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■Let All Colored Americans and Friends Protest to Washington Against Post Office Segregation
: ' m?- S'.
The papers formerly known as The Statesman and The Independent, have been merged into The Denver Star
Interesting News
Concerning the Race.
Gold cigarette cases, lockets
and chains and other valuable
trinkets were poured into the
“war chest" of Mrs. Emme
_line Pankhurst last week at
the Institutional church in
Chicago, after the militant
leader had made her first
public address before colored
men and women. Eight hun
dred people were in the audi
ence. Mrs. Pankhurst was
introduced by Mrs. A. J. Carey
wife of the pastor of the
At the Institutional church
Mrs. Pankhurst said she had
added the extra lecture be
cause in Philadelphia a young
colored girl had come to her
at the close of her lecture and
asked her to give the colored
people a chance to hear what
she had to say on the social
evil. The lecturer said that
in all her travels in the Unit
ed States she never had met a
discourteous colored man.
“Through the vote we will
be able to put an end to the
degradation of the race." said
Mrs. Pa,#SWst, .“and uplift
not only the woman, but the
men as well. The degrada
tion of fallen men is far worse
than that of fallen women.
The dominator is always more
degrated than the slave. We
are always told the accident
of the birth should not give
any man an advantage over
any other man. But when it
comes to sexes, the most ig-
and degraded man in
my country thinks hirr.self
naturally superior to the
most intelligent, cultured and
high-minded woman.
“This is true not only in
votes, but in every walk of
life. It is not the value of
work, but sex that decides the
thing. In teaching, in busi
ness, in everything it is the
same. American men are
4being wise in time, and taking
matters by the forelock. They
are raising the status of the
race by giving equality to wo
men. They are preventing
the growth of serious social
“Women can make a better
claim to citizenship than men
if sobriety and morality are
counted as qualifications of
* citizenship and they certainly
just before leaving the In
stitutional church where she
made a great speech for wo
wan's rights and also pleaded
for justice to the colored peo
ple, Mrs. Pankhurst was asked
about her views on racial seg
regation and replied: My
soul revolts at segregation
whether of the lews in Russia
or of the colored people in
iAmcrica. In the end such in
justices really degrade the
perpetrators and their chi -
iMlen far more than the people
The Denver Star
who are wronged. Some day
the United States as well as
Russia must pay a fearful
price for the wrongs done to
“My parents had some part
in the agitation which culmi
nated in the overthrow ot
slavery and I am glad that in
addition to my work for the
rights of women I may aid
and encourage the colored
race in the fight it is making
against the many wrongs
which it suffers in the l nited
“Do not give up the contest
for absolute equality before
the law. Every form of in
justice must be fought to the
bitter end. "Who would be
free, themselves must striKe
the blow.”
Evansville Pythians Make
Evansville, Ind. —The $2O,
000 Pythian Temple at Evans
ville, Ind., will be ready for
occupancy in December. Ihe
first or ground floor will have
a motion picture theater and
store rooms, the second floor
will have office rooms and an
auditorium, while the third
floor will be fitted up with
lodge rooms.
Elect Colored Man Mayor.
London, Nov. 1 2. — Ihe Met
ropolitan borough of Mattersea
which John Burns the labor
leader and president of the
Local Government Board,
represents in the Honse of
Commons, has just elected a
colored man to be Mayor
next year.
The new Mayor is John
Archer, who was born in Liv
erpool, his father being a
West Indian and his mother
an Irish woman.
Hit President Wilson’s Policy
Waterbury, Conn., Nov. 13.
—Condemnation of alleged
segregation of white anil col
ored employees in Govern
ment departments in Wash
ington as a “violation of the
just principle of equality" was
voiced by the 47th annual
meeting of Congregationa
The solution adopted to be
forwarded to President Wil
son sollows:
“The Congregationalists of
Connecticut, in general con
ference assembled, enter their
emphatic protest against the
segregation ot colored em
ployees in the Government
“We believe it to be a vio
lation of the just principle of
equality, written into Ameri
can faith by our fathers, anil
an injustice to the established
methods in civil service ap
"We respectfully petition
the President and the Con
gress of the United States to
prohibit all such degrading
discrimination in the public
Cambell Chapel
Of A. M. E. Connection Great Power of Uplift in the Com
munity. Invaluable and Indispensable.
Rev. Jas. Washington, Right Man In The Right Place
Rev. |as. Washington needs
no introduction through the
columns of this paper to the
citizens of Denver, as he
has been an efficient member
of the Colorado conference
since 1906. At that time he
was transferred from the lowa
conference with the hope of
improving the health of his
estimable wife.
Rev. Washington has suc
cessfully pastored three other
charges in the Colorado con
Pattor Compbel! Chapel
ference, Phoenix, Ariz., Albu
querque. N. M., and Chey
enne, VVvo., remaining four
jjears at the latter place, pay
ing off all the bonded indebt
edness but Szoo and increased
the membership from 48 to
14;. By his untiring efforts
a lecture room, dining room
and kitchen were added, the
Campbell Chapel, Denver, Colorado
auditorium enlarged, relighted
and papered. Rev. Washing
ton. with his faithful compan
ion, Mrs. Washington has la
bored earnestly for Christ and
His church and rich fruits are
bearing as a result of those
labors. Fleasing in manner,a
'Christian gentleman and a
scholar, we bespeak for him
a plea-ant and profitable year
at Campbell.
Campbell Chapel A. M. E.
church had its origin in a
small brick dwelling house,
situated on 33rd and Larimer
streets and was named for the
; late Paul Quinn. From there
the congregation moved to
their present location at the
corner of 23rd and Lawrence
streets, where their growth
has been on the steady in
crease. The church building
• has been enlarged to an im
posing editice. that cannot
help blit cause each member,
looking back upon its early
i struggle, to view it now with
i pride.
1 his church with real re.
: lig:ous fervor has made rapid
strides tosuccess and with the
v ell organized auxiliaries can
not help but weild a great in
fluence for the uplift of the
community and the advance
ment of Christian religion.
Campbell Steward board
consists of men spiritually
Prorlamation Of Thankgiving
Washington, October 23. —President Wilson today desig~
nated 1 hursday, Nov. 27th, as Thanksgiving Day, and is
sued the following— his first Thanksgiving Proclamation:
"The season is at hand in which it has been our long re
spected custom as a people to turn in praise and thanksgiving
to Almighty Goc for his manifold mercies and blessings to
us as a nation. The year that has just passed has been mark
ed in a peculiar degree by manifestation of His gracions and
beneficent providence. We have not only had peace through
out our own borders, and with the nations of the world, but
that peace has been brightened by constantly multplying ev
idences of genuine friendship, of mutual sympathy and un
derstanding, and ofthe happy operaiion of many elevating
influences both of ideal and of practice.
"I he nation has been prosperous not only, but has
proved its capacity to take calm counsel amid the rapid
movements of affairs and deal with its own life in a spirit of
candor, righteousness and comity. We have seen the practi
cal completion of a great -vork at the Isthmus of Panama,
which not only exemplifies the nation’s abundant resources
to accomplish what it will, and the distinguished skill and ca
pacity of its public servants, but also promises the beginning
of a new age, of new contacts, new neighborhoods, new sym
pathies, new bonds, and new achievements of co-operation
and peace.
“Righteousness exalteth a nation’ and ’peace on earth,
good will toward men’ furnish the only roundationsupon which
can be built the lasting achievements of human spirit. The
year has brought us the satisfaction of work well cone, and
fresh visions of our duty which will make the work of the
future better still.
“Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the
United States of America, do hereby designate Thursday,
the 27th of November next as a day of thanksgiving and
prayer, and invite people throughout the land to cease from
their wonted occupations and in their several homes and
places of worship render tnanks to Almighty God.
"In witness whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and
caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.
"Done at the city of Washington this 23rd day of Octob
er, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
thirteen, and of the Independence of the United States of
America the one hundred and thirty-eighth.
l— -“■W> V BRYAN, Secretary of State.”
strong and active in their te
| ligious duties. The Trustee
board are men of business
. qualifications, which enables
them to discharge their du
ties with creditable integrity.
[A cordial welcome is extend
ed all by the Usher s club and
the large congregations are
handled in a systematic way.
The choir, with Prof. Chas.
Clark as director and Mrs.
Clark Craig as organist, are
an invaluable assistance to
the pastor and the service.
J Sacred programs are render
ed occasionally at the Sab
bath evening service and are
highly appreciated.
The Woman's Mite Mission
ary society under the leader
;shipof Mrs. James Washing
ton, is one of the strongest
organizations of the church.
They are active in charity
work and in spreading the
gospel at home and in foreign
lands. Mrs. Mary Finley is
the energetic president of the
Sewing Circle, which organi
/ation gives splendid financial
support to the steward board,
The Stew-ardess Hoard with
j Mrs. 1 lattie King as chairman
I are active in their work of as
sisting the Stewards in dis
charging their various duties.
: Uuder the faithful superinten
Interior of Campbell Chapel
Five Cents a Copy
dency of Mrs. Ethel Fitchue*
and an able body of officers
and teachers, the Sunday
School has a large attendance
and is doing a great work in
the training of the young
minds. The Allen Christian
Endeavor, has created a very
enthusiastic spirit amongst
the younger set of Campbell,
causing them to become a
zealous band of Christian
workers. Mr. D. D. Howard
I is the earnest president.
The Young Ladies Literary
and Art club •* long needed
organization has been recent
ly organized by Mrs. Wash
ington and Miss Thelia Tuck
er was elected president. A
literary program is rendered
once a month. The remainder
of the meetings are devoted
to fancy work. A keen in
terest is astir amung the girls.
The Trustee's Aid, Mrs. L.
O. Tucker as chairman, is ore
of the busiest organization of
the church. They assist the
trustees in raising funds to
pay the incidental expenes of
the chnrch. Surrounded by
these strong auxilaries and
with their faithful class lead
ers and pastor, Rev. Wash
ington, we look forward with
renewed anticipations to a
successful conference year.

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