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?gn??a?ea ?i- a ?a
t'ublixhad K\crv Saturday by John Mitehell, Jr.,
at HIV North Fourth Street, Itichinoiui, Va.
\ 11 caiamunicationx inlemloil for |>i^hHcutioti
shouUV bo sent to roach us b.v Wo Inonlay
Koto rod" ui the l'ost Olllce at Kichinon<l, VttKini.t
as socoiut class maUor.
One Year $ 2 0 >
Six Months 1 10
Throe Months 0?
Koroitfii subscriptions 2.flu
Saving money is a habit, wo all
should cultivate.
Some people are so crooked that they
caun,ot ovou walk stvulglit.
U i ??. . -i?8-J.J? ?t
Somo people like to go up a hill uu 1
itjnio others like to go down.
1 1
This world is all right. It is the people
who live in it, who arc alt wrong.
SwiUo people rather owe you two dollars
than to pay you twenty-five cents.
Hardworrlc agrees with some people
and no work agrees with some others.
? - J.
T>? J 1-_ 1-1!.-. .1
jhu.u sliuuis usiuiiiy uiuiciu.:: me sec tlon
o? tbo city in which colon--! folks
Some people marry for fashion uu<t
:proceed to get n divorce for the same
. reason.
Equality of right carries with it,
equality of responsibility. Do not forgot
?11 if
V The same conditions, which existed
during the days of Jesus Christ and
Ills apostles exist now.
Do right, colored folks. The straight
road leads to Heaven. The crooked
road leads to the other place.
Fine caskets are expensive, hut they
are mighty satisfying to those we
leave behind.
I ndertnkers do not fully rcnl'/o the
solemnity and the awfulncss of doatb
jivril they havo to go themselves.
You cannot argue with some people
and you cannot discuss fundamental
truths with some others.
Some people are peculiar. Givinu
them more and doing them favors only
.tend to whet their appetites for more
Yes, you will dio when your t!mo
conies and if you show little sense and
no judgment, your time will come soon
or than you expect.
, I
Good time people may not land them
selves in tho poor-house, but they will
koep their friends that neighborhood
Erecting fine and expensive houses
in delapidntcd neighborhoods Is a gain
for the builder, but a loss to Uio owner.
Tho coal miners have gone on a
strike. High prices bave been in onlei
.and they balk at these high prices com
Lug down.
Children arc tbo life of a homo, even
when the women folks are bringing
sadness and gloom to the other occu4
If you want anything dono promptly J
do it yourself. If you cannot t'c It
promptly, ho satisfied with having it
dono at all at any place and at iny
* . v
Conditions uro improving and the
outlook is that this country will som
bo enjoying substantial prosperity
This life is one of sunshine and
shadows. You may have a good time
today, but look out for trouble tomorrow.
Some people complain during prosperity
and they complain 'lut ng adversity.
Xo matter what happens, they
complain anyhow.
White folks in Texas met recently
' 10 piotesl against lynching. It. begins
to he proven that tiro world move J
and Texans with it.
doing to Heaven is nil right, hut the
way some people "kick" down here, It
is doubtful if they could remain after
tlay get.there.
Some people like to gamble for ttic
fun of it. It rests tho mind, even
(.tough it. depletes the pocket book. It
is largely a matter of habit though.
Professional colored folks should
learn In Kimnnpt >
,-i ?. ? tiaviinisis IH
tilt' same manner that the working
elements are disposed to support I hem.
1 l-? -1?1 I I'E. ?!
The disappointments and bereave
mcnis of tIris life are staggering at
times, but we must press onward dospite
the draw-hacks and tho setbacks.
Some people never like to speak well
of their noighbors. They are happy to
spread unfavorable rumors and to
keep tlie neighborhood in a forment of
gossip. It all comes fromt the raising.
Some people have weak minds and
some pooplo have strong ones. Tho
former usually reach the mad-homo
in ?lue season and the others riueli
the grave-yard when their time comes, j
Some people prefer two hour? work'
in hogging for'n dollar to ono hours
work laboring at some vocation for tlio
sanio amount of money. Laboring for
money is a habit and begging for
money is a habit also.
Some people marry just to get an (
extra name and they then get divorced
in order to get rid of the namo which
they have obtained by that method.
These pecple like a change and they
are always changing.
Some people seem to think that people1
who deny themselves comforts and
save their money for a rainy day
should give it away t.o otlmrs, who aro
shiftless and who never look after
Some white fo.ui arc now opposing
the Ku Klux Klan. Wo expected Uiis
"When thVs organiKation had no more
Negroes upon which to operate, tliey
went after some of their own peop'.o
and there has boe?> a howl over
| Many leaders among (ho colored
people have been disappointed in not
scouring (ho financial help that they
expected from their own people, but
jthey are struggling on with (ho hope
that conditions will change.
Well-nigh every one is complaining
about the lack of satisfactory help.
The people, who are employed these
days seem to glory in finding out exactly
what you want them (o do ami
then not do it.
hp ' ? > |
People, who try to do right are naggrd
almost lo death. People, who kr.o?v
they do wrong have an easier time on
this vdo of the Jordan and are sure of
a ha?der time on the other side oi. (ho
same river. j
Some people do not seem to know
and understand that the "Body returns
to dust and the soul to tho God. who
gave it". This will explain many embarrassing
situations and solve many
embarrassing problems.
.1? Aia.iJL iu.iiiaaj.i_i!X-i!LiJUgr
Colored folks lack confidence 111
each other and no definite way has
heen found to restore thlB confidence.
. On the ether hand thousands of them
(lack confidence in the white folks and
' no definite way has been found to re'
store this confidence either.
v'. J
/K , *
The great reformer, Gandhi, is a
prisoner In India and his isolation luu
Itad absolutely no effect upon his followers,
who bullevo in him. llo is living
at tho oxponso of Great Jlritain,
and allhougli ho may die in solitude,
his cause wiill go marching on.
Bead race newspaper*, colored folks.
They cost move than white ones for
tiro reason that you do not prjpirly
patronize them, but they do yen la-re
good and in due t'.me will aid you in
the struggle of life. Patronico race
newspapers, colored folks.
The Liherian Commission under the
leadership of President King made the
sftmci mistake praeticsed by President
Wilson. The result was promises and
the American Congress is slow in redeeming
those promises. In common
parlance in this country, Tt is called
"passing the buck".. They oven sent
President King and his parly home on
an American warship. This may he the
last of that live million dollar loan,
which this country Is In honor bound
to advance to one of its mos't faithfu)
II'.s Excellency E. I,co Trinklo, Governor
of Virginia spoke to a packed
house recently at the Ebonczer Baptist
Church and he gave sound advice to
the colored people assembled there. His
I words made ?i nrnfmnul IniHvnou'r...
unci stops are underway to havo liir?i
greet his colored follow citizens again,
lie is prov'i.g himself to he a master
of oratory and a statesman of "the first
water". We were in Now York at. tho
time and groalty regretted our inahil
ily to he present, to meet this official,
who recognizes tiro fact that he in
Governor of all the. people.
The people of Virginia made no mistake
when they elevated him to tho
high office whl-ch he now occupies and
the indications are that he will ho
drafted for higher honors.
The death of John IT. Murphy, tho
voteran newspaper publisher at Ual'imoro,
Md., last week removes from
public lifo one of the nblcst and best
i mull, huh country nils ever produced.
' Aided and supported by bis brilliant
sons, ho bus built up a business which
Is a credit to tlio colored peoplo in the
eastern section of the United States.
Wo wero shocked upon passing from
Baltimore to learn that bo was cold in
I death and we gazed upon a form that
has completed its courso and gone to
receive tho roward of tho faithful. The
world is hotter off for his having lived
! in it. Peaco to his ashes, rest for Ills
I Wo have never been able to fully
realize and understand the animus bo
bind tho prosecution of Rtoscoo C. Ar?
bucklo in Sun Francisco and Tex Riclc
! nrd in Now York. The Justification In
law for either prosecution has always
been a puzzlo to us, savo upon the
theory that the same way that colored
folks have been treated, the same way
white folks are being treated now. You
cannot practleo injustice upon colored
folks without ultimately inflicting the
same kind of treatment upon white
' folks as well. To clinrgo Arbuekle with
murder when he was in one of ills
drunken sprees and upon a woman
against whom he had no malice was
ridiculous, just as the prosecution nf
Tex Ricknrd in New York for being in
timate with a street-walker woman.!
who had already been ruined was the'
height of absurdity. If in either ease,;
lie had led to a life of depravity and j
crime an innocent girl, the situation,
would have been different, but to bring
such charges in Parisian New York
was enough to make a marble statue
I Tho. war-liko conditions in Ireland
and in India are now attracting the attention
of the civilized world. Ireland
is now confronted with a civil war almost
as terrible as the one, which li<w
been raging between the Irish and tho
, British. Now, they are "cutting each
others throats" with Great Britain as
an interested observer (Inn she nffYinl
to permit this slaughter at her very
doors? Ulster or northern Ireland is
loyal to the mother country. She must
help the Irish Free Stato in the South
and Ulster in the North,
j This should bring a solution to the
' situation in time, hut it will tako a
long time to curb assassination and to
oliminate murder, when the Irish in
the United States aro permitted to
furnish the money and to pay the
men, who aro successfully stirring up
a rebellion agajnst the present day
condition of affairs. N
| The recent elections held would
socm to iiulicato that the country is
neither ready nor willing to return tho
Democratic Party to power. Its criticism
of existing condition's tends to re
act upon that party for tho reason that
the problems with which tho Republican
managers aro now struggling were
caused by the blunders and mismanage
ment of the Democratic leaders. Still,
\\- v. : - . - VC
thoro will no doubt bo many vacant Ho
publican scuta and substantial reduction
of tlio largo majority now hold by
tho Republicans in tire present Con
Colored people are muoh dissatisfied
and aro threatening reprisals for a
failure to accord the mi substantial
Our aim Iras been to bring order out
of confusion, to bring about a condition
that will preclude the factional
disputes and animosities, which ar:>
now raging between tlie brainiest colored
leaders in this country. Wo lia-1
tho pleasure recently to visit Liberty.
Ilall, expecting to remain a few inln-i
utes, but found out that our time lin l1
boon practically commandcrod for an]
hour or more. These people haw cm-'
braced Garvcyism with a zeal that i3 I
commendable and they are carrying
out his teachings with an energy,
which is phenomenal. Abuse of him <
has tended to intensify this feeling,
just as it has done hi tlio case of all
other loaders since the foundation . of
the world.
We note it in the case of Eugene V.
Debs, whoso incarceration in tlio At
Junta Penitentiary by powers inimical
to bis doctrines and teachings made :
veritable martyr of him and intensified
the love and affection of this class
of people for their truly great leader.
We should live in a tolerant age.
Whilo we do not belong to a certain
plnsk nr Ar^nni'/nHnn #!%!? rki?*rw.
?. Vi0w...?miivu, VII lO V lilOS UI VI ' J
gantznt.'on should bo permitted to pur!
suo its outlined course iu ])eaco. This J
luis been our position with referonoo j
(o this great African movement, led by
the Hon. Marcus Gnrvoy and some ot
(he ablest colored men, known as Negroos
in this country.
It. is indeed humiliating though to
(hose of us. wli-o are affiliated with the
black race that it is necessary to redeem
Africa from tho alleged Caucasian
yoke. As a matter of fact, this can
only bo done by tho Africans them
selves. Civilizing influences and e
bringing of these people to a sense and
realization of their power will do more
to accomplish Ibis result than any
tiling else. As we understand it, the ad
vocntcs of this movement are bringing
tills about in this country and by d!
roct and reflex action tlioy hope to
arouse tho natives to a realizing sense
of their condition.
Tim) *i.~ -
.vim mu conclusion or IIIO
World Wnr, tho civilized world Is to n
large extent helpless,, but as to men
and money. This would luivo been th?
proper timo to effect tho change, but it
cannot he done satisfactorlally unless,
nil parties combine in nn effort to
make Africa truly freo. Tho civilized j
nr.tions have been ruling by the swor-1,
hut tlioy are now favoring sheathing
it in the scabbard. What does the IT,on.'
Marcus Garvey proposo to do? Will he j
adopt the policy of Gandhi in India or ;
will he ndvocato that tho natives riso
in their might and throw off too ylto'
of oppression?
It is needless to say that there are i
thousands, yea millions of Africans, j
who never heard' of a white man, and '
who have never as yet been subjected I
to (ho yoke of oppression. It is an interesting
question. Marcus Garvey
may bo "building hotter than ho
know." Is tho charge in tho United
States Court in New York, the beginning
of a movement to discipline him
and to lessen his influence hero and
in tho other countries of the World? (
Wo Khali see. We are a believer in tho
declaration of a learned writer, when
ho said:
"Who would 1)0 free, himself must
strike the blow!"
The mooring of iho Allied Nation"'
ni Genoiu Italy has been subject of
much comment and the conflicting interests
have clashed many times.. Tho
Frencl\. who are naturally hot-headed,
at first were to participate in tho gathering
but later decided to be represent
ed. Thou onmc the question of admitting
German yaiid Russia. Tho whole
(Hsagreement is ovor money. It seems
that th|e Russian Government under
the late Czar Nicholas borqowod much'
money from Franco, England and some
othor countries. When the revolution '
t .tu uunivuvTiotd iciunuil tu I
nizc theeo obligations and proceeded
V> use all of tibo money in sight to support
tho now regime.
They openly declared that they
would repudffnto the obligations of the
Czar Government, that Is, they woul l
not pay either the principle or tho interest.
This led to acrimonious discussion
and a rofussnl of tho Allies
lo vecognizo Russia. As tho Rus
sian trade is considerable and
tho profits enormous, it was
vory desirable that friendly relations
beftweon that country bo resumed.
Thfen came tlbo Gonoa Economic Conference,
to which tho Russian Government
as organized by Loniino and his
associates wore recognized with tho un
derstanding that that Governmont
would recognize n,s valid' tho debts of
tho Czar Govornmon't. It was evidently
hinted, if not stated that Russia
could thero present her bill against
tho Allios.
<* # "
li^ussia uccopted this condition unci
when itu representatives arrived at
Gonoo, tli-ey astounded tlio world by
presenting a bill for damages against
Franco ntid Great Britain and the other
Allies for Injuries suffered by insur
rccHions financed and fathered by the
Allied countries. This was to bo expect
; e<T, but she also presented a bill for the
.'.oss of territory suffered by the taking
away from her of Bessarabia and other
sections. The amount by far exceed*
' cd the amount of her indebtedness to
Great Britain, France and other allie I
countries. This action has staggered
tho Conference. This was nol all f >r
aire entered into a treaty with Germany.
which Treaty has boon cttmpkl
ed at Genoa and which accords certain
r.'ghts to tHo German Republic,
j Whon France hoard of this, her
representatives refused to go on with
I any meetings ii which tho Germ.in
representatives participated and the
I iiulicat'ions havo lieen that tl>o rcpresontatlves
of both countries will be ev
I eluded from tlio meeting unless this
treaty is abrogated, tha* is nu'lificd It
lis doubtful, even if Germany was w'll
ing so tr do, that Russia would c/msent
,to it. By this movement Germany has
dutstripped her competitors for Russian
trado and thoy are corresponding
ly angry. As Germnny Is expected to
nay reparations to the Allios and Is
! making those deal? in order t/> faciliItato
lier efforts in so doing, it is dilllcult
for the average observer to under
stand Why she should he penalized for
j taking th\s step.
When ihiK economic situation is relieved
at Genoa, there is every indienj
t.ion that commercial interests will he
come normal and that the financial sit
nation of the world will he improved.
Promlier Llc;..l George is t.lio central
figure at Genoa and at the present
time seems to he directing if not controlling
the financial destiny of the
I "
| Washington, D. C., April 17.?Tho^
Howard Univorsity Ijibrury was ro-j
contly presented with a copy of llio
complete Latin and Italian works of;
Dante. The book Is a critical toxt
of the works of Dante and was issued
under the auspices of the Italian'
Dante Socioty of Italy. It is a volume
of nearly one thousand pageson
India paper with a binding of
lioavy board covorod with leathor and
adorned with clasps, the binding j
bolnlg' made to .lm|tatel tlrnt of a
modioval book. The inscription on:
the fly-leaf of the book reads:
"Presented by the Italians of the'
United States of America on tho inl-f
tiutivo of Lulgl CarnovaJo, Chicago, i
Illinois, in commemoration of the1
600,th anniversary of tho death of
Dante, September 14, 1921."
It Is an interesting fact that with
tho openiny of tho Spring Quartor
tho Howard University lias a class
in both tho collcgo and ovoning
sobool studying tho Divine Comedy
of Danto In Italian, and as far as can
bo learned this is tho first time that
this subject has been studied in a
Negro college. .
* 1 ^ !
House Party In Wilson, N. C. j
On Good Friday the MUssea Willie
Ellott, Gwendola Brown, Martha and
Marietta Chiles, Lillian ami Lottie*
Frayser, Grace Knox and Mr. J. D.
Hold, Jr., left for \Vl:;lson, N. C., to i>e
tin* guests at a houso party of Prof. |
and Mrs. J. 1). Ileld and Mr. Harry I.. I
Stamlback. !
Prof. Ilhoid is the Assistant Superintendent
of the ruhlic Schools 01 Wilson :
City and County and also tho father of \
Mr. J. D. ltoid, Jr., of Va, Union Uni-!
Mr. Harry L. Standhack is the efli-'
eicnt cashier of the Cominerd.nl liana
of Wilson. i
Friday night after a sig'ht-secing .
tour of tho city, they were entertaine-l
by Prof, and Mrs. ltoid and Saturday
night by Mr. and Mrs. Levi Jones. Sun
day afternoon the party motored to
Rocky Mount, visiting Mrs. llagans
and Burnetts Pharmacy.
Easier Monday the party motored
to Durham visiting tho North Carolina
Mutual Building, the National
Training School and also Prof, and
Mrs. 'Pearson. On their return from
Durham they stopped in Raleigh visit
ing Shaw University and St. Angustine.
luesuay morning after a most enjoy |
able trip the party loft for lvomo.
Philadelphia, Pa., April 10, 1922.
Mr. A. W. Holmes Supreme Master
of the National Ideal Benefit Society.
Dear Sir?I wish to t>lmnk you and
Supreme and National Pride Lodge No.
23 of Philadelphia and the Supreme
Lodge for tlie amount of $lt)0.00 for
the death claim of Thos. Walker
uiruuKii me Kinnncss or your committee
ICUen B. Taylor and Jeesee B. Toy
1025 Ponn Sreet.,
Cn m<let..
Qualified as Administrator.
This is to certify that I have qualified
in tlio Chancery Court as administrate,,
of the estate of Joseph
N. Myers. All persons who owo the
ostato anything will please seo mo at
No. 2 E. Baker Street, City, and all
porsons who liavo bills against this
estate please present them to me,
properly vorifiod.
. Administrator of the Estate of
Joseph N. Myers, deceased.
By Wm. F. Denny,
Attorney for the Administrator.
~~? /}
L^?^ L. 1 I ' i ? ??, . . , . .... . m | i?M
W?? i w *.",v jrni.\-;u". .-S r.~ r*~ vv- y '"^^^iUmmnSBBBSS^HHl^BSHEBtaBBg
' J9 /S iSS 99
111cigTttes '
HI 111 i?i ?sv
??? imm L^as wxJhJ^'K #k?
m$,; li&M /rrwMShS/f 1
J? Jra ' '
mWoiW '
M sb ]\Y i]f ' <
' 1 (% M
Bhj? ?/jj's Cigarette Save Money
! J^IIPflls Sicily Grfeer Praises
Says her hair Was short, coarse
and nappy before using this
wonderful hair grower.
VOIJ can have soft, silky hair that can be easily dressed.
*- Exelento has made happy thousands of women who had
coarse, nappy hair. It will do the same for you. If your '
hair is brittle and lifeless or if you have dandruff and itching
scalp, try a box of EXELENTO QUININE POMADE.
For tale at all drug stores. Price hy mall 25c on receipt of etnmpe or coin.
AGENTS WANTED?Write for Particulars.
Wo mako Kxki.knto Skin BRAUTiriRR. an ointment for dark, sallow skins, UBcd
in treatment of skin troublct.
^ r-JI
. *
Any Child of good health can join. Ages from 30 months <
to 15 years. Matrons wanted to organize new Bands. Special
Joining Fee. For part'culars write,
MRS. ANNA TAYLOR. 120 W. Hill St.. Richmond, Va.
D. J. FARRAR, Contractor & Builder
Office, Room 405, Mechanics Bank Bldg., Phone, Ran. 2637
Residence, 1510 N. First St.?Shop In Rear?Phone Randolph 21C6,
Special Attention Paid to the Taking of Contracts for Building A
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ROBERT C. SCOTT, I'memi Direct?#
> ? + >
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* ?*<>
Whon you can get Fumituro and jSBs&If
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ItookKonper Wnntcl! ! W'K"
bookkbepidr?ntnn cnpabio of Fred Palmer s Laboratories
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concern, located forty milea
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Stoady employment. Addross J, care ^h>iS^^<A%lBkWwKWWfflWWrB
Planet, 311 North Fourth Street,

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