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ond strength-giving qualities. It’s capital.
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A. A WALLER, Notary Fabric and Manatee.
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The Montreal Lunch Room
5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 Cant Mealsjf
1916 Arapahoe Sta Denver, Colo
Blhe Htoro that employs colored help,
or Hint nclvertlsos In the colorod prosa.
nr that Is rrlendly tllsposoi] toward the
Will the paople stand by ths STA*R?
Shrewd Agent Secures Facts
Frcm White Guides.
Investigation For National Association
For the Advancement of Colored Peo
ple Shows That Segregation Is In
Full Sway In the Government Serv
ice In Washington.
New York. The National Associa
tion For the Advancement of Colored
People, incorporated in 1011. with
headquarters in New York, has receiv
ed so many complaints and inquiries
in regard to the alleged segregation of
colored employees in government de
partments in Washington that it sent
a trained investigator, M. C. Nerney.
to Washington to ascertain the facts.
The association comprises both white
and colored people. Its object is to
secure for colored men and women full
enjoyment of their rights as citizens.
Justice in all courts and equality of
opport u nity every where.
It has twenty branches, ranging
from Boston to Washington and from
New York to San Francisco and Taco
ma. It publishes each month as its
official organ the Crisis Magazine,
which has a circulation of 32.000.
Among Its officers and directors are
Jane Adda ms. Miss Lillian I). Wald.
I>r. J. K. Spingaru and Dr. John
Haynes Holmes. The chairman of its
bourd of directors is Oswald Garrison
Yillard of New York. Its president is
Moorfield Storey of Boston. I >r. W. K.
B. I >u Bols is editor of Its magazine.
The following report of the recent In
vestigation was issued by the associa
tion Monday. Nov. 17:
Only those departments were visited
w lie re segregation was said to be in
creasing. In the miscellaneous and ex
amining division of the bureau of en
graving and printing workers have
been paired according to race. White
guides in this department told the In*
vestigator that it was to l>e the future
policy of the bureau to segregate nil
its colored employees, but that this
could not be strictly enforced until the
bureau moved Into its new building.
In the dead letter office of the post
office department colored employees
have Immmi segregated back of a row of
lockers in a corner of the r*>om. In
fact. In this department segregation
practically amounts to elimination, for
of the seven colored men classified as
clerks the Investigator learned on cred
ible authority that six were recently
included in an order transferring six
tv clerks, so that there will be only
one colored clerk left among the thou
sands of white clerks employed in this
depart ment.
In the treasury building colored
clerks have not yet lieen segregated,
but it seems to l>e understood that as
many as possible are to l>e segregated
in the registry division. A southerner
In charge of one of the offices In the
treasury building remarked that they
wnuted to inaugurate segregation ev
erywhere in the treasury department,
but were handicapped because they did
not know how to go about it. it l*clng
most difficult to determine upon the
best method.
In the office of the auditor for the
postoffice segregation seems to have
been most skillfully worked out. Mr
Krnm. the head of this department,
said he never would lose an opportuni
ty to introduce It. In one room color
ed men operate what Is known as the
•gang punch.** and in another room the
force working at the "assorting ma
chines is entirely colored.” White op
eratives doing the same work occupy
separate rooms.
In one alcove where the investigator
visit I'd there were nine colored women
working on the "key punch.’’ The light
and ventilation were poor. Those wo
men had been moved several times,
but originally bad been in rooms with
white clerks, where they had good
light and air.
That the basis of tlie whole segrega
tion idea is caste and not race was in
dicated by the fact that both the su
perintendent of the postoffice building
and the clerk who acted ns guide in the
treasury department repeatedly called
attention to the absence of segrega
tion in tile cleaning forces. emphasis
Ing the fairness with which the color
ed help Is treated.
Again, contrasted with the “Jlm
crowing" of colored clerks in the post
office department is the apparent lack
of opposition to the employment of
colored messengers or laborers in this
department and even of colored clerks
drawing clerical pay provided they do
the work of messengers or laborers
A reliable authority Informed the in
vestigator ttint there are now six col
ored men on the clerical roll who do
messenger service.
The cfTeot of segregation Is startling
Competition has !>eon elminntcd. Those
segregated are regarded almost ns lep
ers and got what no one else wants.
For example, in the bureau of engrav
ing and printing the lunchroom assign
ed to the colored women Is Insanitary.
In the postofflee department there Is no
lunch room at all for colored help. In
the office of the auditor for the postof
fleo the colored women were taken
from light and airy rooms and placed
hi an unpleasant alcove. Iu the dead
letter office, where the colored work
ers have been grouped back of a row
of lork.-rs, the part of the room ehosei|
is the least desirable.
Segregation in work lias been effect*
ed so far without official orders. Gen*
erally the excuse is a readjustment !n
the work to increase efficiency. In this |
reorganization clerks are moved from ;
one room to another, and when the
process is completed the colored clerks
always find themselves in some mys
terious way together. The only official
order issued in regard to segregation
related to lavatories. As far as could
be ascertained, only one official has
given me colored people an opportuni
ty to express their opinion of the poli
cy of segregation. Arrangements for
segregation had been made in one of
the divisions of the pension bureau,
but when the chief of the division
learned that the colored employees
were opposed to separation he gave
them an opportunity to vote on the
matter. They were unanimous in their
Till* man is reported to have said
that segregation should not be intro
duced while he was the chief of this
division As a further indication of
the fueling of the colored people in re
gard to this segregation may be cited
the 'case of an old bookkeeper in the
office of the auditor for the postoffice.
This man has recently been reduced
from firvt grade to fourth grade book
keeper with no change in salary.
The reason assigned was that he '
could not do first grade work. This j
may l < true. He resented the change j
bitterly, and his chief told the investi
gator that he had cried like a baby |
when he was moved, not so much be- j
cause «>f the reduction in work, but
becau c he felt that taking him out of
the room where he had sat for ten or
more years with white people, includ- ,
log w -men. was a reflection ui>ou him.
Bethe> A. M. E. Church In Baltimore
Gains Zealous Pastor.
Baltimore.- With a vim that Is char
acteristic of the man the Rev. I)r.
Lewis S. Flagg has entered upon his
duties a* pastor of Bethel A. M. E.
church in this city. Dr. Flagg suc
ceeds the Rev. Dr. R. William Fick
land. who died recently.
The ngregation is one of the oldest
in the - onntry. but a few months sop
a rating its birthday from that of
Bethe’ A. M E. church in Philadel
phia. Bethel for years had the finest
churcl among colored people in this
country. This reputation was a grain
amply sustained when the congrega
tion moved to its present handsome
hom at Druid Hill avenue and Lan
vale street. Baltimore, which was se
• tire from a wealthy white congrega
tion for $90,000.
Bethel church by reason of its big
debt has to raise nearly SIO,OOO a year.
The >ervices of an able minister from
both a moral and intellectual stand
point nre needed as well as one who
is nl o to raise large sums of money.
Pr Flagg has had abundant success
as a minister for the past thirty years.
He vas born near Raleigh. N. C..
about fifty years ago and studied
tin gy at Bennett college. Greens
boro X. C. He first served as a sup
ply the M. E. church and was later
orda it'd to the A. M. E. ministry by
the »te Bishop Jabes F. Campbell.
Purl g the few years that he has sue
cos-'dly served in the Baltimore con
fere: e he has pn stored at Bethel
chin U, Easton. Md.; Ebenezer and
Btvwu Memorial. Washington, and
St John's church. Baltimore.
lb has recently concluded a three
year pastorate at St. John’s church,
this ity, having succeeded in paying
off t -* bonded debt on the church and
add. to the membership.
pr Flngtr hrix boon a trustee of Tvlt
tr» oiiege. Klttreii. N. C.. for a num
ber ■ f years and has been honored by
that Institution with the degree of doc
tor « divinity.
Notes on the Downmgtown School.
The formal opening for Inspection
by ate officials and friends of the
Po\\ ingtown Industrial and Agricul
tural school, at Dowulngtown. Fa., re
cently revealed the fact that the insti
tution has progressed far beyond the
expo rations of its promoters and oth
er friends Interested ln the work wldeh
It P doing. The enrollment for the
sell." 1 year has already reached 150.
nnd applications are still coming in.
The new improvements in the build-
Inc* and better facilities for the com
fort ■ f students were highly commend
ed. Every dollar appropriated by the
state or donated by organisations or
individuals is regularly accounted for
and there Is an atmosphere of confi
dence and respect for President Wil
liam V. Cmlitt. the faculty nnd other
oflh i its which bespeaks for them gen
uine success in their efforts to build
up a grout institution of learning.
Do You Know We Solicit Your Patronage
rThe Keystone Cafe
Phone Champa 3533 1857 Champa St.
A New Dining Room now in connection with the
Keystone Club. Strictly Home Cooking, First Class
Service, Best Quality Food Eastern Corn-Food Meats
FULL DINNER 11:30 a. m. to 8;30 p. m. including Fish or Meat,
two Vegetable, Coffee, Tea or Cocoa, 25 Cents
Don’t Forget to Order » Case ofj
Columbine, Vienna Export
or Pilsiner
The BEERS Specially Brewed by the"
Ph. Zang Brewing Co.
For Table Use
Telephone Gallup a Trial Case
Hamlin Concludes Y. M. C. A. Tour. I CHOCOLATES
International Secretary Robert P
Hamlin of the Younc Men's Christian with Soft Cream Centers, a
teflon .on inih-.i a most success- regular 40 cent seller. Our
f„! tour of Behl work on Nov. 20 Sinoe p rjce cents per poun d.
the Ist of Septeml»cr Secretary Hamlin 1 r
h:ts visited ami rs<iste»i in the work of Ihe Cheapest Place to b'-iy
the various asso lotions in the follow your Holiday Candies,
ins: * itles-namely: Wasblncton. Blue
field, w. \a : ('oinini'ns. Sprincfleid. Appreciate Your Patronage
Dayton and Cincinnati. O.: Evansrllle.
Ind : Louisville. Ky.. and ludianniH>lis. IT J I |/\ Nj
Ind. He says that tin* work in each J
of these t itles is in fine condition and wj * * p m m a PVP
that the secretaries, committees of I IV J IVI V.
; management and the memt»ers are
showing, splendid interest in their Q
work. Mr. Hamlin will spend Thanks
gj* "" 2155 LARIMER SrEET
First Class Groceries
and Produce
2737 Welton St. Denver, Colo.
When in Need of Anything About a
Hog Except the Squeal
2300 Larimer St. Phone Main 401
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slate than any other dealer. When you
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