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/ROANOKE. VA.. Juno 12.—Tho
Children’s Day Exorcises were hold
at Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church Sumlay
night. The little children under the
management of their Sunday School
teachers rendered ono of the most
unique programs. At the close of
the program Rev. J-.ernes A. Valentine
was presented by Rev. Hatcher und
lie spoke <in complimentary terms of
the future outlook. He also spoke
of the great work at Kittrell College.
Sunday morning Rev. Valentine
preached a wonderful sermon at Mt.
Zion from it'he subject, “What Doeth
Thou There, El’JJh?” It was a groat
message, well narrated.
The collection last Sabbath was
3136.00. 1
Rev. James A. Valentine. Dean of
Kittrell College. Kfttrell, N. C. spent]
several days last week, the guest of j
Rev. James 8. Hatchpr wife. !
Mr. Robert Coles died at his home
502 Second Street, Sunday afternoon
at 12:30. Funeral services Wed,nes
day afternoon, June 13, at 2 o’clock
from the First Basftist Church. Mr.
Coles was well known and highly
respected for his sterling character.
He wa^ one of Roanoke’s business
jpen for many years, and only' retired
rwfoen his health failed. He leavee a
loving wflfe, one nephew and a host
of friends to mourn their loss. He
was in the drug business with the
late Dr. L D. Burrell and remained
with the Inn unttl its close.' He
bad many friends. W. H. Hughes
bas charge of the funeral.
Menti on waa made In our last is
sue of the return of Mbs Grace Mil
ler from college. K|ttrell was the
school named, but this was an error.
Miller is a student at Wilber
force University. Her parents, Rev.
George P. Miller and wife, attended
the commencement at WJMberforce,
Ohio (this week.
Miss Maggie Dehaven was quite
Undisposed Monday, hut Id much re
lieved at this tbne.
Miss Mary E. White, 1117 Fourth
Street. N. E. arrived home from the
"Fredericksburg, Va. Normal and In
dustrial Institute, where she taught
ft he past session. Misfci White is one
•of Roanoke’s leading lights. Mrs.
’L.. J. White fts very proud of her
daughter, who has proven worthy of
To Whom This May Concern:
I am making inquiry for my niece,
"Miss Josephine Woods* who when
last'd heard from, twelve months ago,
June 6th, was at 1117 Bainbrfdge St.
Philadelphia, Pa. Anyone knowing
of her whereabouts will plea** inform
Mrs. Amanda Ronds, 419 Tenth Ave
nue, N. E., Roanoke, Va.
Mr. Lewis Sims, of Hart Avenue,
the market man of Peach Road,, was
taken qeriously 113 at his place of
business. He is one of our pibneer
business men and a speedy recovery
is hoped for.
Mrs. IGiertrude Hatcher, 115 Sev
enth Avenue sustained a sprained
foot, the result of stepping into a
meter box on Tenth Avenue, while
on a visit to Mrs. Laura Traynham.
She Us much Improved.
Rev. T. Wl Cbtjbon, the Presiding
“Elder of Roanoke District, wa# in the
city Monday and Tuesday on business
* and was the guest of Rerv. James S.
Hatcher. ,
Don’t forget—The Community
Cafe, the home of good eating, has
moved to Its new home, corner, 622
Peach Road and Gafynsboro Avenue.
Give ua your patronage as before.
—Mrs. C. L. Walker, Proprietor.
Many visitors from the city were ir.
Morgan Park on last Sunday. Decorat
ion day and anting the week overlooK
ing this pait of the city and they mar
veiled at the rapid growth of this lit
tle city. Among the visitors were At
torney S. A. T. Watkins and Mrs. Wat
kins; Robt. A. Jackson of the Fratern
al Fress; Mr. and Mrs. Jiteobs. Gentle
man Harvey S. Coffey, Alex Woolridge
and Walter Ferris.
Mrs. I^iu Ella Young 4114 Calumet
Avenue D. G. M. N. G., Eden Grand Dis
trict. Household of Ruth of Illinois.
Wisconsin and jurisdiction lias return
ed from her annual visit to the House
holds in her jurisdiction and reports
that the work is being carried out fine.
Mrs. Ike Rymcs, 111th street ana
Ashland Avenue Morgan Park is visit
ing with relatives and friends in tin*
south for several weeks.
Ralph A. Turner of St. Louis Mo.,
was called to the city during the past
week on important business matters.
Mr. Turner is general manager of the
Missouri Life and Accident Insurance
Co. of St. Louis.
M. T. Railey president the Bailev
Realty Co., 3(138 S. State street is in
big negotiations with other real estate
dealers for the purchase of property
amounting to more than $250,000 anil
if the deal Is closed this season, the
property will he put on the market at
once to the advantage of the Race.
Mr. and Mrs. Day and daughter
Robert Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Mitchell; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ben
ton. Mrs. Mary Young, Gus Rogers
.and his mother formed an automobile
party Decoration Day and motored to
Momcnc, Illinois. TTie party had a
most pleasant trip.
Jas. A. Parker, for four years secre
tary of the Pyramid Building and Loan
Association win speak before a special
meeting of the Morgan Park Building
•*nd I^an Association on Jnn« 12th at
Arnett Chapel. Others will appenr on
the program and will be Introduced
by M. T. Bailey who is well known in
that section
Rev. O. O. Wing preached at the
Bethel A. M. E. church Sunday morn
ing and lfyjv. E. E Robinson filled the
pulpit Sunday night. Both sermons
were filled with meat, so that the
soul could rejoice.
Rev. T. 13. Alston filled his pulpit
at i lie Baptist church Sunday morning
in an able manner. Night services
were suspended.
Read the Planet. Pay for the Planet
Then you can enjoy its contents.
Rev. T. W. Hebron was at Rural R'»
treat Sunday. He preach from Gal, 3-2
I Sunday morning. In the afternoon at
three o’clock the children put on an
Instructive and inspiring program
Addressed by the pastor Rev. Hebron
Collection was good.
At the Franklin St. M. E. church
Miss Elizabeth M. Wilson, the noted
evangelist preached two able sermons
that electrified her large and apprecia
tive audience. Miss Wilson’s work her*
has been a revelation to the commun
lty and its lofty influences have gtfven
us another vision of God’s benefit* to
This revival closed Monday night
and its success was demonstrated from
every angle. There were sixty-eight
m< n and women led out of darkness In
to tl»e marvelous light of God. Thii
ty-eight converts Joined the M. K.
church; twenty-two Joined the Bethel
A. M. E. Church and eight Joined ths
PartiBt church. The nightly collection
amounted to $196.70 for the benefit of
.the dlwirch and the Sunday and Mon
day night collection went to Miss Wil
son the sainted messenger amounted
to $254.31. Miss Wilson was the recipt
ent of many presents among whlcn
was a travelling bag given by the
ma*;j friends at a cost of thirty-se*'©n
del ars And a diamond pin given by
Mrs. C. M. Trinkle (white.) Miss Wil
son actually captivated the citbzens of
Wythevllle regardless of race oi
creed. Miss Wilson’s audiences each
night were appreciative and a third of
which were representative white peo
ple. The town prays for God's most
choice blessings to be visited upon
her. The choir was composed of men.
hers of each church and was fa'ithful
and earnest. Miss Eula Scott as organ
1st did herself and community honor
Her promptness, consistency and devo
tion should be commended. Come
again Miss Wilson our latch string
heogs outside the door.
Prof. R. H. Scott received an invlta
lirn to commencement services of the
College of Dental and Oral Surgery of
N. Y. City to be held at Carnegie Hall.
His son Dr. Wydom S. Scott graduatos
as D. D. S.
Mrs. Etta Sheffey left Saturday
morning for Columbus Ohio, her fu
ture home.
Mrs. Alice Hicks of Treramell, is vis
lting her mother Mrs. Sarah Sheffey
of W. Wytheville.
Lev. Garfield Jenkens moved his
fam’.ly to Bluefield, W. Ya.
Mr. Fred Monroe and Miss Willie
Monroe who have been visiting their
mother,, Mrs. Jennie Monroe have
p'.'iO to their respective fields of labor
< Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stepteau and
g^and-son Master R. A. Hebron return
ed from Gilliam, W. Va.. Saturday
Mr. W. H. Stepteau is much improv
Mr. M. A. Hill of Pocahontas Is via
iting his family.
Mr. Willie Greenlee, Wytheville's
trick bicycle rider, had a bad fall on
Mam street breaking two bones in hi*
right arm.
The boys and men are finding much
pleasure on Hie big lot of the Y. M. C.
Lfcst Sunday was a full day for serv
ice by the boys and men of the work.
I 30 A. M. prayer hour for the work
ers at the building.
1 ne women of the penitentiary had
their heart*: brightened by the very
k.nd words which were said to them
,M' •’dames Branch, Funn, and Cousins.
TiiCi-c ladies aro some of the best
workers of our City and State. 10 A.
M. The cry came, call to see us again.
A '.i.ippy liour for all.
in A. M. the committee found much,
to be done in the City Jail and City
H r. c.
The boys were out in good numbers
4 P. M. to bear President It. I’. Daniel
j who gave them a very timely address.
t The singing was good. Keep at it ooys.
5:30 P. M. a warm meeting for men
at the building. Subject: The Man
Who Wins. A good one and we wore
glad to welcome that stranger. His re
marks were right to the point.
Men be on time Sunday ready for
hard work and the other man.
At the Y. M. C A. 9:30 A. M. n good
time for the workers.
Ail boys are invited to the meeting '
for boys 4 P. M. at the Y. M. C. A.
A great gospel meeting for hoys 4
P. M. at tbe building.
A great gospel meeting by the MlhV>
Class of the Second Baptist church
Sunday School taught by Mr. O. T.;
Walker. The chorus of the 6th M*. j
Zicn Baptist church Usher Board will
sing. 5:30 P. M. at the building. 3rd
and T>edgh streets.
'demember the appeal by tbe Y. M.
C. A. for prayer.
Be on time. 1
Yes, the owners of the Mechanics Savings Bank, representing approximately three hundred
individuals, the depositors, representing about three thousand, not includmg the holders of
Christmas Savings Club Cards, the white and colored people of this city, who are vitally inter
ested in retaining the confidence of the colored people of this community and the good opinion of
the white and colored people of the United States, are waiting.
They all want to know the approximate amount of the assets to re-open the Mechanics
Savings Bank. The amount is stated in the following extract from the decree signed by the able
Judge of the Richmond Chancery Court-, ^ X
.... * 'And it being represented to the Court that the closing of
said bank by the plaintiff was because of the presence in its
assets of obligations of the Bonded Realty Company, Inc*,
amounting to the sum of $83,500>00, which are not secured to
the satisfaction of the plaintiff and it being further repre
sented to the Court that there is a reasonable prospect of the
defendant being able, within a short time, of satisfying the
plaintiff as to said obligations of the Bonded Realty Company,
Inc., and as to the entire solvency of said bank, it is fur
ther ordered that said receivers he authorized and instructed
to report to the Court, at the earliest possible date, togeth
er with a statement of the assets and liabilities of said -
bank, such offers and plans as may be submitted to them by the
defendants, or others on its behalf, with a view of satisfying
the requirements of the plaintiff and effecting a prompt dis
charge of said receivers, and the return of the assets of said
Mechanics* Savings Bank, of Richmond, Va. to its proper
• authorities.**
But how much more is needed? The Receivers assert that they cannot determine this
amount until all the pass-treks of the liters have been turned in and balanced. To meet
this condition the depositors, m meeting assembled, by unanimous vote, decided to share in any
liability in excess of the amount already ascertained. This relieves the situation and enables the
Receivers to strike a balance and submit the same to the Court with such a recommendation as
may, in their judgment be fair to the people whom they represent.
This then will necessarily end the delay as the Receiver* have been unofficially reported to
be in favor of re-opening the Bank and willing to do all in their power to help the colored people
of this community. The issue is plant. Personal feeling and animosities should not figure in this
matter. Let us re-open the Mechanics Savings Bank in order that those depositors who are ur
gently in need of some of their money may be able to get it and those who wish to deposit their
savings may be permitted so to do. The depositors stand pledged uot to make any run on the Bank
Other issues and conditions can be met as they are presented The primary purpose at this
time is to do business again. Let us ascertain the approximate amount of liability, put up the
assets necessary and with the aid and support of the good white people and the self-sacrificing
colored ones, backed by an abiding faith in the Almighty God, let us re-open the Bank.
* Our Sunday School last Sunday was
well attended. We enjoyed ourselves
during the period of scripture quot'.v
, tlon l>y the students of the various
j classes. Some very encouraging re
marks were delivered by Prof. Han
cock of the Va. Union University.
11:30 A. M. we went forth on the
ro:*frum while the organ was playing.
Tl:e invocation was had by Rpv. C. 11.
Jefferson, opening hymn and scripture
by the pastor; prayer by Rev. M. Ful
j lei. Sermon by Rev. Hancock. Our
hearts were lifted to a better sense of
duty; after hearing such a profound
and logical sermon, full of truth an 1
i power. His theme was: God’s Strategy.
» 8:30 P. M. the pastor preached n
powerful sermon.
Services tomorrow as follows:
Preaching 11:30 A. M. and 8 I’. M.
Sunday School 9:80 A. M. B. Y. P. IT. I
every Sunday G:30 P. M., except the!
f.rst Sunday, which is our Commun
ion service. Prayer meetings Wednes
day evenings at 8:30 P. M.
Rev. C. A. Cobbs our pastor will
preach his acceptance sermon tomor
row at the Little Bemel Baptist church
We will leave the Mt. Calvary Bapt
Is Church about 1 P. M. Mr. Herbert
Preston will carry you down there for
fifty cents each, round-trip,
j Uev. G. W. Coleman preached at the
Gravel Hill Baptist church last Sun
day for Rev. W. L. Tuck, who was at
the First Baptist church, Bermuda
1 Hundreds.
i We are hoping to have a grand tlm*
I tomorrow at the New Vine Baptist
chi rch.
Tomorrow morning at Calvary the
pastor will preach on "Paradise” by
; request. Live music by the choir un
der the leadership of Deacon Nathan
, lei Yates.
I We feel very proud as a Sunday
School to have this year in our midst
two graduates, Mr. Clifford Mullen who
has finished the academic course at
the Vn. Union University and Miss E
A. i/ogan a post graduate of the Arm
stiong High School the Assistant Su-1
pcrintendent of the Sunday School
and one of the secretaries of the Rich
mond Baptist Sunday School Union
There was a splendid gathering at
our morning service on last Sunday.
The attendance is increasing each ser
vice and it is evident that larger quar
, tors are needed.
At 3:30 was our regular commun
ion service. This meeting was termed
one of the most rejoicing of the year.
It v'jis full of spirit and religious ferv
or . Five members were added to the
church thru baptism.
A special invitation is extended to
all tlie new members of the church to
attend the prayer services. It is hero
the strengtli is gained to travel the
Christian pilgrimage.
Teachers meeting every Friday
night. Come out.
Sick: Mrs. Lucy Berkeley. Philimen
ia White and Miss Viola Johnson.
■ - - ■■ * —i-m- .sssa
Blood Brotherhood
W. Ia WHITE, r>it<*trjct Organizer,
States of West Virginia and Virginia.
To the Men and Women W|io are
Loyal to the Race—Apply at
Thi s OfWce at Once.
Yours for (the BOtterment/Of the Race,
W. Ij. WHITE, Organizer.
J. S. NOEL, Acting Sec’y.
You can get fine groceries from
Mr. Edward Stewart. 8ee his ad
VIRGINIA—In the Clerk’s Office of
the Circuit Court of the County of
Chesterfield, the 18th Lay of May
1923. ^ '
The object of this suit is to obtain a
divorce from the bond of matrimony,
by tl»e Plaintiff from the Defendant,
on the ground of desertion. And an
affidavit having been made and filed
that the defendant, Joseph Roscmon
is not a resident of the State of Vir
ginia, it is ordered that he appear with
in ten days after due publication of
this order once a week for four succss
sivr weeks in the Richmond Planet, a
newspaper published in the City of
Richmond and do what ,may be neees
sary to protect bis interest herein.
Teste: i
A Copy Teste: Clerk.
J. E. BYRD. f. c.
VIROINIA:—In the Law and Equity
Court of the City of Richmond, the
18th Day of May 1923.
MOLLIE B. BUTTS, Plalntifr
against In Chancery.
JAMES BUTTS, Defendant.
The object of this suit Is to obtain
an absolute divorce from the bond or
matrimony, l»y the plaintiff from the
defendant, on the ground of adultery.
And an affidavit having been made and
filed that the defendant is not a rest,
dent of the State of Virginia,, It Is or
dered ttmt he appear here within ten
days after due publication of this or
der and do what may be necessary to
protect his interests herein.
A Copy,
J. E. BYRD, p. q.
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