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FILE NO. ???.
Ciamemn's last injunction to Raoul
"Re rrry cautious when yero e?nter
the room; your itppearanc? muni teJI
everything, ?o you ?rax. avoid prelimi?
nary saplsaatioaa.**
The recommendation ire* u*ele?a.
Th??? instant that Raoul went into
the little salon, the sight of hi? pale,
haggard face and wild eyes ??used
Mmc.FaUTfl to ?pring? tap with clasped
hand??, and cry out :
"Raoul, what has happen?*!? Speak,
my son!"
The sound ef 1er. aftV. ?
sir \oice acted (Ike ?n el??>etj-ic sh?k
upon thr young levi.?lit. He shook like
a leaf. tbe wnie tini??, his
nun?! seemed
not mistaktm in h f his
compatii.?!, ? che raster Raoul ??
tb?? -Lia'*?, bis part w:,
hi* sssut him ; lea
tina;, lying nature i?4*Muiii???! the
?-d any i ?
? Dar hi? heart.
This misfortune is the la**? I
ft?r snafar, mother!"
Mme. Fiauvel ro-he?! towimi limi.
and. aeiiitiar h
injrly it.to hi? eyes, as if to r??a?l bis
very soul.
"What ia the rm? i;?>oul. mv
dear ?am. ??. vrtaat trouble?
He gently pushed he>r from him.
The matter ?a. inv moth?-r
?add. In s voire of heart broke/? deavpair,
**tl*et I am an unw.irlhT, deare-nerate
son! I" ? worth? of you. unworthy of
ay noble father!"
?She tried to comfort him by saying
that his errors wer? adi her fault, and
that he wa?. in spite of all, the pmle
of her heart.
**Alas!" he said. "I know and Jixlge
veri' ?? .ne can reproach me for
?ifamous conduct more bitterly
aisn doe? ass ew r. ?-onseleiu-e. I am
t*ot naturally wirken, but only a mis?
erable fool. At time* I am like sn
insane man. and sm not rea pon at l ?le
for my action*. Ah. my dear it-.
Id not l>e what I am. if you had
?aU'h'Hi ewer mj ehlldhnod. Hut
brought up ninong atrangvr?, with no
guide but Bay own evil passion?, notch?
ing to restrain me. BO BM to ad
tne. n?> MM to 1???<* n*e, owning
nothing, not even my atole?n name. I
am cursed with vanity ?imi unbounded
BsnaMftoa. 1'.???. with no wk?
sist me but you. I haw the tastes and
vioe* of a millionaire's son.
"Ala? for me! When I fourni you
tb,? m I wni ! ne. Your afT
your mat? : :,?l love, the only true
happiti. ss of in\ life, t save
me. I. wbe had <-n ' much, ???
dure.l -.. BSa* privntion*. even the
pan?/? of hunger, bsoana? apotled by
f luxury ami pleasure
re me. I rushed
beadleui as a
?drxinknrd ?'. lifjuor
seizes i. rlrst
BOl ? ?!."
Mu,. -tient snd ter?
rifie?!. t>. tl - ;>alr and
innsoraa, which Bavoal uttered with
Basa ?hire.! ti t interrupt him, but
felt ?Mrt..?: Ireadful piece of
new? w aa
la a sad. hopeless
?>een a wreak f?*>l
BBBam was within !.. and I
had not the sense to it r?>tch forth
Bay ? . t. 1 rej.?.
Baneenly rea litt to eagerly pursue a
?ai? ?!
sp?'nt ?: ' your feat, und >'
str. rrntitnde f?>r
\?.?..r :..,.?: Hade yon
unlia;?; of
mind. :.!.?1 matead of Ivetng a bleealnir,
I hav?? :~???:. a tar at ??*?. r atace th?? first
fat. tin? to your
kind beert _r brute that
I was, t?> squander upon creaturea
whom I leap ned, s fortuit??, of which
?nach jjo?d ?:.?.?? masi bass eoo! you
a tesr! Too late. fo<> ??te! With y<m. I
? nil.': ? happy
??- atoppi Ovwrnaa
of Bla evil d??
; a? if about to burst into
I rs.
son." marmared Mate. Paure?,
? .?.
. if I oalj eoald!" cried Kaoul;
"but no; it la t
1 tell how Iona; ;.?\ rood reaolatioDS
!1 hist '.' ; ' : st tini??
that 1 here eoa?h ni ed myself pita
It -
fault ma.l?? m?? aw ear t<>
life, to mi? the
manll of these periodical repeat?
ancea! At the !.
got my remorse snd nlit
tiona. 1 am .1 asean spirited,
and you Bl ? Ottgb to .
ei i: ? yia m *
intentions ?re p? od, n?\
villain, ?
my extravagant desires, and the
means of gratifying them, is
irreat for : iur?? any longer.
MFkn hnuae ?? what fearful length BTJ
aaforteaate disposition may lead aaef
However, 1 will take mv fate in m ?
own hands!" he finally said, with a
reckless laugh.
"Oh, Itnoul! my dear son!"
Mme. Faut el. in an agony of terror,
"explain these dreadful words. Am 1
not your mother? Tell me what dis?
tresses you; I am ready to hear tbe
He appeared to hesitate, as if
afraid to crush hia mother*? heart by
the terrible blow he was about to In?
flict. Then in s voice of gloomy de?
spair he refilled:
"I am ruined!'*
"Yea, ruined; and 1 have nothing
more to expect or hope for. I am dis?
honored; and all through my own
une but mjr
"lt is the nad truth, my poor moth?
er. Inn fear nothing. 1 shall not trail
in the dust tii<* name which you b?
stowed upon in?* I will at leaet have
th??* courage? not to survive m...
honoi nother: ?l??nt pity me.
or di?-? ? oue of
- <l to find
of death,
th mistur?
imi?? stau iny Provar. Was
tie in.'iiiiiiv of my ex
ight, flll
And now,
?hm ? ? n t.> \?>m after many
do I not prore to
be ? | u blc**
r re
proech?] *
will di??
-:ng? upon your head, and
n g ?lev???
"It muKt he. ray dear mother; honor
tnned by Judge?
from whoi appeal can be
taken oee and uxy will."
An hour ag (-"?urei would
ha?** ?worn that Raoul had made her
lufTer all the torment* that a woman
rould emiure; but now ?he felt that
til her former trouble? wre nothing
?ompered with h?.r present ajrony.
-My God! Raoul, what hmvee yo-a
been doing?** ah? gaeped.
".Monfj wa* intrusted to me; 1
gambled, ?nd lost It."
"Wa? it a large sum?"
l'ut mor* than ye<u can r
place. My poor mother, have I not
taken *< ?t\ thing from you? Did you
not give nie your laat jewel?**
'But Monsieur de (.lamer?n is rich.
He placed his fortune at uiy disposal.
I will order the carriage and go to
"Rut Monsieur de (lamer?n i* ab
?ent. ?aid will not return to l'aria un?
til next week; and if I do not have
the money this evening I am
Alas! I have thought deeply, and. al?
though it is hard to ?ln*> so young*.
"till, fute will? it a
He pulir?! ie pistol fr?>m his po.ek.ct.
and. with a :<?? le, ?aid;
"This will settle ?very thing"
Mme. Paare] ???*?? toa aeriteli and
frighten?-?! ?<? reflect upon the h?rr*?r
O?*!*? behnvl??r.and that theasr* wild
? were a la*-t resort for obtain?
ing mon??" 'ful of the past.
?SB ?>f the future, her every
thought concentrate.! u?n>ii th??
en?, ?he conipreheruie?! bel <>n?e fact ?
that her son whs ab >ut to ?*?>nimit ?ui
cide. mid thnt ehe was powerles* to
? nt the fearfal ?leed.
"Al. a !iile, my -
?he <?? nlre will soon return
? : I will ask him to gire mo
How much d?,.l von loee"
ii shall have thorn to-mor
"Hut I BIBBI hie??: the moie?
Mme. Kauvel wrung her hands In
' I eon not com?? I
i.'.' Whj did you not
?ugh ?n BO to o'liie*
. ng? There
'muse to
'.?; If It *
if t?.u had only eOBM before Andre
"lb.? aaf*!M cried Raoul with ?ud
den joy, aa if thi?* magic word had
tiirowu ? ray of light u]mmi his
do y??u kn.'v, Brhare tha key
"Ye??: it is in the? next r?xnn."
"Well!" h? - .. with a l>old
: . | fa love -
??r her ? keep aflea?,
"Qiva m?? th. ?lier," he said
? estreat],
"oh. Baoal, !<?.<
"It ?s my life I urn asking of you."
word? decided h?r; she
snatclwd up a caadla, ru-b??l into hat
bar, epaaad ? ?axy, and
Mit M i ??*>'.
Bat, when about t<> band it t?i R-i
oui. sh?* seemed suddenly to see the
"< >h, Raoul! my son," she mur?
mured, "I can BOtl I >? ? not ask :.
ich ft dreadful deed!**
11.? Bald r turned
thea, coming
to hi? mother, said:
t?ut little ?iif
?e in the end' At leoxt you will
glee a 11 ? part
forever, mj darHaaj aiotherl**
**vVhal could you ?lo with the key.
Raoul?" interrupted Mm??. V?
Vou .lo imi know the secret word of
tin? bultona."
hat 1 can try to open It with?
out Bsovinaj the button?."
"N ou know thru money is never
kept In tin- ??afe over night."
? an make the at?
tempt. If I open the wife and
.'. it v*-i!l he a miracle, show -
ing that Heaven bus pitied my misfor?
tunes sad orovided relict."
"And if vou are n??t nucceaefui, will
you promise me to wait until to-mor?
row , t<> dO nothing rash to-night?"
"I will ?wear it. t>> my father's
"Then take the key and follow me.**
l'ale and trembling. Raoul and Mme.
through the banker'?
?fmly, and down the narrow stair
leaafBBaj to the ofti? e? and cash
Raoul walked in front, holding the
lu/ht, and the key of the ?afe.
Mme. Kauvel wa* convinced th*t It
would a? utterly ini possi lile to open
the safe, aa the key was useless with?
out the secret word, and, of course,
Raoul bad no way of discovering
* it wa*. _
- i?*mm^^^mmmy^mm?jmmfmmjmmmmmMa
SB grant im: Cat eom
had revealed the anerat to hm, he
areaahj And bal ht:1- in the ?afe
everything ?ai ? .1 In th?
I that no
?r kept p? the safe
. hours.
The oulv snxletj Khe bit watt. h?ov
Kaoni would beai ?ointment,
: that ?he would gain
? ?! try th?
then, wbea 1 ' not opea the
ante, be w? - ??. aud
?. t oa\. ;
uarely no
wheu be I-m*?! uot touch the
of vu he will lis?
ten to my eat restie?; and to-m
What ??1.?? would do to-morrow she
a aak her?
self. Hut in extreme aituatloas tbe
delay ins1
r?-sp.i?? meant ?ure t?nlvation.
? pendemaed mea, at the i??t mo?
ment, hep* for ? irprie?.?? of
hour, a f? M Is. Raoul st? about
to kill hnn?elf: his mo'her prayed to
:<> grant h?'r not even
a day. one night : as if in thia BBU?
time ?orne s ne x pec t ?ed relief ??
?ome to end her mis??'
ached Prosper'? offici?, an?!
gnon] plaeed tbe bar ht ??os high
HO thnt it lighted the whole r
He then rami ? tall bla
ne??, or rath? >?> han'ral pre
?ieion of enf. ali
panaient al ? which men
toansd to peri) aevail ih?-^-__.. ? natj
tiros of ne?ed.
Rapidly, with tbe dexterity of ex?
perience, he ?lipped tbe buttons on
the five letter? compo?ing the name
??f O, i. p. a y.
Hi? feature? during thia ?bort op?
eration, expressed the tiao?t Bit
anxiety. He wa? fearful thst bis nerv?
ous euer?/?. might give out; of not
being able to open the safe; of not
finding the nu'-nev there when he
opened it; of Prosper having changed
tbe word: or perhaps hieing neglect?
ed to le?ve the money In the safe.
Mme. Kamel ?aw these viaible sp
prebeti?ior,s with alarm She read in
his cv.? that wild hope of s man,
who. passionate!? desiring sn object,
end? by |w I auailhig hiniaelf that hi?
own will suffice? to overeotue all ob?
stade a.
Having often l*een present when
I'roeper wa* fireparing to leave hi*
annul had fifu ? ? aba I
the button? Mii.l link the safe,'
ju?t liefore leaving the bank. Indeed,'
having s practical turn ai mind, snd
an e; ? ture, he bad even)
trie?! to lock the ?afe hiin?elf on sev-j
eral eaeaaien? while wnitbnj
He inserted the key irned.
it around; pvnaaed it further in. end
turned it time; th?-n thru?t
denly, nnd turned it agsin.
HI? I.? |ly that
Fbum! eould
Tbe ward had aol bean ?-hanged;
il and his mother simultaneous?
ly uttered a ?M '. terror; be of
! Mme. Fauvel,
incoiti prehenaibb?
result ?I ? attempt. "Come'
?ling, for
ul! "
And. half frenzied, ?he clung to
?ailed him away so'
?bru: ms? dragged
y; t he
ai-h of tbe Hj?fc d?>or, mads
he? long.
Bat liaoui dieooearnd.1
OB the upper shall of the r?aife. four
bundle? of I?.ink note?? lie snatched
them up with his left hand, and
?lipped them maule hi? veat.
F.xhauMcd h*J tbe effort aha had
juat mede, Mi ped Ra?
oul*? arm. and. ul. ttsBaj with
emotion, clung to the baok of a chair.
"Have mercy, annali** an? moaned.
plore yoa to put back the m
and 1 aolemalj bat 1 will ?five
you twice a> iion-h tomorrow. Oh. my
son, he*? ...ur unhappy moth?
er* "
He ?.aid no attention to these word*
of entreaty, but carefully examined
the ?crntch on the naie He was al?
most alarmed at thin truce of the rota
was impossible f< ?
t\ <-r up.
"At least, you will not take all,"
said Mme. Ka uvei, "ju!?t k???
to save yourself, and put Inack the
"What good ?t .lo? The dia
ry will he .e safe haa
opened; *<> I might as well take
all us a part."
"Oh. im! not at all. I can account to
Andr??; I will tell him 1 had a preea
BUJ asad for u certain auiu, ami open?
ed the !-af<? to g t it."
In lb? ni.??ut AA Baon) had care?
fully cloxed the m
ne, mother, let ui go back to
the tiit ting-room. A might go
tbere to look for you, and he a*ton
aShed at our absence."
?In cruel inditTercnre and cold
calculan?? ii a moment t?lled
J Mme. Fa uvei with indignation. She
J sew that .-he had BB influent??
| her son, that her prayer? and tear?
I? had no effect upon hi? hard heart.
"Let them be a-toiiished," she cried;
("let them come lor.? and nnd us. 1
?will be relieve?) t.? put ?n ?md to thia
I of crime. Then Andre will know
j all, and dm e me from hi? house. Let
??'.?.?? wili, i -ball not sacrifice
'another rietina, Pi?>M?er will be ao
: of this theft to-morrow. Cla>
.u riefrnuded him of the woman
! h?? love?!, and now you ?.vould deprive
} him of hi? honor! I will have nothing
to do with so liase a crime."
She spoke *o loud ai. ly that
Baonl was alarme?!, lie knew that the
errand boy alept in a room close by,
and might tie in bed listening to her,
although it wa? early in the evening.
OflM upstairs." he said, ??-?zing
Mine. Fauvel'a arnu
Hut ?he clung to a table, aad r??
CBasd to move a ?:
"1 have been cowardly enough to
sacrifice Madeleine." ?he aaui. "but I
will not ruin Prosper."
Raoul had an argument in reserve
which he knew would make Mme.
Fauve] Fubmit to hi? will.
"Now, really," he i?;aid. with a cyn
iesl la I that you
do not Know l*i?~ t im I arranged
?hi? little affili? d that he
i.?? to haw ha] ' ? lyT'
"In I will never belie*??
such .???per!"
"Why. h?.w ?le .vu suppose I dis?
covered the secret be do you
supposed I ordert? and left
the money in the oife?"
"Prosper as I
course, he ?"? aad m> am I, too.
The only tbinj.? are both need
u are telling a falsehood, Ra?
oul '"
"G??? my *oul I am not. Madeleine
rejec?ted I'roaper. and the poor fellow
ha* to console himself for her cruel?
ty: snd these sort? of consolation* are
expensive, my good mother."
He took up th?? candle, and gently
but firmly led Mm??. Fauwl toward
ti??? stai rea?*.
.?she mechsnically allowed hers?
be led *long, more tiewildered by what
?he had just heard than she was at
the . ; 'f the safe door.
"What!" sh? gapped, "can Prosper
be s thief ?
Bbe began to think herself the vic?
tim of a terrible nightmare, and that,
when she wak? .nul would BB
relieved ol I tolerable torture.
She belpleiasly . lung to RBOb1*S arm
a* he hel|mM? her up the narrow little
?i must pv.? the key rsjv-k in the
secretar?.." - .am they
Rut she ? to hear him;
so he went and replaced the sa G
In the pluoe fr? ;.. which be had aeon
her take it
He then ? ither carri?*d. Mine.
Keuvel into the littl? adtttaaj tee? BBd
The stele exj?' f the
Raoul. who
. bt that sh? b??.l lo*a h?-r mind,
that her re?*? : |*ivea way
be Bald, is ? -. aa he
rubbe?! h? ? bava saved
lered an immens??
?ervic*? i?i Proepe-t Don't Ik? ?.la:
in e oot right in the
1 end. ? rheps
MTCBted; he e v.? ? ?> that, an?! is pre?
pared for deny hi?? culpabil?
ity; and. aa th proof ag
him. he w ?t liberty immedi?
ate: ;.
Rut then.? f- - were waste?l
on Mme. ! ? ho wa? incapable
of under- anything sh.
In a broken?
hearted t. ; ? my son.
h*?e killed ?
Her (Bads? ? r, kind even in it?
despairing ? I the very
and once mor.? bob! was wrai
ISSSOtBt; so ?: -It incl?n
?ah the ?
an?! reaaoB I ? The
thorn. : him.
bis efl??? ;
I Fanvel fruitless; th*t. ?f all
f his ? f. ? la and ?
ises. (he ?till sat silent, moti
like; and. fearing that M.
Knuvti or Ma
iam ? ? un e\?
the h
At taaraat, in the
ture? I by
; ?*???.
: if at the
| treat ; if
visitoi ?Aiubl
: they depart h re
tun ? r Bari
He bad w ori
[ a sta'
? oui ! .
could - . out:
' U.-l??
thanks to
VOU; Mll.i I HI:,
ble. ?? eel f the
He on butt? eed his esa??, and, pall?
ing OBI ?: ? four bimill.s of
I D suiti
"Now . I !. .-. j ou ara
i? th?
and perhaps th?? :
(*taaneran paid no att?
angry |. ,.
Of the Of Hi
' in silent.
dhsaaat Khibitioa of
ahocalnaj con trae! t?> the
II,? was
humihat??! i.t being the tool of BSJCh
a hem unirei a? he BO? I
Clamerai, t?
Ion. this m
and aaid
"Did y o.i bava much dlasWllltj
'I forbid yoe aeat t?> nilu.i.? t<? this
evening - work," cri-d Raoul, ?i.rcel*,.
"Do >ou ?,. ,- me? I a iah to f.
Clamerai: -hrugged hi? shouhi.rs ?t
thi? ont! ?n -t ?.f anger, and aaid in a
bantering tone:
"dur: s*?**?, B?* liar??.
nephew. t?iink you will ?raal
?i.oinfh, arhea ? offer
you |ha*ea | will not,
I am ?urf, refuse .?? accept thaSB .-??
a ?light souvenir. T*k.
are yours "
This generosity ?<eeni?-<1 n<-.?r.
surprise noi m ..ni
'Accord?i,^ to our agreement." be
?aid, s.u?hlenly, "I was t<? have mor ?
than this."
?t if course; thia is only part of your
"And when am I re?t.
If you please?"
bl day I marry Madeleine, and
not before, my boy. Y?>u are t????
valuable an assistant to I?.?e at pi es?
enti and yoe know thnt, though I
don't distrust you, I am not a It ??get h
?r eure of your ?in? ere affection for
Kaoni reflected that to commit a.
crime. Htul not profit by it, would be
tbe height of absurdity. He hsd come
with the intention of breaking oflf ail
with Clamerai.; but he
? I that he would not
?!?>n hie accomplies until he had
been well paid for hi? services.
ry well." he said. "1 accept thia
?n account : but, remember. I will nev
annth?*r piece of work like this
of to-night. Vou can do what you
please: I ?hall flatiy refuse."
Clamrrnn burist into a l.-ud laugh,
aad ?aid:
"That i? sensible: now that you are
rich, ? ffor.I to be hone:**
your COI.aC.flai St rest, for 1 proi lise
you I will require nothing mora at
you save a few trifliug ?ervicsa. You
can retire behind the scenes now,
while I appear upon the? ?tage. My
role begin?."
at: an hour after Ra?
oul1!? departure. Mme. Fauvel re?
mained in a ?tate of i?tupor bordering
upon unconsciousness.
GrsduHlly, however, ?he recovered
her Balnea a sufficiently t?? comprehend
the horrors of he? situation;
and, with the faculty of thought that
of ?uffering returned.
The dreadful ??????<? in which she had
taken part whs ?still before her af?
ri; all the attending
circu; 1 at the time,
.ick her forcibly.
?. ?h. had been the dupe
of s shameful eoaapiracy; that Raoul
had tortured h? r with c?dd-bloOded
cruelty, hud tuken advantage of her
? iDta?, and had ?peculated upon
her fright.
Prosper anything to do
with the I ! hi? Mine. Fauvel
had no a ndlng. Ah! Kaoni
BUS* I...?? tke blow would at
he accu?? r. He knew that
btme. Fauni would end by believing
in the cm?
uuh?pp\ woman sat and
thought ove? cv.-ry possible wav
in m oui couH find BUI
the m word without Pros?
per'* BBS rejected
BS that the OS
?a? ?tor of the crime; but
f herself, it con?tantly re?
nd finally ?he felt convince?!
| that what Banni ?aid must be true;
arbe but Ihrenunr eauld have be?
trayed the word* and who but Pro?
per centi fc?**? ?*?? ?? ???"?* **?
amount ??: I? the ?afe, which.
1er of the banker, wn? to be al
wiin left empty ?at night'.'
? wing that l*rosa*>f wa? lea
life ?if ett r? vagan???
tboaghl it very Ilk??
had. ' r desperation, resorted
?? t?> par hi? deht^
blind affection, moreover. mad?
aaaJoaa to attnlmt?? the crime to any
one rather than to bet darling son.
She ha?! heard that I ?M
wort hie.??
?prestar.a xtrav?.?ance ii:
. ? t s ? licit When a J
man Is ? he ?top at
? a??. I'fiuv 1
from I?
to wliaf ?Jep?i Coil? ?-an
believed r*n
guilty, ?he ?J.,1 :i..f bIbBM him. but
>r hi?
?he not 1 the
M hieh
abe not desi
in- ran e loe*
? ? ! up
bet her t??
returned home at
? ? ?
Mt-red. but
?ven sue. ? ealing al.
Her left h?T w ?? I.
t ber hu?
band ahOtlld . to the
'p. It <?
open ? ?. ? ut he
re it. the banke-,
ayiag how .; -
thus thr. '
could have i. . to make him
audd? ? ?
and r?'sort to mv.
[ftf. Fun? ri 1
? f hi
blamed th< .? nsl : h.i?.
All :- f[ ? l'un.?! v,. -
the Ri ,ii\ . She ?on t
town ??.s k ,i,
the 1.
"it. ?
honra ia on .? boat snd all will i<e
? reil: and th?-n what wifl
At sunrise she h?-ai?l tr?.
t hen t I.?
???????! : t ii??o. Liter, ?he
heard tke ????? ? ?uto the bank.
Sh.? attempted t.. ?.?-t up, but f?-lt
so ul aad wea be aaah hack
un her ptlb.w ; snd l.v it
bling like a leaf, bathed in cold | ..???
t..t the dlacovwry
of the robbery.
She ?a? leaning ?oer the side of
ed, -training her ,-ar to caich a
sound fr..;;. Ibncasb ro-.m. vi hen M..I
??leine. UBO ha?! "a-t ??ft her, ? ushed
into the room.
Th?? whit,? f,i< e and wild eyes of the
^?irl laie! Mme. Fauvel that the
crime wa? discovered.
?'.?., you know what ha? happen. ?I,
cried ... in ? shrill,
bar rifled taue. "Proaper i? seeeaed ?>f
rubbery, and tke police ha*? .(ime to
take him t? prison!"
A groan was Mme. Fauvel'a only
BBSnl or the ii.ar?|ii?H I? ut the
bottom ,,f th?. -." nantlaaaal al?<alalsu.
"H<" rar thet rw? concerned in it,
?"?'.' ' '' '
'? can't tell y?t : hut I only know
that Prosper is lunorent. I have just
seen him. spoken to him. He s
never have Inc. ? ed m?? in the face had
he been guilty '
Mme. leave! opened her Upe to
confes? all; fe?r kept her silent.
"What i-hii these wretches want?"
said Madeleine; "what new sacrifice
do they demand'.' Dishonor PfO
Good haavaaa! why did they not kill
I him at once? He would rather be deed
| than disgrac?
Here the entrance of M. Fsuvel in?
terrupted Madeltrine. The banker wa?
so angry that he could scarcely ?peak.
'The worthies* scoundrel!" he
cried; "to think of hi? daring to ac?
cuse me! to insinuate that I robbe?!
my own safe! And that M?rquis de
(lamer?n must need? doubt mV good
faith in keeping my engagement to
pay his mon?
Then, without noticing the effect of
hi? story upon the two women. h<
proceeded to relate all tha?
curred downstair*.
"1 wa*? afrai?! thi?? extravagance
d to something terrible."
?i?l. in con?! 'i know 1
told yoe leal night that froapea wai
trmw-ing wotae in bis conduct, and
thnt he would frei into trou:
Throughout the day Madeleine's de?
ber aunt Was severely I
Th?? generous girl saw dis?
1 upon the man she loved. She
hsd perfect faith in his ?nnocen??.?; she
felt sure she knew who had laid the
trap to ruin him; an?:
- ir a word in his defense.
Feariaaj that Madeleine won!?!
pect i ti the theft, if
?he remained In bed and display?)
much agitation. Mme. r*BBVel
and dressed for b
It Bra? u dreary ?
?aarseL The
on their I i? silently as if ??
death had occurred in the family.
About t** sa servant came to
M Fauvel's study, and said that the
Marquis de ('lamer?n desired to see
"*.\bat!" cried th* banker, "does he
dare to-**
Then, after a moment's reflection,
he added:
"Ae-k him to walk up."
The rerj aaaae of ("lamer?n had suf?
ficed to arouse all the ?lumbering
wrath Of fcf. Kauvel. The victim of a
robber*., flmliiii* bla safe empty st the
moment that ill?*d upon te
make * b? Beat, be bad
eaaatralaed to conceal his anger ani
resentment, but now he ?ietermin??.!
to have h e u|?on his las
?tei tor !
l'ut the mar??)? - ' t.. cora?
irs. The :ti?-Hv?-nj*f r return???!
?siili the ar.??- 'he g?>nt!emai\
bad a particular reason for
.uvei in the office l?elow, ?
ihe clerk?? were.
"\Nlist < *re?h ?mpertinem-e
mean ?" crie?! the lianker. as he an?
grily yaaaped a*a aad hastened d
stai :
If, .'?? (lamer?n was standing in the
Middle of the r< ? the
caah*i ip to
'What do
1 hav* y our receipt.*"
T?> the aajipisS? <>f all the ?
an?! the baakcff himself, thi
seeme?i n??t in the- ffeaded a?
this r sterad in a
deferential, lut not at all hc.mlde.
but i a It, and I ? b ? 1
am h?r?. a g? v. 'leans n always ec
? ?
!n this ii ; am the offemier;
and I Ratter myself tha: m?.
P?-rmit ir? '
aeeased "f ce r lack of
iated up ?
?? stndji
: u>!<- to y ?u in the
>nce of your clerks. ! wished
t':em to hear a c apologise for my be
bavior ?>f thi? nornli
Clamer:: . different
from his usual <>\, BTht?
conduct, that ttapc*
? ? ?. aad be eou'd only
-t.? miner:
"? ? hurt bjf V our
daahta, insinuateli of mv
honor ?"
"'lias morning.'" continu?? !
" 1 was irritated, and ?...ought -
aj to my temper. M
though 1 headed, my dispo?
sition is aa excitable a? that of a fiery
year?; and I hope
y o.i will forget worda Bttered in a
moment of excitement, and now deep
!y regretted."
M. bwbBVBI, being a kind-heart..:
?ii qafch-teaipeiad man, eoe** ap
.te Ctaaasraa'? feeling!??, aad,
knowing that his own high rapatattOB
for Bcarapaloaa boi
affected bj r abOBai |
uttered bj ? aiaditor, at aaas ?
Calased down before s<; frank an apol?
ogy, and holding oaf hi? hand t?>
(lamer?n, t-aid:
MLe1 us forget what happened, if OB
The] a friendly imui
Ber f< ?alautee, ami, after Cla
iiuian bad ??\?1??????? why be ha?l sBch
.:?.' Bead of the money at that
particular hour of the morning,
Itiuio'd to leave, aaylaf that he a
<lo biaaeelf the honor of ?ailing aaoa
Mm??. Kauvel dar?B| th? ?lay.
"That is. if a ?:sit from me woubi
noi ? -re?l intrusive." he said.
with a shade of bt?nation. "IVrhape,
after ?he iroubl?? of this morning,
she doe? m>t adah t?> I*? disturlied."
"Ob. io.:" said ihe Ivinker: "conic,
by all ni'ans. i think a visit from you
would Cheer ber mind. I shall be from
all day. trying to trace this un?
fortunate affair."
Mm??. Kauvel ?* || in the same ro?mi
where Raoul ha*l threatem-d t?i kill
himself th? night previous; ehe U>
?BaTJ pele and ill a? sh? lay on a sofa.
Ma?leleine was bathing her forehead.
When If. de (lamer?n wa* an?
nounced they ?with ???-ted up aa If a
phantom hud apiieared Ix-fore th.ui
Although Louis had been guy and
smiling when he parted from M. Fau
?el downstairs, he now wore a melan?
choly ??)?????, an he gravely bowed,
and refused to seat himself ?n the
chair which Mine. Fauvel motioned
him to take.
""You will excuse me. ladies, for in?
truding at thi? time of your afflic?
tion; but 1 bave a duty to fulfill."
The two women were ?lient. They
seemed to be waiting for him to ex?
plain. He ?arded lo ?d undertone:
I "I know nil."
By as imploring geeture Mine. Fnu
( vel tried to ?top him. She saw that
: he wa? about to rereal her secret to
l'.u? 1/.mis would not see thia ges?
ture. He turned his whole attention
to Madeleine, who haughtily said:
1 \{!ain yourself. Monsieur."
"Only i>ne hour ago," he replied, **!
discovered that Raoul last night
1 from hi? mother the key of
the money safe, and stole 350,000
Madeleine crimaoned with ?hem??
nnd indignation. She lean??! over th?*
sofa, nnd seir.ing her suut's wri?t
shook it violently, snd in a hollow
'It is false, is it not, aunt? BpaahP"
"Alas! alas!" groane.l Mme. Fau
Whnt have I dun??"
? bare allowed Prosper to be
sd Modeleine. To? have?
suffered him to be arrested aad dita
? .1 for life."
h.d Mtne. Fauvel.
II.? waa Sbant t<> kill himself; I wa*?
so fri,. >i know?Pros?
per wa? to ?hare tl : he gave
Raoul tlie aeen
? vou
?.- auch a falsehood as M
('lamieran interrupted them.
"? ? ? ? bal J our aim?
says of M. Rei ? the truth.'- be
?aid. in a -
"\ ?.nr ? t are
your .
"Raoul i? fa!?
"That i? only too true; but h"
he find >o rd. if M i rtOSajr
did not reveal who left the
money in the safe but M. Bert
These argument? hud no effect upon
d now tell me." ?he ?aid. morn
fully. "what became ?>f the BM
There w a? no mi-taking the s
cunee of the?e word- ???\ ai.ant:
-: are the iiastigator of lb?
bery, and. of e?vur?e. have poas< -
of the moiiev
This hareh accusation from a vrirl
.? hom he so passionately loved. ? b-n
graantes herdlt, a?? be wa?. he gave?
?p for lier -a be ?11 '
? cruelly hurt Clss
that be temed livid. Hut his m
cation atad an^er dui not pr-?
from pursuing ii he had pr>?
pui ? ?I at ?I studied.
'A dSj ? '? *?????<?. Mademoiselle,"
he ?iii.l. ?"?ion you will
hevit.fi treated nie a?, cruelly. I Ba?
nd N.'iir insinuation. JOtt
?ti?uipt to .
"I ha?? e no Idea of denying any
thing. Monsieur."
remonstrated M
;. who trembled at the ri
of tbe man. who held h? r fate
M:??'..?leine, be careful!"
o? nioiselle is piti??->s." sai?'.
untan. Badly. "She cruelly puntane*
an h ano rs bla ama ivknai onlj
is having obeyed hi- ??
Injuui ?.rara
I believe In the Joint reap
bilitj of al] ti.. fsm
>'> ??""
era! baa
bald th?tn on the mantelpiece.
franc?.** h
said. "I return the ?ame amount. It
is more than half my fortune. vfllHnar
bj would 1 gt*C the rest .? t b i -
the last crime committed by
? this
bald, y?-t simple, plan of ( lain. ;
Made!. dnmh with tntonlah
ii.etil. all her calculations were B|
??. Faurel. on the contrary, ac?
cepted thi? restitution aa salvation
aent Ii
"Oh, thank-: Monsieur: that
she ?-ria??!, gratefully, clasping
Btaraaa hand in here. M1 on a
? ' "
I-ov ? up with pleasure. Bttt
be rejoi?. - on. A minute's re
ii bronchi Lack all of Made
leine- distrust FSbe thonghl this mag?
nai,mut?, end antaral Is
whom sh?? - msidcrod Incapable
of s BM
?ai aocae
snare beneath.
""Ti !. BO with this mol??
an?!. ?1.
Fauvel, Madenaoi?
a-ell? . *
"l*W? t, Moaatenr, and ?
the m?.? tenounerag
Raoul, and ruining my aunt. Take
back your ni-mn. Manslilll We will
not ton. h it."
aeran wa- to insist;
k up th.? mon? \ .iii.l prepared
'T eeaanrebead your refusal, aman*
? e. an?! must fin?! an-'ther way
of >g?ermiplleblaaj mj erleb. i'.ut. bu?
f?ire retiring, let BM Bay that your in?
justice piaiu- me deeply. After the
ta made to me, I had reason
to hoyie for a kinder welcome."
"I will keep Bay proti. eur;
but not until you have furnished se?
aritx ! iukI for what? Pray ex?
plain yourself."
"S.inething to protest my aunt
against the mo'.estations ^>t iuuiul af?
ter my marriage. What is to pre?
sent h.s coming to anturi money from
hi? nioiln.? after I*' has souaudere?!
my ?nsunrs I A man ids a
hundred tkoaaand franc? in four
months will soon run thr?iugh my lit?
tle fortune. We are making a bar?
gain; I give you my hand in es>
change for the honor and life of my
aunt. .uni. o .i.iiiw, you BOBSl
me some guamnty to secure tbe por
BbSJB une of your proi:
1 will give you ample e???curi
taea." t-rie.l ( lamer?n; "auch a* wBs
quiet all yotir suspicious doubta of my
good faith. Alas! you will not believe
in m> d.-.otioii; what ?hall I do to
convince you of its aincerity? anali
I try to ?ave Monsieur Bertomy?"
"Thank? for the offer, monsieur,"
replied Madeleine, disdainfully. "If
Prosper is guilty, let him >*? punishexi
by the law; if he is innooent God will
I protect him."
t Here Madeleine stood up, to atgni

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