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The Denver Star
CHAS. S. MUSE. Editor.
G. G. ROSS, Associate Editor
1026 Nineteenth Street, Denver, Colorado
rjwreo *
To get advantage of tha MAO each rata, all subscriptions must be paid
wltMn 30 days after data «d eaplra-tlon.
It r *—**T happens that papers sent to subscribers are lost or stolon
M awe yon dp pst ncom «u nnmhor when due, Inform us by postal card
am* we -wtß akasrtully torwoim > mnrcaia of the missing number.
AawNtancas should bo made by Express Money Order, Postofflce Money
•0 sr. Registered Latter or Bank Draft. Postage stamps will be received tha
% M —.l tor the fractional part of a dollar. Only 1-cent and- t-cent stamps
Wk a. Send all remittances to THE DEN.VER STAR,
Communications to reoelra attention must be newsy, upon important sub
Ist t, plainly written only upon one side of the paper. No manuscript re
am ad unices stamps arc sent ter poetase
■stored as second class matter at tha postofflce in the city of Denver,
*M rads.
Doing the Square Thing—Are You
The Ministerial Alliance of Denver,
together with the Denver People’s Al
liance, after a thorough investigaUon
of the case of J. W. Jones, have de
cided that his is a worthy cause for
the charity and assistance of all col
ored men and women. It appears
that in self defense he killed another
man. He was tried and sentenced to
hang Dec. 15, 1914. Ex-Gov. Ammons
reprieved him until May, 1915. We
must raise S2OO to get his case to
the Supreme court before that time.
Jones is without friends, has no mon
ey and faces death. We believe the
Supreme court will rule in his favor.
We must raise S2OO. We appeal to
you. Act at once. Send your dona
tions to Titus S. Rector, 2716 Welton
street, Denver, Colo.
Donations received from:
Dec. 6, 1914, Mass Meeting Cen
tral Baptist church $ 8.00
Dec. 9, 1914, J. A. Whittaker... 1.00
Dec. 12, 1914, Titus S. Rector.. 5.00
Dec. 18, 1914, Harry Cowell,
Dallas, Tex 2.00
Dec. 23, 1914, Dr. C. D. DeFrantz 1.00
Dec. 24, 1914, Jos. Harris and
family, Pueblo 1-80
Dec. 27, 1914, C. W. Buford 1.00
X. C. McKenzie 1-00
William Walton 1-00
People’s Alliance 6.00
Dec. 28, 1914, John James 5.00
Dec. 29, 1914, Robert Harris,
Pueblo 3.00
Jan. 3, William Martin 1.00
Jan. 30, Rev. D. E. Over 1.00
Jan. 30, Mrs. Frances Logan... 1.00
Jan. 31, Dr. W, A. Jones 1.00
J. C. Cooper 1-00
J. R. Contee i-00
Augustus Dyer 1.00
F. L. Voorhees 25
Dr. J. H. P. Westbrook 1.00
Feb. 1, Wm. Sprague 1-00
Rocky Mountain Lodge No.
1, F. ft A. M 5.00
T. Gay 1-00
A. G. Campbell 1-00
T. L. Williams 25
Samuel Howard 10
Geo. Grosß, Colo. Springs.. .26
S. G. Moore, Buxton, la 50
8. J. Smithea 50
Wm. Harris 25
Jos. A. Montier 1.00
Fred Jackson. Globevllle 1.00
F. L. Gwynn 25
Robert Branch, Chicago ... 1.00
T. O. Mason 25
Feb. J. Charles Miller 1.00
Xfjb. ft Thos. W. Anderson,
••xvricane, Utah 1.00
Hooper Phillip, Hurricane,
Utah 1-00
Leonard Robinson, Hurri
caoft Uuah 1-00
E. Dillud, Hurricane, Utah. .50
John Paul, Hurricane, Utah .25
Feb. 12, R. L. Russ, Victut Colo. 1.00
Feb. 16, N. L. Lewis, Pueblo. 1.00
Feb. 17, Self Improvement Club
by Mrs. J. R. Contee 2.50
Feb. 17, S. A. Bondurant 1.00
Mrs. Susie D. Moss, Miami, Arlz. 1.00
Thomas Durr, Miami, Ariz 60
Carl Wilson 100
Wm. Branch, Chicago, 111 1.00
John C. Porter $ 1-00
Chas. Porter 50
Arapahoe Lodge No. 2936, G. U.
O. O. F 5-00
Simpson Rest Lodge No. 10, F.
ft A. M., Trinidad, Colo 5.00
Mme. C. J. Walker, Indianap
olis, Ind 10.00
L. C. Connell 1-00
B. M. Nell 2.00
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Preston,
Chicago, 111 100
Huron J. Shelton, G. M„ Duluth,
Minn SI.OO
Evergreen Chapter No. 36, O. E.
F. T. Bruce 100
■Horning Star Lodge, U. D. F. ft
A. M., La Junta, Colo 4.25
D ft R. G. Dlniqg Car Walters
t7 Bert Grifflth 100
Rising Sun Lodge No. 3, F. ft
A. M., Pueblo, Colo 2.60
Thumb Butte Lodge No. 14, F.
ft A. M., Prescott, Ariz $ 4.50
• o. w. Pendleton, Valdez, Colo.. 1.00
Owen Baker, Valdez, Colo 50
Miles Brannon, Valdez, Colo.. .26
S. D. Shields, Valdez, Colo 50
H. Brown, Valdez, Colo -50
Mrs. Nellie H. Brown, Valdez
Colo •■••• 25
Mrs Emma Ballard, Valdez,
Colo. 50
T. C. Winslow, Valdez, Colo., .50
J Mason, Valdez, Colo .25
M. R. Goodwin, Valdez, Colo.. .25
J. W. Jackson 50
H. F. Smith 1.00
Alvin Booth, Globe, Ariz 1.00
Pinion Mesa Lodge No. 20, F. &
A. M., Grand Junction, C010...54.00
T. S. Clinkscale, Denver 1.00
Jefferson Brown 1.00
F. A. Claugbton, Salida, Colo 50
Mies Beatrice Boyer, Canon City,
Colo 25
Miss Dovie Wells 25
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Marsh 75
Oscar Walton 50
Joe Boyer 50
Mrs. Cecil St. Clair 50
Mrs. Emma Baker 25
Mrs. Josie Harding 50
Mrs. Jennie Guinn 25
Mrs. C. B. Holliday 25
Lott Pate 50
Th&d Gordon 50
Minnie Payne 20
K. G. Caston 25
S. B. Clark 50
Henry Payne 50
Norman Bruton 25
D. A. Bruton 50
J. W. Yelsar 25
Mrs. Julia Smith, Allensworth,
Calit 1-00
John Trusty 50
The call was for $200.00
I have received $134.40
Balance to be raised is $65.60
Give something.
Canon City, Colo., April 13, 1915.
Mr. T. S. Rector: Realizing that
the call you advocate is a perfectly
worthy one, 1 sought to answer hu
manity's cry as published in the Star
by soliciting in this little city for the
Jones fund.
Mr. F. A. Claughton, Salida, C 010.5.50
Mrs. Beatrice Boyer, Canon City,
Colo 26
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Marsh 75
Mr. Joe Boyer 50
Mr. Oscar Walton 50
Mrs. Cecil St. Clair 50
John Trusty 50
Lott Pate 50
Thad Gordon "• 50
Minnie Payne 30
Ei. K. Cason 25
S. B. Clark 50
Henry Payne 50
Norman Bruton 26
D. A. Bruton 50
Miss Dovie Wells 26
' Mrs. Emma Baker 25
J. W. Yeiser 25
Mrs. Josie Harding .50
Mrs. Jennie Guinn 25
Mrs. C. B. Holliday 25
Total $8.30
Respectfully yours,
We must raise the balance of
$65.60. Give something. Our Sup
preme court will deal Justly if the
case reaches it. Should we collect
more than the amount asked for, the
balance will be deposited in a bank
to the credit of the Colorado Protec
tive League, and used for future
worthy causes.
Hurricane, Utah, Feb. 4, 1915.
Mr. T. S. Rector,
2716 Welton St.
Dear Sir: Upon reading of Mr.
Jones’ unfortunate position through
the medium. of the Denver Star, I
have Interested what few colored
boys that are members of the state
road gang.
I myself am a victim of unfortun
ate circumstances; Incidentally I am
serving a sentence of 15 years for an
seventy-live cents ($3.76) and we re
quest the same to be used in his de
In conclusion we can only hope
and pray that Mr. Jones may be prop
erly vindicated when bis case reaches
the Supreme court.
Remaining very sincerely In F. C.
and B.
1 Tbcs. W. Anderson SI.OO
Hooper Phillips 1.00
Leonard Robinson 1.00
E. Dillon .50
John Paul .25
Best regards to The Denver Star.
Valdez, Colo., March 26, 1915.
Mr. T. S. Rector,
2716 Welton BL,
Denver, Cola
Dee.' Sir—We heeded the cel of the
Denver Star in behalf of Mr. J. W.
Jones. We Me greatly iw-PMaatky
with Mr. Jones and we have iCgoubt
that the amount called foe wtß be
raised. We only pray and treat that
- the Supreme court may deal lastly
with the case, and that Mr. Joans may
profit thereby. Enclosed yon will find
five ($6.00), P. O. order. Cheerfully
contributed as follows:
- O. W. Pendleton .....SI.OO
Owen Baker SO
Miles Brannon 25
“ 8. D. Shields 50
H. Brown .50
Mrs. Nellie H. Brown .26
Mrs. Emma Ballard 50
T. C. Winslow .25
J J. Mason 50
* M. R. Goodwin 25
* J. W. Jackson 50
Total .$5.00
May God bless your efforts I am,
i respectfully,
The Walker Manufacturing Co.,
y manufacturers of C. J. Walker's Blood
e and Rheumatic Remedy, Mine. C. J.
s Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower, 610
Northwest St., Phones Main 7256,
- New 52SSK. Indianapolis, Ind., March
> 2, 1915.
h T. 8. Rector, Dear Sir: —Having
seen your appeal In the Denver Star
- enclose find $lO to • assist In this
worthy effort that you Me putting
' forth for this condemned man. Trust
ing that you may be successful and
■ that he may prove worthy of It, I am,
Tours respectfully,
Tulare, Calif., April 15, 1915.
Mr. Titus S. Rector,
Dear Sir: Please find enclosed an
order for SI.OO to help in the J. IV.
Jones case. I was once a cltisen of
Denver and a member of Zion Bap
tist church. I always feel like help
ing my people everywhere. May
God’s blessings rest upon all of us.
I saw the appeal In the Denver Star.
Yours in F. L. and T„
Allenswortb, Calif.
You Can Save Him With Your Mite.
The Ministerial Allianoe, assisted
by the People's Sunday Alliance, are
appealing to the men and women in
Denver and out in the state and out
side of this state to Bave the life of
their fellow man, who is condemned
to die May 13. Money is needed to
take his case to Supreme court. He
did not have a fair trial and he is
helpless, penniless and friendless, yet
he Is some mother's son and some
sister's brother. Will you send your
contribution to T. S. Rector, 271$ Wei
ton St., Denver, Colo., treasurer.
To the Editor of Denver Star:
I congratulate you for the manly
stand you have taken for the organi
■ zation known as the Colored Prot/ i:
' tlve League, which has for its nur
■ pose the betterment of the condition
' of our people. I am an old citizen of
Denver and a taxpayer and hare
seen our people engage in politics
from year to year for 30 years, and
they have done nothing for the rea
-1 son that they were too selfish or too
Ignorant. They have been satisfied
to get a Job, and to get It they have
been ready and willing to fuss and
quarrel with every one who would
not help them to get the Job, and to
get the cheap notoriety of being lead
ers. That class of colored men and
women are of no value to the race.
They are too selfish to help any oth
ers of the race but themselves They
claim a mortgage on everything to
be given out and if any one disputes
their claim they attempt to defend
themselves by saying how long they
have been here, etc., and they there
fore are entitled to all the plums.
Mr. Townsend Is the only man who
has come among us who has shown
that he Is thoroughly Interested in
all the people, and he is not after a
Job, but Is trying to help as many as
her can get positions. Besides that,
his organization is for the protection
of our civil rights after the present
political campaign, a thing needed
more than all the political Jobs. The
people are not fools; they know those
people who oppose him In his efforts;
they know that they are the old
chronic office seekers —many of them
have not done a day's work in twenty
years. They live by office and flu
ence” with the colored people. Down
with that crowd. Stand by the men
and women who have started a new
movement to ‘help the race. I know
that old crowd will die hard. Tbs
people are reading your paper and
commending the noble stand you
have taken for a new deal and a fair
deal against the chronic office seek
ers' organizations and for all the
people. Why did they not start the
good movement? Why did they wait
for Mr. Townsend to start it —then as
soon as he did, try to take it away
from him All honor to the Star
and to Mr. Townsend for your great
efforts. Keep It up and the colored
people will rise up and call you
blessed, for the people are with you.
< Mr. Old Timer, whoever you are,
The Star sincerely appreciates your
words of encouragement at this tliae.
The Star decided long ago to fight for
the people, the real horny-handed,
hard working people whose money
supports the Star. In this fight we
have doubtless made lots of enemies,
persons whose friendship and words
of advice and encouragement we bare
heretofore highly appreciated, but
friends or no friends. The Star has
a duty, sees It and Is willing to die
for the people discharging our trust.
We have been called Into question ill
a friendly manner, yet positive In US
ultimate effect, by a few who really
misunderstood us and our policy, aad
yes, by a few WHO ARB BEIIiO
TICIANS. Mr. Old Timer, while f*
sincerely appreciate your kind wordkr
ire wonder If you belong to the organ
ization and take the Star which 70a
think ta doing ao nobl7- However, we
especially appreciate the sentiment
contained, when we are being ao thor
oly tried. We ahall try to do and be
all you have aaid about ua. Thank
Don't put oB treating your Child's
Cough. It not only aapa their atrength.
but often leada to more aerioua ail
ments. Why risk? You don’t have to.
Dr. lng’s New Dlaoovery la Just the
remedy your child needa. It la made
with aoothing, healing and antiseptic
bnlsamß. Will quickly check the Cold
and aoothe your Chlld’a Cough away.
No odds how bad the Cough or how
long standing. Dr. lng’s New Discovery
will stop It. It’s guaranteed. Juat get
a bottle from your Druggist and try It.
■ I
Hand-painted china store, 8820 Wal
ton street. Join the Drawing Out
Club, at SB cants per week. A 82-00
plate will be given away FREE every
week. If no person Is auoeeaaful 81-00
worth of china will be given away at
the and of the fourth week.
China Artist.
Main 1800.
Organization Namad For Notad Load
er Holda Intoroeting Public Exoroiaoa.
New York—Harriet Tubman day was
recently celebrated In tbe principal A.
M. B. Zion churches throughout the
country, and subscriptions were takeu
toward tbe fund which is being raised
for the purpose of erecting a suitable
monument to the memory of the late
Harriet Tubman.
Tbe services at Rush Memorial
church, in this city, were of a particu
larly interesting character and were
held under the auspices of the Harriet
Tubman club, with Mme. Marie J. Stu
art presiding.
Miss Cicely S. Gunner of Hilburn. N.
Y., was speaker. Mr. A.
A. Sc bon burg, secretary of the Negro
Society For Historical Research, made
an historical address, and the music
for the occasion was under the direc
tion of Mme. M. Waller French, the
gifted vocalist. The following ode,
written by Mme. French, was sung by
tbe audience to the tune of “America:”
We meet to praise tbee here.
Thy memory we bold dear.
Thee we revere.
Thy .deeds so nobly done
Our freedom for us won.
Thine image la our hearts
Shall dwell for aye.
We know what you endured
That freedom we procured.
For those enslaved.
In thoee days dark and drear.
When all was fraught with fear.
You for the cause so dear
The dangers braved.
Our voices now ws rales
In this our hymn of prsls*
Our ode to thee.
Long may thy memory llv*
May we all honor give
To thee, whoee valiant work
The slave set free.
Baltimore Congregation Hoot of C. M.
E. Annual Conforonoo.
Baltimore.—Tho annual conference of
tbe Colored U. B. cbnrcb opened at the
QelUee C. M. B. church on Uounat
atreet, this city Wednesday. April 21.
with Bishop L H. Holsey presiding.
The conference embraces churches In
Virginia. West Virginia, the District of
Columbia. Maryland and New Juiey.
A large attendance of ministers and
laymen were present at tbe opening
Prominent officials of the denomina
tion. bishops and ministers from eon-
ferences are amoxhr the spankers. The
congregation of Galilee church recent
Ijr entered tbelr new church. which
will be formally dedicated daring the
conference aeealon. The new honae of
worship la a credit to the Industry of
the present pastor of the chnrcb, tha
Rst. W. D. Wood. He is an alnmans
of the theological department of How
ard unlreralty, In Waahlngton.
The Colored M. E. church baa sereral
congregations In Maryland. It baa bean
a decade since a conference scaeton
was held In this city. As Is well
known, the denomination Is an offshoot
of the M. E. Church South and has
many congregations and a number of
flourishing schools In tbs ponth-
What Shaft I Do
to have Long, Fluffy Hair?J
2759 QLCIfARM.iPL. PhonsChampa MS
Dear Mr*. Carter:
It Is really a pleasure tor me to be able to let
others know bow wonderfully good your Crowing
and Pressing Oil is. for never before bare I used
anything that promoted the growth and beautl
fled my hair as your preparations. They are sim
ply grand. Sincerely,
Valdes. Alaska, Dec. 7, IM4.
Dear Mrs. Carter:
Enclosed you will find $6 money order. Please
send by return mail your Growing Oil, for I don’t
want to be without It My hair is growing fine.
I miss your treatments, but am going by your
directions. Be sure and send oil by return mall
for you know. It Is a long way to Alaska.
Denver, Colo.
■|‘ DUETT WILLIAMS, hep. LOST 1011, Mgr.
The Star Barber Shop
First. Clans in srery Particular^
■ anri us a trials’ S firs,
22MlLarimer St Denver,'Cole
According to u recent London dls
patcb, Janies Blliu. a Negro, native of
Jamaica, West India island, bos en
listed as a privutc In tbs Coldstream
Before tbe war. tbe report says. It
would bare been Impossible for a negro
to Join a white regiment in England, let
alone one of tbe proudest and most
famous of the crack regiments. The
fact of BUm's acceptance is a strong
Indication of tbe democratic effects of
tbe war.
Slim eras In France when tbe war
broke and Joined tbe French foreign
legion. Wounded In battle, be was
sent to a hospital, where bo expressed
tbe wish to Join Kitchener's new army.
Word was sent to Kitchener, with tbe
result that be was allowed to enroll In
tbe Coldstreema Slim Is pow (March
29l training wllb the reeerro belts lion
st Windsor.
Activities of the •unehtne Circle.
Tbe Sonsblne circle of tbe Bridge
Street A. M. E. church of Brooklyn Is
an active body of young missionary
workers. Tbe members recently enter
tained tbe Inmates of tbe Boms For
Aged Colored People wttb music and
also presented substantial gifts Tbe
circle will be represented at tbe annual
conference of the A. M. B. church,
which will be held at the Bridge street
church In Brooklyn In June.
tm 2835 STOUT ST.
non ouvb imm|
Sole Agent for All of the
I«bmoo Manufacturing Co. *
—"" • - ' I'll I■ I
IF D n or
Made only by MRS. A. M. POPE-TURNBO
MM. ft. M. Lll
UM Meta hmrn a. _dnw.
. I- 'S ilMtHnwOim.
•• ■' '- 1 1 ■
Residence 2344 Tremont PI.
Olive 157 Q before 8 A. M.
Attorney and CnnnsslW
At Law
2oq Kittredge Building
Main 678 s ; Denver. Colo
Watchmaker and Jawalar
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry.
Silverware, Etc!
Fine Repairing of-all Kinds
6t 1 27th St., Near Weltpn
Denver, Colo.
Elite Tonsorial
J. R. HANGER, Prop.
Baths and

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