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Marathon Mystery
^_/i Story of Manhattan S
Author ol -The Mellad** Cue"
Copyright. 1 ** O * . by Henry Moli and C ? m ? ? ? y
CH \.?p:? XNVi
"? I
II*? ?
ba< h
Is no
far . it It's
?a the
at it
the '
'?'G! It," I ? kid, "':.
be an
- ?
'?\\ V .1 th'
ted ut it.
It Wl
.1 ink
1 ?ad tv. Be
turned t:. ? ??. hut only one
Of t!
on ?t were
? \ er them with pu/.?
lied it a little
and studied them
"Lester "I wish
this." and ht
? ward
me. "What de you make of it?"
I gazed through the glass nt the
mark?, hut for a moment coold make
nothing of tuoni. Then they l?
.iiig of letters
marching backward, fairly distinct at
one end. Imt fading away to nothing?
ness at the ether.
?aebedy M ?DM to have beta ecrib
bling a 1 ted letter? ou a
it last. "I can't
mak?? ? seem
to be mostly IVs and (?a?yes, and
here's an I."
"Thotnas," ?aid (?odfrey. "will you go
down and ask Mr. Deftrtf if he bas a
sample of Mr. Tremaine's handwriting,
? nl. if so. If he will let us see it for a
Thomas went out instantly and I
looked ut (?odfrey In surprise.
"You think those marks have some
value V" I asked.
"I ?:
want It
I lie's
r the
? if rey
"Ah, Lester," be continued
bed it out carefully
tf ion
liad ? lu-cil really
clever l ?l ..?:..?
of th - for?? ? entered
the r . [ture
but I'd rather vin by scient iti?? ?:?
tlon. I i ?upin would have
is. walked sti
"f paper; be would have
known that it
only ?lo o ? this
point u as a li: .?? for me.
a look at it."
It was a sheet <?? the ordinary ;
not?? papt ? it tare
noia at 9. it ? am i?t?>
wait for i.. Q.
"W.I.." I fait . ?G?
"oh, don't j . its baa
key t<? the whole problem? It's the
light we've lx-eu looking for with our
-hut. And to think that instead
of coming straight b??re for it I should
> about in the dark foi
?? explana?
tion, sad yet l didn't think of it. It
?able from the tirst, and yet
I ?-?Miidn't ho? it. It di-gusts ??.?? with
myself-it's what I get for txdng so
I up ever (hiding that bottle
down these. Even arter 1 saw that
blotter 1 didn't guess it."
li.? had taken out a card, and as he
spoke be wrote a rapid sentence ou IL
"IliTi?." ha aagf to Thomas, "take
this to Miss Croydon at once, please.'
?Bring or send as your JOB
WORK; we do it nicely. We do it
q sickly.
\\\ TI.
??? w.\s ? oneci?os, hi a dim way,
1J Ubai was at baud,
tgl that :t to pene
10 trat?* the mystery. Indeei I
airea'?. vague .f the
truth?too vug put into ?
too <> ? ?early. I
was trom
which had
bottle, the I on tin; wall, the
now ? ? rooaa
?i; pliant.
elr." from the
te the
?re he
le us
ing ?
I have
ber -
lie aaked.
In a !
I nm>
: sank
it We
? take
Out 1 1 mo
i aat
. th.it
"It Ifrey.
o the
to r<
and has
a lut Mr
"Ob, if '
"If it
" And be ont
iid held it t
?ook it with ;
the meas ? It, t>ut
.out undorstandiii
"It Is a ? ai.i?? " be explained, "from
the Record's correspondent at Dieppe.
Your pardon. Lester.'' be added, with
a fteettag -' .. -? i t argel t.? show it
: on the trip out. Piensa ?
iilon ?\ don."
? vi idow of Victor Charon!.
reed in ? low died her?? Feh.
1?. MOI. Had never married again."
She looked up. h<r I.rows still k;
"Wei. ked.
"Well."' s.i ni ??odfrey, "Virtor ("ha?
married that girl man ..'furo
he met roar deter. ^l>** was his legal
Your sNter never was. She was
the legal wife of any (?no .
BlChard I-etr-.y."
She aadereleed now. and the glad
tears hurst forth unrestrained, in
flood, she made u<? effort to restra'o
them, hut ?inly r?s kt.tl baCb and forth.
pressing the massage against h? r
-Thank f?od!" she sobbed. "Thank
God!" And then she started up from
her chair. 'T must tell her," she said,
"at once. If pan knew how she has
suffered! She must not be left in that
cruel position an instant longer."
ry well." agreed Godfrey. "We
will wait fur you bei
She disappeared through a door at
the farther end of the room, but in a
moment came softly back again.
"She is asleep," ehe said. "I wiU
?i ng It will
^r up.
In an
' I was
D I d?
"In ?
^^ ?r to
G bad
? ?
? e it, as any
ths ago
11 her
? . Mr
He den
.. in that apartasen!
COUld not hear sti.b
I off? : ? !.. 1 bad
??'? ?? ? I '
i.y b?r own
"Tli n ???. v\ ould not bat ??
the terrible part of it;
nothing eon Id alter that. 11????<? BSOat,
of course, i??? a separation, but we
t problem
after ??? (led the ot
11 ad the ?loor for me
I bad lu m. and I
ami manner wen
at all what ! expected. II?? ?lid not
l.H.k in ti.? st i udrei, ?>r
did l? .;,. 1 Is listened to me
with attention ami esamini
i < ?h, ? knew
now wh ' h hypocrite he was. ? know
Sjhlng at m??: that !.?
plann . Ins deeper, more vil
? : ? brought 11,200 with
ill that we conili gather log
at that mon ent??and I proceed ?t upon
bim, argio t and go uwuy
an?! We would send him more. He pre
landed t<? rei use the money, t?. ?
aa not in the leeoi what be
waated, bat ? ceeapellsd bim to take
it. And just as I was hoping that I
had prv\ . th bim the ?hxir ?>f
the bedroom opened und a horrible
OTUnkea nan daggered out.
" ?\??!1. 'so this Is hV
gal. i- le'a a likely pan
aTOOhtn'l tn\>? her up. \u, no, not fer
ten thousand -
. back to had, you dreadena
brute:? cried Tremalue, and took bim
roughly by the arm.
"Hut the other shook blSS off.
"'Don't lay your ??????? on me, Vic"
be cried. 'Dont dare lay your hands
on me:'
"I saw a very devil spring into Tre
malne's fare. He looked about him for
aoaae weapon and picked up a piece of
pipe that lay beside the radiator.
Thompson aaw the action and lurched
heavily toward him.
'? Oeea' I* use that on me, Vic?* he
asked. You'd better try it.' And he
made a pass at Tremarne and tried t<
pipe aw : try it on.
aa* ?
' II? b?r.
the latter 1 in nn in
! fr?o
: I dim:
?d. (
hnd say awn rev.her lii my ban?'
I ' I at bias, but my shot weut wild.
burled her face In
her bands, overcome for the moment
her werde had
raelf by an effort.
her band
"?>: v, *it
will ? ?
1 did was
bother bar again; I
" II? ? und
I ad ] -"i a?
? - for."
I plana?
?. pon
:ter a
; fett,
-d. it
.: her
Mr. ! We
?a the
?f it '.'"
? ?d."
; ha hv
ill the 1 I.et
I Ion of the
murderer. I ?? tck; I en
und i ? man I had
pass?- '?\ Itb ni ?-lapping
?\ ban ?
front. :.. at tl ?
1 had
done I ! i an Inn
man I kittle faint for
"M( ted in su?
m j ???? "
??( ?i
a letter from bim next day. a letter
filled Hide, touching e\?'li. It J
:? and I bad ????:????1
ng it wbl
t!.. bul he's got bis
home that night."
coui.i to heii? m??. ? intend to i<>?.k ap
Jim ?
"Do. If ? reform hhn tin
New- York p<?: Will bS mighty
"??. be said. And I
rather cn\ led Juni.
Ifrey leaned hack in his .
with a si^b ... I Ion.
"I think thai clears ap thai sffalr \
pretty w.?." hS lad thai brings i
us to ?re serious ?me.
And inst don, ? a ani *
I you think ?t was Just the riglit
thing to let them mar?b Jack I ?; y s
fron. . saved bla
CHAP! ??: \ w ill.
ROM m?-.'" repeeted
( roj doe blankly.
a ? id frees m??? ? <i<? aet
anderataad you, Mr <;?d
y ?? mean to ear/" lessanded
Godfrey with emphasis, "thai you do
not knew when? Mr. Drysdal?? was
Monday Sight; that you WOTS not yOfJt
self the savana, fan)
She was staring at him with distend
ed eyes.
"I the cause!" she repeated hoarsely
aft?T a moment. "Mr. Godfrey, I will
tell you something of which I had fai
term 1 ned u> ver t?. speak When be left
tho house that evening be gellbefatetj
broke an appointment he bad made
with me?an appointment be hail pr.i;
ed for. He had happened to hear Mr
aine make eertala proposals te
me. In short"?she hesitated and thou
with raised bead
"I may us well tel the whole truth.
? ragady
Mr. Trea
me with I At the timo I
?ft^mj'hi? them merely lusultiug; I ?ec
now may have been In ear
?t deal in ? asaM that he
aaraesi "Mr
rheard him ask you
to be his >vif?
a; fast ta
refuse, no
?idling and col?
orili}? a little, "ho hoard me refaaa in
tin? ? way, i>ut my r?
Mr. Tremaba Lataaa*
hlch Mr
and which he thought 1
should hare reeeated too. He demand
ad th taiae'a
[on, and I promised to
,'?.<< k n?>d from t:
rig," he
lutei ry ':"
? that
. at ? k.
? II?
? ami
thai I thought he must ba
??? Mr.
th?? ?
?:<l th?'
? Hi'
1 orned to the boaat
la hi.?
? k his
? the hall, you.
."?wit to injury
"< >h ?
s ?G
"?? .
. for a
;k," said ? ledfrey.
.1 ? d I'??' t.-r toll
Mr. I ?oh
L Be
:^s has
bumaa lif?? G?a?
no galli
fault Her husband will
What has the public to
?lo w
"But I thought 3 u"?
"uh. yea thought ? would write it up
in th?? i:? aach lotea
tioii. !1 let that
tirst 1 one
\\ :ii all, Tre
tak.? ??
"Pardon me,' \ bold?
ing ou' her hand. T s??.? ' ha\o offend
:ust forgive mo."
g her hand
nn?l loto h?-r oyes allowing
himself a momeat'a reward. "Brea ?
yellow Journalist, Miss Croydoa, has
his reticeacee. That's hard to t.
one knows ?hem." she
aaewered, and "poned the door for us.
Thomas was waiting in the hall.
rthlag else, sir".'" !
?.'' said ??odfrey. "We've ?nished
bare. Nee i?'t aa bave <>ur trap."
We stopped a moment bo the library
? aoedhf to Detroy. He came
forward aagai I us.
"Wellf ba ;^?..? "Cea you
?aid ? ledfrey, "we can.
What's more, we frill "
"Thank God!" and Detroy passed his
head aerea ahead. "Thai whole
thing . a sort of t?'rrit?lo Bight?
? to me, Mr. < I I'm BOplBg
that I ni; ^ t wake up and tin?!
that it was nil only a dream."
hfrey aaailed a ?itti.? btttorty.
"I'm afraid you won't do that, Mr.
Detroy." he sani, "l'ut, at least. I be
you'll Mud that In the end It will
;> a great anhapplacoa out of your
life. And Ini sure that, with Mr.
I/*?>ter's help, I can <-iear Hrysdale."
Tilomas cama to tell us that our trap
was waiting, and Polroy went down
the steps with
"I hope to have you here some time
under more favorable circumstances,*
be said, aud shook us both warmly by
the hand.
Evening had come, and the darkne
deepened rapidly as we drove back
along the road t<> Hi I.y Ion.
"V?e can't get a train till 8:42." aald
Godfrey, "so we'll have dinner at the
hotel and then go around for a talk
with our client. I think we have some
news that will cheer htm up."
"It seemed to me." I observed, 'that
not ut all about bis arrest that
he WSS worrying"
"it w l-oi't." agreed Qedfref "That's
what I menut.**
' Bah) lea gienanei out
ahead, assi ? leer min?tes sanar ere
up Uf .re tbS hotel
cast S qua h glance at a little fat man.
"On, / m
with f his
re t'e
nt Mr. 1
"Mr Lester bere, of <??
of hi- '
"I '
a little.
found it. I hat
de t'rew It Ini
?dad, "bed hardly I
i a murder in order t.?
possess;..!! of it throw It ? ?
sir." ?
"V.'l: ^
t nt him.
"I s. . ? Im>
? tbe
!i no
?itid in
? like
that must be"
with ? haf put
? very bowed his
tTO ? }
Time for Disappearing.
It ? ? by th?? CUChoO ?'h>ck.
to ht fool hai!
"I?< . r be going."
oung man. "He's rath
er ?- .mil might
mistake ? :;..? ball."?Chi
His Reason.
"He's a gentleman."
I l<s a snob."
'li?- alws up his seat in a
car to a womau."
"That's sitting down bags
the kni'cd of his trousers."?Cleveland
Hadn't Shaved in a Week.
.-?I nate to ko home,
but I proniis<-d my wife I'd be back to?
Second Ditto -Send her a picture of
yourself as you are now; she'll want
you to stay away as long as possible.
?Detori t .ss.
On the Stygian Ferry.
Charon was eaaUSTVed In a state of
colla ?
"That spirit actually wanted a re?
bate ticket.' he a? ?ai?
Herewith the great master of trans?
portation was completely flabbergast?
ed.?N. Y. Sun.
First Airship Crank?Back from
your trip to Mars, eh? Make any new
?nd Airship Crank?No, except
that the Milky Way Is two-thirda wa?
ter.?Chicago Daily Newa.
"My dear, I have a disappointment
for you. You know the letter you
gave me to am
What? You forgot It?"
; I mailed IL"?Detroit Free
Truly Difficult.
"This Is a hard position," said the
c*ar s fortune teller; "very hard."
"What's the trouble?"
**I can't make op my mind whether
I'm hired to be optimistic or reliable."
?Washlsgtos Star.

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