred bj H> \
th?? Filth St. !. ti.ir.b
Choir. '???? roll of lodges ?
was called, aft. ? wblcb th?? rapati of
the Pytbll Industrial As
M Crump ry <?f th<
BOnrad that t !. ! Knights
ol Pythias and tb? Female Depart
nient of ! owned t 1 ? 000.00
worth of propert) and (bal all bills
bad 1?.?.?? ! that tl.
'.t Th?? total amount
department was
I, lll.701.C8, l
Claud 1.
?if Virginia had mad? an appropria?
tion ?.f 11000.00 moia '?? tbl
partmant and tbe smoaat was
H Wyat'
mach attention II?? showed that
the ???< baili? > had
handled over a million and a half
dollar.; sin??.? its 'ion four j
and I half SBJO Ma had ltd,
000.00 on deposit. He IllnBt
?tabi Bitft amusing I
tad Chaacelror Joba Mitchell, ?
tplalaad the "self-Extending B>
downsaal l'ian H.? was listeaeJ to
rapi attt-ntion as h?? BX] .
t!.. .?.tails <>f this most surprising
feat.tr?? of Pythlaa betielit. lit? also
! that the (?rand Lodge of Vir?
ginia. Knlghta of Pythias ????????:???? I
'. balan. ? Stauntoii an?
nual s? ssion of % 1 .?.I ? 0.4'?. It own
ad real astate to the value of $
00, snaking It? total holdings. |1C,
?AI.LATION OF officers
At t*i?? ?(inclusion of his remarks,
? it h other Orand Lodge
Officer? to th?? ledili, room below.
wbll? Brand ?
enlloi W. Dandridc
Grand Mast? r at Arms
William E. Mlteboll then jiro.
according to th?? rubs laid down in
Installation s sad later
tb.? Brand Chancellor marchad ??
?d took <ha?
gain, after which h?? lastalled tbe <>f
Of th?? . ?r.? being 209
in all.
Th? ? after
. ing the pi int. ?1 | : th. ?
i? orally from the Grand
Chancellor. passing across the ros
truni in or?le: ?G??
tar at Arms w ? n then pro
claimed the ofaeSTS of th?? sui.'trdi- ]
nate lo.! ,????p? diil> In
stalled In knightly and chllvarle
form. Those who assisted wen
Ifitchell, Sir ?. M. Crump Sir
0 M Steward. Sir S. S Raker and
Sir J. S. Anderson.
The installation of the officers of
the subordinate courts of Richmond
with tbeir 448 officer? immediately
followed. Mra. Anna Taylor. Dis?
trili Deputy Grand Worthy Counsel?
lor wield???! the gavel. Mrs Nannie
Johnson. Mrs. Georgia Rolling, Mrs.
Jdary Mayo and Mrs Lucy Cross as?
sisted. At the conclusion Mrs Anna
Taylor proclaimed th?? officers duly
installed. A vote of thanks was ex
I th?* church, pastor. Choir and
other officers.
The Uniform Rank was out. the
First Battalion being under the com
marni of Major William A. Robin?
son. Eureka Co., No. 1, Capt. Isaac
commanding: IMan?'t Co. No.
Hrown, commanding
and the Pythlaa C Roe
Mit'b.ll. commanding were
The rostrum was surrounded
by th?? officer? ?>i the Brigade and
RearlaaeataJ Staff. Th.???*> present
Col. .lohn R. Cbi?es, Chi
?.-r Qeaeral'a starr. Col
janiln Scott. Assistant laapector Oen
Col J. Hear Brigade
Signal O ai C?r; Col. Jesse Scrugg?.
mlssary Oeaeral; Gal
Thomas Smith. Brigade Engln?^"?
Cftpt W. Henry Jones. Capt. Wil.
Capi Thoaaaa p Wyatt, Col.
Thomas M. Crump. Commanding 1st
R.-gfn?.? al Major John J. Hiy In
tb?'ir fatigue uniforms, they present
??d an attracttre appearan??
John Mit? hell. Jr. wore the white
summer fatigli?? linfomi ?if a Briga
dler Deaerai
committee of arrangements
was c?instit ut??d as follow
W. D , ?. M I, W
I Mitchell, wniis Wyatt s. s. Ba
:'.iv lor. Mr?* Lucy
Mrs R Fino?
ra W< S. Thomas.
??pinion was that this wsa the
grauadaal affair rol h?-i?i by tne or?
ganization in this city. Sir D M
Cornish < ''urg was pr?
* m. ? \ natta
Mr. w ? Raadelph aBMreaaad the
n m C I Coafereaee la
? veiling Many gir,?d things
said. sdea ?io not forget to put
the? in
Report? from the alms house and
Jail work for last Sun.:
??ii? ??uraglng.
John Rallara! arho is bob
?if the committee who has char
>s?'d the hoya
? that we got
th?* rttrbt man to h??Tp us.
Mr lohaaoa adi men
last Sim.lav. Sabject: The
which we sing. The ? ?
M. n be .m tini?? Sunday for a
meet I a? Bead? at. at
\ Rooai
Dr. ?\?. P. Ora ham, pastor of th??
Fifth Baptist Church ??il ad
? (?f\ Sun,I.,
M at the Tin?? Refe Mali.
Will I Man Rob I
tor tin's meet Ing.
and bring BBOther man
1>.? not forget the V. Il (' A. in
In M? Mioriiim.
WHEREAS. The C,r?>at Ruhr of
th?? nniv? : in his infinite wis?
dom.. s?-en flt to reeaove from our
? aad bakn???1 sir
Knight Benjamin Phillipe, on June
WHEREAS, The kind relations
and <onn??fl.m beM by him with tha
?aembera .?f Veni So. 4?i.
: Pythlaa, for tha peal two
! ami one half it fitting
; that ? ?j per y., m of
I him. therefoi
RESOLVED, That th :, re?
moval of sucti a promising young
man, when yOBBfj ????? ar?? always In
? I a vaca :
ow that win bo greatly reallaoJ by
Of this ! ,i ??
friends, an.i will prove a sad
ta??!?? ? ,i comma
RESOl - id That we ex
tead to the afflicte.i relative? and
friends our profound?
and .
teraal gain.
RE? Phat a eopy
of th- itiona be sent th?
! family, spread upon the
f Venus Lodi ad be
bed ?? the J'LxNET.
Don.? I ?s Lodge,
No. : P.
p.. i?i?i aVaaassra bVbbbbbb.
The Reunion of the old ?-Wiolars
and intermediate silver and
g celebration of oar f<
c?tiz.n. Mr. O and, will
Bt. M ?? Church on
Sunday, 2 9th Inst. at I o'cJoch, ? M
?Baler very favorable auspices.
The following o!d pn|
er prominent citizens have kindly
consented to take part In the pro?
li?.n. John Mitchell, Jr .
am Maggi?? I. Walher, R T. Hill.
Esq.: Meesrs. J. A. Brown. W. ?
Wright, R. A. Jordan. Benjamin
Vandervall, W ? Walton. R I.
Hewlett, and Capt. R. O. Richardson.
Prof. D. Webster Davis who is not
an old pupil has been r?-?jnested to
read an original poem and Madam
Mlldr.-'l \ Croa?, one of Richmond's
foremost Prima Donnas, will reader
a solo. R?-v W H. Dean, pastor of
the Leigh Street ? E Church will
perform the wedding ceremony.
?Brin? or ?enti us your JOB
WORK; we do it nicely. We do it

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