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Colorado & Southern Railway
Electric Lighted Sleeping and Dining Cars —Well-Ballasted
Roadbed —Block Signals —Stone and Concrete Bridges—
and a service appreciated by the experienced traveler
All trains leave and arrive Union Passenger
Stations, Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo
LEAVE DENVER DAILY 3:50, 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00a. m.
and 12:15, 3:30 ar.d 7:45P.M.
ARRIVE DENVER DAILY 7:00 and 10:00 a. m., and 2:30,
3:25, 5:30, 7:00 P. M.
T. E. FISHER, General Passenger Agent
City Ticket Office
Seventeenth and California Sts. or Union Passenger Station
Denver, Colorado
The Larson Shoe Repairing Shop
Soles Repairing
Guaranteed Jl!l£7 Done While
and all You Wait
w , n All Work
Work ,
1 * wjafi. Guaranteed
by Latest atthemoBt i
Improved Reasonable
Machinery Prices
Work Called for and Delivered
Phone Champa 1635 2203 Welton Street
B. FINE, Prop.
■ ——— —1
■ ■—1 ■ ■■■ ■■ - » ■ 11 ■
Fire Proof Steam Heat
Phone Champa 28SO
Palmer House
T. H. JOHNSON, Prop.
Newly Built and Newly Furnished-Hot and Cold Baths
Short Orders at all Hours Regular Dinner 25c
Headquarters for Traveling and Theatrical People
2130 Arapahoe St. Denver, Colorado
Then if you want to be clean, let us do your washing
Our Prices are Right and our Work by far the Best. We
do all kinds of Finished Work, also Rough Dry. All Shirts
Ironed by Hand. Wagons call everywhere.
mom UADI 1355
2615 Larimer Up-town Office 1849 Champa
Zion Church Each Sunday Evening
Sermons in Pictures by Means of
the Stereopticon
“The Prodigal Son”
“Throw Out the Life Line”
Five Beautiful Views will be Used with
Illustrated Songs
Fern Hall
for rent for all occasions, reasonable
(2711 Welton Street
Large and airy ante-rooms and check rooms
all complete neat and clean, see
2715 Welton Street
Best little show in town. Pictures and Vaudeville
Church News
The stereopticon service last Sunday
evening drew a large congregation.
The parable of "The Good Shepherd"
was rendered in ten magnificent
views, while Sankey’s "Ninety and
Nine" was also illustrated while being
sung by Sister Lillian Jones. The ser
vice was very touching.
Tomorrow night the "Prodigal Son '
will be illustrated by ten views. This
is, perhaps, the best known of the
parables of Jesus and by use of the
stereopticon can be made even more
powerful in its application to life.
“Throw out the Life Line” will be pic
tured in five views. No one should
miss this service.
A meeting of the members of-Zion
is called to take final action in secur
ing title to its new home on Ogden St.,
following iwhlch possession will be
given by the other congregation. Mov
ing day Is now very close at hand.
Every adult member is expected to be
present Wednesday night.
A very beautiful wedding ceremony
at the home of Sister Frances Logan,
2363 Ogden St., last Monday evening,
united Mr. Frank S. Maddison and
Miss Ida Katherine Fitzpatrick. The
pastor officiated.
Sunday school picnic this year at
Dome Rock on Junly 24th. Round trip
$1.25. Don’t forget the date.
There will be a great men’s meeting
at Zion next Tuesday night. The
Men’s Bible Class will close the sea
son’s work with a special programme
for men. Dr. Westbrook will read a
palter from the subject. “Some Things
all Men Should Know.” The subject
will be discussed by Drs. Spratlin.
Jones. DeFrantz and Huff. Every man
is invited and every man in the com
munity should be in this meeting. Ite
freshments will be served, free, after
the programme.
Corner Twenty-third and Lawrenee
Streets. Rev. H. Franklin Bray,
D. D., Paator.
Tomorrow is rally day and every
member is expected to answer to his
name. Rev. A. E. Reynolds of Bethle
hem Baptist church will preacb at the
afternoon service, which will be held
at three o’clock. The ministers of the
city and their congregations will be
with us in this service. Let everybody
help Campbell just a little in this rally
Mr. Jack Turner was added to the
membership last Sunday. He gives
promise of rendering splendid service
to the church.
Mrs. Sarah Caldwell, a moth-r in
Israel, was buried Monday afternoon.
She was a ward of the church ami was
given a nice burial by the church, as
sisted by Zion Baptist church Miss
Cummings, Superintendent of the Dea
coness Settlement of the Methodist
Episcopal church, is deserving or spec
ial mention for the very great interest
she took in caring for Mother Caldwell
and her paralyzed daughter, Mr*. Tol
liver. Mrs. Tolliver, who Is sorely af
flicted, remains to be looked after by
the church and friends. Many mem
bers in Campbell find special pleasure
in ministering unto the afflicted God
bless them.
The pastor and several members
united with Shorter in her rally last
Sunday and enjoyed a fine service and
a wonderful gospel sermon from that
splendid pulpiter Dr. David E. Over.
"I’ve got my fare under the carpet,"
said an old lady last week referring to
the Union excursion which goes to Tol
land over the Moffat road Monday,
July 14th. "I mean to see those thirty
tunnels and stand on the top of the
earth before I go to heaven,” said she
with a cheerful smile. This is ttie only
excursion over this scenic road this
season and the fare is reduced so that
everybody may go. Only sl.7r. with
half fare for children. Adv.
Mrs. Kenneth Daniels is reported as
improving in health since going to
Memphis. Her friends and the church
are rejoiced and pray for her complete
The church is being renovated this
week. You won’t know Campbell to
Rev. P. J. Price, Pastor,
3012 Marion St.
The Centra! Baptist Sunday School,
Acts 7:9-16, "Review.”
A reception war given in honor of
the teachers. Miss Grace Hill, who re
ported a grand session of the Great
Western Association held with the St.
John Baptist Church, Colorado
Springs, Colo.
The Echo meeting was grand at Cen
tral Sunday night. The delegates are
as follows: Bro. J. Mason, Bro. C. B-
Hill, Sis. IvOtta Dickerson, Sis. N. Ty
ler, Mlbs Grace Haii. Mr. J. Mason
was elected State Superintendent of
Sunday school. Mrs. N. Tyler. Presi
dent of Women's State Work.
Officers of the Great Western Asso
ciation are: Revs. J. Harding, Moder
ator, Pueblo; A. E. Reynolds, Vice
Mod., Denver; B. J. Davis, Recording
Clerk, Pueblo; D. E. Over, Cor. Sec..
Denver; P. J. Price, Treasurer, Den
Morning Bermon, Matt. 22:11. Even
ing sermon, Titus 2:lst. B. Y. P. U.
6:30 p. m. Our Nation’s Glories and
Perils. Exod. 19:1-8.
Watch the Men’s Progressive Club,
the President Is a live wire for good.
Rev. R. L. Pope, Paator,
220 23rd 8L
The following order of service will
1 be observed at Shorter Chapel toaOT
’ row:
10:00 a. m. Sunday school. Lea
son: Review —The Victories of Faith,
Acts 7:9-16; Heb. 11:20-22.
11:00 sermon: Without the Camp,
h v the Pastor.
6:45 p. m. Allen Christian Endeavor
league. Topic: Our Nation's Glories
and Perils, Ex. 19:1-8.
8:00 Monthly Sacred Concert. Pro
1 — Processional.
2— Opening Hymn, Coronation.
3 — Invocation, Rev. Dr. Randolph.
4— Scripture Lesson: Ps. XIX.
5 — Trio (female), “Sanctes," Goven
6 — Paper, Mother’s Love, Mrs* Vera
7— Duette, Tarry With Me, Oh My
Savior, Messrs. Harrison Miller and
Oscar Smith.
8— Paper, “Woman, Who Art Thou?"
Miss Nelsine Howard.
9 — Instrumental Duette, “Le Juip Er
rant," Frideric Burg Muller, Mesdames
O’Bryant and Starks.
10 — General Impression of Woman’s
State Federation, Mrs. L. Froman.
11 — Anthem, "The Divine Lullaby,"
Parker, Choir.
12 — Offertory, Benediction and Reces
At the morning service last Sunday, 1
Shorter welcomed into her communion
an entire family. Those to join were
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ellison, H. C. Elli
son, Jr., of Memphis, Tenn., and Mrs.
Fannie White of Birmingham, Ala.
Our membership rallied nobly last
Sabbath, two clubs reporting $76.00
each and several others $30.00 each.
Thirty-two clubs were given till tomor
row evening to round out their report,
when the campaign closes. Full an
nouncement of returns will then be
Revs. Over. Bray and Reynolds were
on hand at the afternoon service and
contributed of their talent, influence
and means to its success, and Rev. A.
Wayman Ward and Dr. S. A. Randolph
assisted the pastor at the evening
Rev. Dr. Julian C. Caldwell, General
Secretary of the Allen Christian En
deavor league, with headquarters at
Nashville, Tenn.. will arrive in the city
Friday of next week and will fill the
pulpit at Shorter Sunday, July 6th.
Miss J. S. Pope, daughter of Rev.
and Mrs. Pope, after having closed her
school in Alabama, arrived in the city
last week and will spend the summer
at home with her parents. She will
return South in September to resume
her work as teacher.
A rare treat is promised our Sunday
evening congregation. The sacred
concert will be one of the best yet
rendered. Three of the numbers were
rendered at the recent session of the
Federation held in Cheyenne. Wyo..
and excited most flattering comment.
These numbers will be given tomorrow
evening in answer to an urgent and
general demand by the public.
Keep off Tuesday evening. July
.28th. Shorter’s Usher Club will hold
the center of the stage on the evening ’
of this date. Adv.
Shorter’s Teacher Normal class will j
hold its closing exercise Wednesday '
evening. July 2nd. Mrs. Jean F. Webb,
Superintendent of the Teacher Nor
mal Department Colo. S. S. Associa- !
tion, will deliver the principal address. !
The Peoples’ Presbyterian
23rd Ave. and Washington St 1
Sunday, June 29, 1913 ,
11 a. m. —“Christ's Philosophy
of Life.”
5:30 p.m.— “Confirmation Ser
vices.” '
The Rev. A. W. Ward, theological
student of Wilberfore University, will
preach at 11 o’clock. Mr. Ward has
a bright future before him. We be
speak for him the attendance of the
The sacrament of baptism will be
administered at the evening services.
Immediately after which candidates
for membership will be confirmed.
Beginning last Wednesday night the
Book of Psalms Is being studied as a
part of our devotional and song serv
ices for the mid-week hour. Every
student of the Word Is urged to con
cern himself with these studies.
The third Sunday of July being the
20th, the Diaconate Board will ask a
special contribution of 13.00 from
every member of the church. The
proceeds of which are to supplement
the amount on hand from ihe Old
Folks' Concert of last March to meet
our payments of |200 to the Board of
Church Erection in New York City.
The balance from this special effort
will satisfy certain financial emer
gencies of the church. Every mem
ber Is requested to meet this assess
ment either by a proportional pay
ment of the |3 week by week, or by
paying the sum total on the above
named date. Special envelopes for
this are furnished every member,
whose co-operation with the officers
and pastor will be appreciated.
The Rev. Henry B. Brown, B. D„
7 a. m. celebration of the Holy
Eucharist, 9:46 a. m. Sunday school,
11 a. m. Choral Solemn Eucharist with
sermon, "Dead But Alive." 6 p. m.
Choral Solemn Vespers. Thursday
afternoon at 3 o’clock the Women’s
Guild will meet. Friday evening at 8
o'clock Litany service and choir re
REV. S. L. DBAS, Pastor.
’ .Preaching each Sunday at 11:00
and 8:00 p. m. Sunday school at
12:30, Epworth League 6:30 p. m.
Teachers’ meeting each Tuesday 8 p.
m. Prayer and class meeting each
Wednesday 8 p. m. All are Invited to
attend. Visitors are welcome.
Mesdames J. T. Muse, M. H. Ham
ler, Wm. Redd and J. A. Baker have
been nominated as candidates in the
piano contest carried on by the
“Noah’s Ark Store." Mrs. Baker has
the highest number of votes at pres
ent. Anyone shopping at this store
should not fail to cast their vote for
any one of the above ladies.
Miss Ruth Robinson, recently gradu
ating from Quindaro, is spending her
vacation with her mother, JMrs. Chas.
Lucas. Miss Robinson expects to take
up teaching in the fall.
Mr. Simou Gaskin of Oakland, Cal.,
is spending his vacation visiting rela
tives in t{ie city.
Mr. Hartwell Rice will leave on
Tuesday for New York. Mr. Rice has
been engaged as valet to Captain Moss
of the 29th Infantry. His mother, Mrs.
Mathews, will soon join him.
Mr. Earl Smith, student of the Colo
rado college, is home spending his
vacation. He has tgken charge of the
mail route which his father, Mr. Simon
Smith, has the contract for. Mr.
Smith will spend most of his time at
LaGrange, Wyo., and expects to re
turn to Colorado Springs at the be
ginning of school.
Mrs. Rose Green of Oakland, Cal.,
is visiting at the residence of Mrs. J. E.
Smith. Mrs. Green is no stranger to
Cheyenne as she formerly resided
Mrs. Wm. Ashford, Sr., who was re
membered by the members of the
Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs
of Colorado and jurisdiction, on Thurs
day afternoon was presented with the
beautiful book “The Rubaigat of Omar
Khayyam.” also a handsome bouquet
of flowers. Mrs. Ashford w-as over
joyed at being «o remembered and ex
pressed her thunks in a very fitting
manner. Mrs. E. B. Butler, ex-Presi
dent of the Federation, made the pre
Mrs. Wm. Derrick and daughters de
parted on Thursday for Idaho Falls.
Ida. Mrs. Derrick will be greatly
missed in the city.
Mrs. Irene Mitchell has accepted a
position as clerk in the confectionary
store conducted by Mr. Chas. Tolson.
Mrs. Hipshire, wife of Serg't. Hip
shire, is greatly Improved in health.
She is able to be out.
Mrs. J. E. Leonard, wife of Serg’t.
Leonard is numbered among our sick
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hopkins and Mrs
J. E. Leonard were entertained at a
dinner of elegant appointment by Mr.
and Mrs. M. H. Hamler.
Mrs. Wm. Derrick entertained at
cards on Monday Mr. and Mrs. T. A
Edwards and Miss Pearl Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ashford, Jr., and
Mr. and Mrs. Orlander Gaskins spent
Sunday boating at Lake Minnehaha.
Mrs. Simon Smith and Miss .\iarle
gave a farew'ell party for little Thelma
and Ixileta Derrick on Thursday
Everything that goes to make a child’s
party a success w-as there. Miss S.
Kathryn Thistle was present and took
many pictures of the happy party.
Phone Champa 2833
Real Home Cooking
Chili Every Day
2741 Welton Denver, Colo.
I w«ll Known Educators to Bo Hoard at
Tonth Annual Gathering.
Little Rock. Ark. —All questions re
la ting to the education of the Afro
! American youth will lx* discussed mi
! the tenth miiiiiihl session of the Nil
: tlonal Association of Colorwl Tench
ers to be held In this city for live day?
beginning July itu Some of the mos*
noted educators of the country will b*
In attendance.
It promise* to l»e the largest attend
ed and the l>esi session ever held it.
the history or the organi/.atlou. Tu*
tenchem of Little Itook have begut
preparation to entertain those who nr*
engaged in shaping the lives and mind?
of the youth or the country. Many so
elnl events are being out-lined. Including
a side trip to the famous Hot Spring'
not far from tills city.
All of the state teachers* association*
thus far this year have indorsed th«
movement and will send large delega
tlons. President M. W. Dogan of Wll
ey university. Marshall, Tex., and Cor
! responding Secretary J. It. K. Lee ol
Tuskegee Institute. Alabniua. are bus*
preparing the program outlined by the
executive committee, which will toilet
all the live questions with which th»
teachers have to deal.
Pupers will l»e read and addresses de
livered by teachers from nil parts ol
the country, iiud others will take part
In the discussions following the paper*
and addresses.
In addition to the (tapers and discus
sions and addresses music will be made
a feature, and some of the best musi
cal taleot of the race will take part In
entertaining the guests and visitors.
On this occasion the ditors of Llttlv
Rock will he thrown open to the lovet>
of education of the country. Locatec
In the city are the Arkansas Baptist
college, the Philander Mmltb college
and the Shorter college, the lutter be
Ing In North Little Itock. The presl
dents and faculties of these school*
have united with the local committee
and contribute to the happiness of the
association one of tbe largest opera'
houses In tin* city has t>ecii secured f
the regular dally sessions.
• “Poro" College
3100 Piac St. StLoato.Ha.
THE “PORO" SYSTEM of Scalp and
1 Hair treatment is based on the lat
est scientific and sanitary methods,
effecting a healthy scalp thus promot
ing a growth of beautiful hair.
The “Poro” preparations used in con
nection with the treatment are made
and sold exclusively by myself, having
the exclusive right to that name; and
I, alone, know the secret of the com
position that bears that name. Our
claim has always been that when the
hair begins to grow as the result of
the use of “F» ORO, ” it will
continue to do so if only thescalp
and hair be keot clean. This san
itary method o. treatment is also
having the desired effect in helping
to prevent the spread of diseases, for
it is a fact that hair in an unsanitary
condition carries the germs of disease
which often prove fatal to innocent
persons coming in contact with them.
For treatment, call on or address:
3151 High St. Mm Tart 7711 . Denver
Phone Main MU.
i J to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m, 7 to S p. m.
2336 Arapahoe Street. Denver.
•* Net* Tsfk
Wkool Chain far Safa or fag
twin, Braces, AMwtol lippim
Elartic Haeiory, Crate Us. Etc. 4
Note Mato 770*
Business Manner, ELTON S. STARRS
1939 Arapahoe Street
1154 Broadway
The Welton Street
Furniture Company
-2621 Welton Street
All kinds of Repair Work
neatly done. Kefinishing a
specialty. New and Second-
Hand Furnitare bought and
Annual Meeting ol Medicel e a*oi'.i.o-'i.
The annunl meeting of iho
Medical association will in- held m
Nashville. Term ,to Auiru.i '!’!>*■ or.
ganlcatlon le Increasing In in..,ii| l a.r»lil|>
▼ary rapidly, due st Iho present tlino
largely to the hunt of young men tSFiid
uates from the vniioue modlrnl holioolm
throughout Ibo country. Tho commit
tee In charge of itrrnngements for en
tertaining tlit* delegates nnd visitors le
hard at work, and the Indications nre
that the attendance at the coming aea*
aion will be qullo large. Dr. C. V. Ro
man. editor of the National Medical
Journal, la creating much favorable
sentiment for the meeting through the
New Industrial Training School.
Pennsylvania has grunted a charter
for the Incorporation of the Isaac Ran
dall Industrial Training School of
Afro-Americans The Institution wilt
bo located In Salisbury township, Lan
caster county. The purpose of .the ‘
school la to give tho colored boys and
girls a fair opportunity along Indus
trial lines. The movement la backed
by wealthy whits capitalists. H. B
Bogt heads the Hat of Incorporators
* —»

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