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ahould be ??i ?> aa to reach taa by Wedneodat.
all montha ?
8) ao
Ihe aubacnp
a Boarv Onler.
ii can aen
??at ln
one of th<
ua to
| our aubarnption
' ? .
.-thrrwiw w? ,-arn >t B
Ireaa of a aubarnber. ae muat be ar I
. - r aa well aa tbe preaent al iraaa.
.: the Poat Oflkor at Richmo?-.
? ??'. c.aaa n.i'
U \i l RDA1 n M
\\ 8
?gs. a
\* n it
the business men ..f that thrl
? . ...
- houaes, a bank. a
? ?! churches and many
tha paaaphlet with int.-r.-st and 8ee
nothine hut aa for th*-se
tlag citlzens.
THE ? ??\ I EMP1 ? \SKS
Ry a mandate of th*
LTaltad I -to-riir
? I*. thlpp and 1 Bherlf
t>f Chattanooga.
Tennesaee and four others.? Haa
'.:-??? Uithen f?|H4
and William Mays were
hrought aafora the bar of that tribu
nal for j-.-nt.-nc- ujion having
adjudged guilty ef eont.-mpt of court
la perniitting the lynching of Edward
Johnson. colored. March 19. 1906.
The reeult was anything but com
pllmentary to that learned assombly
of Jurists for a atay waa grantei
BBB*aaaa had heen pfl
upon the men who had already been
adjudged gutlty of contempt. The
reanlt makes the attltude of the
court the subject of merrlment rath
er than one of aerioua conslderation
It showa too that the court can be
lnfluenced by publlc clamor.
When it ls observed that a Demo?
cratlc Chief Justiee led ln the de
mand for the pun'sbment of the
sympathiters with the lynchers. It
may ac well he understood that
conditiona are changing. It may as
well be understood now that the aen
tence. lf auch a one ls ever aaeted
aill be more ln name than fn aub
*re glad that the lsaue
l*** ' : for no other
I reaaon than to demouatrat.
?sgion and the injuring of the
| BBBjIa **ill result in the op
IHI ?.! < rltXal \ Sl I I I I Ml \ I
**>11 ' from the
iffaira is that
I'ltKSIDI M I \l | \\|, in,,mi R
I IM t \| |..\
aa ia
v ; le of
that th.it
ir the
put upon It tl
albility of cil
rollowa ? b
of fa.
? did Tl
??rer. or : i
which throv
>n the Stat.-s the bunlen i
>n and .
d ju
;ion aith
Thla is a plain statement of a fact.
?lumbia is concernt-d. and the
Bg in this Dtatrti ?
trom any aaa leat attl
B, and lt is ft- ? tha gov
erameal of the i?. bobM
'.bligatitm of t:
list'"- inaintenance of a
class univ.rsity for the
ct.lore.l Baea I a:n far from ..
10 pat Into tr
ord??r |
by an argument which has weight
but haa not aalfht when lmpr.
that the colored ra
all of them. would be bett.-r ?.ff II
?ill had univoraity education
I think they wt.uid ha ln a very
bad way if they had.becausc
would not know hoa- to use it, and
would not find means or using
N \'o race would be i..rt.r off if
they were all educated as aalr.
The great body 0f th.- olor.-d
as the great body of the whit*
ranst depend for th.
hood upon their manual labor. sklll
<>d or uoskilled. or upon some
I?atlon which requires less education
ihan that which is conferred by a
unlversity. and if lt is too widely
extended the effect of lt ls to put a
lot 0f men Into life who do not find
occupatlona ahlch are suited to their
taete, aad to make them unhappy j
ar.d really not flt for the life whlch
. ? ra
bal h>- eaaaa baek and
?8 ho BBBd in
;. that a
>n that it
acsaaary for the .
race flf
m for that ;?
?\ dlfferent p
"-> b y and
r uni
' lll he
s wlsdom
:ig Of
i llke B4M
UB what they aay.
raraeiahar baarlac H.-v. i>r
I who went abroa.i
:""1 ; : la Bpui palplt
an.l aaa aorthy D in that
preaa his fri.-ndship for the
Of Augusla. wl
Bpeat Bve or
w ol tha i.roix.sition tha1
old be moved to
try than this. He
mighty w.-li aatisti.
B AuguBU until thaa went to
y did not want to
?itil th.-y did go to
That is the same seutiment
I tound la Charlotte and in p.
Khl in his
The distinguished orator contin
' Now. th.- fact is that the progress
?f Ul outlinlng ltaelf with
B, to no- ut least ln
? Itaalf a u.^.-ful part of the
cmniunlty where II at it sllil!1
not only awak-r. an altruiatlc splrit
or splrit of hunianity. but. what la
?d deal better fo tie to. shall
'?nomic spirit of those
with wh-)tn yon llve and who value
your aafTtaaa as members of the
cmmunity and know how much you
ad<l to its success by being there
and being valuable members of that
community in accumulation. in your
provldence. and in making the
homes that are made ln a succeasful
community of negroea ln the Boat.
"It aeema to me that the future
M ln the hands of the race Itaelf. 11
do not mean to aay that cru<
are not to exlat in the future and
Injuaticea. and a great many reaaons
aaplalata should be made
nac the lahamaBlty of mai:
mean to aaj that tl ?
has been a time in i
ro race who
?<! sucb 8 baais fot l>elio' -n your
??Ha as a race. and for tho
in >our
it aucceaa, aa it is to-day.
? ti do in th?
? ? say of helplag. aaoag
? it is
m of th??
a, and
rk out iti th?
pal upon tha
Bt Taft is discovering much
ffa to hring in
.ving up to the princl
ha wlll do ranctb I many
>idst.?a i is willing to
I fan
,. . |
Railroad Rules.
ln Smart Life.
dl li< r hf.
I to k.-.-p
track of
Sounsrd Like It.
must he an ei ,:, of the
I la othei aataa. ba aaaat hav?'
been Ulrongb tl ? n II!
Suitor Jhrou h the mlll? i
Sro-t \o,i naai ? leektas: for a
Michacl Next.
MOaa af tiu> hlatorlaaa advanoes the
thaorj tbat Horai ,.-? poema w.-re wrlt
ten as adv r.ir a wim
< BBB4
raa and I'll l,t that btlabal Angrda
was an agent foi aBBe Baarbte quarry."
<"liiia?.. | ,-rald
Quit; Right.
Little Hoy MaaaaB, the rat haa
bird thin Bvorni
Mamma < ats don't eat bitd
You Biaat 88 tuistakan
lAu M ln the
bird. ? Royal Magai
Civ iization.
U*J 'i j claim fo ba eivl
: ?'?d yet | .tarlaaj raar
Native ? Pardo- but we fto not call
this torturln*. n,,w. We are m.-rrly
baiing him Cle alaad !.*??d
Moit of lt.
Ix>dger?Her*. <- a nlee breakfaat to
atk a friend to lad you lay the table.
Mary--Yea. alr All but the egga,
alr.?Royal Magazlne
0. OF C.
Ki.hmond, Vn . May 4. 1909.
TOorta ellors and of
wi laaaal s.
Pjtbiaa o
ad Rlchl
? Grand
BBd place of the al Irand
? t the
of the Grand
The Taalfth A.BBBB1
? Plfth
Church. Tueaday, Jun.
will fcjr* ntial
1 l 4 W. Li
I the
to th- moad B
f..r tl
?-ligil.lt- for t tiu>
? ?
: forin .
' The
?; 11 will ?
ill para. The Uatforna
- ;rg!nia Ualoa lt. and
the follow Ing pri n of
| |
to th.
* to the
. ln camp longesl |1!
Itazaar will |
lao C Thlrd Bt
and raaalc will !>.? in ;.'
ohn. The
Jaaa I
The Bal ? ing will he held
Charch. Por all .
and aaalcamant t
aaa, Chairma:
? Laiah
<<rand Represontatlve wUl flnd lt to
their advantage to send ln their
ra and asatgnments will be
made in advance They oaa BO d
to their stopping plae.
ing the efl - .us an.l carriagea
win ! Iraad
Rapn s and visitora. Subor
dlnate Court members can al
M of the Grand Court. The
for board and lodging will be
|1.Of per
irta that have not subscribed
or paid anything on trxo stock of th.'
Pythian Calaatbe Intfustrial Asaoci
atlon are urg.-ntiy advised to do so
at once to this offtVe. The nan.
speclflcatlons for the building at
'ihurg and money is needed to
begin work. The Calanthe Relief
Fund :>. should be forwarded
ta one- to this offlce. The names of
those who contrlbuted last year will
be found in the Minutes of'last ses
*lon Tht- aaaaaa of all Courts con
tributing aill be read 0ut during the
session of the Grand Court.
There is peace and there is harmo
ny throughout the Grand Jurlsdle
tion and the work is progressing in
a way and manner that is entlrely
satisfactory to the slsterhood.
Given under our hands and the
seal of the Grand Court of Vlrginla
in the City of Richmond. thls fourth
day of May, nineteen hundred and
Grand Worthy Counsellor.
Grand Wlorthy Reglster of Deeds.
f I0O.O0 Kndtvwment Paid.
Richmond. Va., June 2. 1909.
Thls is to certlfy that I have re
ceived from John Mitchell. jr
(rrand Worthy Counsellor of the
Grand Court of V:,.,lnla. Order of
raLanthe ($100 00) One Hundred
Hollars ln nayment of the death
clalm of Sister Hester Roa* who aaa
a inemher of North Stax Court No
rJ, of Richmond, Va.
Slgaed: W. I. JOHNSON'
iom always know.s when to
BaBBJ :i '
irally out'
i alL
fully i
"** ?' raaalag
II.- dld ?
's "pulk
aftarwarda; la
af wt
to brlng lt t.
He did no* kaoa that a
a few b
at will at
traot and botd the
,>fr,'('' ' fine
print. anittea in b
aaaard <*:n Bucceaa Magaaiae
lf you a; ? , nke
TPles n
e he la a
ibr a
.! to movf trom a
w*n aud behave ln aaeb a way
ng oa
alr s
'* la a n from the
day a aaaa i f>ir i to eaaaa
to h*-r Bj BBarrlBd
her and al. ... away
when she give* i
ran hear fanaler thlnga aa
gueata than any otl;. ,n<,
world And wh-n vlalt. aaaaa,
they tell |
their hoat and !.
no people are such gixid fri.-nds that
. an afford to vlslt aach otl..
A man who dips Into potttlca ocea
slonally may he compared to a
who engagea ln a poker game occa
aionally, he is Uable to run into a pro
The aafe
- ba aaep ,,ut of poiitica and po?
lw-terminatlon can be colned Into
Without lt failure is foreordained
The young man who wins ia the one
who starta out with a set purpoae.
y aoaajaar abo belleve they
can,'' says the old proverb
The shears with whlch Andrew Car
negle clips hia coupons were bought
with hard toil and businesa aptit
"I am golng to wln." was Marshall
Fteld's motto.
Too many of our young men now
adaya want to start at the top.
Thoae who. through mlatak*-n favor
itiam, get a start near tha top. gen?
erally Blide down. ,
Those who work up from the bottom
The duke of Argyle had every one of
bls aona learn a trade
"Mak^ yourseif neeesaary, young
man. and your aucceaa ia certaiu." waa
one of Joah Hillinga philoaophiee.
Early Strawberr.es.
"What nice. large strawberrlea,?,
aald the lady
"Yea. ma'am: aren't they beautiesr*
replied the dealer
"How do you ?eM them?"
"One dollar a quart. ma'am
"And are they Juaf the aarae on the
bottom of the baaket as on the top ?
"Oh. yea. ma'am ?giae doHar a quart
Juat tbe iime."
Send N'aine and Adriresa To-day?
i oa 4 an Have lt Free aad Be
Strong aad Vlgaroaa.
I have ln my poaaeeslon a praacrlp
tlon for nervous debllity. lack of vl
gor, weakened manhood. falllng meni
ory and lame back. brougbt on bj
excesses, unnatural draina or the foi
liee of youth. that has cured so many
worn and nervous men rlght ln theli
own homee?without any addltlonal
help or medicine?that I thlnk every
man who wishes to regaln his manly
power and vtrillty, qulckly and "vuiet
ly. should have a copy. So, 1 have
determlned to send a copy of the
rlptloa, free of charge, In a
plain, erdinary sealed envelope, to
any man who wlll write me for It.
Thls p eecrlption comes from a
physlclan who baa made a apecial
study of men. and I am convlnced lt
ls the surest-acting cornbination for
tho cure of deficient manhood and
vlgor-failure ever put together.
I thlnk I owe it to my fellow man
to send them a copy ln confidence. so
that any man, anywhere who is weak
and discouraged with repeated fall
ures may atop drugging himself wlth
harmful patent medlcines, secure
whnt, I belleve. ls the qulckeet-act
ing, restorative, upbuildlng. SPOT
TOUCHING remedy ever devlsed.
and ao, cure himself at home qulotlv
and qulckly. Just drop aaa a line
llke thls: Dr. A. E. Robinson. 3895
Luck Bldg.. Detrolt. Mich.. and I
wlll sead you a copy of thla splendld
;', in a plaln, ordlnary sealed
envelope, free of charge.
Wlf. ef Victim and Form.r Boaraar
Under Arreat.
Wllk.'s Barr?. Pa. June 2.?At th*
roncluaion of a COTOaeTa lnqu*at to
laveatlaate the death of Anthony Dan
lela. whoae charred remalae war*
found In th* raiaa of a fire whlch de
atrapai bla home n? ar here two aeeke
-ounty detectlre had war
rants taaaaf for the arreat of th.- wif*
.if the lecaaaaM] an.i Andrad Olabef.kl.
who fornierly board*d at th.< IrantwU
charglBg them wlth murder
Twatlrnony waa to th.? efT.?ct that be?
fore hla death Danb-la had often quar
reletl wlth hla wife. and lt waa alao
ahown that Olahefaki about oae month
ago ga<r* him a severe beating Th*
alUgation being made is tbat Olahefaki
an.l the woman murd?r*?l the lattar *
husband and then aet fire to tbe hyUM
| their crlme.
Jury Sent Back For Second Guea* by
Pottaviile Judg*.
2 - In B sult
over raluabl* tlmber land ou th* bor
BOfB af S.-huylkill and I.ebannn
Itaa, whlch has been on tlal for eev
eral weeks the Jury roturnad a rerdlct
for the plalntlff for $14 I
Judge Rrumni nent th* Jury back
t was not for daaaagea.
but to fotsrUBlae the ownerahlp of th*
lan<1 An hour later a verdict for the
defendvit waa dellv*r*d.
Admita Deliberate Murdar Aft*r Serv
Ing Manalaughter Term.
Taaaaqaa, Pa . June 2.?Mlke Oabor.
il.lai.- who aaraai .la yeara ln
prlaon. being convieted of ruanalaugh
r CBBSbal the death of I
st-.rv Berea raara ago, diei a. the r*
ault of a min* accident at No. 10 col
??foia dying Gabor aald h. did not
want to pass away with a He oa hia
Hp*. and hf then confeas*d that tbe
alaying of Story had been deliberate.
entitllng him to a flrst degree v.
had t!ie ta . known.
Neighbora' Diapute at Nicholaon, Pa ,
Enda In Murdar.
Scranton. l?a., June 2 ?At Mlchol
aon. near bara, Harry Spragua ahot
and killed Thomaa Greenwood, the
kllling belng the outome of a neigh
bor'a quarrel. Sprague went into hl i
house pirked up a ahotgun and oam*
out and ahot Oreenwood b?for? he waa
able to get awa\
larthquake Orphane arwaaaa*a OtNtt*.
Romo. June l.~On the lnvitatlon of
Quaeti Helena. 200 rhlldren who were
made orphana by the earthquaka In
Slcily and Calabrta. attended a garden
party ln honor of tha elghth blrthday
of PYlnoeaa Yolande
Two Downed While Fiahlng.
South Yarmouth. Masa . June 2. ?
While Edward L. Oarcelon. a retlred
real eatate hro'.er of Roatoa, waa fiah?
lng with Wllliam Kenney. Jr. of thla
vlllage, and a boy, Oeoge O'Brlen. Jr.,
thair boat waa upaat by a aquall and
the two man were drowned Tha boy
waa saved
Klng Al'onso Fell From Horae.
Madrid, June 2. ? Klng Alfonso.
while playlng polo, fell from hia horae.
He stiffered a aevere sprain af the
aakle. ?,
8uprama Court Adjourna.
Washington, June 2.?The aupreme
court of the United Statea cloaed Its
preaent term and adjourned until the
second Monday la October.
nwJUNE 1809

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