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s,\ ? G.??? ?? ? ? I'M??
The Parable of
the Tartas
Sassta? Sckwal Lea.oo for Jas? 26. 1910
Suggest or? *"d Practical Thought,
dorn ?huh hi
am! v? sue as kl:
tsbll*: laws
of heaven an h, so
that earth
24. .17 The Bsaa
of Mar.." thro.ich ? .; ?wan man
Ifeat In the ?teed sowing Ha *s the
aonroi ?an In
the (Pardon of Eden, and has b?>en
?owing ever tat -ry g?x>d man.
wherever found. Is a child of
from above |>y th? Spirit, and
made alive wltb the life
The FI? Tb*?
field Is th?? w - It II not the
?he whole world, not
< h-ts'lan landa, but all lands In which
the true church la the ? 1 '??
hl? field " The w
:ng of
tares Is s usurpation Christ "csrae
unto hi!? own "
good BSed are the chi ' ?f the
king?! ho In heart '
to tbe kingdom. ? ulth Ita
spirit, and ?tri ?ng to
lU? prlnc ;
Ood'R c! Mvlng
Bieed Th. pria
Is la them >t In?
crease. A dead church does not
?row; and thla
neither Qoi : in In
eresse of that kind of Christians or
Tber?? is a | good
seed ad snd sil
clrcwnstsj ig dtff???
kinds of fruit at ?IIfT?-r^*fit tin
Bul rerrejii1 ? -? sre
plant?ed ss well aa sown, planted
where Ood deeli "by the
streams of water" dan 1
The Enemy Sowing Tares Among
th? Wheel I hile
men slept," that la. a?* retly. whea the
good did not realize what was going
on. any more than a sl?*eplng person
could The begfhntngH of evil sre
often scarcely al -ung
often btsc In coi;? \ll. as u?
and outcome,
aa If th- "in.! ash
"Hi? Fr ' as ?rtehed an?
devil iva 3?? IS? He ??a? the orlglnsl
iSUOBsg men The story
Is truly told In as Is not
the suthor of sin either at firat. nor
st sny time pince Everything God
NB? Is toward making mei
"The tares are the children ?>f the
wlek?*d on?,'? filled ?it h his spirit, liv?
ing accordi;.? to his pitnctplea. and
under his control They are not s
degenerate form of virtue, but as dis?
tinct as virtue ?nd vice They often
resemble the g?H>d till the fruit be?
gins to appear, but they are as d"
ent as wheat and tares, as thistles and
The Wheat and Tar?s Crowing To?
gether?Vs. 26-30. "Let both grow
together until tbe haryesL" Hvcause
at first It is very difficult to dlatln
gulsh between the wheat and the
tarea The tares are counterfeit
wheat. Because when the distinction
Is clearer, there Is danger lest "while
ye gather up the tares, ye root up also
the whest with them." for the roots
of the two are Interlaced together.
It Ik ab- -i-erisary before the
grain is used in the harvest, "to avoid
the mingling of the kernels of the
darnel and the wheat lest tbe bread
he poisoned
The Harvest The Fate of the
Tarea?Ve. 30. 3.M2 "Let ?>oth grow
together until the harvest, which
takes place at "the end of the world"
(v 3?), or age
"Ssy to the reapers . . . the sn
gels" iv 39). (Matt ??:?7. 14:11; S
Thee 1:7); any being* or powers
which accomplish this work
?"To burn them." So ss to destroy
their power of evil, and to keep them
from spreading They nhall gather
out of his kingdom all things that of?
fend" iv ?Hi. that cauae others to
stumble In the path of righteousness.
The Harrea?. Tue Mieneedness of
the Righteous ?Vu 30. 43 "Then,
when separated from evil, "??hall the
righteous chine forth as the sun."
Here ?re ?ound hop?? and cheer amid
times of opposition and the flourish
lit,; of ???, *'ik?i the evil help the
Christians themselves are ed'i
snd dls<iplln?*d Ly contact with tht
tarea They mould not be nearly ho
good If ?hit off In a community by
?elvei. Teres would stili come
In If the ?heat does not seek to
change f_be tares lato whest. the
will degenerate Into tar,** This
la always so when pie would
SB all ow
with the BrOTaai,
?steri e sad ?
Flew From New York to Phila?
delphia and Return.
$ $'0.000 Prize Of
fer?. .ewepaper.
three Philadelphia h
bi* bearings mistaking a gre?
of J??? sa Island, and
?wo of
Of his engine ?tnd quit work.'
I a swamp
and It weh :
made as
ape the lm?
Aa it was. his a? fual flying; time for
ea, and he
follili with
??w York Times to mak?* a round
trip !
within l?
S?hn*o f?T Attm-Icst? Pre*? Aaeoclatlon I
in In this country
to ma? alls in a
mach II ianiil
acBlBvsBBea? the ?rea..?-st in tl???
aviation, unsurpassed In
that Hamilton struck out a
'.'., without land buoys to guld??
him. without a ? hart???1 route to help
him, and a???oniplished th?? teat with
such :?
had laid out.
Few men have r?
'hat Hamilton got when be
dropj ? ? clouds. Along the
Battery, the wat**r front of
Brooklyn, the ?-dge of Star?-n Island
and tk
walls Th?>u
of them had waited for hours,
?wayed by rumors that ?am*? from
\mln>y swamp On ????G???*?
Island, at the aviation grounds, a
thousand chins wer?? turned skyward.
Hamilton came so fast that a few
Is after th?? officer spotted him
the aeroplane was discernible to the
naked ?? saw. painted against
the gray mists t>f ??iaten Isla?,
blur. ???? seconds more and it was a
wide winged bird, a bird with Us head
tucked out of sight. Cm it came in a
line a quarter of a mile south of the
Statue of Uafcorty, -too feet above the
bay. In another flash of time you
made out the ?lean lines of th?? planes
and you could see Hamilton crouched
over his steering * I
As the air currents frisked above
the water, they ?lipped the aeroplane
to the left and right Walk stii;
the bay. but rapidly nearlng the sea
wall of (?overnor's Island. Hamilton
shut off aOWST. Th?? propeller ceased
its faint droning, revolved slowly for
s few time?, and the machine com
menced to drop, slowly at first, thea
faster. Hamilton s?-t the motor work
lng Just lor.g enough to reverse las
propeller and mak f an easy
landing. I
With yells exploding ail around him.
Ite droped his afaSSSM to th?? sands in
a long sweep, as a gull dives Th??
bicycle wheels thumped the ground.
the aeroplan?^ bounced a foot perhaps
and then ran slong without a jar for
less than I
The crowd enguif-d the little man
and gave him no chance to climb out
of the machine and stretch his cramp j
ed limbs fie ws? a sight. If ever In
the world there was a soiled aviator,
Hamilton was that bird.
Presiden! Denies Audience to
Francis B. Harrison.
New Yorker Declare He ?Vaie Ap
ent Por President t
gatio^ and Had No Wa
3e Received.
?n the
ther to
There was I
lith Mr
eral ? : rawn
calling upon the h?
information 1:1
of the Glavls charge? aga.?
tary i
for th? - Law
l?*r. assistant a
In tl. nation,
had made a draft 01 '
the let! seretarj Hal?
had a
? .
at of what
with ? Marri
? that we
r?-tar rivale
ild not see
"I ? I had
mud? s ago
it, and Mr ?
acal:. 1 'h the president
Bed me
that ? it would ? 1 dele
anying me. but would
I admit I was surprised
i Imi: th?? White
Hospital Orderly Heir to $500.000.
A leti
who lai told
Albert Wright
byt?Tian hospital, in Philadelphia,
that I a Importer of Mine?
fng Lane. London, has ?Led and left
him $ Vri?hr ha
position at the hospital and will sail
for England this ????.?? Last January
he married an KnglLsh girl, whom he
had I sere child
Airship, Horse and Auto to Race
Th?? ihe Tan
aviation ? state
fair - it rnj ??:?.?? | 1
will lie a r.i
BW BW :el bi
plan-. Bur??* Oldfleld with Btl
Bens, and Minor Heir, th?? fastest hri
..ir>?? Tli?? horse will pace on the
half-mile tra? ?V OldtU-ld will dr:.
the mile I
a wld-T circuit i*. the air.
Gift For Teddy. Jr.
A live b-ar rub. CUUghl near Du
luth. Minn on Monday, has been sent
velt. Jr., as a wedding
:it by .lohn (' ??r?'enwsy, of Cole
raine, superintendent for the United
Stet?? p way. w?>o
is s former Rough Rider, has gone t?j
New York to greet the former presi?
Sugar Men Convicted.
Charl?-> ? Heine, the BOT retary and
fTOr of tin? AmiTiran Suxar Re
fining company, and Krnest (?erbracht.
formerly ihe superintendent of the
Havenieyer A Klder sugar refinery In
Willtamshurg. were found guilt., in
New York ot complicity in the sugar
weighing frauds on thr refinery docks
in Wllllamshiirjr by a jury In the crim?
inal brami? of the I'nited Stat??e cir?
cuit conn Tj?? third defendant, .lamea
P. Bend?-rnagel who was formerly
esshier of the Hsvemeyer A Elder re?
finery, wss tbe subject of s long fought
disagreement among the twelve jur?
ors during the nearly twelve hours la
Which they de!i!*ersted
Clerk William Lesi y mailed the roll
of jurors snd then asid Centi?mes
have you reached S verdict?"
"We have." replied Ernest D Terry,
the foreman We fiad the defendant
Heike guilty on the sixth count of the
Indictment. We find the defendant der
bracht guilty \ I ia tha li
?rendant. Benderna
gel. we ? an'v
Princeton Gets Proctor's $500.000.
Wealthy Planter Burned at Stake.
The poli
? a plan??
I ? ?
? alckel
by a par' He we
ly dead from
? ?
th?? aas
- again but Just -
an?i attempted to tell the
with aqua
to mu<
* big land
:igs and was wealthy
May Whip Daughter.
tgent has
the r
nineteen anil a .??><aal l>?
Th? case
F.wart chare
daugl" with assault and bet
lie was within his
rights aii
The vomii?; ? Itlfea that ber
father sp.i. llpaoi lit be
??h* went te a . mk.
Drops Dead as Ball Team Score*.
? ball game b ae IVona
ani Springfield. IIL. ball teams of the
Threv I ?rday at
ria. William Bistler. a asectator, drop
wer dead when the Pearls
had scored two runs
Lynch Negro Who Attacked Girl.
Ro! <ro wi.
an>l killed by a s S swamp near
: miles ea-*t of I
cola. Fla following an atta? k on a
twei? . ightes of G h:
Says Judiciary Committee is
Employed by Hailroads.
S?'i -barges were made in
congr seeatatlea Rich
ard W.? i'ark'T. of New .'>?
cbalrni.iii led ot!i-v BSBBBbSfS "t tli?
aeaea committee ou the Judiciary.
Th?? p was sprung by Rep
reasntam.? Choice h Rbb?sH. Dasa?
crat. Of Texas He ? !?<:>;??? that Hep
? ke-r ano other menili -is
of the coasaslttas v.
giit>. tran?. ? eSBploysseal and compen?
sation of great and pecuniary vaiue''
from raihotds
Mr Ran.; ?II charg<'d that this was
?thes. - of the committee from
un u; m th?? bill to BTOhlhtl
Ige I from r?-i
Nek - ? railroads or OthSI
Rand? II brought before the house? a
Privileg??! r.-solutlon to remove the
meaaure referred to from the cotr.ru;'
tee on Judiilary and to have It hasse
diately rSpOftOe back to the has
The committee assailed by Mr. Ran
dell include? some of the most ?
n<nt members of the house. Its men.
hers s re: Rlchsrd Wayne Parker N??*
Jersey, chairman; Charles Q Tirrell
Massachusetts; John A. Sterllag. III!
nois; ReutVB O Moon. Philadelphia;
Gerrltt J iM.-kema. Michigan; O R
Malby. New Torh; ? W Higgins
Connecticut; ? P. Goebel. Oblo; ? :
win Deinby. Michigan; Paul How I an 1
Ohio, h? M Nye, Mlnneaota; W G
ShenVl?. Rhode Island, Henry
Clayton. Alabama; Robert L 11
Ikni?bte of Ifrvtb?as,
?. ?.. S. ?., ?. ?., ?. AND ?.
This organization is one of the most powerful in the country and its
progress has been phenominal. The Graud Lodge of Virginia has juris?
diction over all of the cities and counties in this state. Thirty malea
are n^quired to organize a new lodge. The benefits paid constitute one
of its strongest features, but the principles are greater than anything
else. Founded on Friendship, based on Charity and established on Be?
nevolence, the respectable, upright people of the state will find it an order
worthy of their heartiest support.
It pays an endowment aud burial benefit of of $200.00 for all ages. It
pays $4.00 per week sick dues. The badge costing 75 cents each is the
only absolutely necessary regalia. F -r information concerning the organzaition of lodged
apply at the main office.
The Courts of Calanthe
Is the Female Department of the Order. It requires a membership of
thirty persDus to organize a court. Its memoers are pledged to exhibit
Fidelity, exercise Harmony and prove Love one for the other. It pa
an endowment and burial benefit of $150.00. It pays $3.00 per week sick
dues. The only expense for regalia is the cost of the badge, 50 cents and
a rosette, costing 25 cents for funeral occasions.
For all information concerning special rates of membership in the lodges andrOurts address
John Mitchell, Jr.,
311 N, 4th Street.
? ?
Fifty Spectators Persh When Bridge
Is Swept Away.
It i
stran ?
lout at 1 !' ?rh?-ti a
sal ?
Two ba
Louis and Temple Abernathy Rode
2000 Miles to Meet Roosevelt.
Youthful Oklahoma Rough Riders Ars
Warmly Received.
? >f two thousand miles
on pon lea from ts.ir bonis in okia
. ? ? ?????. York to
th.-ir father's l:
dent ir. upon hl? ar
of at least a thousand annoi?
when th y .Jrew BB their t:red bron
Ctsoa hero re the Hotel Breslln snd.
?anting rushed into the arm?) ef
th?-ir proud father Marshal Ja? k
Ahernathy. anxiously awaiting tu m?
B thi'ui
? m the moment they reached the
city the little roii?h ridere were the
? continuous r^eptlon. They
rode off the ferryboat that brought
them from Jersey City into a veritable
mob. It took six mounted poll
to clear th?. way. and a constantly in
creating crowd fell In behind.
Smile? ss broad as their sombrero,??
light??<1 up the youngster's face? as
thev bares their heads in salute Then
th?? slipped from their ponies and
hurried Into the hotel.
The nervy sons of the Oklahoma
United States marshal left their fath
er'e ranch in the nnddl?? west on April
16 and have received nr?'at ovations
at all points during thtMr trip .?
tbe country.
Misa Drexel Now Lady Maidston.v
The marriage of Viscount Maid
stone, the oldest son of the Earl of
Win? helues and Nottingham, an :
Margaretta Armstrong I)r??xei
ter Of Anthoni I Drex??! of Pli
pbia. the first of three Anglo American
weddings to t;i .n dm
ing June, was celebrated at St. Ma:
garet s Weotf*
But for the death of the king placln?
msny ? o la moirning this wss ?
have been BUS of the big aortal eren
ONI Ol I ili I i \1>I\?. PAIA l I K
All Work l.uarAii' ml?. |^??
iri- or OasJetU ?.ne l's a. Trial
? ?>u Will Ne\er Ibf^rvt It.
???? St. Fetor Stn-.-i, Hi? lim??n?i. \ .1
1 ??? I li..no. Madison ,VM*M.
?oc Marks
Dc signs
Scientific American.
A t??n<Jao??i?"T r-n.?raf?^l ????? ? I --. M?t ?ttr
t a
r ?': r ?.?? tu?. $L So??! i/j all n??waOeal*i?a>
Bran, h ( ? '? ?. ?? ? IH, Waahtaaton. IX C
A. Hayes
727 North ?Second Streg>?
? aasioKNca, 725 N. and St.
First class Hacks snd Caskets of
All Descriptions. I nave a Spare
Room for BODInhl when the Family
nut a Suitable Place. All Coun
try Orders sre Given Special Atten?
tion. Your Special Attention Is ?Call?
ed to the New Style OAK CASKETS.
Call and See Mo and You Shall be
Waited On Individually.
'Phone, Madison-27 78.
of tbe seaaon. Ae It was. tber??
Isrge sttendsnee both at th?
and at tbe re?-eptlon held afterward a:
.Mr Drexel'i
The Barrica was fully choral, the
bishop of London and Canon H eu BOB
of Weettnlnater a:
Msrg;. ? .fating The interior of
the little church had been decorated
with whif I3 margu?
There were tOO bridesmaids 1:.
white satin, and i astead of hats they
wore ban?1eaux of marguerites with
long tulle veils They were Lady
Gladys Flncb- Hatten, sister of the
bridegroom: Miss Hilda Chi?:
and V Gunning,
ins of the hrldcgroom, Miss Rhoda
Aetley. daught'-r of Dowager I.ady
Hastings; lady Violet Manners
Sybil F?Mlowes. daughter of Lord de
Ramsey. Miss Constance Combe, the
daughter or Lady Comb?; Miss 1
Wayne, of Philadelphia, and two
American brides??? - Mildred
Carter, who Is to he married to Lord'
>n on Juno -1. and Miss Helen
Post, tu be msrried three days later
to Montagu ?MOt Charles Mills, son
of Lord Hilllngdon. was the best man
The two received many pr??
The bride s father xav?? her s diamond
tiara ami a medallion of diamonds at?
tached to a jeweled chain, as well aa
an automobile. In which I.ord and
Lady Maidstone are to tour the conti
nent on th??'r BOSSTrutnou Mrs. Drex
el's gift to her daughter was s rope of
The vain?? <>f th?? presents has been
estimated at mor?? thas a quarter of
a million dollars J G Morgan sent a
diamond cable two yards long, and the
George J Goulds a twelve-carat gem
set In s ring. _
A western school journal Is respOO)
atble for the story that a youthful pu?
pil In the hist?>ry class wrote the foi
lowlug statement:
"The A merles ? wsr of independence
Book pisce because tbe colonl??a refused
to aubmlt to taxation without tempts
Oui? '
303?5 North Third St
Old Yacht Cleb,
UHI ^itiv', the LseOS- of the Right
! ??? SUruolant. Spedai Prime
? a Basa IH Orsasaa ?.f Good ?
aaeea, < itfarv ???? G, iM??
and hea ? a
422 E? Broad St.,
Richmond, V?renla.
? ? Jonathan
114 N. 17th 6>C RICHMOND. VJL
PROMPT ??????G????.
I?og DteCaece 'Phnea, 7Sa\
Capitol Shoe & Supply
No. 210 East Broad Streei.
A complete stock of Boys/
?Misses.' Men's, Ladles,' ?St
Children's Shoes.
Before making your purchase
you would do well to call at
the most reliable furniture
house in the city and see the
fine line of
And in fact everything thai ia
needed in house furnishings.
Of every description; also the
latest designs in ROCKERS
and special CHAIRS
Our good? are the heat for the price and
the price is eery loe.
Adams and Bro?\d ;Strb3T3

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