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J" bciiek, Financial Manager
fe j'olkety s, ji street, oetween ia
,3 13. Northwest.
Ifa.v3p& Gray's, 4and Pennsylvania
flniry Poland's, Southwest corner
pennVlvania avenue, and 4 streets.
'p.vrf Booker's, 1116 F street,
,w " the time to subscribe for
I r.mk II nil's, at 925 11th street, is
,ht , ' i to go if or a good stove-pipe.
Thp ii'latc of the law school of
jj, y.il niversitylwill take place to
L ',. r cuing.
j ,. rumored that our sweet little
fr . .! Miv allie Ford, will be married
tv ,rth tn;j gentleman in Boston, Mass.
Mr & Mrs. King is the place after
"J h public would do a great thing
, tf mjt to tins establishment before
,r, wtn- K i all sold.
jh. si lion) articles will be concluded
., ,' more numbers, after which
m -li.ill pp some important informa-
!i n Miionary.
j- . j.copb who desire pianos, or
n aii'l anything in the musical line,
!" l I jr to John F. Ellis, on Pennsyl-
r.. i?n:.. ...:n ..
',!. i
.ivriiui'. JJiiB v iii iiccoin-
i,. :.' people to their own satis-
. r ii Head his advertisement.
pi. U ' '?a 1 iiclrir wys the govern-
'(;i jr....Mijg oJlice a well deserved
, ,,i ni.-i. Jts complimentary refer-
,., t Mr .John Larkcome and his
,ti mi i.-.n -guard, Robert Logan's,
,..ttiiM. ..-i iilg".
1 1,. , wa . a lively time in the school
ltl,,,r.1 u-m1.iv evening, over a com-
unm i,ifi"i ''"'ii the District Commis-
.. ,;).). Tli" next ruling of this tii-
hiii' i r.-iff will be that no district eni-
yi w I., .11 breathe.
Mr II c. Wimnir, the popular shoe
u.ut. at H23 New lork avenue, is
,i vi'rtisingin the Bj;e, and we want
'known that he keeps good shoes at
II j.rifi-- (o mt the times. Tne public
rUh patrons of the Bee please re-
vni i
TIip prosecution in the star route
. .so will no doubt succeed in getting
n jury, or exchanging the old one
r .i ni'w one; this is just what the
i 1' are doing at Butler's, corner of
F t'!. .uid K streets, 2sorthwest, ex
.i"j,nng their old stoves for new
r advise all those who have not
t.rntiK wonuenui quilt, which has
' fi i,pi csnf fan shape, made of the
..itnn generally used for tidies, which
altfi m yea is was completed by a
i!ini l.id, who will shortly railllo it
.fi 'Jsti-.ctb 25 cents, at '1122 18th
The evert ises at the Presbyterian
vund.n n hool on Sunday evening last,
vjn-nfa very int'Tcsting character.
Mail j)ii'.sents were presented to the
iiiMtHi by Mr. Menewhedther, the
Mijifimti'iident. After the exercises
Mr " Mew art presented on be
hail the ollicers, teachers and
hoar ,i handsome gold-headed cane
t-t!i ii)'rintendent.
Lad the pleasure of visiting one
(most photographic establish-
if til-
in this country. AVc have refer
'the magnificent studio of Mr.
i ;r(ii,t, ;xo. 477 Pennsylvania
-nm. between Four-and-a-half and
ho-cpth, XorUmest. He has every
M'ti known to the art to execute
V.swn best likenesses, finished with
ii'lc an itn-skill and experience de-
r-'.'l ft.im many years in the profes-
His latest Paris instantaneous
Vr" Known only to himself, is one
"I tn mi ri'tsnf his unparalled success.
Mr U.riinwlinst, his son, who re-
'i.lf n I.iriN is a pupil of the celo-
'ra'ol artist Monsieus Jerome, and has
Iubit... jrn-at skill already. Some
fin i sppHini.iM)f his art can be seen at
b - fathiT's studio. Both the father
and sont arc naturally gifted artists.
Tlifsnn in p,.,ris keeps his father posted
hi the n-w est arts, as they occur from
timet"! nne. He will furnish, for a
'mi", cabinet sizes at $3 xer
i n Yi xj SoLoxs.-Whathtis been
ureal i npi.,iod in Washington, es
pn.ii: at the bar of justice is compe
t'ni i.iwurs. Men whom the colored
p'viri. , Jin trust aml con(ut.t business
,,n thr- vi.ni. basis like other practicion--
I Molvncaux Hewlett and John
M.iss. i,av opened a llrst-class law
"n" .it No. 400 Louisiana avenue,
rM!n ..- on noor two Theie gen-K-nif-n
jin competent, and will do
l"nor t.. our district bar. Ir. Hewlett
pr.i 'i. ',a!s.jin the Virginia courts,
anilisuHl-known as a gentlemen of
ai-i hh. sine., he has been in our city.
iHiawoiHinrtpd more casfS than all
f'J our iiilurcd lawyers combined. Mr,
M is t w o well-known for comment.
Action n Tjie Israel 2L E. Chukch
,x Ru-AKii to Itev. "W. T. Thomas.
Tin- ciinjrIVgatisin 0f Israel M. E.
jnurrh (colored) made some more
lurtun i:ls-t nit, and brought the
-Uairx of that church to a crisis. The
nuri meeting which was
called, for
w nigiu t
) approve or disapprove of
'H' actum of iU.4.,..4 : i..: iu-
nmrrh against Kev. W. T. Thomas,
, ' r,fmg to recognize him as their
mm-, was attended hv about 150 per
'K Charles II. Brown, piesident of
hoard of trustees, occupied the
cnair. The Rev. Thomas, it will be
"mpiiilterpd, was appointed pastor se
., a nnths ago, and that in recogni-
?! uf a Prost from the congregation,
bnup Halsey transferred him to
'rf a- He was subsequently rein--wti
as pastor of the church, and an-
Hner rebellion was organized. The
"Hfclmjr hist night was reasonably un-
iuj i1US from an insurrectionary
nt of view and the following
Jumble and resolutions were adopted:
h view of the peculiar circum
fianwK. under which the church labored.
J it resolved that the action of the
!vi!)l0KS in do'ing le church meets
an our hearty approval. This was
Wmni by Mr. Louis Cornish.
" resolved by the members of this
't'ircj, m retular meeting, That we do
'ry refuse to receive Rev. W. T.
nOlnaS as OUr li:itfnr nn Tiic nnnnint.
fluent .!. K f "ir" "u
to this change, and do hereby
order and declare the pulpit of this
church vacant under our incorpora
tion, and the trustees are hereby or
dered to refuse Rev. W. T. Thomas ad
mission to the church as pastor.
And be it further resolved, That the
offical board is herebv directed and re
quested to inform Bishop Halsey of
the action taken, and request an earlv
And be it further resolved, That when
this meeting adjourn it be to meet
Thursday, Jan. 25, the annual meeting
to hear reports, &c, unless sooner
called by the trustees.
The presiding elder w;us requested
to take charge of the church unless
an answer is received from the bishop.
i m
Secketahy Folger and the Negro
Tim Next Press Convention
What will be the Issue of
'S4? A United Stand for a Cab
inet Portfolio Xo Whitewash
Business Wanted- Are we a
Kace of Slaves? We Must
Fight to Win The Plain Duty
of Congress Commissioner J. R.
It is all well enough to make pre
tentions and promises, but to put
things practically into execution is not
the principle of lions. Win. E. Chand
ler and Judge Folger.
Since the ascendancy of Chester A.
Arthur to the Presidency, Judge Fol
ger, Secretary of the Treasury, and
Wm. E. Chandler, Secretary of the
Navy, have made a great number of
promises and pretentions. They pre
tended that we were entitled to a cer
tain number of appointments, and
promised to make them, but like all
other milk and water Republicans thev
failed td do so. Secretary Chandler
has made no colored appointments
since he was made Secretary of the
Navy. Perhaps he has forgotten the
promises he made when he was Blaine's
lieutenant in the last campaign; the
promises he made should his candidate,
the "Plumed Knight," succeed in being
knighted. He was made the premier
of the State Department, and what did
he do? The "Plumed Knitrht" ueted
just like the secretaries of the treasury
and navy are acting now "No negro
need apply." There is but one depart
ment under this government where
the colored race are treated like a peo
ple, and that is the
pension office,
under Colonel W. W. Dudley, of Indi
ana. If one department can justify
the claims of the colored race why can
not other departments?
the nkxt press convention,
which will meet at St. Louis, Mo., next
summer, should take a decided stand.
We don't want such a farce as an apol
ogy for a convention, such as was held
at Washington last year. We must
make an issue for 1884. A united
stand for a Cabinet portfolio; no white
wash business wanted, but a united
stand for recognition.
We don't be
hove in leaving the party at present,
but if the Kepubhdan party demon
strates the fact that we are not wanted,
then it will be time enough for us to
go to another promised land.
is the only and surest road to success.
We are tired of promises. It should be
the duty of the race to accept whatever
may be offered to them from whatever
source it may come, without question
ing the motives or causes of suclj rec
ognition. It is also the plain
to restore to the people of the District
of Columbia the right of suffrage. The
injustice practiced upon the people of
the District of Columbia would not bo
tolerated in a State. The District of
Columbia is controlled by rings, cliques
and the armT and navv codfish aristoc
racy. This "nobob aristocracy," under
the lead of John W. Thompson and
W. W. Corcoran, subsidizes the powers
that are by some means unknown to
human nature, and thus controls our
District government. The ISegro in
the District of Columbia, under the
Federal government, has just as much
chance to obtain recognition as a don
key would have going through the eye
of a needle. We are tired of this busi
ness and the sooner Congress gives us
that which they enjoy the right of
suffrage, the sooner a stop will be put
to the sway of this codfish aristocrocy.
When wc say recognition under the
the District government, we don't
mean the appointments of colored men
as messengers and laborers ht the
station house, the only two colored ap
pointments that have been made since
Hon. J. It. West was appointed. We
want some good and substantial recog
nition, not slop-cart drivers and spit
toon washers, and after you are
through with a good day's work be
compelled to go to your secretary's
house and stay up half the night.
is more abused than anv other
race '
upon the globe except the Jews. We
sympathize "with tho Jews, because
they are despised like the .Negro, but as
much as they are despised they are per
haps the kindest and more business-like
than any other race. Ramsdell, of the
Republic, is a bitter enemy of the col
ored race. lie hates a Xegro as badly
as he hates President Arthur, and yet
this same Damsell, or Roomsdell, is
the Register of Wills under President
Arthur's administration. This is tho
same individual who abused President
Arthur after Garfield's assassination,
and when President Arthur was made
president, this same Ramsdell, whose
nomination was pending after Gar
field's death, -was renominated ty Presi
dent Arthur. Things will change in
Hon. Fred Douglass will return the
latter part of this, or the first of next
Hon. P. B. S. Pinchback will arrive
in town next week.
Mr. James D. Kenneday left for
West Virginia this week.
Mrs. Charles Proctor will leave for
Denver, Colorado, in a few days.
Mr. Austin Ficklin has purchased a
fine dwelling on Fourth street, where
he arid his amiable wife are living.
Mr, Ficklin is well-known throughout
the country.
Mr. White, of Georgia, is in town.
Mr. B. D. Fleet compose.! the wed-
ding march he played at Miss Ella V.
ChnRp'sTnarrinfTP. Mr. Fleet is ouite a
Miss Annie Cooper of Troy, N. Y., rlio
had been an invalid for nineteen years and
unable to walk or to use her voice for fcur
years, recovered the use of limbs and voice
yesterday while prayer was offered for her by
a clergyman. She ssys she was cured by
faith in God, and by that alone.
The connection between the "Sunset
Route" Railroad of Texas and the Southern
Pacific, about completed, will give another
continuous lino from New Orleans to San
A Nevada penitentiary convict says that he
was sent to prison for being dishonest, and
is there kept at work cutting out pieces of
pasteboard to put between the soles of
ehoes, in place of honest leather.
There were 257 failures in the United States '
reported to Bradstreet's Journal the past
week, 15 more than the proceeding week, and ,
10o more than the corresponding week last
The wife and two children of Thos. Jolin
?on, living in Westmoreland county, Pa., at
the foot of a mountain, were buried and suf
focated by a land slide.
G. M. Howell, the canner, of Milford, Del.
who failed for $20,000 or 25,000 has arranged
with his creditors to pay fifty cents on the
dollar, and will continue his business.
The failure of P. P. Gustine & Son,
wholesale and retail furniture dealers, 201
isorth becona street I'miaacipina, an
nounced. Tho liabilities are 90,000.
At Philadelphia it is estimated that at least
10,000 looms and probably 200,000 spindles
are now idle in the cotton and woolen mills
of Philadelphia and vicinity in consequence
of the continued depression in trade.
a threat Uohees, N. Y., destroyed .Norris.
Colwell & Paye's rolling mill. O'Brien S
Powers knitting mill Snd the Patriclc
Gugcrty mills. Loss $300,000, partially in
At Williamsport, Pa., ex-Co nnty Commis
sioners Daniel Corson and Wm. Ebner, who
Pleaded guilty to thechargeof embezzlement,
wyBre sentenced each to pay a fine of 2.W,
and to be mprisoued in the Eastern peniten
tiary Corson for 21 months and Kbner for
1 5 months. j
Intelligence has reached here of a violent
earthquake shock being felt in different parts )
of Northern Ohio between 2 and 3 a. m. Jan-
aary 7. People were aroused from sleep and,
some chimneys toppled over.
A suit has been commenced in Cincinnati
against the keeper of a gambling house by
the wife of Albert Stewart to recover 147
lost by her husband. The wife had saved the
money to pay a debt that had long been J
owing. She entrusted it to her husband,
who went to the gambling table and lost j
every cent. '
Francis Register, a Philadelphia attorney, !
has been arrested for receiving from Mrs. A.
L. Beaverd, colored, 20 in excess of the !
amount legally allowed for the collection of
a pension. Register was held in 8500 bail !
The large warehouse of Ovington Brothers, '
importers and dealers in china, glasswaro ,
and statuary, in Brooklyn, N. Y., has been j
burned, and tho loss of the firm is estimatcti
at $200,000. The Now Jerusalem church wa '
damaged and Van Doon's photograph gal
lery was destroyed. The entire loss by the
fare is $250,000.
by insurance.
The loss is nearly covered i
Two passenger trains on tho Burlington,
Celnr Rapids and Northern Railroad col
lided near Odar Falls, Iovra. The ""engines
were wrecked, and the property-car of the
"Lights 'o London" Company was tele
scoped by the baggage-car. Four persons
were badly injured, and one killed.
Five bills of indictment havo been found
in the New York Court of General Sessions
against George J. Rice, late president of the
Utica, Ithaca and Western Railroad. Three
of the indictments charge him with embez
zlement and larceny, and two of them charge
Captain Gye, Colonel Mapleson's son-in-law
states that the report that he was robbed
of Mme. Albani's $50,000 earrings is untrue.
All ho lost was a scarf-pin worth $50, 100 in
cash and some papers. t j The report of tho Treagnry Cattle Com.
A man arrested in New York for swindling j mission has been sent to the House of Rep
has been identified as "AF Wilson, a pro- j resontatives. They estimate that the sum of
fessional forger. He secured nearly 10,000 j 3,000,000 will bo necessary to stamp out the
from two banks in Buffalo by means of raised i Jung plague, the losses from that cause
checks. amounting to millions of dollars annually.
A dispatch from Cheney, Washington Ter- J Tho House Committee on Naval Affairs havo
ritory, says: Eighty citizens took a China
man from jail, who was arrested for killing
and robbing Chinese women, and hanged
him to a tree.
The anniversary of the victory of JackEon
at Now Orleans was celebrated at New York,
Boston, Cleveland and other cities. At Bos
ton two hundred and fifty persons, including
Governor Butler, sat down to a banquet at
the Revere House.
Tho woolen and other mills along the Po
nobscot river have been compelled to com
mence running on half time for lack of
water. The operatives are making barely
enough to pay their board, and the mill own
ers are losinz money, not being able to fill
their orders. Such a drought has never been
equaled in Maine, even in summer, and the
mills never closed before for want of water
in winter.
Judge Joseph C. Guild, one of tho most
prominent citizens of Tennessee, dropped
dead of heart disease at his residence in
Nashville. He was a native of Pittsylvania
county, Va., and 79 years of age.
A special election in tho Ninth Congres- I
sional district of Indiana to fill tho vacancy
occasioned by tho death of Congressman
Orth resulted in tho election of C. T. Dexie
(Rep.) by from 1,000 to 1,500 majority.
Middle and Southern States.
A disagreement about the holding a locai
election at Cleveland, Tenn., resulted in tlu
city marshal, after tho election had proceeded
for an hour, taking tho ballot-boxes by fore
and putting them and their coneents into tlu
lire. The sheriff was holding the election
and the marshal disputed bis right to do sc
Col. Ed. C. Anderson, ex-mayor of Savan
nah, Ga., and president of tho Ocean Steam-
I ship Company, died at Savannah, aged GS.
He was formerly an officer of the united
States navy, and afterwards a Confederate
colonel. Tho United States coast survey steamer
Blake has had to put into Port Royal, S. C,
having lost her sounding wire while deep
sea sounding near Bermuda.
General Samuel Read Anderson, one of
the most distinguished citizens of Nashville,
Tenn., died recently aged 78year&
Jeff Walker, f orsereral years past mail car
rier between Belfield and Hickford, Va., this
Siate, has been arrested charged with rob
bing the mails. Walker acknowledged his
guilt and confessed having carried the rob
bery on systematically for the past tbret
Dispatches from Nashville, Tenn., say that
State Treasurer Polk has disappeared from
his office, and an examination of his ac
counts has discovered a deficit amounting
to probably more than $380,000. This will no
doubt account for the treasurer's sensitive
regard for tho 'popular sentiment when he
concluded not to pay the January interest on
tn State bonds.
Mrs. W. H. Horton, of Memphis. has been
elected superintendent of education for
Shelby county, Tennessee. She is said to be
! a lQdy of remarkable energy and possessed
! of all the requisites for the position.
Governor Hawkins, of Tennessee, has re
ceived a telegram from Detective Price, at
8an Antonia, Texas, saying that the party
arrested by him fully answered the descrip
tion of State Treasurer Poll: and his compan
ion, but having no orders to hold him ho was
compelled to allow him to proceed on his
I journey to Mexico
Polk is reported to have
I crossed the Rio Grande.
i The Baltimore and Philadelphia Railroad
i Company has been chartered at the State de
partment at Harrisburg. Tlu3 is the Penn
sylvania Division of the Baltimore and Ohio
Line between Philadelphia and Baltimore.
A corps of engineers is now engaged in sur-
vevintr the Maryland Division.
At the iirst anniversary of the Louisiana
Prisoners' Aid Association in New Orleans,
repoils were made of the condition of 44 o)
the K) parish jails of the State. In 18 oi
them men and women are at times placed in
the same cells. One jail is simply a pen ol
logs, without doors or windows, the prison
ers being put in and lifted out through a hole
in the top.
Smallpox has assumed an epidemic form
at baleni, Va., over thirty cases being re
Ported. Roanoke College has suspended
and the students have scattered to their re
spective homes. The public schools havo
also "Iosed and business is stagnated.
Smallpox in Baltimore is reported to bo on
the decline.
A lire at Lebanon, Tennessee, destroyed
the Jackson House, the largest hotel in the
place; insurance $4,000. The furniture is
almost a total loss; insured for 2,000. Very
few of the lodgers 6aved anything. A two
story brick building adjoining the hotel and
used for an Odd Fellows' hall and for law
offices, was also destroyed.
i .
A man named. Brannanle. of Hnrnshnrcr.
, p receiyed fatBl injurieg whi,e alt
' -J!
to savo the lives of a woman and child who
were crossing the railroad track. The wo
man and child were uninjured.
A boiler explosion in Bethlehem, Pa.,
killed live persons and maimed many others.
A premature explosion in a coal mine at
Conltersville, 111., ten men were killed and
manv others badlv wounded.
Know at Petersburg and Itichmond, Va., is
six inches deep. Fine sleighing is experi
enced In the Pennsylvania Senate, Senator Ever
hart presented a bill prohibiting the issuance
of passes by railroad corporations except to
officers and employes. It provides a penalty
of 100 for a violation of the act.
Washington News.
.Le House of Representatives sent the
olvil Sicvica bill through with a rn3h, and
nst as it came from the Senate. Very few
xtcpublicans voted against it. The Secretary
of War will send a communication to Con
gross aslcingfor the consideration of the
claims of volunteer suldiers who were mus
lered out since the war ended Secretary
Folger characterizes as untrue the statement
of ex-Appraiser Howard, of New York, that
the latter had been removed because he
would not appoint Mr. Folger's relatives to
office. A communication was received from j The trial of the French anarchists is pro
the Surveyor of Evansville, Ind., asking ceeding at Lyons.
suitable shelter for small-pox patients, the ' Mr. Gladstone will soon visit the South of
pest-house of that city having been de- Europe for the benefit, of his health,
stroyed. Tho Secretary of War has sent a ! The floods in Germany and Austria are
report to Congress giving a statement of the
nvors and harbors that would not be bene
fited by the appropriations made. A New
York delegation came to Washington to urge
Captain Cooper's appointment as collector of
New York in place of Mr. Robertson. Gen.
Grant sluted that he would take no part in
the Fitz-John Porter case. Members of the
Fish Commission had a hearing before the
subcommiltee of the Senate Committee on
Foreign Relations relative to the bill prohib
iting the seining of menhaden and advocate
its passage.
: Ciecd to recommend the construction of
nuo steam vessel of war, to cost not more
than $2,700,000, and another to cost $1,57G,
85-i. They will also recommend the con
struction of several smaller vessels of war.
It is believed that of tho eight hundred
clerks appointed in the Pension Office on
probation last fall all but about fifty will be
uermanently Appointed.
Secretary Frelinghuysen has advised tha,
Chinese minister that the restrictions of thd
anti-immigration act do not apply to Chinesd
laborers in transit.
The proposed transfer of the marine ho.
piial service, revenue marine, coast survey
and life-saving service from the Treasury to
:ho Navy Department is causing considera
ble discussion among subordinate officials.
Ths chiefs ot the different divisions have ap
pealed to Secretary Folyer to use his influ
ence for their retention under his supervi
sion. It is announced as an indisputable
fact that Secretary Folger will shortly be ay- '
pointed to a judgeship on the Supreme
Ti.n'nnn n0;nic fnr ho a,v rrnnhc t
ended December 31 indicate an increase over
-ljjo uqhu iv.-wii io ""
the corresponding period of last year of 11 or
12 per cent. If this ratio of gain is kept up
1 ; , " . I
tne reuuenon oi iecier posiago iu lwu raiu ;
would create a deficiency of $2,000,000 in
stead of 3.000,000, as heretofore estimated,
''.,.,,,, . !!
and it is probable tnat mo increase in oubi- j
ncss caused by the proposed reduction would
bring the actual deficiency considerably be
low $2,000,000.
Chief Justice Waite announced to the .bar
of the United States Supremo Court that the
court will take a recess from February 5 to
March 5.
Judce Snell has rendered his decision in I
tho Dickson case. He nem tne accusea ior
the grand jury for embracery. Dickson was
afterward released on bail.
An effort is being made by Captain How
,' frinnds toeffect a compromise with Ih j
government, so that Howgate can return to
his family. District Attorney Corkhill, how-
., , t- ;ti l TM-ncppxitprl if
ever says tnat n
caught. ;
The acting commissioner of internal reve-
duo has suspendedWm. L.Fernald, collector .
nf ir,famni romnno fnr f hA fnnrf h ?cf riof. f
Virginia, on account of certain complica
tions in the management of his office, as the
result of a mental deraneement Deputv
Collector Marks has been placed in charge
official character of CoUector Fcrnald. The !
of the office. There is nothing against the
court at Danville has declared him to be a
In the star route trial, the cross-examination
of J. W. Walters, who served as post
master at Greenwood, Col., created some
amusement Counsel for defense wanted to
locate Greenwood. The witness said the
postoffice was moved all over tho country,
and wherever the office was their Greenwood
Foreign New?,
rhe municipal bank of Sapojok, Russia, has
iled; very largo liabilities and very small
A AfllOT na?mnnnAii Jitt?h"p rvrx-nnA n enk '
scription for a monument to Overdank, the
editor has been warned that the paper will
be sequestered if the subscription con
tinues. . A collection of documents relating tc
Benjamin Franklin has been purchased in
England by the United States and handed to
Mr. Lowell, the American minister.
Gen. Chanzy, the well-known French life
Senator, is dead.
Capt. George Talbot, chief commissioner
of the Dublin police has resigned.
Praoarations forth onmivi nf Arnn-o-,i
SW f carnival at Montreal
on the 24th Mare auranced. Hundred
of men are building the ice palace on Do-
minion Snnare, winch is to be a sorgeon3
affair. The centre tower will bo 120 feet in
height. Forty thousand feet of ice will be
required The interior will be lighted by
London, January 7. It is reported from
Cork that the Inman Line steamship City ol
Brussels has been run down in the English
channel and ten persons were drowned.
The funeral of the late Gambetta occur
red in Paris on Saturday. Over S00.0CO per
sons took part in the ceremonies, and the
demonstration was unprecedented.
Archbishop Coke has written a letter in
dorsing Mr. O'brien, editor of the Unitm
Ireland, as a candidate for a seat in Uio
House of Commons.
Mr. Sexton, momber of Parliament, in
speech af Sligo, said tha tho leaders of th .
Irish party are determined to carry on tin
agitation for the independence of Ireland.
it is stated in Montreal that Amsterdam
capitalists will take 50,000,000 worth o
Canada Pacific R. R. stock, out of tL"
$100,000,000, with the option of taking tir-
balance within a certain time.
London, Jan. 8.-A new Spanish ministn
has been formed with bsnor Sagasta as pre
The trial of the French anarchists is pro
ceeding at Lyons. .
..-..- . ....
Baron Blanc. seerfltnrv-PAnornl of foreirm
affairs for Italy, has resigned.
On Sunday night Italians at Marseille
placarded the Italian consulate with word.4
threatening the Emperor of Austria foi
hanging Overdank.
Prince Bismarck's organ says that when
France wants war, she will not find Germanj
A bag of earth for Gambotta's grave hat
been sent from Pere-la-Chaise from Lor
Tho remains of John Howard Payne, the
author of "Home, Sweet Home," left Tunif
for America last Saturday.
A- despatch from Lima says it is proposed
ohat Lhe three belligerent powers, Chili, Pe
ru "and Bolivia name commissioners without
mediation by any foreign power to treat for
peace on the basis of the cession of Tarapa
ca to Chili, and Arica and Tacna either di
rectly from Peru to Bolivia, or as neutra'
and independent territory nnder the prote-
rate of all three powers.
London Jan. 9. The steamer British m-
1 iro has been burned at sea. A boat con-
laining the captain mate and sixteen men
is miesine.
The Emperor of Germany has granted
C00,000 marks for the relief of the flood suf-
The owners of the steamer Kirby Hall,
which recently ran down and sunk the City
of Brussels, claims 0,000 salvage.
Several persons have been sentenced to im
prisonment at Cork for threatening land
lords. The new Spanish ministry took the oath
of office yesterday.
The father of M. Leon Gambetta has asked
President Grevy to send his son's body to
Nice. A delegation has gone to Nice to en"
tlcavor to obtain the elder Gambetta's con
rent to allow the body to remain in Pere-la-Chaiso.
Forty-Eighth Congress.
In the Senate yesterday Mr. Van Wyck j
f-aid the bill relative to increased pensions to
one-armed and one-legged soldiers would
probably bo disposed of by the Pension
Committee next week. Mr. Vest, from the
Committee on Territories, reported a bill
amending tho act erecting and establishing
Yellowstone National Park, so as to prohibit
any monopolies there. The bill to allow wit
nesses in the star route cases who live west
of the Mississippi river two and a-half dol
lars per day and seven cents per mile for
each mile actually traveled, was passed.
Tho Presidential Succession bill was then
fcikcn up and discussed until adjournment,
in the United States Senate, a resolution
was offered providingfor the termination of
the Hawaiian reciprocity trea'y. Considera
tion of the bill to afford relief to Congres.1--and
the Executive Department in the inven
tigation of claims against the government
was resumed, after which the preside itial
successional bill was further tlirny?e'i ,. .
The bill to prohibit tho use ot tne uaptioi
far other than legitimate purposes was ro-
ported by Mr. Rollinsfrqm the committee (
on the District of Columbia, and was passed.
The Presidential Succession bill came np
ns tho Tin finished business. The bill was dis-
! cussed at length by Senators Beck, Dawes,
Sherman, Blair, Jones of Florida, and Ed-
3- TT7CJ.U A-rt wnnnVitiirf "trrin hft RoTintft
Sioirjied. """" " ' -
in the Senate an adverse report was pre-
sented on the bill to fix the date of entry into
tI,e mUitary service. Bills of minor impor-
.inrp nroro intrnrlnnerl nnn Dnnmnnnfolr re
ferred. The Presidential Succession bill.
which came up as unfinished business, was
'assea W .a,vole ol,.4U lo
then went into executive sessi
13. The Senate
session, and after-
ward adjourned.
in the House Mr. Hoblitzell presented a
roli,ion of the Baltimore Chamber of Corn-
lerce, protesting against the transfer of the
revenue marine to tho Navy department.
Also, a petition of canned goods manu
facturers of Baltimore, protesting against
any iiicreaso of duty on tin plates. The
District of Columbia Appropriation bill was
amended and passed. It appropriates 3,-413.8-17.
In the House the shipping Dili was i axon
up ana read. Mr. Cox spoke in supnart of '
i,a wn nnvinrr thnt to effect a revival of her
shipping interests America must take off the
bnrdens from her commerce and secure
liberty to build and buy.
Under the call of the States the following
among other bills were introduced and re
ferred: Bv Mr. Holman in regard to claims against
the United States. It provides that any
cc. t hn TTnitfld States or other nerson
. - . t any voucher
ficcount or claim to any officer of the United
gtates which shall contain any material mif-
representations of fact, shall not be entitled
to nay or credit for any partof said voucher, j
By Mr. Robinson, to reduce letter postage
to one cent
i The House then proceeded to the further t
1 consideration of the shipping bill, and was '
addressed by Mr. Reagan. While favoring
P-JorTtoXack SteVIl To it
many of the provisions o.uiuu- M
Lak of shiDS constructed in whole or in
' part of native material.
' Mr. McLane, a member of tbe joint snip
ping committee, confined his remarks 1 1 tl.e
provision exempting ships from rncni "ijiRi
land State taxation and to the drawback pro
vision. ,
In the House the debate on the Shipping
bill was continued, and after some debate
, several amendments were offered. Without
comingto a vote, nowever, the House adjourned.
' Notwithstanding-the severe snow-
! storm that raged Tuesday evening, the
atiumuuiuu itu "Uiu -Liiiuicuy was it liiir
one and showed how thoroiirrhlv inter-
:frwi ffcn im.nin f iro,i,mnn' ou ;n
.... co r, l ,, uiUowu ... ui 710 a m.Naw Orleans Mail, dally, making
the society. 3lr. Jesse La wson read i ci08e connections to alt point South and,
his paper on 'The Negro's Contribution Southwest, with Pullman Sleeping Cars
to Literature," which was well re-I from Washington via Danvilla to Atlanta,
ceived. During his remarks he madea J ogS1
facetious reference to the Globe, the Bristol.
Advocate andjtheBEE, by saying, ""We 8-10 a- m- Louisville Fast Line daily, via
havi a Fortimp in thn fflnhe nOmm Charlottesville, Huntington and Lexing
n.ueaortime m tne utobe a Lrom- ton to Cmcinnatij 1, ajld jft
well and Richardson in, the Advocate, l Southwestern pointa, making direct con
and we are Chased every weok by a I nectiona, and with solid tram and Pull
et ?." The paper was discussed by , man Sleepmg Cara, Washington to LoHis-
I 7 '"" -" ", -"..
, St A Smith Mrs M A QaTX
Messrs Cromwell and Smith thought
Uv,A Vrrm-nfi mnt,;i,, ,.
, S? Z't"t L ?E
--. j -......, v, t.t.i.iuii., ttu 41.c1.ju
nothing of which we need boast, ilr.
Unshaw and Mrs. Cmtv thmmht that
the Xegro had contributed considerable
and much that was deserving of praise.
Mr. W. Calvin Chase, Of the BEE, was
announced to read a paper on "Bio-
graphics," but for some reason he was
not present. When his name was
called bv tho iirmidPTif thorn wn, n
uuiea oy tne president tncre was a
"L'F1Ci "- afprnuau ; pruuiiuiy ne win
read later in the season. Next Tuf s
day evening Mr. Calvin D. Johnson
will read a paper on "Compulsory
Education," which will undoubtedly
be an interesting one. X. Y. Z.
The Capitol Bicycle Club of this
city, will give an exhibition at the rink
this evening: the Bicycle Club and the
journalist of this city will be the guests
ol the rink. This popular club will dis
play their art m the profession, in
which they are such experts.
The Bee
accepts the invitation of S. A. Curtis,
j Esq, and will be present.
Don't consider brandy
half the i'ls that flesh is
i remedy for
heir to; its
I medicinal uses are really quite few
Dr. Footc's Health Monthly.
100 YOUXG MEN, colored, for ac
tice service on the Western frontier;
good salarv and all expenses paid. For
particulars apply at 1216 F STREET
people are always on tho lookout for
chances to increase their earnings,
and in time become wealthy; those
who do not improve their opportiini-
81te remain in nnvrvriv TVn nfF
preat chance to make money. We want m-uyr men,
women, boys and jnrls to work for n right in their o-.m
localities. A ny one can do their work properly from the
first Btart. The busineco will pay more tnan ten timos
ordinary waees. ExpenBiTe outfit fnrnfshed free. Jfo
one who engaces fails to make money rapidly. Yon can
devote your whole Omo to the work, or only yonr spare
moments. Full information and all that is needed sent
fee- Address STiKBoy A Co.. Portland MMno.
Warranted for five years at AUER
BACH'S, corner 7th and II Sts.,2sT. W.
Next door to Auerbach's Gents' Fur
nibhincr and Hat Store.
not. life is Rweepinp hjr, ro and dare
before yon die. eomethinK mighty and
sublime leave behind to conquer timo.
$P3 a week in ycur own town- 83 out
fit free. No rffOc. TvvnrvthiTiir npir.
Capital not required. Wo will fumiehjou everything.
Many arc making fortunes. Indies make as mnch na
men. and boys andgirls make great pay. Reader, if
you want business at which you can mako great pay all
the time writo for particulars to HALLETT t Co..
Angusta, Maine.
FOR 1 1.50.
A week made at homo by tho in'lustnonB
"Best business now before tho public
Cipitai not needed. Wo vill start you
Jlen, women, boja and eirlj wanted ovory
whre to work for us. Now is thp time.
you can work in upire time, or or ffive yonr whole time
10 U1B Harness.
binc?3. No othor buBtnew will pay you nearb
.No one can fail to ranke. enormous pay. by eh-
once. Ctly outfit and terms freo. .Mono;
t. easily, and honorably. AddrewTniiE A Co..
aa well.
K-iKinc at
niado fast, easily, and honorably.
AugnBia. aimne.
Office and rosidenco 2112 Ponaylvama Avonno.
OHlco houra 8 fo 9 a. m., 1 to 2 p. m., G to 7
p. in.
Tlie follo-nim: Drug Stores will roreivo calh
and promptly dolivpr the samp, viz : HAlIrcfcV
corner 5th ami II S-.netH. N V. BJlerV,
nirnn l th and AJ Streo's, N. W.
z-i . u.
I Real Estate Agent aniloans Negotiated.
Reliable pereons can obtain email enm9 oi
i money by applying to
Office room 11 Hay Building. N. E. cmrmr
7lli andEatreot.
Iloeidence, 1703 19;h st cct
AS" All noticaa attended to promptly.
One thousand men to unload schooners of
eerior 5 cents at
1212, Seventh Street, North eat.
Choice brand Cigars, Pipes, Snuff, Cigarette,
etc Bept30-lnj.
The People s Resort !
Frank Hall,
Oysters in every style. Rochester Stock
Lager Beer. Brandies, Wines, Liquors, and
the best brands of Cigars a specialty.
Ginger Ale, Soda, &c. Hot luncb every
HALL'S, 923 Eleventh Street, N. V.
Kl H aMk lM
isiLy 1
r ggPRNCg gF-gT.
j JS$ TrOMAN VH0 W!. '
! qave justly earned the reputation of making "Bfst Wagon on Whiszls.'
j Manufactures have abolished the warranr, but Agents may, on their own
' responsibilitv, give the following warranty with each wagon, if so agreed :
WE HEREBY WARRANT the Jj'lSH BJKUS. ACrU, no.. ..... io " wcii uo xu.
every particular and of good material, and that the strength of the same is sufficient for,
all work with fair usage. Should any breakage occur within one year irom this dato by
reason of defective material or workmanship, repairs for the same will be furnished at
place of sale, free of charge, or the price of said repairs, as per aent;s price list will be
paid in cash by the purchaser producing a sample of the broken or defective yarfs aj evidence.
Knowing we can suit you, we solicit patronnge from every section of the United States.
Send for f rice, and Term and for a copy of to. B. AgncgUnrgt to
' Schedule in effect May 14. 1882:
Swu p. m. vrarrenion Accommoaaaon, daily,
, t gund for Warronton Mini.
j mediate stations Eeturnmg, arrives in
' Washington at 10.30 a. m.
i wj, iuau vu.uia UUUWJ, ovutucui uuu
! Southwest, via Danville and Charlotte,
. 7" -"man Bleeping Car, Washington
to Charleston, and Washington to White
Sulphur Springs. Mark's Sleeping Chair
uara oetween Washington and Uanvilio.
,For UPinton Manasaea Diviaion take 7.iq
and 4.20 p. m. train daily, excepl Sunday,
' rr ticke and all information, inquire at
Company's Office, 601 Pennsylvania avenue, or
t Union Depot. Office 601 Pennsylvania ave-
nue,is connectea witn telephone system.
P. T. HAWKS, Assistant Ticket Ascent
M. SLAUGHTER, General Passenger Agent.
SOL HASS, Trafio Manager.
JL HOUSE. Foreign and Domestic Dry
Gwiln, Ladies' &ud Gent's Furuisbiujj-'.
73G Seventh 3fcrcct, Northwest, Washington.
Every ouo dollar buyer gefs a red tickn:
bx red t clteta emitted tho holder to a uaefull
prebenr. Chenpent yUre fur bargain) and!
presents. I paya overvbody to nail.
H. 1 mo. "
Traynham's Palace,
Dining Rooms, 1414 F Street.
Lunches at all hours, private dining saloon
for Ladies'. Board by tho day, week or
month; Oysters in every style; meals sent out.
Foreign and Domestic fruit; Alderney millf.
Don't forget the name and number, 1414 F
Street. R. H. L. TBAYNHAM, propriotor.
One pair of Gum Shoes
EL" and some Cards
Will be presented to all who buy five dol
lars' worth of Boots and Shoes, Slippers,,
Gum Boot6 or Shoos.
From November 25,
to December 25.
102 Seventh Street,
Sign of the Old "Woman in the Window.
1116 F STREET,
Choice Brands of Fine Cigars,
Tobacco, SnuffJ Pipes, &c.
For the Holidays I
Gents' Embroidered Slippers from 70 cts. upi
Ladies' " " " 98 "
Ladies' Button Boots, now, " 98 '
Children's Spring Heel Boots, " 60 "
declG-lm 306, 208 Seventh Street.
reistt office:.
Houses for gale and rent, rents col
lected and loans negotiated.
Nan-rtsidtnt Piopeity and E tateai
properly managed.
Splendid Building Sites and unim
proved propei ty in all sections of the
city for sale on eay term. Cill and
tsco us.
1103 F St., N. W.. Washington, D C.
rf".f TV"! fTR" A SJTRl'fc!
-- -- ' -tr- -" -f
rCk (Tt Y&Z 9Y1 fi 54 1 (fifS M
ice Cream Saloon
Ait Confectioner? Ee
l Foreitm and Domestic Fruit., Ginger A e,
. 3oda, French Cakes, Pie-1, UincuUH, I'o In
I .!.. At,t ALU,
IY..JJ Uj iliU'.iiJji vi.ua..
Oysters Fried & Stewedl
Cigars and Tobacco.
11 9 I Strev t, N. W.
i First-Class SBconft-Hanfl Clotli!
619 D St, bet 6th and 7th Sts. K". W
. E S. JUSTH. Proprietor. -
L.C. F!etcher,Solicitor,
N KUed, Rents Collected, Money nsfely
itnested. Alro noliritor for Fire and Life In
fnrancf. Offi -e FEDEUALBUILDING. Room
55, curno' 7.'h and F. 8 N. W.
tT3- RESIDENCE, 1322 B St., N.E. "Sa
Real Estate gent.
PERSONS deairing loans of money can ob
tain the game by replying to
Geo. ZX. Boston,
Room 11. My Building, 7th & ESts., N. W
Sronov o nw on real e8tate, and orders
prompt!. c.tfnded to. BeDilG-lso.

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