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SATlltnAY llBatfalBalllll i t, OT.
JjjftfV fat* afafe.
eagaiaj,1^: iLav^T.>
Work of Sorting Applea Made Eaay
By lta Use.
A Tery uPfful devlce for help ln
sorting apples or other frult where
close assortlng ls noc^sary Ia a grad
Ing board as shown in the cut. This
Is merely a pioco of liplit wood with
round holes bored of dlfforont dlmen
sions. the slze b*Mng made accordlng
Useful in Sorting Applea*
to the frult to b" aaekedL Tho dif
fererr ions siios may
be elther '; or 4 inch. T!
board should alwa sort?
ing table and says
Farm and Home. but it will not bo
necessary to put v\t ry
Syatem Used by One Succeaaful Hand
ler of Fruit.
In ploking apples In my own orch
ard ar.d In or- that I huy, I do
not allow an applo plekod until I am
there to con. barrellBSj same.
t an applo laach Iba ground
that goes into a DBITeL ln plcking I
uae haif bushel baskets and short
sacks hung ovor a plcker'o shoulder,
aays a < lent of Farm and
Home. Use long and short la
tlroly. as plckers cllmblng in among
the limbs brulso the applea that are
ln sacka'and splll applas out of the
I pack entlrely from packing tablea
that are bullt on a allgbt slant, the
wlde end of the tablo being padded
to prevcnt the brulslug of applea aa
they aro being poured onto the table.
The narrow part of the table la alat
ted with lath one Inch apart. which
aJlows twigs. leaves. etc. to drop
through. At the month of tho table
I have an apron that 1? Uaeaad to the
under side of the tal>!?>; thla we lay
over the barrel allowing the apples to
run Into lt_ When the apron ls full
we lower lt Into the barrel, which pre
Tents the brulsing of apples as they
aro put into tho barrel
The cost of picking and packing
covers a wide range where trees are
heavlly laden. tbe cost being not
nearly as large aa when Laara la a
Ilght crop. Under ordlnary clreurn
atancea the plcking and packing can
be done for 15 to I
I work four men at the packlnu table.
one man to face. one to press, one at
moulh of table to run the apples, and
one to sort out culls.
The packing tahle does away with
having cull apples all over your or
cbard, as all tho culls are thrown un?
der the tablo. When tho time comes
In the fall to gathcr your cull and
windfalls for maklng cidor, lt is a
eaay matter to drive from plle
to p'lo to pick up tbe apples and put
afjoa I have my teams
ready to haul my apples to ears.
when cold storago in
St. lxiuls in 15 boara from the tlme
were har. tha treea.
Give plonty of water; laylng fowls
require it
Applylng manure to grass lands
during the fall ls a good thing to do.
provlding the manure ls not put on
so thickly that it smothers the plants.
The manure is aot a small Item of
proflt from th<* poultry bouse. In
cleaning up the poultry house the
droppings should be put in barrela
or hoxes and kept dry.
Never glre fowls sulphur ln damp
or wet weather. and give lt cauUoualy
even ln dry weather. If fed, and the
fowls get wet, it is sald to cause rtou
matism and woakness of the l.-ga
The prices of farm implements
ere to be boosted this season. Why
not meet the advance by paintlng
and Cxing up the machlne on band
now? A few gallons of paint, a new
piece of woodwork here end there,
will put the machine back in senrlce
for two or three years.
Young poultry should not bo al
lowed to go hungry. nor should thoy
be given more than they can eat up
clean at one timo.
A patch of rya near the poultry
yard for the hens to run upon when
the ground ls bare. is an egg producer.
Fertiiize the orchard: plow and
Frult crops are often so lars;e that
fhe abundance of one year offsr-ts the
smallness of crops in other yeara.
Brergreens are hardy. pretty and
make excellent wlndbreaks. May la
the proper monih to plant them.
Try some and b-v.utify the dooryard.
Keep th* bark of your trees
healthy by the upi llcation of a good
wash. A healthy tree. like a healthy
asan will withstard tNe attacka pf,
ly tliaa a weakly
The man who cheerfully seta the
his wlfe shracta, and
lends hlmself
ln the tetji
vital :tizenahlp
and ls a -
Prlnclpfa of Selectlcn Must Be Care
fully Cbesrved.
Where BBaBCtlBB is done with skill
and care tho iBaprovaaaaat of many
kinds of eahlvatej plaata effecf
Its means ls invaluable. The large
panaies, the baga hybrid gladloll. the
large ,1 eaaaa
brought from tho state of small flow
ers to their preaeat exi i our
own day by careTuI ohsorvers, who.
wat'hlng every variation and keeplng
an exact record of aat of all
their plants. turn to the best account
the wonderful actlon of hen
That plants are endowed with the
power of changiug to some extent un
der altered and varying conditlons
no one will deny who kno^
little natural hiatory. Such changes
will occur ln wild nature as well aa
under >on. and by the actlon
of h "11 be ttanamitted saore
M falthful ly to the next genera
But an all-important fact must be
| recognized and rcniembered. lt ls
that ln th* wild state only such vari.v
! Uons have a chance of enduiing as
glve the plant in which they occur
aome advaataga In its llfe. Many var
; latione ai arblcb soon
dtaap) . v are a
I galn. t<
? a potato plant
j short stt'D-s an.l fa
| in a BHaBB at the BBBB of tli" stem
| Such a plant WOBM
' chance agatnst rank groaiag
shootlng varietles. BBd lt a
perish. Stlll, some buc!
| long t.) -
who thr
; are uscful or t | wh<>
on a favorite aftb b:
the advantago he can to
thrive and answer his parpoae.
of the variatlons lnduced ln our gar
den plant | in favor of the
plant lf ln a 'free Ilght" with it:;
ln nature. All our laaara*
aa carrots, turnip*. b<-cts. maV
early ar.d aaoealai
own benefit, but not at all f.>r
own good lf laft tO th.-;r fa-.
struggle with their own wild ?
[ they would soon have to take a "back
acat" and
follows. then. that ?artatUB im;
from man's polnt of vtaa must ra
celve kin.i
than atlf '
The ealtrratad plant, llke i: .
tlcated animal. jrlelda la BBB
powera of BBlf
to our aarvloa. Man must in n
provlde for Ita BBfaty and noviiah
ment In tba laa| q| planta
the actlon of man. much llke lnfluen
cea whlch art on plants in the wild
state. only hrlnga about slow and
gradual changeH. often scarcely no
tlceable at flrat L ue vil
Work Should Be Done After the Planta
Have Matured the Shoota.
Make eattlag ,-rles and
currants when Um e ma?
tured tsa iboota Di ti
asal i aat and eJear af i<
Cat t toag, cut.
tin? Jaal l at tba 6 ittaa
and about ball BbOva a bud at
tsa t t Ou in in the soll ln
rows tl.elr fall || the bud
at the tap wiii ba abaat laval with the
aurfa. of straw
too hard : .idvantage.
all th?- spring flow
erlng shrubbery caa b :u the
same araj Ia a eoM climate it is
hardly pi to root rose cut
tings ln the op< ?>? can.
however. ba put la BBB4J in a
haa and root?-d
so far as the bardy hybrid perpetual
class 'rame
ln late summer aad early fall you can
root cutt oses from the
of ahoota I a 5,l(l
and use th , de shoots.
Cut rtgbl n?- lower eye and
leave a full haaf of ippar bud and
about half an lacll i above lt.
Insert the eattlnga ln rows thickly in
the frame ar-d plaea a whitewaahed
aaah over. K.-ep tba sand always wet.
and lf th? :oper con
dltlon th^- A white roots
ln about four weaba, when they ahould
be potted in small pata and can be
packed ln a fi
erlng the pata m frames pro
tected durlng the cold Blgbtfl of wln
tar with atraa l bsva Krown
and wi.ntered | jn this way.
and plant ed them in the spring in the
opan gro um made
flne plant? Hut all the tea rose faml
ly are better rooted ln the gieenhouae
and kept in a oool ai??nhoiise durlng
the win:.
Helpg Foliage.
The hotani.sr af th-* Maasachusetts
experiment Btatloa that Bor
deaux mlxtur. s a tonic ln
fiuence on vegelation and that the
beneflts follov.: <e are not due
aolely to the preventlon of diaeaaes.
but in a conaiderable extent as well
to the Increased vigor of growth. He
alao aays th* lime and sulphur treat
naent of San Joae scale has a benefi
cla! lnfluenr* m preventlng fnngua
diseaaea. and expresses the hope that
"tbe San Joae acale may prova a
bleaalng ln dlsgulaa."
Saya Its Not Se.
Report to tho efTect that electrlc
llghts are detrln.ental to the ayealght
are pronom.i .-.i unfounued by an elac
irlcal expertln the London Timea.
He aays that the trouhle arlsas from
too dltcct axpoaara of the eye to tha
ight, aad that effect would be tba
aame or a i any other IlshL
The Phrenomet-er.
A curlous electrlc machlne I*. the
phrenometer. The senslUve part of
the instrument ls a huge metal cap,
which is brought slowly down upon
the head. and clasplng the skull genUy
but iirmly, indica.es the slze of tbe
"bumrs" at 28 dlfferent poiuts. Tbe
turning of a handle not only regis
tcrs the slze of each "burap," but
prints aad delivers the record.
The Oldest Tunnel.
G!enfleld tunnel, on the Leicester
and Swannington railway, ls the old?
est tunnefin tbe world. lt ls about a
mile long. and la the oldest secUon of
the Midland company's system. Only
four passenger traina pass through
the tunnel each week day, and from
Saturday nlght until Monday morning
the tunnel is closed by a padlock door
at elther end.
Flylng 3,000 Miles.
The most wonderful blrd fllght
noted is the mlgratory achievement of
Uie VIrginia plover, whlcb leaves Its
baunts in Nortb. Amcrlca and, taklng
a course down the Atlantic, reacbes
tbe coast of Brazll ln one unbroken
fllght of 15 houra, covering a distance
of over 3.000 miles at the rate of four
miles a minute.
Torpedo Boata of the World.
An Ensrlish governmeut report showa
that France now has 39 submarine tor?
pedo boats in servlce and 50 under
construction. England ranks next.
with 25 bulk and 15 under way. The
figures for other natlons aro: Russla,
13 and Ii; United States, 8 and 4;
Italy. 2 and 4; Japan, 5 ar
many, 1 in course of construction.
Giant Boy.
Clroor.e eOBBal has
produced a
>'lior. wl
? aad nvoirdupols it is be
atands without a peer In the state.
Youn is a product or K >
hlp. and thoa
till grow
Hjppy By Comparlaon.
'"Whrr.. sald the
flat dwcller who |
go BO ln a
long flat. one at oacB < : who
quarrcl all tl ? are
not speaklnr to < ach other |
come home aal
Wisdom of Solomon.
In a dog ea Eag
land, ono
? I
was a swore
It wa- ss. So the judge award
ed $02.50 dama^es aa a falr average.
Make* PuUng Easy.
iam Bardell. Amerlcan conaul at
Bambcrg, Germany, reporta the dls
eovery by Dr. Radard. a Geneva den
tlat. that blue rays of llght can b*
used as an anesthetic ln th* extracUon
of t- eth.
Made a Mlatake.
"Walter. I find I have Just enough
money to pay for the dinner, but I
have nothing ln the way of a tlp for
l t me add up the bill again, alr.**
John Brown Juror.
Willlams Abratns Martin. the aoll
tary survlvor of tho 12 men who con
vioted John BroWB, ia stlll llving ln
VIrginia. Ha haa celobrated his
seventy-flfth anniversary.
To Clean a Stcel Knife.
Cut an Irish potato in haif, dip one
of the pieces ln the brickdust which ls
generally us*d for cleanlng knives.
Rub the blade of the knife and the
staln will immedlatcly dlsappear.
Over Seventy.
There are three classea into which
all the women paat seventy, that ever
I knew, were dlvlded: 1. That dear old
soul: 2, That old woman; 2, that old
Almond Meal.
Nothing is better than almond meal
to keep the skln smooth and white.
Use lt in place of soap or rub on tba
bands when almost dry.
A New Discovery.
It Is stated that a chameleon which
la blind loses its power of maklng It?
self of the same hue as lta surround
Must Be Chic.
No woman objoct* to weaiing a balo
lf she can tllt it up a little and so give
atyle and snap to her saintliness.
Weeds on Railroad Tracka.
For destroying weeds on the track
a car has been experimsntally fitted
by the IUinois Central railroad. The
car carries two tanks, each of 4,000
gallons' capacity, from which a per
forated pipe under the car ls fed.
Through thla the ground ls sprayed
with a chemical solution. While one
tsnk la being emp*i*d obemicala are
being mlxed in tbe other. The water
which fornis the bulk of the aolution
being obtained from ataUons along
th* line.
Irish Kings.
There were plenty of Irish kings
fa early hlstory and they were good
flghters. Some hiatorlans have traced
the line of naUrs soverelgna of Ire
land back as far as the tlme of the
fiood. Heber and Heremon ln 1300,
B. O, are the flrst of whom there ls
any abaolnt* certainty. Following
them ware 169 klnga all of whom ex
cept flfteen died ln batUe or other
wlse by riolence. Home rule wss ln
exiatsnee untli 1172.
? leyellnfl Popular In Formoaa.
Bieycling la very popular with botb
tfc* Jafanese. and Chines* r*sldent* of
RhraBoia.* fTIcycfe meers rh wTflch
Japanese and Chlaese particlpata ara
held twice a year ln t' ,1 clty.
Besldes Chinesc, Japan- reign
apectators llabsfl the < li ,'ar track
upon which the JspBaH I Chlnese
contestants were raclm
there were about 50 T.u-ed
aavages of the head hur.
Dig at Ferefathcrs.
Dr. Oliver who
bad d ???? 1 . about
heredlty, was once cai'
mentalally afT.icted chl! After he
had examlned the pati- he said
a consultatlon should 1. held
aome tlme baf ba mother
replled that such had already taken
place Dr. Hotntea bbM \h. the
consulta'ion Bhoald ha\- tn-en held
aome 50 ye-ars a^
Appreher-a t
The 1-n i cf the
d?g- ? > follow
Tho f know | ? r?ut lt
don't easr ^ a lo
cotnot ?:?.?? . a cow
Harpets v>
A Ter-lble C.; -
"Have \. : a i> i the
theory their
?ed the
other. "I- rtapa and
rag-tU I horrlhle!"
New York Reatau-.-"ta.
New York dty a very
amall . ?< cf r- ?* be
tween the many P.rst-c . that
have no super'.ors in t | and
the more nuirerous al poor
ones tbat are hardly paralleled in the
great citlea.
The Berlin Way.
lata durlng the- tourist I They
avold the crowds by tri ~fore
and after the rrowded | thus
maklng sure of more ? rrfort en
route, and better r< 1 acrvice
at hotels.
Proaperous Germany.
New fai ?
mushrnotus in and
all are bu ls a
the bc
that no ii; :
be chc<
Cromwrll'i Soots.
In London I .Ir of
were sold for | scov
?red 30 yaai .t o
ratlona at Canonbury 1 illng
A Good Olver
The aperm whalo can r? tnain below
the aurface for about 2A mlnutes at a ?
Umcv Then it conies to the surface ,
Bnd breathes 50 or 60 nmes. taking .
ibout 10 minute^ to do
Self Made Man.
Edward Yates. who racaaUy dicd ln .
Walworth lng a fortune i
of 65.000.000 ln r- o ln and
about London. bega . Hfa aa a !
poor bricklaycr.
Reaponaibillty of High Ofttce.
How happy tl whlch every
mlnute fur .nltles of do-,
lng good to th How danger
ous that which ment expoaea
to the Injuring of mlllions.
Could Uae a Large Quantity.
Glraffe?Do you gtve >.*aa?
Jungle Daatlat 1
Glraffe?How macb a thousand
Nail Terma.
A "tea-peany" nail maaaa that i.
J00 nalls pounda. The
word la this sense la a cor
ruption of pound.
A New Novelty.
A rellsl- has four compart
ments of ta on a pretty'
allver atand i: g ii te a novelty.
Largeat Retait Drug Store.
The greatest drus s'oro In the world
ls sald la be found in Raaala. It ex
lstg ln Moscow and is rt old.
Its title Is the I
and slnce 18S.1 lt has been ln the fam
lly of tho araaaat proprletor. It Is a
bulldlng of imposing dlmensdons. with
many deT lncluding oa
profaaaloa ?
which Bambera 700 peraona I
2.000 prescriptions are said to be dis
penaed daily.
Wishes are hold to be ominous; ac
cording to which bolief the order of
the world Is so arranged that if you
have an Implous objection to a squint.
your offspriug Is more likely to be
born with one; also that lf you hap
pen to deslre a squint. you would not
get It. This dcsrondlng vlow of prob
abillty the hopeful entlrely roject. tak?
lng their wishes as good and sufflcient
security for all klnds of fulfllment.
HIs Job.
Blshop Potter was staylng witb a
! ln a country house. On Sunday
morning as be passed through the li?
brary he found a small boy curled up
in a blg chair deeply interested ln a
book. "Are you golng to church.
Tom?" he asked. "No." he repliod.
"Why. I am." the Mshop sald. "Huh!"
the boy returned, "That's your Job."
A strong brt.?th comes out of a
wcak head.
hypocrite Is the devU's bost
Sermons prepared for the ears never
get beyond them.
No man ever creatod anythlng
tor than hlmself.
Tho Ix>rd will not Hft the man who
does not try to rise.
One day's charity ls a poor balance
for slx days' rob!
There ls no solution of any soclal
problcm without sympathy.
have and
you wlil have all you can use.
Tho mflaOBOe of your llfe dopenda
on the aftluonce of your heart.
Folks need what Is ln your heart
more than what la ln your hand.
Th< man of all ls the one
who affe<?? >or.
A man can Bjeasrally think he en
Joys life somehow unless he gets too
respec table.
Th- > for aaraata to traln
their children ia to hiro
else to do lt.
Tho Mnc about prosperlty
Is ev. ?,, 11 ve up
to lt and a !
A I.
fluffy clotl halrs
Th<- ob ls
r hus
band a!l I
ferent he ia f
A woman is wise at Brst but a fool
on r. : .: dt.
And the
?jUfcl \
All tho reasonlngs of man are not
worth one aentlruent of woman.
A woman too often rcasons from
her heart, henoe, two-tbirds of hr>r
mlstakes and her troubles.~ Balarer
What she will she will, you may
! on't; and what ahe won't she
there's an end on't?Old
g Everthing! Everthing!%
fa ka-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa S?
i Leaders. 1
A 709 7ii 713 EAST BROAD STREET. J5
?be people's TRcstaurant,
- 750 North 3rd St., Rfciimcmd, Va
MEALS at All Hours?Hot or CoR Board by Day, Week
or Month. SOFT DRINKS.
Mtme. SYLVIA L. BOTTCHM-L, Proprietress.
- an aaBBjaaaaBBBjaj
No. 5U North Thtrd Street
C i PITAL $25000.
Money recelred on dapoatt and lr ,id on all amounts above
11.00 which remalaa SO days and ovor. Moaey loan
on Satisfactory Security. Busim
Accounts Handled Promptly.
\motints of ten eeata and BBB B Donoslts
This establlshment ls fitted up in the most im .tyle
having a large white vault, burglar-proor rtc 1)KnU,
and every n.olorn convonionre for safoty and th? modation
or the pubhe. ror all Information concerning Btocks. Deposlts
lx>ans. etc. apply to the Cushler. ??????.
Banklag Hoara n arraagad for the apeotaJ convenlence of
the working people aa follows: 9 A. M. to 4 P M f^atur
days. 9 A. M. to 3 p. M. We close Saturdays at
3 P. M. and open agaln at 5 F. M.. re
malnlng open untli 7 l?. M
JOHN Mlinill.l. .?;.. ,.?.... ?. F. JONATHAN. Vhe-ITea
THOMAS 11. WYATT, ra.shier.
_'_ - -?- -; - . .. ?, (?
'Phone. 577
bbbb ^-'r'r^Rm-yfi'vw.i bbjbjj bjbbbbj
Richmond, Va
Funeral Direetor, Cmbalmer and Livcryman.
All orders promptly fllled nt short notlc hv telegrapb (
,,a,,s for meetlngs and nico entertalni
Pleaty of room with all !
or tel
l >r hlre al nothing
BOp constantly on hand
eral suil
but flrst
flne fun-.
No. 2t2 East Leli>h Street.
(Itesidcnce Xext I>o??r.)
OPF.X AIL 1?\Y \\l? NK.HT._Man on Duty All Nigl.t.
M \ K k R
Tbe J. V. Hawkin's^
> bo n fortu*
aaaay of the onfortunates.
are Bo-dLay deliffhted with lta
derfal resalts. The ?aertta of thia
invir pnparrition natnrally
- lt :n ;i apBari all of LtB
vii, aud the g!own:g lllIBB n
apeak of it rw
- of 'm aatihfactory ro
? i well BQBSt Of i?
-? thr..ughout tiiin
au.i othei State* and also ei
tno oomiaiinrtalbuai of tlu- very
..Md ooaotad Baaala la
uunity. [aaj , ?t *'?.,.. . ;?fa of
.1. V. Hawkn.-* H;ur QtOWet au I ReaOorer W?t
romttmeto time prcdoc* in print the photogrnpha of th.vae givnur ns
,>ermi?.sioii to do av who ?BBr-have uaed onr ; n and are to-rlai ""??*?
uo,ny beariiig v?ui,rM of its genniOS qualitu-a Wa <lo BO* d?*',reT?JT
> f thoHeexpectingamiracleoranythmg unreasonal.!.? Our prepa
i? a raturalard purcrotupound, the ingredienrsof which we woul l not
ijesitat. to put la Brtai Wa erill laat aara ramlnd the pnblic that the Oaiied
reroment haa placed national i.ateiit righta on car hnir pnpunui
whl h " u **?<? wa are in turn reaponaibie to the goveriumiit for hou
sst metnoda an Vahng*.
II wMjaosatlTely reraoaa Dandruff, 'Oure Scalp of all impuritiea, Roatore
"*"__'" 01,"ai1 Twi -Uxld l**ada. where th* root* are not dead
*iW Paicaa;--!* osa i*<r box; e g<>t hoi. vjireaa pr ; The Face
btuuuh.r i; skea th**us*e of pjwdor eutirelv Ui and ia perf. <tlv hartn
leffl Bal. prlcoi r* and $1.00. Money oaa be aeot by I * M?ney
r Bxpreea Moaea Order ?AV~\ charge ?f Pkts. cxtra i? liuposed en
ail out of BKJ order>?.'^fBra
Addrt ?a all commnnications to
^^^"??^ Telcphone. 460i. ???
Correspondence Strictly Confidential.*=SI)r
jfuneral IDivcctor anb Embalmcr,
Office & Warerooms, 207 N. Foushee St. Cor. Broad.
Orders by Teleplume or Telegrapb filled. Weddings,
t^uppers and Kiitcrtaiiniiciits promptly attended.
Telephon?, 666.
^.:-^^'>:^^:^^:-;..r..-- ? BaaaaBaBaaaaa
Residence in Building.
PROF. I) D. BlirCE. M. D-.
Strange. Wonderful. but True are
the awe stricken tests given by The
Great Australlan Medium.
PatOT. D. 1? liltt Caa, M. D.
the only Llvlng Apostle of Sclence
of the Myateries.
S5000 in Uo?d to any one ln tha
? to eoanpate wrt'.i hiin.
sesarng mere power than any four
medluma comblned.
No card. trance or hand humbug
Greatest Hlndoo Medium la tbe
aa caa tell yeu whlle in a Clalrvoy
ant state, all you wish to know wltb
out a word being apoken. Come.
all ye unbellevcra, acoffera and Jeer
ara; brlng all your akeptlclsm wltb
you?he will opea your eyes to tbe
prlvate ehamber myatery- Come all
ye brokea bearted wlvaa, all with
low aplrita and let hi.a 11ft tba bur
dan from yoar acblng aad Jealoua
beart. Ha eballenge* tbe World to
oompete wltb him la caualag a apeed
y marriage wltb tha one yoa love;
aniltag tba aeparated aad brlng
back the lost one. Tracea lost or
stolen goods. Uneartns hldden
treasuree. Removes evll Influenccs
Crosses, Spella, 111 Luck. cures trtcks
and Coajuratlona. glves Luck ann
Success ?n all you undertake. Cures
the Tobacco and Llquor Hablts. Al
lows the Captlve to be aet Free.
He ls the only one that will give
a Wrltten Guarantee to complete
your buslneas or refund your money
Are you alck? Do you know what
the trouble ls with you? Come and
CaBBaBla Nature'a Doctor.
Rheumatlam, Inaomnla. Hyaterla
and all Dlseasee cured. Pointa glv
en on Horaa Raclng and all Games
of Chanca.
No matter what alla you. come
and aee thla wonderful man. Read
er have you notlced that aome peo?
ple have a hard tlme to get along,
no matter how they toll. whlle otb
era bave euccess. Many wealttr
men and women owe their auceess to
thla wonderful man.
He will tell you whom vou will
marry. Will you be happy T He
will tell you whe your frlenda aad
enemlee are. Can you tall? DobI
take a leap ln a dark, but ba ad
vlaed by thla wonderful man. Great -
est Prophot la axlstence.
Ha alwaya Sueceeda when others
fall. Thla ls tho chance of a llfe
tlme. Don't let lt paaa yoa.
Ofaea hours: 6 A. M. to 6:36 P. M.
Sunday: 6:60 te 7:30 P. M.
N. B.?Our consaltattoa Fee la
10 cents. Stttings. 61 0S. All rat
ters oentalniag 61 00 will be aaawsr
ed ln falL
BtAI.v OJ 616663:
664 8. Stb St.. Pblsadelaada. Pa.

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