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The Week’s Sign
of the Zodiac
The Archer
sagg ttarius
4'hc Archer
November 22 to 28th.
Natives of Saggittarius possess a
wealth of attributes, few of which
are faults. They
are usually active,
oiten working un
der the strain of
excitement which
is a mystery to
other people.
They are cheer
ful, enterprising
and, generous.
They are happy
m disposition, nu-i
W “PHENOMENA” porous and witty,
$nd are well liked
» because of their sympathetic natures.
These people are happiest when
employed; they genearlly speak the
‘truth—often on the spur of the mo
ment—and they never stop to con
sider the old adage that “The Truth
Sometimes Hurts.”
People bon. under this influence
are fond of travel. They enjoy life
and are good investors; they will
succeed as lawyers or statesmen.
They possess an appearance of good
health, good features and complex
ion, and they are usually full of
The men of this sign nave me
chanical ability. They arc also good
The women love home life, they
guard their affairs, they are bright
in conversation, and they never har
bor ill will -or bear malice, although
they seldom ever forget an injury.
They are, as a rule, loved by all and
have many admirers among the op
posite sex.
The women make excellent stenog
raphers, milliners, musicians, teach
ers. and saleswomen.
Indications throughout this sign, j
which ends on the 21st of December,
point to better conditions financially!
and especially alter the 28th of this;
month (November).
The fortunate day and date for
those of this sign during the next
seven days is Friday the 28th. This
' will be a good day to sign important
j papers, decide problems, undergo
j physical operations, or start on long
I journeys.
The adverse days are Saturday
and Sunday, November 22nd and 23rd.
These two days are liable to bring
anything from illness to loss of
money, and persons ruled by Jupiter
should be careful that accidents do
not befall them on these two days.
This sign is a Masculine and for
tunate sign.
NOTE: Next week this forecast and
character analysis will be continued,
dealing with Love, Nature. Mar
riage and Children.
•'Phenomena” Man of Mystery and noted
astrologer who conducts “What the Stars
Foretell This Week” In the Illustrated Fea
I ture Section, will give your personal Horo
scope Free—upon receipt of the coupon be
low properly filled out. Write plainly.
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Chicago. III.
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(Give month and clay)
Continued from Page Foui
case I sends ’em to de laundery. Whut
she do?”
Hotshot's voice rose with indigna
tion as he remembered the wrong
aom. _
12 TABLETS 10c
100 TABLETS 60c
When Your Cough
Hangs On, Mix
This at Home
The best cough remedy thut money
could buy, cnu easily be mixed at home.
It saves money and gives you the most
reliable, quick-acting medicine you ever
used. The way it takes hold of stub
born coughs and chest colds, giving
immediate relief, is astonishing.
^ Any druggist can supply you with
| 2^ ounces of Pinex. Pour this into a
' pint bottle, and fill up with plain gran
ulated sugar syrup or strained honey.
1 It’s no trouble at all to mix, and when
you once use it, you will never be with
out it. Keeps perfectly and tastes
good—children really like it.
It is surprising how quickly this
loosens the germ-laden phlegm, and
soothes and heals the iullamed mem
branes. At the same time, part of
the medicine is absorbed into the
blood, where it acts directly on the
bronchial tubes, and helps the system
throw off the whole trouble. Even
those severe coughs which follow cold
epidemics, are promptly ended.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of genuine Norway Pine, con
taining the active agent of creosote, in
i refined, palatable form. Nothing
known in medicine is more helpful in
. cases of severe coughs, chest colds and
Bbronchial troubles.
B Do not accept a substitute for Pinex.
r It is guaranteed to give prompt relief
" or money refunded.
‘ Whut she do? Why, dai woman |
ain’t satisfied but whut she gets her
se’f a candy man and drops my bucks
to him. I cuts up ev’y stitch I give
her, and busted up ev’y stick of fur
niture—an' dat wasn’t paid for, eith
er. Den I busts her in de snoot and
hightails it for de freight yards. An’
dat’s how I come to meet you down
yere. Don’ tell me t»out love, boy.
I knows al erbout it!”
In spite of the little man’s ag
. grieved anger, Carl was forced to
laugh at his recital.
‘‘You had tough luck,” he said sym
‘‘Yeah, an’ dats exactly whut you
gwine have ef you stays yere!” Hot
shot declared uncompromisingly.
‘‘Well, if nothing changes my pres
ent way of thinking, I guess I’m
doomed to stay down here,” Carl said,
not at all unhappily. “I wouldn’t
change places with a king!”
A Letter for Carl
‘‘Says you!” his friend jeered. Then
he sighed deeply. ‘‘You know, Carl,
I raley think you had oughta go back
whar you b’long/ but sense you done
made up yo’ mine to stay here, why
I’se kinder relieved case I’d sho hate
t’ leave my Sal. Boy, dat woman kin
cook plumb out’n dis worl’.”
‘‘Are you sure it’s her cooking?”
Carl teased.
When the men had finished with
the corn Carl rode back up to Colonel
Barre's house. His employer found
him in the barn where he was rub
bing salve on a bruise on one of the
cow's legs. The old man stood watch
ing him for a few minutes, then he
“Letter for you, boy,” he said with
attempted casualness.
Carl took the envelope slowly. He
turned it over in his hands before he
looked at it. He saw in the upper
right hand corner the name of Bigal’s
bank, and he recognized it at once
as a missive from the banker in Chi
He looked up to find Colonel Barre
staring at the envelope as though
he suspected something of its import,
but he witheld any comment.
On his way to Toto, Carl did not
open the letter. From time to time
he took it out and looked at it. He
feared what he would find within it.
Suppose it contained an offer of a
position from the banker? What
would he do? Go to Chicago and a
glowing future—or stay on the plan
tation with Toto, and sink into ob
(Carl now realizes, as never before,
that he must make a decision between
Chicago and a career, or the Lousi
ana plantation and love. He is afraid
to face squarely the real isue. But
next week—see the concluding in
Delicious Recipes
Orange Pumpkin Candy
1 cup cooked and sifted pumpkin
1 cup corn syrup
2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons butter
1 orange, grated rind and juice
1 lemon, grated rind and juice
V\ teaspoon powdered cinnamon
1 cup nut meats finely broken
Put pumpkin, syrup, sugar, butter,
grated rinds and strained juices of
orange and lemon into a saucepan.
Stir over a gentle heat until mixture
forms a hard ball when tested in
cold water, or until it reaches 254 de
grees F. Add cinnamon and nut
meats and pour into greased tins.
When cool, mark into squares.
Grape Conserve
3 pounds grapes
1 pound sugar
1 cup chopped nut meats
Vs pound raisins
Slip the pulp out of the grape
skins. Heat the pulp until the seed
can be removed easily by rubbing
through a colander. Grind the skins
in a food chopper. To each cup of
skins add one-half cup water and boil
gently until skins are tender. To the
tender skins add pulp, sugar and
raisins. Cook until thick and clear.
Add the finely-chopped nut meats.
Cook five minutes more. Pack in
sterilized jars.
Last-Minute Preserving
One more day’s preserving may
mean the difference between enough
ol these goodies to last all winter, and
not quite enough to see you through.
Use fresh unmarred fruit, and liberal
quantities of sugar—a valuable fuel
for winter, that will supply warmth
and energy more promptly than al
most any other food known. Try the
following for your last minute pre
serving. '■
Quince and Apple Marmalade
8 sweet apples
4 quinces
Juice of 2 lemons
Pare, core and slice the fruit. Cook
gently until it is tender, in a very
little water. Measure the fruit, and
add to it the lemon juice and two
thirds as much sugar as there is
fruit. Cook rapidly until the mixture
becomes clear. Turn into clean, hot
glasses. V/hen cold, cover with
— By—
Well Known Author
A Gripping and Intriguing Story of a
Strange South American Cult -
f ■ 1_————■—
FuSSY, fretful .... of course
babies are uncomfortable at teeth
ing time! And mothers are worried
because of the little upsets which
come so suddenly then. But there’s
one sure way to comfort a restless,
teething child. Castoria — made
especially for babies and children!
It’s perfectly harmless, as the
H MW f/'Wwii 15 Fluid Dn Jw
|!!i . [j.iTiiitf.ffii
i| i *
«5 AVNtUWtfrrpjn*’*'"
,. Vf liKthtStourtmrij.gL™,
j | w | ~~ BpS
i Chferfulrtm* feitf***
ffi CK&
! Ij\ r j*Mrjc*arSAKti"’aa
SI U1. a-w*a' v
,' K ££.U* )
Ui" tSS:r* I
2tez.»* /
i(H ricSwWSIn^l,
| §39
formula on the wrapper tells you.
It’s mild in taste and action. Yet
it rights little upsets with a never
failing effectiveness.
That's the beauty of this special
children’s remedy! It may be given
to tiny infants—as often as there
is need. In cases of colic and similar
disturbances, it is invaluable. But
it has every-day uses all mothers
should understand. A coated tongue
calls for a few drops to ward off
constipation; so does any suggestion
of bad breath. Whenever older
children don’t eat well, don't rest
well, or have any little upset, a
more liberal dose of this pure
vegetable preparation is usually all
that's needed. Genuine Castoria has
Chas. II. Fletcher’s signature on the
wrapper. Doctors prescribe it.
They Use
y— ^
Light, hale, hearty, healthy
>kln helped him reach the
close-up reveals even the slightest
blemish. A movie star must keep bis
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jlsss^ —
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