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Sets a Steel Trap for the Girl
He Loves
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regard for another.
Dari watched them, wor
shipping Betha from a dis
tance. He saw her face in
the sun, the moon and every
twinkling star. She was re
flected in the brook, the
-'water at the mill-dam, the
moss-covered wheel, the
pansies growing in his
mother’s yard, even in the
clear blue of the summer
skies. On the long lonesome
trail to Maryville, Missouri,
he often saw her in cleared
places where there was noth
ing save sunshine. He was a
youth hopelessly and tragi
cally in love and it’s difficult
to disillusion lovesick youth.
In any case he watched
the lovers, carefully noticed
that it was Dodge who usual
ly appeared first with his
letter, and laid a little plan
of his own.
He bought the biggest and
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After 40
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best steel trap that money
would buy. And he hid it in
the hollow tree.
Then he arose with the
metallic splendor of the
brassy sun and camouflaging
himself in the wild black
berry bushes he watched for
the show he had managed
for his sole entertainment.
He had located himself about
a hundred yards from the
pine, but he felt like a poach
er on sacred love ground.
All was set for the tragedy
—but the best laid plans of
mice and men go astray.
It happened that, on the
morning Cattergood set the
powerful trap, Dodge be
came suddenly ill with fever,
and Betha appeared first at
the postoffice in time to
thrust her arm into the let
ter box before Cattergood,
running in her direction,
could scream out a warning.
The steel sang its sinister
song when the jaws closed
upon the innocent victim’s en
croaching arm. A wild cry
of pain followed, a beating
and a floundering for free
dom. The arm was caught
near the elbow and the girl
held there helpless against
the weather beaten pine, hud
dled in a swoon, the im
prisoned arm holding her up
Cattergood, frightened, j
bent over the motionless form
of the girl he loved. He re
leased her from the trap and
loading her across his big
shoulder started for her
father’s cabin, leaving a crim
son trail in his wake.
When he reached his des
tination the girl was dead.
She had bled to death.
Immediately after this Dari
Cattergood vanished. The
folk residing in the vicinity of
the antiquated pine contend
that the timber is haunted.
Some claim to have seen his
ghost walking through the
woods as though carrying the
invisible body of pretty Betha
Clay. _
_ — --—- -v

Another Weird Amazing
Story By
The Clever and Original
Don’t Miss It!
Lovers of Different Religious Faiths
Have you a puzzling love affair on which you ne'jd friendly ad
vice? Write to Julia Jerwne, care of this newspaper. If you wish a
personal reply please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
A young lady of Manhattan asks a
new sort of question.
My dear Mrs. Jerome:
I have fallen in love with a
Nigerian prince who wishes to
marry me and take me to his
country to live. He tells me quite
frankly that he air ly has one
wife and has had two children
by her but that he no longer
lives with her. although he re
spects her and will never divorce
her. At the same time, he says
he will sign a contract never to
take a third wife. My friends say
it would be a terrible thing for
me to marry him and they also
say that our differen religions
will prevent-our happiness. How
ever, I am sensible and willing to
compromise, and I think he is,
so I believe that it would not be
as bad as they say. Besides. I
love him. Please advise me.
Well, if one looks at it sanely, I
don't believe there is so much dif
ference between a Mohammedan’s
plurality of wives and a Christian’s.
A great many Christian husbands are
supporting ex-wives and children. I
believe, in fact, that your Moham
medan offers you more security—
Mw many Christians today would
sign a contract never to take an
other wife?
I seem to recall that it is the cus
tom in Africa for wives to occupy
adjoining houses. This will keep
your situation from becoming indeli
cate. And at the same time I see no
reason why you should not be the
best of friends with Princess No. 1.
I have often wondered why women
must hate each other because they
ilove and honor the same man.
[ Surely, that shows that they have
tastes and desires in common. When
an African husband stays out at
night, a wife always knows at whose
house he may be found—not so with
an American husband. And as for
the difference in your religions—that
is greatly exaggerated. Mohamme
dans and Christians worship the
same God. Jehovah; they differ as
to the importance of his prophets.
But so do Jews and Christians, who
often marry. _
When pain
Two hours after eating
WHAT many call “indigestion” is very
often nothing but excess acid in the stomach.
The stomach nerves have been over-stim
ulated, and food sours. The corrective is an
alkali, which neutralizes acids instantly.
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Ppr Troubles
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