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JUL 301908
?- y
VOL. XXI11 NO 34.
I?I**\I*|MUNTS T11K PROMO M ? :>
l>. I? ji?t ion from Ili? 1?????????1 ('?infers
villi A--.ivt.mi S Ktltvards.
Colored ???? Ask Privil?-g?" of Su
perinletting the Display Given by
Tluir Race at th?? Exposition?
Th?-ir ReMpn-vt i- li.n.?-.I.
?:iti?rt?>n. D. C. Poet. Jul. "J
Th? ? the
n Nsejro De/elopaai ?
position C
ton yesterdaj
Assistali' try of the
Treasury, and were surprised to
a most cherishe?! project
s?'d on the head.
? gross has appropriated $1??,
htblt. which is to show th?? progress
of the ?olor??*! p?H>pl?? from eavagery
in Al in ir present ?ondatoti
in America. The moving spirits of
' xhiblt arc most influenti.?
:?????. and th.? coinmitt.e which
waa In Washington >?st?nl;ty waa
?1 hy (.Hies U. Jackson. ?>f Ri?-h
mon?!, a colored lawyer, who has
? fortune of about half a
million dollars and has won tl
and est com of th?? people of
that ?
Tke prejeiteee ?tl tea?* esakelkeit eae-e
? hing coa?
t? with th?-lr part of th? ?
sltion lAoaS by colored ?????1??. to
sln>w. as clearly n
lllty ?>f their
in parttealar, tat
ta upon erecting th?-ir own
Th? tinnii :i
!.. l.-arn from Mr
war?la, who is Mas-atar* t<> thi
Ion comptised ?>f the E
Of th.? Tri fRmt and Navy, that
uihilng, ?ralCh is t.. eoe* ah?.ut
tO, must be p%it up hg the
nni.'nt. '??t?? was a
? the subject, but t!.
n of Mr. Edwards ?>i.\ai'.?
Objection la also in ade to a plan
of the committee to spend $1
on bringing nn exhibit from Africa
to Show no-iiib.Ts nnd nistnin? of un?
civilized tribes from which the col
papplfl of this country sprang.
A proposed expenditure of 114,?+?
for a chart show i detail of
the race's progresa for II
and for a history of the race to be
fOh a text-book in color?.??!
public schools, also met with tl??
The committee furth??r ask?'d that
R. T. Hill, colored, cashier of the
True Reformers' Bank, ln Richmond
I?? made disbursing ag??nt for them,
he being ready to gtv? bonds in any
sum desired. Hill had latta?*? from
the three largest banks In Richmond
I?tifai?! ??> hai ability. He has
handled 0*fl r |17,0??,??0 since he
has been connected with the bank,
which does a business of |1,??0,?0?
r. He is not acceptable t?i th??
commission as disbursing agent.
It is understood that the people
of Richmond are anxious to have the
COeOrad ? Iva? every oppor
tunlty to show their capacity and
advance In this exhibit, which the
leaders among them have so care?
fully planned.
Another New lyodge at Neu|M>ri aTeflN
Grand Chancellor John Mitchell.
Jr. arrived here Saturday afternoon
at 5:30 to institute a new lodge of
Knights of Pythias. He was l
panied by Grand Medical Register
E. R. Jefferson and Grand Atten?
dant S. S. Baker. They were met
by Grand Vice Chancellor T. J. Pree
and District Deputy Grand Chancel?
lor J. C. Allen.
The party went to the residence
of Sir Pree. where the Madame, as?
sisted by Mrs. B. Dorham prepared
a most appetizing repast. The in?
itiation took piace at the Pythian
Castle. The new body will be
known as Athletic Lodge, No. 113.
The officers are Chancellor Com?
mander, George Juhans; Master of
Work, J. H. Haywood; Vice Chan?
cellor, Hinton Brookine; Prelate,
Lewie Gabriel; Keeper of Records
and 3eal, Fleming J. Ellett; Master
of Finance, Ernest Norman; Master
of Exchequer, Thoe. Brown; Master
at Arms. Lolar Travis; Inner GuarJ.
Walter Farrish; Outer Guard. WO
lle Clark. Truatees. Samuel Thomp
eon, Nola Clay. S. D. Taaewell.
Among those who asaisted were
Sirs J. J. Booker, T. J. Pree.
J. W. LarkJn. C. Logan. J. E. Hub
bard. Wf Jenkins, O. Pickett, C. L.
Goodman, John E. Jones, John Clark
Wa White. G. W M.?y. R. J. .'
.T W Owen?, Richard White. W. t.
Booker. James Revis. W. T
Col Caspar Rowletl *a.-is present
The visitors left yesterday after
? pleasant drive over the city and
vicinity In company with Grand Vice
Chancellor Pree and Sir B. Dorham.
This lodge ara? laatltata*. through
frorta of sir j. C. Allea, the
int??d District Deputy
OraBa Chancellor. Th?? Grand
cellor was nanea pleased and
pllmented him hlKhly. Sir Mitchell
?nd .l?fTerson spoke at the Zion Da?
tlst Sunday School yesterday morn
\n??tb?r ??\\ Court in Richmond.
? in? was or?
ganized at th?? Pythian Casti?
Ml North Third Bl by Grand Wor
tbv Counsellor John Mitchell. Jr.
llj ?<nh. Livi with tl
krnlag OBHece; Worthy Oonaeellor,
. Burkley; Worthy Ii
Dolile finad; Worthy la
tor. Mrs. Man Horion, S??nlor
Dlrnrtrom Mrs Martha Walker;
Junior D Miss Virginia
..nts; Orator. Mr?. Mary
Bra? Miss Jul?
ia H Mint?.
Octavia Rnalason; R?
Ardella Smith
cort. It? \ I ? Robinson. Con.?uc
rnavrl Foul: .\s
Coadactraaa, M Har?
ald, Daniel J. Bradford. Pro*
?Has Trui
Mrs. M Park
er. Mrs. Caroline Watson.
A acjnntenna repast ?waa a]
and all ? ?
Thia Court was organised through
tb?? ji?rslst?nt efforts ??f Mrs. Olivia
R Robinson nnd I Worth?,
l her highly
Addresae? were dellvened ii> Mrs
Rosa ?.<?????. stia? M L? Chiles
Uiiaa-?^ J?h?a>o<a aad IteV. 8. 1?.
DR. BOW81 R'8 WII ? <?<?\?
An 1 n< \|h-, ?.,? II?,?ili-\ Hi i<l? ?.f
? ?.?.?? r.
It la Goda arajr, His uil
IfcKlaln* and they Bight nel? ansa
1?> ? H H M.
at. D aa ae ma ? toara
fui cortege thai ?a? earn ?ng Ms nife
to th?? tomb sh?? died Friday morn
laly L'iirh. aitar a brief Hin??**
and a lusty mnagstar that has ????
? ?r known and will nov?>r know its
aaathar is now betag tenderly nur
tamd at th?? Bowner ?
It was but a few weeks ago that
this unfortiii'.i!. ronng I
atond the achncli of rsar father's
Little did she thin,
sh?? would so soon take her
?athnr s same
funeral ?lir??? tt?r. Mr. W. Isaac John
son would < ;? placa
whan ;i?l alaahar ?
r, until th?? sounding of the
last trump*.
Ih?? church was packed with
Irlanda Bad s> mpathlzers. Dr. Bow
ser is th? only eon of Mrs. Rosa
i> ?uaaai. ? famale maaahi
the chtirch ?ang. "I am going horn??*'
and the congregation joined in.
anaartly aitai n aida the organ sound?
ed under the skillful touch of Miss
Nannie R. Jones, and "FI????? aa a
Bird to yriur Mountain" was the
tun?? rendered.
Then came tin? honorary pall-bear?
er?: H. L?, Harris. M. D. ; C. E. Wild?
BT, ? G) ; E R. Jefferson, M. D
?. Jones. M. D. : ? W G Farrar.
M* D.; n ? fnagBBBav d. d. s.
Pharmacist W? Smith. Funeral
Dlr??ctor Johnson came next and t?i?>n
the active pall bearers: Dr. James
E. Jackson; W'<. H. Hugh?as. M. D. ;
] V Lande, M. D. ; Albert A. Ten
nant. ?. I).; lian Ja Bill Adam?. Ro?
ger Franklin.
W H Stokes. Ph D.. lined
out the hymn:
I'nveil thy bosom faithful tomb.
Take this new treasure to thy trust
And gi\.? tli.-se sacr??d relics room
To slumber in the du.-t."
The Scripture? were read by R.v.
S. C Burrell. after which Rev. I)
N. Vasbar, D. D. offered prayer.
Madam Carrie V. Hawkins aang in
a voice fllletl with pathos. "Lead.
Kindly Light.*' R.v \\ H. 3tokes,
Ph. D. delivered a soulstirring eer
raon from 11 th chapter of John and
the first verse: "Let not your hanii
be troubled, ye believe in God, be?
li? ?\<? alao in in?? "
At the * conclusion, the choir
sang "Jesus. Lover of my Soul." af?
ter which the procession of mourn?
er? filed slowly from the church.
Mr. I?ri??'s Pur? base.
Funeral Director A. D Price has
purchased the frame dwelling ad
joining hie reetdence for $2,500. Mr.
John I Harris was the owner. This
will give him much more ?pace for
hi? steadily increasing busineaa.
?The wife of Capt. John G. Smith
continues indisposed at hia residence
No. 1301 E. Leigh St.
Victims V-.irly Ml Colored?Error
in Orel??*-* ?teivi-n by Railroad <>f
Brials ..- ?'.-in?.?? of Di?tster.
Raleigh, M. C Jat] U the
of the r Whit h
?dace last night Rock
. :n and Hamlet, on the Sea
Air Line, twenty two persons
.?i upward of tWi
Thei? twaat]
?Matta? taha? oal of the wreck, and
two o? the injure??! died to day In the
hospital at Char! ' ?st of the
% i< it m?, ars eoioi ?
Following at.- t? - of those
kill???] in ?
Wh ah R la
rtaaalat; rt B. Byr?, haegafe mas?
tar, Rot klngham.
Co?srai Taocaa? Hill, fir?
Watt porter, ? ??, ?
nhnw Joaas, Rockingham.
M?-Fadden. Hamlet;
Baadj lull's and wife, I-aurinburg.
; t Harrington's bab\
tar Da pree, ?? M ?
:id. Bennettsvltle, s C; Msry
Hell aad child. Rockingham. ?
Jan.- Beaseli, Hoffman. Hannibal
McNalr and child. Laaiiacharf
Ilia; Drinker Russell. Hoff
?;an; two unknown nidi
Two" unknown ????? di???l M route
?1 train.
The inj-ir.?! watt?: J D I.owen.
?if Ital<-i?-ti conductor of train Xo.
14, slightly Injured; J. t Lear, ?>f
iter, of Roch?
l?chai Hirininghaiii. of Ro? k
tn; .1. O Boady, engin??
ht train.
Th?? injur?-<i &1* Leah
Betti? lea, of tfarnlt
Morgan. of Rinkingh.ini ?
Thomas, ?>i Laarlabaraj; Oscar Lee,
of Hamlet Oeri Haatoo, of Hamlet.
Ri< lianl 1>?hi; % ?[I,.;
M .?? I?.? .?. his? of ????.?
Oxir.dine, of Luniberton: Frank
Jum O
dom. xif Gibson. ? C i !.i//.i.? How
man of Hamlet \
?reaMm, Ham:
Tilomas. of Rocklngham: Nannie
Ktddraaa unknown: o.
art. llanil??' \ C Heal
Hainl.t. ? \air. L.tnr
i it lat? r? m Clark, Laiirin
burg. \ c' . | Rocklngham;
.inn?? Radia] RocklncaaoT, ?
Janni? t, Laarlaaarc, x. C. ;
Victoria Ki\.i,,.iii. Laurinburg. X.
C One unknown man. on?? un
ki,. ih ? woman, and on?? ?? ni
Child; Sam Camel. Laurinburg, X. C
Norfolk. July IS.?The following
official Btateaaeal concerning last
nights wr.-.k on th?? I Air
Lim? Railwaj Rasslet ami
ffoc -Kinghani. ? ('.. wh?n t ?.?
peopl? w?>re killed and rnor?? than
this ???aher lajared as the rsuit of
il on eolltaiofl between a pas?
senger train bound from Rufherford
chariott??, to Wllralagtoa, N.
(' . and ? fr.-ight train from Hamlet
to Monroe. ? (' . was gfsaa out at
the office of President Alfred Walter,
of th?? Seaboard la Norfolk, to-day:
"Regular local passenger train No.
4L running from Rutherford to Wil
mlngton, collided with extra south
bound em mt four miles
??f Hum let at ?:-JO P. M. Sun
I nlv 2 2.
"At ? _? m t.. lay, .ini?, is, r is
known at the president's Oteo? that
eight white people and twelve colored
bees, kill???! and five
whit?? Baso?*? and ninete.n colored
petiple injur?'.l It is possible float
th?-re iiiiiv be others.
'On account of wires having been
knock??l down by the accident it has
he.-n impossible to get correct lists
of the kill???! ami Injured
"The accident was caused by fall
ure of the operator at Rocklngham
to hold No. 4 4 for the extra freight
WAXTK1??l?"i Colored girls to
do light manufacturing work, will be
wall paid while learning. Can soon
make from $3.00 to If.?? a week,
according to capacity and willingness
to work Steady employment. On?
ly girls of good character wanted.
IPS to.
516 X. 12th Street.
Oppoaite Colored Normal School.
?The Uniform Rank, Knights of
Pythias will observe its anniversary
.ar in Petersburg. Va. The
First Regiment will go over Septem?
ber 3d. Labor Day.
of Hot Springs, Va., who declares that he has purchased
whole mountain" as a resort for colored people.
I nd? r the itig I m
Th?> Reunion v>f old( ? holar
the lateraaedlata gold?" and
ratio? wedding of Mr. ?. M
ard win t??? helo* ander tbe
iiiaininoth ??> Leigh St.
Method lai Church
noon 's c*
?loldlnR six bundr??d persons
and will most BfOBabl] b? filled
,\ii ?ii.i aehnlara of Mi?
ami the pnhl ally ar?
dlally Invited to
nun.d. Va.. Jill) I Ith. 19?)6.
Brethren aad
w?? an aware <>f tha taci that in
Um? than a month from BOW,
iii.l It V
G G . .invention ?il Virginia will
iii.et in the greal Fifth Street Rap
"?lurch of Richm.mil. The coin?
Slitte? is untiring in Its efforts
in naahiag preparation for th>
..tt a 111 attend the conven
'inn. 'W. ? hat all the
BChoola will rally with a larg.
aad contribution for etra*?
catlonal, <tat?? and foreign mi
ear Beali j reqoeel thai all partial
that will be in attendance at the
??invention will notify the committ???
at M to t h<? ;
i?r a. ? Hi in Tnrpln St.
or It H. Pa] ton, 11 I X. 2nd St
\\ ? IKMB? to s.?.? you all in August
and that all will ralh together to
la. il.I on the tab:
it n. PEYTON,
ist Vice President
Xi?n.imi Kn?l?.Wim ut Pubi.
Richmond. Va.. July 20th. lfOC.
This is to certify that I ha\
1 from J?ihn Mitchell, Jr., Orand
Chancellor of the Orand Lodgi
Virginia, Knights of Pythian, (tir.n
(???) One Hundred and Fifty Dollars
in payment of th?? death claim of Sir
Richard Wilson, who was a mem!)? r
of Royal Lodge, No. 2? of Richmond,
Signed?Mattie X Wilson,
I? J. Bradford.
VU H Jones.
Mr?. Hansboro'??. Correction.
Hot Springs. Va., July 24tb, 06.
mn Mitchell. Jr..
Richmonti. Va..
Ii.'ar Sir:
Would you kindly change the ar-'
ti. 1?? in your paper. The PLANET,
which appeared in hist week'? issue,
(July 21st) concerning the pro;
owned by BTra w V. Hansboro?
It waa stated that said pro;
was purchased by Mr. Samuel Pan?
nell. which was a mistake. Mrs.
Hansboro, the owner of the pro,
had it sold at public auction to ?
the title, and she was the purchaser.
In changing thia you will greatly
Respect ful lv.
Hot Springs. Va.
?Mr. James P. Lewie of Philadel?
phia, Pa. called on ua.
?Mr. J. Samuel Vsndervall of
N'ew York la in the city snd called
on ua.
?? g. I? I'm??,??.
We presea! oui Ita ?
"cut'* of Mr s p Pannali, ?<
waiter of Tas Hnaaaataa?l at
Hot Bpciaga, Va, Ha annonnoad
had purchased
mountain" on t h?> top of which h? ? ill
s for \? ?
do co ut a reasonable
rory popnlar and
?. rmlnsd <?> aee the ? ?
through. II.? is in ?lose touch With
Boene wall kaoa ? co?V
H?? was evidently eaughi first
at th? Hot 3] lilis p'm
He is the owner <>f a flm
at tin-- placa and it is palatial ly
furalahed through ?nut. Th.? H?it
springs ar?? opea th? year round and
th? y .?r?? t he ? ? r th??
? ? la s?-?'s of ? ;.U? in
coaatry. Sleepla run
from N>-u
King Itiinow- at Hot "?pi iiig- \giiin.
It ????? that Klag BoiTOS
whom a rafarane? was mad?? in our
??ditorlal ? ..1?m ?? of last week
did reach Hot Springs. Va. aft?
and that his prediction was v?-rifi?'d.
i\.? reeelrad a lattar from Mr
S I>. Pannali, under ?late of .Inly
26th, Itnf. ?aaOBl OthaY things,
"Our fishinii party did not turn
out like King Burrows Sur? ly my
\y \\\ aerer gel through ??
it his flshinp trip
un"; voi tad ?h?? Doctor. Klnf
he dona i.it want to go with yoa
again as \ou ;> s.rv
Kn limoliti Ho-pital Iten
Miss Rosa Ma) John m of Louisa
CottBtJ is Bat*? l>?-!iig prepared for
an operation.
IfBBl Kaj Daniels who was here
being tr?'at?-.i for stitch a'
anua dlachargad, curt?d.
Mr. a%J*ahen? McKenny. who had
? HarniOtomy p?-rf?irm??d. has
dlamla?d in ???<?1 conditi
Mr. PnytOB Kin??; of New K??:.
who came to th?? Hospital a f?ISJ <l.i>s
Mrs M r,son, Mrs. Martha
Campball, afri Anni?? Qadadea, Miss
Rosa R.i.i. Little Iralya a (iriffin,
Mr. George Fenny. Mr. Banks An?
al and Mr. James C. Cross of
ort News, are numbered with
the list of mnvalesi ? :
Miss L. Flowers is nursing Dr
.l M Vaughans oldest daughter of
Mrs. C. P. Tyler
Miss H. E. Riddick and Miss L It
Whit? are nursing In the city.
ahhaj lull!
There will be a base ball match
BB the Thehan and St. .1.
Athletic Club for the benefit of the
io Training School and l!
tal Monday, July twth, 1906 at Broad
Street Park.
Theae two leading teams have
Biadi] ted to give the benefit
for the Great Labor Dignifying Or?
ganization and Hospital Admiaaion
15 cent?. Game called at 4:30 P.
?Uring or send ua your JOB
WORK; we do it nicely. We do It
\\<?1 ll> <?>vii:\^i Ml \ FROM
O.-irki.??. Must da nil W?irk.?R???|ii.-?.t
of the Regie*? Met Witti Rehuir
by flfaaaaaajtaa Oaat?ala,
(Richmond. Va.. Tim??- July
?.; ]
The ir?>"#rn nient commission, coin
posed of the - of the ?
?ary of War. and i?
,if t hS \a\ J . ha
.if the ofl
of thi
?n Company that th?* building
which will ??.? devoted to tk? Negro
pxthlbtt at the .'
tion be designed ' irckl
gro bulb:
It i?. by no ni.-ans certain that the
- will rnnsi'iil to this
Th?? full commission has
h t ??
? ?. \ eloi
and Exposition ? but Oil??
R. JachsOB, ?>f Rubinomi. Ik? dir????
tor-general of tk? cotapaay,
laformed of tks suited? <?? the
commlaaloa. and h? and the ?
tiv?> iman! of Ik? eompaey, all Ne?
had a talk witti
and of the commission,
? day. M da lafoi m???!
tkeso of the I iftitude of the
commlaaloa owing to the ah
?taf ?hee e?rr?>tsrt ..? War and tk*
of th?? city, n?) d?finit? n waa
Oil? leeply la
lOO allow the building to be the
??? . than
? ? 1 learned that the ? OBI
and bu i I cl? the
building a ' >B tal n t'
exhibit," he "Tks
: of the ? ib, that
our exhibit, ? onstrat? what
our ?.
it would he absurd t.i
Iblt Installed In ?
build:: ted bj wklta Dae?. The
building, as well as all it
should bo the work of X?
! bj many of the
Known business ni.'ii of Rich
BSOad, that tk?] were In h?ft] ??"? m
pathy with our iout?'iiti?>n that the
building shoubl hfl built b] N?
waa quit?? exteadetl Tk<
compoalog th?? executtva board of
the <olore?l company,
(b-ntials from business ????? of Rich
mond, vouching for their BOUII :
and gaaeral
Thr. ? RIcktBOBd ..
ad th?? haalaeaa ability and
ckaraetar of r. T. Hill, tk? eashler
of tks Tru?? Reforaaers' It.ink of
Richmond. One of tk? ?ashlers
??M that iiiii head led yearlj ?
non. Wkkdl passed through one bank
aloae, and that the aocoaat? had
In a satisfactory
niann.-r. Ti.,? hoard wi-h.-s Hill to
: -nursing officer. i
: tk? Tro? Reformer?' Raak,
which M probably th?? lari;.??; finan
cial Institution in the world ?on
trolled by NYgro.s. and b? has
handled |17.000,000 in tl?:
and ovar a million dollars passe?
through his haad? annual!?? H?? will
liond Of III
faithful performum?.? of hi.-? duty.
?minission is also
' f?? criUctea ti.. .? hick
the ?. Mr. Edwards *..s
toeed t.i dlaappro*
that feature which pro !?nng
troni Africa representativ?
a large number of savage negro !
sod exhibit them for the parpo
contrasting the negro in his original
a u?. that which he has ?
ed through contrast with whit?
ili/ation. ? Foolishness," said Mr.
Giles said mor?? than that when
he had got well out of the Treasury
Giles Jackson and hie assistants
have prepared an exhaustive state?
ment of the needs of the con.
and laoldaatsllj an outline of the
nature and scope of the colored
exhibit. The negro exhibit la class?
ified under ten heads as follows:
Agricultural, including dairy pro
Uve stock, ?-te ; manufactures.
Mon, liberal arts, including lace
making, needlework and textile man
ufa? turc, fine arts, Including paint
ing, sculpture and music; domestic
?ettace, including breadmaklng and
?illnary' art: medical s? l??nce.
woman's ?department, including day
ad earn <>f children: libra
and mlacnllanaoaa inven?
tions and ? al attraction.
??? ? ?5 OF COMPANY
Tb>? mpany an
num??rated as folio
?inc an Bgnat to
rartona tiibea, $ ? ? ,??0.
Building to eoatala ??,?F? square
of floor spa. ? *
Promotion aad publicity, inclini
ing collecting
turn of it advertising.
history of th? a? i l the
Bagro la freedom, |14.(
| ?
? Inraent of visitors.
Mires ai : ?
duct Ion ii of old plantation
Stationer} ? postage rwlee
urn 1. i
'autant aad Kit? Inn furniture.
Outbulidug. mlacellaaeona uses.
pan?. Richmond thi? af
Imt will come ba?k and
confer with th?- commli ?bably
? ha '*< ??.?? ? "??
t 11 o"
a group of Baea warn paertag
ansioael) lato ? oobbb i><?\. in front
of Mr. A. D. 1 .living ea
tsbllshmeat on I.
in?? line?! and B7B anxi.ni?
qalmd, as we detected the outlines
of a . m if 11 ? had
' lllr-l in ? ? nrr-t,tr-ntm 1 I
BOd In th? affirmative ! the
quoti <>!,. of th? tiKii pallad the
from th?
struck :; ?
it and th. mOTOd.
An enOUlrj binnghl l?"? informa?
tion from M .m Mann that the
R?i!iert Hill 1
t. him up an.l put him i:
boa \ bod) ?as '
?hipped in it early the Baal rao-ra
Hill did t. r f??r
illy as an
Infant med to objei
no knoa
bal the "boye" had ch
' ?- if h? ha?l "
? bo doahl lui? k
moving in thai
?Dr. W. F. Graham, who
lodlap mu? h Imprornd. Ha
to pai tlallj ? ?
dation One
mitten from th.? .">th Baptist Church
quieti ?) ftll
a: with Ibiur. lard,
? his aur
BBd .-di neat ion t: uiom
Col?le?! Kiuutll- Ill-tall I ?tli? ?TH.
At a meeting <>f Rockiagham
h?'ld ?m th?? 10th inst., C
ter ma:
m. C C. ; EL W. Fran?
cis. V
Europe Johnson, M. Of W. . ? V.
.Johnson. ? Of R. and S. ; J M Ran?
dall, M. of F n m Dallard,
\ .1 H.
: C. : H Hawkins. O. G.
? m Kir??. London K>mpler, Jaa.
Moor??, J Walter Franci
This lodge was organized about
two years ago, and now has
with ? g?xi<l prospect
for ii. it*, membership in the
near future
J. C. lloln;? vTfctat B1
Restaurantir. is the ?.resent D. D.
for this pi.?.
Richmond. Va. July 2 4th. If
Th?? Richmond Ministerial Council
aad on Jim?? E S ta '<> ad?
just a matter ti?-tw?-?-n the two fac?
tions containing the name of Pil?
grim Baptist Church The Council
decided that Pilgrim Baptist Church
was on Hickory Street and a!
five member? to return to the
church f ? ?mo uhi? ? they were ex
The Council decided that there ie
no Pilgrim Baptist Church at 7th
and Baker sti ?
?Mise Adah Thompson and Mitt
Msttle E H ill of Baltimore are in
the city, the guests of Mrs. Claude
Brown - 11 ? Third St.
?Miss Lucy Marshall snd mother
of Andover. Masa, will be In the
intll Sept They are stopping
at is26 James St.

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