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9 \ I I KI?AY.JTNK 27, I?OM.
In Nothing Short in Sty!* and Fine
???? to Her Elder Siarer, Says
th* Edict of Dame
The bonnets, hats and coats of the
small girl are nothing Bhort of be
witchiug this season. The prevailing
cote of eiqulirtte flneness and dalntl
ness which is found throughout fash
lon's domaln is essentlally appropriate
to children's clothes. and one finds lt
ln chiidish beadwear, from close baby
bonnet to wide hat of lingerie mate
rial or atraw.
Plaln flayplng brii-s af pinaa. Rcal
loped and butttmholed round ta*
8, and little rrowns also witb aiJt>
tonhole* and scall. . and bnt
toned aowa ta the brlaaa, tarai the
practlcal hats. ones that are
entirely durable and rtaalTj Btataf
The laerrltabla ejretot esabroldery
appears. too, upon many hats of this
aort, and some mod-la bara
large dots and BometJvaee a eomoina
tion of th* two in ? nbroMeiy
aeattered all over their surfa
An iMuatra-lon of this ls shown In
the dalr.ty Hagert* hat Th
aaaaerable Baodala ln simiiar aba]
fino lingerie atttf and BBOS and band
work af flounclng and ruffs of yard
B, of the bj in
aheereat lawn and lace, with a doiible
frlll which grOopa h1m>ui the daluty
little face like f...\\.-i pet.-tls. haa a
pinked frill af i i!?k chlna silk ? a
oid lawn frllla,
and. . is trlmmed with aoft
pink Ik .-.
Ptctnrcsqu Roppy hat8 of leg
and rarlow a fancy straws are
for girls v ? too.
th? aroaderfoll) aort, Ibbona
of th*.
and are Baedfc - with
consununute ?klll.
are tbe flower* tn. ' for trlm
mlng th?? atraw plctara hatb. and on
the reghora or the l>-irnt ?t:
relret riblton is ftwejawagt* us.-d In
Btead cf silk or ? q iu con
neetion with fl mt
Of attrartiv- for little glrls
tavere are no and The datatleat are,
Bat, taos* .if bIk ar Uai
and embrolden ?? wtth a
Hning of eblaa silk ln pink or blue;
but the algue coats, scalloped, button
boled and aa 1 In V..
work, are exu ;art.
New Collarettc.
One of | f;1>i,
lon is the collarwtte, or reff, faatataaaj
ln the back with loag aadt ;>f rlbaoa,
which han< down the back Thia is
lhe | :<>n in the way
of spring boaa or : - for wear
out of aratt* is a large
ruff : plall <i rlbbon, chiffon,
net. and full?
much like a Plerrot oollar. At the
back there la a large roaatta of rtbbog
to fast.-n lt an I frcn henenth the ro
sette the rlbboaa haag aalte a dia
tance down tba back. \\:y lawqawatly
thero is .1 it tlu- i*v h af the
bat to mateh tbal -itr. The
CollareMe Bad bai should, ln fact. bo
in accord. and if they are ao they w i;i
?juite a ?; o a plaln
cloth or 8l!k < anee.
with a darV blue suit a shaded blue
aatlarette and a ahaded blaa bai har
ln* ta* BB3M ? be asaat
Wtth a giarj aall ? white
boa and a stra* ,. hat
bJgkt give b loweB of Bpr.'ngtira*
Bao.es Who Wa 1.
Whlle th< apt to
think hr>r ! :sease
each time H expe
rtaaaaa] aa* '< ti?.
who Is <V: cri<8
One old roi" * aa* a'vrays
welcotrx s tl ?? Arsi at'ack of sohhlnt;
after a child I as bad a I
Here are s when
heard sh
A h ? etl i r.. tllng ery ls
often a for* iTier of b:
A Cre'fa] ;.n occa- ?
slona! ah<- : \ m.>ans
crour; a 1 adfcataa f
* loud ???:-. :? ???? ; c. .1 sM..-?neie
A nol?> -.'hlng
but taeti er, as a r ; cause
no alarm.
* Circ O* r-rts.
TlBfra la 1 ;ra year when
animal.- r. aa ln the
-UinaJ--' olf bt
kept clean. but muat be fed and wa
tered pror^rly. for on thl8 depends
thelr hBaTfa
T>?gs ehould be glven little or no
??,eat durlna; the warm weathcr. and
>vater shculd I -.here they car
~?M lt at any Dasj 1 3 are
'he b?'?t fi rra >t I
Charming Gr.r-rente Worn wlth the
LiQhtest of Costume*.
Tr" - ate coats
of BsMajsa Mik and cloih are now
shown for **vir with Kumnier dressea,
the conirara*lv?'y tdnirle frock* of
flne cottoa. luen. foulard aud pongee.
whlch have to some extcnt rrapplsnted
tbe BUlts of theae materinls. 1'hcse
8?<parate coats are, many of them.
quit*? elaborate, but they aeed n<>? ba
bj. for. as sluiwn In tha Illustratlon,
lt ls q'llte i?issil>!>? to have tlu-ni en
BBtrlBBBBSd. save B??ha*Ml for a
fnw aaada of brald and 8(<tiaa battoaa,
fancy or c*.hcr?tse. aa the taste uf
tii * ladlTldaal araarer dictatea.
The mni|i.| h*?n? slmwn la an ex
troin.'.v flaslrablS oaa It ls almoet
unlversally BBflBnlBl f<> tba tftgare, fur
Its loaa Haaa gln I . ghi and s!<?nder
aee*. wbi> taa , oaalbll Ues of f
lathS fronts take from th* too fla* ..ffoct
whlch aomaUmea maru tho bcauty of
? ' ' Thi* fiillness,
. is doe t,. tha ilta la th?>
should.t tuto whlch t' -\1 is
l*ld. 1 .1,1 in all the way .)<>wu
aa a em. a 1.?? b >>>? a
st.<Mit araaaaa, ?fi!i<> for
<?n.? it BBl]
BB*, and r . at |n axaia Just a
little in,.
One of the Prettie-t Priasea of the Sea
aon's Fashions.
of th.> marked phns.>s of th;*
silk aad rolle la a
estlnjr way. fh'ih 1 Itfncult to
odne arhlcb 1 f ttu ica ls
' th?* trl'mmtnaj ?>r ihe
anci whir?.
aaaterlal It la .?, ln
mam da en
sosaal ,. rTit>
bTMsrb of rrtapni - the Mik leadB
BB tbl nlnj:
ad with
in the ratber ,, kt t suits,
?r l'"' ':!' tajD*. whlch Is
soraMaBti its
most tuportaai ; art. Nothing coadd
uhat alah aonM
be all onc tthoaat obrloaa
triinmin^ .-r entln .
trancou.; , rnai
triins th* I gjjlt,
? 11 of plain n< aa or
8Pvertt> |a ?'iit' wlth.
whlle at tba a :?e \<x
kej-t . titli 'v \>
what ls i.
?f r?M-t
Novel Metrod of Trimmmg.
A BOve)
by aid of hat most
oriuinal fB
plns um? 1 for ?
ln a l
bons aad
tha al
?rat ati p U !? 1 !. ? ?? nn antrl
hat In ii 1. b will
ton.- with BBj
leetioa ol
follows !
blrds sad bhv , ,,, j;,.
pierced tl
BalsTsj arlll i>.
noon au I
or lilie.*. a ,nos with
tbe frock
of b! - mjv
laK r' ta aa.:
Flesn Col - >d Sl
n?n r tbs
color of th* ' In rcar.y
such riL^s tho ,f t;le
tumes of b (hat
are arora I 1 tiat
with asappera' ,t aaotber shade ?
iy. h? ii.'
if UaS ancie:i; triil,
have no r?- to the
color of Kown or shot-s la .me of tb*
fads for amart stivet sostaasaa. Pat
eaihsr ahoea oft?n accompany
such con!rastir.< foot coverlng*.
A5 trxy.
Flrat Brldff* ,t made
Mrs de Fttl Bl inng
that last hand?
Beeond Brldgs Playsr Bhs had the
aee up her sleeve and cotildn't get lt
Hla Usual Course.
"*vMhat do you d.>, ank.d the falr
hrtdge player, wblaperlng to the man
stttlns b^hi-.i h?r. "when you nave a
hand Rhs tha'
alW awcar." he anawered.?
Chtcatfo T
U?*f*H and Attractiv* Dr*** Dselgnad
for Schoolgirl.
A pretty Bhade of medlura blue fine
serge is used for tbls useful little coe
turae. the sklrt 1b gathered Into the
walstbaod. rmd Js trlmmed at the foot
with fancy galloo* formlng s band and
upstandlng tabs.
The blouse Jacket Is cut eqi,are ln
tho neck. and fastons down the left
*ide of front, where lt Is trlmmed
with galloon. the wrlsts of the aleeves
belng trlnini.-.l to rr.atch.
Ulue *traw hat trlmmed with *llk
the same color.
ilaberialB requlred: Four and one
half yards 46 Inches wide. four yards
sateen. and about ten yards gall?*ou.
Usefwl Contrlvanc* That Can Eaclly
Be Mad* at Home.
The materlals requlred for thi* crlb
are a clothes basket with a astaaiaa
bottom, four legs of pine two inches
square and 12 Inches long. two piece*
of plne board one-qttarter Inch thlck.
three Inches wl?ie. and as long as the
bottom ot the bat<ket. two piece* off
same board as width of basket hot
tom. and four ball beaiing furnltura
ca*ters. the kind put on with four
With a gimlet and screw drirer any
woman easily can make the crlb aa
follows: K.i.-ten the cjtu.rt.-r inch by
af the
four legs, BbotJl ta.) Inches from the
bottom. with one Inch screw*. two
scr?wa at eaob aad of each board;
now fasten basket to top af leg* with
two Inch acrews, one *erew in each
corner of basket; turn basket upslde
down and screw caaters to bott.
Thi* brlngs the crlb to the lerel of
the mother's bad. lt la easily i
about by ta* basket handlo without
Btooplng. and. by placinK one or two
sadiron* ln bottom of basket to offer
the necessary resistaoce. becomes an
excellent contrlvance for baby to ellng
to and pusb abowt while learnlng to
Sporting Hat*.
Sportlng hats of flne panama are ex
tremely fas-lnatiug and they are ln fa
vor, as are the rarlous varletle* ln
fancy straws and chlp* -vhich answer
for summer wear. Hut the white duck
sailor?broad and atralght of brlm.
stiffened to perfectlon In the presslng
proce*8?ls the smart wear with the
light spring woolcns. BSsst and sklrt
sults. where white general ly enters
into tbe deslgns of strlpes. blocks or
plaldlngs that are In cross-bar lines.
hata are trlmmed either with
a two-inch silk hatband ln white or tn
slngle color*. qulte aa slmply as
man's straw bat. or they have a crown
twist of soft white satin rlbbon with a
fetching choux on the side of the same
rlbboa :!*? colored rlb
bona are aeen also, as there will al?
waya be some one who will insist on a
blue or a pink trimming. but the best
style permlts nothing but white ?
Vojj .
FriilB for Front of Wai*t.
A pretty accessory for a plaJn waist
ls a dotihle frill that may be aewed
on the edge af the opening down the
The under frlll ahows almost an
inch beyond the upper one. and both
are taken Into a half-inch band.
The frlll is wldest at the neck and
tapers off almost to a point at the
waist Une. It can be made f*om
cambrlc. lawn or net and elgt'd with
narrow lace.
flfty cents will ata? tbe frill ready
for wear, but any odd scraps left
over from white sewlng will furnlsh
materlal, lf one haa tlme or carea to
make it at home.
To Sew on Brald.
Hang the sklrt, then baste near the
edge. Turn the loose hem and haste
on brald, then stlch on the brald with
a big Btitch and it can be easily ripped
ln case lt wears out. Thia stltchiag
will not show on the right side. After
the brald ls on the hem can be evened
and the sklrt flniahed at the bottom.
This saves sewing brald on by hand.
Heliotrop* Sachet.
This sachet requires one-quarter
pound of drled rose leaves ground to a
powder, one-half pound of powdered
orris root. two ounces of powdered
tonquin baa. one ounce of vanilla bean,
and two dropa of at'ar of aluiond Mix
the powders by siftlng them togethor.
Smoothing pinger TlpB.
The only way of making the skin
smooth under tbe nails is by constant
appllcations of ajpsa o:*am and hy us
Ing only a soft thing. such as a hit of
orange wood. for cleansins. The latter
should be done only after waahlng
the hsnds. when the grlme ls soft and
is removed wlthont scraplng.
If you do any housewck or d.i
have the r.suls ftlled w'th rre.v>
s>WM MILLER. ^^*hW
jff 6TCALL
!r jajv
RlChAAOAi D. V>\#
Hat Repairinga
Silk. Stiff and Soft Felt Hats Cleaned. Blocked.
25cts; and 50cts Bindinp. Bands, Sweat Leathers,
also Soft Hats made to order.
404 E. Marshall St.
rj KverythmgIrZver>thing:\
I Floor Covfrings^s
I Leaders. |
4* 709 711 713 EAtT BROAD STREET. S
o Z
It's a wise deoti.t ?ho know* ht*
own tecth
Anythlng ooatinuoaa boo* bocomeB
- uiau may oost
his aaraata lot* o: Baaasaj
There ls no ar^nment abl* to dl*
count a f. ? ;:iik uf h ipp;;
Some men marry at 1? laurc. then
hustle for tba ? <>urt_
Beaalde | s ar.? euoitgh to
make tbe wlld ?.??? say t!.
When the biM rollrctor oomes ln at
the d(K>r love hnles tn t !.
If a gue.;i niak.s hin - | ? tnuch
I-ls host is apt to wi.ih him
tVaea you i;::<; ? m a di?
Me htinioi. tbat ia your cuo to
vislt your en. flalaa.
The eniile of tl.e Bypocrtta ls on a
level with the laaajk of a ayaaa and
the teara of a ,<ile.
nal ttgSlanc* niay be the price
of llberty. hut the price ..f allea
a certain amour.t ot hush |
There are BBBay ups and downs ln
this dizzy old worlg
blown up by boeaba and soi:..- otbara
r"n down by Batmatihlltja?Chl?
cago New*.
If we never show our kind feellng.
what Ktmranteo haa our friend. or
ourself, that lt exUts?
Life ls made up to moat of us of Itt
tle thlngs, and many a frleudshlp
wlthers through abeer neglecL
Hearta are alienated. becaute each
ta waltlng for some great occasion for
dtsplaytng affectlon Tbe great Bpir
ituai value of frlendship is tb* oppor
tnntty lt affords for servtee. and lf
tbeae ar* nogleoted lt Is only to be
expected that the glft should be taken
from ua
Frl*nd*hlp. wblcb beglna wirh sentl
ment. will not llv* and thrtve on
Bentiment. There most be loyalty,
which flnds expreaaloa ln Bervice. it
is not the greatnese of the help or
the lntrln*lc value of tb* glft which
gire* its worth. bat the evidence H
ls of love snd thoughtfulnes*.
AttenUon to detall la the secret of
auccess ln every sphar* of life; and
little klndnoasea, lltU* acts of con
slderateneBB. little appreclatJonB Ut
tle oonfldencea. ar* all that moat of
oa are called on to perform. and they
ar* all that are needed to keep friend
Bhlp sweet. 8uch thoughtfulness
kaeps our sentlment la evidenoe to
both parties ? LJlllan Wblting.
It was W S Gllbert who said of
Beerhohm Trees Hamlet that lt was
"funny without belng coarse."
Durinu an Fngiishman'B lecture ln
a lafl
| comor: "PICBSB, sir. tal.M yo;.
as quletly as posatble. The audlenci
l la asleep."
, A PadlBdalphla woman said: "O
? eoaraa thsra aill i><* no aiarrla
' beaven. There arffj b* | wom
en there and a few men. but ti<;t aaj
ono would care to ma;
i NV ;h H. Choate nu<
. tb* questlon. lf not hla wuiil.
tylnx bo woiil<i pra
1 hus
j hand. au Knallsh woman arslted tl!
| the applauso siibaliied und th*>n .
"Hut who la Mra. c . t\ nug
Its Lack.
Mlss Mur.nlglrl?Tell me. count
basn't the BBOtOr almost eutirely super
eril.'d tl,. I'ar'a?
,mt I.e Frau*--Kor tee riding,
y*se; bon- l t atu uot aecn tee motor
ruu ras good to aat,
On* on the Jud^c.
.. .. \. -
how old you arere, wbat did
afarajery I I 44 him II l ,
jud**.e be wouldn't ash
Tradc Marks
Anr.*?a<n-.<1|f>a' ?ak*trh ar.d Srarnpti-ir. may
nn'rx ' r. ? . . ? .?r aa
ln?? ? .<nit*r>l?. ?riuuidr*.
MNbBOOX.... i-.cuui
avitt Ir^n. ulitra Hk'Wiry f"' Kirurin^ p?l?-iit?.
1'. .ii Munn a Co. ne*?a
?fx"<uu t, tt xcf, wi'tmai eB?rgn. la th?i
Scientlfic Hmcrkan.
A bandaomf'r ll!n?tr???wl awlilr. 1 jtrvaat Hr
rulatl.i'i ?( mi? a. irmiap J..iirn?l. IVrma 83 a
raar: f?urtn<>ntba.8L b-ki by **! n<>wa4?-*lera.
Braoch Oirico. C3 r t?t, WUbH?i?o, Dt C.
Before making your purchase
you would do well to call at
the most reliable furniture
house in the city and see the
fine line of
And in fact every thing that is
needed in house furnishings.
Df every description; also the
latest designs in ROCKERS
md special CHAIRS.
3ur goods are tl.* keat for tbe price and
he pnce is very low.
Adams and Broad Strebts.
"-"?" I lllllllaaMIIIIIMIaagiaajiWiiaj.IWgggBSl _ r
707 North Second Street, Richmond, Vtt&inia.
Telephone, 4854.
W. F. DF.NNY Se, .etary
****************#* + + + *,+
??* Zbc people1* TRestaurant, *&&
-750 North 3rd St.t Richmond. Va_
MEALS at All Hours?Hot or Colr. Board by Day Week
or Month. SOFT DRINKS.
Mxoe. SYLVIA L MITCHELL, Proprietress.
Richmond, Va
Plnwe. 577.
Puncrol Director, Embalmer and Livervman.
All order* promptly filled at short notice by telegraph or tel?
ephone. Halla rented for nreetiags and nlce ootertalnmenU
Henty of room with all neceeemry renvenlences. Large picnlc or
hand wagons for hire at reasonable rates and nothing but ftrst
class. carriage*, bugaiea. etc. Keep eonstantly on hand flne fun
eral supplies.
""^a> No. 212 East I^eigh Street. ?eagw*?"
(Ilexidcnre Next Door.)
OIM:x All, i>\y AXI) NKUIT.?Man on Duty AU Nlarht.
TLe J V Hawkin's
Has profed to be a fortune to
many of the unfortunatea, who
are to-dny delighted with ita won?
derful reaulta. The mertts of thi>
arr.at hnir preparation natnrnllj
Pjyaai it in a Bphere all of Ma
-)wn, and lhe glowing ?ernis u
which onr patroua apeak of it n
asanrea na of ita aatiafactory re
ault*. We can well boast of a
large paironage throughout thia
aud othei States and also eujoys
--?mmeudation of tbe very
best white aud colored people in
b '^'J an.?ao rta. per box; eigltt U.xen. |2.80exDreaa nmnairl ti,. ??*?-.
Beaaalfler make. the ose of powder atitirel- kL^m^o^m^Lrfg^hl^t
Ti 8^Prl^:2C60c?-and|l-WV Id -rry can besaut'hj P,at OfSoe^one*
-.r hxpre** Monev Order SiBB i .LiP.. ?. ,. ' 7 r,a* ?-?mo* Money
all ?,il of clty order" ^Jri tM^ ^f *f ,0f U- "lra ,8 ??-H?Md ea
Address all oomniuulcaticana to
Mme. J. V MAWKIN5,
** Telephone, 460F. taat
Correspondence Strictly Confidentlal.
aBBBsaaBaaaax^r^-^.-^^^^-., llglllggJHggllUHlgajHaj.,.????
1 jfunccal iDtrcctor anfc Embalmer,
Office & Warerooms. 207 N. Foushee St. Cor Broad
Orders by Telephone or Telegraph filled. Weddintrs
Suppers aud Entertainments promptly attended. '
Telephone, 666 Res.dence tn Building.
PROF. D. D. BattTCK. M. LV.
Strauge, Wonderful. but True are
the awe atrlckea teata gtveu by The
Qreat Australlan Medium.
tbe only Llvlns Apoetle ef 8clenc?
of tbe Myateriea.
fMMtoo la C*o?d to any one ln tbe
a?a?tng more power than any four
mevlluaaa comblned.
No card. trance or band hurabug
Qxeateet Hinduo Medlawi la the
ae can tell yeu whlle la s Clatrvoy
ant state. all you wlah to know wltb
<*ut a word being apohen. Come.
? 11 ye unbellew ra. acoffers and Jeer
ers; brlng all your akeptlclsm wltb
von?be will opea your eyes to the
privete cbaoaber myatery. Cosne all
v* broken bearted wiree. all wlth
iew sptrtta and let hua Mft the bur
len frora your achlng and Jaahraa
teart. He cballeage* tbe Werld to
otapete with him la caunlcg a apeed
marriage wlth th* ene ye* larr*.
unltlng the separated aad brlng
back the loat one. Tracea lost or
"tokm good.. Unearths SaBaBSa
treasure^ Removea ertl Influencea
and ConjuraUona. glve* Luck ant.
Succe*. m all you undertake. CurJ.
the Tobacco and Llquor HaWU Al
low. tbe Captive to be aet Free.
He la the only one that will a*ra
? Wrltten Quarantee to eampuJ!
your bualnea. or reMnd your sasSaSW
;Ve/OUK1,lck? ?? you know S
the troub e ls wltb yoo? <Joaaw> and
tonank Nature'* Doctor ^^ *,BO
2 SLSST RAC,ng and = ?*^
No matter wbat alla yoa. come
and aoe this wonderful man. Read
er bave you notleed that aome peo?
ple bave a hard time to get alouT
no matter how they toll. whileTotb
ers bave aucceaa. Many wealtkr
men and women owe thelr suc <bm t*
thla wonderful mam.
He will tell yon whom you wtU
wlU tell yes who your frlend* sad
enemlee are. Caa yoa tellT Don*l
take a teap ln ? 4*^ bat ^ aJ
mmT^r.^<W?1"*TtUl tt*M? 0r?-*>
swt Prophet Ib ecfcrtenee
He atwaya Bneeaavis when otkaws
2?L J**^ ?* ? Paaa yaa.
C>aaoe hoara: aA.at.ta ? ?? F. M.
Suaday: 2IS te 7.?s e u.
_.Nj^--<)frssasaaifjaBa*ai Fae b
ib centa. aBBaBfpa. $166. All bat
tere coataftaiaag 91.66 aa*61 Tba assvai
Sd la faat
?J la f*4
Slt 6

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