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Published Every Saturday by John Mitchell, Jr.
at *11 North Fourth Street, Richmond, Y*
,,i -xxnmuuoatioaj intended for puhj.atioo
lAould be sa^.1 to ranch ui by Wednesday.
Entered at the »*oet Otflce at Richmond,
Virginia, as second class matter.
One Year .. ..$ ic0
•U Mouths . lW
Three Months .
Foreign Subscriptions .**®®
Foreign Ad«etW.« Representative, W. 8.,
KiH Company. 'tearhoni Street, Chicago;
121 Victoria Buildiog. St. Louis, Mo ;
420 Longacre Building, New York.
Our brilliant coutemporary. The
Newport News. Va. Star . iiu
tier the caption of “White People
and Race Papers’* in issue of May
■£€ih says:
“Our friend John Mitchell, Jr. of
the Richmond Planet, says that if
there are any people s* unsophisti
cated as to believe that the white
people do not know what we nay in
our papers they should summon him
to testify t0 the contrary. lCe says
that about tweuty-flve years ago he
wrote an editorial which was con
•strued as a reflertton upon one of
the judges of our State for a decis
ion rendered by him, and that in a
lew days after the publication of his
criticism he was summoned before
the said judge for contempt of his
court. Brother Mitchell did not re- j
cord what the judgment of the court
was, but he does say that he has j
net done it again . ”
The Judge entered au order dis
missing the proceedings after au
attorney had taxed us fifty dollars
for drawing a paper that we could
have written ourselves. 0 yes. a
colored editor is “living in a fool's
paradise’’ so to speak when he
imagines that he can say what he
pleases in the columns of his journal
and that the white folks wont think
enough of it to read it*
' Our observation kas been that no
President. Republican or Democrat,
has been able to resist successfully
the miasma of race prejudice at
Washington, regardless of what his
personal feelings might be upon the
subject,. Theodore Roosevelt yield
ed to it and Woodrow Wilson could
r.ot resist its impetus and now it
seems that Culviu Coolidge, hailing
from the free state of Massachusetts
ia stalled, and bows *to this same
crowning infamy of the American
Republic—'Richmond (Va.) Planet.
“The foregoing is true, at least
far as our life-time is coucerned.
except the fart that President Thom
as Woodrow Wilson PROMPTED in
stead of ‘resisted its impetus’. The
condiiion complained of is going to
•continue until our people learn to
refuse to vote for or to vo’e against
such Pfpsidanls when candidates for
re election
We cordially and enthusiast'ically
commend and recommend this ad
vice from *hc- "sage of race journal
****^’ and one ?tJ the ablest and best
statesmen o? the race iu *his coun
try. We refer *o the Hon. H. C
Smith ot' Cleveland. O. j
iaithroughout ‘he State are do
te-minod *‘o rid the order of this
oligarchy, who like a giant octopus,
are now' hrottling it and sapping its
very life’s blood by burdening it
with excessive and unnecessary high
salaries. Economy and retrench
men and a strict observance of
Pythian laws governing the dis
bursement of our Grand Lodge
funds is our policy and if this
makes us traitors, as we are brand
ed in one of the auricles above re
ferred to, then we are proud to be
such trai’ors.
i Tli© article appearing in the May
26th issue “was born In sin and
shaped in iniquity" and is a false
hood of the whole cloTh. It pur
ports to ^manate from the Tidewater
Past Chancellors' Council and alleg
es that the same was reorganis'd,
when as a matter of fact neither
the president nor secretary knew
anything whatever of the alleged
meeting except by rumor and hear
*“ 1
The report also stales that “the
meeting was largely attended and
enthusiastic”. A majority of those
who attended were merely erstwhile
Py hians (has beens) and some of
tii(. principals taking part in the al
leged reorganization are nqt mem
bers in good standing with their re
spective subordinate lodges. The
few Pvthiuns in good standing who
were present were made up of two
classes, viz: Those who attended
cut of mere curioslry, to see what it
was all about and the others were
sycophantic vassals doing the bid
ding of their overlords. This latter
group tried in vain to prevent t^is
council from adopting the resolu
tions ‘‘hat have been circulated as
herein recited, and forms that hope
less minority that seems to be a
necessary evil of every worthwhile
w»; *
No Mr. Editor, the Pythians of
Virginia are not dissatisfied at the
stand taken by Sirs Puryear, West
and Foreman, nor with the services
re ndered by them in their respective
office^ neither has there been any
reorganization of the Tidew’ater
Council of Past Chancellors, K. of
P., nor w'ill there be any. These
tumblings you hear from the oppo
sition are but echoes of the dying
paroxisms of an exposed and dis
credited oligarchy whose regime of
wanton waste of our Grand Lodge
funds is about to be brought to an
cud and who like an out-pointed
pugilist is reluctant to leave his
errner for fear of the knockout blow
fl at he knows to be surely in wait
ing for him.
In conclusion, Mr. Editor, since
jour paper is fhe official organ of
Pvthianism in Virginia, we are ask
ing tha» you give *‘his article the
same prominence in your columns
tha4 you gave the two to which
this one is a reply.
Respectfully yours) |
Tidewiv er Pas.t Chancellors Coun
. cil Knights of Pythias in regular
i session at Norfolk, Va. May 29
1927. I
F. E. PUR YEAR, President
EUGENIE WEST; Secretary.
.AErs. Cora Epps Hill, Chairman
if the Committee on Education of
the Y. W. C. A., will present lo
' cal talen s in a Sacred Concert at
the Leigh Street Methodist Church,
Sunday, June 12th ait 3:30 P. M.
Tlu concert will be given in con
duce ion with a Pew Rally to raise
he bulunco Of the Girl Reserve Sum
nier Conference Fund.
The Conference will meet at Kings
Mountain. N. C., the historical
grounds for Religious Conferences
ispecially the Young Mens Christ
ian Association. The Richmond Del
egation will participate in Bible
Study, Discussions, Recreation,,
Council Hour Membership Ceremon
ials, which will bring them into
contact with some of the forcmosit
loaders of both races and wifh girls
of their age and thinking. This ex
perience should be a definite part of
each girls ' raining for better wo
Among those who will appear on
the program and those giving their
support to »the Girl Reserves are:
.Mrs. Maria Burke, who will make
the appeal for ithe Fund: Mrs. Eloise
Shelton one of Richmond’s finest
speakers; Mrs. Ella Carter, Mrs.
Kate G. Colson, and Miss Louise
Jackson, whose histronfc ability is
beyond question. Among the mus
ical artists, Coleridge Davis, Miss
Mabel Scotr Mr. Oliver Williams,
Mr. Paul Morton. Dr. Z. G Gilpin,
and a quartetre by Mrs. Emma Bay
lor Mrs. Maggie Johnson and '*he
Misses Blanche and Maria Settles.
Its tiie kind of a program you will
enioy a- the Leigh Street Methodist
Church. •
Gome and Go
with the
to !
July 19,1927
You arc called upon* to keep in
mind the date of the third annual '
Excursion of the Improved Order ,
Shepherds and Daughters, of Beth
lehem to Bayshore. This occasion is
going to afford you not only a day •
of real enjoyment and pleasure but ■
an opportunity to visit and inspect
some of the most prominent and his- ,
torical spots in Virginia. You will
be surprised to know that a few ;
blocks from Bay Shore marks the i
identical spot where John Smith ,
landed three hundred and twenty ;
years ago. Fortress Monroe, the fa- j
mous Hampton Institute, the great- 5
Ship Yard at Newport News the
Langley FlyinK Station and the Na
tional Soldiers Home are all a very
short distance from this famous sum
rner resort. Every one will do well
to visit these various places where
you will be able to gather valuable
historical information.
CEvery where you turn you can
hear som,, one speaking of this Ex
cursion. You cannot afford to miss
V wish to call the attention of,
the Folds promoting *his Excursion
to the fact that Fold reporing
the greatest amount of cash for
. tickets sold on the 7th of June will
b*> presented with the sale of three
tickets by the Grand Secretary
'i Treasurer. A number of Folds are
> competing for the sale of these
i Miss Rogers Gamed
115 Lbs. in 6 Weeks
- My Dear Friends:
j After my attack of Flu I was thin,
rundown and wreak. I had a sallow'
complexion, my cheeks were sunk in
and I was continually troubled with
gas on my stomach, I felt stuffy and
had lost my appetite. I had read
about McCoys’ Cod Liver Oil Com
pound Tablets and decided to give
them a trial. At once, I began to
pick up an appetite my cheeks filled
out and my complexion became
: healthy looking and I gained 15
pounds in six w’eeks and am very
thankful for what McCoy’s Cod Liver
Oil Compound Tablets did for me.
Miss Alberta Rogers, 264 W. Cerro
Gorda St., Decatur). 111.
To take on weight, grow strong
and vigorous; to fill out the hollows
in cheeks and neck, try McCoy’s Cod
Liver Oil Compound Tablets for 30
days. 60 Tablets—60 cents at drug
gists everywhere. If they don’t give
you wonderful help in 30 days, your
druggist is authorized to give you
your money back—you be the judge.
But bo sure and ask for McCoy's
.the original and genuine.
1 \
I The Annual Sermon of the Folds
of the Cil'y of Richmond and Vicin
ity will be preached at the Sixth
Mt. Zion Baptist Church, corner of
St. Jtahn and Duval Ste*. Sunday*.
June &th, at 3:30 o’clock. Every
member of the Order in Richmond
and Vicinity is requested to be pres
ent. The sermon will be preached
by Rev. A. W. Brown the pastor
of the church.
A Grand Street Parade will take
place prior to the beginning of these
exercises. All of the members of the
Uniform Department and male mem
bers of the Order are requested to
nieop. at the Samaritan Hall, Sixth
and Duval Sts. at 2 P. M. This
pi onuses to be one of the biggest
public demonstrations ever wit
nessed in the city of Richmond by
our Order. Be sure to be present.
• All ladies who desire to take a
part in the parade and do not wish
t0 go over the entire route will
meet at the Girls’ Hornet 502 W.
Ciav St. at 2 P. M.
1 The line of march will he as fol
lows: The Band resting on Duval
. Si. facing west formation on Sixth
£t. between Duval and Baker Sts.,
proceeding north on Duval to Fifth,
north on Fifth to Leigh, wes on
Leigh *o St. Janies south on St.
Jalues to Clay, west on Clay to Han
cock, north on Hancock to Leigh, j
oast on Leigh to Munford. north on I
Munford to Baker east on Baker to |
S-. John, south on St,. John to Duval :
to the Sixth Mt. Zion Church. Re- j
turning, north on St. John to Baker j
east on Baker to Fourth, south on
Fourth to Leigh east on Leigh to
Sixth, north on Sixth to Samaritan
We are earnestly urging ‘he offi
cers of the various Folds, *o spare
no pain in getting their entire mem
bersbip out on this day. We are
also requesting that all of the mem
bers of the Uniform Department as
well as the members of the Order
who are expecting to participate in
the parade fo be on time as the pa
rade will move off prompt at 2:45
P. M. The same instruction also re
fers to the ladies who will meet at
the Girls; Hom0. We expect to have
on hand at the Samaritan Hall and
the Girls Home, a supply of regalia.
ROANOKE, VA.,. June 1—Mr
William Shaffer of West Virginia
died here. Pfis remains were carried
to Goode. Va. Miss Man,’ Hairston
is improved. Prof M. Traynham
has gone to Harmony, Va. He at
tended Decoration exesrcises there
Mrs. Maggie Morton is improved.
Rev. W. R . Howerton delivered
a powerful sermon last Sunday. Mrs.
Nannie Hewitt is Improved. Mrs.
Rosa Preston has been indisposed.
Mrs. Frances Sawyer is indisposed.
The little daughter of Mrs. Hallie
Edmonds is ill at Burrell Memorial
Hospital. '
Buv The Planet regularly. Try
SMinfleld’s remedies for your many
ailments. You are sure of satisfac
tion. Call at 153 Madison Avenue
N. W. and be happy.
Y Write
for this
hair lie this—
as verm by Miss
Mary Logan
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IS it soft, and silky? Will it stay where you put it? Can
you arrange it in the new styles?
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proud of your hair. It will become soft ana easy to arrange
—whether it is short or long.
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Have Beautiful Hair”, showing by description and photo
graphs many new ways of hair-dress. Decide which is the
most becoming for your type of beauty. If he cannot supply
you, wire us direct.
Nelson’s Hair Dressing is sold by druggists everywhere,
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Packed in a metal box, fa a cardboard container.
Ask for it
by name
"Netz) Easy VJaybleeps
Unruly Hair Smooth and Glossy
KOir comes a scientific preparation
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Palmer, developer of the famous Dr.
Fred Palmer Skin Whitencr Prep
arations. This new and marvelous
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Palmer's Pet Hair Gloss, and marks
an advanced step in hair culture by
injecting an entirely new principle
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by the most unruly, the most wiry,
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place for hours and hours after one
PET Hair Gloss is pure and harm
less; does not discolor the hair or
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where you brush it — PET Hair
Gloss is the one scientific preparation
that accomplishes all these desires.
For sale at all drug and toilet goods
counters serving race people.
If your druggist cannot supply you,
sent direct, postpaid, upon receipt of
price, 50c for a large size jar. Ad
dress Dr. Fred Palmer's Laboratories^,
Dept. 703, Atlanta, Ga.
don’t take the
wrong package
When you ask for Dr. Fred Palmer’s Skin Whitener Prepa
rations—be sure you get them. Don’t let the clerk hand you
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proven their merit and when you buy them, you know you
are getting the best. Insist on Dr. FRED Palmer’s Skin
Whitener Preparations---AND TAKE NO SUBSTI
Get Dr. FRED Palmer'* Skin Whitener
Preparation* from your druggist.
it for and get Dr. Fired. Palmer's
Dr. Fred Palmer** Laboratories,
Atlanta, Ga. Please send me Name
samples of your preparations. I
am enclosing 4c for postage and ^ _
_ij^TMMnri LinvrappiBg*
i Commercial Signs
s In the Circuit Court of the City
; of Richmond, Friday. May 27th,
ANNA S. GAINES...Plaintiff
JIM GAINES.Defendant
The object of this suit is to obtain
a divorce from the bond of matri
mony by the plaintiff from the de
fendant on 'the ground of wilful de
sertion and abandonment, and an
affidavit, having been made and filed
that tho said defendan is not a res
ident of 'the State of Virginia, and
if hat his last known postoffice ad
dress was Baltimore, Maryland it is
hereby ordered that the said Jim
that the said defendant is not a ree
Gaines appear here within 10 days
af'er due publication of this order
and do what is necessary to protect
Ms imerest in this suit.
A Copy—Teste: •
C. A. MeKFNZIE. p. q. ,
| t
! In the Circuit. Court of the City
of Richmond,' Wednesday. June 1
1927. . j
r gainst
EVELYN G. CLAUSE. .Defendant
objen* of this suit is to obtain
n divorce from the bond of matri
mony by the plaintiff from 4he de
fendant on the ground of wilful de
scr ion and abandonment and an
affidavit having been made and filed
that' lie said defendant is not a res- i
ident of the State of Virginia, and
tl:a* her last known post office ad- l
e was No. 2:148 Seventh Avenue
New York City. N. Y., it is hereby i
ordered that the said Evelyn G. |
House appear here within 1ft days
p ier due publication of this order
and do what is necessary to protect
her interest in this suit.
A Copy Teste:
C. A. McKENZIE, p. q.
In the Law and Equity Court of
the City of Richmond, the 29th
day of April. 1927.
against In Chancery
RACHEL B. CRUMP. .. .Defendant
The object of this suit is to obtain
an absolute divorce from the bond
of matrimony by the plaintiff from
the defendant, on the ground of de
sertion for more than three years.
And an affidavit having been made
ard filed that the defendant is not
n rnsident of the State of Virginia,
it is ordered thaf she appear here
within ten days after due publication
of thla order and do what may be
necessary- to protect her Interest In
this suit.
A Copy,
Teste: LUTHER LIBBY, Clerk
by E. M. EDWARDS, D. C.
J. E. BYRD, p. q.,
In the Law and Equity Court of
the City of Richmond, the 9th
day of May, 1927.
agaiuat In Chancery
The objecf. of this suit is to obtain
an absolute divorce from the bond
of matrimony by the plaintiff from
‘he defendant, upon the ground of
wilful desertion and aibandonment
for three years and more.
And an affidavit having been made
and filed that the defendant, George
Carrington is not a resident of tho
State of Virginia, it Is ordered that
said George Carrington appear here
within ten days after the due pub
lication of this order and do what
may be necessary to protect his in
terest in this suit.
A Copy,
Teste: LUTHER LIBBY, Clerk
by E. M. EDWARDS, D.C.
(Maip street Station)
Published as Information and not
Arrival and Departure of Trains
,, Daily, unless otherwise shown.
♦Daily except Sunday ••Sunday only
Leave for Arrive from
7:00 am..Charlottesville...7:00 pm
7 ;00 am. .Clifton Forge ..
9:00 am..Norf. & O. Point 6:35 pm
9:30 am..James River L...4:06 pm
l:o0 pin. Norf. & O. Point 2:43 pm
1:45 pm..Clnti-Louvl Chgo. ,7:30 am
4:15 pm..Norf. & 0, Point i 1 r«33 am
•5;15 pm..Lynchburg....♦8:40 am
•5:15 pm. .Charlottesville. .*8:30 am
Clifton Forge.. ..IB:40 pa
6:00 pm..N.N. & O. Pt Lo..9:C0 am
7:00 pm..Cincin, & West..4:00 pm
11:15 pm..Cincin and Louvl ....
117:28 am..Washington and beyond..1(9:68 pm
(Broad Street Station, except where
i otherwise indicated)
Leave for Arrive from
4:00 am..Washington and beyond.8:58 am
M4.-23 ain..Washington and beyond.. 1(12:07 pm
| 8:50 am..North (no coaches).9:20 pm
| *7:10 am..Ashland Local .*8:2» am
j 8:30 am. .Washington Local .11.80 am
10:28 am..Washington and beyond.8:28 pm
12:01 pm. .Washington and beyond.8:08 pta
> Ml:02 pm..North (no coaches).1(6:15 pm
; *2:00 pm..Washington Local .9:68 pa
3:30 pm..Washington and beyond.1:00 pm
**4:25 pm..Washington Local .
*4:88 pm..Fredericksburg Local .*8:10 am
M6:3S pm..Washington and beyond..Mil:§7 pa
*6:85 pm..Ashland Local .*6:10 pm
j 8:28 pm..Washington and bero-nd....12:60 am
M Main Street Station.
•Dally except Sunday. ••Sunday onlf
i - -■ --
i _
(Broad Street Station)
Leave for Arrive from
9:00 am..Norfolk .7:00 pm
9 am. .Cincin’ati & Columbus 7 pm
2:30 pm..Roanoke .2:10 pm
3:15 pm..Norfolk.11:33 am
5:30 pm.. Norfolk Local -.
6:36 pm..Bristol Local ..8:10 am
pm. .da., Mem. N Or. 8:10 pm
....Nor. and Lynch. Local 9:40 pm
r n I.JTTV-'KC (Successor to
V. tr • il/\ i sL-Oj A. Hayes ^Q. Son)
727 N. 2d St., Richmond, Va.
Automobiles Furnished for Funerals, Social Affairs or Short or
l.nn$> Distance Trips—Fine Caskets—Chapel Service Free.
Country Order- Solicited—Prompt and Satisfactory Service
JTipja* Ma li-*.’ij 277ft. Day or Nisht Calls Answered Promptly.
Or*- r t'tfoisi. KA_N. 4»»a 4
W. A. PRICE, Incorporated
Spacious Rooms toi Meeting* and Lntertamment*.
Special Offer
100 single sheets of note paper and
10J envelopes p’dnted on Bond Paper, $1.00
Delivered prepaid-,
100 sheets of paper, double, and
100 envelopes printed on Bond Paper, $ 1.50
Delivered prepaid
Each customer is allowed to send copy not exceeding
3 lines, 2 inches wide. Type to be selected by us. Same
copy to be used on paper as on envelopes. Here Is
your chance. We do all kinds of JOB WORK. Send
all orders to
*311 N. 4th St„ Richmond, Vi.

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