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Love on Mars & Amazing Story * By John P. Moore
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Continued from Page Seven
breathless way of his, I made another
interesting discovery. Every now
and then he would lower his eyes to
glance at something on the polished
table on which sat our half bottles of
lingo. Further casual observation, and
I discovered still another of these
little stone images — another little
brown woman, nude, sitting cross
legged on a bit of rour' base. To be
sure, my curiosity was deeply aroused.
“You must,” I subsequently com
mented, “have had many wonderful
experiences, Captain Sto.” and he
promptly set his glass down, regard
ing the little image on the table.
Then he smiled and said very soft
“It do be true, Quano Brent,” he
murmured. “Yet, it be only one ad
venture in my life hat do linger!”
And as he said that, I became aware
of a far-away look in his eyes, a
quickening of breathing, a rising
, feeling in hit breast. ...
The next moment he discarded the
lingo, hunched forward in his chair—
and I was getting the story of Ioane!
• * +
Captain Sto. of the Pragian Fed
ration Air forces, now stationed in
that part of the recently conquered
Elsian kingdom called Balo. suddenly
halted his leisurely progress along the
dark, nearly deserted thoroughfare
Mito. Quickly he stopped and
whisked up the thing which had just
then fell clattering at his feet. About
forty—young for a Martian—his
pouchy body attired in the brilliant
red uniform of the unconquerable
kingdom of Pragus. Captain Sto im
mediately gave vent to an astonished
In his hand was a short, glistening
knife—an Elsian knife. Yet. it was
not this that caught the young war
rior's eyes and caused him to peer
quickly upwards towards the tiny
windows of the darkened, apparently
untenanted structure it had obvious
ly been hurled from. It was. the ob
ject tied to its carved handle. . . .An
Elsian knife bearing a Pragian ring!
What did it mean?
“It do be the sign of . . .Ya! The
ring, he be little, the band of a weak
er one—a woman of Pragus!" was his
startling conclusion: “A Pragian
weaker one in distress!"
The lines in his dark face hardened.
The next instant he was stealing his
way silently up a flight of narrow
spiral stone steps, through the stag
nant darkness of an ancient Elsian
structure. Instinctively, he drew his
trusty dart gun. On and on he
climbed. No sound came to him,-no
^oice. Yet he had an exhilarating
feeling that ere lon;v, for the hun
dredth time in an adventurous life,
he would test his skill in combat—
this time, for a weaker one. a woman.
The winding steps lU'&ny enciea |
abruptly after ihe fifth landing. For
a moment he stood there. A stale
odor. Silence Or was it silence? Had
not some sound come to him just
then? Ya! Grimly he crept on be
tween two cold stone walls. Sudden
ly he caught his breath and stopped.
From out of the darkness nearby
had come a rising voice, the deep,
passionate voicp of a man. It was
as if the words were being hissed;
from between gritting teeth, as if
fists were clench
“You do accept now the heart of
Captain Pignoff, Ioane the Beauti
ful," they growled, “—or the thrust
of my trusty blade! Ya! Ya! It do
be one. . . . Two years I do see your
reflection in my flngo: two years I
do dream, do hope. Now the gods
be smile on Captain Pignoff. Ya!—
laone the Man-hater, the infant of
an Elsian mother and Pragian fath
er, take hasty choice . . ."
“Ioane never do! Never, never . .
As the hysterical voice of the woman
rfent the darkness. Sto’s heart sud
denly raced like the engine of a good
ship. Crouching there, an inaudible
gasp escaped him. He hesitated. Was
it possible? Ioane the Man-hater!
Wash leaves carefully and cut them
from the wirv small green stems. The
wiry, green stems, if cut very fine,
may be added to the leaves. Drop
leaves and stems in boiling water for
ten minutes, drain, rinse with cold
water and" nut them on to cook in a
small amount of water. Turn fire
low as soon as the water boils
and gently cook until the stems and
leaves are tender. Thicken the liquor
•vith flour and add a generous amount
o'! butter Season with salt popper
and a das of prprika.
His pulse quickened. Ah! had not'
he, too, existed lately under the spell
of beautiful Ioane the Illusive, the
song bird of the kingdom?
The two voices suddenly rose again,
—a threat and a brave gasp. Sto
saw red. The next instant he hurled
his body forward and it struck some
| thing hard. Uttering the Pragian
war cry, he sprang backwards and
rushed again, while the weaker one
inside screamed and her captor ut
tered the guttural cry of his kind—
On the third rush the composite
door gave way, and as the young
Captain went crashing into the dim
My illuminated, cell-like room, his dart:
gun cracked twice. The powerfully
built little black man silhouetted on
the far wall, attired in the green uni
form of the recently conquered El
sian kingdom, sprang away and the
poisoned darts went cracking into the
stone wall.
At the same time, Ioane, her gar
ments in shreds, let out a cry and
1 rushed for the door, and as she
did so, Sto bore down upon his enemy
like an earthly bull—but too late.
Ya! Ya! Ya!—too late! Already the
enraged Elsian’s hand had darted
into the pocket of his tunic, and the
next second something went thump
ing to the floor.
Sto froze in his tracks and stag
gered. Ioane, at the door, coughed
and groaned, and while the Elsian let
out a devilish cry of satisfaction, Sto
himself half suffocated by the rank
smelling gasses which so suddenly
filled the room, saw her half-nude
body slump to the floor.
The two buck Martians staggered
blindly toward each other, encount
►ered each other with the ferocity of
two-disabled airships! The glories
of battle were not to be theirs. Half
choked, their legs gave way and they,
too, slumped groaning to the floor,
fists clenched; and. soon the three of
them lay prone—what a combination!
—a Pragian Captain, an Elsian cap
tain, and a heavenly creation in un
tamed womanhood, with the hot
blood of two great kingdoms cours
ing through her veias!
■ ■ ■■■ - f
(To Be Continued)
(A True Story From Life)
“For a long time I never was popular.
When I went to a dance, which was sel
dom, I used to sit around and wish some
fellow would ask me to dance. Not many
of them did. 1 could dance pretty good
and I just didn’t see why they gathered N
around other girls but seemed to pass me
by. It worried me and made me very un
happy, so one day I asked one of my best
friends for the reason. She told me frankly that it was because my skin was dark,
coarse and covered with pimples....she said this made me unattractive. She also
told me how to improve my condition quickly and surely.
“I followed my friend’s advice. I went to a drug store and bought a package
of genuine Black and White Ointment and Skin Soap and started using them
that very night. 1 continued the treatment faithfully....and I was encouraged to »
see my dark, pimply skin become clearer, smoother and lighter each time I used
this amazing Black and White skin treatment.
“Now I am the happiest girl on earth. No longer do I sit around home waiting
for popularity. I go to all the dances, lots of men dance with me, and I am one
of the most popular girls in my crowd. I owe this all to Black and White Oint
ment and Skin Soap and to my friend who told me about these wonderful prep
arations. My skin is as smooth as a baby’s, all the bumps and pimples are gone
and my complexion is many, many shades
lighter than my fondest dreams ever hoped.”
First, bathe your skin with the rich, pearly
lather of genuine Black and White Skin
Soap. Then apply genuine Black and White
Ointment according to the directions on the
--is the natural freshness ot
a clean, wholesome »k n.
After the bath, use Genuine
Black and White Body
Sweet—a snow white deodo
rant that overcomes all body
odor*. Keeps you dainty
and sweet. Large tube 25c.
package. Do this regu
larly, and soon your skin
will be clear, smooth, soft
and light..,.the envy and
admiration of all who
i know you.
mmnw iu imwm\mtmi—
Known throughout America
and many foreign countries,
there are more than fifteen
million packages of genuine
Blaokand White Beauty Cre
ations sold each year.Remem
her—there is only one genu
ine Black and White brand.
Never accept a substitute or
something ‘just as good". Go
to vour druggist now and get
a 50c box ot genuine Black
and White Ointment (which
contains three times as much
as the 30c size) and a 25cbar
of genuine Black and White
Skin Soap.

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