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TTarfy was rigbt after all. This ia a
.ojntry town. all rigbt."
"And?and are you worklng here.
Mr. DBBOfsaTr** Jaale pursued.
"I'm supposevl t?> l>e. I'm afralj I
don't kmiw the buslness very woll as
**Oh. tbat's nwfly nloc." Angle
H?- thnnk.-d ber humMy.
"We dldn't e\pect to see you horc."
Josle . him. "We Just tbougbt
we'il I
'.a!" be parmtrd. horrlRed. II??
cast o gianee eakaac* nt the tnwdry
fountain. a, how d'you
the Infernnl thlng?" he asked hlmself.
tatterly be* Ddei
' iined la, "It's ao
warm this nfternoon we"?
Tra ?ot i<> put lt through anmr
how.** be thought savagely. and nloud.
rortain'.y." be sald nnd smll*?d
wlnningly. "Will you be pleased to
ls way?"
Out of the rorncrs of hla eyes he
pfaTaTSMBad the amu^ed look that passed
between tbe glrl* "Oh. very **BaT
he aald beneath hia breath. "You may
iaugb, but you asked for aoda, and
eoda you ahall bSY*, my d?ars. If you
dle Of lt " Ba put hiinsHf fnhlnd
tbe .-I'linti-r w ittt nii air of great det?-r
ruination ai.'i laaaadi Bpaa it wttfc
bofh hands aBtaBflaas] nntu hO rvnllrinl
that thfe araa tb?- *peee af a gT>
man. "What'll you hr?*e?" lit- #0
mandod genlally "Kr-that ls?l
mean. would yaa DNawf ranilla or?
A cbant antlpbonal answered blm:
-1 bnte vnnllln."
*"And ao do I."
-Oh. don't aay thnt!" be plended. "Of
course you know thoro'a ah ?vanllla
and vanllla Ah. anme vanllla I know
ta deteatabte. but when you get a real
ty flne rlntage? ah?lmported vanllla,
lt'a qulte anotber matter?ab?partlc
ularly at tbla aeason ef the year"?
Hbj confuslon waa becomlng painfuL
"Oh. ls ltr* asked Josle helpfully. Hei
eyea dwelt uj>on hla with a conflding
expreaalon whicb he later cbaracter
lred as a baby stare. and be was
promptly redured to babbllng idlocy.
**lnd<?ed lt ls; no doubt whatever.
Mlsa Lockwood Especlally Just nor,
you know?ab?after tbe bock aeason?
ab?I mean. when the weatber la?ia?
ln a way?you mlgbt put lt, vanllla
**But I like choeolate beat," Angle
pouted. And be hated ber consumed
ly for the nioment
?"Very well." Josle told hlm sweetly,
"*TH havp the vanllla."
I He thanked ber with unneceaaary
effusion and turned to lnspect tbe
glasaware. Tbere could be no mia
take about tbe rigbt Jar, bowever;
there waa notbing but vanllla. and,
aelzlng lt, he removed tbe metal cap
and placed lt before tbe girls. Wlth
leaa ease be discovered a whlaky glaaa
and put lt bealde the bottie, with a
cordial wave of tbe band.
A pauae euaued. Duncan was srafl
lng fatuoualy. aerene ln tbe bellef that
be had aolved the problem?tbe way to
aA T a large hotel ln London whlch ls qulte popular with Amerlcans who ire rtch enough to enjoy the ro*tly ae
y^k coramodatlons a "stunt la pulled ofT* every New Yeara eve whlch is dlstinctly difrVreut from any cere
.aC JaV. tnony ln connectlon wlth the advent of the Infant year in Amerlca. 'Tt's BBaBBBBB, qulte Engllsh. yon
know." Tbe hundreds of Americana and other guests. includlng paraoaa from all continental counttiea
and usually a Hlndu nabob or two. eugrage ln an eveninjj of dancius; ln the icrand ballroom. At mldnlght. Just aa
the eioeaa atrike the hour that ushers ln the new year. the aaaala hear a knoeking at the ballroom door. The mat?
ter of ceremonies oi>ens tbe door. Dooa the tbreahold are four men carryiug a sedan chnlr of moat elaborate pat
tern. whlch contalns avri^wncer a beautlful young lndy the pb'k of the party. An attendunt mi?ets the antiqne
caravan and escorts It to the cent?r of the ballroom floor, where. amld the admirlng rnmpnny. he asslsta the star
beauty to allcht. then becomes her partner in tb?> diince. Thls pretty ceremony is call??d "brlnging ln the new year.**
The real festlvltlea of the evenlnu bepln wheu Miss New Yesr mukes ber advent.
Bervc aoda was to make them belp
themselvea lt was very almple. only
they dldn't. XVlth a start he became
aenslble tbat they were eylng hlm
-You?ah?wanted vanllla. dld you
"Yes, tbanks. vanllla." Josle agreed.
"Well, tbet's It," he aald finnly. ln
dlcatlng tbe jar and the glasa
Josle glggled. "But I don't want to
drlnk lt clear. You put the alrup ln
tbe glaps. you know. and then tbe ao?
"Oh. I aeel You want to make a
blgbba? ah?a long drlnk of lt. Ah.
yeaf" He procnred a glaaa of tbe reg
nlatlon size. "Now 1 understnnd." A
pnuse. "If you'11 be good enougb to
lieip yourself to the slrup."
"No, you do lt," Josie pleaded.
"Certalnly:" He Ufted the whlsky
glaaa and the Jnr and began to pour.
*'lf you'll Just say when."
"What? Oh, thafa enougb. thank
"If I ever pet out of thls fix Pll blow
the whole ahooting mateh." he prom
lsed hlmself. bolding tbe plass benentb
the faucet and tkldllug nervously with
the valves. For a moment he fancied
tho tauk must be empty. for nothlng
**wn waaa aoprao you wouxd jodc ttti
came of hla efforta Then abruptly the
fixture aeemed to expiode. "A gey
aer.*" he crb-d. bliinbil with tbe dasb
of carbouat?nl water and alrup ln bla
face. whlle be fumtded furlously wlth
the ralvea.
Aa anexpeetedly as lt had begun the
| flow ren*ed He put down the glasa
found bla handkerchlef and mopped
bls drippiuK fnee XYben able to see
agaln be dlscovered tbe young women
1 leantng agalnat one of the ahowcaeea.
weak with laaj aafe re
"Our soda'a so strong. you know," he
apologized. Hut if you'll stay where
you ?r<? I'll try agaln "
Waraed by experlmce. he work??d at
tbe marbjne gingerly. flnally produc
tng a thin, aplutterir.g trl.-kle. lleam
lng with trluniph. ba bMatad up. "I
thlnk It's sufe ******* be auggested. **I
aeetu to have lt uuder ooulrol."
Angle and Josie returned. torn by
diHtrust. but raaabte to raalat the fas
clnatlon of the strantrer in our vlllage.
And thore's no denying the boy waa
go.xl looking and a gentleman by blrtb
and edueatlon
Bg bad tllled one glaa* and waa tlne
tur.ng lt with sirup when be caught
agaln that conndlng amlle of .1
full upon blm aa tbe benma of a noon
day sun.
"Haven't we aeen you at church. Mr.
in?" ahe sald prettlly.
"I thlnk perhaps you umy have," he
coneoded. "I have aeen you both."
The aerond glass (for he waa d<-t?>r
mlned that Angle should not cacape)
took up all bla attontion for an in
atant "Do you have to go, tooT* be
lnquired out of this deep preoceupa
"I nifan do you attend regularly?**
he amended hastily.
"Oh. yea. of eourae.** Josle slmpered.
accepting the glaas he offered her.
"You make lt a rule to go every 8un
day, don't you. Mr DuncanT*
He permltted hlmself an indlsere
tlon. aeruire ln the l?ellef lt would pass
unchallenge<l: "lt'a one of the rules.
but 1 dldn't make lt "
"I ?ld you know there was a vacancy
ln the chotrr* Angle aaked, taklng up
her glass.
"Yes." Josle chlmed ln; "we were
hoping you'd Joln. 1 want you to aw
"We're both ln the cholr." Angle ex
"And all the glrls want you to Join.
Don't they. Angle7'
"Oh. yea. Indeed; they're all Just
dylng to meet you."
TB have to write and ask."' he aald
"Way, wbat do you mean by that?"
Joale'a queation atruck blm dumb
wlth consternatlon. He made curlous
nolses ln hls throat and fancled (as
waa qulte possihte) that they eyed
hlm ln a peculiar fashion "lt'a?1
mean?a llttle tr.?uble wltb my tbroat,"
be managed to lie at length. "1 must
aak my physlnan if 1 may flrst."
"Oh. I aee." Rald Josle
"But." he haateraed to cbange the
subjeet, "you"re not drlnking. eitber of
y.-ii 1 oftw ?-r?-!y bo** it* not M vi-ry
ba.I "
Angle lepaaOed ber gla^s. barvly tast
?ed. "I>o you like lt, J<p
To Josle's cmlit it must t>e adralt
ted tbat rIm- atada a hrave attempt to
drink. Rut the mixture was undoubt
edly flat. atale and unprofltable. 8he
slgbed. put it back on the conuter and
rose to the emergency
"Mlne's perfectly lovely"?wlth a
ravt.shing amlle ? "but it*s not very
aweet "
"I made them dry for you?thought
you'd llke 'em tbat way." be stam
mered. "P?-rhaps you'd llke >m bet
ter if I put r. eollar on 'em?"
Tbe cborus ncgatlved this suggeatlon
Tery promptly
?""Why don't you try n aAaae, Jdr.
Daauaaf' Angle added wlth mallce.
alyly nmUrtng Josle
"I'bb on the wapon T menn. I don't
drlnk nt all." he said wretrhodly^and
was deeply grnteful for tba dlaWatua
afPorrled by tbe entrance of a thlrd
It was Trneey Tanner. ns nanal
swollen wkh Impnrtnut tldluga. as
usual pro|velllnc hlmself tbroujrh the
world at a henvy trot It baa al?
waya been a aouree of wonderment to
nie bow Tracey raannges to keep so
stout wlth all the Tjolent exerclse he
"Say. Angle." he twanped nt Blght of
her. "I've been lookki' for you every
whcre. Dld you bear that"?
He stopped Instantaneonsly wlth nppn
month aa he aaw Dnnrcn beblnd tbe
eounter. and open innuthed he rerualn
ed wblle the young man came bbbbjbbI
and advaneed townrd hlm. wlth s
blnnd snilrk. aceompnnled by a profea
Blonnl bow and rubbtng of hands.
"May I hsve the plessure of eerv
lnp you. Mr. Tann.
"Huh?" bleated Tracey. dumfound
"Ia there anythlng yon wisb to pur
A vtolent emotton atlrred ln Tracey.
Sonnda began to ^nianate from bla
benrlng cbesL "N-n no. ma'am!" he
breathed exploslvely.
Duncan bowed agaln. hls face ex
presslonleaa "Then wlll you be good
enongb to excuse me?" ne turned
preelsely and made hls way back to
the eounter
As If released from some spell of
stTonp enchantment by the movement,
Tracey awung on bla heel and lunged
for the door.
"What wns it you wnnted to ask
me. Traeeyr* Angle called after hlm.
As the boy dlsappeared at a hard
gallop hla resi?mae floatcd back, "1
"I'm afrald I mnst have frlghtened
hlm?" Duncan aald lnqulrlngly.
"Oh, no; not at all," Josle reassured
hlm. "He's Just gone to tell every
body you're here."
"Come, Josle; we've been here ever
ao long." Angle r.ioved alowly toward
tbe door. but Josle Incllned to llnger.
"Don't burry. 1 beg of you." Duncan
"Oh. we haven't hurrled." ahe aald.
wlth a gusb of gratlncation tbat star
"it scitvBs ara bjoht," hx conclcded.
tfed tbe man. "You'U reuien\t>er what
1 aald about the cboir, won't you?"
He braced hlmself to take advan
tage of the openlng. "1 shal, never
forget lt," he said lmpresslvely.
She gave hlm ber band. "Then good
"Not goodby. I tmstr' He retnlned
the band. despltdug hluiself lnexpressi
"Oh. we'll be ln agaln, won't we,
"Oh, yes. Indi
"My land, Angie! What do yon
think? I'd almost forgotten to pay for
the soda!"
"Please don't speak of lt, Misa Lock
wood. The pleaaure"?
"but 1 must, Mr. Duncan. How
much is lt?"
Josle tlngered the contenta of her
purae expectantly, bnt Duncan bung
in the wlnd. He had no leaat notlon
what mlght be the price of aoda water.
"Two for a quarter." he haaarded,
wltb bla diaarmlng grln.
Angle choi.ed wlth appreclatlon of
thic exnnlalte aally. "Ain't yon fnn
For the New Year
I/eft over from our Chrlstmas selling are numherx of artielea
KHitahlr for \?\\ X'ear gifts.
On these Wo will make spoc'al pri<.
They cotrsist of odd pieces of fumiture, rugs. plctures, etc.
XX'rite u?* your want*.
Sydnor <? Hundley, Inc,
709-711-713 E. Broad St.. RICHMOND. VA.
Purniture For The Home IKouhful.
Don't Ruin Your Hair
?with poiaonoua pomadcs ? hot irons ?
hot comba and otner harmful hair lotion*.
Original and Only Scicntifir Remnlv
Guaranteed to Straighten the Hair
Make it soft and pliable. easy to comb. glonsy and brautiful
Uaed by the Entire Profesaion
"?rlca, 50c. and SI.OO by mall
nfanu/adurrj only Ay the
Tampa, Fln Dept. 29
to Colnaabla C'hcmlcal COBBpaar, of Newport Newa, V.i.)
xim. itixr-iKxiM nii.\M \mm)\vi, cnuv s\rn
Baaaaaea oi Imitationa and Impoaterv AdvertaBaaj the Good* from
N. arfMMnl N,x\s. Xa., the Old Home ?Ml
<.<??<! Xgenta \\>nt?^l. Uberal t'omiuiaaiona I?aid. Write today.
MRS. J. P. H. COLEMAN. Phar. D.. President-Managcr.
643 Florida Avenue, N. W.. Washington, D. C.
lyong IlLstance Thone, North 32.11>.iii.
"I'm afraid you're rigbt." he con
ced?*d. "Still. 1'd rather you dldn't
tbink so."
"It'a 10 cents. Isn't lt. Mr. Insnoan?"
Josle was offering bim a diuie. He
ted it srltbo*! questlon.
"Thank you very much." said be,
"Good afternoon, ladies."
He was aware of Angle's fluttering
farewells on tbe sidewalk. Josle waa
lingering on the doorstep ln an agony
of untrultied coquetry. He lowered
hla tone for her baaaftt, thereby add
lng new weight to hls bombardment
of ber amateur defenses.
'l:?member you promlsed to call
Her giggles tore his eardruma.
'?Ththank you. I'm sure," abe stam
mered and flcd.
Tbey diaappeared Ile wandered to
the cbalr and threw hlmself limply
lnto 1L "That voice!" he sald stuptd
ly. ""Tbat giggle! I've got to woo and
win tbatl It aervea me rigbt," he con
Tbe most bopeless of humora aa
aalled blm. and be yielded to lt wlth
out a atruggle. Hls attltudt* expreaa
ed hls mood wltb relentless veiity.
Cbln sunken npon hla breast. eyea
falrly dlatllliug gloom. lega atretched
eut careleaaly before hlm. he aat mo
tionleaa. suffocatlng at the bottom
of a gulf of vliscontent. Hla lipa
moved. aometimea nolaelessly, agaln
in whlspera harely audible. i
"Teara of this! A matter of hnman
endurance?no, auperhuman! If lt
waan't for tbe bargaln. 1'd cbuck lt all
and? Well, the only way to forget
your misery la to work. I suppose,"
He pulled hlmself togethcr and
stood up. wonderlng whero be bad
left hls broom. and slmultaneously
stlffened wlth surprise. aware that he
waa not alone. A glsnee. however,
eatablished tbe eonneotion between the
rear door. which stood ajar. and the
young woman wbo stood startng at
hlm ln utterest stupefaetlon.
He was qulek to see the lntelllgen<??
ln Betty Oraham's muttnoua eyes and
the sweet llnes of her niouth, too often
ehnpo'd ln aullen mold. and aa
quiok to reeognlze that ahe would car
ry herself well, wlth spirlt and dignlo.
onca she were relleved of household
toll and moll, once given the chanee
to diaeard ber ahapetooa, b*f*fraa*a**wd
and threndbare gannents for thosa
dalnty and beautlful thlngs for whi.-h
har Ktarved beart must be slck wltb
?d I.ord." be thought. pl'iful.
**lt"s aroraa here than I diaaaaad Oai
Grttham must need a Itaeper, and this
cbild hns beea trylng to be tbat with
nothlng to kaep hlm on."
"Who iire \<>u7" fhe glrl den:I
sullenly ln n ratCQ a little harsh and
ss "What at* yo* doing here?
hTbere s my fatbet
"Mr. Qrabaai haa stopped out on
buslness." Dvncao reptt ? are
hls daughter. 1 belta
"Tea, I'm his daashtar, but"?
"My aatae h Nathaatei Duacaa. Mr
OtBhata baa baea trJad ttrnigh t<> tahe
BM oa as apprenrtce, so t<> spi
Ber atare i ootlnoed, intense, resent
ful, undeviat
i mean you're golng to work
"That's my intentlou. Mlss Graham."
He aodded grai
"What r
"To laara tbt latoeaa."
'?oh bP siie tiuug beraaif a pace
away impaticntly. "I'm not a i
and I don't want to be taiked to like
"I dldn't mean to annoy you"?
"Well. you do. You've got no busl
neas ln a rundown alaea tfha this, you
wlth your tiue clothes and your flne
alrs. You dldn't come here to learn
the drug busiuesa. Vou know as well
aa I do you've g-.t ataBM other motlve."
There was a truth lu that to ating
hlm. He amarted under Ita lash. l.ut
held bls temper in check because he
was aorry for th.- eJrfL "Perhaps
you're rigbt." he coneeded?"perhaps I
have aome other motive, But that's
neltber here nor there. I'm here. and
It ls my present intention to learn tbe
drug buslness lu your father's store."
"1 don't belleve you. Mr. Duncan, or
whatever your name la."
"I'm sorry," he said patiently.
Retty's lips twltcbed eontemptuoualy.
**W'ell, aaylng you do mean to work
-I do.M
"You're making a mlstake." ahe
anapped "Fatber can't pay you noth?
"He'll pay me all I'm worth." rald
Duncan meekly.
8he glared st blm an lnstant longer,
then. mute for lack of a sufficlently
Bcornfu! retort, turned and ran back
op the steps. alamtnlng the door be
hlnd har
(To Be Contlnued.)
?Sttbacribe to The PLANET.
When we *ay Oxtillerv NX hiskey. we
mean ,( We do not Kand!.
puundi and ehrmical mixlurrs li
the good* you buv fiom ua are nol a*
we reprcaent. and better than you
evei boujcht .it th*- pr.cc return tbem
iSl and we will Kl.l l M) your money
? li on | r? ot?
$4.50 I $6.75 ! $3.00 | $5.50
Ejiprru Paid (o any offlce ol Adama
or Soutbern Kiprrw Cumpany
Richmond, FrederlCatsD'g & Potomac R.R.
i aavo uiciitnonii
aJL Hyrd Sl.Sta.
'i.Sll.1 Bjrd Sl.sia.
?'..li A.B. BalaBUMta.
?s.m l.a Htrd su Sla.
?IS.ill noonlljrdSt. Ma.
t4.<K?l' tt |t,r4 St. st,.
P H Maa Matlon.
r.B. Balnst. Ma.
?s.<H)P B Hrrdsi. Si?.
Arrlv,' IMrlminnd
X * It.rdM.Sta.
111.88 A.B. HUaStatiaa.
?Il.l., 4 B II, ,4 Susta.
?1.1* I'.B. BalaSt.Kia.
?i.li r.B. Hjr4si.Ma.
?V.OOP.B Rjr4 St.sta.
MOJli P H BalnSt. ata.
'lg.&enlalu llyrdst.ata.
leate JlTrd Ba, sta. I _M> P. B. fnr I rr4rrlrk?barc.
KSF tJb'.SUk- ;:U) *?? B..S.SO P. B. far A.hlaaa
*rrJ'rBTr*v I 1 r.?m rrrdcrlea.b-ir.
ArriTeKlbaSta.6.30 A.B .6 JUt I'.B. from Aitalaaa.
?Daily. tWeekdiyi. rSundaya only.
All traiaa te or from Byrd Street Statiaa
leacept tiaina leavine- 4.50 a. m aad arririna:
11 50 night | atop at Elba. Time of arrivala an]
departurea not guaraoteed. Kead tha cigua.
N. & W.
Bcbednle ln KflVot Jnaa 11. 1?10.
Leere Byrd Btpeet Statloa. Rieamoad. rOBI
NORrtlLK: M10 A BL, ?8:00 A. BL: .8:08 r.
B.. ?4:10 P BL. b7:08 P. 14
A Bf. ?vraj A. K. b 11:18 Naoa; a 8:00 P. BL.
?8:80 P. 14
Arrive Rirtimnnd from Norfelk?b 11.88 a BL,
a 11:40 A. Bt. *6:60 P. Bt . b 10:86 P. BL. 11:SB
P II From the Weat: t U t K a 1:88 P.
B.. bt:16 P. BL, -8:08 P. Bf . -8:00 P. M.
?Daily. a Daily exnept Buoday. b Baaday aaty
Pullawan. Parloe aad BTeeaina Cara. Oale Dta
in? Cara. O. H. BOBUCT.
W. B BETILL. D. P. a.. Biaaraaad. Ta
O. P. A.. Roaaokx. Ta.
Par Plarlda aad Bootb: 8:18 A, BL aad T:BB
? cr Barlolk: 8:88 a BL, 8:88 r BL aad 8
Por B. aad W. By.. Waat: 0 68 a BL. 11:18
aad 8:88 P. BL
Por Petaeabura: 8:88 A. BL. 11 14. 6*6, 1:88
P. B.. 8 P. B.. 8:88 P. a. T:?B aad 11:01 P. BL
Por Ooldabara aad PayeCtarlUa: "8:88 P. BL
Tralna arrt?e Bl cara aad daily: 8:18, T:88 a
B.. ?8 88 11:48 A. BL. ?18:4* A. BL. "lrBB P.
BL, l:?8, 8:80. BOO aad 8-: 16 P. BL
fia.pt Buada? -BaaJay Oaly.
Tkaa af arrteal aad
a B eABIPBBLL. a. p. a
Southern Ry
V R ?Followlnc acbedule fWruraa pubUabad aa
infnnriatien and aat auaraataaaL
6:18 A. BL Daily. Local for Danville. Oaariataa
DaT ham and Ralrtgh.
10:45 A. a?Daily Limited. Por aB
Snuth. Draw.ng Reaen Duffet 8
?"*r to lletnphle. rta A*he> ,lle aad
8:60 P. M aaa Sunlar. Looal Bar Durbam
intenuatliata etationa
6:08 P U Ka Supday. KeyaviBc LooaL
11 46 P. M.?daily. LiinlWd. for all
Bouth. Pullman raady 6:80 P. BL
4:80 P M?Ex. Bunday. Tto Waat Potat, atav
aectiaa for BalUmora IIou . Wad. k PaL
6:00 A. M p ? u^m..
Wed. aad Pri. Local ta Waat Poiat.
Frr*n I ? V M . dafly;
8:48 A. BL. Kx. Bunday; 11:66 P. BL ta. Buaeaw.
1 P. B. "'
fYran Weat Poiat. 848 A. M.. oaHy; 11:18 M.
B., Wad. aad Prl.; 4: B P. BL. tx Biaaaay
& B Bl'RGEBa, D. P. A..
BI0 Eaat BUitt Street. 'Tbone, Bla.ll?cm 466
C. 8c O
8:06 a /Daily. Paat traiaa be 0%J
4 80 P. (Newport Newa and Norlalk.
7:40 A.?DaUy. Local U Kewpart Bea
JU Paaa
6:00 P. ?Daily. Local to Old
8:00 P. f Daily. Loaayellla
11:68 P. (Pulhaaaa.
6:U P.-Oaily. "Bt. L^ria-Calaa?a
aad Ctacli
12:88 K?Weak daya to Hiatac.
aaeciaL'* Partar Cara.
? M a-Oally. Caarlotfaartlia. Waek
ttHtoa PawKa
818 P.?Waafc daya. Lacal Ba Oa
11 :U a-Oalky. L'buaa LavBaartoa. a
6:16 P.-BaOy. Ta I
m a bl. raa p. bl
TbrtMafb trota Baat?41JB a BL. 6a? P.
local Bram Waat?tM a BL. 848 a
7:88 P. BL
Taroucb? 7:66 a BL. 1 48 P. BL
Jaraaa BMrar Uaa ? 86 a BL. 6188 P. M
Tonr aubacrlpekBB aa Tba rtaaJaWI
la dua. Harw yow paid BTT at aaa, waai

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