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(Preston News SorVice.)
New York City.. Sept. 22.?It is
amazing will* the audacity with which
Jack Dempscy continues* his game ot
stalling in order to dodge meeting
worthy opponents. The public is rapiu
iy growing tired of tli?s sort of con-,
tluet on tho part of the t.itlo holder
and sport writers in all quarters of
the country and beginning to say so.
11111 IL'Hl 1 V'O Ul IIIU ^t'UVIill tVMIVUUOUO VI
opinion among t'ho fair iniiulcd writers
in tiio lurgc white dailies through
out (lie country Harry J. Boyle, snorting
editor of (lie Pittsburgh Chronicle
Tolegraph has the following to say ui?
dor tho capt,ion of "'Dompsey's Main
Rivals are Mipko and Wills:"
"Prospective exponents for Denipsy
aro Wills, Misko, Orel), Cnrpentier,1
Plrpa, Bronan, Williard, Jack Jolui.son
and Beckett, and according to Fren
Keats, the eastern sharp, thoy rank in
somothing like that order. Tho imm
Dempaey shows tho least dosire to
mcjct is Willii who ranks first. Tho
man Dempscy lias expended the most
energy is chasing after is Brenan, who
ranks down near the bottom of the de
nWlAltr ttrAitlr Hut Tnoo TV^llnf/1 Ulinf lvOF
helpless contender, also comes in for
a great (leal of attention from the
champion as does Firpo, a novice, and
Beckett, worso than a novice. As a mat
ter of fact, Dempsey figures to beat(
them nil, including Wi,ll$, but it rath-j
or strange that ho lias so little to say!
about the men the public would have
him meet, and is so anxious to -tackle
thoso who could not force him to get)
up a good sweat. It is true that Demp j
sey had been forced to talk of a Wills
match a great deal of late, but he has J
match onn crtga etaoin slirdlu cmfwy
never shown any real pleasuro in the'
prospect, even though the fight is like!
ly to net lijm a half million. Foi j
months he tried his hardest to discour,
age talk of that match. Ho threw;
every possible obstacle in ll>e way, at
the same time doing his best to appear
willing. As a last rosort he demanded
a guaranty of $500,000 and the mofney
posted in advance.
Dom>psoy should beat Wills because
the champion is a much bettor boxer,
is a shorter, foster and more accurate)
hitter and can stand up under more
punishment. All Wills lias shown u'
great strength and a wild wallop. lie
is never sure of hitting anything un
til ho gets hold with one hand so that
his victim cannot move out of the way.
As Wills is best of the Negroes, so
Miske is best of the whiles. It would
not bo fair to roast Dempsey for pass
ing up u man he knocked out so es>i,ly
the last timo they met. On the face nf
things Dempsey deserves credit for
loaving the man frcjnu St. Paul alone.
Yet it is a well-known fact that Miske
is the best of tho white contenders. It
nl*o is a fact that toe twice went the
full distance with Dempsiey and that.
Ive was a rick man at tho timo Dempsey
knocked him out. Today Miske is
a far better figlitor than ho wns when
he stood Dempsey off in a 10 and a six
round bout."
Yet Dempsey has announced that ho
is going to Europe to find action. Why
does ho run away from American
shores where fro can got nil the action
he wants. Some arc so hold as to say
that Dempsey knows what ho would ho
taking to great, a chance at looking
the title if he went (into the ring wTit.li'
either Will's or Miskc and therefore ho
does not desire any real American not
ion, especially with Wills or Miske.
DenipBoy and his willy manager, Jack
Kearns arc after the money?Public be
damned?and they are about cocksure
tlmt either Wills or Miske might
land a few wallops and put them out
of the money. So tlhey continue to
llllllt fnr ? ? ?1?
in umur i'j gumer in
the shekels.
The American public is growing: tore<l
of tlijs clap-trnp and dodging tactics
of the money-hounds and will
eventually force the champion to ccfrne
out in the open and fight some worthy
The announcement given out today!
hy the Campaign CommHtteo of the |
? ui 4? irom its National.
ITeadquartors, lf> East -10th street, I
New York City, that New Party Sena-j
atorial Congressional and State tickets
have already been nominated Jin a;
number of the western states as a pre,
liminary to tho 102-1 Presidential olcc
lion, has caused considerable consternation
in Republican and Democratic',
ei rc-les. j
The frank admissions which have
recent Jy appeared lin the "Saturday;
Evening Post." "Tho Nation," and .
many of our metropolitan dailfies to
tho effect that, the voters are ready and
"lger to rally to the support of the ,
New Party movement and that the 1
old prxnties must go, have added to
their discomfiture.
These now tlickets, have., moreover
been unanimously endorsed by tho^
Non-Partisan League and the local,
labor organizations. ?
In Idaho the Now Progressive Party
tickot is headed by Henry F. Samuels
for Governor and W. W. Deal and
Dow Dunning for Congress. In this
state tire/Republican machine whioh is
thoroughly antagonistic to Senator
DoraK recently succeeded in repealing
the primary low and reestablish
Ing the convontion system. It ip frank
ly admitted that under these circumstances
Senator Borah cannot expect
to receive a re-nominalttion, and this
question will bo the crucial issue in
Idaho this year. The Progressive Party
stands squarely for re-establish,lug
tho Primary; the Republican Party
is unalterably opposed to so doing. >
In Nobraska tho New Progressive,
Party In consultation wWh the Non-.
partisan League and I/abor ofrganitza
.xr..;-, (
tions have agreed upon a very strong
slate. Their ticket is headed by R. 13.
IIowoll, (tiro progressive Republican,
who recently won the Republican noin
ination) l'or U. S. Senator; Charles 1'.
Bryan (the victorious candidate to>
Governor in the Democratic Primaries)
for Governor; and T. J. Eilsbury
(who won the Progressive Party Primary
nomination) for Lieut. Governor.
It is expected that this ticket win
' sween tllO S\nto tluit. Mr. Mnwnll will
! undoubtly replace tho present incum
! bant Senator Hitchcock.
| In South Dakota, the Liberal Party
has joined forces with the Non-parti[
san Party wire already havo'a place
on the ballot, and havo nominated a
fuljl tiekot headed by Alice L>orraluo
Daly lor Governor and O. L. Ilasvold,
A. F. Lockhart, and George H. Smith
for Congress. This ticket has also
been endorsed by the Farmer Laboi
Protective Association.
In North Dakota the liberal Pari>
has linked up with the Non-partisan
league and an entire new ticket lia<s
been nomjimted, headed by Lynn .1.
Frazier has just dofoated tho present
incumbent Sonator MoCumbor in tho
Republican Primary and consequently
will run under the 'Republican emblem
i In Wisconsin the Liberal Party lias
| for some time been cooperating with
, the Progressive Association and will
tlirow their entire support behind tlio
I ticket recently nominated, headed by
' Senator Robert M. LaFolJetto, Gover'
nor John J. Bla.ino, and Liieut. Govoinor
George F. Comings.
| The complote list of the candidates
in tlicfo fivo states has been sent out.
broadcast accompanied by a letter addressed
"To Those Iutersted ill Good
Government," which says:
"Theso candidates are* without exception,
of irreproachable character,
and ^tnml nil excollont chance of elec
| The Committeo of 48 has appointed
a Campaign Committee to raise tho
necessary funds to insure tlicitr suc|
ces? and to finance a staff of speakers
to tour these state*?.
I The neccessity of electing to office
men ami women of the calibre repre1
seated by theso nominees will be ap
parent to you.
They are opposed by the reactionary
interests who seem to have unlim
ited money at their disposal.
Nevertheless, a reasonable amount
of out*$de financial support legitimate
ly expended and judljciously applied
with which to supplement the local
contributions m theso particular
states will .insure therir election.
Under these circumstances I have
no hesitation in urging you torcontrlbut
towards this purpose as liberally
as po^iibtle.
Money ?8 being ralse<l not only In
tho states above mentioned but all
through the East, to (insure the election
of those cnadrtdates, and a staff of
speakers have been organized who
will tour these states during the laet
weeks of the campaign.
1 Chairman, Nat. Bureau Information
and Education.
\ 1
AGB OF 121.
j '
i (Preston News Service)
Wichita;, Kans., Sept. 22.?Mrs. Clara
Dawson Fountain, aged 121 years, said
to mh: of the oldest women In tlio
United Statoa (Uod hero last Saturday
night at the home of her grand-daugfiters.
- |
(Preston News Service.)
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 21.?Join.
Nophrin, aged 41 years of Baltimore,,
Md., a porter employed by the Pennsylvania
railroad company, is in the
Allegheny General hospital, authorities
say from .arsenic poisoning Olid
lirpo ntlipp niAit nmnlnvnrv: r?f t.hi>. rnm
puiv w?-ro arrested following tho uncovering
of nn alleged poison plov
early Thursday morning.
The men arrested are: Sandy Wilson,
aged 30 years, chef in the Tl^ilrotul
Commissary department; Rob-,
ert Sugcs aged 31 years of Kentucky
and Walter Williams aged 23 years ot>
F^fsburgli vHtciv at tho commissary.
Pittsburgh, aiwitcrs at. the commissary
The authorities arrcste<l Wilson,
Sugt's and Williams after tlioy sent
Nojphrin to the hospital. Physicians at
tending Noplirin nt the liospittal said
tlicy suspected arsenic .poisoning, but;
thoy could be certain until a fur
ther diagnosis can bo made. IIo is roj
ported resting easier.
According to the chief of detectives j
Wilson, in the presence of Suggs and
Williams made a throat last Tuesday
n.glit to poison Noplirin. Noplirin is re
ported to have eaten at tho cam/mt.>
snry on Wednesday night. Shortly afterwards
lie became violently ill, and
when tho detectives were called to invrc.f
*oro</? l.A ' ' ? -
u? ?,i?iv n*^ !? sKvici tu njtvc toi(i tnem
of the alleged threat to poison him.
The n-restr. followed.
Wilson, Suggs and Williams wore
questioned at longM* following thoir
arrest. Asldo from denying the aocusr.
tion tQiat. they conspired to poison Nophrin
none of the three men would
make a statement, the dot.eotivcs said.
Following a hearting beforo Magistrate
Sulliyan in Central Police Court
on Friday morning, Suggs and Williams
were discharged, wlien it was
shown that t.hey had no connection
with the alleged poisoning of Nophrin
Wilpon was remanded td jail wiitibout
l?;il to await tho result of Nophrln's
ljlne&s.. ? i
Tr/iViiTOitf ?T.Ti7i'i?'.v7niTMiT.jiiiiiiiin<i?'iniiw'ijiiiiwi<.wmi?*i'< ii;r.'..i.i..^.idn?nimiti?>iiii>niiimiiu?
Tlio latest British submarines armed with 12 ihcr guns which c ni
bio of llring torpedoes, undor water and, able to dive completely und oi
r ~ 11
msmsMmmmamm i
^:N.'. r - I, II. V ^
' 1
This passenger train running over tracks near Vickaburg, Miss. |
covered witfh overflow from the Mississippi River, has difficulty in koeping .
un to Hi a tlmn RohArii?l?
, ....j
' ' ' s: '
v / VyCV? \ - " ' 4 \ v v :
. ^
INTEImA4'ICJNA^i, ni Fit^
Clomont do Sardier, noted French aviator, taking off in flirts triplane 5
glider, at tlie recent International (Gliding Meet, licfld at Clermont-Ferrand
Franco, vin which he remained ih the air for 80 seconds. Do Sardior"s (
piano waa tiio only triplane contesting and was a feature of the meet.
Homer Taylor, aged 72, of Greenfield, Mass., who hasn't Tnl89c(i aj 11
National Arcrery Tournament since 1879, ahdt Stuart Knight, aged 13, l;
a Boy Scout, member of Troop No 12, of iRjome, N. Y.?oldest and youngest t
competitors at the 42nd annual meet of the National Archery Association \
held at Cooperetown, N. Y. recently, li
Wnp!W^WI^WM?M?!WMy^ C
ilvtp mm S iMNH
i ho .-ubmergod fully loaded, capa- ' j
* III ft Klirf.'J.Pft n f wnfni^ < ? nr*^..
i <
Gonorrtl Richard Mulcaliy who
lias succeeded to the position of
ConimanderHln-dilef and Is mentioned
as one of the three probable
successors to the nssassihated head t
Ihe Free State, Michael Collins.
A charming gown of iPenikees
Canton Crepe, in midnight blue,
showing hew use of fine cross tucking
ending in aide drape lined with
Jade to match sleeve facings and
carved buckle.
Dr. Alfredo Giminoz, a well known
iharmacist of Porto 'filico, who has
compounded wlhat 'he claims Is a
are for tuberculosis, which ho has
isod successfully for seven years. Ho
3 In Washingtoh, D. C. at prosent
o secure patents for this medicine
srhich is na emulsion, before placing
t before the world*.
Sonator Uoruh'B bill (Sonato No.
(865) proving for a Factfinding
Commission iu tire coal industry pass
*1 tlio Sonato on September 8th ami
as gone to couferonco committee pro
aratory to 11 s introduction into tlio
Tlio history of this bill furnishes an i
nteresting chapter In our legislative,
Ill April immediately after tlioj
triko was callotl The Committee cf i
S instituted a personal investigation'
if tho coal industry, as a result of.
rliicli a coniploto report with construc,
ivo legislative recommendations wiib
ireparcd and sent out through tho;
ress. j
On Juno 6th, up to which time tlioj
(lministratioa had made no effort to
o.lvo this problem, Tho Committee ofj
8 adtlreased a letter to President j
larding enclosing this roport. and urgj
ng him to r< ommend the necessary
Bgmiattvo action. I
On July 25th the Borah BiJU, which
fas prepared by Tho Cdmmittoo k ?
8 was introduced by Senator Borah
nd referred to tho Committee 011 Edcatton
and Labor. This CommlUeo
of used to report it, and tho Admilnls
ration refused to urge Its passage.
Jut with the cocfporation and help o?
arloua newspaper editors, to whom
considerable thanks are due, The Com
nijttoo of 48 instituted a publicity
r?ivo which finally forced tho bill out
f committee, and it was favorably ro'
orted on August 23rd. (
Certain elements in thte Senate,
purred 011 by tho coal operators, did
heir best to block tho bi|'l, but when
L came to a vote 011 September 8th no
110 could be found who wished to
ote publicly agartnst it), and the bill
,'as passed by acclamation without a
ecord vote. I
The Bill has boon justly designated
s 0110 of tire most imiportant progrcsive
measures ever placed upon qur
tatute books. I
As soon us the bill is passed by tho
louse it will bo necessary for the.;
'resident to appd'nt the five Commis-'
loners. It is essential that the mc;?
'ho nro named for these positions are
hove reproach and are fully coinpe-.
jnt and capabje of performing: the du
os entrusted to them.
It is td he hoped that no one will
otf-tatc to recommend to the Preslout
men and women. who anav/ei
>eso qualifications. It w/lll ho a great
elp to Presidont Harding tf he has
uch ,a a list of names from wh.Vch to
lioose, and The Committee of 48 urn
s every one who cares to malte an\
uggestions (In regard to these appoint
louts to either communicate will*
lie committee, at 15 East 40tli street.
Tew York City, or to send thoii* sugcstlons
direct to Prevsident Harding.
Chairman Nat. Bureau Information
and Education.
dimming M. Ward, of Richmond,
as nominated as Republican candl\te
for congress by the Third dlalfct
congressional convention of tho
opubltcan party in session In the
iditoriuni of Murpliyls hotol this af i
moon. Mr. Ward Is president of the
irginia Tribune Publishing Commy,
which publishes tho Virginia'
rihune, the organ of tho Republican
irty in Virginia.
Prior to the convention It was
iiown that the choice would lie be- i
veen Mr. Ward, Simeon Atkinson,'
id Callom R. Jones, assistant. Unttca
tates district attorney. Mr. Atkinson t
as elected chairman of the conven- j
on and Mr. Jones placed 'Mr. Ward's
line ill nomination.
In nominating Mr. Ward. Mr. Jones'
ated that tho former was in thorough
icord with the principles of the Nor>lk
convention, which decided thr.t
le Republican party in Virginia
lould bo a "white man's party."
? n nmnr nm
h. u. rmut,M
AJ1 Orders Promptly Filled at
Telephone. Halls Rented for
nients. Plenty of Room witl
Large Picnic or IJand Wag
Rales and nothing but F
Carriages, Etc. Keep Cor
eral Supplies. Opc-n
Phonk Madison 577?Man On ]
(residence nj
For fifty years known to the
If your "dealer cannot suppl;
portation charges paid,
Send for BAKE
/describing the
Baker Gun
' " ' '* "* "*.* i* A^S
SBiBHBiaiEBIgiHBw^SHBE^/?v^^5vj5B^L v
Kinky HAIR
r* i I.... .8C*^Jour f>oxct Hair
rcMin? and one boltlc 1 la-ja Cocoanut Quinine
Agents Wanted Wri,e >' ?ur
** raoncy inn k wig plan
Hi-Ja Chemical Company
t" I HIT?
Tliio j/outtff ladu gives all the credit for hci
beautiful hair and complexion to
KXICLb'N'lX) preparations
Be More Beautiful
A wonderful preparation has boon discovercd
that changes fihnrt, conrso hair Into long
lovely troBBC8. It gives tho hair n beautiful
gloaBy ohccn. It puta glowing health into
brlttlo, lifeless hair; Btops dandruff and itchIng
ecalp. Thin marvelous preparation is
It has given thousands tho beautiful long,
soft, nilky, lovely hair which la ono of their
chief attractions. It haa inndc it uossiblo for
you, yournolf, to obtain flno struight hair.
Another tnarvolouo beauty help la EXELENTO
SKIN BEAUTIFIER. a delightful
cream that quickly removes Bkin blemfBhes
and clcaro up in an astonishing manner dark,
buIIow complexions. For mnking tho skin
smooth, velvety and clear, it is unequalled.
If your druggist cannot supply you, ccnd
us 600 in 8tami>B or coin for full sizo packages
of both Pomatfo and Bcautiflcr, or Bond 260
for singlo package. Gain tho nttractlvo
beauty, you Boon con haro, by getting tho
EXELENTO preparations right NOW1
Write for Particular*
confesses to shooting nonunion
Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 16.?Ton men
all of whom, according to tho police,
Imvo made confossions niul nil of ,
whom the authorities say, admit b*5ing
striking Frisco employees, aro un
der arrest, in connection with tho fatal
shooting of Charlog L. L?anler, nonunion
shop employees. It Is cJaim
ed by tho men uudor arrest that thejr
only intended to frighten Lanier anr?
his companion when ambushed.
The alleged confessions,, tho police
declare, reveal tho plot to waylay O.
L. Stevens, non-union Frisco shop foro
man; pulling spikes from tho Frisco ,
tracks near Capevillo and tho slaying
of two Negro employees of tho Roc.-v
Island railroad at. Hulbort, Ark.
T/ASt minute reprieve saves
man from gaiji/oavs.
(Preston Nowh Service.)
xJiriningnam, Ala.. Sept. 21.?
Charles Studemeyer, sentenced to bt?
hanged Thursday morning nt 7 o'clock
was laterally snatched from the Jaws
of death when a commutation of sentence
from Governor Killby reached
the jail about 6:15 Thursday morning.
Shor* Notice by Telegraph or
Meetings and Nice Entertain*
i all Necessary Conveniences.
;ons for Hire at Reasonable
'irstxlass Automobiles and
istantly on Hand Fine FunAll
Day and Night.
Duty All Night?Richmond, Va.
trade as the best for servicc
ER, Price $37.00
y you we will send, transupon
receipt of price.
entire line.
f <.

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