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Ja., at 311 No'rtt.
M*asa* i- aal ?*<> ae >> rases -? by w^m.?????
On? Ooov, on?? yaw. f I J?
?ith? - ? - ?
:r*a? month?, - ? - .?BJ
?? inch, ?oae lnacrtloex, f .60
?h. ?
For twol
?eoh ?tabaeqTaeo? lii?Mua, .et
?^thr?>n?oetb*, - . COO
a\?ix month?.
?? t?? month? au.???
Marnnt.??? atvl F?i: Bu
Standing ?Ad Trmnalfe? Sfotto?? pat Un?a. .10
St er
?. vrT 1? 1??*??** w??k!y Thearibasrip
1 j ? ?u? In ?ad y are?.
* Klee, yawaei ?aan b?
-: ?*frt??? M'>n
? ?an Ba
f tb???*?
?lwv "^??ll>tt*r
i "??
?anO W? wlii ?- ?t*?;
asa Mom ? t Oansa? ?bob be nbOafud ?*
.??r war, you meet d
-<ra\ do not w? ?
?:?>\\ ?\*? ?. 190:
it wl
l'Ili s. RooeEl 111 SPI i:< II
*i at
a E I
Apri! 7 was an
tion on ??
It afford?'d hit;. r op?
portunity to learn whether cr not
any radical change had taken place
In h.
He is a brilliant ati . but some
of his u! be remark
ably out of harmony with some of
I actions.
In spea. corporations, he
seemed to be oblivious of the fact
that the principles enunciated ap?
plied to Individuals as well.
He said:
"This is the exact spirit In which
this country Should move to ?
form of abuses of corporate ? <
.? rongdoer. the man who swin?
dles and cheats, whether on a big
acale or a little one, shall receive at
onr hands mercy aa scant as If he
I crimes of vi bru- ?
tsllty. We are unal??
? tr>
Ing t?? luch an
past as would
at a loaa to know \\h?
Il POI I I 1? IL 81 n \ l IO?
is a ;
? the
; tin?
?if tl.
.1 f ? I
tance with
, ib)Wan principie? and to
?11 o
?I Hl.lllWlM. 1 II
nit of exist
in Atlanta will f;
? ply to t:
other :? riions. T*h?y may not be as
aa'BTavatod in their details, but the
reat. In some localities white
? xerting their influence and
officers of the law their off?,;
ilng of the worst
?us. Th? "loodlum finds
scant encouragement at the hands of
the better class of wh. M and
?lie Negro loafer finds naught but con
demnation at the hands of the better
class of colored ones.
Some of the utterances of Mr.
In Athinla the ? ?
ir and
? wiudoas like ar
th>* low elaae ol Ne
wlth eh
... ? .
It the
off. a
1 like
t he
r or
? ? some
R itli ,-M
with Impunity and a poor ?rhlti
of th?* loa how in a
? N?gro, who
When Im i Me?
lt. One of the
for a
nnd was fought out all thron
?Hint of soii.
to th.
ajro, The
.?? that
was about the size of his asset
he finally won out. A similar con
a well-to-do would
. bankrupted him nnd It would
? his family to the alms
To empTna
the Mr. Raker
? Hoke Smith, Governor-eleet
?>f f?rorpia. who Is more distrusted
?es as a race probably
than any ?itber white man In Georgia.
ted many Nerroee In his house
during the disturbance. In many
??cases friends armed N?
?>ld them t?> protect themselves.
dpw I know of who had a
single black servant, placed a Shot
enn in his hands nnd told him to
it any mob that tried to get him.
She (nateti him absolutely. South
??rn people possess a real liking, w*hol
ly unknown In the North, for Indi?
vidual Negroes whom they know.
That Negro would have uaed t*hat
shot-gun, too, and if he had uaed it
money would have come forth in
BM for *hls defense. But t*hen
poor white folks hav<?
';lnd ? here
prtsitogee not accorded to those
?aid :
?it OUl '
'?R of Its bloody part la
* a typical
? slum. I looked for squalor.
\n.l I was sur,?
to fimi ?
practical!] everj <
?. ? home? boi ? ol the houses
ns attractive wlthoal aad aa
:it han?!, su- ?.?.?led by
11 f ti 1 proundt?.
ir\. T*h<
I office
Th.* schoolho .
with teacher ?
of t.ie
?1 fa
y had
Tho ? indus
Inj? t
?f this
Thli .? In
? ? d ru
f the
At last, on M ? 'ilnp, just
irk. a aqa
? ' ?
I tho
tfl Ol
ha .
fall session uutil
there t two
now lab
a ard.
polle? and
tad a
:tion of ?
the town. Pouce of
0 home, where lay
Lewis, bad!;, wounded
>re. He was in bed
is shirt, placed their
s breast, and In cold
Mood shot him tin
eral times in the pr< t his
y left him for
?)?11 ' .tico recover.
rea, of Gau
ary, one of the able
tata, who had n??
lo with the riot,
? head by one of the
b his rifle-butt. T*h.
were finally taken to
r^ked up charged with
f Officer Heard.
In the Isr ?wnsville riot four Ne
lled. One was a de
industrious. though loud-talk
i named Fambro, who kept
til grocery store and o\
two h? ides, which he rented
Ho had a comfortable home, a wife
and one child. Another was an in
o named Wilder, eev
old, a pensioner as a sol?
uti War. who was wen
spoken of by all who knew him. He
was found?not shot, but murdered
by a knife-cut in the abdomen?ly?
ing in a woodshed back of Fambro's
?ruder, a brick mason who
earned $4 a day at his trade, and
who had laid aside enough to earn
his own home, was killed while un?
der arrest by the police; and Ro?
binson, an Industri?me Negro car?
penter waa ahot to death on his
way to work Tuesday morning after
the riot.
Bat ennagh for this week. Wh
Bhal) d<*al fur' Mr. Kay Stan
nard Hak?
iipxt Issue.
\ Sa:-;?:? ? R Dal
? John Duncan of
? :u July -
April '
Win II. !
: ? of
oppiag at
Ken IVna?-?! io Flooded Shaft Four
Days Are ?
r one
u all
: befori
the It.
the h
11 in
ply a lia
them If left in dai
?tated thai <?f nil the deag
the darkaeaa ?aa the bbobI
Wh<*n al avail
upply <>f ; . f-nin?!
bal half
tied ? m ?ras
until Monday morriin?*.
te mea bad
from the aha:
Raiders In Wyoming Dynamite B?3
Cheyenne, Wyo., April no.?An ra
I'.iki H<>rn CO
Aill?*.'. ely ?it
? '
Of th? was told by a h<
who said that a band of ma
P. aud after binding him
merely, arraaged ?? ? the work of de
strili tion.
April Was a Cold Month.
Waehlagtoa, May 1. ? Th?? month
onduiK Tin s?lay was the coldest April
In tho la*?: - and within a de
? Bcoordhag bo the weather bo
resu. Th? ays: "The |
?ras charas ?^.si?>n ? f
wblcb swept southeastward
over the BOftheeet Rocky mountain
i slope and gradually spread southward
I and eastward over the r-ntlre countr;
east of the Rocky mountains. The
cold was almost continuous except for
brief intervals of a day or so of warm
er weather, and It doses with remark
in the Interior
| s ami the south w
Russian Girl Killed by Rejected
Lowr in Philadelphia.
Phi 'irtha Ko
waa shot
?nder nn?
Franz Kndru
t into his
ind from
nikat. who was . ?ause
?n. follow
kill 1;
V Itti ::ipt he
Cat his I in an effort to end his
II months
in a the infor
??v. he waa
-;lit months
?1 has not
After the assault
who was the
thern sec
from th??
? a nearby
tit In the
laa she ?.?
' ?
? into his
- of the State Buildings at Jame?
?-? Exposition Opened.
? '
u th??
? I :
. who
nia for
; t a 111 y.
nor of
I an.?
Was 113 Yeara Old.
of 1*:
r woman
Bt the
Wireless Warna of Earthquake.
? b.? warn
.at or 1"
the earth
in be
expia: ? r Bjrpotbt
Killed By Trolley While Playin.
Bproat r <>f Ja ?
?. Sprout, of
kille?! by a
: ir her
a short of Harris
The little girl's body waa cut in
lellgthv. .
Workmen Hurled Into Harbor By Col?
lapse of Structure.
\prll 23.?With a
that s and a rush
that drove a wave - ?h to dis
?.mt parts of the inner harbor of Hal
timer. : ni" a new pier un?
ii at I>Kiist Point, broke
. ! and plunged
Into t :
<>?: i bod?
ies hf u. Bat! Ie. nun arc
suffering from - more or less
While nian> th.ories are advanced
no one is willing to say with anything
like certainty why the catastrophe oc
curred. The new pier was being built
by the Paltimore Hridgo company and
the M ?mtracting company fot
the P.alt nuore & Ohio railroad and waa
to have h . hy the steamers ol
the Johns?.p. line. It waa a two-story
?tractara, 930 raat ion?, about 500 feet
of it being on land. The water end
was built upon piles. There were heard
warning cracklings, and the workmen
were being called to places of safety
.. as many of them were Strug
gllng tin oliali the doors In the fire
wall, this collapsed and, with 430 feet
of the water end of the pier, plunged
into the harbor, carrying a number ol
men with it.
Thursday, April 25.
I^sfayette College, at ttaston, Pa,
will celebrata its diamond Jubilee com?
mencement June M
t 1st church st Parsons, near
l'a., was destroyed by
^tailing a loss ?G G
Herman .:??. th?* ?.
atad to Presl
Mai | r a It year
Klrl of Camdcn. N. J.. died
of brain fever, the result of over
Frank Thompson, a civil eng
He temporari:
? sta?
tion at Columbus. O.. where he had
been piai ag.
Friday. April 26.
' High, a nearo, was <-*on\
*e uirl at fafcilhai
ough. <?a, and ! to be hanged
rold Kat 'and dl??d
in her boms in Philadelphia from
burns ? lothlng catch
in? f.re from a mateh.
aa and a summer
Bt Lake Pleasant, near Miller's
Falls Mass, were dost roved by fire,
entailing a loss of JT."?
? ss. who com?
manded the 97th Pennsylvania regl
dariag the Civil War. died In
Pa. aaed 82 years.
Saturday. April 27.
' C4 years.
Brigadier ''?? aerai John W. Bubb was
The director of the mint purchased
ery at
Philadelphia at 66.144 cents an ounce.
? ?Jlgnatlon
to President Roosevelt, to take effect
?? to the illness of John
of officials of
? n at Wllkes
I?arre. Pa,, has i.e. ? postjx?:.
With eon
aplracy In a with the embez
from s bank at
Charlotte, ? C ?raa arreeted si Lu
Monday, April 29.
tally baraed at Allentown. i
Jan? brother Of United
ator 1-?p
clnn:? r after a long Ilia*
The New York district attorney's
Life Insurance
msn from I r ???>inmis
?-?ffice. was
acquitted in Washington hargo
lag public
? id. which
i?a?i b? rlaaaathsfj
with to burn
drank it in mistake f?>r ??nigh syrup
nn?i Is In a dyll at Shamo
Tuesday, April 30.
i tbe be?lnx>ni of
? ?hu Freier al M. 1. I .
and ?tola s ontalnlng
t nun w< :i a tunnel at
plant at
? m.
Ill . S a bundle
fants. girl,
A Bed man
nt of
nd to
Wednesday. May 1.
Bl Mil
era ee
t Mi.lillelowii,
11 iron l?:
Doaahu? oa a
.?>t in
Broke Leg Turning In Bed.
Chai olive
Pin??, an v
rapidly Imprortng !:. pltal here.
Th*? little nirl :
leg while taralag in !
ture ?lid at Beat, and
In on1.?
6hot Girl Forced to Marry By Parents'
Greed For Gold.
May ? .i ?cele?
an Italian, was hanged h?*ro fox th?>
murder of his I
On If Of last y?sar p..
who had lain in wait for her for ser
eral hours, met his wife a* sil?* came
from a silk mill w was em?
? ber dead. She had re?
to Uta with him, and this re?
fusal, with the fa? t that she
fold him she preferred
eepaay of Amerloaa men to that
of an Italian, caused him to become
ininit the crii
was only 16 y?ars old, and
the marriage waa one of those which
so freqjaeatly ?.< ?ur among the fot
population .?I about $6oo; the
girl's parents knew this, and set about
to making a match between
daughter and the young fellow. They
had no trouble so far as Boccia waa
opacaras!, but the Httle girl who was
to be sacri.'?..fd for .
thing, and on
the appointed day the wedding took
place. la a short tinu* trouble arose
in th?* ! and the wife
? left. It is said she generally turn?-?!
up about pay day. but disappeared
again after her husband had giren her
his earnings. This thing kept up until
Boccia killed the girl. His money gone.
be was deserted by his wire, and her
parents had no longer any use for
him. He was arrested a few hours si?
te* the tragedy. He wee pennileea His
defense was conducted with money
colle? ted by hia fellow countrymen,
snd they also looked after his burial.

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