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A Famous Dancer and a Beautiful Chorus ■
Bill Robinson, in center, and his champion tap danccns In “Brown Buddies,” now playing at Liberty Theatre, New York City. This chorus was trained to follow the rhythmical
footwork of tlie 'world's greatest tap dancer/’ as Robinson his been called by the leading critics in America. Recently. “Bojangles” met with an accident when he attempted to
stop a purse-snatchcr. But this barely interfered with his continuing the leading role in “Brown Buddies.” He proved himself a true “hoofer/* But, who couldn’t, with 6uch
_ inspiration as these pretty chorines?
With the season for dinner parties
tit hand, and with Thanksgiving also
staring us in the face, recipes for un
usual dishes that will cause guests
to exclaim with delight are very ap
propriate. Here are two chestnut
dainties. They are high in food
value not only because of the nuts,
cream, eggs, and milk, but also be
> cause sugar, a highly concentrated <
! energy food, is used as a sweetener.
! -
2 cups large Italian chestnuts, boiled,
peeled and mashed
4 tablespoons heavy cream
yolks of 3 eggs
2 teaspoons sugar
Beat egg yolks slightly. Add them
and other ingredients to chestnuts.
►Shape like other croquettes. Dip in.
cracker crumbs, egg yolk and cracker
crumbs again. Fry in deep fat. Drain
on brown paper. Serve with poultry.
Either the large French chestnuts
or the small native kinds can be used
for this tempting soup.
1 quart chestnuts
1 pint white stock
♦ V.*s pints milk «
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons sugar
salt and pepper
Shell and scald the chestnats. Heat
the stock and milk, and thicken with
the butter and flour. Add season
ings. Boil the chestnuts until soft
and put through a potato ricer. Add
to soup. Heat well.
- N
Lemon juice may be substituted
for vinegar in any recipe that call*
for the latter, except pickling. A
small amount of this juice and grated
lemon rind will be found well worth
while in stewing such dried fruit*
as prunes, figs, and peaches.
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fronted him in his bedroom. It was
then that he told her the truth.
“There can never be anything real
serious between us,” he expounded,
with cruel force. "Because, dear, I
am alreadv marriert. awrt T eon’t
get a divorce.”
Molly was stunned. She knew the
If a bad cold is making you feel
feverish, upset, and “achy”—don’t
delay! Take Lax-ana (double
strength) and get overnight re
sults. This amazing prescription
is wonderful. It contains the best
cold medicines known to medical
science together with effective lax
atives; and acts as a tonic and ap
petizer as well as a quick, sure
remedy for colds. Costs less per
dose; does more per dose. Your
money back if it doesn’t help you.
Sold at drug stores everywhere.
Coughs from colds may lead to se
rious trouble. You can stop them
now with Creomulsion, an emulsified
creosote that is pleasant to take.
Creomulsion is a medical discovery
with two-fold action; it soothes and
heals the inflamed membranes and
inhibits germ growth.
Of all known drugs, creosote is rec
ognized by high medical authorities
as one of the greatest healing agen
cies for coughs from colds and bron
chial irritations. Creomulsion con
tains, in addition to creosote, other
healing elements which sooth and
heal the inflamed membranes and
stop the irritation while the creosote
goes on to the stomach, is absorbed
into the blood, attacks the seat of the
trouble ar.d checks the growth of the
Creomulsion is guaranteed satis
factory in the treatment of coughs
front, colds, bronchitis and minor
forms of bronchial irritations, and is
excellent for building up the system
after colds or flu. Money refunded if
not relieved after taking according to
directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.)
truth now. The woman she had1
found in his cottage that night when !
she slipped into the clothes closet,!
was his wife.
“Well,” she demurred, “you have
n’t been fair. Do you think so?”
Hp fcnlri hor frankly tlial lie UlOugUt
he had. She had, he reminded her,
thrown herself at his head. It was
n’t his fault.
“Gawd, I love you,” she moaned.
“Man, I love you with all my heart
and soul. I took your part tonight
when they blamed you for the fight
at home. I’ve done everything pos
sible to help you—I simplv cannot
live without you. You can’t let me
go. I won’t go—”
“You must,” he said sternly.
She began to sob brokenly. “You
can’t drive me out of your life.
You’re the source of all my joy and
happiness. I’ll die without you. '
“You must think,” he itfjbraided
her. “You wished it upon yourself.
I have my reputation to protect.”
Molly didn’t know that he was
trying to save her for her future,
that he really did care for her, but
had been sobered by the fight, and
wishing to stave off, for her benefit
what he saw coming, he had lied
to her. If she had known, this scene
with her could have been avoided.
There was a long glass vase on
the massive table, a red vase of
flowers, almost as thin as a rapier
blade. Heavy glass, it would make a
good weapon.
"Well, you can’t get away with
it,” she stormed. “You can’t. I’ll
do anything before I’ll let the other
woman get you. I’ll even kill you
so I can put flowers on your grave
rather than love you living with an
other woman.”
Then, before he knew what she
was about, she picked up the vase
and brash°d his head open with it.
He fell upon his face and was
Frantic, realizing what she had
done, Molly Cage called her mother.
While the latter was en route to the
author’s cottage, a policeman pass
ing down the tree-lined walk,
heard Molly crying and stopped to
investigate. Thus Molly Cage found
herself in the clutches of the law.
All the above evidence was intro
duced in court. Only because the
writer lived, was this petite colored
girl saved from further torture at
the end of a rope or a prison cell
for life. She was released and fled
to unknown parts. Although the
author has forgiven her, he never
wishes to see her again. He thinks
the affair ended for the best, even
though he was painfully injured
is always ••• 4
Unless you see the name Bayer and the word genuine
on the package as pictured above you can never be sure
that you are taking the genuine Bayer Aspirin tablets that
thousands of physicians prescribe in their daily practice.
The name Bayer means genuine Aspirin. It is your
guarantee of purity—your protection against imitations.
Millions of users have proved that it is safe.
Genuine Bayer Aspirin tablets promptly relieve:
Sore Throat
No harmful after-effects follow its use. It does not depress the heart
Aspirin is the trade-mark of Bayer manufacture of monoaceticacidester of salicylicacid.

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