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Times rounded years centesiir.al. to?
The glory of falr woman's mls
sion grand
Rose to ? hetght e'er memorable.
By angels' whispers and love's
gulding hand.
- -reat BBveterj of life
there <a
A Lincoln for a Llncoln's work
t?y an honest heart this noblc
Followed untarnlshed in his
llfe's de.
His eoul beheld a man held by a
Inthralled. tho weak sibmis
slon'd by the strong;
He saw his work and there his work
"If Blavery Isn't wrong there's
nothing wrong."
His plans were ever fostered hy his
He rose and gathered ln bls
rise the might
To wleld the pen that drled tba
? ding tears
Tbat Rthlophi wept in sad af
? sa can have no grander mean
Iiik than
Was reached In this great life
of wllled Int.-nt
On. noble purpone for one hearl, one
nia n.
Oai grand ? i for one
miBsiou |
One niartyr by a tr.nib'llng cov.
tbe axaat
lovad raemorial Liu
eola'a aa
I of days, aaa aobte
BBBDB bond.
Aniid the many tributes of the
Thal rb? i ooaae, with
With jnst tl:
Aa Cthlopta'a offering for the
l l
Aatbor <if "VoJeaa of Bolltada
I ll l.M \\ BTAJtTa u \* i i \i.u.
No.nnialioii ?>f ffr. Crum Pr? < i|.it.il<?
Llvelj Di-* iiv>i.iii in s. n;*t?
hlaatoa. i> C, Poet, r
The Bxecal tday
i parttcalarl] talder tba
nomination of Dr. \V. ii. Crata,
collector of oaataaBa, al Chartaatoa,
ed in'o a aaaataJ *ns
cusslon <if tba B with ln
crdeatal ri ta thetUhlaeee .mi
ajaeetloai that ar*- b
lng th<- Paeiac Coeal states.
|lor? than four hours were spent
babiad elosed doors an.l when the
leaata adjourned the Crum case was
no nearer a settl.in.nt than'when tba
matter flrst came up. fl
Senator TUIman took the floor he
called for a quorum and announcod
his prapaaa al naiataiaiaa a aaoiaat
throughout tbe .'..
This threat. which promis.-d t<.
compei the attemlance of S?-nators
whether they wished to listen to Mr.
Tillman's argument or not, bad to a
discusslon of the rules of the Senate.
The Vlce-Prestdent remlnded tl.
ator from South Carolina and ot
that during the eloslnjr hours of tho
last session. the Senate had ruled
that business must lntervene between
calls for a qeorum, and that under
that rullng a speech could not be con
strued as "business.''
Although th. Senators pres
ent who dlssent;ii from that ruling
and the construction placed upon it
by the Vlce Presldent there waa no
occasion during the afternoon to call
forth any further rullng on the ques
Mr. Tillman made an extended
apaaab against the conflrmation of Dr.
Crum. although r.o charges of any
sort had been preferred against him
or the adminlstration of the affairs
of h*s offlce during his iticumbency
of the term that has explred. Mr.
Tillman submitted*to the Senate a
number of communications he had
recelved from varloua eoinmerolal
bodles of Charleston opposing conflr?
mation, and used them in tho course
of his remarks to sbow the ovcr
whelming sentlment against the fur?
ther contlnuance of a colored offlcial
ln one of the moat important of the
Southern offlcea.
Taking the posltlon that where
there ia any eonslderable population
of a race that can not be asaimilated
by the wbite people of this country,
there is bound to be race ancagoniam
Mr. Baeon auatained Mr. Tillman In
his opposltlon to the eciection of a
Negro for this afjh
The Crum caae will come up again
to-day. lt being the pollcy of the Re
publlcana to keep it befbre the Senate
as much aa posslble. with a vlew to
Ita dianoaition before the aeaslon
Waahington. 1) C . Feb. 3.?The
end of the protracted discupalon ln
the s.-nnt.- o\er the affalr at Browns?
ville. that has be?en h**ard Intermlt
tently alnce tba President's measage
of December 19, 1906. ia ln Blght.
After presslng the matter In season
and out of season Senator
rday obtnined an agreement for
a vote. The IlrowxiBvlllc case wil! BB
! up for the laat tlme ln the
ta at i o'ciock Taaaia*, inabia
I, and the votlng on the pend
lng c.iniproinise bill nnd a!l anu-n.l
iiienta will begin at 4 o'ciock on the
aame afternooi,
This aajrea.al folloarad a aome
I dlseuaaioa ..r ti..
of arhii
Tallaferro. of Plorlda. raid. bi
I that the WSI t>
gataatrad additional Infi a bear
in? upon tl?? gullt of tl;
1 that an
ba aa nt Bhou.d ? poned
Baa*. I oraker'a < 'oittention.
lt th, inforiavit BBBaed by
or fn>m Floi
Foraker araja i. it araa oavly
irt of laqulrj .
B Blll, ao that court coul
taln *
I don't know what 1
ns with t
aker, "bal I
thlnfe it would ba an Insult
Bd us anything from that i
again "
I.aurln prof. rn d M:,r. !,
1. aa a Baltable date for tb* vote aad
or Fora* ,,.uarv
Md was fixed upon
;"'<! oa thai .' |] ;((t
and aaawl tha tnmproaalaa blll to tha
Hoaaa tor it. aetloa, it is bb l*r
atood thal as tha t?mpt*oBilaa blll ls
:l f:"' iii be
put it through tha Hoaaa
rdleaa of the :
Mr. Clay Insuc.^ssful.
Beaator Clay again waa unsu.
fal la obtaining fa
aaolotlOfl calling upon the 9
tary of the Treasury for Information
to the forn.ing of natlonal
ncy assoclationa under tbe pro
visiona of the emei
? '<t of May ;i, ifi,
?iying to Mr. Clay's rooueei Tor
?!40n.?n "tlon. Mr. Aldrlch
said all the Information aought was
ln poaaeasion of the Senate and
I to refer the resoluM.ui to the
coniniittee on flnance. Ar Mr i
stion* th. i!ion waa per
mitted to Ile on the table in order
tbat he may speak upon it todav
do you know natt
Mancheater. Va., Jan. 20. '09.
We would like to know the where
aboutB of cur son. Jeese Bebbs
When last heard from he waa In
Hudson. N. y. He is In his 33rd
year of age. about 5 feet. 8 jnchee
tall, of dark brown compl^xion. He
haa been from home about nlne
months and nothing haa been heard
from him. Any inrormation wlll be
gladly recelved by hia parents.
310 W. 22d Street.
Mancheater, Va.
Wants to Flnd Her.
I would like to locate my slster.
Harriet Ann Carter. Her husband "s
name is .lesae Carter. When I last
heard of her she was llring In Rt.h
mond. Va. I wlll be very glad to
recelve any informatlon of her.
Lewlsburg, W. Va.
?The weather baa been very cold
th?s week, but now aummer-time la
aaaa again
THK kfOrfKT lt)K THK. SC||(mi|s
Nearly Kalf Mtlllon Dollars Needed.
The Flnance Committee of the clty
of Richmond. wlll be asked to laOQBB
mend the Issuance of $ I worth
of clty bonds for the purjv>se of roni
pletlnK the white High School
huihiing and to reaovata tba aM
strurtures nnd to er.-< t otli.-r bulld
for tb*> use of the whit
aolorad ehlldrea af tba eftv. Chala>
nian If. R. Pollard. Jr., the chalrman
offered the laaotatipaj ln the Coaunoa
? il an 1 i i un.
ndins tbat lt aii] rably
?i i.\ i
Taro handred aa ?
dollars of thla an
) bulldln* nn War
Bt. lf has air. -? one
hnndrad and I
red an.l aaa dol
?whi.-h meaaa -
Btora than finanrial ablllty haa
niiig Boaaebody la
tv flv?> thoaaaad dollar
bulldlna win i ; for tha white
ehlldrea on Haaover av<
baildlng ,,ro.
for Lelah si Bchool. Tba
t out of date UIgh
bulMI ba utIIUed for th*
.1 High and Normal School. al
tbooah if Is said t
condemned hy tbe halMtaa insi ?
? ind dollars will .
pended for tba enla
Improvement of Moaroa B*
"iisiiiid dollars are to be
expended apoa the
TO D8I ALMBROl Sl site.
b? llaaaa Uaalaaf latradat
:i*.n for the .-re* tion ol a achool
huildlng on the sit,. af tba ..l.i atme
Excep4 ror its doea
proxunlty to Navy Hil! Bchool, tho
-^iti.in is all right. Our Rich
ool ayataaa has beea tba
I tba t<-n lencj
of the patrfotle arhlte aeatlemi
e of our peblle school affalrs
has been I the colored .
01 th*' ci! -are deal". but it
doea aeem tbat this pollev is to un
dergo a change if we are to ju.i.
:it arrangement. it
_ m that If the white High Bchool
bullding and its equlpmenfs at
coat a half mllliou dollars. lt is bat
falr that a Btraetaaa far the oolored
P'li-ils should be provid.d I
oa* beodred thoaaaad dollara
tbea it may be well to walt an.l
? hat we shall see. Under the
l*ndership of Chalrman M..r* t.unst
weare ln | ,? of a commodious
new bullding for our poor and tbe
nlaee is now known as the Citv
Pltal.^ It may be that some
?P'~- and patriotic eitlaea
may ehamilon our cauae in thla mut
ter of publlc gchool bulldings We
nad some good friends oa the Cuy
School Board and in the Counell of
his city and many of them are
there " ,
<???! M l-'II.IIJI sTER BfXK*Ki:i>.
AWHr*lf ^."^"k'1!!. Dem<>r??? Wiih a
Hint of | nhceded War Claima.
Waahington. Feo. 2 ?Threatened
^nTa!hCeflHbUrr,nK ,D th* ?^e
against the conflrmatlon of W n
so?dTir- -. di"ch?r??d Brownsville
advic-1 ?,W" aVert'id to-d^ by the
advice of aome of the conaervatlve
^^^fJ-^? -Jn'orced X
?* r? Ms Wa" under way amoni
oalUonT"1^ SeUat0rt OQ **?^Pr*,
toaltlona. Senator Overmnn ?*
thert.ht.Ca,r0,,na- * ,ea<"?. -eXr o
inar. the flllbuster was never to be'
empioyed except lt; great emergenclia
He remlnded Democratlc Secatora
that they had refused to foliow Sen
ator IaoFoilette last year In hla flll
rinaj expedltion to kill the Ald
rlch-Vreeland flnaa*attal blll.
Whlle Mr. Ovtrgian was pleadlng
with hla colleaguas ln thla atrain
Senator Aldrlcb pi*t<tlc*4 a more ef
' meaaurea of perauaslon. He
jaiint.M out tbat the omnlbua clalm
blll, carrytng man* Southern war
?>. which had taataeed both houaes
Any Bttempl
at d.iay by the Dernorratn would nn
I) linpalr the chance* of gcttlng this
blll thraagb. The threat of a flll
1'iiKter thereupoa sub*i
norratlc leadeia w*r* aaying to
? tbe Broa blll would
te ln
'il 'h :;re.
ia of W. I>. Cru?
' eral Baatl
tli4-lr vi,wa on thi
0 . ? held
in their Coaaeil C Laka
Hall, Bt Jtuaaa aad Bahar Sti
on t! ?
acttoa n lt dsatb of r \v.
? i Jaaaarj
1 1. ItOI at :
eharter meni
BtlBfl COBBCll, No
Worthy Chl<
ound] was -hf
? il. No 847.
8 Worthy Cl ktf in .-li,,,,,. uords
? ? .iiii-U
of thr. < ?>
inted to draft aulUble n
tb of o.,r
1 brother
Thia commltt. I aoofl af
Icb aft, r hlghly eiilogistlo
and sympatheti emarka
memben of the Coaaeil u.r.- uaani
I1IO.J |y.
? iiviti.- taercj haa
81 to retnove by deatb froaayoar
(ouncii. Brother \ilen J. Harrta, and
r Harrta was
I of R baaoad Coaaeil for
rm and was Worthy Chief. vio,.
atantlne aad It.. hmond Council for
"; 'i'no. ln all of which
; ?'< Btwad !iims,-lf ,? ba* a nr.
^.Ingoft,. -abilitvandfaith
' *" ?*? ry dutv in
"?"?????m up.,,, blfli both aa an offl
"""?? niembar: and
WHERl >thor Harrta wa. a
al , "Ivtoliveup
waa 1 *1 reouiremenLs of the law
r^ady ta admlnlstar to the want* of
those alrk or i? dtatresa. on^whoa'
Pkaaafal look and nleaalnflt.
PoalMoj, beapoge the fic/ihaTblh nd
BO.1 TVl": ? H?ud ,iv?J a true
?bbi, B tend.-r and lovlng-hearted
S: ??? 2JJJ and Ch'rTstlal
igi loLr M -,Ck Chamb,'r ??" Ke.t
*4gn over him. we aaw aa ir n,^- ./
"aWl Of death |n dme^ke form rJ^
JJJja Ita plalon. over our bl*o??"r Tud
?;;-PVr. '?Harrta. God e^'^
our er** ,,,, ??#* ^ ut and ???*
\ow tL*V "1 *nd Master.
J- H.Trt. ou hCoduncn?,f BTh*T A'
?' h^r brlght^t jewe," o?"r rT ?De
2 a lo"M. bandand'rathe' .?
*ver labored for tfc*X k !her' who
forts and f!wr ralitTi ?di,y CO,n
tlonal tralnl^ng aa w^"8 and ???<?
th? re^dHf'""?nVbe ^ead
?A. No- 2[707,,0.?ofRS,t^kned r?Un
nS^SH^'J- ^ C " WILMAaf H.
CARTER, P. W. C. Chalrmaji
Kl |]| K\< K Klor.
Wholewale Arrests in Pittsburg Cau<K'
Peellng to lUin Hlajba
Pittsburg, Pa . Feb. 3. In splte of
many thrcats of armed reslstan<
on the part of colore*! if the
? iioliee continue their *h=!-wale ar
* reets of member* of their race wlth
bjbjI emplt-yment in the HerTOa nm
dlstrict af the clty. no outbreak of
any kind haa ocrurred up to late u>
Following th*= arre*t last
nlaht of 12 6 colored men and the
release to-day r * all but for'
;*ollce for-* m the d
beea doubl.-.l to-nigbt and ever
trolman haa ordera to arrest ?
auspiciouB colored man.
During this afternoon three were
taken to police statiooB. and It la an
tlclpated that to-nlght ma:
will be at further atta.k
uiHin women or glrls has beea rrix.rt
ed slnee last night. and should one
occur tho baaaper af the ciltlBaaa ls
such that vlol.-n..- \r\ i robably
I be meteal avl t*> tba ass
'f 4MM n and women throiish
out th*' aacttOB Invohred are carr\ing
ravplvara, and the Negroes are sald
well Rrmed also.
should a rlaah eome. as ls consid
er. .1 not at all luprababla If aaora
arrosts are made. the raaaM would
be serlr.us. Local orators are Inflam
ing the eotarad aaopaa to r.-sisunce.
BBllaa ?h high. Tl
!i"*e\.-r. s,>,.m t(, ,1HVl. th(. 8|t?.ition
Brall bl haml and p-robabh will not
ladlaeratBlaata st
Of the colored men arreeted laat
night. thlrty-Blae were tin.-d. tnoat of
? ihe workhourie. and
??ea and Rttward Arm
"f the att
tbe colored i.p
d a i>o!n
??W la tba rferroa Ha.ll dla
In conm th tb
tloa, and
*v paHceaaea to aaferce
re mad.
develoi ?
night in the Bltaatloa.
II j.siin \i | un ajajj i |
I U my .lon.-s is st ill ill
at hl
" !. s c Dehl
Laexlnatoa Hot
444 M His daugl
is much Improvi
\rtbur I). Wright. prlncipal
och Improved
? triu to BnaUnJ He
' ? i table aad
a for both pnplli
Hf T. J. Blaekwall, -wbo has
able t ?
Mrs Carrla Blaad 8Jbeler of Bos
toa, Mass. is Bpead
Mrs, ii i; Tboaai
\\..rk ll.ili.d.
Mr w taaac Johnson *a aaa hall
and Btahie is at a Btaadatfll oertaa lo
the failure of the lamber coatractora
to supply tba quantity
afaa I?a?iik lliiilding.
? rk on the plans for the new
afechaalca Savlngs Baok buil.l.
under way. The va.ilt will be of the;
most baproaad typa and aatttera.
The plans and -pe< ifl.?ations f.ir this
part of the work will soon be ready
for presentatlon to the Board of Di-I
Wiii i>n>p laaabaaa.
Qulte a number of teachers In o.ir
puhlic schools are alated for de* apita
ind will lose their posltlona.
due lt ls said to Incompeteney and
the lack of executive abllity.
Dr. (araluuu t*. llegin Work.
Dr. W. F. Oraham announced
laat Sunday that he would begi
work at the Fifth Street Bap
tlst Chureh.
Candidates for baptism are throng
ing the stieets and clapplng glad
t.reat I.nprovement There.
The Pythian Castle at 727 N. Third
Street haa been repainted and pea
ciled. It ptrrsenta a most handaome
appearatfbe and it Iookb Mfea a new
bullding. The rooma have alao been
renovated and pap*
?Richmond clty haa two colored
hospltals and there 1b now aome talk
of a third one.
Rev. Eli Tartte Loses on
An Appeal.
rsburg. Va . *fah. I, 1909.
The Haattaga Court haa baaa aa
gaged all day ln the trial of BaBTi Kll
Tartte. the paator Of the Harrlaon
Stre.t i.ol.iredl BapMat t'hurrh. and
JoBeph White, colored. of bla factlon,
on tha charge of inrltlng rlot at the
church Ifl June laat. The tw<>
were put on their d< lntly.
both having bo?in trted arid
? in the Pollca Coajti
to six nionths' Imprtaon
In jail. Prom this
to tba HuBtli
Hti'i on 'his appeal tha trtat
all day
Jury. with TMBaWfT Ijiastter *
nd Paul Pettll repreaeatlng
iniuel \V. /.ininicr. a
lag for Wl.it. . an.l ('oiiinioiiwealth'^
Attom. j K 11 Mann Tor tbe 8
l vaininiition of w r ?
ojulta ii\.-)y at tim.-s asrd I
allad upoa f<-,i Bumerooa ru!?
Tha mornlng aeaaloB until j
o'clo mony
for i!
of Harrtaon
tdeaaeaaor, raadari
?ht of gallt)
raoctha in tha
BThO wa
BBBBa tlrn. m tha
*ge, was gtaea a lik.- aaa
1?B*? rttc an.l White hoth
from the Pollca ln
aee of six nionths ln Jail. and
? rdicts tonight Brer* upon this
al. Counsel for Rev. Tartte and
White m.-yle a inotion for a n.-w trial,
wblcb was s.'t for baarlag l.y Judga
Mnlien oa Baturday, Februarj
bbc4 i u;i. s m \<. \/i\i:.
Oaaaaaaaa l..r | , l.niury ff'Oll
Volueie xwii VuiniMT 4.
Oorar I 'and.
From the paiatlag by William bf.
pBaXtoa. Reprt
rer Cl< rraattai
FrOBO tha palatlng by I John?
Ciev.land the Man. ObOIBJB I'
Parker. Illust rat.-d with pboto
rriage. A Story. Mary
tts. Iilnstrations hv .\ \
bert. CatlM
The Rlght to Live. A Story J.
- li.
.'nonition. a rnaai. WaBda Pa
Work at the ito. kefeller Institute:
The Transplanting of Animal Or
gans. Burton. J. Hendrlck IIIub
i ?* ith photographa.
The Boy. A Story. Robert Sloas.
Gift of th* GoOa* The ASr. A
Mildred McNeal Sweeney.
Jla'a liad.- a Story, Caroline
I^.khnrdt. Illustratlons by May
nard Dlxon.
Our Navy on the I^and. C.
KJhbe Turner. Illuatrated with pho?
?<? Old It. A Story. Hugh
Wak.fleld. llluatratlona by Freiletic
Dorr fetaaba.
The Scientiflc Solutlon of the
J-iquor Problem. Henry Smith Wil
Uains. M. D., LI. I?
A Little t^peculation of the U P
A. A Story. Adele Marie Sh&w. II
luatrationa by M. Leone Bracker.
"Marrlage a la Mode." A Novel
Mrs. Humphry Ward. llluBtrationa
by F. Walter Taylor.
Ideala. A Poera. Wlnifred Wehb.
An Audience with Abraham Lln
coln. T. B. Bancrott.
The Orlgin of Life on thla Planet
Waldemar Kaempffert.
M oiiai: Naval IncredlbllitleB."
Another New l-.<lgc in Hultfax
***'" ?., Va.. F
?MealMll*> \?us vteftad \. st. rday by
? hall, Jr..
dlcal Director, D u. Jef
Cranl M.ister at Arma. J.
AJefander Learla, lf. D., Oapt, John
.; Bmith, of Richmond. Dl
r. H. C.
at, D. laOg&n.
1 Siti.if |
? ??ntry
aa i anived h<
Bfteraooa ition.
A elah for a lodge of Knlghts of
Pythlaa I
Sir hf. I). L04
ap tba 1 ?
froaa Vernon
toustoi ith Baa>
.ni*- her.- in l.irg.- numbera and
tn Jola. Oraad
ellor Mltchell .l.divered an elo
? re al
Bley Indnstri.il Ii ..n<\ he
?>rk hlghlv Mr Rleb
bovall, who bl known as the
Iob oaaer in this aec
Bd wl... la the flnancial ba
titota j-.:
Hia* this mornlng The
lodge wns 11 .,,*.,. in tbe MeKlnley In
? building and th.- following of
< ommander, w. c. larry; 4/ioe
Chancellor, James Heodrick; Pr
Baaaval Plenty; ataaterof Work
?r of Record*
Master of
Excheqner \ \t. Edmunds, Master
an Simnis; Master of
?Ith; Innor Guard
TTalnom: Trustee8. Richard Stovall
Jobn Oaren, Weeb j H.-ndrick
Chancellor compl'iment
N D Loaaa highly for his
? n tbla aectloB. He left ?rtth
*** ' ' ?lfbf at 10:45 for
South Ilo
Afro-.\i?erieiui |iajr iiiHH]H Direct
l-'roni Mauufactarer,
.ViJ? Klfrtitli Aie., \VW York, X. Y.
Mall Orders Bottefted. Write for
Prtea l.ist To-day.
ILlll> ON \K4.IHM >
Hun?lr.dH ?.r K|u? bs %rre*ted in Kf
tort to Bbaaab l> Attaeks.
lo-nlgb. In an ,(r?rt by tbe poli? je
-"n^n^n^f ~
through ta. N.gro L'ri ? Tnl "'""'
"?Iphla. P^ ",OM 8,r~? RS.
?. r*r ??? P.-lonug aii ?, t%-.

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