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Rorlhweslern Recarder.
REV. GEO. A. BROWN, - - - - Editor.
ORI TR se e s b sA,
Invariably in advance.
REv. D. P. BROwN, )
REV, Wr. A. BRUCE, >Corresponding Editors.
REV. C. H. THOMAS, ) p
Our correspondents will oblige us by having
all matter for publication at the office not later
than the 20th of each month, bearing signature
of author.
No manuscript returned unless stamps are sent
for postage.
agents everywhere to solicit for it, and offers
special inducements to wide-awake and energetic
agents, L LR
Address all news matter to
Room 13, Eveninj Wisconsin Building,
Entered at the post-office at Milwaukee, Wis.,
as second-class matter.
WE can count twenty-one colored
women in our city who have lately
been employed by white families as
domestics, and every one has the
reputation of being superior to the
white servant.
Wern, Jno L. Mitchell got there,
and we hope he will not forget his
duty to the citizens of thisstate, who
fought so nobly for him, and we
would like to remind the senator of
the fact that Milwaukee has a few
eolored boys, who worked hard for
him last fall. The ¢‘sore head” Mr.
Bragg got left, didn’t he ? We are
glad of that, for he was no earthly
Tuar old white man who refused
to hire an intelligent young colored
man in his place of business last
week, has since employed two white
men, and he took as much pains in
doing so, as he did the day we called
on him when he sat down with sor
rowful (?) tones, and told us of how
he fought to free us. This old tale
is such a chestnut. Such a white
man wants to ring somthing new now.
We have no complaint to make
against the action of the white peo
ple in this city until our own men
quit this dirty lackie business of
throwing up everything they know
and a good deal they do not know
about their own people. It seems the
height of the ambition of our Milwau
kee colored men to get down on their
knees to white people and backbite
theirown race. We can never amount
to anything as long as we are such
block-heads. Can you not under
stand that no white man respects a
“dog” that will bring a bone? and
how in the name of God can we
amount to anything when we do not
respect ourselves? "
Tue applications of Misses Theo.
Brewer and Josie B. Bartlett, of Chi
eago. have been favorably received
and promise is given that these ladies
shall be appointed very soon. They
are considered good stenographers,
and aside from that, are very intelli
gent and lady-like. The bringing of
such ladies to our city will be a great
addition to the better class of people.
We have also secured the promise of
one of the largest printing houses in
the city that they will employ one or
more compositors, and we will try
and prevail on Miss Gracie Garnett,
of Chicago, to come to our city, for
she is undoubtedly one of the most
efficient and dignified young women
we have.
Oxe of the greatest reasons that
our people meet with such disasters,
is because we have yet got to learn
to treat one another well. Every
day some one can be heard to say
something detrimental of his fellow
man, and if snch things came from
the lips of honest people, it would
be all right. But they are these
evil pretentious people who do not
intend to strive for anything them
selves, and do all they can to keep
others from succeeding.
The most of our negro journals
never seem to amount to anything
unless they are crowding their col
umns with slurs and criticisms about
some of their race. Watch that man
or set of men who are constantly
trying to harm some one, and you
can find them to be the most hypo
critical wretches on earth. Now, for
God’s sake, let us try and look more
after our own character and reputa
tion, and let others do the same.
Cuier McCraveHry, of the Chicago
police force, has given his consent
for the sister of Kinsella, the drunken
police, who murdered Charles Smith,
to solicit money from the other
officers, to help pay expenses of a
lawyer, when Kinsella’s case comes
up. This looks very bad indeed,
when a white man sees fit to get
drunk and shoot down, without a
cause, a law-abiding Afro-American,
and if he has no means the public
is to help him by giving money to
free him. When that Negro mur
dered a white man not long ago in the
same city, he was thrown in jail and
nothing but justice (?) would save
him, ¢Oh, no, we Northern white
people do not believe in lynching,”
but it is devilish strange that they
cannot be at least just and let the
man who spent all of his earnings
for liquor do the best he can. Why
should a marderer be rewarded?
Bisuor Browx, of the A. M. E.
denomination, is working hard to
have the colored people represented
at the World's Fair, and from the
outlook will be very successful. The
good Bishop, it will be remembered,
is the one who so boldly wrote letters
denouncing the actions of the Repub
lican party, and asking all other
colored men to support Clevelangy
At the time it wasgamusing to hear
of the many hard things that were
being said against this superior old
gentleman, but now it is equally as
amusing to see how some of these
very people are crawling under and
trying to make us believe that they
were always with “Papa.”” The old
gent has got a long head and knows
his business, and whcn he gets
through with his Democratic friends
he will have done as much for his
race as any of the other great Negrocs
have done. Can you see? |
A YEAR OT SO Or ago, it would have
been impossible to convince the white
people that we had any thorough
going business people in Milwaukee,
but as if moved by electricity we all
started at once and as a result we
have a colored lawyer practicing. at
the bar in the person of Mr. W, T.
Green, who holds his own. Nobody
can dare say that Mr. George Mimms
isn't » first-class artist; Mr. Lucien
Palmer with his partner, Mr. W.
Hughes, runs as nice a confectionery
asisin the eity. Messrs. “Al” Smith,
S. B. Bell & Son have two first-class
resturants suitable for any lady or
gentleman. Dr. Dan Coates has as fine
an electric baths as any in the city.
The barber shops and saloons are
numerous, also colored expressmen
and liverys. So it is plainly seen that
we are prospering, and in a short
time our city will be largely inhabited
by respectable colored citizens.
Notice to Our Southern Readers.
When in the southern part of the
United States, we noticed that hundreds
of young colored women, who desired
employment as domestics, could not
secure the same. We also notice that |
up in this nortion of the country and, |
especially, here in Milwaukee, there is |
a great demand for colored servant
girls. Any one desiring to obtain work |
as a domestic, no matter where your
home is, write to us, at this office, and |
we will make for you all arrangements. |
Miss Martha Carter, the popular
club swinger, has been for some time
confined to her home by illness.
Rev. Mrs. Geo. Brown and little
daughter, spent two weeks very pleas
antly in Chicago, with her brother,
Rev. D. P. Brown, and wife.
Mr. Geo. Cash is making great
headway as a real estate man. Noth
ing can beat hustling all the time.
Mrs. J. J. Mills is preparing to
give a grand mask reception some
time in this month.
Mrs. Jessie Clinton is confined to
her home, at 572 East Water Street,
with illness.
Mr. Wm. T. Green gives a glow
ing account of his practice as a
lawyer. Mr. Green deserves the
assistance of all his people.
Mr. Benj. Taylor has been con
fined to his bed with pneumonia, but
we are glad to know he is improv
Rev. Mrs. Robt. Williamson has
returned from Chicago feeling much
refreshed from her visit.
Mr. William Tate, at 208 4th Street:
has opened a large coal and wood
yard and is doing well, with the assis
tance of his father and brother.
Miss Salome Worthington, who
spent such a pleasant time in our
city during Christmas Holidays,
writes a glowing account of her
school work at Cairo, 111. Miss
Worthington will do well any where
you place her. Itisn'tahard matter
for an energetic person to succeed.
Miss Julia McNamee is meeting
with much success in treating ladies
at their home to massage treatment.
A letter from our old friend, S. S.
Scurry, brings good news of his suec
cess as a merchant tailor in Chicago.
Mr. Fred. Muney, who is greatly
missed at the literary for his vast
amount of ability, writes that he is
doing well at school.
Mrs. John Thornton is much better
and her many friends will be pleased
to know that she will be able to be
out soon.
Rev. Robt. Williamson is taking
considerable interest in the RecorpEr
and has proven to be quite a hustler.
WEe received a very nice and com
fortable present from Mrs. S. B. Bell,
in the shape of a little coat and cap
for our baby. Such is always ap
Mrs. H. H. Blana is still confined
to her home, suffering terribly with
spinal trouble.
Rev. D. P. Brown and Mr. L. L.
Burke, of Chicago, wil! spend some
time in our city this month, as the
guests of the REcorpEß.
Rev. Mrs. Wm. A. Bruece, of Evan
ston, 1s expecting to spend a month
in. our city before long, as the guest
of her brother, Mr. Geo. Bruce.
A letter from home informs us that
we will be the recipient of a long
visit from our parents, in March,
Bishop and Mrs. Jno. M. Brown.
Mr. Owen Howell is anticipating a
visit to Kenosha, Wis., where he will
no doubt remain all winter with his
Mr. Jno. Slaughter is dealing
largely in real estate, and has made
some very good bargains. When we
begin to buy property, we will begin
to demand respect.
Mr. Louis Hughes has undoubtedly
one of the cosiest and most com
fortable little homes in the city. His
amiable daughters, Misses Lydia and
Lottie, deserve great credit for the
pride they take in making their par
ents comfortable.
Racine. 55
Our church is now co leted gg
looks as nice as any ch.. 3',
city. We also notice t], ur Cmit
gregation is increasing. ;
Mr. Izeman, father of - Walter
Izeman, has for some tiy,. cen u;.
fined to his home with i]]; . : '
The entertainment i, at the
Baptist Church, Thursd. CPatlay
Was a success. ;
Miss Frankie Mathews, o
girls, was converted in (1, and
joined St. Stephen's A. ). Churel
Miss Mamie Moseby s back 4
glowing account of hLer i, in \r
Mr. Logan Davis and 4., at
tended Lessereta Jones' . .o .
Chicago. They say she : areat
Miss Dora Davis has reti | from
a week’s visit in Chieago.
Too much praise cannot ariven
to Mr. Logan Davis, one of /¢ ..
tees of the A. M. E. Churcl : ; 200 d
work he has been doing tow repair.
ing the church. He not beiy. L len.
ber of the church it show- that he
has an extra amount of r... pride.
The other trustees are working iy
harmony with him, and it i« ;. duty
of christian members to lei ! ey |
helping hand, either by decoy o
couraging words, they have o
dency of good.
- Weunderstand that all repairs done
on the church thus far are ;uid for,
~or the money is on hand to . s,
Rev. Geo. A. Brown has beey cal
ling on our white citizens, to help re
pair our church. They have in 1o iy,
stance refused to contribute towy
fixing up our colored chureh. I
each one give his mite and we vi|
soon have a church building that v
all will be proud of.
Mrs. Della Elbe has been confined
to the house by sickness.
Little Hattie Fite has been ven
sick, but is now much better. g
Mrs. Geo. A. Brown has returued
to her home in Milwaukee after 4
pleasant visit with Racine friends,
“The Black Patti” may give i cou
cert in Racine in the near {lltlll!‘(‘.
' DT
The Misses Bertie and Florenee
Bacon, Miss Nettie Ward and Miss
Frankie Mathews, in eompany witl
Mrs. M. C. Porter, headed a larce
crowd who stormed the house of Rev.
D. P. Brown, on Emerson avenue,
last Friday eveming, with a large
quantity of groceries, etc. Theeven
ing was spent pleasantly by all.
Dr. J. T. Jennifer has been cany
ing alarge revival and had over thiry
converts in his work at Quinu Chapel
Misses Alice and Mabel Berry, of
St. Paul, were the guests of then
aunt, Rev. Mrs. J. T. Jennifer,
Mr. L. L. Burke, the most efficien
stenographer we have in our city, has
opened up a school of stenography«
151 Monroe St. 1
Miss Eugene Griffin, of Duytow
Ohio, has returned home after spend
ing a pleasant time with her sister
Mrs. Chas. Clayton.
Jno. Coleman, Esq., gives a glov
ing account of his laundry work: ¢
is doing well.
The revival that has been carriel
on at St. Stephen’s A. M. k. Churc,
has closed with twelve converts. R
D. P. Brown, pastor, is doing wel
and loved by all.
Bishop Jno. M. Brown, the ])t'mj"
cratic Bishop of the A. M. L. Churel,
is expected in our city shortly.
| The above is the name of aue
| national order, soon to be established
|in this city. It is designed to uull
‘the best efforts of the colord
;people with the whites to promot

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