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* Satan *
Author a*
"Haarta Courticous." Et/e.
corYBiGarr i?ea ra* aoaaa
"Who's Who" In the Story
hero. dare de i ktlr frteod and
HUGH STIRK8, prcxiigaJ and
KattSICA : thebeautiful
heroio* belplaaa In ttu ruae of
eveota and the prluripal euXferer tn
a cane of i. tft)
1CRS. HALLOI ;;e camp
DAY II > - 4 for
glvtng. aud a. the laat made happy
by another* uu happineaa
THE BISH< tagfl of a
HAI e r*>
U4Tloua fRii.v b *?<? shouldera
raats th* w : of the *?
falae Mi hlef
mnch dlrlded between drrty ar
"BI(; tums
cbamplon tnsteud of protwcutor aft
er the nero'B race wltb death.
Chapter 4 "H
atadj ow
nt his o and
took ln the *;
proval up
ner a
tlon n
grr. b
mlnd for an Inatant a whlspar of early
had ii'
"I looked 1:
from I ,. .,,,
geon af
en i:
for t;:.
? ?
Be will c.
aa / X
. tjn to ntmt"
aawaaiBa ta operata Poorcniid! It win
be a tcrribh- thing for ber lf thla last
hope fafJa to r. i ;ally now.
when >... 1 Hugh are to make a
match of lt'
Harry* fae?. was turned away. or the
BafBaBOp would bave Baaa lt suddenly
Btartied "Ta make a matcb of lt
hlde tha fJu.sh he felt atalnlng bla
ebtek Harry t>ent to cloae the aafe A
something that bad darkled ln some
obecurr dapth of b.*
ence be bad not guessed was throbblng
now to a painful reaentment Jeaalca
waa to marry Hugh!
**A banii.soriie fellow?Hugh.**? aald
the bisbop "lle aeema to have return
ed wltb a new beart?a braud ptuckeo
from tbe burning. You had the same
alraa mater. I tbinlc Jrea Vour
lnfluence has done tbe boy good. WmM
darson.'" He lald bla hand klndly on
the other*s ahoulder "Ihe faet that
you were in college together a
him look up to you?aa tbe wnole par
lah bbssjV ba added.
Harry was settiug the comblnatlon
and did aat auswer. But through tbe
turmoil Iu tils braln a aatlric voice
kept repeatiug:
"No, tbey don't call ma *8atan
The white house ln the a?pena waa
ta gala attire Flowers? great banka
of Ldoom? were masaed in tbe hall,
along the stalrwsy and ln the window
aeata. and wreaths of dellcate fern
trembled on the prim buugchandellera
Over all breatbed tbe aweet fragrance
af jnamlne Musiciana aat bebind a
acreen of palma ln a .-orrldor. and a
long searlot carpet atrlp r?n down the
front Bteps to tbe drlveway, up whlch
pasaed bravely dresaed folk, arrlvlng
ln carrlagt* and on ?**t, to wltneaa
the conipletioD of a oiut-u booted ro
For a forrnight this afternoon a
avent had i. ? .. ifga cbat of the bb**"%
for l
from actlve bui
the owaer of its i
?nd ? r11 bank
his *
had made blmself the sut.ject i
Hia h
nt af
aa an ad> . -it of
nd Thr .
had btillt so
ca's i
v aud
?1lnn t aft
a plraaed
lt wiix a c? i*?n. and
as thi
rm nt
I'1' jrietic aelf
.iuii red
feellng the grara, ali.-n njrtire he
' weeks l..
? I a ailent warfare with h:
The s"
he b
From the tho
; Of another a qatct
ti.li.iu** ser;?..- In him rcvotled nb:i
I palnfnl Bl en aharp
ene<) b\ his BBBBBB of Hogb'a urter
Worthlesanesa To that r*j.-?;ini|j aaaem
blage the man who waa to make those
UB promiaes waa I>avid 8tires'
?on, who had had hia fllnj;. turned over
en leaf Ik>. omlngiy und was now
offerlng substantia. i to good
repute. To him. Harry Sanderson, he
was a flaneur. a marpinless gambler ln
the futures of his fathefa favor and a
woiuan'a heart.
<>uly a mouieut Harry stood waltlng;
then the palm screened muaiclans be
gan the inarch, and Husjh took his
place. anlmated and assured. looklng
the flushed and expeetant bridegroom.
At tho same instant the chattering and
hubt.nl) reased. Jesal* a. on the arm of
Ihe aM num. erect, but walking; feebly
with haa cane. waa advanclng down
the roped lane.
dropried to the opened
book tbotiKh he knew the offl.-e by
heart He spoke the time worn ad
Juratlon witb clear enundation, with
almost perfunctory distinetnese. He
dld not look at Ilueh.
**lf any man can show Juat caoae
why they may not lawfully be jolned
together. let him si??-.i k or else bere
Bfter forever hold his poace." in the
the slijrhiest pause that turned
the paaja ha laM an haaaaa nrompting
r off* his rohaa, to procl.nlm to this
roomftil of heafed. prtpinp. fan flntfer
lng ht? nnnlty that ba Mrasetf, a min
lster of the gosnel. the celebrant of
the rite. knew "just catise."
The choklna; Impulse passed, The pe
rlcds rolled on The lonx white glore
was Rllpried from the hand. tbe ring
put on the flnger. and the palr whom
God and narry Sanderson had Jolned
together i\ere krieelina- on the wbite
satin prledieu witb bowed heada on
der the flnal Invoratlon Aa *'hey knelt
eholr volces ro**e
Then. whlle the music >tnge<*ed. the
hnsh of the room broke lo a conrosed
m.irmur. the wbite tibbon wound ropee
were let down, snd s volnlle wnve of
eongratu'ators awept over tbe apot Ic
a moment more Harry found hiraself
laylng off bls robea ln tbe next room
It v
gay voicea ai:
for t
y for a
hia v jl,.
waa dead l\ p
I llke
And what a
' etly gay
><t nor the
r 1.1 <?
| of a balf
hour B
with a slinking
draad in tha
face.a irembllng
of tbe bn
tion in u..
ture Tbe thn
"We neiv* taarrtcrf
Jessiea to a oom
trum Uii>
brow waa a Mvld paltai His ayea lift
ed t.. Harry'a for an Instant. then re
turned In a '.lnd ef rasdnatSoa ta a
Bllp of paper on the dOBB, on which btfl
fsther'8 forefi:.. I. llke a
fransnxtag an anlmate Infamy
"Sanderson.'' said the old man lu u
low. hoarse. unnafural l :u? ln
and 6hut the door <;<>d foeglve BB]
We have mnrri. . unoii
thlcf! Hugh. my son. my only child.
artaaaa I have forgi\en beyond all reck
Bnlng laas forged my name to a draft
for 8&000r
CKapter 5
?OB a Baaaaaai there waa
?^fcaf^' de.i.i atlestea tn the
^avCa\ B Harry's breata
caugbt in bis throat,
and tbe old man'a eye
again unpaied th* bap
Hugb threw up bla head
atiempt at Jauntlness, but
wltb furtlve apprebeustoa ln every
muscle, for he could not aolve the look
ha aaw on hia fatber'* face, and aald:
"You act aa lf it were a cool mllllon.
I'm no worae than a k>t who bave bet?
ter luck than 1. Supposo I did draw
the five tbouaaod. You were golng to
glve me ten for a wedding present. I
had to have tbe money then, and you
wouldn't bave giveo lt to ma You
know tbat as wall as I do. Becidea, 1
waa golng to take It up myself. aad
yon would never have been tba wlaer.
He promlsed to b. ld lt Ita a low
for blm to round ou me like thla
I'll pay him off for it aome time I
doc't see that Ifa snybody else's bual
ness but ours anyway," he contlnued.
with a surly giance at llarry.
Harry bad beea startng at him. but
with a vision f*urned curionsly back
wa- J?s vlstou that seemed to see
Hugb Btaiidlnff at s cRrp<>ted dsls lo a
flower bung room. whlle his own voice
aald out of a lurld sha*' I thou
have this aaaa to be tby wedded bus
nderson." sald tbe old man;
then tnrnlng to iHagh, "Who teivanced
yoti money on this and protnlsed to
"Dr Moreuu."
"IIe (Ot bls ? v.-ikl Hugb BUl
"How much tn.irgin dld be get?"
David Btires
af steel.
?*d s moni?'Mt Ile bad
atill a few pocket. but be
dld n
:d a few
nor. I presume?"
tt tbe
nerv* ' tha Itujulry
aad with
:tb a flare
Iii have been
?me home
>re of my
I couldn '
1 m.in
out tl
iw a gllmmer
rdl You
t aud
: nuiuallty.
? ? ?
ln ' irtliiK
al Its
I upon litm n
bnatsd, ealcol
ba *.l.l BBBB tm .. ,1 to Harry
Bttna once
ca ls ?: tha rooflB .
arlU not anOratand t
Will you go tO her'.- Make sot
you can thmk of?tlli 1
Harry nohled nud left the room.
ahuttitig the door carefully behind
him. tarryinc with him the eowenuK.
hatplaaa looi. witb whleb Hu-h saw
f left alone witb his lmpi.:
Whal to say to berl How to
aay lt. He mouuted tlie stair as if a
pacb avraaa Areaa his suouiders. He
1 a moment at tbe door. Ui.n
kaoekad, tnraed tha kaah and aatarad.
There ln tha lul.l.ll.. ,,f tbe blue hung
room in her wedding .: ? ?., her
handaaed ayea, an.l her btidal uobm.bi.1
on tha table. stoo<] i Twtllght
aaaa, but aaaa *o nii the sburtera
Irawn saveone. threttgb which a
last ahra of reftad
to fall upon \:s fa*-,- Bar Baadfl wer?
: tiear h.-r
tba full, harilad r.v,,iratiou
Of exp*'?tati. y
Then. arhala hia hand raaeed the door
behln.l him. u tl.iug BMSpactaa, noom
alot:s. happen.-.l -a thlna tbat took him
aa atterty b] aarprfec aa if tha soiid
floor t.ad yawned before h!ui Slim
flngers tore away tb?- b: r.-linjr
:.'<! f..rw;>-,l u.-r
arma were tiuug about hta a
"Iiu^h BnahT she erted "My hus?
The paleness was stric!:en su.i
from llarrv's faee An odd. dazed
tolor. c flusrt of roortifieation. of aelf
reproach, flooded It from chln to brow.
I>esplte hlinself he had felt hia Upa
nioldlng to an aaswering kiss benecth
ber own. He drew a gaeplng breath,
bis band nervously eanaM the bandage,
replaced it over the eyes and tled it
tightly. puttlug down ber protesting
"Oh, Hugh." she pleaded. "not for a
moment?not when 1 atn ao happy'
Your face is what I dreamed lt must
ae! Why did you make me walt ao
long? And I can see, Hugb! I can
roally see. Let it stay off. Just for one
little moment more!"'
He held her hands by force. "Jes
alca, walt." be aald tn a broken whia
per. "Tou must not take lt off again?
not now!"
An incredlble confualou enveloped
'Uvoh, Ilughf ahe cried,
'iiy htis
8*lai ed to tha rdor
! the pain
foJ ' i dls
:id upon his own
BJ it with nn almoat vul
It had overthrown tn an
B pil
ori bls
!:>"t hurt
I be walt
I this
"' room and
$ ::>c
Chaxpter 6
b aa lf tO
air He
win back a i
. nnd
i into the hall. He
"He ls gune," he sald. pa b<
slowly a !y he
Ten. ftfteee Balaataa paaaed, bi
elitered the i
to bla Whee) < halr and
"i ii ' aeatij
in a broken vol l.ind. San
derson. very klnd <;<m1 ha
"What i. b itv feii
a rotee bahlad them llarry |
about It araa Jesslca aa he bad flrst
8een ber ln the upper room with the
bandage aeraaa her eyea
' ;-vd to <lo with lt?" ahe
repoaiod in n hanl tone "IVrhrp* Mr
Sanderr.n can tell us It la ln hl*
BBB**- aald Harry.
He ...uld not hnre told what he
WOUM Bave asked thongh the neeent
waa almoat one of ontreaty The har^h
aatlre toacbed his BBCiad calllng
Ing from her Ilpa It affronted al once
his reilgions Instinot and his nwakened
II was all he said for he stopped
auddenly at alght of her face, paln
I ?d. white as the foMed cloth.
"Oh." sh?> sald tnrnlng toward the
"I reanciaaber whnf you sald that
night rlght here ln this very r
that yoii m wad your wIM 0BtB nt eol
b thal tht :i tidy
crop!' Yon were strnng. nnd BJ8
weak. You led nnd he fol!
Tou B ti Sanderson' nb1
the S ilnta the set In whl h he le
gambllng Why. lt wns !n your roonis
that he plnved his flrst gnme of poker
He t..|] Baf BO himself \n.i ? >w he
has gono to ba nn outenst. and yon
stand ln the pnlnlt ln n cawsock. yon
the Rev. nenry teCafaraoaJI You help
cd to make hirr. what he haa become!
Csn yoa undo lf"
Harry was looking ar her with a
srrlcken COUBtai . a 'Te hnd no an
ewer readv The wnve of confnsion
that hfoVanhraergcd him when he bad
reatored the bandage to her eyea had
agaln welled over hlni
"I am not excusing Hugh now," Bhe
went on wildly. "He bas gone beyond
excuse or forglveneaa He la as dead
to me as though 1 bad never known
?li". tbonrh tbe word you spoke an
iiour agi> made me his wlfe. I ahall
bave that to rememlier all my llfe
tbat and the one moment 1 had walt
ed for so long, for my flrat sfght of hia
face aud my bride'a klas! I must carry
lt with me alwaya. I can never wipe
that face from my braln or the atlng
6T tbat klna from my lips tha kl
a f.vrjter, of my hnsban
Tbe old man g l dldu't
he had seen her!" he said help
leesly. "Jesaica. Hugb's sin is not San
I is fault
In her bitter words was an in.i
aa passionate as ber paln. but f
llfe she could not help IL I
woman wrenched and torn. tortured
beyond control. numb wttb angulsh
?ier arorda
witb a wbolly dispr.>p?.rtl..nate vi<>
lence. It had never oceurred to hlro
vbat ' t bad been Indlvldunlly
aud aefively the eause af Hujfli's
downfall The acousatlon p
throuKh the armor of aelf esteem thst
he b:. and riveted witb hsblt
Tbe same paln
of nlnd tf
apurred him on
that long ago
night to tl
?? ?
had start
e*l te new life a
a seath
"It Is all
1 It was
lf I was i
l see it ii'
tha judi.-lal attat
.; bllndly f?ir tbe door.
Bd the stalr. In her re
u awlftly
:*'r>i ton
?f tl nd ?
? ?
: .
I p af taa
that/ \
"1 haveV y^
?a \ *
ful and passionate as
a pall of siu n. e lu tbe Harry
v * witii
I w.iild have ajtraa my llfe.
04 beard !!?
v that i
-?1 dropped an.l dls
a hld ' .-r. fr.im
wlll ?
The butler entered
*vv raatare, make." he
saM and w rof e his BBBBe .>n tt,.
inaaraoa win sipn with
y.>u "
bonr later tha
bore Jtaalca nnd i>.t.
?hri,'! n mii
roa.l brldge. ? <1 ? ?? D of flre
agnjnxt the deepentag nijrhr
Mlaa ajtaa
Chapter 7
be walked si..?i\
from a long ramble iu
kni. kerlxx kers ai..l V i
folk Ja< ket ?.ver tha h:Il>
IB uot thinking <>f the
aiajhta aud *>oun*is of th*' aaaaaaal ?
Ha had rrauapad aal
.lown BBd had returned as ha BBt out,
gloomy. unrequited. a jajaaasai of baf
he?l *>uest.
l>a.-k from tbe street iu a wide
ihhaty stood a
gr.-at white porehod house. Not a
Uj?ht bad tallahlal fram .irly a
year. Tbe little <-ity bad aoodaiai 1
flrst. then by d .! grnwn lndif
heraat I of tbat prolongi-d
moon Harry Sandersou and the
baahop alone could have told. for th*>
bfahep knew of Bngh'a crlminal aet.
He was named exeruto- af tbe wlll
that lay ln the Korc.m aaaaat, and hlui
David Stlres had written the ttuth
II ls heart had goue out with pity f..r
i. and understandlng The secret
he loeked ln bls own breast. as did
Harry Sanderson, c^ach thlnklng the
other lgnorant of lt.
Since that wedding day no shred of
news had come to elther Harry ha.l
wlshed for none To thlnk of Jaaaflea
was a reeurrent pang. and yet the
comblnation of the safe In hia atudy
be had foriued of tbe lette.w of her
aame: ln each memory of her be felt
the fresb aaaault of a new and tireleas
foe?the love which be most d*ny.
Outcast and crlminal as Hugb was.
castaway. who bad atolen a bank'sl
aaoney and a woman'a lovex he waa'
sTTT) her husband. ffugb'a wlfe! What
could she be to him? And thla fevered
confllct abot through wltb yet im.tt-?r
paig. for tbe wakiu* sniart o. com
punctton whlch had rlaen at Jesslca's
bltter cry, "Yoa helped to make bim
what be has become!'* would Bot down
Tbat cry had shown him lu one clartfy
Ing lnatant the follles aod dellnquencles
of hia early career redupticated aa
throurb the faceta of a crystal. and In
the polarlzed light of consdence Hugb
?loafer. gambler and thief?atood aa
the type and wlgn of an euduring ac
Bnt lf the recollection of tbat wed
dlng day and Its aftermath atalked al
waya with him?lf that klss had s?
to cliug again and agaln to hla lijn* as
he aat In tbe qulet of his atudy?no oue
gueaaed. He eeldoto playcd his vlolin
now but he bad shown no ootward
slgn As time went on be had become
no lesa brilliant. th ?ruta
ble: not less popular. save perbaps to
the parlsh heresy hunter. for whora he
had never cared a atraw Uut baaaalh
rrfaca a great change had come t?>
Harr\ S.antlerson.
Tonlght as be wended bia way BBafl
boaaa ln tbe aspens. through tha
clatter bbb] commotlon of tbe evenlng.
waa a klnd of glaze over his
ofe face?a ahcll of melancholy
"rrov? began suinmcr
vacation. and be bad planncd a
month'a pa outing tbrough the
wide ranch valleys and the farther
range*. and this should set him up
Now. however, as he walked along
s bltterly absorhed in tho
than his own aeeda i
than one bcqttalntance wltb a
atare of Boaiacocnll
who turned an Instant
r him. The blsbop had aeen
that l"ok froojuently of late aud had
lf It betokened phyalcal III
aaaa i : aaqtnV thnn
eaca ba aad reaaembered. wltb a
the old whieper of Harr
early Rut h
nnd Its lapaes. nnd ha Itked aa I
1 him. I
B second anniversary -.f Harry's
tth g
Batb bls nam.
f af n knot ot
I the
?? ? d
bare head. his thln feati
Bf in
? that I n
that I have *j
sxl, 3.
trajred by tha tliin al th??
? ?
?a. at the
tha laapaa
. Ha | tha curb ai
? I I : elujah .1 ? ,
T tbe
' a his tblnklng
the ri h and t |
.v in the
? BOW from !
"Woa to them thal are at
.' ? >n."
llarry smlled grinily H,- had al
baea "at ease Iu Zl??n " Ba
jaumptooaa i Tbe raby ba hte
j ring would brlng wtv.t ihis pl.Klding
exlK.i : call a fOrtai ?
Heda, his . bb chauf
feur, was pollshing the inotor <
him t<> taha his .-ooi areatngspla That
aflaraauai he had pat bato the
I little Rafe ln the ohnpel Btudy
' Lfl gold whlch he had drawn a p irt for
his ciaBtltaaa and ajaarterly paj
' an.l a par, to take with him for the
Bctee of his trip The street i
over there ptaachtog paiauUaa
?erditlon to tbe grinnlng yokelw
often nceded a square meal and was
lncky If he alwaya knew where be
would sleep.
The thread ..f b*B tht Bghl bfOtM
The bnrehended flgure bad andc
hnrancue The eternal fir.-s were bank
,rne. whlle. aaated on a
atool al his aaaas**taaa, ha ptoceeded to
transport his audlonee t-> tlw heavenlv
meads of the New Joru
Tu" T,;r' i <-m1 fae*iloaed
hymn he BBBg, and af
more of the byBtaBdaSTB BOBBB
;ne ln Implous hllaiity
Ibouted ta the chonia:
"Palm* of vlctorv'
Crowns ? '
Palma of vlctory 1 aitall w*?ar*"
Harry walked on in a bfWara studv
the refraln riuging fhttBagh his braln
At the chnpel BjBta UMB hauf
feur awaltlng orda
"T.ring the . .-ir round. H '
Harry. "nnd I shVrft -iftor
taaJajht PU drlve her m
You can meet me at the
The Btady wp.s pitch dark. nnd Rum
my halted on the thtaahald artth a km.
emlnous growl as Harry fumbled for
the electrlc swltch As be found and
pressed it and the plaee flooded wltb
Ught. be aaw a figure there. the flgTire
oT a ma:. B?ha bad beeo sitting alone.
beside the empty heartb. who roae,
ahrinking back from the sudden bril
lt waa Hugh Stlrea.
(To Be Contlnued.)
,w?. *a? St., Rlcbmoad, ?a.\
ria* PttoVograpaa Tn>? to I lfa H'gh <?!*/
??jrvtoa. \skUmt ImproTMBrr.M <? Ptto+nrrap
H Ont-door Work <->iocul*d. Uaaaoaabl* B*
tt a.aa*a auxl PTrm.pt H*rvlo*. ft<-tare* Bblarc
u4 >'roa Old a.iraSI*** or Paotof > aaaa. B-oaa'

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