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Word* ux1 Mute by
Healthful Food
and Good Health
To have good
health and well
being the family
must be nour
I ished with clean
) wholesome food.
Pood, therefore.
I receive the best of care and attention
1 to the end that Its full value food
] will be passed on to those who eat It.
\ Some of the most necessary and,
' palatable foods are the most perish
able and require the greatest care in
handling, such aa dairy products,
melons, meats, poultry, fresh Qsb.
berrtes. etc.
Safeguards must be established to
protect such foodstuffs from forma
tion of bacteria, yeasts and moulds
through the changing of tempera
ture In which they are placed. There
should be protection against the lose
or absorption of moisture, or injury
by insects, household pests and an
imal parasites. Spoilage of food in
the home can be greatly lessened If
♦ not entirely eliminated the observ
• ance of the following rules:
) All Kinds of food must be Kept
f clean. Visible dirt must be eliminated
i and protection must be given against
; contamination by Insects and other
carriers of dangerous micro-organ -
I isms. Moat foods should be Kept cool
i and at aa even temperature. Varying
( temperatures will spoil many foods
and moisture—eve® cold moteture—
will have a bad effect on the *•
' Jorlty.
Oare should be taken not to
! promiscuously mix the contents ol
! the Ice bo* or refrigerator. One siloed
>cnkm ta tea same compartment with
aw trotter will flavor the butter and
T wTO taka an the tavtoe^of
j kept oaldaad^eav
ered, and should be used promptly,
especially In warm weather They
should be heatd thoroughly Delore
used again. Dangerous poisons some
times develop in such foods without
making noticeable changes in taste
or smell.
The purpose of the refrigerator is
to save food, not Ice. real economy
consists in keeping the ice box wellj
filled with tee and putting only euch
foods in It as require cold. Electrlo
refrigerators furnish a dry cold at ant
even temperature and do not Impart
the dampness to the contents as do
ice boxes.
Milk, fresh meat, poultry and fish
as well as many varieties of veget
ables and fruits should be kept at
46 degrees Fahrenheit or lees; pre-t .
ferably less in order to check the
growth of micro-organisms that
cause souring or decay.
(made to electric refrigerator*)
Maple Par fait
i pauad maple eager
i 1 cap water
j Cook the sugar and water together
i the ajrrup rednee* to 8-4 cap.
1 teaspoon gelatin*
2 tableapooa* cold water
1 cap rieb milk /
2 egg polk*
1-8 teaspoon salt
2 egg white*
1 enp cream
1-2 cop shredded pecan not*
Soften the gelatine in the ooid
water. Scald the milk In a double
boiler, pour it over the egg yelks end
salt, ooofc until the mixture thicken*. (
stirring constantly. Add getotisr aad
syrup. OooL Beat Ihs *tflk wbee*a
wh)p the cream end M mam
Bm aurtar4 utth the euta »
refrigerator tpey ier^jte *
'Mandarin's Home in China?
No; Mansion for Chow Pups.
' #,&&&
' w ji .
Nc naughty slaet-eycu Caxn-H.eec i
potentate tahntms this pagoda "he
structure Its coiridors ucvci have
*uunded wit- t..e swish ot “liken
slippers Instead the ncautitul nuiid
us. resplendent in its color scheme
n>f" white and red. shelters a rundre
valuable Chow dogs and c*;e Pre‘
dominant sound vn tne
‘rooms and hallways '•» r'-;e veip
i ron'.r? from aristocratic canine
.tfcrc ..ts
Whrn L R Ztfferet prepared u.
build the Kennels ne borrowed in
(idea trom Flortne ZiegUeld. of Follies
'fame nut instead of “glorifying the
American gliV he decided to acccm
*pllsh k similar (eat *or the Chew
idog Near Columbia. Pa., on the Lin
coin Highway, narrated a ounwiai
patterned closely alter the architec
ture of the canines' nf.uve land
contains offices a perfectly
kitchen where the dogs special rood
!• prepared glass-enclosed Quarters
for displaying pups, even a hospital
Like a tiny nelr to the throne the
do«s are given most tender care
Even the temperature of the tone,
low budding patched with countless
windows must he kept from fluctua
te: Experts on heatmg were called
in and an automatic otl-tmrner
finally installed, after C 0 Williams,
the largest ourner manufacturer in
the world had sized up the situation
A hundred and fifty thousand dollars
is invested in the dogs and the tuild
l,n„ Anci curiously It is a p,uspei-‘
How It's Donr
.. \
beach beauties tli»^ yea. »iav«
turned to flannei awuuuuag iiuu—
Vert Sum. Well Street
r*pk«*# *°
May Be 1928 Thriller?-—.—- — By AUm* r. rm ^
___- ■ "1
American Prosperity Increases <%|*Gr i
Demand for Orchidi
| Mg-FEMMfcLL vto qacmo
HOMESTEAD. Pta —WktompM—
prosperity la America has stimulated
£he demand lor Pm world’s most
(costly 'flower, the oscbML A few yearn
Ago there were tout 800 commercial
■orchid raisers ta Em Untied States.
(Today they exoeed 2.50S. The prec
ious jungle bktsfiorae onoe won fey
[few, today adorn the corsage of many
V wdtaxan whose husband's Income has
kwotlen ta comfortable proportions.
[ “A woman priaee an oeebid as the
[jewel af all flowers. It Is the moet
Ipslgnaat gift,” sa)e Mr. L. A. Pea
jaell, skilled or char diet. "Young Vn
jars seek eechld sprays as the most
tawtoue tokens of the wealth of their
Me**tfcm..but I have known many a
uradEy tan to explain late hours to
Ml wSte with an orchid spray. And
ipe wraaEy suoeeeda. What woman
T “ resist?”
Is the price of an orchid now
. Fennell sold all he could
i the fashionables at the
Boyal Polnciana Hotels
_ around SI per bloom.
* ptmHk asay produce ae many ae 8
Mai Em average Is 3 or 4. He
bn 4400 orchid plants at his place
at Naranja, 8 miles distant. He ha I
hundreds it new varieties developed
by hybridisation, Including an cx;
quhife bbneeuelan hybrid, 8 lnche*
aovotb MB of the most gorgeous "1
1 ill in— Be le endeavoring to produc*
the maximum of blossoms during tb*
height of trie winter season In Pain!
Beedh and Miami.
Mr. Ptennell has been an orchid
power far more than SO years, act
qMrtng fee consummate experience
i—canary to the greatest success. Ufl»
m 4 yean age bis greenhouses weri
ba Kentucky, and he raised orchldg
for the Cincinnati, Chicago, and even
New York markets. Accordingly bg
went to Naranja, about 8 miles North*
west of Homestead, one of the world'j
garden spots, and but 26 miles frorf
and started to produce orchid!
in this section where native varletlei
grow wild. No steam Is required. Thl
orchids are grown ha lathe housed
located in the midst of a woods, and
thus enjoy Jungle conditions, pro4
tec ted from sun and wind.
**Tou can raise almost anything
here, and do well at It. if you ore exj
perieneed and willing to work. BuJ
for me. orchids. 1 love them. 1
happiest when tenrttni
they respond with fee
In the world." _
rBargain Brides j
‘ A $75 0f2lDc
NEW YORK-What does It cost a
girl to marry?
Although night clubs, automobiles,
theatres, and moving pictures have
boosted the high cost of loving more
than 300 per cent since Dad took
Mother buggy rich--- - I P^PP"'1 th^
question. H. Bellas Hess. president of
•the National Bellas Hess Company,
lry.reduced figures prepared cy hi*
, u;*7': i at a meeting to hov
•(hat it’s to cheap +t say "1 do *.o«
day as uvsnty-Ove 4 u:.-. a :o. ^
• Any sweet young thing.” s'. «r.
‘Hess, “can achieve as pretty ;• ■ >n;o
wedding as tmr mother had. u i';uc.u
ceremony with P?>u » and ...ange
blossoms, groom's cake, and a 1 t.ia
rc«T for $75.”
1 ,'”a are the cost? of a $.5 ccre
m any •
Llcc.s?.•,. v “
.. “
Palms (rented) . “
Announcements vpius psl&p) 1'*
Wedding dress. x*
Bridal veil . 3
, White kid ellpp.'.3. 4
White oil': hose . *
E: .dal lingerie .
Good management and caie.ul
,shopping are all that are required ro
,keen a wedding within the same *.5.
,’lMUa of mother’s time.
• . ’

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