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The Denver Star
The papers formerly known as The Statesman and The independent, have been merged into The Denver Star
At last the segregation cas
es are fairly and squately be
fore the highest tribunal of
tlge land.
Validity of the ordinances
of many cities, designed to re
strict the Negroes to certain
residential sections, as argued
last Friday before the Su
preme court of the United
States. The test case bears
upon the constitutionality of
the Louisville, Ky., ordinance
and is known as Buchanan vs
VVarley, the issue being join
ed on whether an individual
can be held to a contract for
the ownership of property
while being denied its use,
Similar ordinances are in
force in St. Louis, Baltimore,
Richmond, Atlanta, Norfolk
and other cities and the fate
of these depends upon the de
cision of the court in the Lou
isville test case. Attorneys
‘representing city authorities,
improvement organizations,
and Colored associations, in
cluding counsel of national re
pule, appeared. Mr. Moore -
,ti>ld Storey, of Boston, is in
general charge of the Colored
people's end of the litigation
Mr. J. K. Pollard represents
the protestants of Richmond,
and Mr. VV. Ashbie Hawkins
is contending in behalf of our
i people in Baltimore.
The Louisville ordinance,
as is well known by all who
have studied the segregation
statues, forbids Negroes from
occupying residences in any
block in which a majority of
whites reside, and which the
majority of the residents are
Colored. The old story of
avoidance of race friction —
the stabilization of property
values, and is not discrimina
tive, in thit it applies to both
races alike. —is set up in de
fense of the ordinance.
Photographs of Negro Neigh
bors Shown.
That the ordinance is a
mere subterfuge discriminat
ing against the Colored race,
restricting their development
and clause prohibiting discrim
ination because of race, color
or previous condition of servi
tude,” was argued in opposi
tion to its validity.
A unique feature of the Su
* preme Court presentation was
a booklet of photographs of
the Louisville Negro residents
t showing costly and beautiful
homes and public buildings—
libraries, schools and society
halls, etc. The test case was
argued before the Supreme
Court a year ago, but no con
clusion was reached, and it
was ordered that the case be
re-argued before a full bench.
At this hearing all of the Jus
tices were present.
* The outcome is being vatch
ed with interest and the spec
ulation as to the kind of a de
cision that will be handed
&own covers a wide field. In
importance to the Negro, ma
A Vote for HORAN Is a Vote For You
Iii Sunday’s issue of ihe
New York Tribune the follow
ing was published under a
Washington, D. C., date line:
It was learned authoritive
ly at the War department that
Negro and white troops will
not be camped and trained
together, and that the depart
ment does not contemplate
any action which would smack
of offending the South. The
problem has been solved in
the past, and a solution will
be found during the present
war it was said.
Fear of offending the South'.
What a cowardly stand to
take in the matter of right
and principle! Catering to
the foolish prejudices and
idiosyncrasies of the bourbon
South seem to be a national
weakness, although the South
does not care whom it offends
in its propagation of its nar
row and tin American views.
There are times when one
wonders if it really knows the
Civil tVar is over.
The South is the cancer of
the body politic. Either the
entire nation ultimately must
be brought over to its un
healthy way of thinking or
the South must be cured.
Right is right and wrong is
wrong. True democracy of
which we hear so much about
can and never will exist in
this country as long as the
spirit of discrimination is per
mitted to run riot in any sec
tion .
Liberia Breaks Off With
Germany and Seizes Ca
ble Lines.
Baltimore, Md., May 9. —
Announcement that Liberia
has severed diplomatic re
lations with Germany was re
ceived here today by Ernest
Lyon, consul general of the
Negro republic. He said the
break carries a pratical advan
tage to the entente allies be
cause it remove from German
control the wireless telegraph
and cable facilities of L beria.
Negro Troops
Reach England
Toronto. Can.—It has been
officially announced thru the
Chief Press Censor’s office
that the No. 2 Construction
Battalion, made up of colored
men, has arrived safely in
England. The colored troop
ers sailed from Halifax
March 25. Several hundred
American Negroes are in the
ny hold that this case is not of
lesser significance than the
Dred Scott decision. If un.
constitutional, the whole seg
regation fabric falls to the
ground. If valid, it it believ
ed that most of the cities of
the country with large Negro
populations will enact such or
dinances at once.
Better Sure and Safe. Take No Chances
Mayor Speer with his plan has been tried out and so far
a great success has been made with the city administration.
He selected some well experienced, intelligent and square
deal men for the Council and thru these men he has brought
things to pass. His desire for real one hundred per cent,
men to surround him is manifested when big, irritating and
business problems face him and the city. On 1 uesday you
are called upon to elect nine councilmen in whose hands the
destiny and policy of the city and city government will rest.
Good, square deal and courageous men must be elected.
The Star is informed very reliably that members of the East
Side Taxpayer's Ass'n and the Denver Property Owner •
Protective Ass n have been busy with some of the prospec
tive Councilmen attempting to find out their feeling toward
"segregated ownership ’ as they term black and white blocks
Andy Horan, a fair, tearless and square deal Irishman with
a big heart told them, as he told the Star, "I know no Amer
ican citizen by his race or color and 1 am against all kinds
of discriminations against anyone. ’ 1 his is the man the
Star is for thru and thru. He is the man that made John M.
Williams custodian at the Court house years ago over tl e
protest and defeat of five white menj He is <he man who
will stand by our Mayor Speer who stood by us in our Birth
of a Nation fight. Andy Horan is khown to all Negroes of
Denver as a man who loves a No matter how
many property leagues or associations threaten him. canjole
or fight, as solid as a rock will he stand for his convictions.
If ever you believed in us and followed the Star, we are ask
ing you to vote for Andy Horan, because the Negro votes
will elect him. Shut your eyes to i very other consideration
because if segregation comes at all it should come from his
district and, if he is opposed to it as we know he is, don’t
you see what it will mean for a victory for him now? The
Star has never failed you. thru thick or thin, lean or fat.
profit or expense we have stayed by our guns. We plead,
we urge, we appeal for God s sake, for the sake of your fu
ture in Denver and your children's welfare, kill Jim-Crow
ism now by voting for Andy Horan He knows our strength
and will appreciate our vote. Roll up a big vote. Mr.
Enneftr, only Republican is in the race. He is a nice man,
fritndly especially at this time, hut a man without any ex
perience necessary for an official in such an important posi
tion. Mr. Spacey is a Tennesseean who helped us at the
city hall last year, but can Mr. Spacey now be trusted; has
he been seen, if so why ? Did his position last time cause
him to be seen this time by this Protective Taxpayer s Ass n ?
Why did not this same association indotse Andy Horan, the
Star wonders why? The answer is plain. We have no quat
rel with Mr. Spacey, he did not seek us, nor did we seek
him, but we feel that Andy Horan is the best man for Dis
trict 8. Vote for Andy Horan. Bartels. Burnett, Rycraft,
John Conlon (who publicly rebuked Norman) and Louis
Straub. If the name of any one of these councilmen appear
as candidates in your district, vote for them. Now is the
time to put your friends in office who will fight agcinst segre
gation. A vote for Horan is a vote for you who live among
Negroes. Horan has had the years of experience as coun
cilman, knows the game and is no quitter. It will pay to
support such a man. How many colored men has Mr. Spat;-
ey put to work? WHY?
Negroes, do you remember the advertisement which
appeared in the daily papers? Here it is;
All White citizens interested in the Negro Segregation
ordinance now before the city council are requested to be
present at a meeting for Wfhite People only, to be held at
the council chamber city hall, Monday evening, Oct. 2nd, at
7 o'clock sharp, for the purpose of further considering said
This meeting is for White People only* and we will re
quest the council not to take any action on the ordinance un
til the Negroes have an opportunity for a similar meeting,
for black people only, which can probably be arranged for
the following Thursday, or the next Monday meeting of the
The Denver Property Owners Protective Ass’n
By Adolph P. Negele, Pres.
J. Norman, Council.
What's the Difference? Only in Wording
This circular letter has been distributed in the two ad
joining districts to 8.
The East Denver Business and Property Association
whose membership is composed of large property interests
in that part of the city, who have the interest of that section
at heart and who are giving their time and money to better
that part of the city, create public conveniences, increase
property values, the decreasing of taxes and lessen the high
cost of living to residents to that section of the city.
The Ass'n is interested in the election to be held Tues
day May 15th it is most essential that the gentlemen elected
for councilmen to represent the three districts comprising
East Denver should be men pledged to the interests of that
section and who cannot be influenced to divert their efforts
from the districts which they are elected to represent
Mr. Thomas C. Spacey, candidate for the Eighth Dis
trict, has pledged his sincere and constant effort in the in
interests of your district. We believe this gentlemen is sin
cere in his statements and that he will prove of valuable aid
in the work of this Ass'n and we respectfully solicit your sup
port in his election.
East Denver Business and Property Ass'n
Thomas B. Doan, Sec.
Why has this circular been circulated at this time in the
.T districts where the bulk of the Negroes live? Why does
this Ass’n have to organize and aganist what and whom?
Negroes cannot you see the bug under the chip? The only
sure and safe way is to vote for Andy Horan, who has been
bluffed and questioned but remained true.
Every Real Estate dealer who belongs to the Real Es.
tate Exchange knows just what speculating Real Estate
Sharks have already taken options on certain East side prop
erty. Don’t be fooled nor misled. KILL JIM CROW
ISM NOW and if you cannot kill, Elect your friends.
Choose carefully.
We are for Amendment No. 6, because-wrg eannersuffer
any more than we are now. Mr. Bruce Teller has been
our friend in times past and we have every reason to believe
he is yet. He is the only one of the Election Commission
to recognize the Negro.
Vote FOR Amendments No. 1, 3, 5, 6 and Against No. 4.
Those voters living in the districts where Louis Bartels,
John Conlon, J. A. Burnett, and Rycraft, be sure and vote
for these men who have had experience of that office and
were very dependable by the city administration and for that
reason continue them in office. Louis Straub comes to us
highly recommended and we believe in him because his
friends believe in him and speavc so highly of his ability.
Tuesday you will answer the question asked by your
Negro firemen and policemen, “Will you help to put us on a
living wage?" by voting X (yes) for the Amendment No. 1,
for an increase of $15 per month. When you want to sell
tickets; begging for the burial of some unfortunate: want
money, aid or assistance for a worthy cause, to whom do you
go. if it is not to our fire and police boys? When the Y.
M. C. A. wanted the croquet grounds packed and sprinkled;
when paths in snow had to be made and lawns around the
fire house, who did it; our firemen. Our patrolmen are al
ways doing some kind act tor us and now thev ask a favor
for a living wage in return, will you turn them down? Fig
ure with me 00 per cent of the men are married with families
ranging from j to q people with the fireman having to buy in
a year one suit, $30; 4 pair additional pants $28; 3 wool shirts
at $2.50 each for which civilians pay f 1.75 ($7.50); 2 pair
red suspenders 75 cents each for which others pay 50 cents
each besides rubber boots $5; bunk and trousers $6; bunk
and coat $7 besides winter and summer caps, gloves, not
including accidents to any, each and all, also inci
dental as, tickets Iron, white and Colored, firemen and police
men and all activities, donations, flowers for comrade's fu
nerals, underwear for summer and winter and then to all
these add $15 rent and $35 grocery bill, fuel, light and their
wifes’ clothes besides your off duty clothes and your children
if you have any. I left out insurance, pension fund dues and
newspapers and race magazines. My friend, do you blame
fearless dare devils and fire fighters for asking such a small
raise when their appearance and standard efficiency is at
stake? Not only vote yourself for amendment No. 1 but in
struct and explain to your friends the necessity of voting for
it. Beauty of it all is, that every penny given to the firemen
and policemen is spent in Denver among our merchants
making the city better moraliy, physically and financially.
VOTE FOR Crowley for Auditor, Wm. H. Wright for
Election Commissioner, and for Amendments one,
three, five and six, and Against four.
Five Centi’a Copt,

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